Out of total 44 the 33 couplets were composed and completed by “Huzur Maharaaj”, Hazrat Maulana Shah Fazl Ahemad Khan Sahib Raipuri, Kaimganji, up to the August 20, 1887, the thirty fourth to 44th have been added afterwards.



Alhamdu Lillahai Rabbil Almeen (1)


Arrahmanirrheem (2)


Maaliki Youmiddin (3)


Ieyaa-k Na abudu WA Eiyaa-ka

Nastaien (4)


Iehdin su siratul- Mustaqueem (5)


Alaihim (6)


Ghairil-maghjubi Alaihim

WA lazzallien (7)


Shizrra Sharief



Yaa elaahi apni azmat aur ataa ke waastey,

Noore eima de Mohammad Mustafa ke waastey.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.


Yaa elaahi noor-e-vahidat se munavvar yaa vaheed,

Hazarate Bubakr zebe itaquia ke vaaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.


Yaa elaahi nafse-qaafir se mujhe iblies se,

Lay bachaa Salmaan murshid baa safaa ke waaste

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.


Yaa elaahi ishq se apne mujhe kar SAR buland

Hazrate qasim imaame Beria ke waaste,

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.



Yaa elaahi ishq ki aatish se ho Siena quabaab

Jaafare saadiq Imaame peshwaa ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.



Yaa elaahi juz tere bhoolun main sab dunian WA dien

Baayaziede Peshwaa Madre Khuda ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.


या इलाही जुज़ तेरे भूलूँ मैं सब दुनियाँ व दीं, बायज़ीदे पेशवा मर्दे खुदा के वास्ते।
 'O God, give me oblivion for the worldly affairs so that I should remember you only for thy grace as did Hazarat Bayazeed Bastami. [R.A.]

INTRODUCTION :  Hazarat Bayazeed Bastami. [R.A.] was born in 136 Hijri. He was initiated in to the Order by Hazarat Imam Jafar Sadiq. He completed his spiritual education as well as perfection of humanity with Hazarat Sadiq. While he was in the religious school, he read the Suah Lukman that one should pay thanks to Almighty God and to the parents. He reached his home and asked his parents that it was a very difficult job for him to pay thanks to two. Either you should make me free for the thanks to God or you should allow me not to pay you your thanks. His mother told him that they [father and mother] freed him from paying thanks to them. He was set free to love and thank God. Hazarat Bastami went away of syria. He was very young at that time. He remained in the forest of Syria for about thirty years. It is said that great sound of Allah was heard out of his heart, when he used to pray to God with name, ALLAH.

His piety was at the extreme. He never spat on the way form his residential house to the mosque. Once he went to Holy Mecca for his religious tour. He asked his disciples who were ready to accompany him. There were about three hundred disciples who were ready to accompany him. There were about three hundred disciples. He told them to consider that he would not allow them to keep any thing to eat any thing to eat or drink. Think over it. After after three or four days  he asked the peoples to come up who were ready to go with him. About fifty were in the line. He again put up one condition that he would not ask any body for feeding. He asked them to consider both the conditions. After 4-5 days again he asked the disciples if they were ready to go with him. In answer about twenty were. He again put the third condition that he would not accept any thing in charity. He asked the disciples to think over very deeply. After three or four days again he asked the disciples. Only three were there. On being asked how they would survive, they answered that they had no concern with all his conditions. They dependent on him. They would remain as the worthy Master kept them. Out of about three hundred peoples, there were only three brave ones. They were the real submissive and truly dedicated souls.

Once he heard the heavenly speech. Almighty God asked him as to what present he would put before him? He asked the God what he wanted him to present? He got the answer to bring "LAACHAAREE" / Misery and submissiveness. He became submissive and generous.

Once he was taking his meals with some of his friends, one of his disciples was present there, he asked him to take meals with him, but he could not, as he observed fast that day. Since he did not obey the Master he was caught in some false theft case and as a result his hands were cut off.

He did never remember anything except the name of God.

Once he was sleeping near his mother, she asked him to give some water to drink. Water was not available in the house, he brought water from the revere at a distance about tree miles. I the mean time his mother fell a sleep again. He remained standing by her. When she again demanded water, it was presented to her. She was much pleased. She prayed to Almighty God to shower His loving Grace on her son Bastami. Immediately there was a sound, that God made Bastami his own. All kinds of blessings were showered upon him. Hazarat used to say that the work which he should have done first was the service to his mother. He got every thing after the heath prayer of his mother.

A few teachings are noted below -

> Do not use God for your lively-hood.

> Stagnant water becomes dirty, why should one like one not be like flowing stream?

> Obedience is a good blessing for a disciple. The pleasure of the Preceptor is the highest boon to him.

> While preaching meditation one should forget ones's acton. He would wait the opportunity to please his Master. it is his pleasure only which can take the disciple near to God.

> Do not make the world your friend, nor the salvation. 

> What is the way to achieve God? Surrender your ego.

> He is wise food does not accept any one except god and keeps his secrets within himself.

> God does not see your actions. He sees only your will. [conscious].

> When meditation becomes dedication, it becomes the way to reach God.

> The period passed during meditation is not measured in terms of time.

> He is the true man who has no relation to anybody except God.

> Keep your heart open to receive the commands of God.

> Purity of heart and having no concern with any one will take you to god.

> Counting of names carries no weight, having dedication, you shall reach him.

> The man who lives with his family and is busy with remembrance of God keeping his heart pure without unlawful actions, is near God.

> Till one is busy to see the light within himself and hears sound within himself, he is not near God. He is on the way. When the path ends,he does not feel any thing, no sound no light.

> Nothing of any kind but a sweet remembrance. To forget God is a great sin.

> The fire in the hell is not so severe as forgetting God. It burns everything for ever. Keeping fasts in the saintly way, is the way to God.

> Charity like rivers, tolerance like earth, the equal grace like sun will take one to God.

> If some thing is done favourable to you, thank God and the doer, who has been made to do good things to you by god, through inspiration.

> Be cheerful in all circumstances.

> Do not be eager to have clothes, garlands, prayer mat, and other things from the Preceptor. They are of no use. Be nearer to your to your Master. It will take you to God.

Hazarat Bayazeed Bastami left for his heavenly abode a age of 225 on 14 Shavan 361 Hijri 970 {AD]. He was buried at the village Bastam.



Yaa elaahi Fazl se de adulate fukro fanaa,

Bul Hasan qhwaaza hamaare baasafaa ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.

 या इलाही फ़ज़्ल से दे दौलते फुकरों फ़ना, बुल हसन ख्वाज़ा हमारे बा सफ़ा के वास्ते।
 'O God, bless me with saintly and spiritual wealth for the sake of Hazarat Abul Hasan Khirkqani [R.A.]

INTRODUCTION : The spiritual education of Hazarat Abul Hasan Khirkqani [R.A.] was completed, and he was initiated by Hazarat Bayazeed Bastamee. Hazarat Bastamee used to pass through Khirqan to Bahistan for his religious tour. While he passed Bahistan, he used to experience some fragrance. He foretold that some saint would take birth in the town, he will be an agriculturist. He foretelling proved to be true. Hazarat Khirqani was a man of strong principals. In the evening he used to wash for prayers [Numaz], till morning he remained in the same state. He did not sleep for about forty years. He used used to pass on the night in his prayers.

Once a man came to him and asked him to give him his used closed clothes, which may help him in leading a pious life. Hazarat Abul Hasan told that fellow that no body can attain sanctity without doing job for it. Before attacking India Mahmud Ghazavi went to Hazarat Abul Hasan for blessings for victory. He offered him a bag full of gold coins. He did not accept it. On much insistence he gave his gown to Ghazanavi and told him that it would represent him. He could pray to God with his gown in the hands, the prayers would be accepted. He did the same when he feared defeat at the invasion of Somnath he got victory.

Once when he was hungry, along with his disciples for about seven days, someone came to him to offer some wheat-flour and a goat, as the donor had decided to give these things to Sufis. He refused with the argument that Khirqani did not think himself a Sufi [Saint]. Hence all of them remain hungry.

Once a gentleman came to see him at his residence. His wife was a bit harsh, she asked him to go back as her husband was not there. She abused him also and made him go away. He asked the neighbours about his whereabouts. He went outside the town to see him. He saw that Hazarat Abul Hasan was marching towards his residence with a bundle of woods on the back of a lion. The stranger was astonished to this all. Hazarat Abul Hasan told him that only one who can command one's wife, can have command over a lion.

A few teachings from Hazarat Abul Hasan Khirqani are noted below -

Anything which reminds us of God is the best thing in the world.

He is the Sufi who needs no light in the day and night. Have your heart open to God. Make God your friend and follow the teachings of the Prophet. Do not fulfil your desires. Once he desired to have cold water and a cup of curd-water. Then he did not use these things for forty years. In this way he controlled his desires. Do not expose yourself if you are some one. God likes the pious. Desire-less heart is liked by God. Those who have saints with them, have God with them. Do not do anything for show. Entertain the worldly persons, be humble to saints, have purity of God. Be desire-less. Be silent. One who follows God is the heir. Do not let beggars go empty-handed, even if you have to borrow. Be cheerful under all circumstances.

After attaining pious life, he left for his heavenly abode on 15 Rajab 424 Hijri, 1031 [AD]. He left a will that his grave should be atlas 30 yards deep, so that it may not be higher than the grave of his Master Hazarat Bayazeed Bastami. It was dug accordingly in the village 'KHIRQAN'.  



Yaa elaahi taa abad quaim rahe yah silsilaa,

Qhwaaza Abul quaasim Noorulhuda ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.

 HAZARAT ABUL QASIM GURGANI [requiescat in pace]:

 या इलाही ता अबद क़ाइम रहे यह सिलसिला, ख्वाजा अबुल क़ासिम नुरुल हुदा के वास्ते।  ।
 'O God, make our line of the Order long till the end of creation fro the sake of Hazarat Abul Qasim Gurgani [R.A.]

INTRODUCTION : Hazarat Abul Qasim Gurgani was the Spiritual Heir and was initiated in the Order by Hazarat Abul Hasan Khirqani. He always liked to lead a simple life. He did not like to make himself known to the people. He did not like to show his talent. he left for his heavenly abode in 440 Hijri, 1047 [AD] and was buried in village 'GURGAN'.



Yaa elaahi jab main tera naaam loon tab hoa Huzur,

Bu Alee maqbul dargaahe Khuda ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.


 या इलाही जब मैं तेरा नाम लूँ तब हो हूज़ूर, बू अली मक़बूल दरगाहे खुदा के वास्ते।   ।
 'O God, give me your remembrance for the sake of Hazarat Abu Ali Farmedi. [R.A.]

INTRODUCTION : His early spiritual-education was conducted by Hazarat Abul Hasan Khirqani but the completion was made by Hazarat Qasim Gurgani. He was initiated in to the Order by Hazarat Abul Qasim Gurgani, and was announced his heir for the spiritual Order.

When he was reading in some academic institution, once he saw his pen had a white ink. He told his teacher. The teacher asked him to leave the school, and seek some spiritual-preceptor. Those days Hazarat Abul Qasim was staying in his town. He went to see him where he was staying. He was immediately impressed by the young man. He was told by the Master that there was very close relation between the two. He started to transmit the spiritual-grace to him. After a little time his education was completed and he was ordered to preach the Mission of the Order. Hazarat Abul Qasim Gurgani married his daughter to Hazarat Sheikh Abu Ali Farmedi. He obeyed his Master word-by-word.

Hazarat Abu Ali Farmedi left for his heavenly abode on 04 Rabi UL Av-val 477 Hijri, 1083 [AD]. He was buried at his village 'Taush'.



Yaa elaahi kar hijabe tan se mujhko paak-saaf,

Qhwaaza yousuf qutbe aalam baakhuda ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.


 या इलाही कर हिजाबे तन से मुझको पाक-साफ़, ख्वाजा यूसुफ क़ुत्बे आलम बा ख़ुदा के वास्ते।    ।
 'O God, make my physical body quite healthy for thy grace on behalf of Hazarat Usuf Hamdani one of the greatest saint in the world [R.A.]

INTRODUCTION : Hazarat Abu Usuf Hamdani got his academic education from Hazarat Khwaja Khaliq. He was initiated in to the Order by Hazarat Abu Ali Farmedi. At the age of eighteen he went on tour of Baghdad, Asfhan, Iraq, Khurasan, Samarkand and Bukhara. He gained much experience. He completed the spiritual line of meditation transmission in his early age. He brought culture to Khurasan. Hazarat Muinuddin Jeelani used to attend his spiritual gatherings. The number of his disciples was large.

Once an old lady came to him. She asked his help. Her son was arrested by the 'Firangees' [European]. He told her to go home. When she reached home, she saw son sitting in the house. On being inquired he told her that he was under the guard. Some unknown fellow caught him by the neck and kept him here. When she asked Hazarat about her son, He told her to have faith in God. He can do any thing. He has all powers. Hazarat Abu Usuf Hamdani left for his heavenly abode on 27th Rajab 535 Hijri, 1138 [AD]. He was buried on the way to Maru, where he used to go daily.




Yaa elaahi izzate-duniyan wa deen howe ata

Abde khaaliq ghuzdwaani baya ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.

HAZARAT ABDUL KHALIQ GIZDBANI   [requiescat in pace]:

'O God bless me with honor for the grace on behalf of Hazarat Abdul Khaliq Gizdbani [R.A.]'
या इलाही इज़्ज़ते दुनियाँ व दीं होवे आता, अब्दे ख़ालिक़ गुज़्दबानी बा हया के वास्ते। 

Hazarat Abdul Khaliq Gizdbani [R.A.] was the son of Hazarat Imam Sheikh Jamil who was one of the disciples of Hazarat Khazar Allah Assalam.  His mother also was related to the royal family of Rome. Once Hazarat Khizar Allah Assalam foretold that he shall have a son, and also asked him to name the boy "Abdul Khaliq" who shall be his disciple. After some time Hazarat Imam Jamil left Rome for Bukhara, and later on he went to town Gizdban. The forecast of the saint proved true. He named the boy accordingly.

In childhood he used to read religious books. Some where he read "Shabad and Zakir". He could not understand the meaning. He asked his school-teacher who unable to explain. Hazarat Gizdbani had to wait for some saint. Once he was sitting in front of his garden, some saint came there. He entertained the Saint. The saint tole him the way how to have knowledge of "Shabad and Zakir" through meditation transmission. Hazarat Gizdbani accepted Hazarat Abu Usuf Hamdani his Spiritual-Master. Hazarat Abu Usuf initiated him in to the Order. He remained with him for his spiritual meditation-transmission  for a long time, and got perfection in the Order. He was always busy in meditation. He lead a simple life, and remained contented in all the circumstances he had to face. He was quite cheerful and was constantly remembering God with full faith.


Always remain quite desire-less. Read Quran and hadees daily.

Do not accompany the uneducated and uncultured manner-less saints.

Make saints your friends. Beware of young ladies. Always remain alone.

Honest earning should be a motto. The money earned through illegal means will spoil the spiritual wealth. Be cheerful. Do not build "ashrams" [building for religious gatherings]. Do not laugh loudly.

Never be gloomy. Do not be hopeless of the grace of God. Do not beg of any body. Do not amass money. God has promised to feed. Why should one bother for livelihood? Do not depend upon the world.

Have full faith in God. Keep fasts to have practice for religious affairs. Seekers of God should have simple-dress, ordinary and simple food, and company of persons busy with meditation-transmission. Do not love fame. Don't be proud of worldly wealth.

What is today will not remain for ever. Have spiritual-transmission grace every moment without fail. Remember God when you are free of all sort of worldly thinking. Do not forget God when you are breathing. The disciple should be cautious of all his actions that he has not forgotten his aim. While in meditation he/she should not sleep or forget his/her aim. He/she think him/herself aloof even among a good quantum of gathering, and he/she continue remembering Him. All the time he/she must remember God. While under meditation he/she should control him/herself that there is no idea or thought otherwise throughout. This state is called the guard-ship on thinking.

Mind that no sort of worldly thought arises. The disciple should think him/herself the security deposit of God. He should think him/herself as if he/she is representative to do everything on behalf of God, for God, all for God.


Honest livelihood, not to eat illegal earnings, not to become priest, not to right papers, not to attend courts, keep oneself aloof. Be on religious traveling so as to be unknown so that pride does not disturb, do not build Aashram, do not be pleased to hear your own fame, do not be sorry to hear your faults, be polite in your behavior. Be quiet in all circumstances. Be kind to all. Do not laugh loudly, because it brings pride, fear God, keep death always, in mind, never think of property. Have faith in God. Have patience. Have strong views in the way of God. Serve the elders with body, mind and money. Never defame the elders. If God has given you, you should give it to God by helping needy persons.

Do not decorate your body because it causes pride.

Always speak the truth. Love those who dedicate themselves to God.

Do not show that you are a saint. Ask your followers to follow the the above noted instructions. When a man thinks of worldly affairs he loses the affection of faith in God. The disciples should form their habits like ladies, they depend on husbands for all sorts of their needs, similarly he should fully depend upon his Master, and follow him in all circumstances with an open heart and a smiling face.

Once Hazarat Khuaja was going to Hajj. In the way every body felt thirsty. They went to a well. There was no rope and basket. It was a great difficult task. Hazarat Khwaja sat down in meditation, the water in the well came up to the brim of the well. Everybody drank water and had a bath. some persons filled up their water-bottles, for further needs. The water went down to its original form. Hazarat Asked his disciples that the water would not have gone down if they had faith in God.

Hazarat Khwaja Abdul Khaliq left for his heavenly abode on 12 Rabi Ui Av-val 575 Hijri, 1177 [AD]. He was buried  at Gizdban.




Yaa elaahi kar ataa eima ki jiske baad qufr,

Ho na Hazrat Khwaazaa aarif ba safaa ke waaste

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.

HAZARAT KHWAJA ARIF REVAGIRI [requiescat in pace]:

'O God give me true knowledge and belief for thy blessings for the sake of Hazarat Khwaja Arif Revagiri [R.A.]'

या इलाही कर अता ईमाँ कि जिसके बाद कुफ़्र, हो न हज़रत ख्वाज़ा आरिफ़ बासफ़ा के वास्ते।

INTRODUCTION : Hazarat Arif  Revagiri was the direct disciple of Khwaja Gizdevani. He was perfected in education by him, and was initiated in to the Order. Hazarat Revagiri passed most of his life with the Master. After the death of his Master he used to sit on the Holy grave of his Master. He used to preach his spiritual meditation-transmission education on his Master's grave. He was a true saint of the Order.

Hazrat Khwaja Arif Revagiri left for his heavenly abode on 05 Shaman 616 Hijri, 1217 [AD]. He was buried at Revagiri, 18 miles from Bukhara.



Dur kar jisaami alaalat aur roohani meri,

Khwaazae Mahamood murshid baazia ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.


'O God make my body, mind and heart free of all sort of sickness for thy grace for the sake of Hazarat Mah'mood Abul Khai Faghanavi [R.A.]'

दूर कर जिस्मी अलालत और रूहानी मेरी, खवाज़ाऐ महमूद मुर्शिद बाज़ियां के वास्ते। 

INTRODUCTION : Hazarat Hazarat Mah'mood Abul Khai Faghanavi [R.A.] joined his spiritual education under Hazarat Khwaja Gizdebani but he completed himself with Hazarat Revagiri. Hazarat Revagiri initiated him in to the Order. After completion he was announced heir to his Master. He was ordered by his Master to preach the teachings of the Order. He followed the Master word by word.

Hazarat Hazarat Mahmud Abul Khair Faghanavi [R.A.] left for his heavenly abode on 17 Rabi UI Avval 715 Hijri, 1313 [AD]. He was buried in village Anjeer Faghni.




Yaa elaahi dur kar dunian WA dien ke dard-o-dukh,

Hazrate Khwaazaa azeezaan baadshah ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.


'O God make me free for worldly as well as heavenly troubles for thy grace for the sake of Hazarat Khwaja Ali Azizan Ramteeni [R.A.]'

या इलाही दूर कर दुनियाँ व दीं के दर्द दुःख, हज़रते ख्वाज़ा अजीज़ा बादशा के वास्ते।

INTRODUCTION : Hazarat Ramteeni started his spiritual education in the spiritual-class conducted by Hazarat Khizar. Later on he was passed by his Master to go to Hazarat Mahamud Faghanavi. He initiated him in to the Order and after completion of his spiritual-education Hazarat Mahmud Faghanavi announced heir [Khalifa]. He used to meditate under the spiritual transmission.

Hazarat Ali Azizan used to call every body by name "azizan". That is why he was named - Azizan. Azizan means, "dear and near".


People oblige others after rendering some service to them. But there are very few who are obliged after rendering some service.

In case the meditation state comes in the notice of others, it loses its credit. It becomes remembrance just as by mouth or by tongue, which is meant for the beginners.

What is Iman? To be near God, and come away from the worldly affairs by heart not by actions. One should do every thing for the sake of duty. Remember God by sinless tongue. Be polite to the saints.

People away form me, remember me by heart, they are very near to me.

Those who are living very near but have no attention towards me, are very far from me.

If somebody tries to leave ego, it is a stage for doing actions.

[Shareh in Muslims and 'karm-kand' in Hindus].

If it becomes habit not to have ego, it is 'Tariqat' or 'Dharam' or binding of religion. When man becomes free of ego it is saintliness.

To put head on earth - means to leave all sort of desires.

Who is a saint? : One who has nothing in his hands, nor has any desire to have. Having everything in the hands but to have no attachment by heart is the saintliness. For saint they should have no desires/demand except God. "My demand is a strange demand, I like to ask God for God himself", it is saintliness. If somebody forgets God for a while, it an attack by the evil one or maya/shaitan. Good friends will lead you to good lines, while bad friends will take you towards bad ones. God loving people should love those who are loving God. In this way one shall reach the same stage of spirituality what his Master is having.

Once he was sitting in meditation with his disciples. A cock came there, spoke something and went away - it was the soul of his master. It is general happening for a disciple when he is merged in to the soul of his Master. His Master sometimes attended the mediation-sitting. After the transmission of soul he goes away.

One day a great number of guests came to him. There was nothing to serve the guests. At the same time a loaf seller came along with huge number of loaves. Hazarat Azizan became much pleased to see him. He asked to demand anything he liked, he demanded of him that he should become just like Hazarat Azizan. Hazarat tried to ask other demand what so ever it might be, but the loaf-seller did not agree to change his demand. In the end when there was no alternative, he took him in to his prayer-room. He transmitted his will and soul through meditation. He became just like Hazarat Azizan in all respects. But unfortunately he could not survive the soul-force. The result was that he could remain alive only for forty days.

Once he went away to Khuarzam after leaving Bukhara. There he stayed out-side the town. He asked one of his disciples to go to the King for obtaining written-permission to live in his town. He was instructed to have the permission under the seal and signatures on the order. The messenger did the same. After some time most of the people of the Town became his followers. Some evil people initiated the King against it. The king Asked Hazarat to quit the town. Hazarat sent the same disciple to the king who had brought the king's order to stay in the town, when the king was told by the messenger that they were staying in his town with the due permission give to them under seal and signatures, he was much pleased. He became his disciple. When the king became his follower, the whole of this staff also followed the saint.

Hazarat Ali Azizan Ramteeni left for his heavenly abode at age of 130 on Monday 28 Zikad 731 Hijri, 1329 [AD]. He was buried at Khuarzam.


Yaa elaahi shrah par jab tak jiun saabit rahoon,

Hazrate Khwaazaa Mohammad ba ataa ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.

HAZARAT MUHAMMAD BABA SAMASI [requiescat in pace]:

'O God give me strength so that I may remain on religious lines for thy blessing on behalf of Hazarat Muhammad Baba Samasi [R.A.]'

या इलाही शरः पर जब तक जियूँ साबित रहूँ, हज़रते ख्वाजा मुहम्मद बा आता के वास्ते।

INTRODUCTION : Hazarat Muhammad Baba Samasi was the right heir of Hazarat Ali Azizan Ramteeni. When he felt his last time coming, he asked all of his disciples to pay respects to Hazarat Baba Samasi. Everybody obeyed the order of the Master. He had a big garden in village Smmas. He used to cut wood in the garden. Some times he used to go under meditation while cutting wood. Once he was going through Kaushik Hinduan. He felt some smell in the land of the town. On his return, he felt that same saint had taken birth in the town. He went to the house concerned. The master of the house showed the baby to Baba Samasi. Baba asked his heir, Hazarat Amir Kulal that he should complete the worldly and the spiritual-education of he baby. If he did not do his duty fully he would not be excused in the court of Lord Almighty. Hazarat Kulal promised to do his best. Hazarat Baba announces that he had accepted the baby as his disciple.

Once Hazarat Baba Samasi was staying somewhere. At the time of departure some of this disciples presented him a basket full of loaves. It was accepted. The next day he stayed somewhere else, where one of his disciples wanted to feed the full party, but he had no arrangement of bread. He had milk in hand. Hazarat Samasi gave the basket full of loaves. The whole party enjoyed the feast. At the departure from this town some one presented some pulse. It was also accepted. When the party reached another village, a man wanted to give feast to all. The gentleman was worried as he had no pulses. Hazarat Baba Samasi came to know everything. He allowed to use the pulse to that fellow. The party enjoyed the feast.

Hazarat Baba Samasi left for his heavenly abode on 10th Jamadi UL Av-val 755 Hijri, 1352 [AD]. He was buried at his village Sammas.



Yaa elaahi hifze eima waqute murdan keejiye,

Hazrate meere qulaale paarsaa ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.

HAZARAT KHUAJA SYED AMIR KULAL [requiescat in pace]:

'O God bless me healthy senses at the time of death for thy blessings on behalf of Hazarat Khuaja Syd Amir Kulal [R.A.]'

या इलाही हिफ्ज़े ईमाँ वक़्त मुर्दन कीजिये, हज़रते मीरे कुलाले पार्सा के वास्ते।

INTRODUCTION : Hazarat Amir Kulal was initiated in to the Order by Baba Samasi. While he was under pregnancy his mother used to feel great pain in her stomach, if she ate the bread earned by illegal means. Only after vomiting it, she used to be free of pain. When it happened twice or thrice, she left the use of illegal earned money. Hazarat Kulal was very much fond of wrestling and boating. Once he saw some charming play [jugglery], the same time Hazarat Baba Samasi happened to pass that way. Hazarat Baba Samasi stood there and told the disciples that there was also a would be saint, standing there. At the very first sight Hazarat Kulal lost himself, and went with him. He remained with him for about 30 years to perfect himself for worldly and spiritual field. He used to go his village Sokhmar from village Samas twice a week, repeating the name of God in his heart, so that none should know what he was doing. He was full of spiritual-wealth.

Hazarat Khuaja Syed Amir Kulal left for his heavenly abode on 08 Jamadi UL Av-val. 772 Hijri, 1369 [AD].

He was buried at Sokhmar.



Yaa elaahi mujhse aamaale shanieah KO chhurhaa,

Shah Bahaauddien akmal baasafaa ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.


'O God make me free of evil actions with thy blessings on behalf of Hazarat Khuaja Imam-UL-Tariqa Shah Baha Uddin [R.A.]'

या इलाही मुझसे आमाले शनीयः को छुड़ा, शह बहाउद्दीन बासफ़ा के वास्ते।

INTRODUCTION : Hazarat Baha Uddin came out of the family of Hazarat Abdul Khaliq Gizdbani. He had full marks of spirituality form his forefather Hazarat Gizdbani. He was taken as a disciple by Hazarat Baba Samasi, when he was just a baby. Worldly and spiritual-education was imparted to him by Hazarat Amir Kulal. He completed himself to perfect humanity and to the highest degree in the line spiritual transmission.

Some time when he was under meditation, he felt that some body was telling him "O Bahauddin, don't you feel it is the time to turn to God after renouncing the world." This incident made a great change in his life. He immediately went to the river, washed his clothes, took bath and prayed to God. He felt that hearty blessings at that time. He could not enjoy such blessings in future throughout life. After this he used to enjoy meditation and after it dedication. The effect of transmission was the merging in to the realization of soul with full command. He used to visit the graves of his town Bukhara throughout the whole night. Once he went to the grave of Hazarat Muhammad Vasi. He felt there that he should go to the grave of Hazarat Khuaja Muhammad Ashghar Nabi. When he reached Hazarat Ashghar Nabi, he was presented two swords and he was seated on the horse-back. At the same time the horse was turned towards the grave of Hazarat Khuaja Bazdakhin. There he saw the lamp was lighting dimly, he made the flame a bit higher, the lamp became quite bright. He sat down there remembering his Master. There he experienced that the wall of his Master's house moved to some other place. He saw a great gathering of saints. He felt in his heart to inquire about those people. Just at the very moment some one stood there, and told him the name of the members in the party, and that it was a gathering os the descendants of Hazarat Khuaja Abdul Khalid Ghizdbani. He was Baba Samasi, whom he had seen when he was a baby. Hazarat Baba Samasi had presented him a turban which was still placed in his house. He was blessed that no calamity could face him. Hazarat Khuaja Gizdbani advised him to follow the teachings of Hazarat Muhammad, the Prophet. The hidden power and blessings will be clear and distinct by meditation transmission. There he was instructed by his Master to keep the turban in three covers. He promised to do so. After this he was allowed to attend any saint he liked.

Once he saw a saint in dream. He saw the same person in the market. The next day he was called by that saint, who was also a king of some place. He kept him in his service. During the day time he worked and in the night he was called by him. The king used to teach him the principles of sainthood. He told his four things to do.

[01] Nazar-bar-qadam - Have remembrance of God in all actions you do.

[02] Hosh-dar-dam - Have remembrance of God while you take breath.

[03] Safar-dar-vatan - While you under meditation, you must not sleep or rest.

[04] Khilvat-dar-anjuman - There may be any number of persons around you, you should feel alone and repeat the name of God constantly.

He used to say say that he was connected with the Prophet totally. All the blessings that the Prophet had, were give to him. He had full command on nature. What ever he told, nature followed. Once he went for Hajj to Mecca. There was a festival of Edi-UL-Zuha. The priests of Mecca pressed him to sacrifice some animal. He told them that he sacrificed his son at Bukhara. His son at Bukhara died the same day. It showed that he had no attachment to anything in the world.

Once some saint was cooking food, rains started, Hazarat told him to say that there should be no rains. He did the same. It rained all around him but he was sitting with out a single drop of rains. Nature used to obey him.

Once his Master Hazarat Kulal went out for some time. He instructed him to keep the earthen utensils in the fire. Hazarat Bahauddid did the same, but he forgot to carve the pictures with black ink. Hazarat Bahauddin sat-down on meditation with the idea of making the marks on the utensils. After the matured time he opened the lot. He saw that the word Allah was carved on all the utensils. With this incident he was called Hazarat Naqshband. The order started with him was named "Naqhshbandiya Order". The same order is connected with four persons [01] Hazarat Khizar Al-eh Issalam [02] Hazarat Zainuddin [03] Hazarat Bayzeed Bastami, and [04] Hazarat Abu Bakar Siddiqi.

A few teachings are noted as under -

Do anything but the heart should be attached to the master and God.

One should be attentive to his Master at all time without fail.

No pride of any kind should be there in the heart of disciples.

All circumstances good or bad, should be made known to Master.

Do not be inattentive to the Master or God. Have the society of the persons who are also having transmission through meditation. Merge fully with the soul of your Master. What is keeping fasts? - To turn every thing out of mind except master or God. Do not have the worldly impressions otherwise the concentration will be very different. Always have an eye on all your actions last they take you away from the required goal. The mind gets concentration in the society of saints easily. Sitting on meditation every morning and evening without fail brings one nearer to the Master. One should have very close contact with the Master and one should bring every stage to the notice of the Master. The next stage of concentration is mediation and then we get dedication. When dedication is perfect, it creates consolation and takes the disciple to merge himself with the soul of the Master. This is the last aim.

 Most of the people are fond of worldly possessions. When they are with the saints they generally put-up the worldly desires before them. All saints command, but one should not ask them for any material gains. One should certainly be eager for their blessings.

One who keeps keeps himself closed, gets something in spiritual line, and those who make propaganda for their spiritual stages, loose the whole thing. One should remain silent about their spiritual stages.

Hazarat Khuaja Bahauddin left for his heavenly abode at the age of 73 on 03 Rabi UL Avval 791 Hijri, 1389 [AD]. He was buried at Bukhara.



Yaa elaahi mujh mey Howe noor-e-wahadat aashkaar,

Shah Alaauddin murshid rahnuma ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.


'O God grant me heavenly light for thy blessings on behalf of hazard Khuaja Ala Uddin Attar.[R.A.]'

INTRODUCTION : Hazarat Ala Uddin was the direct heir of Hazarat Khuaja Naqshband. He could not complete his worldly education as he was orphan. When he attained the young age, Hazarat Khuaj Naqshband went to his mother. He was poor and lay on a rag with a brick under his head. Hazarat Naqshband proposed to marry his daughter to him. He asked him that he was a poor man with nothing in his hands. Hazarat Khuaja replied that God had given every thing to his daunter, hence he should not worry about it. He was married. Hazarat Khuaja Naqshband was very kind to him. He started his spiritual education. Hazarat Alauddin completed his spiritual education within a very short time. Hazarat was very kind to him. He ordered all of his disciples to have their spiritual education from Hazarat Alauddin. They obeyed their Master. Hazarat Alauddin started to teach what was complete spiritual science through meditation-transmission. He made his father-in-law free from all burden of the family and that of the spiritual institution. It was he who taught the disciples everything about Yoga. He made Hazarat Yaqoob Charkhi his heir. He had many disciples, out of them two were very prominent. One was Hazarat Yaqoob Charkhi and the other was Hazarat Aharar. Both of them were keen and intelligent.


If your mind goes towards God, let it go.

The disciple will learn as much as he has got faith in his Master.

If someone goes to a Samaadhee [Grabe], he should free himself from all worldly considerations and should think that he is sitting just before that saint. Now he will gain the spiritual wealth. Leave the customary practices of the worldly people. The Master is the middle man between the disciples and God, he is the only way to reach God. Hence one should have the Master as the aim at all times. He should inform his Master that he has been going on with him. After completion when he realises God, the Master himself goes aside. There remains the disciples and God. After that there remains only God and God alone. The mind and the old the bad habits become tender, and turn towards good with the company of the saints. When the disciple feels presence of God within himself, he should thank God.

On the contrary he should pray with politeness and courtesy. "O GOD BE KIND AND PITY" ME.

Hazarat Alauddin left for his heavenly abode on 20 Rajab 802 Hijri 1397 [AD]. He was buried at Zafania. One of his disciples felt in his dream that one who sits in meditation by his gar for forty days will be made complete in the order.



Yaa elaahi de amanmin kulli daaiyen aur balaa,

Hazrate yaaqoob charkhie purziya ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.

 HAZARAT YAQOOB CHARKHI [requiescat in pace]:

'O God kindly save me from all sort of calamities and misfortunes for thy grace on behalf of Hazarat Yaqoob Charkhi.[R.A.]'

INTRODUCTION : Hazarat Yaqoob was initiated in to the Order by Hazarat Khuaja Naqshband but he completed his his spiritual-transmission through Haarat Alauddin. Hence he became heir of Hazarat Alauddin Attar. He ordered Hazarat Yaqoob to spread the meditation-transmission education to the needy. He obeyed his Master till the end of his life.

Hazarat Yqoob left his heavenly ebbed on 05 Safar 851 Hijri, 1444 [AD]. He was buried at his village - Balafnoor.



Yaa elaahi pul pe aur mahashar men ho peiron kaa saath,

Khwaazae Ahraar raasul Atquiya ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.


'O God I be put-up with the sages of the order when I go to heavenly abode with thy grace on behalf of Hazarat Ubedullah Nasiruddin Aharar.[R.A.]'

या इलाही पल पे और महशर में हो पीरों का साथ, ख्वाज़ाऐ अहरार रासुल अतकिया के वास्ते।

INTRODUCTION : Hazarat Khuaja Aharar was born in the month of Ramzan 806 Hijri in the village Baghistan [near Bukhara]. He did not suckle his mother till forty days, as the mothers are not treated pure till forty days from the day of delivery. He started suckling his mother after she had taken bath on 40th day of delivery. The grandfather of Hazarat Aharar was also a saint. At the time of his death he announced that the boy "AHARAR" would be a great saint. He paid respects to the child "Aharar".

Once some traders met Hazarat Aharar. They told him that if he like to have the spiritual education he should go a see Hazarat Yaqoob at Balafnoor. He requested Hazarat Yqoob to accept him as his disciple. Hazarat Yaqoob accepted the request and initiated him in to the Order. After his initiation he was granted spiritual-meditation. He was made complete within a very short time. He made him complete in the line and announced his heir. He experienced the transmission-meditation form the old sages like Khuaja Naqshband and others in the order.


Think of all the actions done during the day before you go to sleep.

Always have piety physically and mentally. Do every thing according to the will of God. do not follow your whims. The saints are very kind, if one is humble before them. Do not desire to get anything accept God. If you get the grace of God it is quite sufficient.

If some bad deed has been done due to some worldly and unavoidable circumstances pray to God for forgiveness. After meditation one should pray to God for the consolation of the soul of the Master and other grand sages of the Order. This will be a kind deed to the old Masters. At the same time God will also bless one with his mercy.

Once Shah Mirza Abu Syed saw a saint in his dream. The saint told his name also "Ubedullah Nasiruddin". Mirza Abu Syed narrated the dream before the Ministers of his Royal court. someone told him that a saint of that name lived at Tashkand. Hazarat Mirza immediately went to Tashkand. When he saw the same figure and name he fell down at the feet of the saint, and requested him to accept him as a disciple. He was initiated in to the Order. Hazarat transmitted his will power through meditation. Soon after many countries and Military-men became his disciple. When Shah Mirza expressed his desire to conquer Samarkand, he was allowed to go. He won the battle.

Once Babar invaded Samarkand. Hazarat Ubedulluah asked Babar to go back, but Babar did not go. The next day there was a great restlessness in the Army and as a result Babar had to go back.

Once two hermits went to see him, nut he had gone to the king. They were astonished to know that he had gone to the king. By chance, they were caught by the police in doubt of being thieves. When Hazarat knew it he asked the king to release them. They were set free. Hazarat told the hermits that if he had not seen the king, he could not get them freed.

Once a man went to Hazarat Ubedullah. He saw huge quantities grains were being taken to his stores. He was much surprised to see so much grains with him. After a little time there came a creditor and he asked him to repay his money immediately or he would kill him. Hazarat cleared off the accounts and told that if he had not owned so much wealth he could not have cleared off the loans. That fellow was much ashamed and he begged pardon.

Once Hazarat Abu Syed Mirza wanted to have a drink. He took-out a bottle  and tried to take out cork. In this process it was broken. Abu Syed told this to his Master Hazarat Ubedullah. He replied that if the bottle had not been broken in the way his heart must have been broken due to his drinking.

At the time of death of Hazarat Nasaruddin Ubedullah there was a flash of light which came out of the middle of both the brows. He left for his heavenly ebbed on 29th Rabi UL Avval 895 Hijri, 1486 [AD]. He was buried at Samarkand. 



Yaa elaahi zuhdo taqwa aur mohabbat apni de,

Hazrate Khwaazaa Mohammad paarsaa ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.


'O God grant me heavenly affection and power of tolerance for thy blessings on behalf of Hazarat Muhammad Zahid[R.A.]'

INTRODUCTION : Hazarat Zahid was the grandson of Hazarat Yaqoob Charkhi. On completion of the worldly education he used to pass his time alone in some lonely places. He was fond of Naqshbandiya Order transmission-meditation. Someone asked Hazarat Zahid to go to Hazarat Aharar. Hazarat Zahid immediately set out for Samarkand. He stayed in Muhalla Dasar at Samarkand. While he was preparing to go to Hazarat Aharar, he he also felt the arrival of Hazarat Zihad. He saw him where he was staying. The camel sat-down just in-front the house where Hazarat Zihad was. Hazarat Aharar entered the house and asked him whether he was Hazarat Zihad. Hazarat Zihad was very much glad to have him as if the well itself came to the thirsty person. Hazarat Aharar transmitted the whole heavenly light and sound through meditation. He was made complete with in one night. Hazarat Aharar announced him his heir. He ordered him to preach his teachings to the needy. When Hazarat Aharar announced that Hazarat Zihad had completed the heavenly education, the other disciples who were already there, for as many as twenty to thirty years, objected to it. Hazarat Aharar told them that Hazarat Zihad came to him having perfect humanity and sound character. His lamp, oil and the wick were quite in order. He had simply lighted it. The formation of character is the main thing, first and foremost for the spiritual line.

Hazarat Zihad left for his heavenly ebbed on 05 Rabi UI Avval 930 Hijri, 1529 [AD]. He was buried at village Bahish near Bukhara.



Yaa elaahi saare isian aur nisian muaaf kar,

Shaah darweshe Mohammad murtazaa ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.



'O God excuse me for my sins and evil thoughts for thy blessings on behalf of Hazarat Maulana Muhammad Darvesh[R.A.]'

INTRODUCTION : Hazarat Darvesh remained in primary spiritual education with Hazarat Khizar Aleh Assalam. He loved loneliness. His master ordered him to go to Hazarat Zihad, who was his maternal uncle also. Hazarat Zihad accepted him and initiated him in to the order. Through spiritual-meditation-transmission, he made him complete within 15 years. After his education he was announced his heir, and was ordered to spread the message of the Order to the needy. Since he kept him self-aloof people could know only that Hazarat Daravesh was simply a Reader of Quran. Once a hermit happened to stay in a town. He met Hazarat Daravesh also. That hermit was also a saint. He announced that Hazarat Darvesh was a complete saint. After this incident many people became his disciples.

Hazarat Daravesh left for his heavenly abode on 19 Murram 970 Hijri, 1560 [AD]. He was buried at village Kash.


Yaa elaahi doast mere howen hardam shaadmaa,

Khwaazaa Imkanki Mohammad baadshah ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.


'O God kindly make my friends quite happy for thy blessings on behalf of Hazarat Khuaja Muhammad Umkanki [R.A.]'

INTRODUCTION : Hazarat Umkanki completed his worldly and spiritual education with his father Hazarat Darvesh. He initiated him in to the Order. Hazarat Darvesh worked for thirty years to spread the transmission through meditation in place of his father. He used to serve the guests and their horses. He used to distribute medicines for eyes, free of cost.

Once the prince of Torran who was the right heir of the country, saw in his dream that a big gathering of saints was there. Hazarat Prophet was also present in the celebration. Someone was introducing each one. When he was presented before the Prophet, he honoured him with a sword and told him to see Hazarat Umkanki. He liked to realise God. A picture of Hazarat Umkanki was also shown to him. When the prince reached Hazarat Umkanki at the address directed to him in the dream, he became very happy to see the same saint as seen in the dream. The prince fell at the feet of the saint. Hazarat Umkanki accepted him, and initiated him in to the Order. He surrendered himself and was completed in the line.

Once king Mohammad Khan invaded Samarkand. The prince of Samarkand requested his Master Hazarat Umkanki for his protection. Hazarat took him to king Mohammad Khan, and made him understand that the Muslims should not fight against each other. He did not agree. Hazarat Umkanki asked Baqi Muhammad to go to war. He encouraged him for the victory. Hazarat Umakanki sat in meditation. Later on someone told him that his disciple Baqi Muhammad had won the battle. On hearing the news, Hazarat returned home. Hazarat made Khuaja Baqibillah his heir. He never liked to have any kind of worldly wealth. He always liked to remain without worldly possessions.

Hazarat Umkanki left for his heavenly abode on 22 Shaban 1008 Hijri, 1596 [AD], at the age of 90. He was buried at his village Imkinki.



Yaa elaahi tu ho baaqi aur sabko jaaun bhool.

Khwaazaa Abdul baaqi murshid rahnuma ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.



'O God let me forget everything except you only for thy grace on behalf of Hazaraat Khuaja Muhammad Abdul Baqi Billah [R.A.]'

INTRODUCTION : Hazaraat Khuaja Muhammad Abdul Baqi Billah [R.A.] was born in 971 Hijri at Kabul. While his mother was in pregnancy, she saw a dream that she was flying in the sky. She met a goddess there, who gave her a rose flower. She asked the meaning of the dream form some saint who used to pass by her residence. The saint foretold that she would deliver a male-child, who would guide the needy on the right path to realise God. Hazarat Baqi Billah became fully learned man of the worldly subjects when he was only seven years of age.

Once he felt light between both his brows. Since then he was in need of some Spiritual-Preceptor. He was very much worried at it. His mother could not tolerate the sufferings of her son. She prayed to Almighty God for the help of her son. Her hearty prayers were accepted. Hazarat Baqi Billah got the society of some saints. He went to Lahore in the, north-west of India. Vajistan, Kheeva, Balakh, Bukhara and Tashkand etc. There he met a good number of saints but no consolation. One night he felt that some one was telling him that Hazarat Aharar told him to go to Hazarat Maulana Umkanki. Again he felt that Hazarat Maulana Umkanki had been awaiting him for long. In the morning he was very happy. He started to seek Hazarat Umkanki. They met each other very lovingly. Hazarat Umkanki completed Hazarat Baqi Billah within three days spiritual-meditation-transmission. Hazarat Umkanki initiated Hazarat Baqi Billah in to the Order and announced him his heir. After some days he was ordered to go to India and spread the teachings of the Order. He obeyed his Master. Hazarat Baqi Billah stayed at Lahore for about a year. After that he went to Delhi. At Delhi he stayed in Quilah [Fort] Firozi up to the end of his worldly life.

Spiritual transmission power of Hazarat Baqi Billah was keen. He was very generous and kind. He used to give his own things to the needy. He used to give his horse to the cripple. During one winter night a cat sat-down in his beddings, he did not like to disturb the cat. As a result he sat in the open through out the night.

In case he saw some inhuman action in his disciples he used to regard it as his own fault with the argument that it was the result of his society. Preceptor's faults generally effect the disciples. He always forced the disciples to see their own faults. Do not see others'. He was happy in all circumstances. He never cared for his clothes, his residence or other amenities.

He used to teach his disciples according to their nature. If the disciple had loving nature, he was taught to have inner contact with the Master. He had very keen eye to recognise the nature of the new students. He always liked to have pious cook, because the nature of the cook effect the cook. If one is not cautious in eating, it will harm one's prayers. His society was calm and quiet. One must not have attachment to the worldly things. Leave desires and depend upon the will of God. The system of the order is very easy. One can get himself purified only through meditation. The transmission through meditation cleans off all the evil actions and habits, if it is conducted by a complete Preceptor. It needs only faith. If someone likes, to become like one's Master, one should see the Master with open eyes and also with inner eyes when he is not present before him. After practising for sometime one shall feel great change in one's self. The main aim of our Order is love and affection, but it is hidden. Through transmission under meditation it is arisen and effects the subject to a great extent. God gives lively-hood, not the profession. But the profession is the source of it. Meditation creates God gifts and also detachment towards worldly affairs and attachment towards God. Hazarat Khuaja had a very keen spiritual sight.

Someone used to pray for a Spiritual-Master on a grave. One night he felt guidance to go to Hazarat Baqi Billah. He went to him, and he requested Khuaja to have him as a disciple. Hazrat Khuaja refused with the argument that he knew nothing in spiritual line. That fellow went to Agra. [Those days Agra was the capital of India]. There also he felt the same. He returned from Agra to Delhi and requested Hazarat Khuaja again to have him as a disciple. This time Hazarat Khuaja accepted and started spiritual education through meditation.

Once Hazarat Mujaddid Alifsani sent some sweets through his servant. The moment servant reached him, Hazarat Khuaja had finished his meditation. When he saw the servant he was attracted with the spiritual glance. As a result he became senseless [मज़्ज़ूब] and did not return to resume worldly affairs.

Hazarat Khuaja always lead a simple life, simple food, simple dress and simple living was his motto. His mother had become very old, even then she used to cook herself.

At the age of forty he felt that he had finished his preaching job for the Order. One day he asked his wife that some body told him that some saint of the order must leave the world. One night he felt that Hazarat Khuaja Aharar was asking him to have new clothes. He replied that he should have new clothes if he remained alive, otherwise shroud [कफ़न] should be his new clothes. Hazarat Khuaja Baqi Billah left for his heavenly abode on 25 Jamadi UI Akheer 1012 Hijri, 1603 [AD]. He was buried in the grave yard in Mohalla Ram Nagar about half a mile from New Delhi Railway Station. It is a place where Khuaja prayed once in his life. Some earth was attached to his clothes. He told the disciples that the earth of that place wanted to have him. This was a token from him. The same was followed. This grave has a marvellous effect which can be experienced by sitting there, it is my personal experience. Several times I have taken chance to sit there for meditation. I have felt great charm there.

N. B. From New Delhi Railway Station one should turn to right. Beyond road bridge go straight till the end of graveyard compound-wall, turn to left, the gate. Reach the grave required. It is known to everybody.


Yaa elaahi yaa qarieb qurb kar apnaa ataa,

Ghausulle aazam sheikh Ahemad peshwaa ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.


'O God bless me place near you with thy grace for the sake of Hazarat Imam Rabbani Mujaddid Alifsani Shaikh Ahamad Faruqi Sirhindi [R.A.]'

INTRODUCTION : Hazarat Shaikh Ahamad was born on 14 Shaban 971 Hijri, 05-06-1564 [AD] on Friday at Sirhind. A few days before, his father had a dream that great lawlessness was there throughout the country. At the same time some heavenly light  came out of his heart. Hazarat Makhdoom, his father asked Hazarat Shah Kamal Khaleel the meaning of the dream. Hazarat Shah foretold that he would have a son, who would establish peace, law and order. It happened so. In childhood he fell sick. All the medical doctors refused to cure. By chance there came Hazarat Shah Kamal Khetli, he put his tongue into mouth of the child. The child sucked his tongue for some time. Hazarat Shah told Hazarat Makhdoom that the would have a long life and be a good saint. The prophecy proved true. Hazarat Shekh Ahamad started his worldly as well a spiritual education under his father. In a short time he completed his education and started to teach the students at the age of seventeen. Hazarat Shaikh Ahamad went to Agra for some time. There he met Hazarat Abul Fazal, but he could not stay there for long and he returned to Sirhind.

Hazarat Shaikh Ahamad got the spiritual education of Chishtiya Order from his father. He did his best. Hazarat Shaikh Ahamad was eager to have education of Naqshbandiya Order. For some time he fell sick. When there was no remedy, his wife prayed to God. She felt as if some one was telling her that should not worry. After this he became all-right. His father died on 1007 Hijri. Hazarat Shaikh Ahamad started for Hajj in 1008 Hijri. He had to stay in Delhi at the house of his friend, Hazarat Hussan Kashmiri. He was follower of Hazarat Khuaja Baqi Billah of Naqshbandiya Order. The next day he accompanied Hussan Kashmiri to Khuaja Baqi Billah. Hazarat Khuaja was much pleased to have him. He initiated Hazarat Shaiakh Ahamad in to the Order, and completed him through meditation transmission in a short time. He announced him his heir and ordered all of his disciples to have spiritual-education from Hazarat Shaikh Ahamad. Hazarat Khuaja Baqi Billah used to say that he was simply a star and Hazarat Shaikh Ahamad was like the sun. Hazarat Shaikh Ahamad was totally merged in to his master, Hazarat Khuaja Baqi Billah. Some time he used to feel that he had been fully merged in to the should of Hazarat Prophet and mother Khudejtul Kubra. Some time he used to feel that his spiritual education was completed under them also. His internal soul transmission was just like that of his Master.

Once Hazarat Shaikh Ahamad was sitting in meditation with his followers, there came Hazarat Shaikh Kamal Khaitli with Shah Qalandar. They put a gown on the body of Hazarat Shaikh Ahamad. After finishing the meditation Hazarat Shaikh Ahamad opened his eyes and say the gown covering him. On enquiry he was told that the gown belonged to Hazarat Ghaus Pak [Hazarat Abdul Qadir Jeelani]. One who covers oneself with this gown becomes the heir of Hazarat Abdul Qadir Jeelani. When this talk was going on Hazarat Abdul Qadir Jeelani reached there along with his followers. Hazarat Jeelani transmitted his soul power to Hazarat Shaikh Ahamad and made him full of his heavenly wealth. While all this was going, Hazarat Shaikh Ahamad thought that he had been completed with the spiritual education of the Naqshbandiya Order. What should he do? At the same time there came the old sages of the Order from Hazarat Gizdbani to Hazarat Baqi Billah. Hazarat Khuaja Naqshband told them all that Hazarat Shaikh Ahamad had been completed in Naqshbandiya Order through Khuaja Baqi Billah. At the same time Hazart Ghaus Pak told them that Hazarat Shaikh Ahamad had taken their sweets first when Hazarat had sucked the tongue of Shah Kamal Khaitli, during his sickness. At the same time he had been covered with their gown. When these discussions were going on, Hazarat Chishtiya and Soharverdia also appeared there. They also claimed Hazarat Shaikh Ahamad as his father was initiated in their Order. He got primary education under his father, who was initiated in to the Chishtiya and Sohravardiya Orders. While these discussions were going on there appeared the Prophet. He ordered that the Naqshbandiya Order would be the main Order for Hazarat Shaikh Ahamad as he had been completed in that Order, other orders would also be attached to him. The Fatiha  [the charity prayers] of all orders would be made through him. The Prophet's order being the final, the whole meeting dispersed. Maulana Badar Uddeen, one of the chief disciples of Hazarat Shaikh Ahamad wrote in his notes that at that time so many souls were there that there was no room left even for a pin to put there.

Once a man came to Hazarat Alifsani. He requested to initiate him in to the Quadiya Order. He was initiated as desired. Some guests were also there. The guest asked Hazarat Shaikh Ahamad the proof that he had been initiated in to the desired Order. Hazarat asked that man to see some star. He was that a man appeared out of that star and reached that man like an arrow. He was told that it was the should of Hazart Abdul Qadir Jeelani. That fellow touched his feet. Hazarat Jeelani went back and disappeared in the same star.

Some one had heard that Hazarat can initiate the soul of the dead also. He asked his son to take his dead-body to Hazarat Alifsani before the burial. His son did the same. The next day when they reached the spiritual-class, they saw that their father was sitting with the Master in  a very good position of spiritual-stage.

Once Shahjahan was told by some foretellers that he would become King very soon, but Hazarat Alifsani told that he would of-course become king but not at that time. The same happened there.

He had a very tender nature. Once as he lay down in bed, he atone stood-up, and asked his servant to take out some papers which was placed in side the beddings. After removing the paper he could lie down in the bed.

He was very particular about his prayers [Namaz]. He used to read Sura-Yaseen. [chapter in Quran Majeed]. He recite Quran-majid daily at the proper time by heart, after merging soul of the Master.

If he knew that someone was sick, he used to see him, and to pray for his welfare.

He always respected the followers of the Order. He was full pity for the poor and miserable. He was contented in all circumstances .

Hazarat Shaikh Ahamad left for his heavenly abode on 27 Safar 1034 Hijri 26.11.1624 [AD]. The funeral prayers were done by Hazarat Muhammad Sayeed. He was buried near the grave of his eldest son, Hazarat Muhammad Sadiq who had sacrificed himself for the epidemic in the country. There is  a great grace in his grave. I have experienced many the same several times.

Note : From Delhi or New Delhi trains and Buses go direct Sirhind [District - Fatehgarh Sahib, Panjab]. It is sixty Km. from Umbala [Punjab]. Near the Railway Station Platform, there is rail-road crossing. From this crossing, have a bus going to Nagal. Leave the bus at Roza. Ener the big gate, go straight. enter a small gate, stay in waiting rooms. The in-charge of Roza will entertain you and he will guide all the three tombs.



Yaa elaahi hubbe peeraane tareeqat mujhko de,

Hazrate maasoom raasul atquia ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.


'O God grant me affection and love for the old sages in the Order for Thy Grace on behalf of Hazarat Khuaja Muhammad Masum [R.A.]'

INTRODUCTION : Hazarat Khuaja Muhammad Masum was the youngest son of his father, Hazarat Imam Rabbani Mujaddid Alifsani. Worldly and spiritual education was completed by his father only. By the age of eleven he had finished his education. At the age of twelve he was initiated in to the Order by his father. He was abort saint. At the age of twelve he had started to teach worldly and spiritual education in the institute conducted by his elders. At this young age he could conduct the school very nicely. He was fully merged in to the soul of his Master.

Hazarat Masum writes in his notebook that when he performed Hajj, he used to feel that his spiritual education was being conducted by the Prophet and Hazart Khudejtul Kubra, Hazarat Aisha Siddiqa, and Hazarat Juhar Baitool along with the old sages of the Order. He felt that he was constantly filled up with the heavenly light by them every moment. He got much grace from them. He also got the power of miracles which were unexpected and extraordinary. He was a great help to the needy. If someone remembered him in his calamities, he removed them immediately.

Once he slept on the bedding of his father, in the day time when it was summer, the servant wanted to let him leave the beddings but his father asked the servant that the friend of God was sleeping, he need not disturb him.

Once the inhabitants of the town Bairut came to attend Hazarat Masum. They had grace from him. Every body was happy to have spiritual grace. Only one of them was gloomy not the feel the grace of the Master. One day he saw the Master approaching him. The Master gave him some sweets and a Kulah [turban used by Pathans], and asked him if he was pleased then. He became very happy. He saw the next moment that there was nothing.

Once Hazarat Masum was washing for prayer [wazoo i.e. ritual ablution of hands, face, arms and feet in that order, performed by Muslims before prayer]. All of a sudden he threw away the jug [the water-pot]. The disciples noted the occurrence. After some time a forest contractor came there. He told that once he was in Jungle of Bengal. By chance he could not notice a lion there just in front of him. Sure death stood there before him. He remembered bis Master, Hazarat Masum, he appeared there and hit his 'Lota' [jug] on the lion. The lion ran away.

Once a man who was sick for a long time went to Hazarat Masum for prayer for his help. He gave him washing water to drink. The man was cured.

Some one who was suffering from eye-sore was much disappointed with the eyes. Hazarat Masum bandaged his eyes with some drenched bandage and asked him to open it, when he reached his home. He did the same and found that his eyes were all-right.

One of his disciples was very poor. By chance there came six guests in his family, there was nothing to offer. He went to the Master for usual meditation-sitting. Somebody brought huge number of mangoes. Hazart Masum distributed them among all his disciples ten each. He gave seventy to that fellow, ten for him and sixty for the guests. Also he gave six gold coins to him with the instructions that he should not hide his poverty. When ever he needs moony he frankly tell him. After that day the poor fellow never felt any difficulty of money.

Hazarat Masum used to celebrate spiritual-gathering twice a year, one of his father's on 27th Safar and the other of his Prophet. It is still going on. It is very marvellous, one who enjoy it, can never forget its charm.

Hazarat Masum left for his heavenly abode on 09 Rabi UI Avval 1069 Hijri 1668 [AD]. He was buried at Sirhind in the right side of the garden, just a little far from the grave of his father. A big tomb on the grave is there. The whole compound is called 'Roza'. There is still very charming grace on the grave which can be experienced by sitting there in meditation. I have experienced it several times.



Yaa elaahi shirqo qufro maasiyat se dur rakh,

Shaykh Sayfuddin murshid rahnuma ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.

HAZARAT SHAIKH SHAIFUDDEEN [requiescat in pace]:

'O God let me be off disobedience, ignorance and selflessness for thy grace on behalf of Hazarat Shaikh Shaifuddeen [R.A.]'

INTRODUCTION : Hazarat Shaikh Saifuddin was the fifth son of his father, Hazarat Muhammad Masum. He was born in 1049 Hijri. He was also a born saint. He completed his worldly education by the age of twelfth. He was initiated in to the Order Naqshbandiya, by his father. At the age of eighteen he could transmit the spiritual grace through meditation for about four hundred disciples, knowing status of each and every one. Every disciple got the directions he needed.

The Mughal Emperor, Auranggzeb was initiated in to the Order by Hazarat Muhammad Masum. He wanted somebody for his spiritual guidance, Hazarat Muhammad Masum sent his son Hazarat Shaikh Shaifuddin {R.A.]. As he reached at the gate of the Fort, he stopped and refused to enter the gate as there were statues of elephants along with their drivers. When the statues were dismantled, he entered the gate. He had a faith that the angel bearing grace does not enter where there are are statues. Once King Aurangzeb wanted to take him to the garden. He refused to entered the garden also as there were gold-made fishes every where. When the gold-made fishes were removed he entered the garden. The same faith was there also. After some time he returned home, Sirhind. After this he never went anywhere. After midnight he used to walk around the grave of his grandfather, Hazarat Mujaddid Alifsani. He used to say that he was beggar at his doors.

Once one of his disciples was going to Iran on his Horse-back. Another horse-man was also going with him. He abused his Master. That fellow could not tolerate the insult of his Master, he cut-off the head of that man. But soon after he became perplexed with the fear that the relatives of that fellow might harm him. He remembered his Master. Soon he saw that his Master was there. His Master told him not to bother as he had killed an ass. The same happened. When the relatives of that fellow came they saw an ass was lying there and the horse was there without its rider. They took the horse and went away. That disciple was saved. When he took off the curtain he saw his Master. He fell at his feet, he became very happy and after having grace of his Master he went away.

Hazarat Shaikh shaifuddeen used to read Hadees daily. In his advanced age he stopped. His elder son took the job in his hands.

Hazarat Shaikh shaifuddeen always followed law and order according to the religious rites. He always tried to follow the lines traced by the elders in the order.

Hazarat Shaikh shaifuddeen left for his heavenly abode at the age of forty seven only, on 26 Jamadi UI Akhir 1096 Hijri, 1686 [AD]. He was buried in the right side garden in the same compound of Roza. When people took his dead-body to the grave-yard it was automatically, lifted much up above the hands and shoulders, and was flying in the air. It came down in the grave itself. After about fifty years the grave was broken. There was a same smell which was used at the time of death, and the body also was in the same status as it was on the first day. A big tomb on the grave is there. There is a great charming transmission grace on the grave which can be experienced on sitting there in meditation. I have experienced it several times.



Yaa elaahi ghair kaa mohtaaz mat kar mere rabb,

Saiyade noore Mohammad mustafaa ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.


'O God do not let me dependent on others except my Master for thy grace on behalf of Hazaat Noor Muhammad Budauni [R.A.]'

INTRODUCTION : Hazarat Noor Muhammad Budauni [RA] got his spiritual education under Hazarat Shaikh Shaifuddin. He was with him for fifteen years constantly. He did great labour. He was always with his Master externally and internally. He got his completion and was announced the heir after being initiated in the Order by Hazarar Shaifuddin. He had occasions to other saints also. Due to excess prayer his waist bent down. He used to cook himself a simple food. He had two sons. Hazarat Mirza Mazahar Janj-ana was the right heir. He was a man of very tender habits. He never liked to eat with the rich. Whenever somebody went to him, he could tell what work he had done before he came to him.

Once a lady came to him for help that her daughter was taken away by the Jins [evil spirits]. She had done to the best of her power. Hazarat Noor Muhammad asked her to go home. She would have her daughter in her house. She found her daughter as she was told. On enquiry her daughter told her that she was sitting in some town. Some old man came to her, caught her by her neck with his hand and put her there in the house, with in no time. He was complete saint saint having all powers. He was a great help to the needy. He used to say -

weep before god, He will be kind to you. Do not have feast with worldly persons, because their earnings are not not pious. Do not take feast which are made for show. Things made for show smell bad. He always liked those disciples who were honest, hard-working and followers of religious path.

Hazarat Noor Muhammad Budauni [RA] left for his heavenly abode on 11 Ziqad 1125 Hijri, 1723 [AD]. He was buried in Punch Bangla graveyard behind the grave of Hazarat Nizam Uddin Auliya in Delhi, after crossing drain [Nala]. His grave is just beneath the neem-tree. Formerly, there was a tin-shade over the grave. Now only four angle iron points are there at all four corners. One should be cautious for these points. They can harm feet. There is still great grace, which one can feel by sitting there for meditation. I have been there for several times.



Yaa elaahi ghaib se roazi de aye roazi rasaan,

Shamse deen mahboob Mazhar meerazaa ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.


'O God give me livelihood by thy grace on behalf of  Hazarat Sham shuddin Habibullah Mirza Mazahar Jan Janan Shahid, Muradabadi [R.A.]'

INTRODUCTION : Hazarat Mirza Mazahar Jan Janan was born on 11 Ramzan 1111 Hijri [Muslim era], 1696 [AD]. His father Hazarat Mirza Jan was the minister in the Durbar [Royal Court] of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. When Aurangzeb saw the baby, he told his father that the baby was his 'JAN' [life, spirit or animating force]. After the word - 'Jan', the baby was named as 'Jan Janan'. He was a born loving fellow.

He used to say that there came a lady who was most beautiful, she took him up and embraced him. He fell in love with her. He used to wait for her till she came to him. When he was only five years of age people knew that he was a loving fellow.

He had finished all the education of those days at a very early age. He was very well qualified in stick skill. He was so skilled that even twenty men having sticks could not harm him if he had a stick in his hands.

His father had faith in 'Qadaria' and 'Chishtia' Orders, but he had no interest in it. When he was of nine years, he used to see Hazrat Ibrahim Khaleel in his dreams. When ever some body narrated about him, he used to appear before him.

Once he was sitting with his father. Someone spoke against "Zikra Khafi" [remembrance of heart], at same time that was a flesh of light, out of that light Hazrat Mujaddid Alifsani appeared there. He directed Hazrat Jan Janan to proceed further with some point. Then he disappeared. Hazrat Mirza Jan Janan was told by his father that his progress in spiritual life would be made through Naqshmbandiya Order. Hazrat used to pass his time with the saints.

Once some one attacked Hazrat Jan Janan seven times with a sword. Every time Hazarat Jan janan snatched the sword out of his hands. The man was much ashamed, begged pardon and  was excused.

Once Mirza Jan Janan was coming on horse-back. An amuck elephant came from opposite side. The keeper of the elephant warned the passers by. Hazrat Jan Janan thought it Shameful to be afraid of an animal. He collided against the elephant. The elephant lifter Hazrat in his trunk. Hazrat attacked the trunk of the elephant with his sword. The elephant immediately left him and went his way.

After the death of his father some one took Hazrat Mirza to king Farrukhseer. That day the king did not come to Durbar. Hazrat Mirza never liked to serve anybody. He was interested only the society of the saints. Once he saw Hazrat Qutubuddeen Bin Bkhtiyar Kaki in his dream. After this dream he became as ascetic. His desire to have company of the saints increased more and more. Once he went to see Hazrat Sheikh Kalim Ullah Chishti and Hazrat Mir Hashim Jalesari. He got the spiritual grace there. Once there were so many saints with Hazrat Jan Janan. They were talking of the religious affairs. Someone told that there was one Hazrat Noor Muhammad Budauni. He is really a great saint. On hearing of Hazrat Noor Muhammad, he left them all at his residence and Hazrat Noor Muhammad. Hazrat Muhammad transmitted his spiritual grace through meditation. It was a great gain. After a short time Hazrat Jan Janan took leave and returned home. The next when he finished his wash, he looked at his face in the mirror, he felt that his face was turned in to the face of hazrat Noor Muhammad. Hazrat Noor Muhammad completed his spiritual education and announced him his heir after initiating him in to the Order. Hazrat Mirza Jan Janan practiced meditation with the great labour of six years constantly on the grave of the Master. He achieved great success in the line. During his meditation he experienced some living saints polishing his spiritual knowledge. He attended Hazrat Khuaja Muhammad Jabber, who one of the disciples of Hazrat Mujaddid Alifsani. He was very glad to have Hazrat Mirza Jan Janan. He transmitted all the spiritual wealth to Hazrat Jan Janan through his meditation. Hazrat Jabber bestowed on him grace of Qadaria, Chishtia and Sohravardiya Orders along with the Naqshbandiya Orders.

The internal spiritual grace was so very keen that he could initiate his disciples even if they were far away from the country. They used to feel his grace as if they were with him.

Once the Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah offered him land as much as he liked. He refused to have it, with the argument that the wealth of the saints is patience.

Someone offered him some land along with one big house, but he did not accept it.

He used to say that every body will be asked fie questions after death that [01] in what actions he passed his life? [02] how he spent his youth? [03] from where he earned money? [04] where he spent his earnings? [05] what prayers he did? He was advised by his father not to have faith in worldly affairs. The speciality of our Order Naqshbandiya is that the disciple has no knowledge of where he is going on, or while. In others light and sounds are quite clear. But they are not so weightily. The disciples in this Order achieve the permanent please of the heights stage of spirituality.

It is right not to refuse the present if it is earned out of noble earnings. In case the presents are earned of ill means, they must not be accepted. The disciples reach the stage where his Master stands only in his company. One cannot achieve both worldly and divine pleasures. One can get only one at a time. It is very difficult to pass life according to th religious bindings these days. It is better atlas to avoid sins.

Musical entertainment is not bad if it gives inspiration towards God. In case it creates worldly desires, it must not be heard. While in the meditation no worldly talks should be entertained. One should work hard to realise God. A disciple must follow his Master, without any ifs and buts. In this way he will have mercy of God also.

Incidents and dreams have no value in the spiritual line. When the disciples are merged in to the soul of the Master, they attain the stage to remain happy in all circumstances. "Razi-Ba-Raza". If some body sees the Prophet or any form God, he is blessed with strong faith in God.

During meditation if mind wanders, one should see his Master with his eyes and in his mind. One should leave worldly desires on by one. He will get success. Some saints like to stop breathing while under meditation but it is not necessary in our order. The main object of the disciple should be bull merging of his self in to the soul of the Master.

Do not think of your livelihood. Look to your own faults. It will clear your heart. Do not fight with the self. Always have your self on good terms like friends. Have delicious food. It creates quietens and calm. If a man sits at the grave of the saints he should make himself unoccupied first, then he should demand affection towers God. He shall be blessed otherwise he will have nothing. It is better to observe fasts. One should not backbite any body. One should not tell a lie. In all stages if one feels the presence of his Master, he is merged in to the soul of his Master.

Hazrat Jan Janan used to say that the disciples may not do any thing but if he loves his Master by heart and he is always attentive to his Master he will reach the stage of his Master. After merging in to the soul of the Master, the old sages of the Order will grace him and God also be kind to him.

Some persons entered the house of Hazrat Mirza Jan Janan and asked him his name. When Hazrat Mirza Jan Janan told them his name, one of them shoot him with a revolver. Hazrat fell down on the ground on 07 Muharram 1195 Hijri, 1779 [AD]. He had foretold it three days ago. He wanted to obey the order of God.

Hazrat Mirza Jan Janan left for his heavenly abode on 10th Muharram 1195 Hijri, 1779 [AD]. He was buried in Khanqa Abul Khair, a little far from Chitli Qabar, near Urdu Bazar, Jama Masjid Delhi. [Now big Tomb is there]. If some one sits there for meditation, he feels great grace even now. I have experienced it several times. 



Yaa elaahi de mujhe taufeeq aamaale Hasan,

Hazrate Khwaaza Naeemullaah Shaah ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.



'O God give me inspiration to do good actions for thy grace on behalf of Hazarat Naim Ullah Shah Behraichi[R.A.]'

INTRODUCTION : Hazarat Naim Ullah Shah was one of the chief disciples of Hazrat Mirza Mazahar Jan Janan. He was initiated by him in to the Order and was announced his heir to preach the spiritual education of the Order. Hazarat Naim Ullah Shah was with his Master for four years continuously. He did great labour to have spiritual transmission through meditation, day and night. Hazrat Jan Janan used to say to him that the spiritual education gives to him was very special. None other had been given such grace. He was absolutely complete in the line. Hazarat Naim Ullah Shah wrote two books. One was 'Amulat Mazaharia' and the other was 'Adab Tariqat'. Unfortunately both the books have been take to the Royal Library London [England]. They are not available in India.

Hazrat Mirza Jan Jana gave him a good number of books presented to him by many saints. Out of them a few books were written by Hazrat Imam Rabbani Mujaddid Alifsani. He was instructed that he should narrate contents to others for their edification. Hazarat Naim Ullah Shah was a man of peaceful nature. He wrote a 'Quran Majid' by hand very beautifully.

Hazarat Naim Ullah Shah left for his heavenly abode on 05th Safar 1218 Hijri, 1801 [AD]. He was buried at Behraich. His grave is situated on a platform at about five feet high, surrounded with four-walls having one small gate in a very big field, just opposite the Government Inter College. The grave of his wife is also there on same level. his residential house and a masque built by him are still there. The grandson of his daughter is still living there. They have got with them the carpet on which his blood fell when Mirza Mazahar Jan Janan was shoot at. All these places, residence, masque and the grave are full of spiritual grace, which can be experienced by sitting there in meditation. I have been there several times.



Yaa elaahi apni rahamat se tu de dill kee muraad,

Shaah Muraadullaah maqbule khuda ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.

 HAZARAT MURAD ULLAH SHAH, LUCKNOW [requiescat in pace]:

'O God complete my hearty desires for thy grace on behalf of Hazrat Murad Ullah Shah, Behraichi [R.A.]'

INTRODUCTION : Hazarat Murad Ullah Shah was the right heir of Hazarat Naim Ullah Shah Behraichi. He was a great saint in the Order at that time. He completed his spiritual education under Hazarat Naim Ullah Shah. He was full of all spiritual miracles. At the same time he was very rich. He came out from a very rich family. Formerly he was the resident of village - Thanesar, near Lucknow. During the Maratha invasion his village - Thanesar was ruined. His father left the village and made his residence at Lucknow [UP].

The father of Hazarat Murad Ullah Shah was the disciple of Hazarat Mirza Mazahar Jan Janan. Once he went to Mirza Mazahar Jan Janan with his father. Hazarat liked him very much. When he attained young age, Hazarat Mirza Jan Janan had left for his heavenly abode, hence he started his spiritual education under Hazarat Naim Ullah Shah. He was his grand father also by the mother side. Hazarat Naim Ullah Shah transmitted the spiritual grace through meditation and made him complete in the line. Hazarat Naim Ullah Shah initiated him in to order and announced him his heir to preach the education of the Order.

Hazarat Murad Ullah Shah had a good number of disciples but out of them two earned great name. One of them was Hazarat Shah Ghulam Rasul, whose grave is situated in Kanpur at 'Parade Ground' and the other, Hazarat Maulana Maulvi Abul Hasan Nasirabadi. Hazarat Murad Ullah Shah was full of all graces. One went to him got one's hearty desire, worldly or heavenly. He was quite a free and frank person.

Hazarat Murad Ullah Shah left for left for his heavenly abode at the age of 82 on 21 Ziqd 1248 Hijri, 1830 [AD]. He was buried in Hatha Ghulam Ali Khan just on a drain in the 'Shah Murad Ullah Lane' facing Royal Hotel, turn to right. It is behind Radio-station. The grave is under small tomb having green colour from lane opposite residence of Hazarat Basheer Ahamad Faruqi go up-stairs. Reach the required place at Lucknow. There is spiritual-grace at the grave. One can feel the grace by sitting there in meditation for some time. I have been there for several times.



Yaa elaahi shaad rakh apnee mohabbat mein mujhe,

Qutbe aalam Bulhassan Noorulhuda ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.


'O God immerse me in your love for thy grace on behalf of Hazrat Saheed Abul Hasan Nasirabadi [R.A.]'

INTRODUCTION : Hazarat Abul Hasan was also a grandson of Hazarat Naim Ullah Shah by his daughter side. He had nice impressions of spiritual grace from him. He started his spiritual education under Hazarat Murad Ullah Shah. Hazarat Murad Ullah Shah initiated him in to the Order and after transmitting spiritual grace through meditation, he completed his spiritual education. He was announced the right heir of Hazarat Murad Ullah Shah, when he was only eighteen years of age. Hazarat Abul Hasan remained for sixteen years with his Master to complete himself in spiritual field. Hazarat Murad Ullah Shah ordered all his disciples to have spiritual eduction form him. He completed a good number of disciples in the life-time of his Master. He used to say that he had Quran in one hand and Hadis in the other hand. It meant that he performed his religious duties very nicely. He followed the principles of both the holy books. He always used to offer Namaz amidst his disciples and the other people who were present there. He made a good number of disciples to realise God. He had good effect on his companions. A person who remained with him was coloured in proportion to his own capacity.

Hazarat Ahamad Ali Khan of Kaimganj right heir of Abul Hasan has write-in his notes that the construction of a mosque was going on in town Ahamadabad near Lucknow. Hazarat Abul Hasan asked the mason to fit a window in the north of the building, but he did not agree. In the night he saw in his dream that some saint was asking him, why he should not follow Hazarat Abul Hasan. The mason was ashamed. The next day he did whatHazarat Abul Hasan wanted him to do.

Once his cousin Hazarat Syed Abdul Salam reached Hazarat Abul Hasan with an intention to have a copy of clear hand written Quran majid along-with some sweets from Hazarat Abul Hasan. He would take him to be a saint if he presented these things to him. As he reached there, he was presented both the things. He also asked Hazarat Abdul Salam that he had come to him for a test. Hazarat Abdul Salam was much ashamed. He became his follower.

A disciple of Hazarat Abul Hasan took his son to his Master for his admission in to the spiritual-class. The son told the Master that he was a bad man committing so many sins. Hazarat asked him that he had not done any sin before him. The boy immediately replied that he could not dare to monist any sin in his presence. It was quite sufficient. The boy promised to do the same. After making such promise the Master initiated the boy in to the Order. After initiation, the boy always felt the presence of the Master all the time. In this way he saved a ruined life.

Hazarat Mirza Quidarat Ullah, one of his disciples reached the Master. There were about three hundred persons around him. Hazarat Qudarat Ullah wanted to touch his feet, but there was chance to do so. All of sudden Hazarat Abul Hasan left his seat and reached Hazarat Qudarat Ullah. He ouched his feet and was contented.

Once food was very little and the number of the guest became large. The servants were worried what to do. Hazarat asked the servants to cover the food with his "Chadar" [cloth-sheet]. Every body took his meal and much food was left over. The remaining food was distributed among the neighbours.

At the time of announcing heir, his Master Hazarat Murad Ullah Shah gave all the books and other presents which he got from the old sages in the past, but Abul Hasan presented every thing to his daughter's son, Hazarat Wali Ullah. Hazarat Wali Ullah Shah was the disciple of Hazarat Abul Hasan, but being the grandson of his Master, was always given all the presents offered to Hazarat Abul Hasan. Hazarat Abul Hasan never allowed Hazarat Wali Ullah to touch his feet in respect of his Master.

Once Hazarat Khalifa Ahamad Ali Khan went to Nazirabad in 1288 Hijri to pay his respects on the Holy grave of his Master. He felt the same grace that he used to feel in his life time. After staying there for a few days he requested his son to let him go. His son asked him that he had no permission from the Master. He had to stay. After a few days Hazarat Ahamad Ali Khan again requested the brother to allow him to leave for his place. He told him that he had been allowed to go. Hazarat Hadi Hasan, the elder son of the Master presented a "kulah" [Turban] along with the Order to be heir of the Master. In this way Hazarat Ahamad Ali Khan got the heir-ship twice, once by his Master in his life-time and another time after the death of the Master.

Hazarat Abul Hasan had three sons and two daughters. One of his son, Hazarat Mustafa Husain had left this world in his child-hood. Hazarat Hadi Hasan and Hazarat Ahamad Mujtaba Hasan got long life. Hazarat Abul Hasan had a good number of disciples.

Hazarat Abul Hasan Nasirabadi left for his heavenly abode on 01 Shavan 1272 Hijri, 1854 [AD]. He was buried at Nasirabad in the graveyard just opposite the police station of the village, where the wall of the village-Idgah still stands. Just near the wall, grave is there having marble stone - 15" X 15", sign board for his name and date of death in Urdu. The grave has been covered with long grass. It is very difficult to find it out as none in the village knows it. One can feel great grace of transmission if he sits there for meditation. I have several times enjoyed the same. There the grace is the same as any where else on the graves of the saints in the Order.



Yaa elaahi raham kar Majrooh aasi par sadaa,

Maulwi Ahemad alee khan rahnuma ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.

 HAZARAT HAJI AHAMAD ALI KHAN MAU RASHIDABADI, KAIMGANJI, Popularly known as 'Hazarat Khalifa Ji Sahib' [requiescat in pace]:

'O God be kind and take pity on me for my sins and give me love for you, for thy grace on behalf of Hazarat Haji Ahamad Ali Khan Mau Rashidabadi, Kaimganji [R.A.]'

INTRODUCTION : The father of 'Khalifa Ji' was initiated in to the 'Chishtiya Order'. He was of-course a great saint of his time but he passed his life in great poverty. He always lead a simple life with limited needs. What ever he uttered proved true. Once he went to attend some marriage party. He being a poor man was paid no heed and every body was busy in entertaining the rich. Hazarat Shahamat Ali Khan became angry and asked the hosts why they are entertaining the rich persons to a great deal. Those people replied that they have come to attend the wedding ceremony of a boy. Hazarat Shahamat Ali Khan told them that they would just run away. He returned home. After a little time there was a great storm and it began to rain. Every body ran away. Only a few could attend attend the marriage.

Though Hazarat Shahamat Ali Khan, the father of Hazarat Khalifa Ji was a poor man yet he gave the best education of the time to his son, Hazarat Khalifa Ji. Hazarat Shahamat Ali Khan was buried in the grave-yard near 'Takia Masjid', between Kuberpur and Kaimganj. If somebody sit there for his meditation he will have strong transmission grace.

Hazarat Khalifa JI did a great labour to obtain his education worldly as well as spiritual. He learnt poetry and Quran Majid by heart. He has written poems in Arabic and Persian. He has written a book "FATVAH E AHAMADI". He strictly followed the religious injunctions. He did not do any thing against the law of religion. He use to say that God gives His Love to those who follow religious law.

Hazarat Khalifa JI used to go to a village, 'Kua Khera'. One day he met a hermit who had a good number of dogs, Hazarat Khalifa JI asked him to leave the dogs as the keeping of dogs was against religion. The hermit did not agree. Hazarat Khalifa JI used some abusive language. The hermit told Khalifa Ji that at time he was not speaking but some other power. Hazarat Khalifa JI felt ashamed and begged pardon. That hermit asked him to concentrate at one point of the body. Khalifa Ji did the same. He felt great love for God and felt that his heart was full of heavenly love. His heart was beating "AllaH" and "Allah". It gave a great pleasure to him. He attended the gatherings of Hazarat Amir Ali Khan Chilauli. He felt some charming joy in it also. After a few days Hazarat Khalifa JI had a chance to meet Hazarat Syed Afzal Shah Raipuri, the disciple of Hazarat Abul Hasan Nasirabadi. He started to attend on him. He felt the charm of Mujaddadiya grace in his meditation through transmission of Hazarat Afzal Shah. He felt the grace of the Order. One day Hazarat Afzal Shah asked him for initiation, but Hazarat Khalifa JI refused. Hazarat Afzal Shah asked him that nothing would remain if he did not take initiation. It proved true. He was emptied of all the grace. He could get with great labour. In the night he wept too much, God knows when he fell a sleep. During his sleep he felt that Hazarat Abul Hasan appeared and filled him with love and affection. He fund himself full of grace more than ever. The happened thrice. All the time the same thing happened with him. The third night Hazarat Abul Hasan Asked him to say to Hazarat Afzal Shah that he would have initiation from Shah Abul Hasan at Nasirabad. Hazarat Afzal Shah became very happy to know what had happened during the previous nights. He started to teach him with love and affection. Hazarat Khalifa ji went to Nasirabad four times. Every time he stayed there for forty days to have transmission through meditation for all sort of grace in the Order. After completion he was announced heir and was ordered to preach the education of the Order to the needy. At the time of the announcement of heirship, Hazarat Abul Hasan gave Hazarat Khalifa JI some sweets, "Dastar" [Handkerchief], Kurta [Shirt], Garland [Rosary] and letters which he had from the Master and other saints in the Order.

At the time when Hazarat Khalifa Ji gave all his belongings to Hazarat  Fazl Ahmad Khan Raipur [R.A.], he announced him his heir and gave directions that he shall grace so many Parsis, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and other places with his spiritual grace. He also directed him to have a keen eye towards a Hindu boy, who shall preach the teachings of the Order in the country and abroad. Huzur Maharaj obeyed the Master 'word-by-word'.

Hazarat Shah Abdul Abul Hasan, the disciple of Hazarat Mirza Mazahar Jan Janan writes in his notes that he saw Hazarat Khalifa Ji in Mecca in a very bright shining position.

Hazarat Khalifa Ji went to Sirhind in 1304 Hijri. He lived there for forty days. At the time of departure he was offered a full grave-sheet and the grace from Hazarat Mujaddid Alifsani. Huzur Maharaj took transmission during his meditation for twenty years continuously form his Master Khalifa Ji. During these twenty years he got all sorts of grace of the Order.

Some time Hazarat Khalifa JI was in service with some landlord. When he got some spare moment he used to teach a boy whose father was earning intreats by lending money. Huzur Maharaj prayed for him. He left earning interest.

Once Hazarat Hajji Imam went on Hajj. Some of his relatives told that the Ship concerned was wrecked. All of them went to Khalifa Ji of their help. Khalifa Ji gave them consolation that there was nothing like that. The next day they got a letter that the ship was safe and returning shortly. Hazarat Khalifa Ji had command over all the happenings in nature.

Maulvi Shamat Ali writes in his notes that he went to see Khalifa Ji two days before his death, he saw the shining like moon. He was much astonished to see it. He writes that he had read in the books that the forehead of the saints shine like the Moon, that day he saw it with his open eyes.

Once Hazarat Khalifa Ji invited a girl behind screen. He asked her to concentrate at a black mole beneath her left side breast. She meditated as she was given direction under his transmission. After the meditation was over she asked Hazarat Khalifa Ji as to how he saw her black mole when she had a shirt and she was behind the screen. Hazarat Khalifa Ji told her that he saw it with the cardiac-eye and not through the physical-eyes. It was a sin to see with the physical eyes.

Hazarat Khalifa Ji left for his heavenly abode at the age of 101 on 09 Rabi UL Aval 1307 Hijri, 04-11-1889 [AD]. He was buried in Kabristan Nandukhan about fifty yards from G. T. road on the way to Kuberpur [Kaimganj]. There is spiritual grace. One can feel it by sitting there in meditation. I have been there several times.




Yaa elaahi teere-wahedat se mujhe Majrooh kar,

Fazl Ahemad khan emaamul asfiya ke waste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.



Peer se ulfat ho mujhko Hun fanaafilshaykh main.

Yaa elaahi Raamchandra Auliya ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.



Yaa elaahi Fazl se de mujhko Fazle Ahemadi,

Raam Fazli aur Raghubar ba-ataa ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.



Mushkilen hal ho meri, az tufaile Naqshband,

Yaa elaahi Krishna swarup beriyan ke waaste

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.




Yaa elaahi sab buzurgon kaa quaram mujh par rahe,

Brijmohan laal murshid rahnuma ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.



Yaa elaahi quamilul aqhlaaq, kar mujhko ataa,

Sant Jagmohannrayan rahnuma ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.



Yaa elaahi shaykh ki shfquat se rahoon saabit quadam,

Mahatma Raadhaa Mohan laal jee be nawaa ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.



Peer se ulfat ho mujhko aur banoon unki muraad,

Raam ke Shrikrishna ki Anupam daya ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.



Yaa elaahi peer se ulfat ho mujhko aur banun msqboole-Raaam,

Raam, Raghubar, Shrikrishna ke priya Shyaam Laal ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.



Yaa elaahi de mujhe taufeeq emaale Raam,

Jag Mohan, Shrikrishna ke priya Akhileshjee ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.



Yaa elaahi! Alhaq tawaqqqul,mujhme  howe aashkaar.

Peer kaamil RaamChandra-Nikht-Dinaysh jee ke waaste.

Allahumma swale ala saiyadana mohammadin

Maadnil-Jude-walquaram WA Alahi wa sallam.

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