Next season; currently we have a vacancy for one new team. Contact Mike Young on 07866 843109 asap if interested

Wednesday 19 July; Delegates' meeting

  • AGM
    • Rule changes
    • Player registration
    • New teams

      Final League tables updated; 08.40 on Friday 5 May

      2016-17 HONOURS

        • Champions; Globetrotters - 14 points clear
        • Albert B second and Sale XL third
        • Relegation - LCC A, Withington and Ladybarn down
        • Champions - Houldsworth; Runners up - QSB   
        • Play-off final; North Reddish beat Gorton A
        • Legion B take the wooden spoon
      • CUPS
        • KO Cup; QSB beat Ladybarn
        • KO Shield; Albert B beat Openshaw A
        • First Division Cup; Crucible A beat Sale
        • Second Division Cup; N Reddish beat Gorton Con B
        • PoS First Division; Ash Alaraji
        • PoS Second Division; Jamie McArdle
        • MIP First Division; Shane Cunney
        • MIP Second Division; Matthew Shiner
        • Best Young Player; Shane Cunney
        • Best New Player: Dan Wilson
        • High break; 105 - Shane Cunney
        • Junior Merit; Andrew Wright 3-1 Alan Egan
        • Veterans; Steve Mistry 3-1 Adrian Ladkin
        • Senior; Jamie McArdle 3-2 Ash Alaraji
        • Hornby Handicap; Jamie McArdle 3-1 John Daly

        • CLUB CLOSING; Q Sports is to close at the end of June; the building has been sold and will not be continuing to offer snooker. The Qs teams are looking for alternative venues. 
        • NEW TEAMS; it was agreed by the delegates to accept Reddish Working Men's Club and St Ann's into the league. They will start in the Second Division.
        • St Ann's are now unable to put a team forward

      Wednesday 19 July; Delegates' meeting

      • AGM


      Text match result to 07866 843109 immediately after match AND send scores by email 
      All scoresheets must now be received by the match secretary by midnight Friday. A fine of £5 will be imposed on the home team if this deadline is missed


        • D1; Ash Alaraji cannot be caught; Tony Zanicchi second
        • D2; Jamie McArdle wins the title; Steven Jackson best of the rest
        • D1; Shane Cunney takes the title just ahead of teammate Paul Grace
        • D2; Matthew Shiner wins; Paul Griffin the nearest challenger
        Best New Player
        • Dan Wilson takes the award ahead of Eric Kwan and Chris Moffat whose late charge fell one win short

        Follow links for full listings; last updated Thursday 8 June

         Top Breaks

        Top ten people with high breaks
        1. Shane Cunney; 105
        2. Jamie McArdle; 96
        3. Ash Alaraji; 75
        4. Nick Dyson; 70
        5. Pete McMahon; 69
        6. Daniel Body; 68
        7. Phil Burrows; 65
        8. Bob Marlor; 65
        9. Simon Chadwick; 62
        10. Pat Burke; 60
        11. Steven Jackson; 60