26th July 2019 - Red Squirrels and Pine Martin feeding on nuts put out in Amenity Park.

15th May 2019 - Peregrines on nest in Murroe area.

23rd March 2019 - Two Buzzards calling at back gate to Glenstal Abbey.

12th Feb 2019 Dipper

Dipper seen on the stream running through the wood. Squirrels still feeding on the feeder.

Nest Boxes - Amenity Wood 15th Oct 2018

Checked and cleaned the 8 nestboxes today. 4 had been used by birds nesting (great and blue tits) , 1 had a Wasp's nest in and 3 were unoccupied.

Birds of Murroe 28th Sept 2018

Little Egret seen on the second pond in the grounds of Glenstal Abbey. 4 buzzards over Madaboy

Wild Flowers 29th Sept 2018

The road verge at the Five Roads has been strimmed to encourage the growth of wild flowers next year. To encourage wild flowers you have to reduce the growth of the dominate grasses, nettles etc. you do this by cutting in September and removing all the material cut. This will have to be done for several years. Hopefully in a few years time we should see Early Purple Orchids growing there.