Photo Gallery

MCASTA 2016 Annual Symposium

MCASTA 2015 Annual Symposium
    • Photo set 1: Courtesy of Dr. Kam Fok, MCASTA Trustee Board
    • Photo set 2: Courtesy of  Ching-Hua Shih & Science & Technology Division, Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in Houston, and various conference Photographers
    • Photo set 3 (Courtesy of Ms. May Wu, Mr. Francis Yueh and Mr. Larry Huang, St. Louis Chinese American News)
    • Photo set 4: Courtesy of Ms. Wen Hsia, St. Louis Chinese Journal
    • Photo set 5: Courtesy of Ms. Sumei Wu, Ms. Mimi Huang, World Journal

    MCASTA 2014 Annual Symposium

    • Photo set 1 (by various photographers)
    • Photo set 2 (Courtesy of Dr. Kam Fok)
    • MCASTA 2014 set 3 (Courtesy of Mr. Francis Yueh and Mr. Aaron Ai, St. Louis Chinese American News)
    • more to be added soon...

    MCASTA 2013 Annual Symposium

    MCASTA 2012 Annual Symposium
    MCASTA 2011 Annual Symposium