* Contributions of JM Daniel told by Granddaughter Betty Lomax

In 1882 two young men J M Daniel and BI Harrison decided that the immediate vicinity of the cross roads would be a good location for a general store . According to land purchase from Roby Morris , Daniel and Harrison erected a store building approximately 18 x 40 feet a building which long stood on the northeast boundary of where the Hill Motor Co. did stand and now the Classic Restaurant . The building stocked with groceries, dry goods and hardware. A larger stock than could not be found at any other store in southern Davidson County with the exception of Jackson Hill, and proceeded to do what was locally considered a profitable business. In to the building the Post Office was moved and May 23, 1883 . BI Harrison became the towns third postmaster. During his second year in office mail service was daily, where prior to that it was brought down from Thomasville NC. Within a few years the Daniel and Harrison partnership was dissolved, at which time Mr. Daniel took over the store, to which he continued to give his personal attention till about 1890, when he turned the business over for some years to his father-in-law, A. G. Morris. For the next eight or nine years Mr. Daniel held a federal position as "stag star route-letter," which took him into many states for the purpose of letting out star mail route con tracts. He then resumed his business as a merchant, which he continued until sometime after 1910.

The History of the Bullaboy Creek that runs through our little town of Denton NC is called Bullaboy Creek.. why is it called that .I asked a lady, Betty Lomax that I thought might know since her grandfather was J.M . Daniel ,co -founder of Denton , North Carolina . Betty Lomax grandfather ran a store with B.I. Harrison. The store operated the mail out of it also, along with dried goods and all the things that a small town would need. In this small town was a family with the last name of Bullaboy. This family Bullaboy was a large family with several strong boys. Some of the boys worked and did chores for J.M. Daniel. One of these chores were to deliver the mail by horseback . This family name does not exist now in the town.. But the creek that runs through it is called Bullaboy Creek. The is told by Betty Lomax ..and researched by Barbara Hogan

The General Assembly passed a bill incorporating the town of Denton NC March 11, 1907. Denton had its first mayor in 1907 J.E. Varner with B.I. Harrison , Arthur E. Davis ,

J.M. Daniel , L.A. Newsom and Jesse C. Morris as town commissioners.

more to come about JM Daniel