First Division; 1st Globes; 2nd LCC D; 3rd Lauriston

Second Division; 1st Fallowfield; 2nd Droylsden A
Play-off Final; Gorton B v Didsbury or Ladybarn
KO Cup; Winners Crucible; Runners up Droylsden B
KO Shield; Winners W Didsbury; Runners up Openshaw A

Revised handicaps; from 16/5/2018

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Final League tables posted; 18.22 on Wednesday 23 May

Mark Allen Exhibition; Saturday 9 June at Reddish WMC

    Thursday 17 May
    KO victories for Crucible and Didsbury
    First Division - LCC D second and Lauriston third
    Gorton B into play-off final
    • KO CUP FINAL @ Withington
      • Crucible [0] 406-292 Droylsden B [0]
        • Comfortable success for the Gliders who won five frames
        • Adrian Ladkin 32 break
      • Openshaw A [0] 409-445 West Didsbury (24)
        • Shield victory for Didsbury; level going into the last two frames - 38 break for Ged Stringer
      • 3rd Longsight C 1-6 6th Gorton B
        • Big away win takes Hollins' Hustlers through to the final 
      • 4th West Didsbury v 5th Ladybarn (postponed as Didsbury in Shield final)
      • Lauriston 5-2 N Reddish
        • Lauriston secure a podium place
        • N Reddish relegated
      • Benchill 1-6 LCC D
        • Longsight finish in second spot with a big away win
      • Libs A 5-2 Houldsworth
        • Ash Garside 40; Wayne McManus 32

    Thursday 24 May
    • First Division Cup R1
      • [A] Albert v Crucible A
      • [B]  Denton Liberals A  v LCC C
      • [C]  Denton WMC v Globetrotters
      • [D] Houldsworth WMC v LCC D
      • [E] Sale Excel  v Lauriston
      • [F]  N Reddish WMC  v LCC B
      • [G] Droylsden B v Bye
      • [H] Benchill Cons v Openshaw A
    • Second Division Cup KO R1
      • [A] 1st Openshaw B v 8th Beech House B, 
      • [B] 2nd LCC A v 7th Withington A 
      • [C] 3rd Beech House A v 6th W Didsbury 
      • [D] 4th Ladybarn v 5th Droylsden A

    Thursday 31 May
    • First Division Cup Quarter-Finals
      • [I] Winner A v Winner B
      • [J] Winner C v Winner D
      • [K] Winner E v Winner F
      • [L] Winner G v Droylsden B
    • Second Division Cup Semi-Finals
      • Winner A v Winner D
      • Winner B v Winner C

    Thursday 7 June
    • First Division Cup Semi-Finals
      • Winner I v Winner J
      • Winner K v Winner L
    • Second Division Cup Final

    • Second Division Play-Off Final

    Thursday 14 June
    • First Division Cup Final

    • Second Division Play-Off Final (alternate date)

    Wednesday 20 May; Delegates meeting



    Text match result to 07866843109 immediately after match AND send scoresheets by email 
    All scoresheets must now be received by the match secretary by midnight Friday. A fine of £5 may be imposed on the home team if this deadline is missed


    Masters; Carl Dexter 3-2 Martin Power

    Senior Merit;
    Wayne McManus 3-2 Colin Lees

    Hornby Handicap;
    Ash Garside 3-0 Paul Grace

    Veteran's Handicap;
    Phil Burrows 3-1 Ray Roberts

    Tony Ellis Trophy;
    Paul Mellor 3-1 Craig Sullivan


      • D1; Martin Power has a big lead over Ash Alaraji
      • Chris Carson now chased by Paul Thomas
      • D1; Mike Duplex wins the title ahead of Phil Burrows
      • D2; Chris Carson wins over Yatrik Bhatt
      Best New Player
      • Joseph Brennan [Globes] leads David Crossland-Jones [Denton]

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       Top Breaks

      Top 10 High Breaks
      1. Carl Dexter 96
      2. Ash Alaraji 86
      3. Ash Garside 79
      4. Pete McMahon 78
      5. Martin Power 78
      6. Martin Power 66
      7. Ash Alaraji 65
      8. Carl Dexter 64
      9. Pete McMahon 63
      10. Martin Power 61