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Sweet Pea Locomotive Lamp

I have been spending a lot of time fixing and tinkering with a 5" gauge 'Sweet Pea' locomotive. I have gotten to the point where I can keep it going around the track at Abbeydale Miniature Railway indefinitely, and now that summer is approaching there will be the opportunity to stay later and have a bit of a drive in the evening. This, however, will require a lamp on the front and back of the engine.

I've searched around, and short of buying some expensive castings from a company, there seemed to be little of the right size that I could get hold of. Luckily, I'm not averse to a bit of scratch building from time to time, and I made this over the course of a day:

It WILL include a lens, when the acrylic rod I ordered turns up, but until then the superbright LED fitted does a great job on its own. Its powered by two little button cells, and as it is designed to be mounted on a bracket that slides up a socket on its back, I was able to place the switch on the bottom out of the way of any rain. Here it is again, but lit up: