Activities and events

Activities and events in Lapland (Summer & Winter)

(See also a separate category about Wedding & Honeymoon.)

Action Park (absolute driving fun in Saariselkä: rally driving, go karts, cross karts, off road activities):

Adventure Apes:

A La Carte Lapland:

Arctic Academy (Northern Lights Programmes, Cross-Country Skiing Activities, Snow Shoe Activities):

Arctic Circle Husky Park and Polarspeed Tours:

Arctic Circle Information (Rovaniemi):

Arctic Ice Breaker (Sampo) Tours in Kemi: and

Arctic Incentives (the leading incentive brand in Scandinavia):

Arctic Safaris (Rovaniemi):

Arctic SnowHotel (also a snow chapel for weddings and a snow sauna, in Sinettä, Rovaniemi):

Basecamp Oulanka Nature & Adventure Centre (wilderness hotel & many activities):

Chef Mark Adventure Holidays (Kuusamo):

Club Nord (safaris & car rental, Ivalo):

CNN Travel - 10 reasons to see Finnish Lapland:

Destination Lapland log cabins & safaris:

Discover your own Lapland:

Enon Vene (snowmobiling):

Erähovi Wilderness Lodge (slalom, fishing and other activities):

Eräsetti Wild North Safaris & Santa Claus Safaris (Rovaniemi & Saariselkä): and

Erä-Susi Huskies & Nature Safaris:

Excursion Map (hiking, fishing, hunting):

Family Safaris - Perhesafarit:

Father Christmas welcomes you to meet him in Lapp Village, Ylläs (Äkäslompolo):

Fell guide (freeride, off piste skiing, glacier tours, hiking):

FIS Alpine Ski World Cup Levi:

Fishing Naamisuvanto:

Gold panning trips and boat trips (Lemmenjoki):

Happy Safaris (Rovaniemi & Levi):

Helios Tour (Rovaniemi):

Hetta Music Event - the most northern music event in Europe:

Hiking in Kilpisjärvi-Halti:

Horseback riding in Lapland:

Hot-air balloon flights at Levi in the winter:

Hunting Estate Ainola (Ylitornio):

Husky Point (husky dog adventures, Sinettä, 16 km from Arktikum, 15 minutes from the city centre of Rovaniemi):

JR Giant (Ivalo):

K5 (accommodation and many activities at Levi):

Kairiver Wilderness Centre (fishing etc. in Savukoski):

Kamisak (husky dog safaries in Saariselkä):

Kemihaara Holidays (Savukoski):

Kemi Snow Castle: and

Kiilopää Fell Centre - Gate to the Urho Kekkonen National Park (hotel, hostel, cottages, apartments, terraced house, dormitories, caravan site, many activities, e.g. the Sauna World with a smoke sauna): and

Kilpissafarit (Kilpisjärvi & Halti, Lapland Fell Area safaris):

Kinos Safaris (snowmobile safaris & parasailing, snowmobile, canoe & fishing equipment rental, Levi):

Kola Extreme:

Kola Fishing (flyfishing, spinning, grayling):

Kontiki (holiday packages from Helsinki to Lapland):

Kuusamo Holidays:

Kuusamo Safaris:

Kylmamaa Tours (Kylmämaan Ohjelmapalvelut in Wester Lapland & Ylläs):

Lainio Snow Village & Snow Hotel (opens on December 1st every year, Ylläs & Levi):

Lapin Luontoelämys Nature Experiences (Levi):

Lapin Orava (hunting, skiing, fishing, snowshoe hiking, ice carving, igloo building, canoeing, berry picking):

Lapin Saaga (teepee village, Lappish evening, magic moments in Levi):

Lapland Hotels and Safaris:

Lapland Safaris (Rovaniemi, Saariselkä & Levi):

Lapponia Safaris (snowmobile safaris & rental etc. in Kemi):

Lapp Village & Aurora Borealis Restaurant Poro in Ylläs (a restaurant, apartments, smoke sauna, meet Santa Claus / Father Christmas, safaris, activities: snowshoe, reindeer, huskydog, mini snowmobiles for children etc.):

Leasure activities at Levi:

Lemmenjoki (boat & gold panning trips):

Levi (the biggest ski resort):,

Levi Snow Park:

Life in Lapland (national parks, wilderness areas & national hiking areas):

Lomamaja Pekonen (Exotic Arctic experiences: paddling, fishing, women´s Lapland, an outdoor cooking course, other activities, holiday packages in Muonio):

Luontoloma Pro-Safaris (Saariselkä):

Luosto's Reindeer Safaris (Luosto):

Luxury Action (exclusive travel services in Helsinki and Lapland):

Meeting with Santa Claus:

Midnight Sun Film Festivals in Sodankylä:

Nature Safaris (Luontosafarit, Luosto):

Nellim Wilderness Hotel with Aurora Bubble & Sarmi Aurora Lodge (an adventure based ecotourism company in Northern Lapland, in new Aurora Bubbles you can fall asleep looking up at the star-lit sky from your cozy bed):

Nili (the Lappish restaurant in the heart of Rovaniemi, local delicacies, pure taste of Lapland):

Nordic Holidays (Kuusamo):

Nordic Wilderness Experts (Utsjoki):

Northern Lights Adventures (Wilderness Safaris Saariselkä): Lapland - The North of Finland:

Ounaskievari Reindeer Activities:

Ounasvaara Ski Resort:

Paanajärvi Wilderness Centre - safaris in Finland and Russia (the world's only twin national parks side by side in different countries, Oulanka in Kuusamo, Finland, and Paanajärvi in Russia):,

Pallas Husky (sled dog tours, Kittilä):

Pole Star Safaris (snowmobile safaris & rental, Levi):

Poro & Erä Safaris (Lokka):

Poronpurijat (wandering, skiing, Sami culture, reindeer herding, fishing, ice-fishing, birdwatching in Utsjoki):

Poro-Pekan Pirtti Reindeer Farm (Patokoski):

Power on Ice (Bentley Winter Driving Experience): and

Purnumukka Reindeer Farm:

Pyhä Booking (skiing and accommodation):

Rainbow's End (Saariselkä):

Rami's Huskies (dog sleigh rides & safaris in Ylläs, see also a nice safari video):

Ranua Wildlife Park (the most northern zoo in the world):

(Ranua Zoo tours by taxi, Rovaniemi - Ranua Zoo - Rovaniemi:,

Reindeer Farm Sanila (accommodation, hiking, fishing in Sevettijärvi, 170 kilometers from Ivalo, bus connection from Rovaniemi):

Reindeer Farm Tatuka:

Reindeer Safaris Nulpon Nulkaus (Muonio): (outdoor and nature activities in Northern Finland):

Rimpparemmi - folk dancing, a dance theatre (Rovaniemi):

River cruises (Rovaniemi):

River Ounasjoki (fishing and rapids):

Rovaniemi events:

Ruka Adventures:

Rukapalvelu adventures (Kuusamo):

Ruka Safaris - specialities like wilderness saunas, a traditional smoke sauna, Russian border safaris, kick-sleds, snowshoe safaris:

Saariselkä (the most northern ski resort in Europe):

Safari Service (Inari):

Safaris Unlimited (Kemi):

Saija Husky Farm - also accommodation in rooms or holiday houses (Taivalkoski):

Salla (safari packages etc.):

Salla Reindeer Park:

Sallatunturi (Fell Salla: reindeer, husky & snowmonile safaris):

Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos (Inari):

Sami Life (reindeer safaris, snowmobile safaris, fishing, dog sledding, riding, hiking, boat trips):

Sami's reindeer farm (Kolari, near Ylläs):

Sampo Tours - Arctic Icebreaker (the World's only icebreaker for tourists, Kemi, this attraction is recommended by the bestseller book 1000 Places To See Before You Die): and

Santa Claus Marathon under the midnight sun (Santa's half and full Arctic Circle Marathon):

Santamus (Rovaniemi):

Santa Park - Christmas Theme Park, ice bar, throw snowballs also in the summer (in Rovaniemi):

Santa's Resort (Kakslauttanen, Saariselkä):

Sauna bathing - special saunas in Lapland (the world's first sauna gondola, the world's largest smoke sauna, the steam room made of snow):

Sightseeing tours by taxi (e.g. Rovaniemi - Ranua Zoo - Rovaniemi: prices from 220 € / max. 4 pers. or 250 € /max. 8 pers., includes waiting 3 hours, multi-lingual drivers, also minibuses, agency cars and transportations to/from the airport):,

Snow (basic facts, famous snow constructions, how to make a snow castle, how to make snowmen):

Snow and River Adventures (Rovaniemi):

Snow Fun Safaris (reindeer, husky & snowmobile safaris, ice fishing, snowshoe treks, canoeing, hiking, mountain biking in Äkäslompolo, Ylläs):

Snowkite & snowkiting school (Inari, Saariselkä):

Snow Land - the igloo restaurant, snow buildings, sleigh riding, ski riding etc. (Rovaniemi):

SnowRiders (husky safaris in Levi and Ylläs):

Snow Village & Snow Hotel Lainio (opens on December 1st every year, Ylläs & Levi):

Star Boys Tradition (Oulu):

Tailored Adventures (Ruka, Kuusamo):

Taivalvaara Ski Resort (Taivalkoski):

Taxi cab service in Kilpisjärvi:

Teddy Tours Lapland (tours for Teddy Bears):

Teno River Inn (fishing):

Test World (winter & off-road driving in Ivalo):

The Village of Tolva and the Riisitunturi National Park:

The winter wandering:

Tour de Levi - Lapland Cycling:

Tour skating routes on natural ice:

Trekking Planner:

True Lapland (Enontekiö):

True Lapland (Kilpisjärvi): and

True North Safaris Äkäskero (Muonio):


Vuontispirtti Mountain Hotel (a Mecca for skiers & hikers):

Wellbeing in the Wilderness (Sauna Tour):

Westribe (huskies, snowmobiles, fishing, hunting, a sauna ferry and shooting rapids in Aavasaksa):

White Wolf (snowmobiling, abseiling, snowshoe trips in Rovaniemi):

Wilderness Wolf (husky safaris & Farm Zoo in Kuusamo):

Wildlife Safaris (Ranua-Rovaniemi etc.):

Wild Motion Siperian Huskies (Muonio):

Wild North:

Wingren Dogsafaris (Levi):

Winterdream Muonio ("the smallest, most private and most exclusive resort in Lapland, awarded with 6 stars and a crown by Airtours"):

World Cup Levi:

Ylläs Holiday (many kind of activities):

Ylläs Lapp Village Activity Center (apartments, smoke sauna, meet Santa Claus / Father Christmas, safaris, activities: snowshoe, reindeer, huskydog, mini snowmobiles for children etc.):

Ylläs-Pailakat (safaris in Ylläs, e.g. full moon safaris, trip to winter swimming in a frozen lake):

Youth Holiday Centre Vasatokka (Inari):

Special in Tornio (Finland) - Haparanda (Sweden) border cities:

-The biggest shopping center in Northern Finland (situated at the border of Finland and Sweden):

-The biggest candy shop in Europe:

-The biggest sauna in the whole world (for 150 people in Cape East Spa):

-The most long-lasting hole-in-one in the world (Meri-Lappi Golf Club / TornioGolf / Green Zone Golf is situated at the border of Sweden and Finland! Shot from Sweden to Finland at 2 pm and it will be in Finland at 3 pm. So the shot will take about 1 hour and 5 seconds as national border runs across the putting green! Besides, the sun shines 24 hours a day in midsummer which allows unlimited golfing!): and!/Meri-Lapin%20Golfklubi