Cities and municipalities in Lapland

General information about municipalities in Lapland: and and Lapland - The North of Finland:

Enontekiö (Kilpisjärvi): and and and and

Inari - Ivalo - Saariselkä: and and

Kemi: and

Kemijärvi (the most northern city in Finland): and

Kittilä (Levi): , , , , and

Kolari (Ylläs, Ylläsjärvi, Äkäslompolo): , , , and

Kuusamo (Ruka): ,, , and and

Luosto: , and


The City of Oulu

Oulu: and and and and

Pelkosenniemi: and and



Pyhä: and

Rovaniemi:, ,, (Rovaniemi Travel Magazine in three languages: English, Deutsch, Finnish), and See also our category Activities and events and you find information about many exciting activities in Rovaniemi (reindeer safaris, snowmobile safaris etc.). We have listed hotels in Rovaniemi in our category Rovaniemi Accommodation.


Savukoski: , and



Tornio-Haparanda:, and

N.B. Special in Tornio (Finland) - Haparanda (Sweden) border cities:

-The biggest shopping center in Northern Finland (situated at the border of Finland and Sweden):

-The biggest candy shop in Europe:

-The biggest sauna in the whole world (for 150 people in Cape East Spa):

-The most long-lasting hole-in-one in the world (Meri-Lappi Golf Club / TornioGolf / Green Zone Golf is situated at the border of Sweden and Finland! Shot from Sweden to Finland at 2 pm and it will be in Finland at 3 pm. So the shot will take about 1 hour and 5 seconds as national border runs across the putting green! Besides, the sun shines 24 hours a day in midsummer which allows unlimited golfing!): and!/Meri-Lapin%20Golfklubi

Tornionlaakso - Sea Lapland (Pello & Ylitornio):

Utsjoki: and

Ylitornio (Aavasaksa):

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