There is a graphic novel called I Kill Giants, by a chap named Joe Kelly. I was lent it for the first time about 3 years ago by the wonderful lady who is now my partner and as she handed it over, she said, "It WILL make you cry". I didn't believe her, being all tough and manly, but I read it and cried. Freely and openly. If you take one thing away from this site, let it be a strong compulsion to go and acquire a copy of this book by any means necessary, for it is beautiful.

So while I was thinking up Christmas present ideas for Christmas 2012, I decided I would make a miniature version of the Norse war hammer featured in that book for my wonderful lady, a hammer that goes by the rather apt name of Coveleski. I even decided to have a crack at hand sewing the improbably small bag that the protagonist carries it around in.

Feel free to laugh at my sewing, for embroidery is apparently Not My Thing:


I have since been asked to make a smaller, necklace version of Coveleski for someone, which can be found here.