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Snow Hotels (ice hotels) and Snow Igloos in Lapland

Arctic SnowHotel (also a snow chapel for weddings and a snow sauna, in Sinettä, Rovaniemi):
Golden Crown Igloos ("Levin Iglut" - glass igloos and igloo kammis in Levi):
Hetta Snowcastle (Enontekiö, also for weddings):
Snow Hotel Lainio (opens on December 1st every year, perhaps the cheapest snow hotel in Scandinavia, Ylläs & Levi, near Kittilä Airport): and
(Recommended for weddings: Saint Johannes'  log chapel for 40 people!)
Luvattumaa - The Land of music, ice and snow (a teepee restaurant, an ice sauna, ice sculptures and a snow igloo in Levi): and
Sine iGloo Village (snow igloos in Sinettä, about 30 km from Rovaniemi):

General information about snow hotels and igloos

Other snow activities
Arctice Winter Wonderland (Rovaniemi):
Snowland - Lumimaa (Rovaniemi):
Igloo hotels in other places
Unique Lapland Helsinki Igloo Hotel (the only all-year-round igloo hotel in the world): 
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