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    League tables updated; 11.45 Thursday 7 April 

    Week 1; Thursday 1 September
    First Division
    • Albert A v Droylsden B
    • Crucible A v Globetrotters
    • Denton WM v Denton Libs A
    • Benchill v Longsight A
    • Longsight B v Q Sports A
    • Ladybarn v Openshaw A
    • Withington A v Lauriston
    • Sale v Albert B 
    Second Division 
    • No match v Houldsworth
    • Hazel Grove v Gorton Con A
    • Openshaw B v Fallowfield
    • Q Sports B v SMRBL A
    • SMRBL B v North Reddish
    • Denton Libs B v West Didsbury
    • Gorton Con B v Crucible B
    • Droylsden A v Fitzroy

    Week 2; 8 September
    First Division
    • Droylsden B v Albert B
    • Lauriston v Sale
    • Openshaw A v Withington A
    • Q Sports A v Ladybarn
    • Longsight A v Longsight B
    • Denton Libs A v Benchill
    • Globetrotters v Denton WM
    • Albert A v Crucible A
    Second Division
    • Houldsworth v Fitzroy
    • Crucible B v Droylsden A
    • West Didsbury v Gorton Con B
    • North Reddish v Denton Libs B
    • Fallowfield v Q Sports B
    • Gorton Con A v Openshaw B
    • No match v Hazel Grove
    Week 3; 15 September 
    First Division
    • Crucible A v Droylsden B
    • Denton WM v Albert A
    • Benchill v Globetrotters
    • Longsight B v Denton Libs A
    • Ladybarn v Longsight A
    • Withington A v Q Sports A
    • Sale v Openshaw A
    • Albert B v Lauriston 
    Second Division
    • Hazel Grove v Houldsworth
    • Openshaw B v No match
    • Q Sports B v Gorton Con A
    • SMRBL B v Fallowfield
    • Denton Libs B v SMRBL A
    • Gorton Con B v North Reddish
    • Droylsden A v West Didsbury
    • Fitzroy v Crucible B
    Week 4: 22 September
    First Division
    • Droylsden B v Lauriston
    • Openshaw A v Albert B
    • Q Sports A v Sale
    • Longsight A v Withington A
    • Denton Libs A v Ladybarn
    • Globetrotters v Longsight B
    • Albert A v Benchill
    • Crucible A v Denton WM
    Second Division
    • Houldsworth v Crucible B
    • West Didsbury v Fitzroy
    • North Reddish v Droylsden A 
    • SMRBL A v Gorton Con B
    • Fallowfield v Denton Libs B
    • Gorton Con A v SMRBL B
    • No match v Q Sports B
    • Hazel Grove v Openshaw B

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