* B 52 Crash near Denton NC 1961

March 30, 1961 B 52 Crashed near Denton NC, Photos and History                  View This Page at Google Document Here.....................  
The explosion brightened the skies and shook the ground for miles around, located on the John Frank Farm four miles west of Denton and two miles south of Silver Hill mine. Read more..........

In the file "crew picture" The guy in the leather flight jacket and the one in uniform is Sgt. James Howard Fults, the gunner instructor. He was on board to give the student gunner, A/1C Gaskey a certification check. Hobbs, the gunner assigned to this crew was off flight duty due to illness.  On 30 March, 1961, B-52G SN# 59-2576, call sign Judy 24, accomplished an on time take-off at 6:05 p.m. from Dow AFB, Bangor, Maine. The sortie was an intra Air Force radar scored bombing competition. Judy 24 completed a high altitude bomb run over New York state and turned back south for the air refueling scheduled over central North Carolina, at 31,000 feet, with a KC-135 Tanker based at Seymour-Johnson AFB. After the B-52 was in position behind the tanker and began to close the distance between the two aircraft something went terribly wrong and the pilot lost control of the gaint bomber. A bail-out order was issued but of the 5 who ejected only two survived.                                    
The casualties were:
Capt. WILLIAM D. McMULLEN, 36, commander/pilot, Bad Axe, Mich.
Capt. WILLIAM W. FARMER, 29, co-pilot, Wilson, N.C.
Capt. ROBERT M. MORGENROTH, 31, radar navigator, Christiana, Penn.
Capt. GEORGE W. BEALE, 34, competition observer, Bowling Green, Virginia.
Sgt. JAMES H. FULTS, 29, instructor gunner, Tracy City, Tenn.
Airman First Class ROBERT N. GASKEY, 28, Providence, R.I.
The survivors were:
Major WILBUR F. MINNICH, 40, Des Plaines, Illinois.
First Lt. GLEN C. FARNHAM, 25, electronics warfare officer, Loveland, Texas.
The survivors bailed out at 50,000 feet and landed six to seven miles away from the crash site. Major MINNICH, the navigator, suffered a dislocated arm when he bailed out. Lt. FARNHAM complained of back pains but was apparently unhurt.
The two stated that the plane, an eight-engined jet, was on a routine mission from Dow Air Force Base in Maine. Its destination was not revealed.
Minutes before the explosion the plane had attempted to make contact with a KC-135 jet tanker to be refuled in flight.
The aircraft crashed in the Silver Hill township west of Denton at approximately 9:15 p.m. The aircraft was totally destroyed.

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 Major Minnich, Lt. Farnham testifying before the accident investigation board, Dow AFB, Bangor, Maine
        Sgt. James H. Fults - gunner instructor
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8th Air Force Museum in Bosier City, Louisana, along their "Mall of Memories.

 artwork of the B-52 by Dru Blair & info on the crash & the crew are at the NC Aviation Museum in Asheboro 
“In Praise Of Older Bombers”

March 30, 1961 B-52 Crash Memorial 

For nearly five decades, the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress has stood as a symbol of America's determination to defend liberty and freedom around the world. 
This remarkable aircraft has achieved an unparalleled record of versatility, endurance and precision, even in a world of constantly shifting combat environments and technology. 
With continuing upgrades, the "Buff" will be a potent asset the twenty-first century.



March 30, 1961 B-52 Crash Memorial

The B-52H "Buff” remains one of the most formidable aircraft in the word today. "Mountain Fortress" depicts B-52H # 1040 during a low level mission. The sheer size of this giant makes for some interesting flying at this altitude. 

This is a later model of the one that crashed near Denton. Thanks to the sacrifices of the many brave crews who pioneered the B-52 to its modern adaptation.

This Exhibit Is Available For Public Display Upon Request
Contact: Lowe Garner at 336-859-2937     Denton NC

artwork of the B-52 by Dru Blair 
info on the crash & the crew are at the NC Aviation Museum in Asheboro 

the crew picture is courtesy Lt. Colonel Glen C. Farnham. USAF Ret.
 border &  graphics courtesy Lowe Garner

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 Crew picture is courtesy Lt. Colonel Glen C. Farnham. USAF Ret. border &  graphics courtesy Lowe Garner, Denton NC

artwork of the B-52 by Dru Blair, info on the crash & the crew are at the NC Aviation Museum in Asheboro 

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