FIGnition FUZE is the definitive £20 educational DIY computer! It works like an 8-bit home Micro: outputting to composite video and ready to be interactively programmed from the moment you switch it on. FUZE now has bitmapped graphics; sprites, sound and audio saving/loading as well as  8Kb of RAM; 384Kb of storage; an 8-key keypad and runs a variant of FIG-Forth. It uses USB for power; firmware upgrades and program downloads.

The FIGnition inFUZE bundle is available from RS Components!

Check out the FIGkeys 1.1 PS/2 Keyboard Interface!

News: 11/07/2014. FIGnition Has Reached the 1.0.0 Milestone!

FIGnition FUZE features:

FIGnition FUZE is easy to make - connections are always at least 0.1" apart and there's easy access to ICs for when you need to lever them out!

What's It For?

FIGnition is a simple, educational computer, but a real one, not an emulator. It has real firmware, real RAM, really generates a display and really has storage for when you turn the machine off. I imagine you'd be interested in FIGnition if:

How many more reasons could you need ;-) ?

What and How Does It Work?

FIGnition comes as a kit including a pre-fabricated PCB and all the components in bags. When assembled it looks like the picture on the right:

Fignition connects to a PAL or NTSC TV display to generate a 25x24 screen image or a 160x160 bitmapped image:


Programs can be entered and run via its editor (click on the second image to download the mp4 video - it's moving 40 graphic chars around completely in Forth):


What Can It Do?

As of 11/07/2014, FIGnition has reached the 1.0.0 Milestone, which means it now does pretty much everything it was designed to. The major features are now:

Right now, the latest firmware is being tested on the FIGnition Google Site and will be posted here in the near future. In the meantime, here's a video of FIGnition 1.0.0 generating a Lorenz Attractor in its high resolution graphics mode:

How To Order

All the details for buying FIGnition can now be found here.