Meteor Discourager & Weather Clemency Provoker

You sir!

Terrified of the prospect of another glorious British summer being ruined by pesky meteors? Well, we have the solution!

By simply aligning the Aether Emitter Horn at the angle suggested in the handbook (supplied), you can enjoy your cricket matches, afternoon teas and languid bicycle rides in peace, free from those pesky balls of white-hot death!

32% success rate so far this year!! Place your order now!!

This is the Griffiths Patent Meteor Discourager & Weather Clemency Provoker, a device created for Hendricks Gin at the same time as The Harris-Griffiths Dendro-Optical Interpretation Engine. I'll admit, the design was mostly inspired by the fact that I had found an old article about how to work out the segments of a gramophone horn and I really, really wanted to have a go at one, but I think that is as good a start to any project as you can get! I had also just got hold of an old combination plane, which I used to cut the recesses in the legs for the panelling to slot into. It is, on the whole, an excellent example of me making things purely to test a process out.