23/10/10:    Correction added to Bugs and Limitations section of Stripes.
18/05/10:    Stripes updated to Version 0.2.3; Examples page added; PhorsePOV added to examples.
02/04/10:    Libby8 Version J circuit update - stripes updated to Version 0.2.2.
11/12/09:    GALU introductory page added.
01/12/09:    Audio Line In Adc design released.
17/09/09:    Libby8 Emulator now runs at full speed!
16/09/09:    Libby8 Emulator initial release.
15/09/09:    First post on the emulator added.

(Before 15/09/09): Added the basic information about the concept and a circuit diagram.
Julian Skidmore,
15 Nov 2020, 13:45