Log cabins, holiday houses and other cottages in Lapland

Aamo-Sankelo (Levi):

Aamurusko (Levi):

Aavasaksan Aurinkomajat:

Ansarinne Apartments (Levi):

Arctic Circle Lake Holidays (Raanujärvi):

Arctic Travel (Utsjoki):

Christmas Cottages (cottages, apartments and suites 3 kilometers from the centre of Rovaniemi):,

Destination Lapland log cabins & safaris:

Finnish Countryside Holidays (almost 200 cottages in Lapland, in the province of Lappi, e.g. many cottages in Rovaniemi region):

Finnish Lakeside Cabins:

Holiday Village Gulo Gulo - apartments next to Ranua Zoo (Ranua):

Holiday Village Kuerkaltio (apartments), Ylläs:

Kelotin Rantamajat (Enontekiö):

KeloWaskooli (a silver pine log villa in Saariselkä):

Kilpisjärvi Holiday Village (also apartments):

Kuukiuru Vacation Village (Kemijärvi):

Kuusamo, Eastern Lapland:

Lehkosen Lomamökit (Pello):

Lemmenjoen Lomamajat, Lemmenjoki:

Levi Holidays (Levi):

Levihuvilat (Levi):

Levilehto apartments (former Matkailumaja chalets), Levi:

Levilis (Levi):

Levinhuippu (5 stars, Levi):

Levinpesä (Levi):

Lomaset (Levi):

Lomatuulia, Kuusamo:

Lomatärppi Cottages & Fishing, Utsjoki:

Loma-Vietonen (also good safaris), 64 km from Rovaniemi:

Luxury Holiday:


Miekojärven Resort:

Männikön lomamajat, five star cottages in Kuusamo:

Napakettu in Karigasniemi:

Nellim Wilderness Hotel with Aurora Bubble & Sarmi Aurora Lodge (an adventure based ecotourism company in Northern Lapland, in new Aurora Bubbles you can fall asleep looking up at the star-lit sky from your cozy bed):

Nettimökki - rentable cottages with photos:

Northern Lights Ranch:

Nuorgam Holiday Resort (the northernmost point in EU): and

Oivangin Lomakartano (big cottages for small groups), Ruka:

Ollila Holiday Cottages, Kuusamo:

Oloslehto, Muonio:

Ounasvaaran Lakituvat Apartments, Rovaniemi:

Ounasvaaran Pirtit (also called as Christmas Cottages), cottages, apartments and suites 3 kilometers from the centre of Rovaniemi:,

Pallas-Tuvat, Muonio:

Pan Village Oulanka - the ecological holiday village near the Oulanka National Park, many activities, Salla: and

Porontimatuvat, Kuusamo:

RK Recreations (Ranua):


Rukajärven Lomamajat (Kuusamo):

Rukan Salonki Chalets (Ruka):

Saariselkä Inn & Cottages:

Saivo-Kyrön Lomamajat (Enontekiö):

Salla fjeld cottages:

Santa Claus Motorsport (car & cottage rental, Motorpark training & testing track, Rovaniemi):

Seitamajat, Äkäslompolo, near Kittilä:

Sevettijärven Nilituvat:

Suomun mökit (Kemijärvi):

Särkijärven Majat (Muonio):

Tahko Online Booking Centre:

Teno Cottages:

The Village of Tolva & the Riisitunturi National Park:

Tillinlinkka Cottage, Levi: and

Tunturikylä Muotkan Ruoktu at fells of Muotkatunturit, Inari:

Tunturilapin Tuvat, luxurious cottages for 2-8 persons in Muonio:

Ukonjärvi Holiday Village, Ivalo:

Ukonloma, Rovaniemi (11 kilometers from the city):

Villa Aattelevi (Levi):

Villa Renters:

Winterdream Muonio ("the smallest, most private and most exclusive resort in Lapland, awarded with 6 stars and a crown by Airtours"):

Ylläksen Yöpuu, Ylläs / Äkäslompolo:

Ylä-Tenon Takkatuvat (12 kilometers from Karigasniemi, near the Norwegian border):