• INDIVIDUAL ENTRIES REMINDER; all individual entries must be received by the end of September. The draw for first rounds will be published early October
  • FITZROY FOLD; Fitzroy have withdrawn from the league
    • No match if you have a fixture against Fitzroy
    • All results from matches they have played will be wiped from the record

  • MATCH SCORESHEETS; all scoresheets must now be received by the match secretary by midnight Friday. A fine of £5 will be imposed on the home team if this deadline is missed

    League tables updated; 23.45 Thursday 29 September

    Week 5: 29 September
    • All results received by 23.30 Thursday and all scoresheets by 9.30am Friday - thanks very much
    First Division
    • Denton WM 1-6 Droylsden B
      • Good win for Booth's Boys against local rivals
    • Benchill 3-4 Crucible A
      • Crucible win close match at Benchill who remain winless
      • Simon Chadwick has a 32 break
    • LCC B 1-6 Albert A
      • Pete McMahon Jun has a 38 break but Sweetman's Stars remain undefeated and go two points clear
    • Ladybarn 4-3 Globetrotters
      • Price's Potters win four close frames but lose the aggregate. Home success ends a run of three defeats
    • Withington A 1-6 Denton Libs A
      • Big win for the Libs who join the leading group
      • Breaks of 36 for Wayne McManus and 30 for Bob Marlor
    • Sale 4-3 LCC A
      • Two black ball defeats for the home side but Farmer's Friends remain undefeated this season
    • Albert B 5-2 Q Sports A
      • Brennan's Boys win three in a row and move into second spot
      • Andrew Wright played well on his return to his old club
    • Lauriston 4-3 Openshaw A
      • First win of the season for Mitchell's Men
      • Openshaw stay at the foot of the table
    Second Division
    • Openshaw B 1-6 Houldsworth
      • First win of the season for Jackson's Jokers 
    • Q Sports B 5-2 Hazel Grove
      • Jamie McArdle has a 42 break; Mistry's Men climb towards the top of the table with third win on the bounce
    • SMRBL B v No match
    • Denton Libs B 1-6 Gorton A
      • Big win for Gorton who are now in third spot
    • Gorton B 4-3 Fallowfield
      • First home win for Hollin's Heroes over five-man Fallowfield
    • Droylsden A 3-4 SMRBL A
      • Another win for Ward's Warriors who continue to lead the table
    • No match v N Reddish
    • Crucible B 2-5 West Disbury
      •  Didsbury win well at the Crucible; three in a row for Thomas's side
      • 35 break for Dean Whittaker

    Week 6: 6 October
    First Division
    • Droylesden B v Openshaw A
    • Q Sports A v Lauriston
    • Longsight A v Albert B
    • Denton Libs A v Sale
    • Globetrotters v Withington A
    • Albert A v Ladybarn
    • Crucible A v Longsight B
    • Denton WM v Benchill
    Second Division
    • Houldsworth v West Didsbury
    • N Reddish v Crucible B
    • SMRBL A v No match
    • Fallowfield v Droylsden A
    • Gorton A v Gorton B
    • No match v Denton Libs B
    • Hazel Grove v SMRBL B
    • Openshaw B v Q Sports B

    Week 7: 13 October
    First Division
    • Benchill v Droylsden B
    • LCC B v Denton WM
    • Ladybarn v Crucible A
    • Withington A v Albert A
    • Sale v Globetrotters
    • Albert B v Denton Libs A
    • Lauriston v LCC A
    • Openshaw A v Q Sport A
    Second Division
    • Q Sport B v Houldsworth
    • SMRBL B v Openshaw B
    • Denton Libs v Hazel Grove
    • Gorton B; no match
    • Droylsden A v Gorton A
    • Fallowfield; no match
    • Crucible B v SMRBL A
    • W Didsbury v N Reddish
    Week 8: 20 October
    First Division
    • Droylsden B v Q Sports A
    • LCC A v openshaw A
    • Denton Libs A v Lauriston
    • Globetrotters v Albert B
    • Albert A v Sale
    • Crucible A v Withington A
    • Denton WM v Ladybarn
    • Benchill v LCC B
    Second Division
    • Houldsworth v N Reddish
    • SMRBL A v W Didsbury
    • Fallowfield v Crucible B
    • Gorton A; no match
    • Droylsden A; no match
    • Hazel Grove v Gorton B
    • Openshaw B v Denton Libs B
    • Q Sports B v SMRBL B

      Text match result to 07866 843109 immediately after match AND send scores by email to arrive before midnight the following day


      • D1; Chris Hirst just ahead of Ash Alaraji
      • D2; Dave Templeton leads Chris Mellor
      • D1; Chris Hirst ahead of Shane Cunney
      • D2; Dave Templeton leads Chris Mellor

      Best New Player
      • Chris Moffatt leads AJ Patel

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       Top Ten Breaks
      1. Nick Dyson; 70
      2. Pete McMahon; 69
      3. Bob Marlor; 65
      4. Jamie McArdle; 55
      5. Pete McMahon; 45
      6. Lee Mitchell; 42
      7. Clive Garlick; 41
      8. Richie Fleet; 40
      9. Ash Alaraji; 39
      10. Jamie McArdle; 38