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posted 1 Apr 2017, 05:23 by mark: jennings

An office discussion. A colleague who recently stated the love of ‘big data’ was hoisted by their own petard when an unsolicited phone call from a health worker turned out to be mistaken identity and they had referred to her medical records when it should have been to her name sake.


This turned into a much wider and bigger topic, mostly due to peoples inability to argue on topic. The use of examples that have no direct relevance etc.


Apparently driving offences aren’t considered by most people as being a ‘crime’. It didn’t take much to demonstrate that they are. But then the retort, they aren’t ‘that bad’. So I ask. There’s a hierarchy of criminal ?


Road traffic crimes are not considered to be important in comparison to murder or theft. It’s true. They are not. But they are still considered to be crimes. So people rationalise rather than do something about it. They don’t feel that they should be decriminalised or repealed for example.


So here’s the question to these people. Especially for those with children. How do you teach your children about ‘good and evil’ or ‘right and wrong’ when you know that you’re a criminal. Considered by your Government, law enforcers, the legal profession, to be a criminal. You rationalise that the crimes you have been convicted of are not really serious crimes. Or you just avoid the issue completely. Either way this is called hypocrisy.


Here’s another question. When are you considered to be criminal ?


Is it when you –

a.         Think of committing a crime or

b.         When you commit the crime or

c.         When you are caught having committed the crime or

d.         When you are convicted of committing the crime.


Clearly it is ‘b’ , when you commit the crime.


So the next time you people drive without an MOT, Insurance, Licence, Car Tax, Seat Belt, Drunk, Drugs, Dangerously etc etc. YOU ARE A CRIMINAL. NOT BEING CAUGHT IS IMMATERIAL.


Good luck moralising. Good luck rationalising that crimes have a hierarchy. If they are not serious crimes, why are they crimes at all.


SPOILER: The answer is already on this blog spot.


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