Scene 8 Chorley (D)

Where have all the Orchards gone?

Every city had a nearby orchard - Kent for London, Evesham for Birmingham. I heard that Chorley used to be the orchard for Manchetser, but can find few mentions. However, there is an active orchard association at Eccleston a few miles SW of Chorley. And they were the orchard for Wigan - a few miles further on.

"Eccleston was once known as The Evesham of the North and until the 1950s supplied Wigan Market exclusively with many varieties of apples. Maps of Eccleston and Heskin of 1893 show the locations of over 40 orchards" , More on 'Creative Minds'

And on the road between Chorley and Ecclestobn at Euxton, there is an Orchard Close.?