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Miniature Stage Brace

The theatre I work at these days was built to replace an older one in Doncaster called The Civic Theatre, and when we opened most of their technical team were transferred over to Cast. Over the past couple of months, the now-derelict Civic has been pulled down and at the time of writing, only the stage and it's roof remain standing. 

I had a wander over to take a look at the poor old place, and noticed a chunk of wooden handrail sat in the rubble, which I picked up. I thought it might be nice to turn it into a memento for Dave Law, the Civic's old Stage Manager, so I took it home and I've turned it into what anyone who has ever worked in technical theatre will recognize as a tiny stage brace.

The shaft is hardwood sliced from the above mentioned piece of handrail, the ironmongry adorning it is hand forged and riveted together using brass wire and a hammer, and the knurled screw clamp uses a 7BA thread (for those who can use that as a reference for size).

And yes, it works, although only on tiny masking flats...