Approach Roads, Streets & Lanes

2019 Adjudication Report Mark 31 out of 50

We admired the black and white painted kerbstones at the Five Cross Roads and around the monument area in the village centre. This small gesture assists the motorist to see the edge of the grass and therefore protects your green space from damage. Footpaths extend from the village centre to the housing estates located on the entrance roads making it safe for the pedestrian to access the village. We loved that footpaths crossed communal open spaces as the pedestrian will always find the ‘desire’ line and it’s best to provide a safe passage with a concrete footpath. The row of begonias at the entrance to Cois Coille were in full flower and we noted that you have planted addition trees here too. We also admired the lavender bed which while not in flower will be attractive to bees and other insects when you are reading this report. There were new footpaths in the village centre and we commend LCCC for this work.

2018 Adjudication Report Mark 30 out of 50

The road surfaces, on the roads that I travelled on, are quite good with long stretches of footpaths for the pedestrians. There is good road signage in the Village and approach roads. Good to see you are looking after the wildlife by leaving the grass grow tall at the roadsides. I certainly agree with your strategy of keeping the road ditches as normal rural types that only need attention once a year. These ditches absorb lots of dirt thrown up by Lorries and cars.

2017 Adjudication Report Mark 30 out of 50

Try to arrive into Murroe from the Five Roads side where you will be treated to a landscaping delight. Where thereare houses the surroundings are well presented. But one felt that roadsides could be given more attention as a narrow mown Verge helps define an area and create a village identity.