Denton Library History / Photos

Denton 1930s Bookmobile Stop

First Library in Denton 1946-1950

More photos at bottom of page of bookmobile stations

2nd Library in Denton 1950-1958 -

3rd library in denton 1958-1969, where Denco is today

where Village rest. is today

4th library -May 1969 - March 1992

5th library, March 1992

Below is Denton 6th New Library, construction finished, moved in 2009- click photo

Denton Branch Library

310 W. Salisbury Street

Denton, NC 27239 Web:

Below are Station for the Bookmobile

for Davidson County in early years

click photos for larger view

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We would like to say thanks to the people who shared Info and Photos for Denton North Carolina History/Photo site , Jim Harrison, John Johnson, WJ Loflin, Donnie Bell, Buddy Sexton, Joanne Sue Snider, Richard Smith, Raeford Clover, Max Hill, John Yates, Frances Lax, Mary Lee Kindly, Betty Lomax, Ginger Martin, Barbra Hogan, Nancy [Lanier] Johnson, Avalea Surratt, Peggy Wilkins, Tom and Brenda Hughes, Al Penry, Denton NC Library, Donnie Glover, the crew picture {B-52 Crash} is courtesy Lt. Colonel Glen C. Farnham. USAF Ret., artwork of the B-52 by Dru Blair, info on the crash & the crew are at the NC Aviation Museum in Asheboro NC, border & graphics courtesy Lowe Garner.

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