Nature and Biodiversity

The Murroe Tidy Town area is the area enclosed by the 60 KPH speed limit restrictions including the Amenity Park and is denoted my MTT. Reference is also made to an area within a 5 km radius of the centre of Murroe. When discussing wildlife reference will be made to these areas to indicate where such wildlife maybe found.

Tidy Towns aims to protect and improved the areas within the Murroe Tidy Towns and will:

  • refrain from using any weedkiller, pesticides etc unless absolutely necessary (for example the eradication of plants such as Japanese knotweed).
  • ensure that roadside verges hedges etc are attractive for wildlife.
  • any planting of plants will ensure ensure that such plants , as well as being pleasing to the residents of the area, will also be attractive for wildlife.
  • provide nest boxes within the MTT area for birds and bats and maintain these boxes annually.
  • provide supplementary feeding for Red Squirrels within the MTT area during the winter months to help maintain and improve their numbers in Murroe.

Surveys of some species (mammals, birds and plants) have been conducted over the last few years and the results are given below. These records will be maintained and added to as additional records become available. An information notelet for the Amenity park is available here.

2019 Adjudication Report Mark 31 out of 50

We see that you are aware of the wild flowers growing in and around the village having completed a Botanical Survey. Will you provide leaflets on this or put it on line for the community to access? We noted your wildflower area (do not cut area) at the Five Cross Roads and we wonder if it would be more suitable to leave an area along the wall uncut which would provide more cover for mammals. It is great when nesting boxes are used – we note that of the ten you installed five were used, albeit one by wasps! We had never heard of wasps using a bird nesting box. You now have another twenty nesting boxes installed around the village and we look forward to reading of the success of these too in future years. Do you know if you have swift nesting sites – in Glenstal Abbey or perhaps in crevices in the Church? It is wonderful to see swifts in the late summer evenings flying into their nests – a great spectacle for children to witness. We admired the sign for Murroe Amenity Park and also for Birds Around Murroe which not only has information on the various aspects of the park but also has a great number of photos so that children can see the flora and fauna and learn from these.

2018 Adjudication Report Mark 30 out of 50

It is great to learn that the birds are using the nesting boxes, as it sometimes takes them a long time to get accustomed to using them. It is wise to leave the treatment of invasive species to the professionals, and the notices erected by the county council will raise the awareness of the local people as to how best to tackle this problem.

Birdwatch Ireland provides a great service and congratulations for linking up with them. I can imagine all the noise created by the birds during this exciting dawn chorus.

2017 Adjudication Report Mark 29 out of 50

This section of your submission seems to lack the energy of other categories of the competition which is a pity because much of the work you do and plan for in landscaping promotes the forage and shelter for birds, bees, butterflies. A sign for a Wildlife Area was spotted on the way into the Abbey. So be aware that much is happening as a result of your efforts. That said your 3 Year Action Plan is a worry. There is nothing definite to chew on. So what is the story with the wildlife survey? And the ponds in the Abbey sound like pie in the sky. Even if you mentioned the pollinator plan for your landscaping it would show how your thinking was developing. What about getting the wildlife enthusiast into your planning department. There are so many fine trees in the grounds of the Abbey which could entertain an enthusiast all year round. I came on a sign for a Looped Walk. This must have -Wildlife connections. Why was it not on your map as a must visit for the adjudicator? On the road from the Five Roads junction I am almost certain that there is some Japanese Knotweed. You may be disappointed with the mark reduction. I felt he previous adjudicator was that bit generous.