2019 Adjudication Report Mark 15 out of 50

We are delighted to see that you have embraced this category. Many communities find this category difficult but really it isn’t! The category is about getting a community to think before rejecting an item and throwing it away – it’s about ‘doing more with less’. Well done on collecting the leaves and using them as mulch on you flower beds. We also noted that you have a composting area behind the Muintir na Tire hall. The barrel collecting the rain water from the roof of the service station was noted – do you use this to water the plants? You mentioned ‘our harvested water’ but we didn’t know where to see the tank(s). Make contact with the Environment Officer in LCCC for ideas regarding projects you can undertake in this category or to attend seminars on this topic organised by the council.

2018 Adjudication Report Mark 13 out of 50

Composting is the way forward and you could further educate the people on how best to do this by, for instance, holding a workshop that demonstrates that to achieve the best results we must mix green kitchen waste with brown waste like hedge clippings and also by turning it regularly and you can get more information on this from the County Council. Composting reduces the amount of waste going to landfill and producers good material for the vegetable gardens and flower beds.The biodegradable bags are very useful for the handling of waste. The litter bins were spotlessly clean outside Muintir na Tire.

2017 Adjudication Report Mark 13 out of 50

Do not despair. The rest of the country is finding it a struggle to come to terms with the demands of the sustainable living idea. You have come a long way with your awareness of the need for management of our waste and our energy resources. You are composting. You are conserving water. Your school has a green flag as well as a blue one waving away proudly like this is Croke Park and that flag represents a lot about the curriculum and the priorities of the staff in your school. So well done to all involved. But all of this sermonising is of little value. Contact the EA0 in Limerick County Council after your next committee meeting and discuss your wildlife and your waste management worries with that person.