The Sovereign State of Fidach

For some there comes a time of realisation that all of the indignities, that all of the affronts to life and liberty must be made to count.

When our ancestors ceded their authority to public bodies to administer their public affairs. When they surrendered their sovereignty to a monarch to protect them from the excesses of those public bodies under the Crown, they did so under the covenant that with allegiance comes protection.

When the people find themselves under permanent threat and coercion by those public bodies. When those public bodies consider themselves to be no longer public servants but instead public masters. When the sovereign monarch affords no protection from these tyrants. When there is no means by which the people can withhold their consent from a tyrannical government. Then it is time for the loyal people to withdraw their allegiance.

The only method remaining to a people so threatened by the public society they consented to maintain for their benefit is to formally resign their position by secession and thereby notify the tyrannical government by a declaration of independence asserting their right to self determination.

In December 2009 the people of Fidach made such a declaration thereby resigning from the United Kingdom society and in accordance with international laws, conventions and treaties made peace with the United Kingdom society and according to those conventions would settle any disputes by pacific prescribed and peaceful means.

Under international convention, recognition is not required nor is it sought. Our only requirement from any State is our desire to be left in peace to go about our lawful business.

The people of Fidach are diverse in nature, united under a peaceful humanitarian spirit and welcome like minded people who are free to collect under the flag of Fidach to determine their own destiny in the interest of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.