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 Denton North Carolina Veterans and surrounding area History and Photos  -- Photos also Located at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.159343140781311.29312.156572724391686&type=3&saved
Dedicated to all Veterans, especially around the Denton NC area. Veterans listed by names and Veterans Photos
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 Aster Gallimore ,Denton NC, Civilian Occupation: Cabinet Maker:  Navy, august 22,1944-janurary 24th.,1946 - Seaman First Class:  Service: USNTC, Bainbridge, MD.; AGC, So. Brooklyn, N.Y. S.S. Leo J. Duster; AGC Pacific; William Dunbor.  Remarks: American Area Camp. Medal; Eur-African-mid East Area Camp. Medal; Asiatic-Pacific Camp. Metal; Point System; World War ll Metal

James H Harrison, Sergeant First Class  Korea 1952-53, Civilian Occupation-Quality Control Manager Awards  Parachute Badge, Korean Service Medal with 2 Bronze Stars,Occupation Medal (Japan),National Defense Service Medal,United Nations Service Medal, Republic of Korea Service Medal.

Forrest Haltom Denton, North Carolina Private Med. Dt. -117th  Inf. A. P. O. oc 3 Fort Jackson , South Carolina Training for Medical Corps entry-fought in North Africa, Sicily,Italy, France and Belguim as a medic.  Received a Battlefied Commision promotion to 1st Lt.

Ralph W. Gallimore, Denton, NC, retired Air Force 27 years, Senior Master Sergeant (E8) -Military Occupation:  Information Management Superintendent, Family Support Center Superintendent, First Sergeant - Civilian Occupation:  Truck Driver Trainer - Battle or Campaign:  Vietnam, 3 tours in Korea, Philippines, Japan, Okinawa, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Johnston Island, Guam - Decorations: Defense Meritorious Svc Mdl, AF Meritorious Svc Mdl, W/20LC, AF Commendations MDL W/1OLC, Distinguised Presidential Unit Citation W/20LC, AF Outstanding Unit Award, AF Good Conduct  Mdl W/1 Silver Cluster & 2OLC,  Good Conduct Mdl,  National Defense Mdl,  Vietnam Service Mdl W/3OLC,  Humanitarian Svc, Mdl,  AF Overseas Svc Short Tour Rbn W/3OLC,  AF Oversea Svc Long Tour Rbn,  AF Longevity Svc Award W/1 Silver Cluster,  NCO Prof. Mil.  Educ. Grad Rbn W/2OLC,  Small Arms Exp Marksmanship Rifle Rbn,  AF Training Rbn,  Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross W/Device,  Republic of Vietnam Campaign Mdl

Mosell Wall    Denton North Carolina -Army Air Force Base  -Civilian occupation.. General Farmer\ Millitary Occupation.. Airplane and Engine Mechanic -Decorations.. American Theater Service Medal - Asoatoc Pacific Service Medal , Good Conduct Medal, World War 2 Victory Medals;
Jack H. Frank ..Denton, North Carolina -Technician Fifth Grade Headquarters - Civilian Occupation ... Truck Driver ( Heavy) - Millitary  Occupation... Truck Driver Light  345 -Batttles or Campaign .. Ardennes ,Rhineland , Central Europe - Decorations.. Bronze Star Medal, World War 2 Victory Medal, EAME Service Medal with 3 Bronze Service Stars, American Theater Service Medal
Willie R, Miller   Sergeant Headquarters Service Company 165th Engineers Battalion Denton , North Carolina - Civilian Occupation.. Truck Driver Light - Millitary Occupation  Foreman Construction 059 - Battle or Campaign .. North France , Rhineland , Central Europe - Decorations... American Theater Service Medal, EAME Service Medal with 3 Bronze Stars..
PURPLE HEART...World War 2 Victory Metal
Baxter  C. Varner .. Newsome North Carolina - Staff Sergeant 109th Chemical Processing Company  - Civilian Occupation .. Knitting Machine Fixer - Millitary Occupation.. Mess Sergeant 824 - Battle or Campaign.........Luzon - Decortions..Good Conduct Medal, American Service Medal - Philippine Liberation Service Ribbon - Asiatic Pacific Service Medal with 1 Bronze Star
Howard F. Spencer Denton,North Carolina Sergeant 320th Fighter Control Squadron - Civilian Occupation .. Baker - Millitary Occupation.. QMC Cook and Baker  1943
Battle or Campaigns..Southern Philipines, New Guinea - Decortions ...Asiatic Pacific Theater Campaign Medal with 2 Bronze Stars - Good Conduct Medal
Everette L . Gallimore   Denton, North Carolina  Technical Sergeant Civilian Occupation.. Farmhand - Millitary Occupation ..Anti -Aircraft Range Section NEO - Battle or Campaigns ..Northern France , Rhineland, Central Europe - Decorations.. American Theater Campaign Medal - EAMET Campaign Medal with 3 Bronze Service Stars
James A. Lomax  Denton, North Carolina... Sergeant - Civilian Occupation.. Sales Clerk
Millitary Occupation.. Communications Chief - Battles or Campaigns...Aleutians Islands, Eastern Mandates,  Southern Philippines, Byukyus -Decorations.. Asiatic Pacific Theater Campaign Medal with 4 Bronze Service Stars - Philippine Liberation Ribbon with 2 Bronze Service Stars - Good Conduct Medal, Victory Medal
Charles A. Hunt ..Denton , North Carolina  Staff Sergeant 1915th  Quatermaster Truck Company - Civilian Occupation .. student - Millitary Occupation.. Truck Driver.. -Battles or Campaigns None - Decorations.. World War 2 Victory Medal 
Jesse F. Lanier.. Denton, North Carolina ...Private..- Civilian Occupation.. Farner General - Millitary Occupation.. Rifleman - Battles or Campaign.. Rhineland - Decorations.. European Afirican Middle Eastern Theater Ribbon with 1 Bronze Battle Star
Dawson A. Snider Denton, North Carolina   Technician Fifth Grade Company - Civilian Occupation .. Teamster - Millitary Occupation.. Machine Gunner Heavy - Battle or Campaign.. Normandy Go 33 W45.. Rhineland. Ardennes - Decorations.. PURPLE HEART - Good Conduct Medal - World War 2 Victory Medal
Carl E. Rogers  Denton ,North Carolina . Technigian Fifth Grade  Company - Civilian Occupation.. auto mechanic Millitary Occupation .. Mechanic Auto -Battles or Campaign ..East Indies, Papau New Guinea
Fred Cranford ..Denton North Carolina  - Civilian Occupation.. Seamless Hoisery Knitter - Millitary Occupation.. Cook - also mm30 cal   riffle m - Decorations  .. Battle or Campaigns ..None..
Harvey Snider..Denton, North Carolina .. Private 370th Army Air Force - Good Conduct Medal ..Civilian Occupation..Farmhand - Millitary Occupation .. Air Corp Basic Training
John P. Kinney      Technician Fifth Grade Company B 728th  Denton < North Carolina - Civilian Occuption ... Farmhand- Millitary Occuption ..Amphibious Tractor Driver - Battles or Campaigns.. Sou Philippines , Eyukus - Decortions -One Bronze Arrowheard - American Defense Service Medal - Asiatic-Pacific Theater Campaign Medal with two Bronze Service stars
Philippine Liberation Ribbon with Bronze service stars -Victory Medal.. 

Wesley P. Morris Denton , North Carolina - Sergeant Headquarters Company  2nd Battalion 108th Infantry - Civilian Occupation..General Clerk - Millitary Occupation... Administrative
Battle or Campaign ..South Phillipines - Decorations ..American Theater Service Medal , Phillipine Liberation - Service Ribbon with 1 Bronze Service Star
Albert Garner Denton , North Carolina - Private      Company F  325th Glider Infantry , 82 Division - Civilian  Occupation  General Farmer - Millitary Occupation...Light Morter Crewman 607 Battler or  Campaign - Go ..33 WD.. Central Europe - Decorations.. Good Conduct Medal , World War 2 Victory  Ribbon - European African Middle Eastern Thearter Ribbon
Ernest L. Doby .. Denton , North Carolina - Private Special Trading Unit - Civilian  Occupation ..Farmhand - Battle or Campaign None
Lloyd H. Bean  Denton , North Carolina - Sergeant - Civilian Occupation...Farmhand - Millitary Occupation .. Athletic Instructor - Battles or Campaigns.. None - World War 2 Victory Medal , Good Conduct Medal, American Campaign Medal
Claude W.G. Creek Denton, North Carolina - Technician Fifth Grade Battery A 35th  Anti- Aircraft - Artillery Search Light Battalion - Civilian Occupation.. Truck Driver - Millitary Occupation.. Portable Power Generator Operator - Battles or Campaign..Rhineland , Central Europe - Decorations.. EANE Service Medal with 2 Bronze Stars, Good Conduct Medal , World War 2 Victory Medal

Mack H. Cranford  Denton, North Carolina - Private First Class 565th Army Air Force - Civilian Occupation.. Final Assembler 1 - Millitary Occupation.. Airplane and Engine Mach.
Battle or Campaign....None - Decorations .American Theater Service Medal - Good Conduct Medal  -World War 2 Victory Medal
Arlie W. Snider Denton , North Carolina - Section J  504  Army  Air Force Base Unit - Civilian Occupation.. Mail Sorter 11 - Millitary Occupation..Electrician - Battle or Campaign  ..None -Decorations.. Amercian Theater Service Medal - Good Conduct Medal Victory Medal
Ray C. Plummer Denton, North Carolina - Private First Class Headquarter Detachment , 4th Regment - Camp Wheeler , Georgia - Civilian Occupation..  Projectionist , Motion Picture
Millitary Occupation...General Clerk - Battle or Campaign ... Rhineland Go 40 ..WD..45 - Northern France..Go 46..WD 45../Expert Infantryman Badge MI Sharpshooter Decorations.. European African Middle Eastern Theater Ribbon - with 2 Bronze Stars, Good Conduct Medal,
Kenneth K. Daniel..Denton, North Carolina - Civilian Occupation.. Turck Driver - Millitary Occupation.. Light Mortor Crewman - Battle or Campaign .. North France, Ardennes , Rhineland, Central , Europe - Decorations.. EAME Service  Medal with 4 Bronze Service Stars - Good Conduct Medal , PURPLE HEART,World War 2 Victory Medal

Wannie Byerly   Denton, North Carolina -Corporal 130th Army Airways Communications System Squadron - Civilian Occupation..Farmer General - Military Occupation..Radio Mach AAF 754 Decorations.. American Theater Service Medal, Asiatic Pacific Service Medal with 1 Bronze Service Star , Good Conduct Medal , Meriterious Unit Award, World War 2 World War 2 Victory Medal 
Zollie C. Smith  Denton, North Carolina - Private - Civilian Occupation.. Truck ,Military Occupation.. Basic 521 - Battles or Campaign .. - Decorations..Good Conduct , World War 2 Victory Medal

Stewart E. Hedrick... Denton,North Carolina -Private First Class Medical -Civilian Occupation.. Farmhand -Millitary Occupation..Med Airman 657 -Battle or Campaign .. Ardennes Go 105.. WD..45 Rhineland...GO 105 WD..45 - Decorations..Good Conduct Medal, Africian Middle Eastern Theater Ribbon with 2 Bronze Battle Stars , American Defense System Ribbon

Ronnie W. Gallimore , Denton North Carolina , Airmen first class, USAF,  Civilian Occupation Truck Driver, United States Air Force Jan 1964-Jan 1968, served 22 months Lackland Air Force Base Texas and 26 months and 2 days in Germany. Good Conduct Medal, Trained in supply, training in Heavy Forklifts, Heavy Trucks and Warehousing. Small Arms Exp Marksmanship Rifle Rbn. , HS GED

Willie C. Cook...Denton, North Carolina - Private - Civilian Occupation.. Blass Grinder - Millitary Occupation.. Mortar Gunner - Battle or Campaign .. New Guinea -Decorations..Good Conduct Medal, Asiatic -Pacific Service Medal with 1 Bronze Star - World War 2 Victory Medal

Gerald Othell Surratt  Denton , North Carolina -34573  Corporal  Battery 21st Field Artillery Battalion - Civilian Occupation.. Manager Retail Auto - Military Occupation.. AA Range Section NCO (527) - Battle or Campaign .... Normandy , Northern France , Ardennnes , Rhineland , Central Europe . - Decorations... EAMET Campaign Medal with 5 Bronze Service Stars, Good Conduct Medal AR 600-68 , Victory Medal.

Jesse N. Lanier  Denton, North Carolina - Civilian Occupation.. Farmhand - Military Occupation... Tail Gunner on B-17s - Bombing missions over Germany - Battles or Campaigns... Central Europe

Herman H. Snider Denton , North Carolina Co. D. 4th Bn. E. R. T.C. 4th Platoon U. S. Army Engineers Training Division

Marvin B. Smith  Denton , North Carolina   -   John L. Wood ..Denton, North Carolina LAAF  Hangar of Fame
Robert M. Henderson   Denton, North Carolina Private First Class Marine Guard Navall Air Station - Marvin B. Smith  Denton, North Carolina SK  2c Camp Allen Chief M.A.A. Office
James E. Wilkins  Denton, North Carolina Aviation Squardron F.Group 12  Gunter Field Ala. - Jack Lanning ..Denton, North Carolina Co. B. 129th Inf. Camp Forrest , Tenn.
Wayne Morris  Denton, North Carolina Private Co. C. 28th  Med. TNG. Bn. 2nd Platoon Camp Grant , Illinois - Carl W. Gallimore ..Denton , North Carolina Technical Sergeant Military Police Company
Clinard Nance ..Denton, North Carolina Sea 2 C  Armed Guard Center  U.S. Naval Station  Civilian Occupation.. Farmer

Richard H. Penry Denton North Carolina S 2 C US Naval Hospital  Pearl Harbor T.H. Civilian Occupation ... Thomasville Hardware Company 5 years
Sqt. Hiram Ward   Denton, North Carolina 12th  Group Air Echelon 83rd Bombardment Squardron Amry Air Corps
Sqt. William Wade  Loftin..Denton , North Carolina United States Marines 17 years Died from tropic fever contracted in the South Pacific
David Surratt Denton, North Carolina Corparol 327th Mat. Squadron Drew Field, Tampa Florida
Robert L Johnson.. Denton , North Carolina Co. L Second Eng. School Reg.  Fort Bevoir Virginia Engineers Corp.

Sergeant Dalton Dwight Russell, Denton, North Carolina, Captive of the Japanese who survivied the infamous Bataan Death March , was a prisoner in Cabanautaun Prison Camp #1 and #3 only to lose hid life on the Japanese Prison Ship.

Clifford D. Lanier..Denton, North Carolina, New Georgia Islands..Decorations...Army Silver Star for Gallantry in action , saving his fellow soldiers.
Fred Lewis Smith....Denton, North Carolina, Army Air Corps.  transfered to the Pacific Theater Australia to the Philippines .. plane B-25, Missing for 60 years .. plane and 8 crew members brought home to Denton, North Carolina and buried at Lineberry Church.

James Allen Garner, Denton NC ~ Army,March, 1961-64, Basic Training at Fort Jackson, SC. Training at Fort Knox. 2 yrs. in Germany, 7 months Fort Hood ,TX. Rank E-5

Dalton Dwight Russell Denton, North Carolina, Captive of the Japanese who survivied the infamous Bataan Death March , was a prisoner in Cabanautaun Prison Camp #1 and #3 only to lose his life on the Japanese Prison Ship Arisan Maru after was was hit by a torpedo and sunk on October 24, 1944 His parents are the late wilson lagrant russell and clara steed russell,his sisters were the late angilee bullins and lucy mabe, his brother Vincent russell is still living and also his wife Donnie Russell Mathis

"Catfish" Donald Spivey, Denton NC, army 1956-59 Fort Jackson for basic training and then to Fort Stewart, VA. Spec. 3, Good Conduct medal, Expert in Rifle marksmanship

Gerald R. Steed , Denton NC ~ Army - Enlisted June 27, 1966. Discharged June 26, 1970.Tour of duty: Germany 1966-68. Stationed at New Ulm, Germany, 1st Signal Battalion. January 1-October 15, Oregon Relay. October 17-December 20 in 7th Army Headquarters, Stuttgart., Illinois Terminal. Tour of duty: Viet Nam 1968-69. Stationed at Hon Tre. with the 228 Signal Company. March 15,1969-June 27, 1970: Radio Relay Instructor at Fort Gordon, Georgia. Rank at discharge: E-6 on June 26, 1970.

Bickett Daniels Jr., USN Petty Officer 2nd class. 1961 - 1962 Air Transport Squadron 22 (VR-22) NAS Norfolk VA. 1963 - 1964 USS Guadacanal (LPH-7) NOB Norfolk VA.

Harry Daniels  served in the US Coast Guard in the early 70's  * Bob Wood  -US Army, Korean War, View Photo...      *     Larwence Buie - Veteran   *   Sidney Absher- Veteran

Louis c. Auman - US NAVY , World War II - Lynn Richard Covington - Sgt. US ARMY , World War II - Hugh Ames Sexton Sr., Tec 4 Us ARMY World War II

Joseph Colon Wood, S SGT US ARMY World War II  - John Anderson ,Station in California,SI US Navy World War II - Annie Anderson Keil, 1st Lt US ARMY, World War II

Harold Snider US Navy World War II, Killed in action June 17,1945 - Daniel Moses Sexton, PVT US ARMY, World War I - Roland Steed, SI US Coast Guard, World War II

James Wayne Steed, PEC US Army , World War II - Autie Jones Shaw served in World War I and World War II - Curtis Leroy Elliott, SN US Navy, World War II

Cirero Excel Surratt, Sgt Us Army, World War
  -  Othell Suratt - WWll   -  Rex Clover  WWll  -  Max Bisher - NG -1962-68

Joe Cook, Tec US Army, WWII - - Edward H. Varner, PFC US Army, WWII - NA Garner - US Army - Denton NC -
John R. Varner North Carolina PFC BTRY C 532 FLD ARTY BN WWII -  Kermit Ray Morris US Coast Guard World War II - William Kenneth Hatley CPL US Army 
Jackie P. Sikes NC US Marine Corps Korea PH
James Kent Cook
US Air Force Vietnam  - J Austin Kearns PVT US Army WWII - J Wilson Kearns SGT US Army WWII - John Herman Barber US Navy WWII
Buddy Eugene Vanchoy North Carolina AZC 509 Bomber Wing AF - Byron N. Morris CPL US Army Korea
Charles A. Wade Jr. PFC US Army WWII - William H. Snyder Jr. 2DLT US Army WWII - Claudie Beck PFC US Army - James C. Kearns NC CM 3 USNF WWII
Joe B. Morris PVT US Army - Billy Ray Shaw US Merchant Marine WWII - Edwert L Herman Lee Lindsey Tec 5 US Army WWII -
Bob Adams Thailand 1969
Gerald Adams- Tour Of Duty-20th aug. 1970 til 24th sept. 1971 - South Viet Nam, 261st. transportation, 6th Ba.. Del. supplies to Fire Bases, pulled guard duty, rnk SP/4

Larry Blake - Served in the US Air Force 1966-1969... Airman First Class-Served at Seymour Jhonson AFB N.C., Lowery AFB Colorado, Altus AFB Oklahoma, Carswell AFB Texas and tour of duty in Pleiku AFB Vietnam 1966-1967
Hugh Ames Sexton, Jr - Sergeant D CO, 4TH BN, 503RD INFANTRY, 173RD ABN BDE, USARV Army of the United States Denton, North Carolina
February 17, 1951 to June 09, 1971 (Incident Date May 26, 1971) HUGH A SEXTON Jr is on the Wall at Panel 03W Line 071 See the full profile for Hugh Sexton
   Hiram Ward   was discharged on May 20th , served four years and seven months of which half  two years and three months had been overseas .Less than a month after his 22  birthday he was one of a relatively small number of Americans who had fought  on three continents against off of the mayor Axis powers  Germany , Italy , and Japan . Ward had risen  to the rank of Technical  Sergeant United States Army Air Corp. Received the Bronze Star , the Purple Heart , the Air Medal along with Presidential Unit Citation , American Defense Medal , Europe -African Middle East Theater Ribbon with 5 campaign stars , the Asiatic Pacific Theater Medal with one Bronze Service Star . WWII Victory Medal .
   HMCM(FMF/SW) Carl T.(Tim) Fritts U.S. Navy 1980 to 2010 ,DHS Class of 1976

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 Hugh Sexton 1971 Vietnam - Click photo

Hugh Ames Sexton, Jr    Profile Here...........
is on the Wall at Panel 03W Line 071

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 ? and Kermit Morris
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Jennings Steed
 Edith Cranford Steed & Jennings - 1943


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 James Gallimore
 J.R. Slack, Destroyer USS Burns, WWll

 William Wayne Anderson
 Rex Glover
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 Garland Smith
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Rex Glover


   World War ll veteran
from Wisconsin rescued
at sea from plane crash, video shows up out of closet after 65 years.

 Uncle Frank

 Dalton Dwight Russell
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NA Garner - Denton NC
 Gerald Adams
 Ryan Thomason
 Larry Blake
 Robert A. (Buddy) Adams  Thailand 1969
 Tommy Hughes, Marine Corp 1965, Paris Island, SC. 
Carl T.(Tim) Fritts
U.S. Navy 1980 to 2010
Denton HS Class of 1976

Carl Fitts

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