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 Mark Williams Exhibition
Saturday 13 April @ Greg Street

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    last updated at 09.19 on Thursday 21th March

    21st March; 🏆 Knock Outs

    CUP – Semi-Finals; home advantage brings success
    • Greg Street (24)   475-384  Denton Libs A (0)
      • Steve Horsefield 40, AJ Patel 36
      • Impressive win for D2 side over the second placed team in D1
    • Benchill (0) 495-351 Withington (0)
      • League leaders struggle on the road, only winning two frames
    SHIELD – Semi-Finals
    • Klondyke (24)   406-330  Denton Libs B (24)
      • Big win takes Lev Bowl through
    • Sale (0)  416-384  N Reddish (24)
      • Level after four frames but the home side pulled away to reach the final

    28th March; Week 24 
    First Division
    • Benchill v Crucible
    • Gorton B v Withington
    • Sale v Reddish Cons
    • Longsight B v Houldsworth
    • Denton WM v Openshaw A
    • Denton Libs A v Droylsden A
    • Lauriston v Fallowfield
    Second Division
    • N Reddish v Lev Bowl
    • Ladybarn v W Didsbury
    • Droylsden B v Denton Libs B
    • Openshaw B v Beech House A
    • Beech House B v Longsight A
    • Albert v Greg St
    • No Match v Gorton A

    3rd April; Individual Finals
    All individual finals best of five
    • Levenshulme Classic
      • Jamie McArdle v Shane Cunney
      • @ Withington; 8.00pm
    • Veterans' Handicap
      • Tony Pierucci v Paul Ricketts
      • @ Denton Libs; 8.00pm
    • Tony Ellis Trophy
      • Chris Marsh v James Ryan
      • @ Denton Libs; 8.00pm

    4th April; Week 25
    First Division
    • Lauriston v Benchill
    • Fallowfield v Denton Libs A
    • Droylsden A v Denton WM
    • Openshaw A v Longsight B
    • Houldsworth v Sale
    • Reddish Cons v Gorton B 
    • Withington v Crucible
    Second Division
    • No Match v N Reddish
    • Gorton A v Albert
    • Greg St v Beech House B
    • Longsight A v Openshaw B
    • Beech House A v Droylsden B
    • Denton Libs B v Ladybarn
    • W Didsbury v Lev Bowl

    11th April; Week 26

    First Division
    • Benchill v Withington
    • Crucible v Reddish Cons
    • Gorton B v Houldsworth
    • Sale v Openshaw A
    • Longsight B v Droylsden A
    • Denton WM v Fallowfield 
    • Denton Libs A v Lauriston
    Second Division
    • N Reddish v W Didsbury
    • Lev Bowl v Denton Libs B
    • Ladybarn v Beech House A
    • Droylsden B v Longsight A
    • Openshaw B v Greg St
    • Beech House B v Gorton A
    • Albert v No Match

    18 April; 🏆 KO Finals

    • Greg Street (24) v Benchill (0)
    • @ Ladybarn; 8.15 start

    • Klondyke (24) v Sale (0)
    • @ West Didsbury; 8.15 start


    Text match result to 07866843109 immediately after match AND send a picture of your scoresheets by email to young.42@virginmedia.com

    All scoresheets must now be received by the match secretary by midnight Friday. A fine of £5 may be imposed on the home team if this deadline is missed

    Handicaps can now go down to -35. However the biggest start any player can give is now capped at 50


      Division One; Jamie McArdle still leads Shane Cunney and Ash Garside

      Division Two;  
      Chris Hirst leads Matt Shiner and Dave Booth

      Division One;
      David Crossland-Jones in front of Ash Garside and Paul Sanderson

      Division Two;
      Chris Hirst now leads Frank Howarth and Matt Shiner

      Best New Player

      Steve Horsefield (Greg St) well in front of Bilal Aziz (Gorton B) and Kamran Chowdry (Ladybarn) 

      Follow links for full listings; last updated Thursday 21 March 2019


      50 or more

      109 Jamie McArdle
      104 Jamie McArdle
      92 Jamie McArdle
      83 Jamie McArdle
      78 Craig Brennan
      76 Shane Cunney
      73 Jamie McArdle
      72 Jamie McArdle
      69 Jamie McArdle
      67 AJ Patel
      65 Adam Longley
      65 Tony Pierucci
      60 Adam Longley
      59 Steven Jackson 
      59 Martin Power
      59 Jamie McArdle
      58 Damon Heslop
      58 Tony Pierucci
      57 Jamie McArdle
      56 Pat Burke
      55 Tony Pierucci
      55 Jamie McArdle
      54 Shane Cunney
      54 Chris Moffatt
      54 Josh Cooper
      54 Dave Barclay
      54 Dave Crossland-Jones
      53 Glyn Evans
      53 Adam Longley
      52 Ash Garside
      52 Josh Cooper
      52 Ash Garside
      51 Steven Jackson
      51 Yatrik Bhatt
      51 Simon Chadwick
      51 Ash Garside

      Follow link above for full list of all 30+ breaks; updated 21/3/19


      Who's on a run?
      League & Cup successive wins

      Biggest winning margin; 128 Steve Booth (134-6)

      Best Clearance;
      59 Tony Pierucci

      Most Points actually scored in a frame; 
      132 Ash Garside

      Highest score (including handicap);
       136 Chris Moffatt

      Most one-sided frame; Josh Cooper scores 127 points without reply in D1 

      Best comeback;

      David Crossland-Jones gets five snookers on the green to win

      Highest combined score; 
      230 Anthony Walker 95 Paul Sanderson 135 (if handicaps are taken off there were 183 actually scored)

      Best winning streaks (league)
      Ash Garside 10*
      Steve Royle 10
      Mike Young 9
      Matt Derbyshire 8
      Jamie McArdle 8
      Mick Molloy 10
      Phil O'Brien 8
      Matt Shiner 8

      * = current run

      Lowest combined score; 82 - Pat Heaney v Paul Sakalas (32-50) and  Pat Heaney v Glyn Evans (44-38)

      Biggest aggregate wins;
      Cup; +213 Withington beat Albert
      D1; +251 Crucible beat Droylsden A
      D2; +201 Greg St beat Albert

      Most points scored in a match;
      Crucible 562-351 Gorton B

      Best start;

      D2; Adam Harrison won his first seven frames of the season

      Fastest Individual match;   

      Jamie McArdle won his R2 Senior Merit match 2-0 in 18 minutes

      Shortest frame;
      10 minutes; Lee Conway v Andy Blackmore (25/10/18)

      Longest frame;
      1h 22m; Pete McMahon v Roy Charnock (14/2/19)

      Most black balls;
      Five black ball frames (including a respot) in LCC A v W Didsbury (17/1/19)

      Close match night
      ; eleven out of thirteen matches on 11th October finished 4-3

      Most Away Wins;
      In R1 of the Cup, 9 out of the 11 ties were won by the visitors

      Let me know of updates and others to include