The MCRTA: an affiliate of the Indiana Retired Teachers Association,
 representing retired administrators and teachers in
Monroe and Owen counties, 
  Indiana Retired Teachers Association: 


Dear MCRTA Members,

     Happiest New Year wishes to all of you.  I trust everyone had a wonderful holiday season without indulging in too many calories. Wishful thinking!  And now we are ready to continue working together by enjoying three more opportunities for involvement in our organization from now through May.

      Penny and Bob Austin have planned outstanding programs for us. Details on upcoming offerings for this spring as listed below. Be sure to put these dates on your new calendar and plan to attend. We had wonderful turnouts at our two gatherings in the fall and are looking forward to your continued participation.

       If you haven’t done so, please provide your hours of volunteer work for 2016.  Send this information to Dianna Johnson right away (due date Jan. 15). 

       I hope you saw our picture in the HT – the one of those who attended the tour of IU Assembly Hall. It was outstanding – thanks to Shirley Pugh for making these arrangements.

Best wishes for a great New Year.




ü  Read reports in our newsletters, emails and on our website. (

ü  Participate in MCRTA activities – attend meetings and upcoming special events.

ü  Keep track of your volunteer hours in all organizations throughout the year.  A total for 2016 needs to be turned in to Dianna Johnson at the end of December. This includes traveling to and from any events - time spent preparing work for groups and attending meetings. Volunteer forms will be available at all meetings. We receive credit for all of the volunteer hours our members report. 

ü  Pay your $5 dues for 2016-2017. Remind new retirees that their first year of membership is a “gift”. Invite your retired friends to join you at meetings.

ü  Let us know when cards of congratulations, concerns, or wishes need to be sent. Email Evelyn Crowe at: 

ü  Become a member of Indiana Retired Teachers Association. Your state support is needed. It costs only $35 per year.  (


FOR YOUR CALENDAR:  APRIL 4 – Legislative Brunch, State House, Indianapolis.  Bus transportation provided from IRTA Office to State House.  Carpooling to Indianapolis. 

MCRTA Upcoming Activities 2016 - 2017

TUESDAY, APRIL 11- Clabber Girl Museum and Candles Holocaust Museum, Terra Haute, IN

Possible Schedule
• 8:00 – Board bus for trip to Terre Haute
• 9:30 – 11:15 - Tour of Clabber Girl Museum and culinary cooking
• 11:15 – 12:45 – Lunch on your own at Clabber Girl Museum
• 1:30 - Tour of the Candles Holocaust Museum. Information session
with Eva Cor, museum founder and holocaust survivor.
• 2:30 - Informal museum discovery on your own.
• 3:30 – Board bus to return to Bloomington.
• Trip cost - $34 per person includes bus fare and museum admissions
·         Registration  – Write your name, email address, phone number and Clabber Girl demo choice on a piece of paper. In an envelope, place this and your personal check for $40.00, made out to “MCRTA”. Write “Terre Haute Trip” on the memo line. Mail the envelope to:

o   Penny & Bob Austin

o   3120 E. Tapps Turn

o   Bloomington, IN 47401

 This trip is limited to 50 individuals. The first 25 registrants will get their choice of Clabber Girl demo. Registration must be received by Monday, March 20.


·         Annual end-of-year pitch-in picnic.

·         5:00 – Karst Farm Park Shelter 1.

·         Welcome new retired teachers.