Scene 12 UK

The UK has as much 'rough grazing' land as the whole of the rest of Europe. Rough grazing is uncultivated grassland that is found on the mountains, hills, moors and heaths of the UK. For the most part it is "uninmproved" receiving no fertiliser and suffering from difficulties such as poor drainage, steep slopes and physical obstructions. Rough grazing covers approximately 5.6 million hectares, about 23% of the UK land area - equivalent to all the rest of Europe's rough grazing (get exact stats). Is this becuase of our challenging geography? In part yes. But all of it? It is also because European farming has continued to invest in harde land - much to UK criticism. Quite simply they make more use of their land..Macauley Institute.

Most analyses suggest that our climate is and will be good for forests, pastures, fruit and vegetables. So why dont we invest more in this land with over 50% grass/grazing?
if we planted trees, how much could that contribute to reduce our global warming potential (Forestry Commission Research)