A New Start

Post date: Sep 7, 2013 8:04:49 PM

I am fairly sure i've never mentioned that I have a day job of sorts, as a casual technician at the Alhambra Theatre In Bradford, but now I am mentioning it. This is because I no longer have that job: while I was on holiday a few weeks ago, I got a call offering me the job of Flyman & Rigger at a brand new theatre in Doncaster, called Cast. That is basically my ideal job, so needless to say I took it without hesitation.

The practical upshot of this is that the last few weeks since my return from Italy have been consumed by a frenzy of activity only found in a theatre preparing for its first EVER show. Opening night was last night, and it went off without a hitch, and now I'm hoping I'll have time to fit my workshop back into my life! I already have a couple of projects lined up, so keep an eye open...