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Copyright Trademark Name Claim

Both Copyright and Trademark can be used without registration, simply declaring it is sufficient, Wikipedia have excellent depth on both topics...the UK law on copyright may not be as good as other countries as it has to require 'skill, labour etc.' but that is definition again.

You declare yourself as the Creditor and Agent with full authority and Author of the Capitalised name.
To make sure that no one can claim ignorance of your status, which could be a limited defence against your claim for infringement, publish your Copyright Trademark Declaration in a local news paper, making sure the distribution reasonably covers your area of operation (locality). My Declaration is attached here for free use, make sure you personalise it.

When someone communicates with you using your copyright name, or in some cases lower case but with title (Mr, Mrs etc), you send them your User Agreement to Contract with them. Any further infringement goes against the terms of the User Agreement and the penalty stipulated in the Agreement becomes due. The infringement is a Copyright Trademark infringement under Common Law and International Treaty.
If you Register your Copyright, a Registered Notice can be issued with the Agreement, otherwise a Copyright Notice can be issued. The Notice makes it clear that you have copyright on your name and that use of it without consent is copyright infringement. Statements can be added to the Notice to explain the terms of use (if any). My Copyright Notice is attached here for free use, make sure you personalise it.

Every subsequent infringement by Contracted parties racks up further penalty as set out in the schedule to the Agreement.
The User Agreement is here free to use, make sure you place your name in all the right places, and check thoroughly to make sure it is fully personalised to your requirements. Get it witnessed and affix a stamp to seal next to the autographs.
Thanks to Gare for providing the template and the folks at FMOTL for helping me error checking it.

Hope this helps
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