Gravity Gun

Last summer (2012) my sister was involved in a competition called Dare To Be Digital, where small teams had a set number of weeks to create a new computer game completely from scratch. This included not only the design and programming of the game itself, but also the associated marketing campaigns that go with major games launches. To help their stall stand out at one of the events they showed the game at, my sister asked me to build a replica of the gun used in the game. She provided me a set of elevation renders from the modelling software the team were using, and after a few days of what felt like mostly waiting for things to dry, I came up with this...

There are a couple of lessons I learnt from this particular project. The first is that there is a good reason I never use car body filler, and that is that it takes too long to set. There is nothing worse than having a tight deadline looming, while there is nothing you can do but sit and pick your nails while things dry.

The second lesson is that if your dear sister doesn't ask you to make a prop gravity gun light up like it does in the game, don't spend any of your aforementioned tight deadline making it do so purely because it will look pretty. I did, and it looked pretty, but it took a chunk out of my allotted time: