Weather and climate (a 25 day weather forecast etc.)

The midnight sun (nightless days) in Lapland:

Utsjoki May 17 - July 28

Sodankylä May 30 - July 15

Rovaniemi June 6 - July 7

Numbers in Finnish weather forecasts are degrees Celsius. Multiply by 1.8 and add 32 to obtain degrees Fahrenheit. For example, the temperature in Northern Lapland was 30.0 degrees Celsius in the beginning of August 2007. The temperature 30.0 degrees Celsius is 30.0 x 1.8 + 32 = 86.0 degrees Fahrenheit.

AccuWeather weather forecast for 25 days, both English and metric (temperature degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit, winds, precipitation, rainfall, hours of daylight, sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, humidity, pressure, visibility):




-Kittilä (Levi):

-Kolari (Ylläs):

-Kuusamo (Ruka):







-Utsjoki: (Worldwide Holiday Weather Guide: max & min day temperature, hours of sunshine, hours of daylight, monthly rainfall, UV index, sea water temperature etc.): and

Finnish Meteorological Institute (weather forecasts, snow depth maps):

Foreca Weather Forecast:

-Spot weather forecast for Rovaniemi:

-Observations in Rovaniemi:

-Spot weather forecast for Saariselkä:ä

-Spot weather forecast for Ivalo:

-Observations in Ivalo:

-Spot weather forecast for Inari:

(Translations: Aurinko nousee = Sunrise, Aurinko laskee = Sunset, Päivän pituus = Day length)

Falling in love with winter in Finland at Iso-Syöte:

Gaisma (sunrise, sunset, dawn & dusk times):

Live road weather cameras in Lapland:

SantaClausTrips Weather Page:

SantaPark (throw snowballs also in the summer!):

Seasons (winter, spring, summer, autumn/fall) in Northern Europe:

Snow (basic facts, famous snow constructions, how to make a snow castle, how to make snowmen):

Snow cover in Finland (kg / square meter):

Snow depth in Finland (centimeters) - Is there snow in Lapland today?:


Snow forecast - Levi (also resort info, reviews and maps):

Snow forecast - Luosto (also resort info, reviews and maps):

Snow forecast - Ruka (also resort info, reviews and maps):

Snow forecast - Ylläs (also resort info, reviews and maps):

Snow Land:

Snow Pictures:

Snow Village & Snow Hotel Lainio (opens on December 1st every year, Ylläs & Levi):

Sunrise, sunset, dawn and dusk times in Rovaniemi, Lapland:

Sunrise, sunset, dawn and dusk times in Utsjoki, Lapland:

Virtual Finland (Finnish Climate):

Weather forecast & Northern lights forecast:

World Climate, Rovaniemi:

World Climate, Sodankylä:

Wunderground (weather observations in Finland):

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