Scene 4 Todmorden (B)

Next town from Hebdon Bridge is Todmorden. Look at all the plots round towns. Completely waste patches – often next to good pasture /arable fields. They are not big enough to bring the new machinery in, so left idle. They could produce crops easily – with some labour. And in Todmorden you can see how. Here (left) are vegetables growing  outside the late infamous Dr Shipman’s Surgery. This is thanks to the Incredible Edibles who say 'we're planting more than plants - we planting ideas'.

Crops growing on rail station car park.

Clearly growing in new rundown areas should be used more,  as the transport to towns is reduced and reducing the food miles is a benefit  China – while moving many people off the land, is investing heavily in City farming 40% of Bejing's food comes from within the city. China City Farms