Stripes is intended for practical applications - I use it to produce hobby-level circuits and prototypes. Over time I'll build up some examples.


PhorsePOV is a simple POV gadget which uses a single button to enter messages in Phorse code (a variation of Morse code centred around a phone keypad layout to make it easy to learn and remember). It's based around an ATTINY25 AVR running from its internal RC powered by a Lithium coin cell strapped to the back. The stripes version is shown on the left, followed by an actual build.


The PhorsePOV.zip archive is now available! It contains the Stripboard circuit as a stripes file; a PhorsePOV guide pdf and the complete source code binaries for version 0.91.

Feel free to build one yourself, in quantities of 1 it'd cost about £8.00 to make, or...

buy a complete kit for £8.34 (UK), 10.78€ (Europe) or $14.87 (USA) via Paypal using my email address.

The cost is a simple markup of 60% from what it costs me me to buy the components (excluding the PCB) if I buy in quantities of about 10, see DIY Drones for this principle.

3/6/2010: PhorsePOV was featured on Hack A Day and at least one person has decided to make one!


MiniPorch is a simple ZX81 back-porch circuit I designed for fun!


It's designed to fit in the PCB area of a ZX81 just to the left of the ROM and below the ULA:

It doesn't produce great images, but it's OK (note, black bands are due to CRT scanning, not the Back-porch circuit):