Mary Kreutzer was born 1970 in Upper Austria and later migrated to Guatemala and Carinthia. She is a political scientist and sometimes publishes on topics like antisemitism, women's rights, development politics, migration and refugees. Her work has been recognized with the Eduard Ploier Radio Award of the Austrian Board of Education,  the European Award for Excellence in Journalism, the Concordia-Publizistikpreis, Category Human Rights, and the Elfriede Grünberg Preis of the Welser Antifascist Initiative. The book "Commodity Woman" was shortlisted for the “Science Book of the year” by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research in 2009. She is chairwoman of the League of Emancipatory Development Cooperation (LeEZA), which organizes projects for women in Iraq, Turkey and Syria. Since 2009 she leads "Missing Link", the department for integration and community work of the Caritas Vienna and since 2011 she teaches a course on migration at the University of Applied Sciences in Dornbirn.

Recent works:

Commodity Woman
On the trails of modern slavery from Africa to Europe

By Mary Kreutzer and Corinna Milborn
Published 2008 by Ecowin Verlag, Salzburg
ISBN: 978-3-902404-57-2240 pages (german)
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Buisness with the "Commodity Woman"

Somehow in between
The life of the journalist Karl Pfeifer

Documentary A, H, IL. 2008 (87 min., German with English subtitles)
By Mary Kreutzer, Ingo Lauggas, Maria Pohn-Weidinger and Thomas Schmidinger  (Cut: D.Binder)
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Recent article in English:
The war on migration and trafficking into prostitution from Africa to Europe
In: Džihić, Vedran/Schmidinger, Thomas (Ed.): Looming Shadows - Migration and Integration in a Time of Upheaval. European and American Perspectives. Brookings Institution Press, Washington 2011

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