I'm Mister Griffiths, and I have that dangerous combination of a creative impulse and a desire to learn practical skills. What this has led to is a fascination with old tools and processes, and the fabrication of slightly unusual things as a way of testing these processes out. I quite like the motto, 'See a need, fill a need, and for a while I thought it applied to me, but I've since realised that it is just as acceptable to work it the other way around, by making something you never realised you needed before.

So, that's about it. I make things both for the sake of making them, and to help me understand the way they are to be made. Sometimes, people see these things and ask for one of their own, and that's fine too; it means I get more practice.

Have a look around this site, and tell me if you like what I do. Suggest modifications, new projects or companion pieces and I will listen and see what I can come up with. Ask me for one for yourself, and I'll see what I can do. Ask me nicely for one, and I'll probably go to the ends of the earth to get it done.

When it comes down to it, any excuse to get out to the shed will do...