Tidiness and Litter Control

2019 Adjudication Report Mark 52 out of 90

You took part in Team Limerick Clean Up 5 which besides removing fly tipping around the village, is a great way to promote your organisation in the community. The village was virtually litter free so your daily litter pick ups are proving successful. Well done to all involved. The bring bank area was clean and bins had been recently emptied ready to receive the next tranche of bottles and cans. While the grass was neatly cut in the housing estates the edges were growing over the kerbs which gave a somewhat unkempt feel – trim these back with a spade in the spring which will keep them neat and tidy for most of the summer. We note that the local Scouts assist in your annual clean-up evening and in addition this year they cleaned and painted all the flower pots for you. The entrance at the Five Cross Road has a total of six poles not to mention street lighting poles and telephones poles with various signs attached which gives this area a cluttered feeling. We suggest you discuss this issue with the area office in LCCC and see if it can be resolved with some of these poles removed and signage coordinated.

2018 Adjudication Report Mark 52 out of 90

It is obvious that you are putting in a big effort to keep Murroe tidy and the area is a credit to you. This is an arduous task, but the rewards are there for all to see. Well done for the work that you are doing to prevent dog fouling. Your participation in the Team Limerick Clean-up is applauded, and it is delightful to learn that the amount of material collected each year continues to reduce.

2017 Adjudication Report Mark 52 out of 90

This category has been kinder to you in recent years and that is probably because you understand what is involved in it. Your group can relate to the tangible and tidiness is tangible. You have your litter picking time table. You were out on Good Friday. You put up posters and wash the paths. Great. I promise not to mention underground cabling. Your village presents itself proudly and brightly. An adjudicator cannot see what improvements have been made during the year but can say that buildings seem freshly painted, an example is that long stretch of yellow wall which has been given priority despite limited resources or the fresh black and white paint on the kerbing of the Monument, so important for the traffic. There is another example of this paint at the shrubbery at the Five Roads. The gate with the horse shoe design is a delight The railings at the Church could do with some attention as could the gable of the GAA clubhouse. The forge is worth minding with immediate attention needed for its doors. A wooden main gate and a pedestrian wooden gate beside it are in need of a touch of black stain. Make sure that road signs are not allowed look shabby. There is some litter, the commercial area of Garanbawn being the major black spot.