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A)  John Gerrard Keulemans:  Illustrations   mmslouis

        mmslouisb    Includes Dresser, History of the Birds of Europe

        mmslouisc    Dresser, History of the Birds of Europe and others


        mmslouise    Dresser, History of the Birds of Europe and others



        mmslouish    Includes Keulemans (chromolithographs) and Gould, Birds of New Guinea

        mmslouisi    Includes Dresser, History of the Birds of Europe and others

        mmslouisj    Includes Dresser, History of the Birds of Europe and another

        mmslouisk    Dresser, History of the Birds of Europe and another

        mmslouisl1    Dresser, History of the Birds of Europe and others



Joseph Smit:  Illustrations

Claude Gibney Finch-Davies:  Illustrations 

Joseph Wolf:  Bibliography of Illustrations

2 Picasa webpages, Systematic List, Inventory of Keulemans' works, obituary of Keulemans

Elliot, Monograph of the Bucerotidae  [mmslouisb, mmslouisd, mmslouisk, mmslouism]  1  2  3  4  

Seebohm and Sharpe, Monograph of the Turdidae  [mmslouis, mmslouisb, mmslouisi, mmslouisj]  1  2  3  4  

B)  The Unknown Andean Condor    [12 posts completed and available]  1   2   3   4   5   6   7    8   9   10   11  12  13 

      1   The Unknown Andean Condor

       2  The Unknown Andean Condor:  Introduction

        The Vulture of West Rushville, Ohio

        4  On a Record of the Condor from Panamá

        5  Explanation of the 1977 Lawndale, Illinois Incident

        6  Further Assessment of the Lawndale Incident

        7  Reprisal of My Evaluation of Bartram    

        8  Criticism of a Recent Title by D'Elia and Haig

        9  Review of Some Michigan Cases as Cited in Clark

        10  Evaluation of Extra-limital Movement in the Large-billed Tern

        11  Considering the Evidence of the Andean Condor in Alabama

        12  The Lamentable Decline of the Andean Condor

        13  A Synopsis of the Recent Diurnal Raptors    forthcoming




C)  List of Birds of Arizona

     Synopsis of the Nearctic Avifauna  1 (link)  2 

     +  Review of Small-billed Thrasher 

     +  9 additional UNCONFIRMED eBird sightings; note on the Eared Quetzal

    List of Vertebrates of Arizona

D)  Contributions to the following websites or webpages:  Internet Archive, Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, iNaturalist,  Birdforum, Biodiversity Heritage Library, Prairie Ice blogspot,  Youtube (2), Pima County Public Library  

E)  Wildbirds Broadcasting (republished):  1)  The "Vultur sacra" as an Invalid Taxon and Shortcomings in the Veracity of Bartram's 'Travels..'  2)  The Identity of Townsend's Bunting  3)  Comment:  Some Illustrations of the Townsend's Bunting

F)  Natural History Comments and Queries

        ----Microspizias  forthcoming

        Scientific name of the Long-tufted Screech Owl

       Obscure names in Phalacrocorax, Dendrocygna, Urochroa, and Catharus and Turdus

        Bibliography of the genus Chrysocorythus

        Relating to the name Spheniscus chilensis Emslie & Correa, 2003

        Proposals of substitute vernacular names for various bird species.  

       Tephrodornis gularis, Torreornis inexpectata varonai, Pagodroma


G)  General Catalogue of Scientific Names  mmslouisgcsn 

See also Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club 129 (1): 63 and two additional references, a reference on a website 

Biodiversity Heritage Library:  The Ibis

Comments on six published blogs----ABA, etc.