Residential Streets & Housing Areas

2019 Adjudication Report Mark 36 out of 50

Many of the houses in the village and surrounding estates had been freshly painted and looked very presentable. We can see that those living in Murroe are proud of their village. There were neatly tended gardens with colourful floral perennial beds in some houses which were alive with bees and butterflies. On the outskirts there are some very fine farmhouses with neat yards and outbuildings. We admire the entrance to The Meadow (Ros Fearna) – we suggest carefully painting the name in white as it is difficult to read at present. This should also be done to the name signs within the estate. The open green areas in the estates were well presented – Gilmartin Park has a great display of rose along what would otherwise be a long blank wall while the planting beds in Garanbawn were neatly tended and full of colour. We noted that many of the former thatched ‘Rent an Irish Cottage’ houses now have slated roofs and are used as permanent homes

2018 Adjudication Report Mark 35 out of 50

I loved the older residential houses in Murroe which make for lovely aesthetics. You have a lot of new estates that appear to be improving as time goes by, and it is encouraging to see that they have residents associations. Glenstal Gate has good young trees and nice green open space. Garrabawn is an extensive estate with very nice houses, good greens and trees. Others to impress were Meadow Estate, Cois na Coile and Gilmartin Park. The approach roads have splendid once off houses with most of them having impressive displays of trees, shrubs, flowers and lawns. The gate lodge at Glenstal is great old historical stone structure. The amenity park is a lovely facility and so well kept with lots of children in the lovely playground. There are great opportunities for the youth of Murroe with the outstanding GAA facilities

2017 Adjudication Report Mark 34 out of 50

It is a great start to read that the estates have organised themselves with their own estate association. It is a symptom of a strong community bond. All of the estates were visited. Open space is amply provided for in most cases with beautiful shrubberies a feature in most of those estates. The adjudicator feels that house dwellers in the estates should be encouraged to plant more shrubs or flowers or hanging baskets as some have done here and there. The commercial area in Garranbawn seems to be struggling with its identity as yet. There are a couple of estates that could do with your encouragement. Abbeyowney is distinguished by that fine piece of, to me, abstract sculpture. Lovely. There is a wall in Ros Fearna that would benefit from ivy and or pyracantha planting. Let them see what has been done with a wall in Cois na Coille or a wall in Gilmartin Park that has roses growing up along it. Main Street is also quite residential with many of the residences contributing, an echo from earlier house building design. Once off housing all along the approach roads is very well presented and enhance their surroundings.