* Denton NC first Fire Truck

In the early 40's, I believe, Howell Harrison and others saw the need for a fire fighting group, and the Denton Volunteer Fire Department was formed. Mack Pickett, Blanton Lomax, Clay Cranford and Dewey Tysinger are the members that I remember, but I'm sure there were others. Howell was elected fire chief, and training sessions were held on Monday nights. A used fire truck was obtained as soon as possible and other necessary equipment added as it could be obtained. Mrs. Thompson, who worked for M.A. Pickett many years laughingly tells of the time that a fire alarm went off, and Mr. Pickett along with dad were the first to the fire station, only to find the battery in the truck was dead. She said that in a few minutes the two were racing down Salisbury Street pulling by hand an old cart with a fire hose coiled on it, which had been designed as a trailer or a horse drawn cart. Says it was one of the funniest sights she ever saw.

Info by: Jim Harrison

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