Links And Forums

FIGnition has been referenced on a number of forums on the web - why not check them out and see if they can help with any of your problems; or inspire you with other ideas:

The FIGnition Google Group is the primary resource for FIGnition owners; the best place for FIGnition discussions, developments and issues!

The FIGnition Message Board is a FIGnition forum run by a FIGnition owner, Carl Attril. It's a more organised repository of FIGnition concepts and particularly, listings of completed programs!

There's also the FIGnition Wiki which contains the FIGnition FAQ. Finally, FIGnition is sourced on GitHub, which has its own wiki.

EEWeb.Com represents the Electrical Engineering Community, it has a wide area of interest, applicable to embedded computing and electronic engineering!

FIGnition users have interests in connection with other systems:

The Jupiter Ace website, which hosts its own forum.

The website, and its forum.

And, since FIGnition uses an AVR processor, Avr Freaks is always useful!
Julian Skidmore,
8 May 2018, 09:42