The MCRTA: an affiliate of the Indiana Retired Teachers Association,
 representing retired administrators and teachers in
Monroe and Owen counties, 
  Indiana Retired Teachers Association: 


Dear MCRTA Members,

  Can you believe it is 2018 already? I just don’t know where the time goes - flying by, that’s for sure. But here we are, in a new year with frigid temperatures outside - not warm and cozy. But we are a hardy lot - put on our wool coats, scarves and gloves and keep moving. Some of our members are in the “Sunny South”; however, I will send information to them by email.

We have had a productive, active year through December and now it is time for our spring schedule. Be sure to make plans to attend our April field trip to Clarksville - we need to fill the bus to keep our cost low. Next I hope you sent your volunteer hours to Dianna Johnson. If you forgot (I sent an email reminder ahead of the January 15 deadline), go ahead and send them in and, hopefully, they will still count for us.

Our Nominations Committee will begin working on our slate of officers/committee chairs for next year. If you are called, we hope you will give a “yes” response - or, if you don’t get a call and wish to volunteer, let me know - all are welcome/invited to be an active, participating member.

For now, enjoy the bright winter days when the sun sparkles on the white snow and lightens up the sky. Keep warm, and continue with your generous volunteer activities.





ü  Reading reports in our newsletters, emails and on our website at

ü  Participating in MCRTA activities. Attend meetings and upcoming special events.  Serve in an office or on a committee.  Bake cookies for meetings.

ü  Keeping track of your volunteer hours in all organizations throughout the year.  A total for 2017 needs to be turned in to Dianna Johnson by January 15, 2018. This includes traveling to and from any events, time spent preparing work for groups and attending meetings. Volunteer forms will be available at all meetings. We receive credit for all of the volunteer hours our members report. 

ü  Paying your $5 dues for 2017-2018 – If you are a new retiree your first year of membership is a “gift”. Invite your retired friends to join you at meetings. If you are unsure whether you have paid your dues or not, contact Mike Horvath.

ü  Becoming a member of Indiana Retired Teachers Association - Your state support is needed. It only costs $35 per year.  (


·         Increase our total number of hours of volunteering in the community.  In 2016 we submitted 14,847 total hours and the last two years we had members given the IRTA Clock Award for volunteerism.  Can we top those records this year?

·        Support our MCRTA community project(s).  More information coming.