The MCRTA: an affiliate of the Indiana Retired Teachers Association,
 representing retired administrators and teachers in Monroe and Owen counties, including the
Monroe County Community School Corparation,
Richland-Bean Blossom Community School Corporation,
and Spencer-Owen Community Schools.
2013-14 Meeting Dates
October 17, 2013 -- Hands-on Experience with the I-Pad
November/December TBA -- Tour of YMCA West
February 5, 2013 -- Identity Theft Protection, Indiana Attorney General, Community Outreach
April , 2014 TBA -- Business Tour, TBA
June, 2014 TBA -- Spring Picnic and Business Meeting, Karst Farm Park
October 17, 2013
"A hands on experience with an I-Pad"  
Time: 10:00 am -- Thursday
Location: Abel Building, S. Henderson, just north of the corner of E Miller and S Henderson.
Jason Taylor, MCCSC Technology Coordinator
A sign up sheet has been started. You must sign up ahead of time since we have a limited amount of space. Please email your reservation to street900@aol.com  or call her at (812)325-0848. She will confirm your email immediately. Thank you for your interest.
November/December: DATE/TIME to be announced  
A tour of the new YMCA on the West side.
February 5, 2014
"Don't be a Victim: Protect Yourself from Scams and Identity Theft"
Time: 2:00 pm -- Wednesday
Facilitator: Amy Wardlow, community outreach specialist from the Office of the Indiana Attorney General
Location:  Bell Trace, 800 Bell Trace Circle, Bloomington, IN 47408
Light refreshments will be served.
April TBA --  Possible tour of an exciting business in Southern Indiana, more information to follow.
June TBA
Picnic at Karst Park Farms, Shelter House #1

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Legislative Advocacy:

  • Legislative Bulletin for May 10th, 2013
  • The legislative session closed early on Saturday morning, April 27.  The tone of this year’s session was probably quieter than last year’s, but from our standpoint, about the same things were achieved.
  • The only committee of either chamber that heard and voted on the COLA bill was the House Employment, Labor, and Pensions.
  • The “13th check” sailed through early, without any strong objection.  No other bills were even heard outside the House Employment, Labor, and Pensions. 
  • The final language in HB 1080 provides for a “13th check” that gives the same dollar amounts as last year.  It will depend on years of creditable service:
    • 5 years but less than 10: $150, only in cases of disability retirement benefits
    • At least 10 years credit, but less than 20: $275
    • At least 20 years credit, but less than 30: $375
    • At least 30 years: $450   
  • Governor Pence has signed the bill, and the extra money will be added to the September check.
  • Note:  The money will be coming from the Fund, rather than from the General Fund as it did last year.
  • Now for some really good news! This year, all excess reserves over $50,000,000 will go into the Pension Stabilization Fund (PSF), and in 2014, 50% of excess reserves over $50,000,000 will be put into the PSF. We will not know how much that is until the end of the fiscal year.  We will send out info when we know the exact amount. 
  • The language from the bill reads:
    • “. . .If, in any year, the amount of the excess reserves is fifty million dollars ($50,000,000) or more, the governor shall do the following:
    • (A) If the year is calendar year 2013, transfer one hundred percent (100%) of the excess reserves to the pension stabilization fund established by IC 5-10.4-2-5 for the purposes of the pension stabilization fund.
    • If the year is calendar year 2014 or thereafter, transfer fifty percent (50%) of any excess reserves to the pension stabilization fund established by IC 5-10.4-2-5 for the purposes of the pension stabilization fund.
    • (B) If the year is calendar year 2014 or thereafter, use fifty percent (50%) of any excess reserves for the purposes of providing an automatic taxpayer refund under section 4 of this chapter. . .”
  • We (our officers and members along with the lobbying team) worked hard to convince key legislators that the $500 minimum was important to all of us.  It failed again this year, but we haven’t a thought of giving up on it.
  • At the last minute, language was put in the budget bill that would have taken away newly retiring teachers’ ability to leave their ASA in an annuity in INPRS.  This would have been a hardship for those who want to have a safe, guaranteed return.  It would have meant more risk with higher fees because they would need to use an outside broker.  Our lobbyist made many calls to key legislators.  The language was dropped, but we feel it will come up again.  This seems to be the current fight that has cropped up in other states also.
  • Plans are already underway to reach individual legislators this summer to discuss the plan that came from PMOC (Pension Management Oversight Commission) last summer.  It has some strong backing, and we would like to see it given consideration in the next budget year.
  • We will attend the PMOC meetings again this year.
  • We would like to expand the e-mail list so that more of our members are receiving the bulletin.  Please help us by sending the names and e-mail address of those who would like to receive it electronically.
  • FINALLY: If you haven’t written to thank the sponsors of HB 1080 and those from the Appropriations Committee for putting more dollars into the PSF, please do so now.  When they know that we pay enough attention to say “Thank you,” they realize that we pay attention to all aspects.  In fact, it wouldn’t hurt to mention as you thank them that you are disappointed that the $500 minimum bill didn’t pass.
  • Sponsors of HB 1080:
  • Others on the Appropriations Committee include: 

See Legislative Advocacy in left column for 2013 activity

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August 29, 2013
Dr. Gary Ingersoll, Education in Middle East
St. Marks UMC, 
100 North St. Road 46
Speaker:  Dr. Gary Ingersoll, 
Professor Emeritus in the Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology and also Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics in the IU School of Medicine. 
He most recently served as Dean of Education at the United Arab Emeritus University and he focused his presentation on the educational system in the area of the Middle East. 
Along with his presentation, the United Methodist Women of St. Mark's Methodist Church prepared an excellent Chicken-rice casserole and Vegetarian substitute, Chopped vegetable salad with vinaigrette dressing, Sliced bread with butter, Eclair dessert, and Water, iced tea or coffee.