Nascar 1949 Archie Smith

1949 Nascar’s Inaugural Race - June 19, 1949, Denton NC own Archie Smith finishes 6th place in a 1946 Ford

Archie Smith Interview, 1st Winston Cup 1949 Nascar Racing


Archie Smith is a former NASCAR driver from Denton, NC. He competed in two Sprint Cup Series events in his career, recording top-ten finishes both times. Both of his races came in 1949, when Smith debuted in the series' inagural event atCharlotte. He ran well in that event, coming home with a career-best 6th effort. Although he was not able to improve on that later in the year at Martinsville, Smith still drove home with a solid 10th place finish.

Nascar's very first stock car race took place on June 19, 1949. It was the first race of an 8 race series to determine Nascar's first champion. More than 13,000 spectators attend the inaugural Strictly Stock National Championship race at the 3/4-mile Charlotte Speedway. NASCAR Publicity Director Houston Lawing reports more than 5000 fans were turned away due to lack of grandstand space.The race was set for 200 laps. The purse was an unimaginable $5,000, including $2,000 for the winner and $1,000 for the runner-up.Qualifying was run on Saturday.. #7 Bob Flock in his 1946 Hudson owned by the Davis Brothers won the pole on Saturday with a pole speed of 67.958mph.#90 Tim Flock in his Buddy Elliott, '49 Oldsmobile was 2nd, followed by #22 Red Byron in his Parks Novelty '49 Oldsmobile in 3rd.Saturday's

Qualifying Results (Only Know top 14, the rest listed qualified for the race in no particular order)

Start    Car#              Driver                              Sponsor Owner                                           Car  

1          1 7              Bob Flock                       Davis Brothers                                      '46 Hudson   

2          90               Tim Flock                           Buddy Elliott                                    '49 Oldsmobile   

3          22               Red Byron        Parks Novelty Raymond Parks                             '49 Oldsmobile   

4         19                Otis Martin                                                                              '48 Ford 

5         47                Fonty Flock                        Grady Cole                                      '49 Hudson   

6         41                Curtis Turner                   Curtis Turner                                     '46 Buick   

7         25                Glenn Dunnaway             Hubert Westmoreland                           '47 Ford   

8         44                Bill Blair R.B.                       McIntosh                                          '49 Lincoln   

9         38                Lee Petty                         Petty Enterprises                                 '46 Buick   

10         ?               Pee Wee Martin                                                                           '49 Oldsmobile   

11                           Uknown   

12        34               Jim Roper                Mecklenburg Motors R.B. McIntosh                '49 Lincoln   

13        71             Sara Christian                      Frank Christian                                   '47 Ford   

14         2              Sam Rice                      Rice Racing Sam Rice                               '49 Oldsmobile                             

the rest is no particluar order               

31                     Sterling Long           Long Racing Sterling Long                                '46 Hudson               

25                  Bob Smith                   Lane's Motor Co.                                            '49 Oldsmobile                                                   


16                 Bill Snowden            Snowden Racing Bill Snowden                              '48 Mercury                                                          


93                  Herb Thomas              Thomas Racing Herb Thomas                            '47 Ford                                                              


36                 Jimmy Henderson               Smith Racing Frank Smith                           '47 Chrysler                                                


?                 Archie Smith                     Frank Smith                                                 '46 Ford                                                        


36               Jimmy Thompson                  Bruce Thompson                                   '46 Chrysler                                                          


87                  Buck Baker                         Penny Mullis                                          '48 Kaiser                                                          


0                 Jimmie Lewallen                   Jimmie Lewallen                                     '46 Ford                                                              


11                 Skimp Hersey                     Skimp Hersey                                        '47 Ford                                                          


1                     B.E. Renfro                        B.E. Renfro                                         '49 Hudson                                                      


5                  Felix Wilkes                          Felix Wilkes                                         '49 Lincoln                                                        


4                  Frank Mundy                          Sam Rice                                          '49 Cadillac                                                    


29                 Clarence Boston                 Clarence Boston                                    '49 Ford                                                            


10                  Fred Johnson                     Fred Johnson                                       ?                                                                


?                       Slick Smith                    Slick Smith                                         '49 Oldsmobile                                                        


?                  Jack Smith                         Bishop Brothers                                     '48 Ford                                                              


?                  Jim Paschal                        Jim Paschal                                           '46 Ford                                                            


?                  John Barker -                                                                                 '47 Kaiser                                                        


?                George Mantooth -                                                                            ?                                                  


Notes before the race..  In the race there was 10 Fords, 6 Oldsmobiles, 4 Hudsons, 3 Lincolns, 2 Chryslers, 2 Kaisers, 2 Buicks, 1 Cadillac, 1 Mercury, and 2 unknowns.#7 Bob Flock Nascar's 1st pole sitter.  #71 Sara Christian was born in 1918 in Dahlonega, GA. Married to Frank Christian. It was a car owned by her husband Frank, that she qualified in her first race. Sara Christian was Nascar's first woman driver to qualify for a race. She qualified an impressive 13th in her '47 Ford #38 Lee Petty driving for his own Petty Enterprises qualified 9th. His son Richard Petty who was just 9 years old at the time, not old enough even to be allowed into the pits sold race programs in the pits "To most everybody, it was just a bunch of people having a race," said racing legend Richard Petty. "Daddy (the late Lee Petty) borrowed a friend's '46 Buick and drove it to a Texaco station near the track. He and Uncle Julian changed the oil, greased it, gassed it and went racing," added Richard Petty.1949 Pole Standings          1. Bob Flock - 1 The Race..When the green flag fell on the field. Bob Flock led the first five laps in his '46 Hudson. Then Bill Blair in the #44, R.B. McIntosh '49 Lincoln took the lead on lap 6 and looked to have the winning car early in the race. On lap 38 #7 Bob Flock's Hudson blew an engine, ending Bob's day and giving him a 32nd place finish in the race.  On Lap 105 #38 Lee Petty blew a tire and his Buick flipped over, his race was done and Petty finished 17th in the race. "Daddy ran about halfway before the right-rear blew and rolled it over. They used a rollback to get it back to Greensboro the next day. I don't know how they explained the wrecked car to the guy they'd borrowed it from. I'm sure Daddy made it good, but I don't remember ever hearing about it." explained Richard Petty.  Seven of out the 33 cars that started the race overheated and that seemed to be an issue in the race. Bill Blair continued to lead the race until lap 150, when his Lincoln would also overheat, sending him to a 12th place finish. Glenn Dunnaway in the #25 Ford took over the lead, dominated the rest of the race and won the race, at least he thought he had won the race.  Hours later, Chief Inspector Al Crisler disqualified Dunnaway. Rules clearly prohibited modifications, but owner Hubert Westmoreland had shored up the chassis by spreading the rear springs, a favorite trick of bootleggers looking to improve traction and handling. Glenn Dunaway's Ford was a former moonshine car.  Jim Roper who was running in 2nd place, 3 laps down in his '49 Lincoln was declared the official winner. Westmoreland was so incensed by the DSQ that he sued NASCAR. A North Carolina judge threw it out, the first of many times France and NASCAR have carried the day.Driver Notes..  #34 Jim Roper from Halstead, Kansas. Roper drove a new 1949 Lincoln owned by R.B. McIntosh, a Lincoln dealer from Great Bend, Kansas, to Charlotte, North Carolina where they painted a #34 on it and entered it in the race. Roper won The the first NASCAR Strictly Stock (now Sprint Cup Series). Roper heard about the first race at 3/4 mile dirt track in Charlotte, by reading a note about it in Zack Mosley's 'Smiling Jack' comic strip in his local newspaper. #71 Sara Christian, Nascar's first female driver ran a very competative race. However, the overheating problem that was happening to 6 other cars happend to her '47 Ford. Sara dropped out of the race but still came home with a 14th place finish. #11 Skimp Hersey from St. Augustine Florida, who finished 18th in his '47 Ford would never race again. Sadly the next year in June of 1950 at a local short track race at Lakewood Park Speedway in Atlanta, Georgia Skimp crashed his car in the race and received severe burns. He died the next day, and became the first known fatality from injuries in a NASCAR sanctioned event.#41 Curtis Turner in his '46 Buick finished 9th.  #29 Clarence Benton from North Wilkesboro, NC who dropped out of the race early in his '49 Ford finished 31st. Clarence would never race again in the Nascar series. Jack Smith from Metropolis, Illinois, in his '48 Ford finished 13th after his car overheated. Jack did not race again until 1950. John Barker in his '47 Kaiser who finished 15th, did not race again intil 1951. Jim Paschal in the '46 Ford who finished 23rd due to an overheating problem, would not race again in 1949. He returned to Nascar the next year in 1950. Pee Wee Martin in the '49 Oldsmobile who finished 28th did not race again until 1950. George Mantooth who finished 26th did not race again until 1956."The next race came up just like that first one had," Richard Petty said.


Final Race Results...  1949 Nascar’s Inaugural Race - June 19, 1949

Finish Car#          Driver        Sponsor Owner                                   Car                Money      Laps    Status

1         34          Jim Roper  Mecklenburg Motors R.B. McIntosh      '49 Lincoln           $2,000        197

2         47          Fonty Flock        Grady Cole                                 '49 Hudson         $1,000

3         22          Red Byron      Parks Novelty Raymond Parks         '49 Oldsmobile       $500

4          2        * Sam Rice         Rice Racing Sam Rice                  '49 Oldsmobile      $300

5          90         Tim Flock          Buddy Elliott                               '49 Oldsmobile      $200

6           ?      * Archie Smith       Frank Smith                           '46 Ford               $175

7          31        Sterling Long       Long Racing Sterling Long           '46 Hudson           $150

8           ?          Slick Smith            Slick Smith                             '49 Oldsmobile      $125

9         41          Curtis Turner         Curtis Turner                          '46 Buick               $100

10       36        Jimmy Thompson          Bruce Thompson                '46 Chrysler            $75

11        87          Buck Baker              Penny Mullis                          '48 Kaiser               50

12        44         Bill Blair                 R.B. McIntosh                          '49 Lincoln             50         150 Overheating

13          -         Jack Smith               Bishop Brothers                     '48 Ford 50 Overheating

14        71         Sara Christian            Frank Christian                     '47 Ford                50         Overheating

15           -        John Barker -                                                       '47 Kaiser              50

16            0      Jimmie Lewallen         Jimmie Lewallen                   '46 Ford                25

17         38        Lee Petty               Petty Enterprises                       '46 Buick               25           105 Crash

18         11        Skimp Hersey             Skimp Hersey                       '47 Ford                25

19          25         Bob Smith                 Lane's Motor Co.                  '49 Oldsmobile      25

20         19         Otis Martin                                                           '48 Ford                25       Overheating

21 -      36       Jimmy Henderson    Smith Racing Frank Smith    '47 Chrysler        0

22          16     Bill Snowden      Snowden Racing Bill Snowden           '48 Mercury           0           Overheating

23           -      Jim Paschal                Jim Paschal                              '46 Ford                0          Overheating

24           1      B.E. Renfro             B.E. Renfro                                  '49 Hudson           0

25           10    Fred Johnson             Fred Johnson 0

26                  George Mantooth - ? 0

27          5      Felix Wilkes              Felix Wilkes                                '49 Lincoln            0         Overheating

28 -                Pee Wee Martin                                                         '49 Oldsmobile     0

29         93      Herb Thomas      Thomas Racing Herb Thomas            '47 Ford               0            Springs

30          4       Frank Mundy               Sam Rice '49                           Cadillac                0           Rf Spindle

31          29     Clarence Boston       Clarence Boston                            '49 Ford

32           7      Bob Flock                 Davis Brothers                              '46 Hudson         0         38 Engine

33          25     Glenn Dunnaway         Hubert Westmoreland         '47 Ford             0    200  laps Disqualified

                                         Hubert Westmoreland had shored up the chassis by spreading the rear springs,


Lap Leaders: Bob Flock 1-5  -  Bill Blair 6-150   - Jim Roper 151-197   -      NASCAR Strictly Stock standings for 1949

The sixth race of the Strictly Stock season 1949 was held September 25 at Martinsville Speedway. Curtis Turner won the pole.Red Byron all but wrapped up the 1949 Strictly Stock championship with an overwhelming triumph in the 100-miler at Martinsville Speedway. The 33 year old veteran out of Atlanta, drove his Oldsmobile into the lead on lap 104 and led the rest of the way. Finishing second, three laps behind Byron, was lee Petty's Plymouth. Ray Erickson finished third, Clyde Minter fourth, and Bill Blair fifth. Pole sitter Curtis Turner led the opening 18 laps, but gave way to the hard-charging Fonty Flock, who started fourth. Flock was pacing the field when his Buick last a right front wheel and crashed into Slick Smith's Hudson. Byron took the lead when Flock departed and was never seriously challenged the rest of the way. Turner faded after leading early and wound up ninth, 29 laps off the pace.

Top Ten Results

  1. Red Byron
  2. Lee Petty
  3. Ray Erickson
  4. Clyde Minter
  5. Bill Blair
  6. Bill Snowden
  7. Glenn Dunnaway
  8. Al Wagoner
  9. Curtis Turner
  10. Archie Smith



 Footnote 2/11/2012 : Talk to Archie Smith on Feb. 11,2012 to verify the above info.  , Archie Smith said that he is the only Driver that is living today [2/12/2012] that ran in the 1949 nascar race, all the other drivers has past away.



Archie said that he liked drag racing better and started drag racing and  won over 200 drag races in his 1957 chevy. You could win as many as 5-6 races on a sunday afternoon, if you won the first one, you just moved up to the next class and raced again.

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 Archies 57 chevy that he dragged race in after giving up nascar.