Following the latest local restrictions imposed recently regarding meeting indoors with people from different households, it now appears to be unlawful for us to play snooker, or even to meet to discuss future plans. 

The officers will continue to monitor any changes to the regulations and if our previous plans set out below prove to be impossible, will formulate new proposals when we know what is to be permitted.

The Officers met on 7 July 2020 and considered various options on how the league might move forward.

There are six weeks of team matches to complete in the 2019/20 season - two league matches, KO Competitions semis and finals, and the Play-Off semis and final. The Divisional Cups have not started. There are also individual semis and finals and the Pairs to be completed.

After carefully looking at all the alternatives, the plan we are proposing is;

  • To resume the current season at the start of September, completing all outstanding matches by 8 October
  • To start the 2020/21 season on 22 October, with all teams playing each other home and away and also including the KO Cup, Shield and Individual Competitions. The season would finish mid-June 2021

This model seemed to have advantages over other options

  • This season’s promotion, relegation and cup and individual titles will all be decided on the table rather than abandoning the current season and deciding such matters in the committee room
  • Teams will be back to playing regular league matches by mid-October
  • People will not have to play in July or August; although Government guidance now seems to allow indoor games, including snooker, this seemed too early to us. Not all clubs are open for matches at the moment, players might want to practice before competitive games resume, some may be on holiday. Players in at-risk groups may want time to assess when they feel comfortable to resume play. Government guidance may be further altered.

Other matters

  • The 2020 Pairs could be held later in the Autumn, providing the venue was able to accommodate us by then
  • Under this plan, there would not be time to play the Divisional Cups either this season or next
  • This plan appears viable (and safe) based on the information currently at hand. If by September the situation has thrown up any problems with playing as outlined above, we would still have the flexibility to further postpone the resumption until later in the autumn and to stage a shorter 2020/21 league season starting in January


We are hoping to hold a delegates meeting on Wednesday 19 August at Longsight to fully brief all delegates on the new timetable, deal with any further problems that may have arisen and to collect all outstanding fees

Supporting the fight against cancer. Our league is proud to be collecting £1 per team every match which will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support and The Christie at the end of
the season. 

    • Two matches remain to be played to finish the season when we resume
    • Dates to be arranged when we resume
    • KO Cup Semi Finals
      • Libs B v Denton;Openshaw B v Great Moor
    • KO Shield Semi Finals
      • Greg St B v Gorton A; Beech House B v Cheadle
    • Divisional Cups
      • Cancelled for the 2019-20 season
    • Not all matches were completed before the suspension. Draw for the next rounds when we resume. Current position is as follows;
    • Tony Ellis Trophy
      • Finalists; Andy Mulhall and Craig Dodgson
    • Senior Merit
      • Semi-finalists; Tony Pierucci, Sam Yarker or Steve Horsefield, Jamie McArdle & John Daly
    • Hornby Handicap
      • Semi Finalists; Tim Cannon or Dec Ronson, Jamie McArdle, Derek Wilson & Eric Kwan
    • Veteran's Handicap
      • Finalists: Tony Pierucci & Alf Brown
    • Levenshulme Classic
      • Semi-finalists; Damon Heslop, Jamie McArdle, Steve Horsefield & Phil Henderson
    • Pairs
      • A new date will be arranged when the situation allows and all entries carried forward. Refunds will be available for anyone who cannot make the new date

    🔴 INDIVIDUAL DRAWS for next rounds now posted. 

    🔴 HANDICAPS; last updated 19 February 2020

    🔴 LEAGUE TABLES 2019-20; last updated 23.40 on Friday 12 March 2020


    • KO Cup – Semi-Finals
      • Libs B (24) v Denton (0)
      • Openshaw B (24) v Great Moor (24)
    • KO Shield – Semi-Finals
      • Greg St B (24) v Gorton A (24)
      • Beech House B (24) v Cheadle (0)
    • Rearranged league match
      • Gorton B v Benchill

    26th March; Week 25; ALL MATCHES SUSPENDED
    • First Division
      • Fallowfield v Cheadle Con
      • Gorton B v Reddish Con A
      • Benchill v Droylsden B
      • Longsight v Lauriston
      • Denton Lib A v Withington
      • Reddish Con B v Sale 
      • N Reddish v Denton Wm
    • Second Division
      • Albert v Openshaw B
      • No match v Greg St B
      • Ladybarn v Denton Lib B
      • Beech House A v Beech House B
      • Droylsden A v Great Moor
      • Greg St A v Gorton A
      • Openshaw A v W Didsbury

    2nd April; Week 26; ALL MATCHES SUSPENDED
    • First Division
      • Cheadle Con v N Reddish
      • Denton Wm v Reddish Con B
      • Sale v Denton Lib A
      • Withington v Longsight
      • Lauriston v Benchill
      • Droylsden B v Gorton B 
      • Reddish Con A v Fallowfield
    • Second Division
      • Openshaw B v Openshaw A
      • W Didsbury v Greg St A
      • Gorton A v Droylsden A
      • Great Moor v Beech House A
      • Beech House B v Ladybarn
      • Denton Lib B v No match
      • Greg St B v Albert


    • Division 2 Play-Offs – Semi-Finals

      • 3rd v 6th

      • 4th v 5th

    • Individual Finals
      • Tony Ellis Trophy
      • Veterans Handicap    

    15th April   Delegates Meeting


    • KO Cup – Final @ Ladybarn

    • KO Shield – Final @ Fallowfield

    • Play-Off Final (Unless In KO Finals)

    • Individual Finals
      • Senior Merit
      • Hornby Handicap
      • Levenshulme Classic

    Text match result to 07866843109 immediately after match AND send a picture of your scoresheets by email to young.42@virginmedia.com

    All scoresheets must now be received by the match secretary by midnight Friday. A fine of £5 may be imposed on the home team if either deadline is missed

    Handicaps can now go down to -35 *. However the biggest start any player can give in a league match is now capped at 50 . No limit applies in cup matches and individuals.

    *Current or former Main Tour or Challenger Tour players' handicaps can go below -35

    WHATSAPP Group
        To join the group, send a WhatsApp message to 07866843109


      Division One;
      Tony Pierucci leads Michael Brindley

      Division Two;  
      Steve Horsefield still in front of Paul Mellor

      Most Improved Player

      Division One;
      Tony Pierucci in front of Michael Brindley

      Division Two;
      Steve Horsefield well clear of Paul Thomas

      Best New Player
      Alf Brown leads teammate Ian Davenport

      Follow links for full listings; last updated on Thursday 17 March 2020


      50 or more

      Lee Norcross 90
      Tony Pierucci 86
      Jamie McArdle 74
      Mark Gorman 71
      Ash Garside 69
      Jamie McArdle 69
      Ash Garside 67
      Phil Henderson 64
      Tony Pierucci 63
      Wayne McManus 63
      Jamie McArdle 62
      Phil Henderson 61
      Jamie McArdle 60
      Phil Henderson 60
      Ash Garside 59
      Jamie McArdle 59
      Tony Pierucci 58
      Phil Burrows 58
      Michael Brindley 58
      Michael Brindley 56
      Nish Joshi 56
      Gary Rhodes 56
      Paul Gordon 56
      Tony Pierucci 55
      Pat Burke 54
      Jamie McArdle 54
      Dave Barclay 53
      Ash Garside 52
      Steven Urbaniak 51
      Phil Henderson 51
      Tony Pierucci 51
      Shane Cunney 50
      Lee Wilson 50
      Shane Cunney 50
      Jamie McArdle 50
      Tony Pierucci 50

      Follow link above for full list of all 30+ breaks; updated 17/3/20


      Biggest aggregate wins;
      D1; Sale beat Libs A by 241 points (12/12)
      D2; Ladybarn beat Klondyke by 253 (7/11)

      Most consecutive frame wins;
      Steve Horsefield; 14
      Michael Brindley 9
      Paul Duwe; 9

      Gary Walker; 9

      Fastest frame:
      Jamie McArdle won his frame in 7 minutes on 27/9 (in two visits)

      Slowest Frames;
      Dave Charles v Steve Deakin 97 minutes (28/11)
      Sam Yarker v Roy Charnock - 75 minutes (14/11):
      Matt Shiner v Eric Ridgeway - 74 minutes (7/11)

      Most points scored in a frame; 211
      Brian Thorpe 115-96 Mitchell Rae

      Biggest winning margin: 
      116 Steven Urbaniak (12/12)
      103 Stewart Ingham (3/10)

      Most one-sided frame:

      Michael Brindley scored 123 points without reply (14/11)

      Fewest points scored in a frame; 76
      Paul Sakalas 42-34 Mike Burke

      Highest score in a frame (including handicap)
      Steven Urbaiak scores 138 points (starting +40) on 12/12
      Pete McMahan scored 136 points (starting on 23) on 9/1/20
      Craig Grantham scored 130 points (starting on scratch) 14/11;

      Highest break in a frame by the loser; 
      Simon Chadwick 47

      Team with best winning run;
      Greg St A - 11 in a row

      Worst run of defeats:
      Sale - 10 in a row

      Closest match
      Five black-ball frames in Benchill v Gorton B match (7/11)
      Static brown;
      Roy Charnock's dark brown ball stayed on its spot throughout the frame, until it was due to be potted at the end (2/1/20)

      Best plant;
      Mark Farmer succeeded with a four-ball plant on 19/9

      Let me know of updates and others to include