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This page covers the development schedule for FIGnition (what I plan to do in the near and longer-term future). It's a simplified project plan.

 Estimated Completion Actual Completion
 17/05/2011 Done
 Order new PCBs (ordered on 03/05/2011).
 19/05/2011 Done Complete a test build of the new PCB revision (Rev C).
 25/05/2011 Done
 Process FIGnition orders for Batch 1. Today I'm constructing some scripts to turn the list of orders into both scripts for receipts/Remittances and labels!
 25/05/2011 Done Assemble Kits for Batch 1. I now estimate I'll finish today.
 10/05/2011 Done
 Order FIGnition components for the current batch. (based on past experience, they will arrive by about May 12). (Ordered 11/05/2011)
 10/05/2011 Done Order FIGnition packaging and posting materials.
 12/05/2011 Progressing Preliminary Documentation for FIGnition.
 17/05/2011 Done Firmware improvements for the release of the first batch (Firmware1_0_0).
 26/05/2011 Done Process FIGnition orders for Batch 1 Bonus!
 26/05/2011 Done Assemble Kits for Batch 1
 4/06/2011 Done Order Batch 2 PCBs (Rev D) (arrival expected 7/06/2011).
 26/05/2011 Done Order Batch 2 Components.
 7/06/2011    Done
 Test Build Rev D Board. - It works!
  Progressing Assemble Batch 2 kits!
 Done Arrival of Batch 3 PCBs. (Actual completion). Batch 3 in stock from this date.
 21/11/2011 Done Arrival of Batch 4 PCBs (Actual completion). Batch 4 in stock from this date.
 23/03/2012 Done
 Update prototype Rève PCB for production (Done 27/03/2012)
 Send off for Production Rève PCBs. (Corrected ETA: 5/04/2012 [ was 02/04/2012] ) Actually arrived 13/04/2012! - Easter meant there were quite a few delays!