Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017 and New Year 2017-2018 in Finland, Santa's homeland



Enjoy a White Christmas in Ruka, with the option to Ski everyday:

Lapland Finland - Christmas in Lapland:

Santa Days:

Wild and Free Christmas & New Year packages.

Christmas and New Year packages in Rovaniemi. Celebrate one of the most memorable Christmas! Fun with elves, Snow Carnival, snowmobile safaris or other activities.

Christmas package & New Year's packages in Ruka:


Meeting Santa in the Lapp Village of Ylläs (In Ylläs your family will have a private but quite short appointment with Santa Claus. The cost is 6 euros per person, children under two years for free. They can also take a family portrait with a digital camera and send the photo via e-mail for your friends.):


Finnish Countryside Holidays (cottages, farm holidays, bed & breakfast). Over 1,100 cottages in Lapland, in the province of Lappi.
Rovaniemi - Santa's home town and the capital of Lapland.
Christmas in Hotel Levitunturi. 

Star Boys Tradition (Oulu):

SantaClausTrips (Visit Santa this Christmas in Lapland! Imagine spending a short break beyond the Artic Circle, in a region of such beauty that the scenery, the magical atmosphere and, of course, the cold, cold air combine to take your breath away. This is Lapland, the spellbound, unspoilt region in the north of Finland, so beautiful that Santa Claus chose it as home. And if you visit Lapland in the magical weeks leading up to Christmas, there is the added anticipation that at any moment you may bump into the grand old man himself. Above all, it is a land where you can watch the sparkle in children's wide open eyes as they set out in search of the real Santa Claus. It's magic - and with you'll come to believe it.):
Lapland Direct (Low Budget Santa Holidays):
Canterbury Tales from Ireland:
Scan Meridian (high quality Father Christmas Tours for families: mid December, Christmas & New Year):
Tours from abroad (England, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain etc.):
Emagine UK Limited (tours from England to Lapland: day trips and longer visits, Lapland Tours, Santa Claus Tours, New Year or Easter in Lapland):
Finnair - Santa's official airline:
Kittilä Journal - A Texan in Lapland (a very nice visitor's report: scenes from Kittilä and Levi Fell, a study in Arctic Light, tips for visiting Levi etc.):
Lapland Magic:
Scan Tours (good tours from Helsinki):
The Travel Experience:   
Other Finland

In Finland it is very popular to spend Christmas in a spa hotel - often also traditional Finnish Christmas activities.

Naantali Spa (near the city of Turku) – the most splendid spa hotel in the Nordic Countries. Christmas packages 2-5 nights, New Year packages 1-2 nights. Highly recommended by our members.

Christmas city Turku in South-western Finland. Declaration of Christmas Peace according to very old traditions and other events. Christmas packages in the city (spa holidays etc.), in the archipelago, in the countryside etc. Or celebrate New Year in the Caribbean atmosphere!

Ruissalo Spa in Turku. Christmas packages including free use of swimming pool department.

Christmas in Kuopio. Puijo Christmas Park (Christmas lights, Santa, elves).

Christmas in Helsinki: Christmas Outgoing (Seurasaari Christmas Path) on Seurasaari in December. This annual event offers Christmas plays, Christmas songs, and games with the local elves. Visitors can also enjoy some traditional Christmas rice pudding, and at the Festival Grounds you can even grill sausage. Santa Claus and his wife will be there to listen to the children's Christmas wishes. Free admission.

High quality Christmas and New Year packages in Haikko Manor & Spa, Porvoo.
Go Finland (events, special offers, packages, search etc.): and
Welcome to the Winter Wonderland!