NaqshMuMRa Heritage


Khawajah Naqshband (d. 1389 CE) organized the Naqshbandiya Order at Bukhara (Central Asia). This order continued further naming after Hazrat Sheikh Ahmed Sirhindi, known as Mujaddid Alif Thani literally: reviver of the second Muslim millennium), a successor of Khawajah Baqi billah, who introduced the Order in the Indo-Pakistan sub-continent. He is the 25th after the Prophet Huzoor Muhammad, as given in the “Golden Chain” (Shijra Sharif) . The next great pillar of the order and the 29th in the hierarchy is Hadhrat Mirza Mazhar Jaan-I-Jaanan Mazahariya. And, thus concluding the ordered entity of the theology by giving it a cosmopolitan-odor is none else but Hazrat Maulana Fazl Ahmad Khan Sahib Raipuri (Kaimganj Farrukhabad) who initiated Laalaaji (Ramchandra of Fatehgarh UP) after performing the spiritual Bay’t (oath of Allegiance), but without formal conversion in to Islam.- This event created a wonderful history in the hierarchy of Sufism, which is the gateway to NaqshMuMRa, the new name in the realm of mystics.