We are grateful to our beloved Grand-Spiritual-Master H.H. Mahatma Ramchandra ji (Laalaaji) Maharaj, a householder Saint of Naqshbandiya (Sufi) Nisbat, Who has given opportunity to drown all-of-us in the vast expanse of the infinite grace of the whole Guru-Parampara (hierarchy), by organizing an annual congregation, during Easter-Holidays, right since his life-time (In the year 1926). By the grace and the extreme benevolence of God, the anniversary of this Holy fervour is still continued, every year from Good-Friday to Sunday in the ‘Samaadhi Campus’ of Parampujya Laalaa ji Maharaj, in the form of “Bhandaaraa”, like bathing in the most fragrant and cool waters of a Savior, which makes possible a spiritual-renewal of the abhyaasies bathing in it.

The Bhandaaraa as usual will be held this year on Friday, Saturday, Sunday the April 14,15 and 16, 2017 in the ‘Mahaa Samaadhee-Campus’ at 01/114, Navadia, road-side at Kanpur Road, Fatehgarh (UP).

To pay homage and glorify the liturgical fealty of the place, we have installed his tangible presence, where Reverend Laalaaji Maharaj lived to expound the purpose of human life i.e. self-realization until left his physical-remainders and resumed in the main-stream of Eternity. We have named the appurtenant Hall, as “NIRVANA DHAAM” and sit daily for prayers, round the year, beneath his Lotus-feet from 09.00 to 10.00 Hrs in the morning and from 06.00 to 07.00 Hrs in the evening. During Bhandaara days, we hold an extra meeting from 06.30 to 7.30 Hrs in the morning, for prayer-session [SHANTI PAATH].

The participants will make their own arrangements for food and lodging etc. Since the seating-capacity of the Hall is very limited, the doors will be restrained, soon after it becomes full.

We welcome with thanks, the voluntary donations through the account payee draft/cheques only, in favor of “LAALAAJI NILAYAM CHARITABLE TRUST” payable at Fatehgarh (U.P.) 209601.

Dinesh Kumar Saxena

Grandson, spiritual and de jure heir of H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji [Laalaa Ji] Sahib

ManagingTrustee 'Laalaaji Nilayam' (Samaadheevaalon kaa Ghar)

01/45-A Mahatma Ramchandra Marg (Talaiya Lane)

FATEHGARH (UP) 209601 India

laalaaji nilayam charitable trust