Parampujya Laalaaji’s Vasihatnaama (The Will)




“May God bestow our resolutions be unwavering and our syllogism be written in accordance with the illuminative-way adherent to their faith of our Pioneers and the Great Spiritual Guides. Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!


None knows the providence, when the (out going) breath may not come back in. Therefore a few words in the form of ‘Will’, as a precautionary-measure, I leave herewith, with the hope from my family-members and the spiritual descendants; if God bestow them capability and the courage, they should work in accordance with it; and the capability rests in His-hands only.”


Sd/- Fakir Ramchandra

23rd October 1930(AD)


“For my son Jagmohan Narain-


  1. Firstly the ‘Jazb’ (to consider one’s self as existing in the form of his spiritual guide and annihilated himself in to his being) and subsequently passing through the condition of ‘suluk’ (a condition in which the seeker after truth is not hindered from seeing God on account of materiality) he should achieve the state of Takmil (totality) and this work will be done through your spiritual master only.


Marginalia- May God, if you don’t get (this) opportunity, in that case, whenever the Godlike help invokes your conscience, then there will be no better person other than your brother (cosine), Brijmohan Lal, may God bless him long life, to keep you up adequately. Thus incumbents on you not to do differentiation in his obedience and should achieve the stage of ‘totality’ of this denomination by (doing adequate labor and the practice) heart and soul. I am confident; this family-member will leave no stone unturned for your sake.


  1. So far as the intuitions; perceptive from the God-head, has been given to me by my Hadrat Kibla (center of devotion) is that the ‘akhlaak’ (devotional propensity) is manifesting right since his birth, in my son- Jag Mohan Narain amongst all the children, but in my opinion, he is incomplete in the direction of ‘jazb’ (loosing one’s own consciousness in the form of his spiritual guide). He should achieve it.


There is difference between ‘wahabi-akhlaak’ (God-send; inborn devotional propensity, manifests through the family-lineage) and ‘kasbi-akhlaak’ (the propensity manifests through adequate labor and practice). There needs no initiatory-education, in the ‘wahabi’. Contrary to this the ‘kasbi’ manifests after many experiences labored-difficulties, in which there remains apprehension of downfall too. I am thankful to God for the foregoing enlightened tenets about the inborn devotional propensity (wahabi akhlaak), has been revealed by my Spiritual Master. In the name of Great Masters of the hierarchy, may the providence bless him (Jag Mohan Narain), this gift to prove to its meaning.


The dear one mentioned above, should go on paying gratitude for this Godsend gift should always teemed with humbleness, because the one who bestows the gifts is self-empowered to, and can take back the same at his will.


  1. So far as my intellect has activated this aajiz fakir (self annihilated one) has examined carefully the philosophy; the various faiths and the schools of thought but in the end I have found the beliefs and the path shown by the Holy Masters of this hierarchy, on which the steady hold with, carries hope to stay lively, up to the last breath.


I acknowledge that I have so far not been punctual to the ordains and the beliefs, as I ought to be. But undoubtedly, there has always been admissibility from my heart towards the same. But grievous is that no one amongst the fellow travelers did courage such like he would have even accepted these beliefs.


The fault I have detected, of course is my own, is that I did not put-forth the written directives of the ‘faith’ before them, although, I have been discussing always at coherent occasions, but verbally. (I am) Unaware from the friends, which of them acknowledged and adopted the same.


It is distinctive; the descendants are coming down weakening, generation-after-generation. Similarly, in the spirituality and the devotional field also it might be diminishing, everyday. But this is not altogether a fundamental rule. God is all pervading and his powers not limited. Such a vigorous man like happened five hundred years ago, can take birth in a family of weak parents, at His will”