Slovak Language Lessons for Beginners - Overview

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Se parla italiano e vuole imparare slovacco, clicchi [qui].

You can download all the lessons below as a book in PDF format [here]. I am thankful to Alan Morelli of Bergamo, Italy for putting the book together.

saying hello and goodbye - introducing yourself - How are you? - saying thank you - the verb "to be" (byť) in the present tense  
alphabet and pronunciation - common Slovak first names and nicknames - how to address people - meeting people

basic phrases - this is..., that is..., that over there is... - grammatical gender - possessive pronouns - my family - Slovakia

more basic phrases and useful words - this, that, that over there + noun - Whose is this? - adjectives - What is _____ like?
characteristics - colors - the Slovak education system

useful words and phrases - adverbs - qualifiers (very, quite, at all, etc.) 
 ..., isn't it? ..., aren't they?, ...aren't I?, ..., right? - numbers - Slovak politics

either... or...; neither..., nor... - occupations and professions - animals

I love you - How much does _____ cost? - units of time - What time is it? - days of the week - months - seasons of the year
birthdays and name days - New Year's Eve and New Year's Day - Easter - Christmas - Saint Nicholas Day

basic words and phrases - last week/month/year - next week/month/year - the verb 'to be' in the past and future tenses
if..., when... - compass points - talking about the weather - Jánošík - 'Nad Tatrou sa blýska' (the Slovak national anthem)

basic words and phrases - clothing - possessive forms of names - How often? - the human body - the verb 'to have' in the present tense
accusative case (direct object) - suffix -ever, prefix any- - only, as many as... - Slovak media

basic words and phrases - How old are you? - fruit - vegetables - I like..., I don't like... + noun - drinks
ordering food and buying things - traditional Slovak dishes

important and interesting words - more food-related vocabulary - the verb 'to have' in the past and future tenses
daily meals - houses and apartments - prepositions - Slovak traditional music, dance and costumes

useful words and phrases - conjugation of verbs: past, present and future tense - What's in a city? - contemporary Slovak music

useful words and phrases - hobbies - prepositions: with, without, for, about - nature - past tense conjugation of verbs with -ieť infinitives
up, down, left, right - reflexive verbs with 'sa' and 'si' - subordinating conjunctions: 'že' (that) and 'či' (whether) - Slovak proverbs and sayings
the legend of Svätopluk - Lasica and Satinský

items of personal hygiene - some useful verbs - direct object (accusative case) with adjective + noun - direct object (accusative case) of personal
pronouns - expressing (un)certainty - words useful in chronological narration (first, then, later, etc.) - Slovak sports

financial and economic terms - also - hypothetical conditional: would + noun - modal verbs: to need, to want, would like, must, should, may, can
subordinate clauses: which, that and who - indefinite pronouns: every, some, no, another

useful words and phrases - useful verbs - the 'svoj' possessive pronoun - this, that, that over there in the accusative case
possessive pronouns in the accusative case - although, despite, etc. - using 'even' for emphasis

usefully evasive words and phrases - news-related and political vocabulary - describing abstract properties: -ness, -ity
nouns that describe activities: the '-nie' suffix - prepositions and the accusative case of personal pronouns
prepositions associated with the accusative case - given..., given that...

n-times: once, twice, three times, etc. - ordinal numerals: first, second, third, ... - for the n-th time, on the n-th attempt
last, former, previous - countries, nationalities and languages of the world - names of foreign cities

useful words and phrases - household and electronic appliances - where, where to, etc. - conjugation of the verb 'to go' (ísť)
expressing intention using 'aby' (so that) - as if - while, until - Slovak in action: Aj múdry schybí

useful words and phrases - natural and man-made disasters - dative case: personal pronouns - dative case: nouns

crime, punishment and (in)justice - dative case: possessive pronouns - dative case: this, that, that over there
dative case: preposition k/ku - dative case: adjectives - crime and punishment in the Slovak media

materials vocabulary - how to turn nouns into adjectives - just (temporal meaning) + right now
mať rád vs. páčiť sa for expressing likes and dislikes

art - literature and books - genitive case: when to use it - genitive case: nouns - genitive case: possessive pronouns
genitive case: this, that, that over there - genitive case: adjectives

visiting the doctor - diseases - medical drugs - genitive case: personal pronouns after a preposition - genitive case: prepositions