Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London and Transcations of the Zoological Society of London

Keulemans was a major contributor to the illustrations of birds and mammals in the Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London.  This was a journal issued in octavo format which covered the whole range of zoology, describing new acquistions to the London Zoo and the British Museum.   The Secretary of the Society, Philip Lutley Sclater, oversaw its publication.  Keulemans contributed to the Proceedings on a consistent basis, from 1868--1889, and 1892--1893, 1895--1896, 1898, and 1901.  (Plates by him may also have possibly been featured in it after this point.)  More recently, an index to the illustrations from this journal has been issued from Garland Publishing (Root and Johnson).    This index does not include information for the issues published after 1900.  


(*In some instances, specific numbers of the Proceedings were issued the year following publication of the respective edition into which they were incorporated.  Such an example is Zapornia watersi--Bartlett's description did not appear until 1880.  Also of significance is the fact that volume numbers were not created for each successive edition, but after 1900, each year of the Proceedings was comprised of two volumes, designated as such.  For this exhibit, recognition is afforded to the date of the year as it appeared on the print itself, but plates where this discrepancy occurred are noted with an asterisk.)



Proceedings--120 pls.  

Transactions--6 pls.





**To a lesser degree, he also provided lithographic illustrations to the Transactions of the Zoological Society of London.  The Transactions was issued in folio, and Keulemans appeared in volumes for the years 1877 and 1901.   For the later year, only one of the eighteen plates was colored by hand; the remainder were chromolithographs and are not included here.  Similar to the Proceedings, an index of the illustrations was published separately by Garland Publishing (Root and Johnson).  These plates from 1877 are unavailable and are considered desiderata:


LXXXV  Camarhynchus variegatus [(female and male)]

LXXXVI Camarhynchus habeli [(female and male)]

LXXVII  Larus fuliginosus, (adult and juvenile)

LXXXVIII  Oestrelata (Pterodroma) phaeopygia,

               Procellaria (Oceanodroma) tethys



Included are more than 135 images, three of which are duplicated and one of which is a black/white copy from a colored image.  This exhibit is featured on three webpages, with a link provided below to access the second page.  

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Transactions of the Zoological Society




Proceedings 1870, Pl. XII  Aegialitis (Charadrius) hartingi.




Proceedings 1870, Pl. XIV  Lophophorus sclateri.




Proceedings 1870, Pl. XV  Ceriornis (Tragopan) blythii.




*Proceedings 1870, Pl. XXXIX  Buceros (Ceratogymna) subcylindricus.




Proceedings 1870, Pl. XIX  Clytorhynchus pachycephaloides.




Proceedings 1870, Pl. XX  Clytoctantes alixii.




Proceedings 1870, Pl. XXIX  Mystacornis crossleyi.




Proceedings 1870, Pl. XXVI  Cricetus nigricans.




 Proceedings 1870, Pl. XVIII  Lepus hainanus.


 ((not colored))




 Proceedings 1870, Pl. XXIII  Canis lateralis. 




Proceedings 1871, Pl. VII  Pycnonotus gabonensis,

 Pycnonotus tricolor,

Pycnonotus barbatus.





Proceedings 1871, Pl. XXII  Chroicocephalus (Larus) saundersi.









 Proceedings 1871, Pl. XLVII  Turdus (Zoothera) crossleyi. 




Proceedings 1871, Pl. XLI  Trichoglossus mitchelli.




Proceedings 1871, Pl. XXXII  Corethrura (Coturnicops) insularis.


Proceedings 1868, Pl. XXVII  Cittura sanghirensis.

The same year of its discovery, this species also figured as plate [118] in Richard Bowdler Sharpe's Monograph of the Alcedinidae.


((detail of the above)) 


*Proceedings 1873, Pl. LVIII  Bradyornis (Melaenornis) subalaris,

 Treron wakefieldi.





Proceedings 1874, Pl. XIX  Microspingus (Hemispingus) trifasciatus,

 Dacnidea (Hemispingus) leucogastra.







Proceedings 1874, Pl. XX  Dolyornis (Doliornis) sclateri. 




Proceedings 1874, Pl. XXXVIII  Saxicola (Cercomela) pollux,

Saxicola (Oenanthe) castor.




Proceedings 1874, Pl. XXXVI  Saxicola (Oenanthe) bottae,

Saxicola (Oenanthe) heuglini.




Proceedings 1874, Pl. XXXVII  Saxicola (Oenanthe) leucomelaena,

Saxicola (Oenanthe) griseiceps.




*Proceedings 1874, Pl. LXXV  Mirafra (Botha) fringilloides,

Mirafra damarensis.



*Proceedings 1874, Pl. LXXVI  Heterocorys (Alauda) breviunguis, 

Ammomanes grayi.



Proceedings 1874, Pl. LIV  Phaenicomanes (Aegithina) iora.

The specimen figured was described by Richard Bowdler Sharpe as a new genus of vireo from Jamaica, but the Zoological Record, vol. XI (1875) attributed it to be an iora from Asia.




Proceedings 1875, Pl. XIII  Eutriorchis astur.




Proceedings 1875, Pl. XXII  Caprimulgus salvadorii,

Caprimulgus concretus.



Proceedings 1881, Pl. XIX  Neomixis striatigula.




Proceedings 1877, Pl. XXXIV  Turdus bewsheri.




Proceedings 1877, Pl. XXXIII  Zosterops anjuanensis,

Tchitrea (Terpsiphone) vulpina.



Proceedings 1880, Pl. XVI  Ptilochloris (Laniisoma) buckleyi, ad. et pull.




Proceedings 1880, Pl. XVII  Grallaria dignissima.




 Proceedings 1884, Pl. XXXVII  Salpornis emini.




Proceedings 1879, Pl. XXIII  Ianthocincla (Garrulax) treacheri.




Proceedings 1879, Pl. XXX  Prionochilus everetti,

Prionochilus obsoletus.



 *Proceedings 1883, Pl. L  Chrysomitris (Carduelis) siemiradzkii.




Proceedings 1885, Pl. XIII  Pinarochroa (Cercomela) hypospodia.




                *Proceedings 1893, Pl. LXIII  Oestrelata (Pterodroma) leucophrys.




                                      Proceedings 1874, Pl. XXXIX  Saxicola (Oenanthe) diluta,

Saxicola (Cercomela) schlegeli.







Proceedings 1889, Pl. XL  Pachyprora (Batis) mixta, (male and female).




Proceedings 1876, Pl. XXXV  Colius castanonotus.



Proceedings 1884, Pl. XXXVI  Sitta whiteheadi, (male and female).






Proceedings 1887, Pl. XXXVIII  Minla soror,

Aethopyga wrayi.


Proceedings 1882, Pl. XXXII  Cinnyris (Nectarinia) erikssoni.




Proceedings 1887, Pl. XIII  Laniarius atroflavus. 






Proceedings 1888, Pl. III Indicator emini. 




Proceedings 1892, Pl. XX  Amaurocichla bocagii,

Turdinus (Illadopsis) moloneyanus.



Proceedings 1884, Pl. V  Laniarius lagdeni.




 Proceedings 1874, Pl. XL  Tringa (Calidris) alpina,

Tringa (Calidris) gracilis,

Tringa (Calidris) crassirostris.  ((not colored))

((image partly obscured))







Proceedings 1885, Pl. XXII  Phasianus principalis, (male).

((partly blurred))



Proceedings 1872, Pl. LVIII  Capra picta, (female). 

((not colored))






Proceedings 1873, Pl. XXII  Pteropus formosus. 




*Proceedings 1874, Pl. LXXVII  Halmaturus (Wallabia) apicalis. 




*Proceedings 1884, Pl. XLV  Colius nigricollis,

Colius (Urocolius) erythromelon. 



Proceedings 1881, Pl. LXVII  Rhipidura macgillivrayi.



Proceedings 1876, Pl. XXIX  Dasyprocta azarae.



Proceedings 1876, Pl. XXXVI  Tupaia tana, var. chrysura.



Proceedings 1879, Pl. XXIX  Helictis (Melogale) subaurantiaca.



 Proceedings 1898, Pl. XXIX  Ptilopus (Leucotreron) (Ptilinopus) alligator.






Proceedings 1898, Pl. XXVIII  Petrophassa rufipennis.



*Proceedings 1901, Volume II, Pl. XXXVI  Cossypha omoensis,

Ploceipasser (Plocepasser) donaldsoni.




Proceedings 1889, Pl. I  Eggs of Cariama cristata.




Proceedings 1872, Pl. XII  Macacus (Macaca) brunneus. 




*Proceedings 1878, Pl. XLIX  Poeoptera lugubris.



 Proceedings 1885, Pl. XIV  Nectarinia johnstoni.




Proceedings 1889, Pl. XLI  Zosterops perspicillata,

                 Cinnyris (Nectarinia) hunteri.




*Proceedings 1879, Pl. LXIII  Zapornia (Coturnicops) watersi.




Proceedings 1882, Pl. XLV  Erythropygia (Cichladusa) ruficauda,  

                  Erythropygia (Cercotrichas) zambesiana.




 Proceedings 1895, Pl. XXVIII  Turacus (Tauraco) donaldsoni.





 *Proceedings 1874, Pl. LXVIII  Cerchneis (Falco) rupicola,

Cerchneis (Falco) tinnunculus, (female).







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