Travel Cocktail Cabinet

I'm afraid, dear readers, that I have no photographs of the construction process for this particular item, as it was largely made up as I went along and it never occurred to me that I would one day wish to show it to anybody in anything other than its finished state.

I do, however, have photos of it now, so without further ado: The Griffiths Travel Cocktail Cabinet...

This little chap is designed to transport a selection of spirits and mixers to your chosen picnic site in stylish safety, allowing you and your friends to experiment with the latest in cocktail recipes wherever you choose. To open, one first opens the double doors at the bottom and removes the two small glasses from their slots:

Next, the front of the case is unlatched and dropped down to rest on the runners built into the two smaller doors, forming a glass mixing table:

Finally, the restraining bar is slid out, allowing access to the five large test tubes of assorted spirits, and the leather bound recipe book is removed from its niche just below the top of the case. Any mixers or accompanying ingredients such as lemons or sugar can be stored behind the back panel of the case, which slides up to reveal a surprisingly spacious separate compartment:

From there, it is a simple matter of selecting a recipe from the book, or perhaps trying your hand at inventing an entirely new one for the occasion! Try this recipe: Take one picnic blanket, mix it with a beautiful English field on a summers day, add a handful of good friends and garnish with a Griffiths Travel Cocktail Cabinet.