Writer of Sahaj Marg Script - II


Sunday; 29th October 1944 :


Revered Master's dictation : "I have not bestowed powers on you to remain sitting, after absorbing them. These are for use at the time of the need. Man becomes free when the question of envy and won-ness gets obliterated in one's life. It requires a lot of time to create it. On [careful] thought, all will be found to possess the same force which produces their movements. The systems [and traditions] differing from time to time, are to be adopted [and respected]. This thing was at its zenith in me. Lord Krishna is the current of 'Asal Zaat' [Real Ultimate Being]."


"By designating 'Ganga-Jamuni' transmission, my purpose is also that both of these elements will proceed together ; or you may say that my and His [Lord Krishna] current, will remain mixed up, and the whole world will be lighted with you. Its appreciation shall reach people after your physical veiling."


"At Mathura, if you like to stop the spring of Yamuna some where, you take help of sage Agastya. Love means automatic inclination of the mind to perform what ever may be ordered by the Master, i.e. no hesitation at all in following the order. In case at Mathura your secret is somehow out to the priests [playing host to pilgrims to fleece them] and they oppose you, then you pray to call Lord Krishna together with His well shaped boomerang [sudarshan-chakra]." 


Dictation from Lord Krishna : "I permit you. My power shall always be at your back. There will be no need for prayer etc. I have assigned a very big duty to you. Who ever will help you in it, shall not remain unfulfilled. There is no need for anxiety. My full force shall be with you, when needed; and your Master just does not leave you alone at any time. This is called 'Samarth Guru' [Capable Guide]. He is himself the example of his time. I have today fully recompensed you for your love for your Master. Every [fine] hair of your body has started to emit [Divine] fragrance. Have expectations for yet beyond."


Revered Master's exclamation to Munshi Madan Mohan Lal : "Just see my cleverness, to have included [in Divine Grace] my own ones [you and Pandit Rameshwar Prasad]!



Monday; 30th October 1944 :


Revered Master's dictation : "Today at 09.45 AM Karuna Shankar is perfected in the 'Kubra' [cosmic region], and dear Ram Chandra has pulled him up to the 'Ulia' [Para cosmic Region]. Now his area of stroll is the spiritual kingdom of that region. I have never seen a better vessel [i.e. capacity] then yours [Ram Chandra] to digest the transmission of such a Great Personality and of such a state, as was given to you yesternight, was just your job! As the proverb runs : 'digested it even without a belching, even once'. It [transmission] penetrated so as not to leave its track anywhere. My dear Madan Mohan Lal, at that time I felt an urge to have an estimate of dear Ram Chandra's vessel [capacity]. I remained filling him continuously for fifteen minutes, but there was no indication of any filling of the vessel. I can say with full confidence that in any other case, such transmission for even half of that time would have resulted in the heart being torn as under. He remain almost unaware of such a tremendous transmission from me. It appeared to him as something light, as it is during routine 'Satsang' [group-sitting]. To fill up this vessel is beyond my control. May God grant him a yet higher status!"


"At 10.35 AM, I arranged transmission to him from Lord Krishna for seven minutes. The vessel has not even now got filled up."


Lord Krishna's remark at the time of transmission : "This vessel is structured by your Master. It is difficult to fill it up."


Dictation from Revered Master [Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib] : "What ever is snatched away by him [Ram Chandra] from various persons is stored up here. If it needs to be returned to somebody, it will be from me, i.e. I shall meet to fill a new up to the limit of that person's condition."


"The method to enlarge the vessel is that : first, transmission is to be given a little more than what the aspirant may be able to absorb; then it should be got digested, and this method is to be continued on and on, to create a high [capacity] vessel. Sometime when the state is enhanced beyond [capacity], there also arises the need to help in digesting it. There should not be pressure on the heart in any case. Otherwise the aspirant's courage will get [adversely] effected."


"At Mathura make four to six miles along the bank of the river Yamuna illuminated [spiritually]; and it will be better than all of that [area] gets the touch of your feet. At Brindavan also, your work will be just the same. That is a very holy place. The priests have spoiled it. Make a start with their total distraction. The work that you bring [unfinished] therefrom, will have to be continued in the home as well. The sight of the river Yamuna at Brindavan is in my view. It still retains the effect [to some extent], because it has not been a place of general approach by common people [like Mathura]. Just possible, some order may be received for the place where the brother of Har Narain [Shri Har Narain Saxena of Jaipur, the son-in-law of Babu Ayodhya Nath who was the real brother-in-law of Revered Laalaa Ji Maharaj, his wife's real brother] has given up his physical frame. He died under enthusiastic intoxication for Lard Krishna."


Dictation from Lord Krishna : "I had given direct light to the person, refered to by your Master. He is present with me. Right his name in your systems [genealogical] chain, in letters of gold."


Revered Master's [Parampujya Laalaa Ji Sahib] dictation continued : "Here is a wonderful invention. The heart has a connection with every point. It is the way that takes [the aspirant] up to the highest point [Dhura]. In view of this thought dear Ram Chandra has brought about a tremendous invention. All difficulties are now made easy. The apprehension for a fall has diminished. Holds and hurdles have been got rid off. The method is this : while transmitting to the heart the thought be taken that the cosmic or para cosmic region is being brought to awakening. The reach of the heart being unto the highest limit, the sublimity of what ever point [or region] be taken in thought, shall blossom, and the path will be clear. For example if the thought for opening cosmic region be taken, the thought shall reach up that limit, shedding light on all points below it; and this will keep the path always clear. This is the method which every trainer should right on the first page [of his manual note book]. This method can take [the aspirant] unto the highest point; and the method for ahead of that, which is my invention, anal be [kept] confidential. He [Ram Chandra] has comprehended it; but I have not allowed it to be perfectly revealed, so that he may not express it [to all and sundry]. It is a method which can be helpful in opening every point fully. The person, using it, must form a restrictive thought in his/her heart, so that the awakening  beyond the [fixed] point does not occur. Ir will help up to the limit of approach of a the trainer. Whatever structuralisation of dear Ram Chandra has taken place is the fruit of not only my work but his labour. [Pause] I had [acquired a special] efficiency, viz. I use to carry over work from the baleful to the dreaming [state of consciousness] for completion. [This is to say that what ever work I was not able to complete during my wakefulness, I use to complete it in the dreaming state.]"



Tuesday; 31st October 1944 :


Revelation by Revered Master [Janaab Laalaa Ji Sahib] : "Today at 09.25 AM Karuna Shankar was made to cover the 'Ulia' [Para cosmic region] and his point of [prayerful]  bid [humility] was opened. At 19.35 AM the light at the point ahead of that [ibd] stimulated; and at 10.50 AM permission [for special work] was granted. At 11.55 AM the status of 'Qutub' was bestowed on him. May God shower sower benediction!"


"The Ghous of Najda got his spiritual condition totally snatched off yesternight. It was the result of [religious] bigotry that he came to see this day. Karuna Shankar be instructed to avoid associating with woman flock. If somebody comes to him for training, he should tally with me whether training [in that particular case] is to be imparted or not. If my words fail to reach him, he should enquire to ear Ram Chandra. There is no need of filling up every tom and dick. Just this instruction is for Pundit Rameshwar Prasad also. I am telling this for everybody who has authorisation."


Dictation at 05.00 PM addressed to Munshi Madan Mohan Lal [By Revered Laalaa Ji Maharaj] : "yesterday I had mentioned that I carried over work from the wakeful to the dreaming state. I was really an adept in it. However, at that time [of mentioning about it yesterday] I desired to test dear Ram Chandra; and it was the first [such] occasion. I wanted to assess how much [sensuous] craving was still remaining. He got through the test successfully; and the merit of the case is that he comprehended also that I intentioned to test him [while narrating about my own condition]. To keep something secret from such a person, is difficult for me. This matter was something very deep, but it appeared to him as floating on [the surface of] water. That is his personal capability; an God given. He is simple to look at [only]. What is it and why is it so, dear Madan Mohan Lal? [Pause for Madan Mohan Lal's reply]. Yes, you are right, but there is one thing very subtle [and secret] about it, i.e. he has gradually progressed to acquire such adeptness as makes him glued to my remembrance all the time. Just on account of this he misses nothing. Something may possible be forgotten due to mental weakness."


"These five sublimity, assigned to the chest region, remain included at every stage about that [organic] region. The shape goes on changing. These drop off beyond the region of 'Qudsa' [piety]. Therefrom starts 'Khuloos' [purity]." 


"Today at 05.35 PM, I have shattered dear Ram Chandra's last knot; but I do not yet like to tell what it is. Praise unto his comprehension! He has grasped it. It was just this. He has acquired the capability today to caste aside his body and reach the Ultimate Being. I desire to delay this; but my inward inclination made me helpless. That is his fortune. However, he can not leave the body. This much I have ever now kept under my own control. That I will reveal at the last moment. If the inner tendency makes me helpless, that will be another matter. This state remaining, he shall not at all leave his body before time."


Wednesday; 01st November 1944 :


Revered Master's [Janaab Laalaa Ji Sahib's] dictation at 11.35 AM : "Reverend Lord Krishna has asked me to tell him [Ram Chandra] be free for work at Mathura. As such, I transfer all the powers needed for that work to him."


"There is no example to match the tyranny perpetrated on the wife of Mandan Mishra by [Adi] Shankaracharya. He could never be rid of the effect of that sin. She was a housewife perfectly faithful to her husband, and entirely firm concerning the performance of her duties. After a discussion with her, he [Shankaracharya] prohibited education of women. This resulted in their [Hindu] progeny being misguided [and going astray]. Mothers could not impart proper education [to children]. All these heavy burden [of sin] is still waiting of his neck. He has committed murder of a whole people, and closed the door for future progress. The religious code [and system] that he established was of his own making. There is no order of it in Nature in any where. In a way, the quality of color is opposed to the quality of Nature : its reflection on one's own body comes to be colorful, which is injurious to colorlessness. He [Shankaracharya] had used his will-power to degrade her [Mandan's wife], but he could not deal and harm to her. This is the condition of the crown of the Hindu community, opening one's mouth against whom shall make people furious. Saffron garbs are good only in their own [limited] sense : Shankaracharya was undoubtedly celibates [Brahmachari] and also very learned, but he was devoid of spiritual wealth. Mandan Mishra's wife was brought to the state of libation; and he remained unacquainted to it. Do not force me reveal more!"


"The real service has been done by swami Dayanand [Founder of Arya Samaj] but his life did not last long enough, and he carried away his entire scheme in his breast. His plan had not [properly] got revealed, when he died."


"Shankaracharya has also introduces interpolations in sacred books. I am, anyway, telling one thing to increase your [general] knowledge : the extent to which Tilak [Bal Ganga Dhar] was capable, shankaracharya was not [the interpretation of and commentary on the Gita by both Shankaracharya and Tilak is considered significant] : Shankaracharya did not have the capacity to grapes the text [of ancient treatises] better than Tilak. He [Shankaracharya] interpolated such material [in sacred books] as may enhance the prestige of his community. By community I do not mean the Hindu community, but the caste wherein he was born. Ascetics [Sanyasins] will be rarely fun to be capable; and in those rare cases also, it will be their personal culture and capability [instead of being due to the system of asceticism]. The reason is that the foundation on which this structure [of asceticism] has been raised was weak. For example, sand be covered with blotting paper and a building be raised up there on; and apparently the defect of the building remains concealed [from view] due to the blotting paper. I order you not to rely on anything written by Shankaracharya, even if it may be correct, because on account of being unacquainted to the Sanskrit language, you cannot form an estate of right or wrong [correctly]. It is also not essential to know Sanskrit in order to be an adept in the Science of the Ultimate [Brahmvidya]. My example is [already] there. This does not mean that Sanskrit be not studied. The meaning of this whole sentence, stated above, is that one does not remain devoid of 'BrahmVidya' due to not having studied Sanskrit. So far as prayer is concerned, it can as well be in the language prevalent at the time. What is needed is the proper feeling [and attitude], so that it [Prayer] be accepted."


Editor's note : [Here the reference is to the generally accepted stalwart or contemporary Hindu religion and philosophy - Adi shankaracharya of the IX century A.D. He is the propounder of the monistic [Advaita] Vedanta school of Indian philosophy, which has been held as the most profound and respectable contribution of India to human culture and philosophy as a whole, during almost the whole of the twentieth century. Adi Shankaracharya was a prodigious Namboodri Brahmin child of Kerala. His family consisted only of himself and his mother, whose permission he was seeking to became an ascetic [Sanyasin] even at the age of five years he is reputed to have acquired all the existing knowledge of the ancient texts concerning religion and philosophy. He could obtain his mother's permission at the age of eight years, when is said to have been caught in the jaws of a crocodile while taking bath in a river; and left his home as a recluse, promising to come at the time of his mother's death and perform her last rights. He performed a number of miracles and won many disciple of much superior age and learning. He started challenging and defeating in discursive contents [Shastrarth] almost all the accepted and established authorities in the field of religion and philosophy in India at that time. He came to Varanasi to have such a contest with Kumarila Bhatt, and accepted authority of Purva Mimamsa [Ritualistic Vedic adherents] school of religious practice and philosophical theorising. As Kumarila Bhatt was engaged at the time in the fulfilment of a penitent vow leading to a sort of painful suicide, he sent Shankaracharya to his [Kumarila] most tenanted disciple Mandan Mishra for a discursive bout. The contest was arranged with the condition that the defeated party would have to adopt the discipleship and way of life of the victorious one, viz. family life in case Shankar was defeated and ascetic mendicant [monasticism] in Mandan got vanquished. The wife of Mandan Mishra, named 'Sharda' or 'Bharati', accepted as the ablest logician of India at the time, was appointed as arbiter and umpire at this contest. Mandan Mishra was defeated, where upon 'Sharda' herself as the part of her husband, challenged Shankar to vanquish her as well before taking Mandan as an ascitic disciple and introduce him to the monastic way of life. At first Shankar tried to avoid the situation by saying that respectable wise men did not enter in to [discursive] duels with ladies. On Sharda quoting the ancient example of the famous discussion between Yagyavalakya and Gargi in the heydays of the Vedic supremacy, Shankar agreed reluctantly to only answer Sharda's questions to establish his [sanskara] omniscience like Yagyavalakya. For eighteen days this marathon session of questions and answers went on, when at last Sharda hit upon a unique device of putting Shankara on the horns of a dilemma. She asked questions concerning very intimate human sex behavior [Kamashastra]. If Shankara would reply, he would prove himself be a fake recluse [having entered monastic life at eight years of age] and if he failed to reply, he would forfeit his claim of omniscience and perfection. It is reputed that Shankara asked Sharada to allow him time to answer; and then leaving his physical body in the care of his disciples in a cave, caused his subtle body to enter mysteriously in the physical body of a just dead young king having three wives; and thus finally returned armed with the required knowledge of sex life to convert Mandan Mishra as 'Sureshwaracharya', and also establish a seat of his religio-philosophical system, dedicated to the name of 'Sharada in Gujarat' [Sharadapeetha]. What actually happened to the real Sharada has been no body's concern after her enshrinement and commemoration. Shankara died at the age of thirty two at 'Kedarnath' in the Himalayas [about 1200 feet above sea level]. A famous anecdote of his life also indicates his relentless strength of character and his effective determination. He fulfilled his promise to his mother, viz. being with her at the time of her death to perform her last rites. As this is against the orthodox code of ascetic monasticism, his kinsmen felt angered at this violation of the code of ascitic-life, to perform some duty like a house-holer. Nobody was there to assist him to cremate the dead-body of his mother, whereupon the young pulled down the house, collected all the wood and other combustible material at the door, cut the mother's heavy dead-body in to three parts, put them one-by-one on the pyre, set it on fire, and after all the rites including disposal of the ashes in the river, cursed this entire community of Namboodri Brahmins to have their family cremation at their doors, which practice remains prevalent among the orthodox even now. As regards assessment of Shankara's contribution there is a very wide variety of opinions. His brilliant and stamina have earned almost universal  acclaim and respect. He is to have sounded a death knell to Buddhism and almost bundled it out of India, and brought the revival of Hinduism, which had started about one thousand years earlier, to its peak point. Swami Vivekanand has pointed out that Shankaracharya got Buddhist monks and priests burnt alive. However, Vivekanand, on the other hand, also inaugurated in present renaissance in Indian culture and philosophy, laying highest emphasis on Shankara's absolute [unqualified] monism as the most representative philosophical system of India. This was against the backdrop of the supreme dominance of the British philosopher - Bradley's absolute idealism over the worldwide span of the British Empire at the close of the nineteenth century. The trend has continued during almost the whole of the twentieth century in Indian universities, to compare Shankara with the taller of the Western philosophers - Plato, Spinoza, Kant, Bradley and so on. The orthodox Hindu tradition has, however, treated Shankara almost scornfully as a Buddhist in disguise [crypto-Buddhist], and described his doctrine of phenomenal reality [Maya] as absurd theory [Asat shastra], derived from the non-vedic negativistic atheistic Buddhist view of the world and man. He [Shankara] no doubt tried opportunity with great success to weave the culture unity of India by combining  all prevalent paradigms of religious beliefs and approaches of Godhead, but this has also resulted in compromises with and concessions to all sorts of esotericism, and crude practices. His view of the ultimate stands most comprehensive and even logically most sound, but misses the humility and elasticity of later Vedanta Acharyas [teachers], that has to go beyond logic and ratiocination to comprehend the Ultimate Reality in its wholeness. It is also notable that Shankara is succeeded by about one thousand years of comparative darkness and sterility in the field of Indian philosophy and culture. The brilliance and strength of Shankara itself in a way impeded maturity. On my reference about Shankara and Mandan Mishra to Revered Shri Babu Ji, his characteristic crisp remark was : "He should have honestly accepted his ignorance about sex instead of including in something under hand to establish his presumed omniscience." It is here that Revered Babu Ji reveals the dignity of the human limitations, and superiority of ordinariness over prodigious glamour and brilliance; victory that blossoms in the womb of de feat.]


Revered Master's [Janaab Laalaaji's] dictation continued : "Nature has two principals - one [01] अस्बात '[positive]' and the other [02] नफ़ी '[negative]'. नफ़ी '[negative] is the designation for ejection or elimination. When pus is increased, it is eradicated through this power. अस्बात '[positive] is the name for [the process of] compensating the loss. These very principles are continuously operating since the very start of creation. Whatever comes to be really lacking gets recompensed by devotees ; and what happens to be in excess is also brought to normalcy just through them. Nature does not have hands and feet. It is a machine continually at work. You [man devoted to the Ultimate] are the one to weaken, as well as the one to strengthen the machine of Nature. When the machine of Nature is very strong [and functioning well], that period is designated as a goo time. The times are said to have suffered a degeneration in proportion to the extent of the machine [of Nature] going weak. 'Satyuga', 'Treta', 'Dwapar', 'Kaliyuga' are all divisions [of time] with respect to the same [characteristic of strength or weakness of the machine of nature]. At the present time, this machine is running very loose : its various parts have gone very weak. As such, Nature's attention is getting oriented to this direction. The result is clear. There is really no secret in Nature. It is something very simple, which is proof of Master's perfection. The ability to observe [and grasp the relevant and real] in the servant [person of the Master or Lord] is the [necessary] condition. Instruct every Qutub [under you] that what ever difficulties may occur during 'Satsang' [spiritual-get-together] be solved from here, i.e. through dear Ram Chandra; and whatever order be issued is to be taken as God's order and acted upon."


"Dear Ram Chandra has suggested one method to me which is extremely fine : it has brought the solution of many problems concerning lack and excess of transmission. Every Qutub or a person of a higher state should take the thought [firmly] that whatever has been bestowed beyond [an aspirant's] capacity is transferred to dear Ram Chandra; and if it has been bestowed correctly, [then] it is being absorbed by and by in the aspirant. Both these thoughts should be there together. Every Qutub should try to increase sensitivity. I jumped up [out of joyful surprise] at this intuitive insight. Really this too can be the method which dear Ram Chandra suggested. While snatching away [the spiritual state of the Ghous of Najda] the Great Entity with which [Ghous] was connected has power for absorption as well. Whatever dear Ram Chandra suggested, he improved it also. This thing is perfectly correct and exact, viz. establishing the connection of his Master where the state of Ghous opens, to obtain the desired result [automatically]."


Thursday; 02nd November 1944 :


Revered Master's [Janaab Qibla Laalaaji's] instruction : "Distribute your work at Mathura so as to allot the lightest work to Rameshwar. If the need may arise for help in some heavy work, give power to him [Pandit Rameshwar Prasad] concerning that [work], and withdraw it after getting the work complete. Allot the work concerning the 'Jamaa Masjid' to Madan Mohan Lal, and instruct him to consider himself involved in that work, even as I shall remain busy in Mathura. For the rest of the work, I shall remain telling you as developments will be taking place indue course. You get the whole of Mathura illuminated. There is not much work at Brindavan. The biggest work is at Mathura proper. About Nandgaon etc. carry the memorandum with you, and make a note of whatever instruction may be issued. Altering the course of the river Yamuna may be essential. Near the railway bridge a [hidden] geyser originates from the revere. When you get one work completed, only then take up another work. Take care of your health. There is no need of finishing all the work in a single day at the cost of strain to the [physical] body. You have plenty of time at your disposal. I shall feel happy when you return getting one or two buildings pulled down. Rameshwar Prasad can also partake in this. Just sharpen him a little. If you concentrate on some building for six hours, it cannot remain intact. You shall get light at each step. Your idea to enter Mathura after finishing work at the suburbs [and surroundings] is right. I have just now awakened dear Ram Chandra's point of the 'anal plexus' [muladhar chakra], which is the spot of miraculous powers. It has nothing to do with spirituality. I had left it out for emergency, but this point was reverberating in his thought for several days and he knew that it was not in an awakened condition in him. He was weighing it from a spiritual point of view and was desirous of knowing to what destination it was connected. [Generally] There is no need at all to awaken it. The plexus of the 'thousand petals' [Sahastra dal kamal] has opened and come to its real sate. This point is in the head and is connected to the 'anal plexus'. 'Sushumnaa' [midway nerve] goes from the 'anal plexus' through the spine up towards the head. I have set it straight. Now both ways are clear. He [Ram Chandra] can give training according to his choice [through the 'Hatha Yogic' way of nerve cleaning etc. or pure 'Raja Yogic' meditational way, progressing through the organic, cosmic, paracosmic regions, etc.]. For this people have devoted austere practices for many years without achieving the desired purpose. This knot is not loosened by a [competent] guide in any case [almost]; and I instruct you [Ram Chandra] also not to do this. Dear Madan Mohan Lal, everyone transmits from [various] points, but to dear Ram Chandra I have given expertness to achieve the desired result through gesture of any part of the body, i.e. he can transmit from any hair root on body, apart from the [traditional] chakras to have the same effect that may be there in case of transmissions from [fixed] points. The reason of this is that he has become the source [of transmission] from head to foot, and his heart has spread to every artery and vein [as well as nerves]. This is something very special, present in him. If he makes a gesture with a finger, the flow of transmission shall start. How much to say [in praise of him]! As there is a purpose in revealing his states, I just say something. It is for the coming [generations] to take him as ideal and be proud of him."



The dictation, addressed as usual, continued : "Shankaracharya sown such thorns whose shape has now acquired the hardness of spears. Just he is the person to have spoiled the cost of the priests. He laid the foundations of grossness. Idol-worship flourished most in his [Shankaracharya] period : and he adopted it form 'Buddhists'. He made every possible effort for the uplift of one particular caste [Brahmins] among Hindus. The result was that they developed the [mis] conception of their own piousness; and the wise people started regarding them as fools. They established the supposition of their piousness in their mind to the extent of seeing everyone as low [and degraded]. Habitual pursuance of this presumption resulted in their minds getting solidified; and the substance that clears the way to approach God became ineffective. What complaint you assert against the Ghous [of Najda], when manifold sin was present in the person of your own community. he established the priests [from among Brahmins] as posts as may provide for the worship of their bellies without [any hard] labour; and he brought down their importance in the minds of other people. The so called 'Vedic' incantation that your priest recites [like a parrot] developed just in his [Shankaracharya] time or near about. Brahmin born of mouth etc. - an absurdity of such dimensions cannot descend in the Veda. There was a Vedic aphorism, which has been twisted to be brought about in this way."


"If I am asked to speak the truth, Buddhism was a thousand time better than present time Hinduism. He [Shankaracharya] has destroyed everything [totally] through introducing novelty. This whole system will require been upturned. Going to Mathura stands postponed for the time being. The reason for this is that the field for work could not be prepared. The work concerning the 'Jamae Mosque' [Jaamaa Masjid] will remain assigned to Munshi Madan Mohan Lal as usual. You shall, however, not be staying at Shahjahanpur for long. Rameshwar Prasad and dear Ram Chandra should keep ready to got at any time. Very great importance has been given to this work; and it is the most essential of all secret duties. For the time being start the work concerning [the destruction of] priests [there]; and assign this work to Rameshwar Prasad, because several important jobs are assigned to dear Ram Chandra, and we are faced with dearth of [capable] persons. Some permanent duty, which is comparably less important, can be assigned to Karuna Shankar. This job, viz. assigning duties to Qutubs [working] under him, is really of Rameshwar Prasad. Lord Krishna has gone away to survey the situation at Mathura."


Friday; dated 03rd November 1944 :


Revered Master's [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib's] dictation : "Just now, I have done something, knowing which will baffle the wisdom of elder sages of high approach, who will comprehend it as impossible. It is a technique that nobody ever applied in the case of one's disciple. Nor was there capability to do this. It is the last thing. I have brought down the impossible to realms of the possible. All get oriented to the Ultimate Being. I made the Ultimate Being with full force oriented to him [Ram Chandra]. Madan Mohan Lal has also derived benefit. This thing will be hard to describe and listen to. It is a unique method with which only I am acquainted. I feel the condition of my heart, and the restlessness caused to it due to dear Ram Chandra's love, even in my [state of] freedom. There will be no example available either of mine nor of his [love]. The field for work at Mathura has been prepared. The departure [for there] is to be effected tomorrow."


Instruction at 08.00 PM : "The field at Mathura is perfectly ready. Now there is no need for any delay. Lord Krishna has Himself given orders for [your] departure [to Mathura] tomorrow; and bestowed His special powers on dear Ram Chandra."


Saturday; dated 04th November :


Journey to Mathura; and some work there in the evening.


Sunday; dated 05th November :


Revered Master's [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib's] dictation : "Every place at Brindavan will need to be illuminated. Radha kund is a [special] spot in Brindavan. You must go there and make it holy. Take help from Rameshwar Prasad also in this work."


Dictation form Lord Krishna : "You have stepped at my birthplace [yesterday evening]. Apart from your Guide, I too have not left anything  lacking [in you]. Take success to be certain. Today is a day of rest for you. Your mind is puzzled due to remaining awake [during the night]. What ever research you undertake and search out holy spots, do there in actually what your Guide orders. The research concerning the well of Kubjaa has been done correctly. The gate of the prison during the peered of Kansa was just where indicated to you."


Revered Master's [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib's dictation : "There is no estimate of your status. Do not transmit to anybody during this period, unless I order so. Remain patient [and tolerant]. So long as you have not completed this work, you cannot leave this place."


Regarding the condition that passed at the well of Kubjaa, Revered Master's [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib's dictation continued : "When both of you [Rameshwar and Ram Chandra] were squatting at the well of Kubjaa, the condition coming to experience is the effect of that spot; and gives confirmation of the correct discovery of the spot. It was an emotional condition and thoughts all became oriented to a single direction. The heart was overbrimming with love. That place is good for meditational practice. There are many spots like that, about which people have no knowledge as yet. There, at every step, Lord Krishna's Grace is over flowing. The earth has started emitting it."


Dictation addressed to Pandit Rameshwar Prasad : "Just now your brother [Ram Chandra] produced such a fine invention as to bring immense joy to me. I could not contain myself and came [almost] running. This invention is like this : if somebody has a special liking for something edible, then its effect, viz. the essence of the liked taste be brought down touching the tongue, so as to be absorbed in to the person concerned. Repeating this several times will remove that [liking] form that person. He [Ram Chandra] structured several individuals during this period [in the mean time], but nobody as yet could come up to the level of enable me to relieve dear Ram Chandra of some of those jobs which remain duties for his subordinates. They need dear Ram Chandra in some form or another. The capability has not developed as yet [in subordinates] to catch orders directly through me or dear Ram Chandra in-absentia; and start work. I wanted to reserve him for those jobs that happen to be just for him. I wanted to keep him free for unravelling the knots of this system [Sahaj Marg] and make it easy [and simple]. Anyway, what has been possible is to be treated as a matter of satisfaction [and gratitude]."


Monday; 06th November 1944 :


Revered Master's [Janaab Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib's] dictation : "There is a place at the back-side of the Dwarikadheesh Temple. Start its destruction just now. Lord Krishna has mentioned it as a den. Just pay attention to this place [where you are present now]."


Dictation from Lord Krishna : "You have discovered the spot correctly. A little ahead of the place where you are sitting just now, at a distance of about eighteen inches towards the west, my umbilical cord was buried. Your Revered Master [Peer Sahib i.e Janaab Laalaa Ji Sahib] has provided you with very good guidance; and you are sitting at the right spot."


Revered Master's [Janaab Laalaa Ji Sahib's] dictation : "You made correct research about the place. The point indicated by you with your stick is quite close to where Revered Lord Krishna's  umbilical cord was buried; and a treasure is still lying buried very close to it. If some occasion for discussion comes up, I shall tell you exactly where the treasure lies. In Mathura there are a number of places where treasures are lying buried; and nobody knows about them."


Dictation [of Janaab Laalaa Ji Sahib's] addressed to Pandit Rameshwar Prasad : "How much praise be showered on dear Ram Chandra! The work that is difficult for bigger than big ones, is completed by him in minutes. I ordered just now to purify the mound; and if someone observes it attentively, [he shall find] it has got illuminated. Some effort of demoniac nature remains. That too shall removed. It shall take just a few minutes to finish. [Pause] The atmosphere has started reverberating. This work is completed."


Tuesday; 07th November 1944 :


Revered Master's [Janaab Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib's] dictation : "Lord Krishna has already allotted work [to you] concerning the 'temple of Laalaa Baaboo'. You should go to every prominent temple here. Go to the bank of river Yamuna without fail. First read the situation of the temples. I shall give the orders later. Just now you have a heavy working schedule."


Observation concurring the 'Mandir Rang Ji' : "The eastern part, where the [residential] quarters of the priests are situated, was dark. The middle portion, consisting of the temple building, was some what desolate. On the north side of the [main] temple, there is a small temple, behind which there is the place for reverently going around [parikrama] : that was extremely dark. The western side of the temple, where the tank of the elephant and the crocodile is situated, was quite glamourous. The idols were all without any glamour.


Observation concerning the 'Laalaa Baaboo at Brindavan' : The whole temple was full of showering ominousness. Carnal thoughts were prevailing.


Observation concerning the 'Eejan Mandir of Gwalior Ji Maharaj' : It had glamour.


Revered Master's [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Maharaj's] instruction : "The tour [of Brindavan] is over. Leave Brindavan tomorrow. Have observation of two or three temples on the side of Gwalior. It will be good if you touch some places with your feet. Those places will require to be illuminated. The best place is this, where you are sitting, viz. the temple with curling pillars. There is the temple of Govind Ji near 'Kalidaha', where danger to life prevailed. The bones of [murdered] pilgrims are still existing there."


Question : "Do the places, observed, required to be illuminated?"


Answer : "Every nook and corner here will have to be cleaned."


Wednesday; the 08th November :


Revered Master's [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Maharaj's] instructions : "Consider yourself as in-charge of all the main temples. Continue filling them with grace. Try to remove corruption. If there is no success in that, start destruction of those persons [responsible for corruption]. The more places you are able to visit [personally] at Brindavan, the better it will be. The earth will also absorb the effect. The part, where the bones of [murdered] pilgrims are still lying, will have to be destroyed. Those [evil persons] who still exist there, have to be made devoid of light, together with that temple. All the area from 'Govind Ji Temple' towards the west along the old Yamuna bank is dilapidated and entirely worth distraction. When you were sitting at the bank of the big current of the revere Yamuna, I told you that people had been murdered there."


Dictation from Lord Krishna : "I feel very happy at your work. Some spots still remain, which you have not been able to visit. The entire place needs to be fully filled up. You may do it either strolling about or just staying [at one place]."


Revered Master's [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Maharaj's] appreciation : "Bravo to dear Ram Chandra's courage. Now, the whole of Mathura is in a saintly condition. But alas! There will be extremely few people to see [and appreciate] it!"


Appreciation from the [invisible] sage in charge of the maintenance of the divine order of Nature [Abdal] at Mathura : "Just now you have filled up entire Mathura with grace. Something like this had happened once more at the time of the centenary of Sage Dayaanand [founder of Arya Samaj]. This condition is beyond anybody's comprehension and imagination."


Revered Master's [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Maharaj's] dictation addressed to Pundit Rameshwar Prasad : "Just now dear Ram Chandra had brought the gross and subtle forms of Lord Krishna to your vision. The reason is clear : see the earlier notes. He [Ram Chandra] is filled up with such powers, as may hardly come even to the apprehension and imagination of people. He has, however, absorbed and digested it all. To the extent of his control, he has obliterated fervour and enthusiasm. If some of it is there, it is just my own. One thing special in his life story is that what ever powers have been bestowed on him, he has merged all of them. This is something that never came to the lot of any-body as yet. This is something inborn in him, i.e. the substance for grasping is present [in him] at a high level. That substance, I have taken up to the highest extent. May he live long!"


The usual dictation [of Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Maharaj's] continued : "Kadamba tree was certainly there! and this is the old spot of 'Kaalidaha' [deep cavern in the river Yamuna where the great serpent 'Kaali Nag' was conquered by Lord Krishna in His child's play]. At the place where you are sitting at the bank of river Yamuna in Brindavan, the traditional indigenous priests killed a 'Marwari Business-man', who was a very simple person, travelling all alone. It was a conspiracy, hatched by temple-priests. Their distraction is to be effected."


Abdal of Mathura [invisible sage in-charge of the maintenance of the region] intervened : "I have been assigned another duty. I am stopping my work [concerning you]."


Revered Master's [of Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Maharaj's] instruction : "Order Abdal to protect you for three months, where ever you may be. In case of something contrary, you tell him that I will snatch away everything. Removing all obstructions, clear the way up to Shahjahanpur [for him]. This [arrangement], however, will be only temporary. Issue the order just now, [while] I am present."


Abdal : "Wait a bit."


Revered  Master [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Maharaj]  : "I am just rubbing his ears."


Abdal : "I have committed a blunder. I consulted my own 'Peer' [guide]. I beg your pardon."


Revered Master [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Maharaj] : "The order once issued is irrevocable."


[Abdal was punished this way because he was assigned the duty to protect me and Pundit Rameshwar Prasad from cholera for two days, which he had forsaken before time.]


Revered Master's [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Maharaj's] dictation continued : "I have set the Abdal right. If he had faltered even a little, I would have ordered you to snatch away [his spiritual status]. The work at Mathura has almost come to completion. Only a little remains."


"The plan of distraction at Brindavan, I shall reveal to your thought. I did not allow you to go to several dangerous places. There is no need of going to Barsaanaa [Radha's village]. All places, however, have got to be illuminated. You just go to the other places that have been indicated. The particular places [concerning Shree Nath Ji's Temple] which is in your thought, has to be destroyed. Time allowing, You may just go there. Going to Nandgaon is necessary. Some of the places, about no one else can conduct research, have been allotted to you. One thing I am telling you as a matter of great secret. When Revered Lord Krishna disappeared form this worked, there was no body capable  of carrying out His orders. Now when the divine current has taken a turn, it is necessary to make a start in that regard. As such you consider yourself as His representative, that approaches the status of His heir apparent under the present circumstances. In another sense, you treat yourself as such; and in this matter you can take light from Him also. Due to my being included, there has been a lot of convenience to you; otherwise it would have been a very tough job facing you. You will receive light at every step; and the [spiritual] genealogical connection of Lord Krishna will commence with you."


"I am very happy with your work and shower affectionate praise on you. Consider yourself as in-charge of Mathura. Whoever comes to be with you in this [work] is to become dear to Lord Krishna to the extent of his/her assistance. Concerning the note about changing the course [the current of] the river Yamuna, I do not hold a favourable opinion now, because that place has come in to the orbit of distraction, and the persons concerned [viz. hotelier priests] are to be devoid of [genealogical] light in their homes. There is no need of illuminating such places. Just avoid these [places]. As regards changing of Yamuna at Mathura, you have already done the needful before the commencement of the present condition."


Thursday; 09th November 1944 :


Revered Master's [Janaab Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib's] dictation : "I like you to roam on all places so that in case some work may come to your lot, the particular site [of work] shall be within your sight [while working at it in absentia]. You are going to Govardhan [hillock which Lord Krishna is reputed to have used as an umbrella to save the habitat and inhabitants from the wrath of the rain-god]. Illuminate the spots there, as needed, after observation. sinking down of the hillock shall get checked on its own."


"You have committed a mistake in waisting so much time. Roaming about Govardhan is needed. Going to 'Radha-kunda' will consume much time. Time allowing, there is no harm [to visit 'Radha-kunda'] : I leave it to your discretion. The place is certainly nice. Wherever you pass along, go on making it full of spiritual effect. The better course will be to climb the hillock and sit some where to make it full of effect."


"Order Rameshwar Prasad to make 'Radha-Kunda' full of effect. The spots seen by you thus for far are all artificial. There is no reality in them. The 'temple of Hardeo' is till in better condition; and the temples you have seen here, are not completely devoid of grandeur. If you desire to see a real place, go about three miles from where you are sitting. There you shall have the view of Nature. That is holy place; but there is only forest all-around."


"Just now dear Ram Chandra has done such work, as will have no example. The effect of this work can never be exhausted. It requires eyes to see. I am pleased with Rameshwar Prasad also. Now it is disrespect to tread over this hillock with shoes on. If somebody may observe it attentively, he/she is to find the sight of divine lightening like it occurred to Moses on the mount Tur. Who ever likes to observe the phenomenon of the mount may stroll over this mountain Govardhan. To tell the truth, this hillock is filled up with that electric power, which is to be associated to be Ultimate Being. I am puffed up with joy. This is prophet-hood that does not fall to everybody's lot."


[Note by Pundit Rameshwar Prasad : Brother Shri Ram Chandra, after transmitting to Mount Govardhan, and charging it with (spiritual) effect, inquired of me about my observation. I told him that a strong current of divine light was coming to Respected brother Shri Ram Chandra form an unrevealed source (Ghaib) and was flowing out form him in and over the mountain every where. Many source emerging out of the earth where diving in that flooding ocean of (divine) light, in a state of absorbency and (satiating) peace. On concentrating on any stone or part of mount Govardhan, there prevailed a kind of trance.]


Revered Master's [Hazarat Qibla Janaab Laalaa Ji Sahib's] instruction : "Do go to 'Baladaau Ji'. The unique peculiarities of that place, of which pilgrims continue to be enamoured, shall all come to light [to you]. That place is not worth being visited by women-flock. There is no harm in visiting with you. I have ordered this under pressure. However, after visiting it, on return from there, you should warn not to go there in any way. You will have to upturn this entire region. Many homes will have to be made may devoid of [genealogical] light. That will, of course, take time. You are carrying away a very huge work from here [for you]. Distribute it amongst own ones. Construction work shall remain only with you. That duty cannot be transferred. Leave aside the 'Yamuna-bridge' for the time being ; it shall be looked in to later on. Remind the Abdal of Mathura, by way of precaution, that in case he shirks the duty assigned to him, he will get just what punishment had been decided upon. At Mathura, you had filled up the bank of the river Yamuna with [divine] effect earlier already to a sufficient extent. Just do not fill it up [more] with [divine] effect, as you have done in case of mount Govardhan today."


The order to illuminate 'Radha-Kunda' was there. I [Ram Chandra] wanted to get oriented to it. The instruction from Revered Master descended to take work from Pundit Rameshwar Prasad, who got oriented to the work. The place became illuminated. There was instruction to me to wash my feet in it so that the effect of electricity from the extremity be absorbed in the water. There was no need of washing mouth etc. In accordance of the orders, the Abdal of Mathura was informed, and ask as to why he had stopped the work. He apologised ; and started looking after my safety.


Friday; 10th November 1944 :


Revered Master's [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib's] dictation : "I inspected your work on 'Govardhan'. You have hypnotised it a great deal; and the place where you set has also become illuminated. There is lot of praise [among sages of yore] for the work that you have already completed. Some more work remains. Return [to Shahjahanpur] after finishing it. Have rest for two days. If you had become oriented more than this, people would have started fainting on reaching there. As such, I have stopped you. I can say with [full] authority that this was just your work [alone]. If one looks up [with a discerning eye], one will not find this in anybody [anywhere]. Each stone has absorbed the effect. There, divine light has found a home. This is to remain a memorial to you."


Saturday; 11th November 1944 :


Revered Master's [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib's] dictation : "Pleasantness has started reigning at Mathura. You have performed a superb acts here. The bank of river Yamuna has become very well illuminated. The atmosphere has become purified. Remain filling the earth at Mathura slowly with fragrant Grace. Postpone the journey [fixed for] tomorrow. Your disposition is not suited to the journey. There is no harm if further postponement for one or two days more be needed. Take care of your [physical] health."


Monday; 13th November 1944 :


Revered Master's  [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib's]  revelation concerning 'Mahaban' : "It is the place where Lord Krishna used to rest with His cowherd playmates and companions. The cows used to form a [circular] ring around them."


"I present your work to Lord Krishna. I earned praise."


Lord Krishna's comment : "Mathura has become illuminated."


Revered Master's  [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib's] instruction : "Start for Mahaban tomorrow. You will have to go to many places of pilgrimage; and illuminate places. After this [Mathura etc.] there is [a plan for] a tour to 'Naimisharanya' [Neemsaar]. Draw out the entire life from Ayodhya. [in Utter Pradesh]."


An event : This evening somebody transmitted to me [Ram Chandra] for the sake of testing [me]. It was a scorched condition. When this trial was over, I started work under orders. I administered a number of rounds to his heart [Qualba] and under orders form Revered Master [Hazarat Qibla - Laalaa Ji Sahib] introduced fire in to his heart from the third point of the organic region in the chest ['sirra']. At sat he apologised; and stood with folded hands. At the time of [my] transmission to him, I could hear his cries "I am died'. I shall die … …"


Revered Master's  [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib's] revelation : "This gentleman is a house-holder, who has started donning saffron robes [of recluse - 'sanyaasisns']. When he observed the illumination of Mathura, he began to feel itchy; and started transmission for the sake of testing you."


There after the Abdal  of Mathura, who was under orders to save guard me, asked me for my orders concerning the person, who had indulged in disrespectful behaviour. I told him [Abdal] that the person concerned had got his testing completed, and had tendered apology.


Tuesday; 14th November 1944 :


Revered Master's [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib's] indication at 'Mahaban' : "This is the mound, where Lord Krishna used to sit with the cowherd boys. This mound was much bigger then. The field measuring about six biswas [about one fifth of an acre] south of the mound at present, was part of it."


Dimensions of the locality :


East - road

South - field

West - field towards the river Yamuna

North - field


When I went up on the mound, I had the feeling that Lord Krishna [as a young boy]was [still] sitting on the highest elevation of the mound in the middle, playing on the flute, and the cowherd boys were sitting all-around him. The lower portion was occupied by the cows which happened to be very heathy and robust. The whole perspective here was extremely pleasant; and they [the cows] seemed to enjoy it.


Lord Krishna's dictation : "You have located the spot correctly. This was my daily routine [at the time]. I have sat on this mound [like this] for years together."


Our thoughts had all become stationary. even on trying, there was no flow of thoughts. The middle part [of the mound] which was elevated, carried a great effect.


During the night, while a sleep, orders were received to snap off the connections of  the disciples of Chaturbuj Sahai. I was busy at the time in some other work, on finishing which I woke-up. The order was completed with on the morning of 15th.


Wednesday; 15th November;


Revered Master's [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib's] : "I postpone the journey today as you were indisposed. Moreover, your wife was desirous of going to 'Nandgaon' with you. She was inwardly cooking-up thoughts [for going with you]. As such, I made you alight form the bus."


Thursday; 16th November;


Revered Master's [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib's] dictation at Nandgaon : "Lord Krishna meant exactly the pond at who's bank you were sitting. This is a vary screed place. It was here that Lord Krishna met Radha Ji for the first time. There is a forest close by, where they use to play together."


Lord Krishna's confirmation : "The discovery for the spot is correct. The well at which you are sitting was not there at that time."


Revered Master's [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib's] dictation continued : "Some body misguided you. I meant actually the 'kunda' [deep pond], from where you have just now returned. Who ever may have indicated the pond used by the washerman : it is nothing more than a mere pond. Do not entertain doubt. You have discovered the place correctly."


Revered Master's [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib's] dictation on the way back from Nandgaon : "You will have to go up to Rameshwaram. Time is taking a turn. This duty is assigned to you. It has to be done during your lifetime as well as after that. You have not been kept free form this work. I shall remain helping you as a guide. Whatever changes are to be effected in the world, shall all be done through you only. No other personality seems apparently equal to it. All the powers of Nature have been placed under your subordination. Details shall follow at the time of the journey."


"Fertility of the earth has declined. The pilgrim places have suffered degeneration. The character [of the people] has got deformed. People are becoming slaves to sensuality. Pride about a birth in a high caste is increasing. Sympathy is evaporating [like camphor]. Selfishness is flourishing. Fraud and hypocrisy have found a home is people's hearts. All the defects, so to say, that have crept in, will have to be removed. You will remain receiving hints in this regard from time to time."


Lord Krishna's dictation : "I am very happy with your work. Now, the journey to Mathura has become to as end. Indian civilisation started from the Deccan Plateau. This part emerged out of the ocean first. As such, start work just from there."


Tuesday; 21st. November 1944 :


Dictation from my Master, Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib [concerning some letter received from Maulana Abdul Ghani Khan sahib of Qasba -  Bhogaon, District - Mainpuri in Utter Pradesh] : "I had all talks in detail with Revered Master [Hazarat Qibla Maulana  Fazl Ahmed Khan Sahib of Raipur, Kaimganj, District - Farrukhabad, Utter Pradesh]; and I placed all events before him. I am helpless due to [my own] courtesy, and elderliness [of Maulana Abdul Ghani Khan]; but this is not to last long in me. His [of Maulana Abdul Ghani Khan] connection [i.e. Naqshmbandiya - Mujaddadiya - Mazahariya system] has got shattered of ; but he [Maulana Abdul Ghani Khan] is not aware of it."


Wednesday; 22nd November 1944 :


Revered Master's [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib] dictation, directed to Munshi Madan Mohan Lal : "Dear Ram Chandra performed such prominent actions at Mathura as were impossible for anybody else. Our Respected elder, Maulana Abdul Ghani Khan of Bhogaon has no comprehension as yet about what roses have come to bloom. If I allow dear Ram Chandra, he can snatch off his [Maulana Abdul Ghani Khan of Bhogaon] spiritual state in one second. I have to quote a Persia - saying "बुज़ुर्ग़े अक़्ल अस्त साल" : 'elderliness is counted by intelligence and not by years'. During my life-time, I have been treating him [Maulana Abdul Ghani Khan of Bhogaon] as 'Buzurgh' [my elder] due his being a disciple my Grand-Master, [Hazarat Maulana Ahmad Ali Khan Sahib, Khaifa Ji Sahib, R. A,]. Taking care of him was assigned to me, but I never let it be known. In the same vein, now taking care of him [Maulana Abdul Ghani Khan of Bhogaon] has been assigned to dear Ram Chandra by Revered Master [My Hazarat Qibla Maulana Fazl Ahmad Khan Sahib]. Just this consideration that I had formed about him during my life-time, served as a safety valve served as safety valve to him. I am just tolerating ; but there is a limit to every thing. One more opportunity is being allowed to him to mend, Heaven has already slipped away form his hands : the thought of its [so called] pleasures still persists [in him]. That too is to end some time, after all. I had a very detail discussion with my Hazarat Qibla about him [Maulana Abdul Ghani Khan of Bhogaon]. It was decided in the end to leave him to His [Revered Grand - Master] mercy and benignant. His condition has very much deteriorated. It seems very difficult for him to come his sense."


"A great mistake is prevailing, viz. considering it below dignity to take a lesson form some one younger [in age than oneself]. There is no consideration of age in spirituality. It is kind of zeal that can flare-up in anybody it choses, at any time; and it mostly depends on [accumulated] impressions and love. He  [Maulana Abdul Ghani Khan of Bhogaon] has [no doubt] studied lots of stories of Ghulistan [famous book of 'Sheikh Saadi' in Persian]; and gained much experience."


"Dear Ram Chandra has distributed work very correctly : I am repeating it. Dear Rameshwar Prasad has prepared the map of 'Govind Ji's temple'. The residents [of that place] have perpetrated many tyrannies and cruelties on pilgrims there. Destruction of all of them shall remain allotted to Rameshwar Prasad in addition to other duties. The red mosque is also included in the work assigned to him. To Madan Mohan Lal, the work of two mosques is assigned, in addition to other duties. There is no need for distraction of the 'Daujee Temple'. The work about that, what ever it is, shall be looked after, when I issue orders. Destruction of the priestly class, which includes Mathura also, shall be done by Rameshwar Prasad. If I shall need to make haste in this work, I shall include dear Ram Chandra also. Exclude Pundit Kanhaiya Lal from destruction. Dear Ram Chandra shall confine himself to a constructive programme concerning Mathura. He is already burdened with two jobs of huge dimensions, which includes the reconstruction concerning Hinduism as a whole. I am making him tour from place to place just for the completion of this very work. He has to engage himself in a very big work. As such I am assigning miscellaneous work to you [Madan Mohan Lal and Rameshwar Prasad]. Good times are approaching quickly, and to shorten the time [of its arrival] is in dear Ram Chandra's hands."


"After going from here, I presented all facts concerning the letter [of Maulana Abdul Ghani Khan Sahib of Bhogaon] to my Hazarat Qibla [Master i.e. Hazarat Maulana Fazl Ahmad Khan Sahib of Raipur, Kaimganj district - Farrukhabad, Utter Pradesh]. He ordered the complete snatching away of the spiritual state of Maulana Abdul Ghani Khan Sahib of Bhogaon immediately. I have kept [implementation of the order] in abeyance for the time being."


Thursday; 23rd November 1944 :


Revered Master's [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib] instructions : "Upturn the genealogical seat of the 'Shankracharya'. Start this work just today. Sanyaasees have suffered degeneration [of character]. Only em-posterity remains. Their brains are in high tide just on account of donning saffron-grabs. They do not treat human being as human, posing themselves as God-shaped, and considering all wealth is theirs."


Lord Krishna's remark : I had been to 'Shaardaa-peeth' [seat of the Shankracharya in Gujarat]. That genealogical seat is worth being upturned."


Friday; 24th November 1944 :


Revered Master's [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib] dictation : "It has become a matter of [necessary] duty for you to go to Rameshwaram and where ever else I indicate; and you have made up your mind according as well. This shall yield very good results some time; and you will find this work even earlier, after your lifetime. I do have consideration for your health; but I am helpless in this matter. The order of Nature, which you have come to fulfil, shall have to be done. I shall leave you alone even for a single minute; and as such it may be possible that I may have to reduce my attendance here. No doubt, I shall remain taking care of the home and the children. Now I am telling about some precautions concerning your health. If at some time you feel very tired due to some journey and find a decrement in energy, you immediately open the particles of the body and merge them in cosmic energy. This will not required being done for more than one or two minutes. If there is any mistake in [applying] the method I shall tell you. In case, God forbid, some decease occurs, I shall provide treatment at-once. Keep water ready. Apart from that, I am indicating what you can do yourself."


"If some trouble may develop in the digestive system or diarrhoea may start, God forbid, then, having [firm] imagination of the sun, even when you are in the shade, draw red light [electricity] in to your digestive system and this practice can be performed up to five minutes. Practicing it for more than that will bring the experience of the warmth. If, God forbid. the trouble concerning coughing and catarrh be aroused, then draw in bluish [violet] rays of the sun in to your chest; and this practice can be adopted up to ten minutes. If much tiredness is felt in the body, then in the first place I shall myself remove it; but in case you like to remove it yourself, then the technique for that will be to have the [firm] idea that a very soft [fragrant] shower from the cosmic region is falling on every particle of the body and freshness is increasing. If there is need for walking [a long distance], then you have the [firm] idea that the earth is moving backward and your steps are going ahead. This will shorten the distance. The higher the condition to which you have climbed to have this firm thought, the quicker the distance will get covered. These are miraculous achievements [siddhis], and are generally prohibited for common instruction. There is one more technique for walking [long distance], just for you, which I shall tell you at the proper time. For you there is one more method, but it is only for you [to apply]. What ever power you may have to use, just call for the help of the god-in-charge of that power. The work concerned shall be done by the god, whose duty it happens to be. This prescription is easy."


"There can be several definitions of spirituality; and people have given its various definitions at different stages. Everyone has constructed its definition in accordance with one's own condition; but it is that simple path, which having being traversed, all the dust and din, thorns and thistles leave the mind alone; and thoughts take such a turn as to become [firmly] settled so as to be aware of nothing at all. Nothing, not even a subtle point, remains in view : there is neither self awareness, nor any concern about family, nor even a longing for the Ultimate Being. This is something superb, which is available very rarely in the real sense. This alone is real spirituality, on arriving at which the entire army of the five-fold sensuality gets merged at its points; and the person concerned find his/her condition as that of a corpse. All the wealth remaining there, one does not have awareness of it. In other words it may be said that he/she becomes as one freshly descended [from eternity] at the beginning of creation."


Saturday; 25th November 1944 :


Revered Master's [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib] dictation : "Now the region for stroll of Bishan is the cosmic region. Convey congratulations to Madan Mohan Lal [of Shahjahanpur]. Elder Sages [Buzurghan] have started work at 'Rameshwaram'. This place is growing so dark that is it essential for some big personality to go there. Dear Ram Chandra will have to go to 'Dwarika' also, as desired by Reverend Lord Krishna. Complete the work of Dwarika during this same journey. Lord Krishna to make haste with it. You will need to stay for some time in the dominion of the Nizam [Hyderabad Deccan]; and it will be form there that your work for betterment and well-being of india shall start. Just possible you may have to upturn the suzerainty of the Nizam. I shall you about this matter at the nick of the moment. If time and circumstances allow, you may return from Dwarika via Sind. There, religious mendicants have created a lot of havoc. Possibly there may be orders for distraction. I permit you to remain stablished in the state of Prophethood [Naboovat]; and take work form the same everywhere during the journey. If perchance there is an opportunity for 'Satsang', come down [from Prophethood] for that much time. I also permit you to associate with whatever existing spiritual societies or saintly elders you come across or like to meet on your own during the course of the journey, as and when you choose. You have always permission for that. There is no harm in revealing the secret of my succession - representative-ship to them, if the occasion arises. I can say with full authority that bigger than the big sages will seem like school-children to you. Assign to Madan Mohan Lal the distraction of the Nawab's agency at Hyderabad, engaged in the conversation of Hindus to Islam."


"I transmitted to dear Ram Chandra for long time yesterday as well as today. The purpose of the transmission was to pack every particle of his being with the full power of the Ultimate Being [Zaat]; and I shall remain doing just this up to the time of his going to Rameshwaram, so that every particle of his being may imbibe the full effect of 'Zaat' before reaching there. All these are my inventions; and whatever is to come even beyond these for him, shall also be my invention. I have made possible in the human-body, what, uphill now, happened to be the fortune available after leaving the physical-body."


Revered Master's [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib] detailed instructions for spiritual-training of women followed : "The best method of imparting training to women is in the first place not to have them seated in-front of oneself; but adopting a sideways posture when an occasion is there [for transmitting a woman]. Having a certain will be useful. When the transmission is to be started, have the thought once that God has created nature as well, and the elements that are present in it [Nature] have got converted to the Ultimate Being. Then transmission be started. Transmission should be very calm, light and fragrant. She should not be kept at the point of 'heart' for a long period, as in case of a 'man' ; but this does not mean that she should not be kept there [at the first point of the spiritual-journey] to the extent that it may be needed. As soon as her training may permit, she should be brought without delay to the point of the 'soul'. Sharp transmission should never be given. This should be continuously kept in mind, while transmission to a 'woman', at whatever stage. They should be imparted lessons for improvement of the household, and for loving their husbands, if present. In case of a widow, there should be instruction for developing love for God. If faith is very firm and the trainer is also very strong and of high capacity, she may consider the guide's soul as God's body and meditate thereon [which I generally prohibit]. Mediation on Master's form [Shaghal-e-Rabta] should in no case be prescribed; and she should not be at all permitted to adopt it : it should even prohibited. A wife can adopt this practice in case of having a husband : that is permissible. The spiritual guide should take precaution that she will fall in love with him. As such their training is very difficult. That is just the reason that Nature has not given them [women] share in these matters beyond what may be necessary. This practice should not be prescribed, except in some very special circumstance, in the case of an unmarried girl. There is no harm in prescribing prayer and a simple method of worship in their case. To my comprehension, it is better to make unmarried girls worshippers of Lord Krishna; but alongside [such worship] their minds should be made firmly convinced that Lord Krishna is an extremely revered and holy Being, and all that is written in mythological literature about His character and conduct is wholly misconceived and false. There is absolutely no harm in transmitting in absentia. The method prescribed by Nanhe [i.e. Revered Laalaa Ji Maharaj's own younger brother - Mahatma Raghubar Dayal]for transmitting [and impairing training] to women is also correct and better to some extent; but he himself could not observe the precaution; and gave the method of meditation on the form of the 'guide' [Shaghal-e-Rabta] to someone, after all. In case of Birju [i.e. Revered Laalaa Ji Maharaj's own younger brother's eldest son - Mahatma Brij Mohan Lal], his mind got deformed after being permitted to impart training.  This was not so before that."


During discussion, there was some reference concerning intuitive capacity. Revered Master [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib] intervened : "I am replying to this also. When out of his own experience and due to dear Ram Chandra's folly, it became evident to Nanhe [i.e. Revered Laalaa Ji Maharaj's own younger brother - Mahatma Raghubar Dayal], that he [Ram Chandra] had nobody equal to him as regards intuitive capacity, he [i.e Nanhe] felt anxious to have it reduced. As such, he [Nanhe] firmly conceived that a heavy, solid stone was set at the end point of his [Ram Chandra] thought process. He [Nanhe] was very often strengthening his conception by repetition; and dear Ram Chandra was also experiencing that some blockade to his intuitive capacity had been set up. I was continuously observing this; and I have shattered that blocked to pieces several times. The purpose of this stone setting was also to block the onward progress to dear Ram Chandra's sharp remembrance [Surat]. It was just my courage to bring dear Ram Chandra up safely in the face of such a terrible enemy. If he [Ram Chandra] had not acquired a sufficiently fine merging [fanaiyat] during my lifetime, and I had not become pervaded in him through and through, this [saving him] would have appeared impossible. Due to practice, he had a strong thought-force. In our circle, nobody gave importance to 'love for the Master'."


Further instructions form Revered Master [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib] for work ahead : "Take work from the different powers of 'Nature'. You possess the power also to pull them down, if they work in defiance of your orders ; but in such eventuality, you yourself will have to the work assigned to them."


The forces of Nature are as following ;


[01] Indra [King of the gods] : In-charge of the East. Provides vital force to the senses during day [working] time.

[02] Agni [Fire] : In-charge of the south-east. Provides subtlety of the world. Helps to get food digested.

[03] Yama [god of death] : In-charge of the south. Works for destruction.

[04] Nirrita [Rakshasa or Takshaka] : In-charge of the south-west. [Nairretya]. Works to quieten disturbance.

[05] Varuna [God of water] : In-charge of the west. It is the king of water. Looks after rivers and oceans etc.

[06] Maruta or Vaayu [air] : In-charge of the the North-west. It the vital force. Provides consciousness.

[07] Kuber [God of wealth] : In-charge of the North. It has to manage all the affairs concerning prosperity and wealth.

[08] Iesha [Divine effulgence or glamour. May also be called Shiva] : In-charge of the North-east.

[09] Brahma [creative power] : In-charge of the upper direction [Aakaash].

[10] Ananta or shesha [thousand hooded viper] in-charge of the neither direction [pataal].

[11] Aaditya or Surya [sun] : Provides light and heat. Creates colours.

[12] Chandrama or Nishaapati [Moon or the Master or husband of night] : Bestows the attributes. Increases coolness. Provides cupidity or erotic force to the senses during the night.


Submission by Madan Mohan Lal : "Mahaabharat mentions the prohibition of honey."


Lord Krishna's clarification : "Honey has been prohibited by Jain sages, as it contains even blood of many bees. Infect honey stands second only to nectar [with regard to its usefulness of human health]. Mahaabharat is the story of the bloodshed of thousands [and more] in the interest of truth [sat], and the good [of humanity]. There is no harm in a few bees getting killed for the good of a man."


Sunday; 26th November 1944 :


Revered Master's [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib's] Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib : "Inform Hari Baabu [Narendra Mohan, the eldest son of  Revered Laalaa Ji's cousin brother - Mahatma Krishna Swarup Ji of Jaipur] that he has suffered much deception from people [Birju i.e Mahatma Brij Mohan Lal, et.] till now. Birju has now got his approach reduced only unto the 'Kubra' [cosmic region], but in order to establish his supremacy, transmissions have been administered to him [Hari Baabu] that required not an ordinary force to set it right. Just now I have put him [Hari Baabu] at the point of the heart, after snatching off all those deformities that were stuffed into him. The merit of this, he can enquire of dear Ram Chandra or Madan Mohan Lal in confidence. Hari Baabu has prayed a lot to me to bring ham as quickly as possible to somebody who is connected inwardly [genealogically] to me only. I granted the prayer; and also replied once very clearly. I submit him today to that person, in comparison to whom bigger than big sages will appear like school-children only. If he [Hari Baabu] does turn away from the commands of that person. I promise to bring him up to perfection. Birju [Mahatma Brij Mohan Lal, the eldest son of Mahatma Raghubar Dayal] and others have been a lot under the spell of deception till now concerning successor-ship. Time is coming when this thing also will become known; and I can tell him [Birju] also, in case he comes to me once again and promises not to reveal this secret to anybody so long as I do not give an order for it. If he reveals it [without my permission], I shall order some person to capture his soul. The tests for [recognising] my successor-representative, that may be within Hari Baabu's capacity, remain of little account. I am throwing a challenge to the whole world : however much people may give free ropes to their minds, their thought can reach only unto the frost rung [of the ladder] of my successor-representative's real condition. I alone know the final limit of the state of the Being that belongs to dear Ram Chandra. Now the question arises why I want to make the declaration [about my successor-representative] now, thirteen years of my physical veiling ! The reply is that it was opportune to conceal it at that time. It was a matter of danger to his [Ram Chandra] life; and even now if it [fact of Ram Chandra being my successor - representative] comes to be known to those few people [Nanhe, i.e.Revered Laalaa Ji's own younger brother - Mahatma Raghubar Dayal, etc.], they will try to have him removed from the world. It is of course another matter that they do not get success [in their designs]. They wanted to administer poison to him on a just little apprehension; but I did not let this thought take a firm ground in the heart of that depraved fellow [Munshi, i.e. Revered Laalaa Ji's own nephew, Raadhaa Mohan Laal - the second son of Mahatma Raghubar Dayal]. It was on account of this precaution that I have been keeping the whole thing concealed up-till-now. Who ever loves him [my successor - representative] shall be just soaked in my love, because he [Ram Chandra] has merged every particle in me, and I have merged in him with full force."


Later Revered master's [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib] very strict instructions descended : "Now I have no tolerance. Start destruction of Moulvi Sahib [Maulaanaa Abdul Ghani Khan of Bhogaon]. The lamp of hi genealogical should get extinguished. I assign this work to all three of you [Ram Chandra, Madan Mohan and Pundit Rameshwar Prasad]. You distribute the work among yourself like this : Madan Mohan Lal should make him [Maulaanaa Abdul Ghani Khan] entirely gross, leaving no capability for thinking in his brain; Rameshwar should draw out life form all persons associated to him, including himself [Maulaanaa Abdul Ghani Khan] as well; and you ascend to Prophethood and from their start destruction. He has started a very terrible practice [Amal]. All three of you should together protect your family and children wherever they may be. I am just now going to Mathura, and shall go to 'Khudaganj' also, where your [Ram Chandra] daughter's are stationed [Maulaanaa Abdul Ghani Khan Sahib has started the practice of evil mergence]."


Further dictation from Revered Master [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib], after some time : "I have completed the preparations concerning the journey of Rameshwaram [and work there], hinted at yesterday [and the day-before]. Since brokers for the sale of bullock were there for talks with dear Ram Chandra, cleaning has remained to be completed, which I shall do tomorrow. The power of the Ultimate Being will be found in the perfect form in every particle of his [Ram Chandra] being. Try to start by about 10th of December or one or two days later. There [at Rameshwaram] the mendicants have started creation mischiefs, that have made it necessary to bring destruction on them. Just now, on the face of it, I have considered destruction to be the best way, but you start this work on reaching the exact place in accordance with my orders. The Nizam's start will have to be upturned. This has been decided upon. Here [at Dwarike] I find very strange matters. The priestly people have created peculiar forms of pretence. Pilgrim's pockets are picked quite abundantly. This holy place has been rendered very impure. Adultery is also going on profusely. Destruction of all this will have to be effected."


Still later, Revered Master [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib] instructed : "I have pulled up Manmohan Lal [of Lucknow] from the cosmic to the para cosmic region and from there to the region of humility, but :

"तही दस्ताने किस्मत सूद अज रहबरे कामिल ;

कि ख़िज़्र अज़ आवे - हैवां, तिश्ना लब आरद सिकन्दर रा"

'what benefit can some one, devoid of good fortune, derive from a perfect guide! After all, Khizra brings Alexander thirsty - lipped form the pool of nectar!!'


[Reference is to a popular anecdote in Persian literature that the angel of guidance to those who lose their way, named Khizra took Alexander , the Greek conqueror to the pool of nectar in the ocean. On seeing maimed insects and animals pining for death in the pool, but unable to die having sipped the nectar, Alexandra refused to drink nectar and become immortal.]"


"He [Manmohan Lal of Lucknow] talked to you in such an unsettled evasive tone that I regretted having transmitted to him. It is not clear as to what was his fate that I did so much for him. No more further than this : I had the intention for giving him the status of 'Qutub' [fixed pole-tar]. No secrets are to be revealed to him."


Monday 27th November 1944 :


Revered Master's [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib's] dictation : "I brought Hari Babu out of the organic region yesterday. Today now, The area of stroll is cosmic region. May God grant him more success. This is the preparation for the journey."


At two minutes past seven in the evening Revered Master [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib] pointed out : "All those who have received initiation from Maulana Abdul Ghani Khan [of Bhogaon], to what ever community [whether Hindu or Muslim] they may belong, are disconnected just now : with the exception  of Birju [Mahatma Brij Mohan Lal], destruction shall be dealt to all. In case Shree Ram fails to come up to the right path, snatch off all on November 29th."


Later Revered Master [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib] revealed : "Now at 09.00 PM the region of stroll for Hari Babu is the para-cosmic region."


Tuesday 28th November 1944 :


Revered Master's [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib] dictation : "Manmohan Lal [of Lucknow] has been administered such transmission just now as was not possible to be bestowed by anybody [else]. The organic, cosmic and para-cosmic regions have attained a sufficient degree of bloom. Now he is fit for permission [to impart training to others] but helpless."


"A meditational-practice will be very beneficial to Rameshwar Prasad. He is to lie on a cot or something else, on his back and remain lying there for some time with full awareness, but without any movement. Then he is to have the firm supposition that all the spiritual-points brought to awakening by his guide unto that time, and fully flourishing and his guide's power is penetrating all [those points and spots]. Doing this practice, when the state of balance is developed, he is to get stationed in that [same] thought and remain lying, just the same. This will prove to be very beneficial. Madan Mohan Lal does not need it. Karuna Shankar can be given mediation for practice."


"Break-off the connection of all those who are initiated through Nanhe [Revered Laalaa Sahib's own younger brother, Mahatma Raghubar Dayal]. [Order was completed with : time 11.45 AM]. The connection of Birju [i.e. the eldest son of Mahatma Raghubar Dayal of Kanpur] to Maulana Abdul Ghani Khan [of Bhogaon] has already been snapped off yesternight. The connection of Maulana Abdul Ghani also has been shattered just now [11.49 AM] by my Maulana Fazl Ahmad Khan R.A. [my Master]. Snatch off [the spiritual-state of] Abdul Ghaffar [the son of Maulana Abdul Ghani Khan of Bhogaon]. [order complied with]. Copies of all letters received here from Maulana Abdul Ghani Khan and sent to him from here, be prepared and dispatched to Birju [the eldest son of Mahatma Raghubar Dayal of Kanpur]. I have decided that Manmoan Lal be restrained fully through Madan Mohan Lal, from having any connection with Chaturbhuj Sahai. He [Manmohan Lal] be shown Chaturbhuj Sahai's letter to dear Ram Chandra, and be told as to how far he [Chaturbhuj Sahai] was within his rights to write like that, and I have, as such, disconnected him [Chaturbhuj Sahai] totally [from my discipleship]. Madan Mohan Lal should complete this job by the evening today, and report to me, when I am here in the evening. When I have not spared Maulana Abdul Ghani Khan, what was Chaturbhuj Sahai after all!"


Further dictation from Revered Master [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib]on Manmohan Lal having given up his connection to Chaturbhuj Sahai : "I feel happy at the refined obedience [and faith] of Manmohan Lal. One thing more : If evident to him through his experience, he may give-up; and then see my munificence." [Reference is to his wavering concerning successor-representative-ship].


Dictation from Lord Krishna at 07.45 PM : "My Chakra [boomerang] has now started its circular movement. Maulana Abdul Ghani Khan's courage is at test now. God knows what comprehension he has formed. Consider me alone as caretaker of these orphans [Ram Chandra, Madan Mohan lal and Rameshwar Prasad] now. I have no regard for Maulana Abdul Ghani's power even as equivalent to particle of dust. He has no capacity to cause even a little harm to anyone of you [three]. All connections have got snapped off; and he [Maulana Abdul Ghani khan] is a target of [divine] wrath. He is not in possession of any power now, which might have been able to protect him. I need to tell you one very essential thing : move out of the home as soon as possible, and go to Rameshwaram. The reality of that place, I shall tell you when you have reached there. Rest assured that your Master does not leave you alone at any time; and consider the same to be the case with me. The time has taken a turn now after five thousand years ; and the plan of the arena of war known as 'Mahabharata' is still in my view. The downfall of the Hindus started just after that great war. Now the time is close for progress in the direction of their old status; and it is entirely within your control to bring that time back as early as you like, for which God's orders have already been issued. Your Master [Hazarat Qibla Laalaa Ji Sahib] has told you quite correctly that your work [as Master] shall start form the Deccan Plateau. You will illuminate every place, and destruction shall also be there side-by-side. I shall remain telling you every thing from time to time. Nizam's kingdom cannot last any more now. He has sucked the blood of Hindus, behind the veil; and there is an agency that is working to serve his ends the chastity of many ladies has also been violated. In the course of this journey you will require to stay at Bombay, reaching there through Poona. Just possible, some political work there be allotted. Thereafter, going to Dwarika is necessary. You will need to go to 'Sirhind' [Mazar-Sharif of Hazarat Maulana Sheikh Ahmad  of Sirhind R. A. in district Fatehgarh Sahib, in Punjab]] also. Work shall be coming your way, during the journey and on occasions. One thing needs to be kept in to special consideration : during the journey or at some place of stay : you should not turn your eye [of wrath] on anybody. Since you will be in the state of Prophet-hood, your anger will not be tolerable either to your Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U.P.] or me. If perchance, you find some companion for the journey, his duty will be to try to keep you cool. Nobody will have the power to face you. Your necessary work here, is to be signed to your spiritual-brother, who may be most superior and who may have the [requisite] permission to take-up such jobs. So long as the journey continues, your single -pointed attention should remain oriented only to those jobs, for which you are being sent [on journey]. I have experienced your caliber at Mathura. The event of Govardhan is in my view. You had the intention to make the whole of Mathura just like that. Due to the habitation however, that was not proper. Your capacity to form an estimate has been shattered by your Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U.P.]. As such, you need continuous guidance in such work. The [holy] spots discovered by you at Mathura are beyond anybody's capacity to be known without your guidance [and reference]. As such, after big tour, you may try to reveal those spots, in so far as it may be possible. If you try to reveal it yourself [on your accord with our dependence on help for anybody else], the money required for this purpose is present at Mathura itself, and can be made available to you. be oriented now and then be and then to Brindaban to effect more purity therein. I do not like the continuation of the 'Govind Ji Temple' in any way; and you start destruction in accordance with the plan brought to your vision by your guide. Extinguish the genealogical light of those, who have indulged in arch acts and whose life stories are in your hands. There is no need of changing the course of the river Yamuna near the spot close to the 'Kadamba-tree', known to you. Ominousness is reigning there. There are a few dangerous places closely, which your Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U.P.] had indicated to you by way of hints, but has not allowed you to go that way due to danger to life. All of those [places] will be included in the destruction. If you stand at the north-eastern corner of the 'Govind Ji Temple', there will emerge a kind of triangle, all of which will be included in the destruction. You illuminated the bank of the river Yamuna quite well. The effect of the demon on the mound close to your father-in-law's place has now been completely removed. The fragrance of spirituality has started pervading the atmosphere there; but occasional attention to it will be needed to establish it there. You have seen that place of my first meeting with Radha at Nandagaon. The same well is the place, where you were sitting. The place of my cremation mentioned in the scriptures is entirely wrong. These rites were actually performed close to the third pier of the railway-bridge from the eastern-side, as indicated by you correctly in the map prepared by you. When [my father] Basudeo Ji took me to Gokula during the dead of the night, he had passed about one 'furlong' ahead of this spot. Gokula is not far of from Mathura. If you happen to go to Mathura again sometime, I shall tell you that point also, where Basudeo Ji had crossed the river with me."


Wednesday; 29th November 1944 :


Revered Master's [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U.P.] dictation : "I have got every particle of his [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] being illuminated ; and in every particle [of his being ], the full force of the Ultimate Being is present. Convey congratulations to Madan Mohan Lal that I have perfected his disciple Munishwar Singh today, and also accorded permission [to transmit and impart training]. He may assign the work of touring the villages; and it may be noted in the notebook that I accorded permission to him through my successor-representative Babu Ram Chandra today; and his [Munishwar Singh] guide Madan Mohan Lal verified it. Madan Mohan Lal should take work from him."


"Since I perfectly attached to dear Ram Chandra, and he is temperamentally very sharp, I remain exercising control in the matter of transmission. Now he has come to the right course in this regard; but quickness in thought still persists. That is the reason why I am bringing his desires to fruition which are coming up in quick succession. The result, as such, of his quick temperament, is the creation of 'Qutub', 'Qutub-ul-aqtaab' and 'Ghous'. In one or two cases I have to be hasty. The resonance of whatever thought occurs to him, take place in the Ultimate Being. As such, I have no other choice than to act in accordance with the same [resonance]. That has been his practice from the very beginning uphill now. He has been very quick in his own case as well; and wants to do likewise in case of others. He had no power to quickly remove the habit formed over such a long stretch of time. Now he [Ram Chandra] has expressed his acceptance [of God's will]. I have corrected it to the extent that I considered it needful; and shall make it more exact."


Friday; 01st December 1944 :


Dictation from Reverend Radha Ji : My first meeting with Lord Krishna took place exactly at the spot that you have discovered, viz. at the place of the well [that was not there then in the ancient time]. I had heard of the qualities of Lord Krishna; and the [electric] current His Love had started running [in me] before the meeting. As soon as we met, His [Lord Krishna] darkish figure descended straight in to my heart [and took possession of it]. I started meditating on Him. I was not away form that mediation at any time during twenty-four hours. My condition was that due to my mind's absorption in His thought, I remained totally oblivious every other [routine] activity. This was only to begin with. Gradually, matters came to such a pass that I had no liking for any worldly activity; and the mind had become concentrated on the single of His Being. This conception remained continuously fixed as a result of which I visualised Lord Krishna alone every where. Every particle of my body appeared to contain an image [of Krishna]. Thereafter it came to pass that I considered my own-self as Krishna; and infect Lord Krishna started comprehending Himself as Radha. If you like to introduce this system [of spiritual practice you are to establish], the method which I had adopted can be the only key. The only difference is to be that I had loved with the idea of having Him as a husband. The method is the same : love can be changed to any concept of one's liking. In this regard I shall be telling you that as and whenever you will like to enquire, Lord Krishna has permitted me to come to you. I am telling you one thing more for your convenience : my method was [very much] akin to yours. You looked upon your Master with the sentiment of yourself being a lover and talking taking Him to be in the role of the beloved."


Revered Master's [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U.P] : "For anybody desirous of high [spiritual] progress, there can be no method other than what has been indicated by Reverend Radha Ji; and it is just through this essential condition that any one has ever earned progress in our fold. This includes my own example as well. Introduce just this [in to your new system]. First of all people should develop their own sentiment for their Master. By sentiment I mean that disciple should establish such relationship [with their Master] as may develop love in them. Then they may start following [their Master]. The best relationship can be just what you have established with me. It, however, depends on one's inclination of temperament towards the otter [viz. master]. Reverend Radha Ji had taken up this relationship in another form. I am also an example of it. There should, however, be no emphasis on this relationship for everybody. Just possible there may not be an inclination to it in case of somebody; and this prescription may not be useful in that case. This is the job of a person of a great heart. It is not to be shared by all and sundry. Only rare ones will adopt it. This may be emphasised in the spiritual get-to-gather [Satsang]. The form to be adopted can be any thing."


[Note : Shri Ram Chandra Ji [Babu Ji] loved His Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U.P] taking Him as beloved; and exactly this sentiment had been adopted by Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib towards His own Revered Master [Hazarat Maulana Fazl Ahmad Khan Sahib R.A.  of Raipur]. The results are just there. Munshi Madan Lal of Shahjahanpur had taken up the sentiment for father.]


Dictation from from Swami Vivekanada Ji : "I am happy to observe dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]. I appreciate his Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U.P] and assure that the world has not seen such Samantha Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U.P]. My way of love was such as to have all currents combined together and get located in the Being of my Master [Swami Ram Krishna Paramhansa] No other picture except He would come to my view. Every atom appeared to enshrine the Master. Now the question arises, how I came up to it. The answer to this happens to be, that on arriving to him and on turning to faith from atheism, I had come to trust that there was no other being at that time excel he to be my succourer. I, however, certainly had a little tendency to quarrel with my Master to certain extent. I firmly fixed my Master's from in my heart and remained attentive to it. when this condition advanced further and master's form started disappearing from the heart, then I start meditating on the Master's form [supposing it] outside my life. When the condition advanced still further and Master's form disappeared altogether [not coming up in thought at all in any way], then I started meditating with the supposition of my own form as that of the the Master. By and by it came to pass that I began seeing His form alone in all particles that existed. I had loved Him only as Master, taking no other relationship as sentiment. However, I had taken Him as the object of love. Whenever my eye moved, it fell on Him alone, in other words, I had become His lover; and He had come to object of love, which naturally served the same purpose that your Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U.P] has just hinted that. I do not like to utter that word : Sanskrit language is prohibited of it. That alone is the way to advancement. I am going now. I shall remain coming [of and on]."


Revered Master's [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U.P] dictation : "What I was evading could not be avoided. There is a compulsion as the Providential command is just this. Swami Vivekanada directly offered permission in His system to dear Ram Chandra. However, when he [Ram Chandra] made reference of it to me and did not accept it [permission] on his own, Swami Vivekanada urged me. As such, I am bestowing permission in the system [of spirituality] descending from Paramhansa Rama Krishna Ji. Now that system shall also be related to him [Ram Chandra]. Swami Vivekanada has just mentioned this to His Master, who has approved and accepted it."


Dictation from Swami Vivekanada Ji : "Defects [and degeneration] have started creeping in to my system. Spirituality is evaporating; and people are getting oriented to education alone. They are busy mastering spirituality just through this. Spiritual life is dwindling day by day. There seems nobody as yet, who may be able to set this [deterioration] right. As such, I like you to bear this burden yourself. You have put a question to me. I shall reply to it after consulting my Master."


In accordance with orders from Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U.P], permission in the order Paramhansa Ramkrishna Ji was conferred on Madan Mohan Lal at 01.10 PM in the presence of Pundit Rameshwar Prasad.


Dictation from Paramhansa Ramkrishna Ji : "The condition of my system has changed completely. Spirituality is disappearing; and the purpose is dying. As such, you go to Calcutta, and announce to them [by way of declaration] that you [Ram Chandra] have got permission in that system. Whoever likes it, if endowed with vision, may examine the veracity of this declaration. You [also] conduct group group-meditation [and hold a spiritual get-together] there. If you like you can initiate [people] in this [my] system. I have obtained permission form your Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U.P]. When you start working, I shall remain giving instruction."


Revered Master's instruction : "Madan Mohan Lal can give permission from this system, to whom ever he may like."


Dictation form Swami Vivekanada Ji : "On observing this system [of Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib i.e. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U.P], I found a very peculiar defect, viz. whom so ever [belonging to this system] I happened to see, I found downcast and withered, so to say. Some have developed a habit from which they do not like to get away. This [tendency] should be removed. This Marg [system] has this very great defect. This cast effect on others; and covers spirituality, which is bliss through and through, with a light veil. The stronger the personality of someone, the greater the influence cast on others by that person. [Pause]. You shall have to go to Calcutta. I leave it to your Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U.P] to send you [there] at the time of His choice. I, no doubt, like it to be soon."


Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U.P] : "When this matter [of downcast and withered condition of people my system] was mentioned to me, I felt a sort of shame. As such, it is to be removed through transmission. I shall not send you Calcutta during this tour [of south India and Dwarika]"


Saturday 02nd December 1944 :


Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U.P] dictation : "Local administration is under the charge of Abdal. The statue of incarnation [Avatar] is a bit higher than that. When I went from here to the higher world, Swami Sivekananda very much emphasised that His work also be assigned to dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]."


Dictation from Swami Vivekananda : "I do not find at present any body better than you, to run my Mission. Inform the president [of my Mission in Calcutta] that I had my Master have assigned this work of the Mission to you; and then whatever difficulties and hindrances may be developing therein, be refered to you for being resolved by you. Whatever tests for examining [the veracity of this assignment] may be there, can be applied."


A draft letter addressed to the president, of the 'Shri Ram Krishna Mission', in Calcutta was dictated by Swami Vivekananda; and ordered to be dispatched to him.


Draft letter dictated by Swami Vivekananda :


"I have been bestowed by Swami Vivekananda and his Master to carryout the work of his Mission peacefully. The work bestowed upon me is of very important nature. I received the hints directly for him and his Master. Anything which stands in his way to progress must be consulted form me. As many tests as human being can stand for may be experienced. Meditate and read the matter by going in to state of spiritual trance. That is all. Feel that the above is the dictation of Swami Vivekananda direct." [Send it as it is]


Yours Master's very sincerely.


Drop this letterer and see the result - to President, 'Ram Krishna Mission', Calcutta


Note : Second para of the draft letter was dictated of 03rd December 1944.


Dictation from Swami Vivekananda at 05.20 PM : "I have been searching al-along for someone capable of carrying on the work of my Mission, but could not find a man like you. I, therefore, entrusted to you the duty, that I have been conducting so far. I have obtained your Maser's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra of Fatehgarh, UP] permission."


Dictation from Kabir Sahib [at 09.00 PM] : "The work of my system is in bad shape. People are going on doing things in a ritualistic way [beating the track traversed by a snake]. Reality has got lost : it has been turned in to the form of songs. Filthy abuses have been composed in my name; and are being sung in open market places. My purpose was pure spirituality; and my [genealogical] connection was with the Ultimate Being. I think the degeneration that has crept in to my system is not to find its parallel anywhere [else]. Try to improve it. It needs much labour. I shall be happy if you succeed [in your efforts in this direction]."


Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra of Fatehgarh, UP] dictation : "Kabir Sahib gave permission in his system to him [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur]; but since he remains looking always to me for it, I bestow permission for [work in] that system also. I too had this permission [conferred on me during my lifetime]."


Revered Kabir Sahib's dictation : "You will have to go to Kashi; and meet the people of the order there to try to bring them to the right path. The difficulty, however, is that they are all uncivil [and crude] through and through."


Sunday; 03rd December 1944 :


Swami Vivekananda finalised the draft of the letter for dispatch the president of  the Ram Krishna Mission in Calcutta, and instructed : "If a reply is received when you are away from home, Madan Mohan Lal will inform the president that his revered brother is on his way to Cape Comorin via Madras; and will return after performing the secret duties assigned to him by his own Master [ Mahatma Ram Chandra of Fatehgarh, UP]


Monday; 04th December 1944 :


Dictation from Swami Vivekananda : "I have been to my Mission centres, spread all over India, and studied the situation. The glimpses of spirituality is getting diminished throughout. This is the information, given to you for keeping yourself unto the mark. The rest [of the instructions] will come when you will take up the work in your hand."


"When you will go to Madras, have a glimpse of my Mission people. Better, stay there [at the Rama Krishna Mission campus in Madras]. I shall be with you there. Right a letter to Madras informing them about your arrival and my orders in this regards."


Swami Vivekananda Ji dictated a letter and instructed that it was to be dispatched to the person-in-charge of the Madras Center of the Rama Krishna Mission, together with a copy of the letter sent to Calcutta earlier. He further desired that on leaving Madras for a future tour, I would better carry a letter form of the Madras Center to the Head of the Center of Rama Krishna Mission at the next place to be visited, and so on.


Swami Ji dictated further : "you are making a landmark in the spiritual world. This is all due to your worthy Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP]. The world has never seen a man like Him [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] and so is the case with you. I congratulate you and pray that your sacred duties be fulfilled by the Almighty. I shall be with you al-along, during your journey; and shall be readily available to you whenever needed, at your beck and call. Make a bid and see the result. Get a copy of what I have dictated so far, complied; and keep it with you all along during your journey. My dictation will go side-by-side with that of your Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP]."


Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] granted permission to Munshi Madan Mohan Lal for training in the system founded by Kabir at 05.30 PM today. The work concerning Kabir Panth was allotted to him [Munshi Madan Mohan Lal] together with the knowledge that instructions will be coming to him directly through Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur].


Dictation from Swami Vivekananda : "Look here, Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] you will the face of the world. The power bestowed upon me by my Guru, I have transferred to you altogether in the state of trance at this very time, when your Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] was sitting before you. My Mission cannot stand without you and your supreme Guide [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP]. Think of me as your lover. All the blessings of my Guru will be pouring on you at times. Rest assured, I prophesy, that freedom will reign over India in the near future. The field has been prepared for your work, in the realm of spirituality. The various Powers of Nature have been informed. [Pause] Sum up these things in a book. [Pause] I have been in the Deccan Plateau; and watched the situation myself. [Pause] Here is my Master before you, giving blessings to you and paying for your success during the journey. [Pause] Look here, Christ is before you, giving you blessings."


Revered Master's [ of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] dictation : "The usual method of dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] has consisted in arousing  an aspirant's own power at a particular point, instead of stuffing him up [from out side]. This method reaches up the the aspirant's state of attainment [through his own effort]; and is the best method. There can be no technique better than this for the [real] benefit practiciant [abhyaasi]."


Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I have issued orders to the people of my Mission. The difficulty is, however, that they mostly couldn't catch [the orders]. Proceed, and have experience. Look here, Lord Krishna is sitting before you, and telling something, which your Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] has ordered not to be committed to writing."


Parmhansa Rama Krishna Ji remarked : "I had instructed Narendra Babu [Swami Vivekananda]; and your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] has instructed you."


Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] dictation : "I do not like to reveal to anybody, what Revered Lord Krishna said just now, and Swami Vivekananda Ji had told earlier. That shall remain confidential; and shall remain just with you. Never transmit transmit to anybody from that state. I have bestowed such power to dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] as to reconstruct in the entire face of the world in a week's time. He [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] can do even in one minute; but in the case of such hurry, people will not survive."


Message of Sage Agastya : "I have prepared the field for you [to work] in the south [of India]. Start as early as possible. Have consideration concerning Nizam [Ruler of Hyderabad]."


Tuesday; 05th December 1944 :


Dictation from Swami Vivekananda : "I have obtained your Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] permission that from this date [today] you will work for me. I give you the authority that had been bestowed upon me by my Guru. Remember well that now you will work in my place. Any change in the system of my Mission, introduced by you, shall be welcome [to me]. So far I have been conducting the work myself. You will now be held responsible for it. Mandates will now dome to you directly. Show this [dictate] to people of my Mission. I am very thankful to you to your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] to have given a man like you. Best wishes. I am going now, and shall come again at your call. You will enjoy the same authority."


Revered Swami Ji returned to convey further : "I had forgotten to tell you one thing. You will dominate throughout a length and breadth of India. The turn of the world shall come there after. That is all. Best wishes to your brother Madan Mohan Lal."


Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] informed : "Swami Vivekananda Ji has appointed you as his successor-representative."


Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji Later : "The condition of your assembly [Satsang] is also in  a ruinous state. Those who took up the charge wilfully, lacked in duty for the earthly paradise. Destruction has been ordered, which you people have to implement. I am working side-by-side with your respected Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh]. 'Measure for measure', is my order. Fools are scattered all around in your 'Satsang'. They have but one idea in their view, viz. to dominate. Your organisation, to be setup, will be divided into suitable circles, with you at the head of the organisation as a whole. One man will be responsible for each circle, when the time comes [to reorganise the 'Satsang' a new]. I have merged in you top to toe, with full powers. You digested the whole thing in such a short time."


Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] dictation : "It is a matter of great happiness that today Swami Vivekananda Ji has structured dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] like himself, i.e. the entire power [belonging to Swami Ji] has got merged in dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]. Now this colour will also pervade our system."


Further dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji : "An idea just flashed to me. The report of today be sent to the President of my Mission in Calcutta, giving reference to the letter sent earlier. He should be requested to view the matter with his own eyes, if he has the capacity to do so. He should connect his heart with your heart. Right also that this may be done before 10th December 1944, as the person concerned is leaving for Madras. Drop this letter today."


"I have been at Madras just now. The missionary is carrying an air of earthly paradise in his mind. Spirituality has been turned to materiality. You will find its apex upon him. Photograph is the only object of worship [to him]. Photographs are garlanded. heaps of books are recited everywhere. This is the information I give you. Break these things altogether. My school of philosophy is akin to that your Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP]."


"Do not bother yourself with money. It is store for you. What you do is better service for humanity. Do no consider yourself to be weak. My words are Godly."


Wednesday; 06th December 1944 :


Dictation from Swami Vivekananda : "Do not be disappointed. I have prepared a sufficient field for your work. Your Supreme Guide [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] is with me; and we working together, moving on to achieve the object."


"There are a few persons belonging to my Mission here as well. Train them in the line of your Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] system. Rest  assured that success will attend on you. One thing more is there to remember : at every stage of life, a man should  adhere strictly to the principles of his Master. Success will dawn decidedly. You have not come for the work adopted, because you are something else than what people think of you. I have sworn to remain with you throughout your life, just like your Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] does. Consider me as one of His [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] disciples. I am measuring the coast of Madras, at this very time, your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] has allowed you to be at Madras for three days. The work is sacred. I shall take permission from your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] to a little more time; but this will be decided there, when you actually reach the spot. I like to have my disciples train in the line of your Master's system and method. You are at liberty to initiate them either on the hand 'of your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] or on mine. The idea of having reference to Lord Krishna, that you were just talking about, is correct. All will be merged in one alone, with your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] at the head. 'Better one's own duty though destitute of merit' : these are the words of Lord Krishna. prepare a gist of your journey. Give-up your shilly shaley habits. Try to getup before sunrise. If you do not give-up these habits, you are dealing mischief to human beings and to the persons coming after you. There is work, work and work before you. This is the only thing that pleases me and your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP]. When you go to Madras or somewhere else, set some time for the disciple of my Guru to have a sitting daily at the fixed time, apart from that which they devote to their usual Pooja [worship]. It will be your duty to concentrate yourself on them at the time fixed by you. Nine PM is the time fixed by your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] on your suggestion. I welcome this idea. Teach this method to them. There is a vast difference between theory and practice : let them come up to the latter."


"The ours of the journey too should be spent in work. You have a greet task before you, You must fulfil it i your lifetime. You will be getting directions for work at every hour during your journey. Dive any work, coming to you, in appropriate circle, keeping your self at the head [in each case]"


Thursday; 07th December 1944 :


Dictation from Swami Vivekananda : "Assign some work of my Mission to Madan Mohan Lal. He is also permitted to work. Do not think yourself to be alone. I will be with you all along through the journey. Take a good diet, rather a rich diet. I prefer eggs, preferably roasted eggs, with tea for you."


"It is current amongst 'sanyasins' [ascetics] of these days to give some name [called Yugpat] of their disciples. Let me call you 'Juliet' now. This is the translation of your condition!"


Today Vishwa Nath Tandan has been granted permission [for training others] in the new system of Sahaj Marg by Munshi Madan Mohan Lal, authenticated by Brother Ram Chandra Ji Sahib. [Signatures of Munshi Madan Mohan Lal and Shri Babu Ji affixed,]


Revered Master's [of Revered Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Sahib of Fatehgarh U. P.] dictation : "Swami Vivekananda has assigned responsibility to dear Ram Chandra to check the epidemic of depression. I transfer the responsibility for this to Madan Mohan Lal also, as he too has permission in that system [of the Rama Krishna Mission]. There should be special care in this respect with regard to one's disciples and brethren."


Further dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I have made the arrangement needed for you. Abolish slavishness from your brain; and adopt the right course. I had been all over India over these days. Your presence is needed everywhere. After completing your present tour [of south India and Dwarika], you should visit Calcutta. The turn of Lahore will come afterwards. Illuminate the places, wherever you go."


Friday; 08th December 1944 :


Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Juliet was the beloved of Romeo [in Shakespeare's Drama]. I mean, she was the object of his love, and so you are for me. There are very many kinds of work before you. have patience. Your field of work is far wider than what anybody would ever have dreamt of. You have come for this very purpose,"


"Be happy that our Guru is showering benedictions on you for your success and happy return."


Saturday; 09th December 1944 :


Instructions from Swami Vivekananda Ji : "When you reach Madras, ask the man-in-charge of my Mission there to arrange for a guide on the course of your intended journey. Rest assured, success will attend on you. There is a renowned sage there [in south India]. He will not come to see you. Orient yourself towards him, to give him spiritual benefit. All along your journey, I and your Supreme Guide [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] will be with you. There is nothing to fear on the way. Everything will go on well. You will conquer all. Give up your idea for [a visit to] Ceylon."


Sunday; 10th December 1944 :


Revered Master's [ of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] dictation : "People are waiting. Orders have been issued. Do not start [on journey] tomorrow. If I find the field all clear, I shall give permission. Just possible, you may have to start on Tuesday [12th December 1944]. All depends on [suitability of] time. Sage Agastya has given a promise for your safety; and has also prepared the field [for your work]. Swami Vivekananda has issued orders to Qutub of Madras to look after your security. Sure, you committed a little mistake in asking him [Qutub] to consider his duty started when you set your foot on the railway platform of Madras. You shoal have made him take charge of your security earlier.


Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] resumed dictation, when during discussion with Munshi Madan Mohan Lal, I hinted that earlier I was able to comprehend immediately what an elder absentia, oriented to me, was telling [or asking] me : "Dear Ram Chandra has climbed up so high and has merged himself in such a way that the current of their [elders] thought is not able to send a jerk up to that hight. When he is stationed a little lower, he is able comprehend [alright]. In fact, the rule is that one should always keep oneself stationed at a lower level [for the sake of efficiency in working]. I do not compel him [to station himself at a lower level]; and he is also aware that I am present to instruct him as and when needed. Madan Mohan Lal should better practice this technique of stationing oneself at a level lower than one's actual status. The method of keeping the heart in one's view, as adopted by him [Ram Chandra], is a good practice. Just now, I am at leisure. He has invented a technique, which is best; and there can be no other method superior to it. Earlier he had invented the method for practice at 09.00 P. M., reference to which is there in the notes. That remains essential. I shall mention the method, now invented, to Swami Vivekananda Ji as well. This [newly invented] method brings benefit together to both Guru and disciple. This method ordains that in case as aspirant is told to meditate on the form of the Master in the heart, he is to be instructed to have the thought that the elder whose form is being taken to meditate on, is connected to the Ultimate Being. Meditation should be started just with this firm supposition. If this thought is brought once to mind, before starting mediation on the form of Master [Shaghal-e-Rabta] and getting absorbed in the practice, that will be still better. In case of the aspirant having been told to meditate on the idea of light, he should be instructed to have the idea that the light taken up for firm supposition, is the light of the Ultimate Being. All these inventions should be noted down in in the 'note-book'."


Dictation form Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I have got acquainted with your inventions; and have leapt up out of joy. I can dare say that such an inventive mind has never been born in India, among sages, This is all due to your Supreme Guide [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.]. It  will not be out of place if I call you 'wisdom personified'. I again say that such a person has never been born. A great mischief has been done to you : your will has been weakened."


Monday; 11th December 1944 :


Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji : "We have together settled about your departure on tour. The way is clear now. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is waiting for you, giving you benedictions."


Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu remarked : "My expectations, like those of your Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.], remain connected with you."


Revered Master's [ of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] dictation : "Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has bestowed his successor-representative-ship to you; and I have accepted it. He is desiring you to go to Orissa."


Dictation from Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu : "I shall also remain visiting you like your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.]; and shall be helpful to you. My system has suffered immense deterioration. I surrender it to you."


Swami Vivekananda Ji remarked : "Look here, Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]. Your responsibility is very great. Now sway over India. Leave the service [in Shahjahanpur - Court]. You have no time to devote to any work, other than the spiritual. You have sufficient resources to pull on [the household]."


Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] : "So much work is pouring on you, that I do not know how it shall all be possible to tackle. The condition of your health is such as to need  continuous attendance of a physician. However, there is no choice in the face of a Divine command. All thing is being ordained by the Ultimate Being; and everybody else is helpless in this regard."


Dictation form from Swami Vivekananda : "You will find speakers - extempore; piles of books by the side; a stream of people at the platform; wardrobes with glass-doors; book-worms - but nothing of spiritual nature. Our principles have been forgotten. Spirituality gave way to materialism ; and there are all sorts of difficulties which you will know when you go there. Either I will have to finish these things, or else people come to spirituality. These things mean : the people themselves as well as their decretory materials. If you do not succeed in my Mission or if people do not listen to you, i will have to abide by orders."


"There must one and only one religion on the face of the earth, that will be that of your Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.]. Fibres of your being have been made strong by your Supreme Guide [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.].Nothing more remains to be made. You have a double force in you. Powers are increasing day-by-day. There are some other 'Mahpurushas' [Great souls] waiting for you, who wish to assign work to you. Christ is restless and requires your help. Guru Nanak is waiting. The responsibilities of all these systems of spirituality lies upon your shoulders. You cannot unyoke yourself. The rest we shall see."


"The world is moving towards resurrection. We have our common goal. You will build temples upon the heaps of bones of the persons going down. That is the order of the God directly to us, for the fulfilment of which we have structured you. Churches will be razed to ruins, but in the long run; and who knows, it may happen after your physical dissolution as well. There will be but one religion based on spirituality alone. The superfluous things will wither away. Your Guru [[Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] worshiped throughout the world - all over the globe; you will be the architect. The world will be different from the present one, in the long run. Peace based on spirituality alone will reign supreme. Countries will be absorbed in to one unit; but that time is far off and not approaching fast."


"Spirituality is not in a man's clothing, but in the person who wears it. This principle has been forgotten. Search is attempted where there is nothing but garments : man is judges by his clothes. Immorality travels on : most of the western people have fallen prey to it. Indian copy those who no nothing. Quotations are given from their philosophy. Customs are followed; manners imitated. Things are going to change so fast that man's wisdom can hardly comprehend it. All that prevails will this appear so soon that one can hardly dream of it. Change and change alone is in the offing : it depends on you alone. Do your duty. We are the helpers [in the process of change]. I am putting all these facts before you to give you hints for guidance. Work and work, and nothing else. Follow your master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] mandates."


Revered Master's dictation [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] : "I have decided his [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] departure on tour. I was of the opinion that he starts tomorrow [Wednesday] or on Thursday : I have left the choice between these two days to him. His inclination was in favour of Thursday. Now there can be no postponement any more. When he reaches Mathura on Friday, he may leave [for South India] on Saturday, in case rest be needed, or else [preferably] he should leave Mathura on Friday. This much I have left to his liking. Arrangements on trains have been made. There will be a vacant space [on trains] on both days, so that he finds a seat. In case Madan Mohan Lal's heart suggested some necessary change [concerning these arrangements], he should be given due consideration."


Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji continued : "There is a vast difference between the people of the East and the West. The two civilisation differ widely. There civilisation sprang up in the 18th century, when we people were involved with mutual bickerings. They took advantage of our simplicity. The very idea to make us addicted to an easy going life came across the minds of the traders from the West. Glittering objects of the ladies [society girls] started pouring in to provide us with curiosity and motivation to copy the western ways. The state changed so much in India, that we all came to the level of the Occident. All these things are to disappear now. The world is changing to supremacy; but you have not begun this work yet. It depends upon you and you alone."


Wednesday; 13th December 1944 :


Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji [in continuation of the subject of 11th December 1944] : You have a lot of work before you. Throw away the rest to the dogs. You have to build up a brighter world."


Here is Lord Krishna's opinion about you : "His [Ram Chandra of Shahjahnpur] Guru Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh, has made his worthy of being followed or copied by the world. His biography will be written in letters of gold. His love for him [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh] is more than what anybody would have one's disciple. That is the reason for his [Mahatma Ram Chandra of Shahjahnpur] speedy progress. There is no limit to his progress, but will is wanting to him."


Swami Vivekananda Ji dictated further to complete the subject started on 11th December 1944 : "I will be the person to guide you in this regard. Be firm as a rock. Iron will is required in you. Do not allow any idea of weakness to come to you, It will be very shameful for such a man as you to entertain any idea of weakness, which is now here really present in you. We all give you power at every moment. You are absorbed in your Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U.P.]; and he is merged in you. He [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U.P.] is absorbed in love so much that he considers himself as his disciple [You]. I have not found this example any where in my lifetime. This love comes next to that of Radha. It is strange to have the idea of weakness even then persisting. You have set an example to follow on. No per in the world match you. Which ever liberated soul [muktatma] comes to you, becomes your lover. I am telling you the truth that, leaving apart my Guru, I have not loved anyone except you. The same is the case with my Guru, of Revered one, of-course leaving me apart. At all hours, I think of you and you alone."


Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U.P.] remark : "The dictations of Swami Vivekananda Ji are all precious as mine."


Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I had instructed Mool Shankar [Swami Dayanand] for the work concerning 'Bharat' [India]; but his life did not last adequately long. The woke remain half-done. My line of work was different. I was enamoured of Yogic practices; and traversed the stages of spirituality through the same path. This method of [transmission] is different. This also serves the same purpose. As such, proceed on together with it. Now the health of people has not remained capable of taking up yogic practices. I had administered an oath to Swami Dayanand to have the respect of the priestly class [Brahmins] obliterated from 'Bharat'. They [Brahmins] had caused lots of worries to me; and it is just they who have obstructed reform of Hindu community. As such, I had ordered like that [to Swami Dayanand Ji]. So long as these people remain saddled in their position [of supremacy], progress is difficult. I am now surrendering my work to you. I want that you may also take that oath, so that 'Bharat' may attain to the regeneration [of his dignity]. I am going now; and shall remain coming when the need will be there."


Swami Vivekananda Ji instructed : "Look here, Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur], the eyes of Swami Vrijananda [Guru of Swami Dayanada Ji] are fixed on you. Realise your responsibility and put yourself to work. The world is changing now. I will give you what ever I have, according to your need. Your will has been strengthened. Now be ready and proceed on the journey. Do not delay."


Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] dictation : "As regards the letter of Babu Ayodhya Nath [the real brother of Mrs. Brij Rani, i.e. Revered Laalaa Ji' wife], I had ordained [people at Fatehgarh] to accept what may come from Shahjahanpur. There was a need to say this. Voices have surely reached their ears. These people who are now helping [them], will not remain usefully together [with them] in a long run. Finally you alone will have to do the needful. What they desire cannot be possible. She [Revered Master's wife] has not yet recognised your value. It is no doubt praise worthy that her affection for everybody is more or less equal. Women, however, are generally devoid of [a kind of] discretion. They like outwardly expressed praise and sycophancy. That is why they are amenable to such tricks by anybody. There is no need of obeying her, if that would cause the weakening of my purpose. I am referring to the declaration at the aural function. The declaration must have to be made, whatever consequences that may have."


Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Stages do nothing at the time of death. Moderation is required; and that is lacking everywhere. Spirituality alone can do nothing. It must go side by side with morality. I describe your [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] character now. Since the very moment that you went to your Guru [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P], you thought of him as the Master of the Universe. You took Him to be everything to you. Your Guru [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P] has described you sufficiently well in the notes. That remains exactly as it is. Moreover, you set an example to the world in so far as every particle of your being got absorbed in your Master [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P]; and to complete the process every particle of His Being merged with you. Such an example of perfect absorption or merging with each other will hardly be found anywhere else. If I describe your expansion, you have pervaded every particle of the atmosphere. You are in every thing. Madan Mohan Lal has love for you; and you should be thankful to him."


Thursday; 14th December 1944 : Today Shriman Ram Chandra Ji of Shahjahanpur started for South India. [Note by Madan Mohan Lal]


Sunday; 17th December 1944 : Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji on the way to Madras [in the train] : "Work to illumine the Deccan Plateau and then Southern India beginning from Dharakhoh [Railway Station] where from a chain of tunnels starts. When you reach Madras, illuminate the place and give the spiritual touch to the public in general, leaving the priestly people apart. Report the process at the places to which you move on. I and your Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P] have made you the Master of the Universe. The world will remember you ever after. Realise your responsibility and feel that you are the same [Master of the Universe]. Your words will not go waste. Have proper care and due regards to utter words. You enjoy spiritual sovereignty."


Monday; 18th December 1944 :


[Arrived at Madras.] When I reached the 'Rama Krishna Ashram' at Madras, I was told that the president was in the Meditation; and several guest were already there at the time. I was asked to come in the morning [to meet their President]. I felt a few jerks in the earth at the promises of the Mission; and moved on to find an accommodation at a 'Dharamshala' [a philanthropic guesthouse of the pilgrims at all places in India].


Dictation from Swami Vivekananda : "I have felt deeply touched at this discourtesy. The person in-charge of the Ashram is unable my direct dictates. I am busy all along. You just proceed on with your work."


Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P] dictation : "You have completed work here. Go to Rameshwaram tomorrow. Your being merged with the Ultimate Being has caused harm to me, as I could not do any thing [on my own]."


Swami Vivekananda Ji remarked : "We are one and the same in this condition."


Thursday; 21st December 1944 :


Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I swear by what is holy to me that I can never neglect you."


The fixed pole star [Qutub] of Madras informed on my stepping out of the limits of that territory, that his circle of operation was left behind; and his duty was over.


Friday; 22nd December 1944 :


Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Your work has been praise worthy through out. Our hopes are with you."


Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P] dictation : "You have to do a lot of work here [Rameshwaram]. Illuminate the entire temple. It was my order to wash your feet in the 'Shiva Kund' [pool], so that the electricity of your feet may pervade the water of that pool. You have to illuminate every nook and corner here, so that the pilgrims may derive benefit. Start the destruction of the host priests [Pandaas]. Take the one you may first, to begin with. There is no need to go to Dhanushkoti. All other places will have to be visited. You have remained awake throughout the night. As such, take rest. The work at Madras has been good. Your idea is correct that spiritual training [in the real sense] cannot start there. This part will come up right last of all. The servant, you found, is alright. There is no need to be apprehensive. Precaution, however, is necessary."


Dictation from Lord Krishna : "I bless you that your home be never devoid of spirituality. You did very good work, wherever you went. Just now you have performed such work in the 'Rameshwaram Temple', as no power on earth could be able to do in this way. Your name  shall remain ever alive. This is my blessing. On whom so ever you cast your glance in the real way, he shall be alchemised. I am very happy that you did not care for money in the face of my command. Do invite me whenever a need may arise. Your Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] is all the time with you. No incarnation or Prophet [without body] can work so long as He does not structure His instrument. Swami Vivekananda sworn to remain with you. Treat both [Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib and Swami Vivekananda Ji] as one and the same."


Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I have resolved to merge all the spiritual societies, as early as possible, with the same one, to which you belong. Mine will also go with you. All will glimmer like the morning star. But wait for orders : it is something not to be done so soon. Shri Chaitanya Maha Prabhu is disgusted with his line of disciples. I am also an example of the same plight. Kabirism is getting dwindled to nothing."


"Have company of good persons; and work independently. I do not want any middle man. Do what you say and say what you do. Never mind whether success comes to you or not in the first step. Go on doing [your allotted job] till the goal is reached. Look here, the breeding ground of your thoughts are our hearts : you can commit no wrong. Your aims are high, I know; but how to achieve them is left for you and you alone : we are only the helpers. You ought to stand on your own legs and on your own base. Look here again. God's blessings will be pouring on you at every stage of your life; and every fiver of your Being has been brought up in the same way. Be always firm on what you hold as something good."


Saturday; 23rd December 1944 :


Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji : "If you need somebody for your security, call the sage [Qutub] of Ceylon to look after you as long as you are here in Rameshwaram, as it lies in his region. [Pause] It is not at all necessary as we are looking after you. However, as you are there [all Qutubs] Master, you can call him to this duty if you like." The Temple at Rameshwaram was in a mournful attire, like when some [ominous] death would have occurred there. 'Lakshmi Kund', 'Sita Kund', 'Ram Kund' etc. were all illuminated.


In Rameshwaram I was putting  up in the philanthropic guesthouse for pilgrims named - after Bhagwan Das Bagla. Due to have a large amount of cash money with me, I had orders to sleep inside a small cabin allotted to me there. I could not sleep there due to mosquitoes. I somehow spent last night [inside the cabin]. In a helpless state, I obtained permission [from Revered Master - Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] to sleep in the verandah. At that time the sage of Ceylon informed me that under orders he had started looking after my security so long as was in Rameshwaram.


Sunday; 24th December 1944 :


Remark of Swami Vivekananda : "You have invested the Rameshwaram Temple with power that will not be exhausted for a hundred years."


Instructions from Lord Krishna [when sought for] : "Every nook and corner of 'Rameshwaram' has become illuminated. Filling it any more will cause people to be upset there. Now there is no need for you to stay here. The work is completed. The sage of Ceylon is inviting you. Take up Ceylon tomorrow [from 'Rameshwaram']; and depart from here the day after."


Monday; 25th December 1944 :


Instructions from Lord Krishna : "You are going to Madurai. There also the work is just for you to do. You will illuminate the place together with the destruction of the priestly class. There have been so many of my devotees; but no body could do this work. It was kept reserved for you. There is no need of being attentive to Ceylon any more just now."


Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] dictation [at 04.15 P.M.] : "You brought havoc to Ceylon. If I had not arrived at the nick of the moment, many people would have become bereft of their lives. You turned the entire force of the Ultimate Being over Ceylon. Withdraw some of it. The minds of people have suffered suspension [of normal activity]. Be a bit quick [to withdraw the surplus force]." [The order was complied with immediately,]


"Now do not be oriented to Ceylon at all. Depart from here tomorrow."


The Sage of Ceylon communicated : "The condition that is prevailing in Shri Lanka at this time is something to be pined for by people. Everybody [here at this time] is in a state of saintly mendicancy, and the mental condition is in a state of suspension. Whom ever you see, seems like a statue. Thought are totally stationary. Congratulations. I offer thanks to that Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] who structured you like this. Such a big personality [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] never come to my view. [Pause] I am an old man. I pray that you turn up the times; and this can be possible only for you. I wish that you upturn some part of Sri Lanka. This is the part known as Columbo. Many pilgrims come here and indulge in immoral practices. Else, if you endow me with the power [adequate for the purpose], I myself may do the job. I offer thanks again to your Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.]; an am getting yoked to my duty. I am very happy to have this duty assigned to me; and it was my good fortune to get the opportunity to serve you : you had almost bypassed me."


Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] dictation : "He is a very great sage, who has no equal in Ceylon. he is asking to get Columbo upturned; but there is no command from God as yet [for that]."


Dictation from Swami Vivekananda : "Your work in Ceylon has been exemplary. You have beaten [all] world record. What you could do in two minutes in Ceylon, may required a hundred years for others. All the people there, without even a single exception, are in a state of spiritual trance."


Wednesday; 27th December 1944 :


Instructions from Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Illuminate the city [Madurai] totally; and proceed on with the destruction of the priestly class. Leave Madurai for Trivandrum tomorrow morning. You will reach there directly without needing change of train. There [at Trivandrum] you will get the bus for Cape Comorin [Kanya Kumari]. I shall tell you there the shortest tout of Mysore. The journey to Ernakulam is very tedious; and there is nothing to see [or do]. You have concurred my heart; and it is with profound love that I give place to you there [in my heart]. Look here, you will always be happy : that is my prayer for you. Is there any thing that you require?"


Submission : "If there is more work, it be assigned to me."


Answer : "We have been asking you for compliance all along. Of-course, there is enough for you to do."


Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] dictation : "There is a lot of praise for me among elder sages; and everybody's eyes are getting fixed on you. This [auspicious] time will also be remembered by people after you. The divine grace shall pour even more on you after completion of this work; that is to be the reward for this work. Some elders are of the opinion to call you back their abode [in the brighter world], after getting the jobs here completed quickly through you; but I am not of this opinion, and neither shall I let this be done."


Revered Master's [of Revered Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh U. P.] instruction : "Right this discovery in the note book on reaching Shahjahanpur."


Method [used at madurai] : I spread myself in the subtle form throughout Madurai and having filled all sides with power, got it permitted in to the earth and [its] atoms.


Friday; 29th December 1944 :


Instructions from Swami Vivekananda Ji [at Trivandrum] : "Cut short your journey as pain starts. Go to Mysore [Hassan and Belur, if you so desire], after completing your trip to the Southern most point of India [Cape Comorin]. Then proceed to Hyderabad. Leave Poona."


Revered Master's [of Revered Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh U. P.] detailed instructions : "Go to Cape Comorin tomorrow; and illuminate it very well, but not like Ceylon. On return, stay for one day here [at Trivandrum]. Then start for Mysore with the morning train. There is no need for staying at Bangalore. You can see some places like Belur there. Go to Hyderabad, thereafter. Work will be [waiting] just there. From there go to Bombay, visiting Daulatabad and Ajanta [on the way]. I shall tell you what ever period of stay will be required there. There is no need for going to Poona. From Bombay, go to Dwarika. The work at Trivandrum too has remained fine. You have remained sufficiently oriented to Trivandrum : now there seems to be no need [any more]. Have a very light thought, [however]. The 'Temple of Padmanabha Swami' has got very illuminated. Tonight, be oriented only to the destruction to the priestly class, that has brought about the total annihilation of Hindus. There is a need for very unrelenting destruction."


Sunday; 31st December 1944 :


Revered Master's [of Revered Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh U. P.] dictation : "You went to Cape Comorin yesterday [on 30.12.1944]. You completed the work on the way. The whole atmosphere has undergone change. Start from here tomorrow morning. There is no need to stay in Travancore State [now named Kerala] any further."


Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji : "You have renounced anything of this transitory world for your Lord [Revered Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh U. P.]; and He has done the same for you. You have got the power [of real renunciation] developed in you, in an exemplary way. Having regard for this fact, you should pass a life worth leaving for a king. If you live a king-like life, it will add pleasure to mine and your Guru's [of Revered Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh U. P.] hearts. The time is approaching fast to tread along the foot-prints of your Master [Revered Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh U. P.], the Supreme Lord. The idea of Sanyasa [way of the ascetic recluse] will disappear in the course of time. This is why we want you to lead that kind of life, which is to set an example for others. Be happy."


Revered Master [Revered Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh U. P.] explained : "Swami Vivekananda Ji meant to say that you should live a life of a king like Janak."


[Reference here is to King Janak of Mithila, father of Sita of the epic Ramayana, who is reputed to have led the life of a perfect recluse, even though a householder and a king.]


Wednesday; 03rd January 1945 :


Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh U. P.] remarked : "I ordered you to stay for one day here [at Bangalore] because you were tired and unable to continue the journey further [at a continuous stretch]. Otherwise I was not in favour of your stay here."


Dictation from Swami Vivekananda : "You have prepared the field for others to work on. Nobody could have done so. Start for Mysore tonight. When you go back to Shahjahanpur, prepare some graduates to work in Mysore state [now Karnataka]. You have rightly come to comprehend that there is a vast field for spiritual work in Mysore [Karnataka]. You will find a number of persons in Hyderabad also; but it will require time to mould their destiny to engage in this Godly duty. It is you who will prepare them for the task ahead. Prepare the field for others to follow on. Your one duty is common everywhere, viz. destruction for the priestly class."


Thursday; 04th January 1945 :


Dictation form Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Meet a few if the prominent persons of the city of city [Mysore] if you like. I do not mean to compel you for this. I have only permitted you, as it was your desire. Select good people to work in the field. Education is necessary. A big personality is to born of you. It is already in the making; and days are near [for your work on the same].


Sunday; 07th January 1945 :


Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh U. P.] instruction : "You are now going to Hassan. Make the Belur Temple full of effect. Your work has been very good : Mysore has got very illuminated. Start from here tomorrow."


Wednesday; 10th January 1945 :


Arrived at Hyderabad [Deccan] today.


Thursday; 11th January 1945 :


Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh U. P.] intimated : "Today at 11.30 PM a very special power has been conferred on you by Nature for being utilised in the work here. I have now transferred it to you. This power is bestowed to Prophets. It has never been conferred on any devotee to date."


Sunday; 14th January 1945 :


Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Congratulations. Your work has been excellent throughout. You have filled the air with rebellion; and Nizam's domination will end [in due course]. It is bound to take place. Do not be disheartened. Your generation will reap the fruits of your labour, put in so far; and will be remembered ever after as long as the world exists. You have illuminated every part of the country in Southern India. Now comes the turn of Northern India, for which you must proceed to Delhi [to start with], after completing the present tour of South-India and Dwarika [Gujarat]. Do not despair or be afraid of time. It comes on sooner or later. By later I mean, after your physical dissolution; after the effect will last ever after until time collapses by the Will of God Almighty. Your existence is golden opportunity for your country and the world. You will absorb at large every religion of the world, and issue forth a new one."


"Proceed on to Ajanta as your desire to see it. Then go to Bombay and Dwarika. Lord Krishna will be waiting for you in Dwarika to give you some sacred work.


Friday; 19th January 1945 :


There were orders to illuminate Bombay from Manmad.


Sunday; 21st January 1945 :


There were orders to start illuminating Gujarat as the Surat Railway station was passed.


Tuesday; 23rd January 1945 :


Dictation from Lord Krishna : "Illuminate Dwarika. This is the place where I have resided [during a long period of my life on earth]. This is the same sacred soil. Some parts of it have been engulfed by the sea. That was in keeping with my own orders. Go to 'Okha Fort'; and illuminate that part. If you are not able to go there, illuminate it just from here. It is better to go there in all respects. People here are amply selfish. Lack of love is prevailing. That is the condition more or less almost every where. Everybody seems entangled in the net of worldliness [Maya]."


Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] orders : "You go home after completing the work here. You can stay at Mathura for day or two. Do not take your wife [with you] to Shahjahanpur yet. This prohibition is to extent up to the time of Annual Function [Bhandara]. If she comes [to Shahjahanpur] of her own accord, that does not matter; but with a view to certain reasons I do not consider it  proper just now. Your going to Okha is essential."


Wednesday; 24th January 1945 :


Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] instructions : "The temple has been amply illuminated. Now get oriented to the town."


Friday; 26th January 1945 :


Instructions from Swami Vivekananda Ji : "There is no need for staying here any more. Start from here tomorrow."


Saturday; 27th January 1945 :


Left Dwarika. Before arriving at the Railway Station, orders were received to take the whole of Southern India, that has got illuminated fully, for transmitting to in a single piece.


Sunday; 28th January 1945 :


At Mehsana, orders were received for the destruction of two groups of people of Rajputana [now called Rajasthan].


Monday; 29th January 1945 :


Arrived at Mathura.


Wednesday; 31st January 1945 :


Dictation from Lord Krishna [at Mathura] : "The whole of Southern India has got illuminated. Dwarika has also got illuminated. Now turn your face to the Northern part of India. This work will begin from Delhi. Times are changing; and it needs to change quickly. The delay in the change of times is only to the extent of hesitation in your efforts [to effect the change]. This work has been wholly assigned to you by Nature. Go on working in accordance with the instructions of your Guide [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.]. After illumining Northern India, take the whole of India to be transmitted to in a single piece. Thereafter more work work will be assigned, for which hints have already arrived to you. I am very happy with your work."


Swami Vivekananda Ji remarked : "Look here, these are the words of Lord Krishna. You have to stick to work and work alone."


Friday; 02nd February 19445 :


Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] dictation at Shahjahanpur : "I shall be very happy if you people may be able to do the work that I could not do. Organisation is essential for every spiritual institution. In my time the thoughts of all people had got focussed on me. Training they might be receiving from anybody, but they had regard and consideration for me. This same method may be taken up, viz. the currents of thought of all people be merged in to some person, whom they consider great or whom God may have made great. This can also be possible, that the special persons, that have been structured recently, and whom I consider as my own, may draw the people attached to them individually towards themselves, and then establish their connection with the one whom they consider [and find] great. I do not mean to say that they get rid of their disciples or people connected to them, and the responsibility about them be assigned to the particular person [consider and found to be grate]. I mean only that they should be made to have the firm belief that orders are descending through the person who is their Master's successor representative; and to follow such order is incumbent on them as their duty. That is to say, the particular person be taken to be my representative."


"Those who set up an organisation should first of all practice to structure themselves as the model after which they like to mould others. For example someone is habituated to eating sweets, and likes to make others obtain from eating sweets. It is necessary for such a person to first give-up eating sweets and then motivate others to follow suit. This has been my practice throughout my life, that I first practiced myself  what I liked to make others practise. Keeping this principle in to view, you people proceed on to setup the organisation. One thing is worth remembrance, viz. any defect remaining in overt or covert from in the trainer, will go a long way, and will penetrate quickly in the practicant who adopts the practice of mediation on the form of his/her guide. That is the reason why the practice of meditation on the form [shaghal-e-rabta] should be adopted only on the form of one whose condition should have come to the Balanced State, and who should have largely got rid of the defects prohibited in the spiritual sphere or unbecoming of the state of moral sublimity. I feel that this practice of meditation on the personal form should not be told to every person, who imparts training, unless the guide himself/herself would have reached that state. As such, every trainer should structure himself/herself so as to enable his/her disciples to take up his/her form for the practice of meditation."


Sunday; 04th February 1945 :


Dictation from Hazarat Qibla [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] : "I am coming from Fatehgarh. "बुढ़िया"  [The old woman i.e. Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib's Mistress, Shrimati Brij Rani] has also fallen a victim of greed. Request Swami Vivekananda Ji for advice."


Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji : "All the elements that comes in the way of progress must be annihilated. Look here. The field before you is a very large one, but it has been made narrow by elements that we do not desire [to retain]. From today I will be supporting you in your work. I consider it to be work and my duty. Your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] has given me the charge of His work form today. He will be the guiding power over us. Regarding this work, you will receive dictates directly form me; and you will guide your subordinates just as I tell you. Negative ideas should be forgotten altogether. I find a great difficulty in guessing about your brothers, in respect of the high position they enjoy. You should set them right first and then put them to work. Fickle-mindedness is the poison for the way to success. I need firm-minded persons with strong will for the work."


Dictation from Hazarat Qibla [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] : "I have handed over the charge of this work [setting the organization right] to Swami Vivekananda Ji. Now he will do what ever is proper. All of you will have to obey his orders. If you people budge even a little from compliance with his orders, my rage will come down in full fury. I am apparent displeased with Madan Mohan Lal to a certain extent. he returns to his previous condition and habit. What a great matter of regret it is that a person of such a high standard should fail to make people oriented to him. I had told dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] about this. He did not tell this to him [Madan Mohan Lal] out of respect and regard for his elderliness. I had to point it out myself now. I shall start getting strict with my own people first of all. He [Madan Mohan Lal] has left himself so loose that every puff of wind makes him shaky all over. Worries do not dwindle in case of anybody in this transitory world. Only the form [of worries] remains changing. Somebody suffers from one kind, while some other has another form [of worries] in store. Was I [myself] free from them? In-spite of the worries, however, which of my duties did I ever shirk? A person of such capability [as of Madan Mohan Lal] is bound to be drawn away by the force of the habit of his own will, however much he may be cleaned. It is therefore necessary, that he [Madan Mohan Lal] should put his own will to work, and desist from yielding place to these [degrading] thoughts. He has to structure himself to the tune of the times. The old tricks are now coming to an end. He [Madan Mohan Lal] has to do a lot of work; but it is regrettable that his mentality does not get oriented to that, nor does be structure out such means and media as may bring the shape of success in to view."


"I am telling an easy principle for his [Madan Mohan Lal] benefit, which he is to follow at the fixed time daily without fail. That is 'prayer'. His defects that come to his view in the form of thoughts are to be placed before God, with the prayer to be rid of them. The usual practice [Abhyaas] is to be along-with. Can fire not be created in sandal-wood, which is a cool object? Can dried wood not be straightened through a warming process? He [Madan Mohan Lal] should structure himself in such a manner as may inspire people to be attracted to him. For the rest, he may consult me anytime, about what ever he likes to know in this regard. I shall reply. I am afraid, this poison may spread among his disciples : I am warning and instructing specially on that account. Mere spirituality does not work : very few persons are capable of comprehending it. In general people discover the inner [capacity] on the basis of outer expression. There should be attractiveness, sublime flexibility and softness in speech. This I am addressing to everybody. If somebody has nothing lacking in him as regards spirituality, but its expression is not up to the mark, I cannot call him perfect. Serving one's purpose [successfully] is another matter. However, now I am coming to a second [important] point : I am prepared to designate a person as selfish, if he serves his own purpose and does not structure himself capable of structuring others. Those words may possible seem harsh; but these alone contain the best sweetness, if he gets impelled to readiness [through these words]. This dictation which I have given for Madan Mohan Lal is to be noted down by you [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] also; and it is to be read often and on most occasions so as to keep it fresh [in memory]."




Revered Master's dictation [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] : "Dear Ram Chandra toured Southern India for about one and a half month. He has performed such prominent jobs there as require eyes to observe. He brought every order issued to him to the level of completion. There was a very special feature of his work, that speaks volumes in praise of his brain : he tied fine knots at appropriate places, to prevent his work being spoiled by somebody [subsequently] another characteristic [of his work] was that he illumined that land up to several yards below the surface. The method of his working happened to the best : before arriving at a particular station and some place proper, he would first draw out what ever defects had penetrated the earth there : and better still, he did not allow that defect to pervade the atmosphere [vacuum]. The defects that he injected and cooled out were also purified so that the position did not acquire the character of lethal epidemic. At one place, he no doubt played a little mischief ; and that was on arriving at Dwarika. He took out the effect produced by defects there; and instead of purifying, just diverted it best wards. I have designated his action as mischief, but in the reality that was actually my will at that time. [Pause] He has stuffed the temples with such effect as to leave no need for charging them [with spiritual power] for the next one hundred years. Further still, he has filled certain streets and lanes, through which he happened to pass, with such an effect as to have made them suitable places for meditational purpose. Some towns have been illuminated in such a way as to leave the effect in every wall and door. he has illuminated the particles of the entire atmosphere there ; and has introduced subtle checks to prevent defilement to those particles by somebody. Very often, it also happened that whole cities - I mean the people there of - would have crossed all the stages of spirituality. That, however, was not my intention, as it would have then brought about an end to Nature's work; and difference and discord, which is the very life of Nature, would have vanished. and still, he was feeling afraid all the time, that he may not fall short of completing the fulfillment of some duty, signed to him. Engaged in such a heavy task, he was yet unsure whether the job in hand was completed or not. The reason was that he has rendered himself negative to such an extent that his thought remains short of touching the fringe of the positive. That is just my own fault."


"During the course of this tour, one desire come up in him, on reaching Cap Comorin, viz. to hypnotize some rock there, in such a way as had never occurred before. In accordance with his desire, Swami Vivekananda Ji accorded him permission also and had pointed out a rock, close to his own, for the purpose. However, he desisted from this work, thinking that it would be almost impossible for anybody to recognise the work, and to associate the rock with my name. In some way, it has also been alright, for if he had done some thing in accordance with his tremendous intentions, it would have been possible that the very passage there would have got blocked; and come to be the proverbial limitation Alexandria."


[Reference here is to the famous city Alexandria in Egypt, which was founded by Alexander the great. It was a successor to the Athenian culture after Alexander, and the center of religious, philosophical, social, scientific, commercial and all other activities, which attracted invaders who destroyed one culture and rebuilt in succession. Thus the very strength of Alexandria proverbially proved to be its weakness and limitation again and again. It had a central library which was burnt in 47 B. C. by the Roman conqueror Julius Caesar. Then a second time it was destroyed by a Christian patriarch at the end of the 4th century A. D. It is reputed to have been again destroyed again by the Arabs towards the middle of the 7th century A. D. Caliph Omar is said to have burned what was remaining of the central library in 641 A. D.]


"Finally, I want to say only that he [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] has made my name eternally alive; and his value in the eyes of Revered Sages has acquired very special dimensions. Just possible, his record has got prepared some where else in the institution of the sages of highest. The eye of Lord Krishna on him has acquired a special stance due to this work. It is matter of greatest pride that during this entire period of his absence, the wheel of Lord Krishna [Krishna Chakra] remained going round and round over his residence; and Shree Krishna Ji Maharaj kept he security of the place in His own hands.  Removing the boy from the railway track was just His work. [This refers to an incident at the railway station Khudaganj, District Farrukhabad, where Dinesh Chandra, the second son of Shri Babu Ji, was sitting on the railway line. He was removed therefrom once; but he again sat there, where upon some other boy caught hold of his hand and threw him away, just one minute before a train passed on that track.] Lord Krishna had taken charge of safety just when He had fixed the date of departure for the journey; and the boomerang was activated furring absence, which remained active upon 09.30 AM on 02nd February up to the time of his [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] waking up after sleep. All the work, performed after Rameshwaram, had been done by him [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] in the state of pain [in his stomach]."


Monday; 05th February 1945 :


Hazarat Qibla's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] dictation : "Together with Swami Vivekananda Ji, I have observed very carefully my whole field [of associates ]. Most of them have acquired the shape of ripened boils containing pus. Many have turned out to be totally pus personified from head to foot; and have gone against me. That does not mean that they do not accept me as Guru; but they have started depending on others, whose pus has begun to flow in to them. There are some who are taking the recurrent pain cause by the reverberation of pus as define attraction [Jazb]. This pusculation [मवाद] is becoming so deep that it has pervaded every nerve and fiver of many people. To draw out [this pus] is no more a job for an ordinary person; nor is anybody capable of removing it, at this time. It cannot be removed unless people pin their faith on dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur UP]. The nervous system of some of them has got spoiled so such an extent as to leave nothing but smoke and fire of materiality. This condition had some been cleaned by dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] through my order; but on his becoming slack, again through my order, those people have now started returning to and have almost arrived back to that [spoilt] condition. The reason is obvious, that they have not given up the company of those persons who are causing harm to them spiritually."


Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] dictation continued, now addressed to Munshi Madan Mohan Lal : "If this is got translated in accordance with medical principles, then [it is to be said that] that decomposition has set in, in them. Louis Cohen has designated this decomposed matter as putrefaction. I am calling this condition putrefaction in another sense from the spiritual point of view. If a person of illumined heart sits before those people, he will feel a bad smell emanating from them. Now the cure of this is [the use of] the surgeon's knife. Just possible, some people may require being operated upon; and some others may quit this system. By system, I mean the present system. Those [earlier] ones have all got smashed. I have just stated this condition before you people. This is the exact description of their condition. To the extent of the availability of words. Some people are good as well; but the sovereignty of others is impressed deeply on most of them."


Tuesday; 06th February 1945 :


Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I have myself watched the situation and have come to the conclusion that the elements, that are at work causing degeneration, must be removed. The idea is prevalent among your brethren that the work of your Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] is to be carried on smoothly by the souls, black as they are, that have no connection with your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.], whom I also take as my Lord. This is the exact translation of the ideas prevailing in them as in jackals [who start howling on hearing the how I from any one of them]. These people are howling like that [inconsiderately]. The will of God Almighty is moving towards what we are avoiding for the time being. [Pause] I allow you to sit before me just as you do before your Guru."


"There is slackness on the part of Madan Mohan Lal in performing divine work. A man of such standard [or stage] should avoid such things [like slackness]. His will has been weakened. Forget it altogether. He should have indomitable courage and an unshakable will. He should know that there is no other man of such a high standard in the world, except dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]. He has not come for these things. Throw these to the dogs and keep yourself aloof. My object is that he should lead a life like a recluse [Sanyaasee] in the true sense. I call your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] the incarnation of love; and he is really so. Dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] has performed his duties, using his will to the fullest extent. He planned the whole programme concerning the duties assigned to him. he has illuminated the whole of southern India in spite of the pain he was suffering in the course of journey. He carried out all that was desired from him. He has beaten the world record. I have praise for his divine wisdom, bestowed by his Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.]. In short, no man exists in the world at present, who may be able to compare with him or compete with his in this work. I shall again repeat that this is all due to his worthy Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] - our Lord. I prophesy that he will be remembered ever after, among sages in particular."


Wednesday; 07th February 1945 :


Dictation from Lord Krishna : "About the journey, Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh has already said quite a lot; and what ever he has said is correct, word for word. Ram has [of Shahjahanpur] astonished the spiritual world. Such a precious person is needed there [in the higher world] also. The world is demanding very quick change. The country should be clear of impious. Reaching there [higher world], he [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] will be able to complete the work very quickly. The initiative for this [calling Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur to high world] has come directly from the Ultimate Being several times. However, the question remains that the Revered Being [Janab Laalaa Ji Sahib, of Fatehgarh] that has has structured him [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur], has not yet tasted that fruits of His labour. Keeping this in to view, it has been decided to retain him [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] still more here. He has attained extreme closeness to the Ultimate Being; and has established a very deep relationship with it."


Thursday; 08th February 1945 :


Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] dictation : "In case, God forbid, there happens to be lack of success during the 'Bhandaaraa' [Annual Function], though it should not be so by God's Grace, I permit you to focus the full power of Lord Krishna's boomerang there. There is no need for the least care for destruction falling to the lot of whom so ever it may be; and in that eventuality all of you people from Shahjahanpur should leave that place immediately. I issue one more order : where ever needed you just invite Lord Krishna. I assure you that He cannot bypass what you desire. I and Swami Vivekananda Ji will be present there in full force. If you just submit something to Lord Krishna with a full heart, the whole set-up will be turned upside-down. I am telling you one thing more. Your extreme closeness to the Ultimate Being has gone unto the extent that it can also be brought to the whirling condition and the sense of the final doom [annihilation - Pralaya] can be made to prevail. You have no awareness of these powers. The reason is obvious : you have got yourself merged in to me so much that no awareness of these things comes up. As such, I want that your temperament may not boil up [in anger] some time, lest the whole set-up may get upset, unless some special order is given. I have got you structured almost like that. I want that nothing more than what we needed may come to done by you."


Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] dictation continued to Munshi Madan Mohan Lal : "I have given him [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] that power, that if he comes to the state of 'taish' [sharp anger], he can bring about total annihilation, though that will be against the law of Nature; and this can never happen out of his action, so long as the time is not ripe for that, because his reins are in my hands. If such power would be stuffed in some one else, he would have boiled up. For him there was an order form Nature; and he has got structured accordingly. These powers are not bestowed on anybody. Even successor - representatives are kept devoid of these. The matter of fact, so to say, is that these powers are not found even in Masters of a very high caliber. These powers have been kept secure since the beginning of the Universe till now. I no doubt become their store-house. This type of help [as that of Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] can also fail to bear [the burden of] such powers. It was just my vessel [capacity] to have made the impossible  possible; and the wonder of it all is that health condition is no hindrance to the use of these powers. My approach, during my life - time, had attained up to the extreme state of the Ultimate Being; and up to that extent I had transferred to him."


"No I am briefly telling about the case Madan Mohan Lal. If his uncle, i.e. Nanhe [the real younger brother Revered Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] had not caused hindrance to it, he [Munshi Madan Mohan Lal] heard borne the troubles of times [and world] with pleasure, he too would have earned the right to get a lot. Even now, any way, he has nobody to match him, with the single exception of dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]. One thing that is not to be found any where, is that this fellow [Munshi Madan Mohan Lal] has loved me beyond limits; and the result is that I am seeing him with open eyes in this [high] state. This [love] is the only real thing; and I advise both of you [Munshi Madan Mohan Lal and Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] to create this in your disciples. This is all in all, and everything is brought out just through it. As against it, all practices and meditations, inner and outer, are of no avail. Dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] never labored in any way within the bounds of strut rules and regulations. he is a special vessel; nor should the attention of people be drawn to this [aspect]. The average of his labor during twenty to twenty-two years will be just about two or three minutes [per-day]. That also he did only with a view to complete the formality. But this should not serve as an example for others. These matters, I have given out today, are a very great secret. Dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] has drawn Nature towards himself to the extent that if he likes, he can get orders issued according to his choice; but it is his nobility that he never laves me aside. We have become mutually a natural necessity to each other. This example is worth emulation."


To a quarry from Munshi Madan Mohan Lal, Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] : "Brij Mohan Lal [the eldest son of Mahatma Raghubar Dayal] has turned his face downward from the cosmic region. Dryness is prevailing there in; and freshness has started moving away even from the organic region. He is depending on experience and discretion. The field of the cosmic region, he has not yet abdicated all together. His attendance have created royal fragrance in his mind, making him 'Maharaj' [His Holiness] and 'Huzur' [Revered Master] etc. [Pause] Rajendra Kumar [popularly known as - Professor Rajendra Kumar of Lucknow] has designated mental leaping and jumping as spirituality, within real flexibility and softness are totally absent."


Friday; 09th February 1945 :


Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] : "The effect of transmission, described by Madan Mohan Lal, was flowing from the respected father of dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]. Can anybody at this time calm equality with dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]? Not at all. This is the effect of dear Ram Chandra's transmission to his father for three minutes. Now quietness has amply increased in his father. The condition is that of being deaf and mute. He [Ram Chandra] has stuffed limitlessness in him [his father] all at once. Now, so long as I do not order it, do not transmit to your father again. Has taken him through the conditions of Qutub and Qutub-ul-aqtab etc.; and stationed him at the post of Ghous-ul-azam."


Remark of Swami Vivekananda Ji Sahib : "I congratulate you [Mahatma Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur U.P.] This is the first example you [Ram Chandra Ji of Shahjahanpur] set before the world."


Dictation of Hazarat Qibla [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U.P.] continued : "Although dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] is suffering pain to the extent known only to himself or to my heart, yet he is not avoiding  work at all. This thing is worth emulation. May all have the inclination to do likewise. Be it so. I have ordered dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] to start undergoing the impressions [sansakaras] of Madan Mohan Lal. He has already undertaken part of it. The need for this arose due to very few of his [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] own impressions remaining for coming to fruition. I have imparted power to those impressions of Madan Mohan Lal, which he [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] has undertaken to undergo, so that the shape of their fruition may develop quickly; and thereby Madan Mohan Lal may also get rid of them in some way. He [Madan Mohan Lal] has undergone lots of troubles concerning the household and other affairs."


Saturday; 10th February 1945 :


Hazarat Qibla's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh U.P.] dictation continued : "I have love for Madan Mohan Lal, as his guide. Moreover, he has been helpful in my work; and he is expected to be so in the future also. Further still, my love, which relates to dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] as well, forces me to relieve him [Madan Mohan Lal] for his impressions to a certain extent. I have, therefore, ordered dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] to leave only that much of impressions in him, which he may easily undergo unto the expiry of the course of his lifetime. The rest of these [impressions of Madan Mohan Lal] have to be undergone by him [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur]. Be it clear to Madan Mohan Lal, that if I had not been under the spell of love for him, I myself having undergone his [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] impressions, would not have ordered my darling Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] to undergo the impressions of someone else."


Hazarat Qibla [Revered Master, i.e. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] raised a question : "What can be the device to avoid in the future the defects, which have correct in to our society [Satsang]?"


I submitted an answer, Where upon Revered Master remarked : "Such a brain, cast in to a perfect mould, has never been born; and even a future  there is little hope in this regard. As such, by way of a friend or guide, whatever you take it to be, my advice to all of you, without consideration of elder or younger, id that you all take advantage of him [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur]; and get the intricate problems, as yet remaining beyond solution on the path of spirituality, solved. This time will not return again and again, nor may a such a personality will be expected to come again. Take this opportunity to be available gratis. I also assure you all that there is some special plan of the Ultimate Being in it; and as such the Ultimate Being is proving helpful through him [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur]. These words I am uttering in the capacity of the Ultimate Being. Take his [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] mind to be Divine mind. He has nothing left with him as his. That is why the answer comes as soon as a question, how so ever difficult, is raised : thinking takes no time. Just now, I had put a very important and difficult question to him. The answer was ready as soon as the question was there; and the fragrance combined with gold was that its method in the best way descended in his thought, which was not the intention of the question, but it [method] was essential along-with that [answer of the question]. The method, revealed, is as following :


"When someone is seated before one [preceptor] for transmission, he/she should first clean the heart [of the aspirant], and then all the points be cleaned a little, to the extent that the materialistic defects which may be obstructing the practice, be removed. My intention is not to clean to the extent of all the points being brought to full blooming, but only to that of the removal of the dirt and dust on the way. Thereafter a light current of the aspirant's brain be directed to his/her heart; and this current, after being cleaned to some extent, be connected to the casual body of the aspirant. Then, the trainer should introduce in seed form in to the aspirant's casual-body, what may be desired to be penetrated in the aspirant; and the cavities of the casual-body are made deep enough [to contain what is introduced in seed form in to it]. The effect develops out of the cause. As such, what is present in the seed form in the casual-body, descend in the form of fruition to be undergone. But I have to say again that all this is not a job for an ordinary person."


"The method for counteracting this method is also there. If somebody adopts the above mentioned method out of shamelessness, or sensuous greed or with the intention of getting oneself worshiped [by others], and the effect of this practice on someone be desired to be removed, and counteracting process is following : the casual-body of the [spoil] aspirant be connected to the casual-body of the cosmic region or the superior world [Brhmand], after cleaning the way [to the cosmic-region]; and then the plan for the removal of the particular defect be drawn out in the subtler cosmic world. In case the person concerned has an approach up to the cosmic level then the still higher level is to be taken for counteraction. Everyone cannot have an approach up to there."


Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Look here. Lord Christ is here with us. Very big soul! We have decided together, to give you some work later, as desired by Lord Christ. Let the destruction [of Europe] be completed."


Dictation form Lord Christ : "The destruction [of Europe] is God's will. Kingdoms will spring up on the ruins of Europe in the short time to come. Civilization is at its apex, taking the shape of destruction [by] itself. Christianity will wither away. It will take some other form under me, Swami Vivekananda and your Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]. India is rising up but slowly. Lust for power is great in Europe, as compared to another region of the world."


Swami Vivekananda Ji remarked : "You will not be assigned any work for the time being."


Sunday; 11th February 1945 :


Hazarat Qibla's [of Revered Master i.e Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] dictation, addressed to Munshi Madan Mohan Lal : "Just now I felt very happy. Dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] has modified even the method of 'Baith' [initiation], even though this being his first initiation, there was certainly hesitation. I allow this modified method of 'initiation' to be prevalent. My progeny that is there at present, or what ever is to come up in the future, shall adhere to it. This method, which did not occur to anybody's mind till now, is best. Even though it appears on the face of it as quite ordinary and simple, it has innumerable advantages. My tong is unable to describe its advantages. The experience [alone] will tell. This method may be told, when needed, to those whom Madan Mohan Lal has permitted [to impart training]."


The modified method of initiation, discovered by Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] and approved by Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP.  is as following : "First of all the connection of one's disciple to one's own Master and highest predecessor be established. Then, establishing the connection from the disciple's heart to his/brain, its chain be linked to the connection, established first. Thereafter, it is to be conceived that the commotion from the heart through the mind to the Highest Predecessor has been established; this be endowed with a light force."


"This alone shall remain the method for the future; and this invention will be related to the name of dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]. This is something Providential, that ouch things are issuing forth form him."


"What ever initiations have been effected by Madan Mohan Lal, are to be corrected in accordance with this method; and associates who remain attached to me, shall use just this method. Take it as a strict order."


"He [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] applied one more masterly stork, viz. he effected the initiation, taking permission directly form Lord Krishna.


Monday; 12th February 1945 :


Dictation given by my Hazarat Qibla [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Look here Madan Mohan Lal, dear Ram Chandra has done away with need for you, and for me as well. He has made one more invention. One thing which was very difficult, he has made easy to a certain extent, even though that method is difficult in itself, and it is not a job for everybody in these times. The praise, any way, is for how he came to hit upon it."


"The first method concerns the possible device to get one's own points and plexuses opened up through one's own efforts, after the guide has made an aspirant cross [initial spiritual] stages of some extent, and brought him to traverse the intermediary destinations [of point and plexuses] in the shadowy [Aksi] way. For this purpose there are two devices. He [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] has given preference to the second device; and I also prefer the same. The first device is to go on transmitting oneself lightly from one's brain to one's own heart. Neither dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] nor I favour this technique. Because there may be the possibility of the transmission running in excess of what may be the real need. The device, anyway, is certainly there; and it is correct."


"The second device is to suppose that one's own subtle body is present before oneself [practicant]; and then transmit to the heart of that subtle body. If one remains doing just this, progress will continually be assured quite well. The second branch of just this device in details is as following, even though it is not a job for one and all : it requires a very cultured and sensitive person. The technique consist in first continuing to transmit to the heart of one's own subtle body till it requires the condition of mergence [Fana]*, and thereafter emergence of the condition of permanent living [Baqa]@ in it. At this stage the next point, viz. the soul [rooh] is to be taken up for transmission. When the condition of mergence at this point has been arrived at, and the emergence of the state of permanent living there has started thereafter, then the third point, viz. of the fire [sirra]# is to be taken up. Similarly the process is to be repeated on and on with further points viz. 'Khafi' and 'Akhfa' [in Sufi terminology]. The benefit of this will be a good and detail stroll. When the state of awakening in the whole of the organic region has been arrived at, then this whole state should be forcefully connected to the brain which is called the cosmic region. Then, using the same technique to widen one's condition, transmission is to be imparted to one's own subtle body form here. When here also the condition of mergence, and thereafter the state of permanent living there is created, then this condition be advanced likewise to the next higher region viz. para cosmic region, and apply the same device of transmitting from there to one's own subtle body. When there also the condition of the merging of mergence [fana-e-fana] is arrived at; and the state of permanent living ['baqa'] starts arriving thereafter, it should be advanced to the still higher region, beginning the same practice there as well. Beyond that, though thought will not work; and the need for the forceful guide will arise. I want this method to prevail in our fold."


*Fana - To consider one's self as existing in the form of one's Pir [is one who strictly observes the outward law, while, he adopts his own short method. This method consists in what is called 'sulk' [pilgrimage].

@Baqa - A condition in which the 'abd'  [That which is manifest] is not hindered from seeing God on account of materiality, which is only 'adam.

#Shaykh Ahmad, the Mujaddid of the 11th century has, according to the progress of his salik [abhyasi] in the upward course, seen different colours at different stages. He, a Naqshbandi mystic, is the discoverer of six positions in the part of man's/woman's body between the neck and navel, which he has called the six 'subtleties' [latayif-i-sitta], one encircling the other, much after the manner of Kundalini of Patanjali.



"If some person arrives, who does not sit for transmission and still be seeking to have his/her fulfillment achieved, there can be method for such a person. This method can be better used by ascetics. The method is as following : first is to be observed for three days, obtaining totally from food. Only water can be taken. Salt and soda can also be used to some extent according to the need. Care should be observed to avoid scents and smells as far as possible. During these three days, after performance of necessary duties [such as toilet habits etc.], one should lie down in the posture of a dead-person person [shavaasan], and have the firm supposition that the condition of Ultimate Being, which has connection to one's brain is descending in one's heart in a heart in a calm condition. So far as possible, this meditation is to be continued for three days [of fasting]. Thereafter, this very practice to be performed in the morning and evening, and even several times during day [and night] for three months, trying to maintain purity of thoughts. After months, again, a fast fro three days and if possible for one week be observed; and adopting the same posture [shavaasan] have the firm supposition that the heart has already got filled up, and now the same state, viz. the light of the Ultimate Reality, is penetrating in the soul [at the second point of the organic region]. When both these things [heart and soul] have been set right, then three months later, again fasting is undergone, the duration of which is to be three days atlas, and one week at the most, which may be extended to fifteen days in the case of a strong person. The same firm supposition is to be adopted at the sublimity of 'sirra' [fire plexus], i.e. third point of organic region; and then likewise forth and fifth points. at the fifth point, the period of fasting can be up-to twenty-one days. However, the meditation is to be practiced every day at the heart alone, having the firm supposition, that what ever points have been filled up through the austere practice of fasting up to the particular day are all filled up, and [divine] light is amply raining."


"When the organic region is perfected through this method, then one can get oriented to the cosmic region; but the method is different there. That method consists in drawing up all the power, created [in the organic region]; and then having the firm supposition of assimilating one's organic mind in the cosmic mind, and derive power directly from there. Then this method can be carried on further, viz. beyond the cosmic region and still further."


Hazarat Qibla [Revered Master - Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh U.P.] then addressed dictation to Madan Mohan Lal : "I posed a very difficult problem to dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] just now for solution; and he brought a perfectly right solution immediately in the best possible way. This [by itself] is a separate technique in its own right; and can be included in the above mentioned method after perfecting the organic region. The method consists in having the firm supposition of the reverberation of [eternal] sound in the cosmic mind and directing its jolt to the heart. This supposition, however, should be contemplated for short intervals one after the other. The supposition should be taken up in proportion to the force being created. At which ever point [or plexus] its jolt will be administered, awakening of eternal sound will start there immediately. However, I prohibit application of this method [concerning the vibration of eternal sound] in general, so long as celibacy is not established properly."


Tuesday; 13th February 1944 :


Hazarat Qibla's [of Revered Master - Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh U.P.] dictation : "The novel feature in your phase of life today, was that you received benefit [faiz] directly from the Ultimate Being. This means that have acquired a very deep and unbreakable contact with the Ultimate Being. Almost everybody receives benefit from elders [of yore] as one may deserve. By everybody I mean persons of good faith and worshipers of Master; but you alone have derived benefit from the Ultimate Being. Look here Madan Mohan Lal, very big sages of the highest levels of approach to God have passed away, pining for this [benefit]."


Dictation from Reverend Radha Ji [at 08.30 PM] : "You have love for Reverend Lord Krishna; and He has very great love for you. As such, You treat me as your 'mother'."


Lord Krishna : "You have been allotted the foremost place among devotees. You have demonstrated such wonders, as are still unknown [even] to you. Radha Ji developed love only for you. How fortunate you are! She has taken up an attitude to you as that of a mother to her own son. You love treating her as your mother."


Swami Vivekananda Ji : "We are leaping up with joy on hearing these words from Lord Krishna Himself. You have gained love from Radha Ji. I will call that man blind, who does not come to you for spiritual training."


Hazarat Qibla [Revered Master, Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "There is no limit to my happiness. Congratulations. May God's blessings ever shower on you."


Reverend Radha Ji : Where ever love be needed, just get oriented to me. I know nothing except this. I had concern only with this during my whole life."


Hazarat Qibla [Revered Master, Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "This new relationship [nisbat, i.e. 'intuition] has come up in this system [silsila]."

Thursday; 14th February 1945 :


Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji : "We are all along busy, doing your work. Now comes work of a different nature. Your brethren have become media of the instructions of Nanhe [i.e. Revered Laalaaji's own younger brother - Mahatma Raghubar Dayal]. They are carrying on propaganda work for him, and his son Brij Mohan Lal. This is the information, I give you this time. When you go to 'Bhandara' [Annual function], remain alert to every point of the compass. Confidential work is coming to you. Devote most of you time to it, besides other important duties. It [confidential work] depends on you and you alone. The Will of God is to over through the present state of affairs. You are the sole master of such duties. You can issue orders to other proper persons whenever need may arise. There are some other agencies at work, solely dependent on you. There is the great difficulty that we are not finding any one fully developed in spirituality like you. So, there is a rush of work for you."



Sunday; 17th February 1945 :


Revered Master's [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] dictation : "Every declaration and article will be issued under the signature of Madan Mohan Lal, whom I have appointed secretary; and the seal will be duly stamped. This will be done from now on. He [Madan Mohan Lal] can himself permit his assistant secretary Rameshwar Prasad to reform any duty assigned by him. All others will be known as helper. If a need for some very urgent action may arise, and Madan Mohan Lal is not present here, the assistant secretary can also perform [that action]; but it should be remembered that I alone shall remain the officer commanding, i.e. nothing will ever be done without my orders, which will be coming down through the medium [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur]. Rameshwar Prasad is authorized to select his helpers and inform Madan Mohan Lal. helpers will be only those who are entirely our own or consider me as their own. I like to modernise the system of correspondence and other necessary matters concerning writing. In case I allow Madan Mohan Lal to be out of station for some work, his sanction will have to be obtained, communicating my commands to him through correspondence. An exception can be made in some special case; but even in that eventuality, he must have to be kept informed about the action. The secretary will keep a register, in which short notes will be entered for reference, and a copy of this will remain with the assistant secretary. I want to keep dear Ram Chandra free from these administrative arrangements concerning ministerial work : I do not want to entangle his mind in these aspects. His mind will remain the spring source of transmission alone; and others will remain being received through it. Those to whom I have assigned these duties, should take these to be their own. I will establish an item for the expenditure concerning correspondence. Those persons to whom I have assigned these duties, should perform these as my own [job]. That, however, does not mean that they give up the job for which I have structured them. That that shall remain their foremost duty."


Dictation from Babu Har Narain [Late revered Father of Madan Mohan Lal of Shahjahanpur] : "I marvel at the great fortune of Respected Shri Badri Prasad Ji [Father of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Shahjahanpur UP]. He attained to the status, without any labor, which is not available to the lot of so many, nor is expected to be so in future. I would have brought him with me, but for his state of lack of consciousness, just now. I was desirous of getting merged in dear Ram Chandra of [Shahjahanpur], but on his [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] request Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] stopped me. Hinting that this was the privilege of Puttan [Madan Mohan Lal]. As such, I had to desist from the fulfillment of my desire. I look upon both of you [Madan Mohan Lal and Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur UP] and also Rameshwar Prasad, with same eye, treating all as my progeny. Puttan [Madan Mohan Lal] has beeb dealt lots of trouble by Lallan [the son of Madan Mohan Lal], to extreme limits. This tolerance of Madan Mohan Lal shall bear fruits. Dear Puttan [Madan Mohan Lal], you do one thing, viz. the huge collection of books, developed by me, you present to Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP]. There will be need for this [collection]; and possibly his [Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib] progeny may derive benefit from it. Otherwise all books will get destroyed. My hint is for the treasure of Sanskrit books. The will increase a lot; and there will be need for these [books]. I marvel at my own fortune also, that dear Puttan [Madan Mohan Lal] came up to be the instrument for my liberation. In case of need, you can call me again."


Hazarat Qibla i.e. [Revered Master Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "I shall take this treasure of Sanskrit books, when needed. He be satisfied that he has made a present of this precious collection for me. It should be greatly appreciated."


Munshi Madan Mohan Lal's question to his father : "How do elders become aware of every matter on being free from the physical body?"


Answer : "The force of their vision gives a jolt to it [awareness], which being very sensitive, records it [matter concerned]."


Detailed explanation from Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] : "When an elder [divine or sage] becomes free from the physical body, the forces which work in collaboration with the physical body, get merged in their original source, in a state of oblivion; and the sense organs of that person get in to the dormant state. In other words, it can be also said that the organs sense acquire compatibility with their original source. This is to say that the ions [Paramanus] that are present in the Ultimate Being get stuffed in to that person's being. [The word ion has been used for the sake of understanding only : it will be better to designate it as the characteristic of the Ultimate Being.] The extension of a person like this acquires a width during his lifetime, that remains established exactly the same even after physical dissolution. It can be called the state of Infinite. So the presence of such a being pervades all nooks and corners like sky [void] or air. Thus, if somebody acts in some way through sound or thought, that action creates a sort of wave in that vibration [of sound or thought]. To take an example when somebody visualizes something, the force of vision gives a jolt to it, and being sufficiently sensitive, one becomes aware of it. This is just how liberated souls remain aware of everything [relevant]."


Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] commented : "All that dear Ram Chandra has dictated just now, is entirely his composition; and is correct. It is the secret of Nature that has got blurted out of his tongue. He [Ram Chandra], however, could not find words, adequate enough to explain it. This just concerns them [liberated souls]; and it is the result of his [Ram Chandra] remaining all the time in touch with me or the Ultimate Being."


Explanation continued : "Before the beginning of creation, the state of the Ultimate Being can be conceived in the form of a dome for the sake of understanding. When the time for the creation of the universe was there, movement got started, together with a sort of will. With the start of this movement ions and molecules of power started manifesting in the shape of particles and atoms; and minerals, vegetations, and animals got woven in to It like the beads of a rosary. That is to say, all things came out of the Source that was close to the Ultimate Being at the time of intention; and [those manifested things] brought power with them. Nature, which was manifest in the current like a knot, was full of power. these currents contained power, i.e. sublimity of the Ultimate Being to the extent of their closeness to it. Now man, in to whom these currents are penetrated and who remains circumscribed by them, brought power along with [him] to the extent of the descendence of the current. This very current got subdivided in to subtle, subtler and subtlest forms for the sake of the sake of the faculty of description. The return [journey] of man is to go through the process of reverse climbing up alone the current, that has descended downwards; and thus reach closest to the Ultimate Being in that subtlest state. His power, according to the principle under reference, will go on increasing as he will progress in climbing up more and more."


"Questions concerning this narration, requiring a solution : [01] How did the spiritual stages become established, and their above - mentioned divisions [broad ones] get marked out? was it not possible to mark out more [and other] divisions [like these]? [02] How did the foundation of Hatha Yoga come to be laid down? And how did Raja Yoga come to light there after? What kind of relation does human psychology hold with Nature; and what are its rules? [03] Where from does man derive life, or in other words, how does the force get created in him, whereby he can be able to maintain his life? [04] To which region are the cells of the brain connected and what is the nature of that region? [05] How can human nature be changed? [06] What help is rendered for and against character formation by natural influences? [07] Where to are their ions connected; and how can their [human beings] ions be altered?"


"These are the problems, which I am giving to dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] to solve. He is to get oriented to these after the annual function. Some points, if coming to comprehension, he may note down : there is no need of much attention [to these]. Just now at 09.30 PM he felt some movement at his right and left sides; he is to write something about it."


We are conversing together. When during discussions, there was reference to the emblem, Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] quoted a Persian couplet :

"सर बसर महवे तजल्ली--रूखे जानाना बाश;

आशनाए यार चूं ग़श्ते ज़खुद बेग़ाना बाश।"

"Remain absorbed from end to end with the effulgence of the face of the beloved : when you have got acquainted with the beloved, just become a stranger to yourself."


Monday; 18th February 1945 :


Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] confided : "You mother [Shrimati Brij Rani, the wife revered Laalaa Ji Sahib] has suffered tremendous deception. She has been dealt marvelous assurances [green gardens]. Greed is a terrible ghost."


Again at 01.00 PM : "After very long deliberation, I have arrived at the conclusion that Birju [Mahatma Brij Mohan Lal, the eldest son of Mahatma Raghubar Dayal] be got totally devoid of spirituality; and all his plexus be brought to a mute state. Make him entirely dull."


The order was complied with.


Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji : "We we and the renown sages of the world are acknowledging your superiority, there is no reason shy your brethren should slacken in the performance of their duties. We shall remove all such things, coming in the way. Let these vagabonds disappear altogether."


Dictation from Lord Krishna, in reply to the prayer for reform of the society of associates [Satsang] : "Your Satsang is in a bad shape. People have got amply effected. I shall order for the upturning [of that effect]. Defamation of such a great Personality [Revered Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj Of Fatehgarh UP] cannot be allowed to occur. [Pause] I inform you that your Revered Guide [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] has done away with your weakness. He has left nothing lacking as regards bolstering your courage and providing you with spiritual light. It is unto you people to get in the saddle and act or not."


Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] clarified : "Dear Ram Chandra acquainted Lord Krishna with the state of affairs prevailing in His [Lord Krishna] home [SAHAJ MARG or SATAPADA PANTHA] and prayed his [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] brethren, who are initiated on the hand of his Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] and consider themselves connected to Him [Revered Master, Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] get reformed; and that it should not occur that on these people [brethren] going to some elder sage and revealing their condition before him [elder sage] cause defamation of the good name of his [Ram Chandra's] Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]. There upon Reverend Lord Krishna replied that defamation of such a great personality can not be allowed to occur; and on his own accord dictated the declaration [to be made] finally. Now take it as God's command."


Final declaration [by Mahatma Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur UP, as dictated by Lord Krishna] : "Happy tidings that our Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] did every thing possible and undertook hardships to bolster up and reform you people; but you have not been stirred up, nor have [occasional] chiding and instructions brought about [desired] effect. [God forbidding, the occasion for making this declaration may not arise.] The meaning of this I take to be, that the condition you are siting smug upon, is intended to defame the good name of our Revered Guide [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP], by you people. have the trust that I will not allow this to occur. By God I declare that it will not be allowed to happen that way. Alas! You people did not derive benefit out of the extreme Kindness of my Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]. Now, just bring to your thought the other side of it, which is the opposite of that [mercy] and see the effect. That is all.


Tuesday; the 19th February 1945 : [at 07.00 PM and after]


Declaration from Swami Vivekananda : "The man [Babu Ajudhya Nath Sahai Ji, [brother-in-law of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP, i.e. his wife - Shrimati Brij Rani's real brother] sitting before you may be trusted as necessity demands. Never mind if the secret is out. It has to be revealed some day or the other. This is my opinion. Consult your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP], the governing authority."


Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "I am also of the opinion that the secret be de-veiled."


Question : "In what way?"


Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Tell him [Babu Ajudhya Nath Ji] plainly that your Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] has made arrangements for his work and the 'Satsang' [Society of spiritual associates]; and that it is you [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] who is at its head."


Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Reveal. No need of any further delay."


Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Tell him [Babu Ajudhya Nath] that you [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] received the orders directly from him [Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib, Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] as well as from me [Swami Vivekananda Ji]. If he dots your sincerity, he can put you to test. Add that if it will remain confidential till it is announced in 'Bhandaaraa'."


Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] and Madan Mohan Lal should reach Fatehgarh on March 29, 1945. Madan Mohan Lal should reach on 28th March 1945. If Inspector Sahib [Babu Ajudhya Nath] goes with him, it will be good. Otherwise, he should participate in 'Bhandaaraa' : there is invitation on my behalf."


Wednesday; 20th February 1945 :


Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I had been to Fatehgarh just now. Your aunt [Shrimati Brij Rani, the wife of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] is lamenting over the loss of dear Jagmohan Narain [the worthy of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]. There are some agencies at work against you. They have pumped in an air of in-hospitality towards all of you, I mean people of Shahjahanpur. I assure you that this will not be allowed to occur. The wave of Almighty is moving towards destruction altogether. We are to some extent obliged to restraint, on account of checking us from doing so. Your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] is a bit perplexed, considering the situation before us. That is the news, I brought for your information. Do soon, What is to be done. Do not waste time. We will not listen to even one word [agains the implementation of the plan of destruction] after 'Bhandaaraa' [Annual function]. Then, whatever we order will be incumbent upon you and your subordinates to implement unhesitatingly. Tell Inspector Sahib [Babu Ajudhya Nath Sahai] to be cautious. He will be rewarded for his work. I trust him much, as he is connected to our Lord, the Supreme Authority. We have been busy all night long to handle the situation. They move on to some other way : a difficulty arises on account of your kindhearted-sens towards them. For this very reason, we are giving allowance. I am a man of dynamite spirit and cannot tolerate such things and affairs. That is why your Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] has handed over the charge of his work to me. I tell you the truth : had it been all up to me, I would have annihilated the wrong persons altogether. I have taken you as my medium, who to some extent in this matter follows the footprints of his kind-hearten Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]. I will make you alright : I mean to bring you on to the path I follow, in case of opportunity presents itself. I prey that such things, as being neglected by us, may not happen. Let us wait for the result of 'Bhandaaraa'. Doom is sealed."


Friday; 22nd February 1945 :


Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] dictation : "In this age things are coming to pass in such ways as render it difficult to come out unscathed. Real Man is one who is able to live uniquely in the midst of all people. The atmosphere has taken the effect of the human impressions [sanskaaras] to the extent that the thoughts of people are not allowed to remain unruffled. This is due to our own effect. Our will has got so much weakened that the shape of succour does not appear to be there. This is because people derive pleasure out of the derangement of their thoughts. Nobody is able to consider himself free of a job that has been completed, to take up another job in hand [free from the burden of impression of the job, already completed]. The cause of the perplexity of the heart in general is just that too many ideas are entertained at one end at the same time, or else some thought is unduly stressed to such an extent as to effect the heart. To be rid of this malady, some work connected to God is to be taken up with such deep attachment as to have the same work developed as a tool for one's salvation. Just this teaching is imparted to everybody in our fold : one who acts upon this prescription achieves success to a large extent. It may be adopted in any form. There is no harm at all in this regard. The main thing is being concerned with the purpose in view. One thing more is essential, which everybody should adopt, viz. one should get inclined to love and devotion so much, that it is taken to be the main concern. Now the question arises, how this can be brought to one's lot. The answer is that God's shape is to be supposed in some actual person who is considered by one to be perfect; and one is to start loving that particular person. One thing even now remains : how is this sentiment to come up? The answer to it is right conduct. The still not solved as it gives rise to the thought as to how we are to develop rightness of conduct. The reply to this is prayer and the habit of having regard and respect of others. One more question arises : how do we come up to that state? The answer to it is good company, along-with stories of elder sages and devotees."


"How to make one's will-power strong without taking up any practice or meditation? The answer consists in that some work be taken up as the main one, and other jobs be treated as being at the second third place [in order of priority]. The problem is still not solved. How is one to structure oneself so that this would start happening and a habit would be developed to that effect? The reply to this query is that one should first of all have the firm determination that strong will-power has to be developed. Then he is to take up the work. The result of this will be that according to the philosophy concerning the casual existence, outlined by dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] earlier sometime, an impression will be curbed therein, and the work taken up form this point of view, will be helpful. Now the question arises as to how its impression is to be curved in the casual body! The answer to this is singleness of orientation. The problem remains yet unsolved. How is singleness of orientation to be formed? The reply to this is that one should first take oneself to be single oriented. This is called supposition, which dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] has very often adopted in meditation on Master's form; and it is just his [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] invention. The method of supposition consists in having the firm thought of only that which is to be done and brought to success; and create no thought against. This practice can be applied in case of any worldly action, provided that it is right."


Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] dictation at 05.25 PM : "It is a matter of great happiness that dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] has established such a deep connection to the Ultimate Being that direct commands in the form of divine revelations [surati] have started descending on him with effect [from today]. There is no parallel to the example of the training and its technique, imparted by me to dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]. It cannot occur to the compression and imagination of the great and greater ones [I mean sages]; and to speak the truth, he [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] was also the deserving vessel for that training, which is of an entirely new kind. The transmission I gave to him was absorbed by him, but was thrown off in case of others, when that transmission came to touch with their condition. However, I had done this [filling dear Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur special condition] after quite come time, when I was wholly certain that he was deserving for that and capable of my successor-representative-ship. There was an effect of the transmission by others at the apparent [outer] screen [of dear Ram Chandra's being]; but when someone took the inner screen [of his being] in one's thought, he [transmitting person] himself would start getting hypnotised. I am revealing something very confidential : who ever would transmit to him started deriving benefit, which was taken to be the benefit coming from me. Look here Madan Mohan Lal, such training can be imparted to one and only one [disciple]; and this is possible when sufficient affinity gets developed between the two [Master and disciple]. This is God's gift : it is not a matter of one's power. No body imparted correct guidance in the real way to him [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur]; but he was attempted to be led astray [by some people]. In case of meditation of Master's form, which was not prescribed to this poor fellow [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur], but even prohibited, he had to depend on his own humble invention; and it came came up right. Since God had to bring him up to this present state, this practice [mediation on master's form] started automatically [in the right way]. Dear Madan Mohan Lal, one thing is a matter of sheer impertinence, which people [I mean disciples] remain doing in general. During mediation on Master's form, they take up the thought of a part of Master's body, viz. the head, whereas the whole figure of Master should be taken in thought. Dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] had practiced it actually that way; and the fun of it has been that he was feeling guilty even on having it in full perfection, that he was not able to practice 'shaghal-e-rabta' in the right way. Under the stress of this very thought [feeling of guilt] he had asked me, mentioning that he was not able to practice it. He had replied only [considering it inopportune to tell him more] that he would not be able to practice it because mergence was there in him. He, however, even then could not rest with it : he continued remembrance of me in subtlest forms; and when even remembrance started being forgotten, he just supposed that he was in the state of remembrance of his Master, according to his theory, that he had invented earlier. Even after that, he altered many forms of this practice; and invented one or other technique so that this practice of meditation on Master's form remained continuing in some shape or other. He adhered to this thing right upon the day on which I shattered his limitations. Even after that he refreshed and remained refreshing the same thing through the force of those limitations, with the result that I had to create the thought of stopping him to do so, in the heart of Madan Mohan Lal. The reason was that he [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] had got oriented with full power which came to his experience on bondage having been broken. That too was the last state of 'Shaghal-e-rabta', which he maintained intact. He had remained this habit over a very long time; and hence he used this power to strengthen the same [habit]."


"I myself invented a technique today, viz. a poetic couplet capable of arousing love be taken up, and recited again and again. The person recites the poem should remain filling [the audience] with love; and the other person, who should be very strong, should remain drawing out that effect slowly and lightly. This process of snatching of love-effect has to be introduced when the waves of love start pervading the audience, with the thought that what is being filled in the audience is coming slowly after filling them towards the person exercising the drawing out technique. There is no need for exercising a too strong will, because the person filling [the audience with love] sows not, and should not fill them up to that [strong] extent. The benefit of this is to be that they [audience] will have got the taste of sublimity; and light fomentation will be imparted to their plexuses. This method, however, need not be applied by every tom, dick and harry. Madan Mohan Lal can apply it, but then dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] will be required to sit exercising the drawing out process; and when dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] does the filling in, Madan Mohan will be required to sit for the drawing out. This means that both persons involved in this technique should be strong enough. This should not be allowed for everybody [to practice]. The prescription is well tried out. It can also be done, that in case two persons, as required are not possible to be available together, one person may go on filling as well as drawing out by himself alone. In this regard I have liked the method of dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur], viz. the round is started is taken to oneself passing through the practicants [abhyaasis]. This method is best in the circumstance of a second person of required calibre not being there."


Saturday; 23rd February 1945 :


Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] dictation : " During this short period I have brought those who rendered assistance to me and provide to be helpful to me at a fine stage, which was difficult [to do] for anybody else. Now the question is why I did like that. Is it to be designated as myself selfishness, or is it to be considered as God's command? Both these [motives] can be correct, in their own right. The purpose of structuring them, in fact, was and is something else. They should and do assist in God's work. Here the first thing [motive] ends. Now the second one makes a start, viz. the state of my 'Satsang' is in a bad shape. This all of you know and I have remind continuously pointing it out. You have just to consider it your duty to set it right. The methods you may go on taking from me; but for this purpose, a guide is required; and he must be a person who is to be directly connected to me, so that orders may be reaching them, and they [persons structured by me] are able to follow my commands. Now, it becomes incumbent to this effect that what ever is to serve the purpose be inquired of me. My instrument is present there; it doesn't need being repeated again and again."


"Now I am expressing the arrangement that I have conceived. It is that Madan Mohan Lal should remain at Budaun; and Rameshwar Prasad should look to the work in this [Shahjahanpur] district. This should, however, be remembered, that each of them can work in the one's circle. In fact there there are no circle; these are a matter of administrative arrangement for the sake of the convenience of people, I mean the people who receive and are to receive training. Reform of character will be their [Madan Mohan Lal and Rameshwar Prasad]; and spiritual training will also go along-with it. Now the question arises as to what sort of character is to be there! The answer is that the preceptors should themselves adopt my way of life, and impart the training accordingly to those others."


Question : "How can this thing be possible?"


Answer : "They [trainers] should themselves become the examples of the character that happens to be mine. This thing is to be very much emphasized; and the method of prayer should be used for making this effective. I tell this to everybody. Rameshwar Prasad will have to tour this district [Shahjahanpur], and wherever I may send him; and he will have to assist Karuna Shankar. Madan Mohan Lal also can send him [Rameshwar Prasad] and Karuna Shankar, where ever proper. All this work will remain just mine. Further [then this] I hall issue orders, whenever and whatever I shall consider proper."


Monday; 25th February 1945 :


Swami Vivekananda Ji dictated a letter to be sent to Karuna Shankar : "I have been intending to reach you by this very train, instead of Rameshwar Prasad, who is busy with his mother. You can call me or any of us when you require help. We are all busy with work of important nature; and hence we cannot leave station." He [Swami Ji] instructed the dispatch of this letter at-once.


Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra of Fatehgarh UP] instruction : "Start the practice of singing songs in my 'Satsang'; but there is no need for sending for musicians or drummers, nor professional Qawali-reciters should be invited for this purpose. Only the person, who is transmitting, can sing : in general, all those participating in 'Satsang' [group-meditation] shall not sing in the assembly. If the person, transmitting, considers it necessary, and the minds of the people in the assembly lack concentration, he can ask one two persons, specially imbued with love, to sing; but not every occasion. Only such persons as may be capable of transmit, can be given preference [in this regard]. In the assembly and at the 'Samaadhee' whether it be mine or yours, prostitutes are never to be called [for the purpose of singing]. This precaution should be strictly observed."


Monday; 26th February 1945 :


Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] dictation : "I am coming from Fatehgarh. I have studied the situation; and am telling you about it of and on. I have put up a special personality, viz. Swami Vivekananda Ji, to this task; and he has not return returned, nor does he intend to return to the Real store house [of power] so long the work is not completed. His [Swami Vivekananda Ji] personality of an elderly sage, has no parallel to it. Now I come to the essential purpose. I am assigning a job to Lalloo [Inspector Sahib, Sheo Nath Sahib], which is just for him to do; and I shall recompense him for that. The job consists in that when he reaches Fatehgarh, he should converse with his aunt [Shrimati Brij Rani, the wife of Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib] so as to turn her away from what the opponents tutored her, which is falsehood. The purpose and meaning of what has been told to her and fixed in her mind against a particular person or persons belonging to Shahjahanpur, happens to be something else, which will be soon clear to her. For the time being, she should get rid of the poison that has been administered to her mind, and remove her hatred [against Shahjahanpur people] that has got developed in her. He [Lalloo, Inspector Sheo Nath Sahai] should talk to her about all necessary matters too, in this regard. I mean to say that she should be leveled up to the extent of coming to the right path before the revelation of the real [representation] takes place. When the revelation is made about home it concerns, she should wait that person well, and see whether he has the same affection for her as a son should have for his mother. One precaution is necessary to observe, viz. he should keep this matter [substance of the declaration to be made] confidential, not informing her or others until he [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] reaches there, and I issue the order [for the declaration to be made]. The presence of Lalloo is essential at the time that the revelation is made. He should be there at the time of the declaration and it will be even better if he [Lalloo] may himself performs this good job, and makes the declaration. If he is able to do this job, I will be happy; and his name [Lalloo] will be written in 'bold' letters in that history, which will be written after [the physical dissolution of] Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur. These notes that I am preparing will be included in the [auto] biography of Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur. All elder sages have the intention to have the [auto] biography of him prepared; and my 'biography' shall also be there just along with that, because nobody could understand me better than he. I am going to Fatehgarh again. Swami Vivekananda has taken a vow not to return to the Real Storehouse [of power] till getting his work completed."


Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji [07.30 PM] : "Here is a very big soul before you! Guru Nanak. He wants to give a sitting. [Pause] He going to merge in you. [Pause] He has merged in you. [Pause] He has a very great work for you, which he himself will dictate."


Dictation from Guru Nanak Deva : "My cherished hope has got fulfilled today. I thank your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] that he structured you so, as to be the centre of attraction for all eyes [of elder sages] now. My work has got very much degenerated. Ignorance is increasing. There is no concern with spirituality. Sikhs have become a political sect. The time for demonstrating supreme bravado is no more there. It was alright earlier when the country was facing the foreign [Muslim] invasion."


Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I give you authority on his behalf to train his disciple."


Guru Nanak Deva : "I have to say nothing more just now. You are very busy with your woke at this time : it shall be looked in to afterwards. One thing I shall certainly say, viz. you can not reform them [Sikhs] during your lifetime. Your work will start after your life. However, that does not mean that you give up doing that during your lifetime."


Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Now you will receive dictates directly from him [Guru Nanak Deva] as well. I am going back to my work, which your Guru [[Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] is looking after during my absence. I do not want to give trouble anymore."


Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] dictation [sometime later] : "Look here Madan Mohan Lal, what a nice etiquette dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] observed at this time! When Guru Nanak Deva accorded permission to him, I was not present here. If he [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] had subjected to what Guru Nanak Deva was telling him to be referred to me for my approval, in the presence of Swami Vivekananda Ji, what a terrible insult it would have meant to him [Swami Vivekananda Ji]. He [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] took Swami Ji in my place at that time; and just this was due regard and proper etiquette. We both [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP and Swami Vivekananda Ji] have an equal right on him. He ought to have done just this : I felt very happy. And when he sat in meditation [before Guru Nanak Deva], he had me in his thought : this was the best conduct at that time. I want just such persons in my organization; but alas! my intense desire remains just at this. This is not at all difficult, though apparently it seems to be difficult. There is need for just getting glued a little [a little attachment]; and that getting glued should be such as may never get released. This aphorism, I am telling today, it is good : it is to be useful for everybody. Madan Mohan Lal should instruct his disciples to try developing like that. I shall very happy if everybody is able to perform just like this. Then my mission would have got fulfilled; and nothing more would remain to be done."

Thursday; 01st March 1945 :

Dictation from Lord Krishna : "Swami Vivekananda Ji has not yet returned to the main Storehouse of Power. He has taken a bow to return there only on getting he work completed, even if it may mean until the dooms day [Qayamat]. Of-course, it will not be like that. There is one thing more. I have brought my entire power to your view. Consider it just yours. At the time physical dissolution your Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP ] had also followed this very method. He had got the impatience. I have done the same. Consider it just yours. Its connection has got established directly : take it as transferred."

Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I am leaping with joy that from this day, you are a master of such a great power. Utilize it in 'Bhandaaraa' [Annual function]. I will tell you the method for its utilization; and also the point. No body can stand before such a great power. You can make it a destructive wagon."

Friday; 02nd March 1945 :

Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I have been working al-along day and night, making your way smooth and glossy. I have taken up the work practically since this morning, and selected a few persons for destruction. One thing is pricking me to a great extent, viz. that a great havoc has been wrought by the persons whom the Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] thought of as His own. You have made them a target, leaving one. I am postponing the destruction of Mathanni Babu for the time being and of Brij Mohan Lal as well. There is a great idiot in your society called Rajendra Kumar. Have no expectation from him. He is going his own way and follows nobody. Charge our Lord's [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] Samaadhee with full power as soon as you reach there. I like 'Samaadhee' THE RISING SUN better than any thing in the world. I will be there with whole-sole destructive power. Move it when necessary. You can knock it down at any moment. That is the only work I took up now and the power of mercy [Dayal Shakti] will rush up from your Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP]. You can utilize it if so required. Have this note with you. Lord Krishna has ordered me just now to annihilate the persons, we do not need."

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] dictation addressed to Madan Mohan Lal : "One is helpless in the face of God's command. What ever he ordains, must happen. The sage has nothing to do with relationship. This I ordain to you people as well. Have regard for this [principle] in this life, as well as after that."

Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji Continued : "I have taken Mathanni Babu as target for destruction. One chance is given by your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP]. I remember the letter and the words of your Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP]. There is one remedy for him that if he prostrates himself before you, begging pardon for his letter; then the least punishment may be awarded. Punishment he will receive : these are our Lord's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] words given in the letter. I can bear everything, but not the words, that touched the heart of our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP], your Guru. How does this happen? When anything touches you. These are the words of Lord Krishna coming directly to me : 'unless he comes down on his knees, I won't excuse him'."

Saturday; 03rd March 19445 [time 02.40] PM :

Revered Master's revelation : "Nanhe [Revered Laalaa Ji's own younger brother - Mahatma Raghubar Dayal] did not spare [his effort] even now : he wished that this trouble be got transferred towards Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]; but nothing happened."

Sunday; 04th March 1945 :

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] dictation : "He [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] has solved the problem concerning what is called total transformation, so well. It would have been difficult to solve in this way even by philosophers, devoting the most valuable part of their lives to it. His [of Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] insight always moves to the point, and hits actually where it needs to strike."

Latter at 05.00 PM on hearing the letter received from Shree Krishna Lal, Swami Vivekananda Ji informed : "Your Revered Guru [ Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] has gone to Sikandrabad; and is working havoc. Check him. Check him soon." Prayers were offered to Revered Master [ Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP]; and He desisted from what He was starting to do.

Remark from Lord Krishna [05.25 PM] : "I have also got the news concerning the letter."

Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I have been studying the situation so far, doing my work at the same time. A few persons, disturbing our Lord's work [ Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP], must have to see the end. My step will be stringent after 'BHANDAARAA'. I will make my nature so as to take revenge against those who have troubled our Lord [ Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP]. There are  a few gentle people among you, who yield to some extent. Others are going the way akin to Shree Krishna Lal. He is a person of mean nature and not fit for the society. It was our Lord's [ Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] ability to raise him [Shree Krishna Lal] to the level of a polished person. This is the only parson who can pounce upon you. You did your duty [to save him from our Lord's destruction-wrath]. Have no fear. If he comes in 'BHANDAARAA', remain alert. You should be guarded in every way. There is danger to your life; but that will not happen. Your Guru [ Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] has given you sufficient directions. I suggest one thing more : when you go to sleep in the night, one of your associates must remain awake so long as you sleep. The man selected for this job should be quite strong and healthy. All of you should remain close to one another in the same room or compound. I will not allow you to go anywhere ."

Revered Master's [of  Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] dictation : "What Revered Swami Ji has instructed, precautions in that regard are essential, even though nobody has the power to do something of the kind in my presence. Those who are workers, and who are responsible for the protection of dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur], should not take part in 'SHANTI PAATH' [silent chanting the words - 'Om Shanti' for peace to pervade the whole universe]. These include Madan Mohan Lal and Rameshwar Prasad."

Monday; 05th March 1945 :

Revered Master's [of  Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] dictation : "For the future, I prohibit this method of total transformation being practiced without my presence or that of dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]. This method should not at all be applied to one's disciples. If a need to that effect may arise, the case be sent to dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]. In this method there is the possibility that past impressions may descend to form a cluster at one place and adopt the shape of immediate fruition [causing suffering]. Just this is the dangerous aspect of it."

Tuesday; 06th March 1945 :

Revered Master's [of  Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] dictation [concerning the publication of his 'Biography' developed from some manuscript papers] : "The name of Nanhe [Revered Laalaa Ji's own younger brother - Mahatma Raghubar Dayal] should never occur in my 'Biography'. [Pause] How many copies of this book have been published; and how many have been sold? I like that all the literature, published thus for, be brought to you [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur]; and it will be even better if those who have purchased these books also returned these to you; and the price be refunded to them, if they like. The publications have been brought in a very bad [and objectionable] shape. I like that all of my manuscript literature be collected at one place; and read to me. I shall tell whether some particular anecdote is worth publication or not. I shall take Rs. 500/- [five hundred] from dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] in this regard, which will all be spent only under this head. Whatever income shall occur from it, shall be deposited in the account of the 'Satsang' [Society Of Spiritual Associates]; and will be utilized only in that work. I shall remain instructing step-by-step in this regard; and shall also print out, wherein originality in the composition be there. The difficult topics, dealt with briefly by me, may also be commented upon. If all that be brought here [Shahjahanpur], it will very easily be got completed in the form of books. I shall be giving two hours of my time daily [for this purpose]. Assure your mother [wife of  Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP, i.e. Shrimati Brij Rani] that these things that will remain with you, shall not go to anybody else; and that it is your privilege as well as your duty [to have all that and do the needful]. It is only through the successor-representative that these matters are brought to perfection. History stands witness to it."

Question by Madan Mohan Lal : "What is the method whereby the thought arises in one's mind is made to strike in the Master immediately?"

Answer : "This can be achieved through establishing extreme affinity with the Master. The method consists in going on making oneself calm so as to annul-ebb and tide all together. This concerns practice; and it can be comprehended only through that. This is known as the condition of the 'Dead'. This alone is 'Jeevan Mukti' [liberation in life] in the real sense, if the condition has become like that of dead-person. This condition did not develop in anybody; and I just went away with the craving in my heart [to see in someone]. Although the pleasure of spirituality is experienced to a large extent before arriving at it, it is really there only after it. I was in this state since birth; and the same has been the case with dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]. Now the question arises, how it is achieved. The practice briefly is this : one should continue cleansing oneself and the externally expressed self, that generally remains prevalent [there]. This will be helpful to that end. Dear Madan Mohan Lal, this something very great : this can also be known as perfect mergence. Nothing remains to do or practice after that : to remain his no doubt remains a duty; and that was my way during all of my life. You people also should never give it up : always consider yourself to be His, however, high your status may become. Dear Ram Chandra's [of Shahjahanpur] training started from this condition. This much he had brought with him since birth [as earlier attainment]. Nobody had the capacity to view it, so as to impart training to him with this estimate in view : even to my comprehension this thing had occurred only in due course of time."

Wednesday; 07th March 1945 :

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] dictation to Madan Mohan Lal : "The style of speech should be like mine, viz. devoid of rise and fall in pitch; so to say, rather in the shape of the divine current flowing evenly since the beginning of creation. I had copied just that. Its benefits are numerous, beyond the possibility of narration. This is a philosophy, viz. when the flow of talking precedes in conformity with Reality, there develops a state of affinity between the two [Reality and speech]; and through that [affinity] the divine way starts developing automatically. This results in effectiveness : whatever is spoken goes on making a dent [in the heart of the persons of the audience]. I other words, a sort of relationship with the current of Reality gets established; and when a relationship is created, effectiveness has to be there. If someone copies it, only those words will be flowing out during speech which are intended and are right. This thing will be mentioned in my 'biography' also. The technique for [achieving] this consists first of all in attempts at reducing the rise and fall in voice [which is also called sharpness], while talking. This flow [of speech] will go one acquiring affinity with that [current of Reality] to the extent that such a reduction is achieved [progressively]. By 'sharpness' I do not imply younger alone : that remains something extremely gross; and it should not be allowed admittance at all in this context. What I mean is that the flow of speech should not carry any kind of burden on it. An illustration of this can be the currents of [still] air. This is very difficult as well; but everything is possible to achieve through sustained effort and courage, if Master's Grace is along with it. A Persian couplet :
"मुश्किले नीस्त कि आसाँ न शबद ;
मर्द बायद कि हिरासां न शबद।"
[There is no difficulty, which does not come to be easy; it behoves Man to be never hopeless]."

Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I am taking a very serious step against Mathannee. He is poisoning the brains of all the people owing allegiance to our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP]. I am trying to make them better. We are doing our best."

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] dictation : "Shree Krishna Lal is also to come [at the annual function]; and that unfortunate fellow [Nanhe] too shall come. Continue listening to abuses and go on working silently. Use powers but rightly or for whatever there may be an order. I am telling you [Madan Mohan Lal and Rameshwar Prasad] one thing, which will be very beneficial : unto the time of declaration, and in case of need after that even, connection be linked to the power of dear Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur [which has been bestowed to him]. But look, I do not permit it after the annual function. Then my own power will start running through all of you. Everyone, however, must exercise control over one's tongue. External manifestation of respect [and courtesies] is not prohibited. Our conduct is with us : the other one stands responsible for his own. What I mean by 'manifest courtesies' is not to give an inkling to anyone - even it be that unfortunate one [Nanhe] himself - that I [you, i.e Mahatma Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] stand in opposition [to him]; but rather try on your own turn to meet [him] as hitherto, in performance of your duty, which is right as well." [Pause]

[time 09.40 PM] "I have bestowed to dear Ram Chandra control over the element of 'fire'. His temperament is extremely cool, which created a need for this [gift]. To bestow control over this element is prohibited, which I had observed. You [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] too should not bestow control over it to anyone. Often people lack the capacity to bear it; and rather people do not have it."

Dictation form Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Congratulations. Some more powers are coming to you, which are lying reserved. These are special gifts of Lord Krishna, in pursuance of the duties, you have performed in South India. Lord Krishna keeps an inexhaustible store for you. The pleasure seekers require neither you, nor your help. The world will recognize your authority, but only after you [physically depart]. I have been working at Jaipur since 05.00 o'clock : it is about 10.00 now."

Thursday; 08th March 1945 :

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] revelation : "Lord Krishna had the intention of merging totally in dear Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur, but due to the apprehension of the physical body being left behind, I prayed for that thing not to be done. Swami Vivekananda Ji also agreed with and supported this thought of mine. Even then, Lord Krishna has reserved a whole store [of powers] with me for him [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur]. This is the reward for the work in South India."

Friday; 09th March 1945 :

Dictation from Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu : "I have also inspected your 'Satsang'; and found everything in a bad shape. In your 'Satsang', just on the physical departure of your spiritual-guide [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP], such a condition came to prevail as to make the capacity for comprehension of the real thing being lost. This happened because such transmission as was available during His life-time, was not administered thereafter. [Now] Selfishness has got combined with transmission. Where such a condition prevails, Reality is bound to get lost. I had the desire that you would pay attention to my society as well, after sitting your work right. Your Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] is also in agreement with this [proposal]. I have already given my status to you. I am telling you one thing concerning my life : I had established a very deep relationship with Lord Krishna during my life time. His form was all the time in my view. Now the same chain has come to be establish in another form. This system will make progress. Your work is being carried on by a very big soul, which has no example. Till now the attempt is to have the needed result with least harm. In the future, everything will be done as needed. At the time of 'Bhandaaraa', if the need may arise, you should call me also. My power is working with you, even though its awareness is not there. Nearly all great elder sages of yore have viewed you with appreciation; all are waiting for 'Bhandaaraa'."

Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is absorbed in you. Feel that he is within you. You can ask anything, if required. When you take up his work, his dictates will run through you."

Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu : "What Swami Vivekananda Ji has told you is quite correct. When ever you will invoke it, my power will start to work. Your tour of South India has been very good."

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] dictation : "Look dear Madan Mohan Lal, work is increasing. No doubt, however, all are waiting for my success. I am worried about the health of dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]. So far as possible, I avoid assigning work to him. Not only this : many elder sages are coming to me. The purpose of all of them is to assign work to him. [Pause] I should made Shri Krishna Lal also something, if he had got oriented this way. I would have recompensed him for the love that he had for me during my lifetime. If Madan Mohan Lal considers it proper, he may show him [Shri Krishna Lal] only this portion of these notes and tell him to come and have the experience just by way of trail. If the condition is not liked by him, I shall take it back again. [Pause] I repeat that such an opportunity will not be there again and again. This is the time that what ever little help some one may have given, I give him hundred times that in return. I will do the same in the future. When my eye takes a turn, there will be no benefit thence forth. There is still time."

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] dictation continued [time - 5.53 PM] : "I am coming just now from Reverend Lord Krishna. He is of the opinion that you [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] have to be sent to Haridwar of the occasion of 'Kumbha Parwa' [big gathering of pilgrims at every twelve years interval for bathing in the holy-river Ganges]. As such, this cannot be avoided. Fix-up your mind [for this programme] on return from the annual function."

Saturday; 10th March 1945 :

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] dictation : "I tired a lot to avoid sending him [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] to Haridwar. Finally just this decision came to be made, and I too had to agree with it, viz. he is to be sent there without fail. Just this is the order of Reverend Lord Krishna. [Pause] He [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] had the intention to stay at Rishikesh; but that is not proper. He must stay at Haridwar itself; and have control all over from there. Since there will be a big gathering of mendicants there, even though sages are to be scarce, there may be some ones who may be exercising there miraculous powers. If they prove troublesome, you snatch off the powers. During the previous 'Kumbha', quite some time back, one person had arrived there, who had caused lots of troubles to people. If that person again acts or prepares to act like that, do snatch his powers without fail."

"The sage-in-charge [Abdal] of Mathura was assigned a duty for three months; but he remained on duty for one month more. Yesternight when he mentioned about it, he was relieved from the duty. He desired some return for his services, which was bypassed at the time. Today in the evening he was paid in return; and amply rewarded. His points of the organic region and the cosmic region were brought up to a fine awakened state. His organic region was already in a blooming open state. He burst out in tears on comprehending the condition, which was being penetrated in him; and said that he had just remained longing [and pining] for such a condition all his life thus for. Out of happiness he extended term of his duty on his own, by one month more. I shall increase it by fifteen more days, on my part."

Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji [time 08.00 PM] : "I am now at Fatehgarh with your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP]. Lallan [Inspector Sahib] is doing well. I will give you notes after 'Bhandaaraa'. I have marked out a few persons for destruction."

Monday; 12th March 1945 :

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP].  dictation [time 11.15 AM] : "Somebody is attacking. Sit alert. [Pause] Nothing now. The person who indulged in this act has no power to perform it. He wanted to activate the power of the cosmic region and direct it to descend on your brain. 'Birju' [Mahatma Brij Mohan Lal, the eldest son of Mahatma Raghubar Dayal Ji] had read about this practice somewhere in books. He does not possess the capability for this. [Pause] He has tried again; but this is beyond him. He has just put you on alert."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] commanded me at 11.30 AM to get oriented to a man of God in Persia, who was departing form the physical world. As such, I transmitted to him for five minutes; and stopped when he breathed his last.

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I am doing my work at Fatehgarh. I want to come to you, but I can't leave the work."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] : "Look Madan Mohan Lal, dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] did something marvelous. There is no limit to my happiness. When Revered Swami Ji told him that he desired to see him, but was unable to leave the work, he immediately reached there [Fatehgarh], and put his head on Swami Ji's feet. What an item of refined conduct that struck his insight. Such an example will be rare to find."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I have not seen such an example anywhere. My heart is filled up with joy to see such a person of acute understanding. You [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] have got such a natural instinct. I have prepared notes for you. The work is coming. I am so pleased with you that I will not keep a shell reserved. All that remains with me, will be transferred to you. Lord Krishna is arriving here."

Reverend Lord Krishna : "I myself have observed the condition of your 'Satsang'. It has got spoil beyond the parallel being found. Cold water has been thrown on the labor of such a great elder sage [Revered Laalaa Ji, Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] : even God cannot forget this fault. I have reserved my boomerang for this work : that alone will be the weapon in the last resort. I am going now. Shree Raadhaa Ji is also with me; and is going after blessing you to have success in your work for this mission [job concerning the reform of the spiritual society of Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib].

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Look here, such a great soul as 'Raadhaa Jee' herself is before you. Her words cannot go without effect."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] : "Look Madan Mohan Lal, just now, something of great significance concerning our welfare has happened. Lord Krishna had arrived just now with the thought of getting merged in to him [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur]. Some item of his conduct and thought happens to be so beautiful that the extreme link [of divine connection] comes to get shaken. The incident concerning dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] and Swami Vivekananda Ji, that I mention having occurred just now [a little earlier] is not something ordinary, if viewed carefully. This intelligence is to be designated as discriminating intelligence [viveka] or something even superior to that. The fact remains that he [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] does not possess anything as he has given up every thing. That is the reason why such things occur automatically. May God make my future progeny copy it. What shall I say yet concerning the present progeny. When time comes I will tell them also actually what I am telling you [Madan Mohan Lal]. This capacity sows not seem to be there in those coming after him [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur]. As such, I want that he gets all work completed before leaving his [physical body]. It is a Divine Gift, which descends with respect to [appropriate] time : everybody is not to partake in it."

After a few lines of confidential notes, Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] dictation continued : "If I impart a little movement to this power, there is bound to be a wonderful dispensation to enjoy : my reference is to the 'BHANDAARAA'. Not a single minute goes vacant of taking care of him [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] for me; and I do not let it [power] come up, but rather keep it subdued. I am telling you again, Madan Mohan Lal, that this power cannot come again."

Tuesday; 13th March 1945 :

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] instructions : "Dear Jagmohan Narain is of the opinion that the spiritual condition of everybody be snatched of all, at once. This is to include Muthannee also. I leave Lallu aside. Both of you [Madan Mohan Lal and dear Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur UP] do this work tonight."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I agree with the proposal."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "When Muthannee may recognize you, return [the snatched off spiritual condition] to him. Nobody is to spared. If you like, you assign some work out of this to Rameshwar Prasad as well. Leave aside your mother [Revered Laalaa Ji's wife, Shrimati Brij Rani] and the wife of dear Jagmaohan Narain [Shrimati Bhagawati Devi] as well as all of those who have faith in you."

Dear brother Jagmohan Narain : "This includes Deenaa Nath and all of my disciples. Take up Muthannee Chachchaa as a special case. I am telling to both [Madan Mohan Lal and Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur UP]"

Wednesday; 14th March 1945 :

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] revelation : "Only God is the protector of his [Ram Chandra of Shahjahapur] life : I shall try to retain it to my best capacity."

Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji : "It is your duty to impart power to Hindu Rishis, scattered all over [India and abroad]. Nobody could balance you up to this time. Your love is like a secret fire in wood. I can dare say, she [Shrimati Brij Rani the wife of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] should have the experience : nobody can love her more than you do and have done in the past. Her relatives will go away leaving her after some time : this is my unshakable experience. [Pause] When Lord Krishna was sitting before you [Ram Chandra of Shahajahanpur], you played the part well. It was the necessity at that time. We were there to save you. No one can deny that He [Lord Krishna] is the very big authority. We have snatched a part of what was being given to you [to be kept reserved for you to have at the appropriate time after physical dissolution]. You did very well that you opened up yourself, and stretched yourself in every particle of God's worlds. That was the only method to save your organic existence. We were very happy to witness this acute weapon of wisdom - this weapon of acute wisdom and understanding. The method should be noted down with reference to circumstances in the confidential diary."

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] dictation addressed to Munshi Madan Mohan Lal : "There could have been no better method to save [the physical organism]. How nice that it hit the insight of dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]. One great problem is that such marvels are coming to happen though him step after step that even I am unable to hold myself [in proper balance]. There is an occurrence just today : when I was upset, he immediately came up close to me. I cannot say why I found myself settle on his being close to me. This was something on account of which I came up with a perfectly open heart; and Lord Krishna too could not remain within holds and bounds."

Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji continued : "These things are pleasing to me so much, that I too could not restrain myself. As I have said, I will transfer what I have after 'Bhandaaraa'. If you [Ram Chandra of Shahjahapur] go deep in to yourself, you will find one and he same in perfect harmony. These powers are being bestowed on you for the work after your life. Everybody [elder sages and incarnations of yore] is going ot transfer powers to you, though we are checking them from doing that [immediately]. Had not your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] structured you to be of this capacity, you would have gone from the world by now. So many powers cannot reside in the human body. You are something else, about which we do not want to disclose in your lifetime. If we develop a little the powers that have been bestowed to you and to you alone, nobody - I mean the high - level sages - can stand [in comparison to you]. Having regard to the powers you enjoy, this [problem before us] is a very pity matter. The powers are destructive ones. The question arises why we do not develop them! The answer is that you are a married house-holder : those [destructive] powers will all be in working order after your life. We have not yet used our special powers in [respect of] your work. We are only trying to mend the way : weapon comes in last. This is the order of your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]; otherwise I would have thrown them all together in some gloomy dungeon - I mean the hell. But still, some people will go towards it. I wanted to take those persons under destruction, who have poisoned your mother's brain [Shrimati Brij Rani the wife of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP], but your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] has refused [such a course of action]. I will tell you all when you reach Fatehgarh : keep the strongest man with you when you go there. The situation, moment to moment, will be coming to your knowledge. Everybody will be made bereft of spiritual effect before you are proclaimed at your Lord's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] place; and it will be the duty of your brethren, siting here [Madan Mohan Lal and Rameshwer Prasad] to check every body who thinks himself extraordinarily favored by Nature."

Thursday; 15th March 1945 :

Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji [time 11.40 AM] : "Lord Krishna is waiting for your success. Call Him if need arises; but only in a very special case."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] defined and explained certain technical terms, commonly used in the context of spiritual and practice :

"[01] Peace [Shanti] : Perfect peace requires that taunts and rebukes, fouling up and fisticuffs, received from others, flow down like water from the smooth surface on an inverted jar without causing any effect on it. Tolerance under compulsion does not fall under this definition. In the initial stages, compulsion is needed for habit - formation."

"[02] Conjugation [Wasl] : It is there, when all longing and quarreling [outburst] is over : neither intense desire for togetherness nor pangs of separation should remain. However, if somebody adopts this in the beginning, it will be wholly wrong and misleading. The passion should be only for the union : that the aspirant devotee's job; and that remains God's grace, viz. to rid the devotee of longing and quarrel [outburst]. Spirituality is the name of lightness : that is to put it briefly in a single word, or else I have given its perfect definition in my [dictated] notes [already] somewhere."

"[03] Passion/longing [Jazb] : It is of two kinds : lower and higher. In case of the lower level of passion, there is continual aggravation of the mental tendency : this more beneficial in the initial stage. The higher form of passion is that whose one illustration has been cited yesterday by Swami Vivekananda Ji, viz. 'your love is like a secret fire in the wood'. That is to say, inward smouldering in love would continue, without any aggravation of the heart being created. The real meaning of passion [jazb] is attachment. The amount of attachment can be said to increase in proportion to the intensity of the relationship or conjoint-ment [Nisbat]."

"[04] Good conduct on the way to God-Realization [Suluk] : In the first [superb] form of it, everything, I mean concerning one's own condition, appears to be in a sleeping state. Then there are second rate forms of it. The first rate conduct on the way to God-Realization is rare to find.

"[05] Faith / conviction [Aitqad] : Firmness of faith is there when one's link with Him [God] is established so as to be never diverted, even to the extent of finding oneself beyond control with respect to do that [diverting the faith]. Achieving such conviction / faith should be attempted.

"[06] Dependence / faith [Bharosa] : Briefly it is having / finding at any time nobody except He [God], nor having / finding any help other than His to depend on.

"[07] Thankfulness / gratitude [shukr] : To remain happy under all circumstances is called 'thankfulness'.

"[08] Gratitude / obligation [ehsaan] : This is the condition wherein one is never oblivious of His remembrance, and considers Him alone every moment as one's own. He means God : worldly obligation is not meant [here].

"[09] Contentment / patience [sabr] : To be contented under all conditions, without the thought of something better accruing to one's mind.

"[10] Craving [talab] : Nothing except God is to be craved for.

"[11] Longing / pining [tadap] : This means restlessness; and it reaches unto the reality of love. This remains [verbal] meaning; and now listen to its definition : real longing is there when no current except that would arise in the heart.

"[12] World [duniya] : It is that wherein everybody desires one's recompense.

[13] Transcendence / hereafter [uqva] : It is where nobody has to do anything with anybody else, i.e. no attachment is felt [with others]. Swami Vivekananda Ji explained : "Interdependence is the idea of our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] as regards of world. The other world [hereafter/transcendence] comes in opposition to that. Heaven is nothing but he condition of being devoid of these two things. Heaven means the condition itself."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] : "Now dear Madan Mohan Lal, note down a [Persian] couplet from me :

"बहिश्त आँज़ा कि आज़ारे न बाशद
कसे रा या कसे कारे न बाशद।
[Heaven is where no trouble remains; when nobody has anything to do with anybody else].

Swami Vivekananda Ji gave some more definitions and explanations :

[14] Maya : It is nothing but the dark side of God.

[15] Purusha : It is the bright side [of God].

"Think of the burning pint of a lamp as 'Purusha', and shedding light as Maya. You swim across this light to reach the burning point. Where the lustre ends, there the darkness prevails, making our horizon. It is called a gross state of 'Maya', I mean, where the light reaches in points and not in the shedding way. People are generally enveloped in this part of the big circle. Guru brings light form the burning point to this circle, making it all the same in the long run. The question arises, where from the Guru brings such light when he is born in the third circle of darkness. The answer is, as the word [Guru] itself suggests, that he is always near and nearer to the burning point, where form he teaks up light directly and leaves the veil behind it in utter darkness."

[in Sanskrit, the word 'Guru' means that which removes 'darkness' : 'Gu' = darkness; 'Ru' = that which removes.]

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I am so much pleased with Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] that I have no adequate words to say in his praise. Swim and swim in real spirituality! Just swim and swim across in the ocean of spirituality !! That is my prayer and blessings. It is bound to come true and be fulfilled."

Friday; 16th March 1945 :

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] dictation, addressed to Munshi Madan Mohan Lal : "just a little earlier, one more act has come to be committed by him [by Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur]. Swami Vivekananda Ji was desirous of seeing him [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] close to him [Swami Ji], in his exact present form. The same thing immediately came to happen [automatically] on the part of dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]. My purpose in pointing out such things [again and again] is just that people copy the [example of] perfect affinity; and that they be confronted of and on with these illustrations [of seemingly minor, but very significant acts of the heart gripping etiquette] in order to create fondness [of the right sort] in them as well."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "You [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] are sitting an example for the existing people in society, and also for those coming after you [in the future]. This - I mean hitting correctly at the exact point - is very difficult. How to acquire this ability is the question. It is very difficult to answer in one word. Any way, let me try to sum it up - 'love of Guru to the extreme'."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Look Madan Mohan Lal, dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] had acquired perfect affinity with me already : now the state of his relationship with Revered Swami Ji has come to the same."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "The reason is that you [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] took both of us in a whirl."

Saturday; 17th March 1945 :

Dictation from Shri Chaitanya Maha Prabhu : "I have bestowed just now [on Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] that power which was in me. Since your Guru [[Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] and Swami Vivekananda Ji are busy, I considered it my duty to come to you, so that you do not feel yourself to be alone. I also remain present. You do not feel [my presence] because your attention remains directed to the two [of them]. You will remember the incident of yesternight : it was just my work to make you excited for one minute at the impertinence of that fellow. [The previous night Babu Ram had said that he had derived no benefit from a group sitting conducted by me [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur]; and that to worship Guru and God touched the boundary of blasphemy; that his [Babu Ram's] mind remained clean and happy sometime on going away from my place after group sitting, but confusion appeared again; that it was not spirituality but mesmerism; that has against this he felt happier reading Ramayana, which happens to be the essence of Vedas and scriptures; and so on.] You [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] have no inkling of your state. If you come to know it, your should will certainly take flight [away from the body]. I did not find thing in anybody, nor could come across a heart [like yours] capable of containing such a [big] treasure. This is all [due to] your Revered Master's [of [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] grace : such a reverence worthy Personality never happened to come down [on earth]. I am stating one thing out of my experience, viz. those deserving of this science [Yoga] in the real sense, will be very scarce to find; and the wherever persons of real caliber and deserving be available, their condition has to be one of balance from the very beginning. That is the symptom to recognize them. This science is getting lost; and it has already got lost to a large extent. Now, Nature has the intention in favour of establishing it. hereafter the work of Swami Vivekananda Ji will start : thereafter is my turn. Other reverence worthy elders are also waiting. When you went to Cape Comorin, you found the place fine and pleasing. That place appeared very much to my liking as well; and I had made it full of effect. There was [actually] no work [to be done] at Cape Comorin : my purpose was only that you give a shine to what I had established. That was why your Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] and other elders of the higher world issued orders to you. Now that effect can never wane."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "It is a big soul. Blessings are always pouring on you. I call him a fortunate being who keeps company with you. The time is worth remembering. Happy are those who avail it. We as well as dear Jagmohan Narain are busy al-along at Fatehgarh. I had allotted duties. Guests will be pouring in this year. There is much activity at Kanpur. Friends are dreaming of their success in 'BHANDAARAA', are gathering around. They are trying their level best for succession at 'BHANDAARAA'. There are so many powers at your back. They have no backing."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : I went to Fatehgarh. Swami Vivekananda Ji never left the place ever since having taken up the work. Dear Jagmohan Narain is also busy. [Pause] So long as an aspirant does not suffer a downfall in honesty [of belief] and firmness of faith remains, there can be  no effect of dirt [unclean surroundings]. Some one stuffing through external force is another matter. However, right faith is something that purges off even that, and does not allow it to have effect. Both the examples are here : one is that of dear Ram Chandra, and other of Babu Ram. Offer congratulations to Madan Mohan Lal that I have made his disciple Madan Mohan Lal [of Budaun] crossed a stage : I have perfected his organic region. The mental [natural] inclination towards the cosmic region has yet arisen."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "We have completed one part of our work. Lord Gauranga [Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu] is with me : he is taking interest in our work. He has [also] sworn not to go to the Higher World until the work is over. We are all here now. We have just received orders from Lord Krishna to use His weapon in the last measure. One of us is going to Jaipur. Your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] has taken up the duty at Jaipur, leaving dear Jagmohan Narain here at Fatehgarh."

Sunday; 18th July 1945 :

Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji concerning Munshi Madan Mohan Lal [time 11.20 AM] : You have done wonders this time; but to give power two or more sittings will be needed. If he does not take it ill, I advise him [Madan Mohan Lal] to let it remain open. The method is that he should meditate with the thought that the underling veil has been chipped off altogether. It is only in an infancy state and requires development. If possible, he should take butter or ghee for three days continually according to his digestive capacity. Boiled food with pepper and without any other spices will be very useful during this time. Tamarind, pumpkins and ripe tomatoes are useful."

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] dictation : "Your [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] appearance came to my vision once, as a result of my prayer, offered to Him [God] for a person capable of becoming my successor-representative, to be made available to me. On having that vision of your countenance, I exercised attraction towards me on you. This happened much earlier than your actual coming to me. I had delayed to initiate you so that you undergo a little more smouldering. I was fully convinced that you were sure to come to me; but I had started exercising attraction in order to quicken the pace. Your states started changing just there and then. The notes that I have given about you previously mean that in spite  of all this I continuously maintained my vigil; and remained even then tallying my own experience with that of my Revered Master throughout. One reason for these precautions happened to be my concern about your prosperous family background as well. As such I kept a watch on you at each step [and every moment]."

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] dictation later addressed to Madan Mohan Lal and Rameshwar Prasad : "What has dear Ram Chandra's [of Shahjahanpur UP]  mind was difficult to occur to persons of very calibre. I can say that this technique did not come to anybody's comprehension - I am referring to elder sages of recent times. Otherwise there was nothing altogether new about it. The difficulty was that when he [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] used to depute his astral body [for some work, or you people [Madan Mohan Lal and Rameshwar Prasad] do that, it [astral body] did not work well, and the need for transmission still remained. Now this shortcoming has been corrected. The technique consists in getting the astral body imbued with life, on being taken out [for being depute to do some specified work]. The moment [of life in the astral body] will be immediately felt; and then it may be yoked to the work in hand, giving it [astral body] some more special power needed for the specific job. [Pause] I alone know his [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] merits well; and he [alone knows] mine. It is in imitation of liberated souls, so to say."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Now I am taking work form you [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur]. Your vital body [praynamaya kosha] is before me. The world will remember you. I have assigned you a duty."

Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu : "Such a person did not appear in my institution. My longing remained just unfilled."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "The invention is not of an extraordinary character. In days long gone by there was a Hindu sage in India. He had discovered this method. [Pause] You are working side-by-side with me, and I am taking work from you. Another wonderful discovery! Now you are working without any exertion on your brain. I like to keep you along all the time."

Sage Agastya : "I have also got the news of this discovery [imparting vitality to the astral-body]. This is a good innovation. I have a lot of knowledge with me. Let the opportunity arrive : I shall reveal all. This opportunity will arrive after your life, when you will be able to work freely. Haste and delay is just in your hands. At this time may seers - I mean Hindu Rishis - are admiring you."

Lord Krishna : "I am replying to his [Madan Mohan Lal] question. A special power descends from Nature for specific work; and functions concealed in some special being, whose shape is of an incarnation. In such an eventuality, powers of Nature start working in tune with the commands of such a person : those powers can do nothing by themselves."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "you have had dictation form Lord Krishna. Now comes my turn. You are doing wonders here [Fatehgarh] as well. The sam faculty, that you possess, is working here with me in your astral-body. You have come here with full posers - another wonder - as if you are here yourself. Your brain now begins to work in the astral-body. When you return, take all these things with you."

The sage of Ceylon [time 10.30 PM] : "What are the dates of your annual function? [the dates were given]. I have received orders from Lord Krishna to remain with you during 'Bhandaaraa'. Of my own accord, I shall take up the duty one day earlier."

Sage Agastya [time 11.30 PM] : "I have just now received orders to be with you during 'Bhandaaraa'. As such, I shall do accordingly. This is the first occasion that I am to be away from my post."

Monday; 19th March 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I have issued orders to all the venerable sages of ancient India to remain with you during 'Bhandaaraa'. Rishi Agastya is one of them. I am issuing orders to Maharishi Atri. He will speak to you after some time.

Sage Atri Ji : "To me orders have just arrived to be with you. As such I shall be there on those dates." [Dates were given.]

Abdal [Guardian of Mathura] time : 12.45 PM after receiving transmission on his request : "Ah! This perfection, I never came across anywhere else. My hart feels inclined to remain just serving you all of my life. I have met many elder sages of high caliber; but, excepting one [i.e Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP], who visited Mathura at the time of Swami Dayananda's birth centenary, this transmission could not be seen anywhere, nor could such perfection be available. My Revered Spiritual Guide [i.e Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] was living at the time and had met that great sage and had felt fulfilled." On being told that the same great personality was my Master, the Abdal continued : "He [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] is just the replica of the same great personality. I was not conscious of this earlier. What more for me to say!"

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] addressed to Madan Mohan Lal : "How much to praise dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur UP] ! If he had attempted to calm me down at this time, I would have dealt punishment to him. To calm me down at other occasion was proper; but not on this occasion. Just see, dear Madan Mohan Lal, how delicate his position becomes. Just now I had created irritation intentionally; and this was a test for him; otherwise, how can it be possible for me to bypass his words. If somebody is considered as deserving high punishment, it is duty as well to shower extreme grace on him. Can it be possible to come across such an example! Not at all. I promos that what ever thought happens to arise in him, I shall get just that fulfilled : there is to be no question of right and wrong. The extreme punishment that I had selected for him, was never thought of for anybody. He anyway came successfully out of the test : as such, the above quoted is here for him. Successor-representative-ship is not a child's play! I never tested anybody like this, because I knew that nobody could measure equal to it. Since such punishment was there, now reward, for higher in proportion, is also there! If I do not do that, I will be guilty of shirking justice. The person for whose little mistake, God forbid if it had got committed, I had intended to hurl total annihilation, now has to be rewarded in equal proportion [in the reverse direction]. My opinion, therefore, is that he shall act quite independently, particularly on such an occasion. He did superb performance : when I forced him to ask for something, he begged for this : 'so long as the world exists, my Lord's [of Huzur Maharaj, Maulana Fazl Ahmed Khan Sahib R. A.] name should shine like the sun'. I again promise for the future that what ever he asks for [or desires], that same shall be granted. When I was poised to hurl such a calamity on my beloved one, in case an error had been committed by him, there remains no reason why I do not bestow these words on him. This was the last test for him. I claim that an identical affinity never developed in anybody to this day. Now I permit him to reduce irritation that may ever develop in me, to the extent of his liking. Dear Madan Mohan Lal, you have no inkling as to what I have bestowed on him just now. Just consider it the story of crude rice that transpired between Lord Krishna and Sudama."

[Sudama, an old friend of Lord Krishna, forced by his adversity, went to seek succour from his old friend of student life, on the insistence of his wife, who could manage only a few handfuls of crude rice, borrowed from a neighbor, to be taken as a present to the old friend - Krishna - who was now a great king. Lord Krishna received Sudama most honorably and affectionately; and playful at his shyness and hesitation, snatched the present sent to him by His sister-in-law, and started eating handfuls of the uncooked rice. With every handful of rice put in Lord Krishna's mouth, the kingdom of the one world - upper, middle and nether - was going to Sudama's ownership. Rukmini, Lord Krishna's principal spouse, restrained Lord Krishna after the third handful, on the plea that she - Rukmini - also had a share in that present brought by Sudama. When after a few days, Sudama started back, obviously carrying nothing from Lord Krishna with him, he felt sad and sarcastically blessed [or cursed] that Lord Krishna may also get what he had given Him, where upon the kingdom of the three worlds was back in its place; and Sudama had only all kind of worldly prosperity to his astonishment on reaching his home.]

"My dear Madan Mohan Lal, he [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] does not give-up subtlety. He has ordered me only what I was desiring. This was not a test for him : I have already ordained in that regard. Dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur], I instruct you that in your life and even thereafter, you should never test anybody in such a severe way. To you Madan Mohan Lal I also say the same. Tell Rameshwar Prasad as well. What I mean concerns your life hereafter."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Look Madan Mohan Lal, Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] has again acted superbly. Swami Vivekananda Ji told him out of happiness that this incident will be communicated to Lord Krishna. his intention was to acquaint Lord Krishna with the happy tidings of dear Ram Chandra's [of Shahjahanpur] success [in the severe test]. He [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] thereupon so nicely requested to Swami Ji not to acquaint Lord Krishna with this event, as it would not be nice to tell that their loved one was put to such a severe test, to fail in which would have brought about his destruction. I feel incapable of expressing my heart's condition at this time. There can be no better respect for one's guide. Now where from can I get the heart to enable me to ignore [or put aside] what he happens to ask for or mention to me. Tests are over. Now no more now. I have mortgaged myself in to him from today on-wards : what more to say! Dear Madan Mohan Lal, I swear by the name of God that from today I have kept nothing with me; and have just transferred everything to him, and emptied myself totally. All forms of wealth that may possibly be there, I have bestowed to him. [Pause] He has again worked a marvel. I asked him what more should I give; and he replied : '[protective] shade of your graceful relationship [say-e-aatifat], just as it has always been.' Such an example shall now here be available; and it can hardly be expected even in the future. Dear Madan Mohan Lal, really what had still remained to be given, he has asked for! I have to repeat : this example will not be available again. People ought to learn a lesson."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] has made you the governing power and kept Himself aloof from the work."

Rishi Agastya Ji : "I have received the Divine Voice that your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] has made you the governing power."

Rishi Atri Ji : "I have got the communication that you are made the governing power."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] : "Dear Madan Mohan Lal, really speaking, I have not left even a seat for myself [any where]."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I ask you but one thing : when you take up my work, you take yourself as my Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP]."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] : "What a fine answer he [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] has given when Swami Ji asked him to consider himself as Swami Ji's Lord : 'if a slave be placed on a king's throne, his status in reality shall remain just that of the slave, even if royal privileges be made available to him'. This reply has made me as well as Swami Ji immensely happy. Isn't it culture, that belongs to the sphere of respect to the guide!"

Tuesday; 20th March 1945

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] dictation, addressed to Munshi Madan Mohan Lal [noon time] : "I have left the Higher World; and have no intention to return there for the whole period of dear Ram Chandra's [of Shahjahanpur] life [on earth]. Need may be another question; or else it may be from time to time for brief periods. My stay mostly, now, will be just here. Now I have no right to go to the Higher World, as I have yielded that also to him [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur]."

Rishi Agastya Ji : "What I had mentioned last night has been put to effect."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] kept nothing for Himself."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] : "Dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] has told me one method for my say there. That method, no doubt, enables me to remain there, but it depend on my sweet will."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I am also thinking of leaving the Higher World for you."

Shri Chaitanya Maha Prabhu : "I am also of the same opinion, viz. to leave the higher world. You have no idea about your state. The assembly happens to be pleasing only where the king may happen to be."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Souls are coming to you [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] for this work. We are all leaving the Higher or Brighter World for the purpose, hinted by your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]; and it is quite possible though not definite, that your life [on earth] be prolonged. These are the new orders, and will take their shape soon. You will have to work day and night with sleep for a few hours only; and I assure you that it will be sufficient to keep up your help. In reality ten minutes of sleep [in twenty four hours] is enough for you. At this stage people have no sleep. Sleeplessness will not tell upon your health."

"There is a great confusion in Manusmiriti. You will have to take it up first of all; and then the turn of other Shastras [Scriptures] will come, and last of all, the Vedas. You will have to write commentaries on each subject of different schools of Philosophy. You cannot do all the work yourself. You may just listen while somebody reads the books; and if possible somebody else may go on taking sown your instructions concerning corrections, otherwise one who reads the books may do this work of writing also. You will leave all this work to go under print after your departure from this world. We will ourselves arrange [for all this]. The Sutras [aphorisms] have been defiled by the priests to give supremacy throughout to themselves and there every kith and kin. The science part of the Vedas is not available in India. The Sanskrit grammar has also received the evil touch of the hands of the priests. The Brahma Sutra tells tails of the so called supremacy of the priests and their class. The real part of it has been taken away and burnt to ashes. Every where you will find the supremacy of the priests and the priestly class alone. The real things have been chewed away. These all are being returned to you, and the very sages who have written will come down for dictation and correction [through you]. Orders are being issued. We have proposed punishment for the authors who took the idea of supremacy in a prejudiced way. They will be reborn and destroyed. I take the example of Patanjali. His idea was to bring the philosophy in a new form. He was a learned one, but was not leading a practical life worth living. People like him were only book-worms. I speak highly of Tilak. Your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] will give commentary on each subject. This is the turning point of your [man's] spiritual history. I mean to say that you have been chained to some other work also. I am going to appoint a sage whose only work will be to draw out exhaustion form your brain. I will not allow you more than two hours of sleep, three hours in a very rare case. practically speaking you need no rest. Your soul has already left and severed the connection from the body. My experience during the existing work is that you will have to create a new world. [Pause] Sluggish as they [Kanpur people] are, activities have been taken away from the persons whom they so much revere and esteem; and their so called masters have become dull. Take the example of Shree Krishna lal. He too is the victim of Nanhe [i.e. Revered Laalaa Ji's own younger brother - Mahatma Raghubar Dayal of Kanpur]. I guaranty, no body in the world can correct them except you. They [Nanhe etc.] have sufficient will power and have directed it to delude [others] with will force, making a deep impression upon their brains and hearts. It is not a child's play to remove it at a single glance now. One more thing was done to them : it runs that a heavy veil of darkness was thrust upon them. No no body but you could escape from it [or some such person as protected specially somewhere]. Take the case of Madan Mohan Lal. His will has been weakened by the same person who is under destruction now. He could do more than this, but adopted means to carry it out. I mean the programme he drew up in his inner faculty or brain. He [Nanhe] did not want to give rise to any of the disciples of our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP], the revered one. The result was that so many thoughts of different hues are still swimming in the brain of your brethren. He [Nanhe] is an open book to me. Take the example of Brij Mohan Lal. I leave aside Munshi [Mahatma Radha Mohan Lal], who is a good for nothing debauch. He did some work, not like Satan, but to spread his supremacy over his [and your] brethren"

Wednesday; 21st March 1945 :

Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji : "The condition is improving again. I have resolved not to leave you at any moment; and want to follow our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] in this respect."

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP dictation : "I have inspected; and noted myself the situation at Barnai [a village under the land ownership of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Shahjahanpur UP]. Your obligations on those people are such as may be difficult to illustrated from amongst [the conduct of] landlords; and you have affection also for them. but the characteristic of the times is such that they do not want to reciprocate. I have thought of one agreement viz. you depute Lallu Singh, who is a good fellow. He is honest, and obliged to you. Moreover, persons belonging to a particular caste who remain close to you, remain sowing thorns [creating troubles] for you : only one person, viz. Jwala Prasad is an exception to some extent. It is an order form above that these people be totally destroyed at Barnai. I assign this work to Madan Mohan Lal. Just possible dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] may some what relent; as such this alone is considered better [to entrust this work to Madan Mohan Lal]. He [Madan Mohan Lal] can start this work in accordance to his own sweet will. That remains permanent work for him."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "What ever spoken by our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] about His love for you is bare truth. He is burning with love for you. I have never come across such an example any where through out my life. People leave their homes for God : he left his home [real store house] for you. That is the greatest sacrifice ever expected from liberated souls. If I go to express a little further, I can say you have beaten all the world records in this respect. Love of Radha … … …"

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Do not write this."

Lord Krishna : "What Swami Vivekananda Ji has said is literally correct; and there is no harm in writing that in the matter of loving, you have surpassed even Radha. The reasons have already been detailed out by your Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] in His notes. You are not aware that your love is waxing. Swami Vivekananda Ji was going to dictate these words : 'the love of Radha is now at the second place next to yours'. I permit that there is no harm in writing this when it is like that. I have dictated this English sentence which he [Swami Vivekananda Ji] was going to pronounce."

"Deserving-sens is of two kinds : superb [उत्तम] and medium [मध्यम]; one form of deservingness is known as low grade [नीच] also, which consists i selfishness. Superior grade deservingness is there, when one's beloved burns in the fire of love in his/her remembrance. In case of the medium grade deservingness one burns oneself in the fire of love for the beloved. Nothing to say of the low grade, which is common affair. One more kind of deservingness can be mentioned, which remains free of all these three [kinds]. Such deservingness is born some times quite suddenly after years or say centuries - nay, millennia - which has no parallel. Such a deserving person is born by God's command. You are the example of it : you are just an illustration of this point, The most inferior sort of deservingness is known as despicable [निकृष्ट]. They never derive any spiritual benefit. The idiot type [मूढ़] is not to be counted here in."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : The definition of the best deservingness - nay, the one above that - given by Lord Krishna, is seldom available. What happens to be the inner condition of such a person is sufficiently well laid down by our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] in His notes. You are the example of it. Such a deserving person, when born, has connection with a pious soul at its origin, like your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "This time will not recur for a very long period now. For this special period, the proverb applies : 'मजनू ने बन को घर किया और मैंने घर को बन किया' [Majanoo made the forest in to his home; but I turned my home in to a forest]. What is final destination of 'Love'? Where the mystery is made manifest."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "The condition is improving."

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] dictation, addressed to Munshi Madan Mohan Lal : "Just now at your hint concerning snatching away the illness of the mother of Rameshwar Prasad, what a nice method has been invented [by Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur]! The [method] consist in separating the subtle body of the ailing person form the gross [physical] body, and putting the illness of the patient in that [subtle] body. The subtle body should not be allowed to enter in to the patient's physical being so long as it is desired to keep the patient free from the illness. The decease is to be kept in the separated subtle body, which is to be returned to the physical being of the individual, after such cleaning of the disease. This method is not to be applied to all and sundry again and again. It can be used at the time of some special need. If this method is needed for a long period of application, the subtle body is to be confined in to a circle of thought, which should be shattered when the same illness is desired to be returned to the patient again. This method, Rameshwar Prasad can apply in case of his mother, if he considers it proper. I had applied this method to dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur], when he had come to me for some time, if a few months before my physical veiling. During his illness, I had applied this method to him for several nights continuously."

Thursday; 22nd March 1945 :

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Today at 10.20 AM I have got a special power entered in to you. It was a gift for you from Lord Krishna, kept safe sit me [for quite some time]."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] has given you a power this morning, bestowed as especial gift by Lord Krishna for you and you alone. You can not transfer it to anybody else during your life time. You have become quite a charged person now. This kind of power is given to incarnation. As no body is expected to come in that capacity, you are in duty bound not to transfer it. You need not transmit to anybody this day. Be cautious to think only for benefit to others in words, deeds and even thoughts. There are many more powers in store for you; and there are all as gifts from Lord Krishna, the super authority. These [powers] will be given to you by and by. The idea, regarding your present position, is to keep all others [functionaries] under your subjugation. There reins should always be in your hands."

Friday; 23rd March 1945 :

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "I am coming from Fatehgarh. I am trying."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] is a bit anxious as to the situation at Fatehgarh. We are trying hard to attain the goal. There is a great difficulty in my way on account of your mother [wife of Revered Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP, i.e. Shrimati Brij Rani], for whom there is high esteem. Look here, you need not be puzzled. In the end I will clear away the obstacles, coming on the way, without minding the result, even if it happens otherwise. There are only a few days more for Bhandaaraa of our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]. There is still time for them to come around your banner. There are a few persons at her house - I call them fools who misguide her and cause disturbance. What remedy will our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] propose for them? There are a few elements in your society, which are worth destruction. We will look to it after 'Bhandaaraa'."

Lord Krishna : "Your Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] has put in to you a power out of my gifts [to you]. At this time a chain of numerous powers has directly descended for you."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Look here, we have stored it for you."

Saturday; 24th March 1945 :

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "What remains now with me to give to Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]!"

Lord Krishna : "Your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] has directly prayed for you that He has now nothing with Him to give to you [though still desiring to give more and more]. Now Omnipotent Nature has started waving up : the ocean of Grace is tiding up. The orders are issued that powers be descending every minute and every second. Your Guide [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] has executed the promise that He will go on structuring [your] heart so as to contain these powers on a permanent basis. So, that is the order, since one like you as lover, and your Respected Guide [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] as bestowed, will be scarce to find."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "The flow from the Ultimate Being has started descending [time 08.24 PM]. This promise form the Ultimate Being is for the entire period of your life."

 Lord Krishna : "It is a very auspicious day that your Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] has got you initiated by the Ultimate Being directly. This is what is unknown [in common parlance] as initiation [Bay't or Deekshaa]. This is just the first example [of its kind] since the beginning of creation."

 Radhaa Ji : "Till now my relationship with you was that of a mother to her son. Now you consider me as your sister. I am also going back with Lord Krishna."

Shri Chaitanya Maha Prabhu : "Now I do not find enough courage in me to work from you. But because of the way in which you have submit your point, there remains no harm [in work being taken from you by me]."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Just now the story of Mohammad Gazanabi and Ayaaz occurred so aptly to your mind. So I also thought it proper to recite this Persian couplet -

"महमूद गज़नबी कि हज़ारों ग़ुलाम दाश्त,
इश्क़श चुनाँ ग़िरफ़्त, ग़ुलामे ग़ुलाम शुद।"

'King Mohammad Gazanabi who had been the Master of thousands of slaves, was gripped by poverty to such an extent as to be reduced to the status of the slave of the slave.' This is my state." [Reference : page 159,  The Autobiography of Ram Chandra Part II Vol. I]

"Direct initiation is just my method. Earlier it never occurred to anybody's comprehension ; nor was it ever put to practice."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I want to play my part just like your Guru. Look here, I am in direct line with your Guide [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]. When you find a chance to initiate anybody, have his connection [established] with me also. But this method will be adopted only by you

Sunday; 25th March 1945 :

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] addressing Rameshwar Prasad : "Just now, dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur UP] performed a superb wonder. Just this is called hitting at [the exact target]. What he did to Shri Chaitanya Maha Prabhu just now would have been an extreme impertinence if it had been exactly required [at the moment]. May God bless his sensitivity [and experience]."

The connection of Babu Shyam Bihari Lal with his guide [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] was snapped at 12.00 PM and an order for destruction was issued.

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "He [Babu Shyam Bihari Lal] is the root-cause of all these evils."

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] dictation, addressed to Rameshwar Prasad continued : "I have come just now to impart some lesson to you people. All illustration [of exact grasp] is being presented. Dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur UP] had been prohibited to take part in reforming the society [of the disciples and successors of Laalaa Ji Sahib], which has been taken up by elders [of yore] in their own hands. This was something, that every disciple must most strictly adhere to; but he [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur], in spite of my standing orders, did just give an impetus to the concept of his mother [Shrimati Brij Rani, the wife of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]. I think no body would have dared to do such a thing. What was the point precisely? I [unconsciously] was desiring his [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] assistance in that special work, which was concerning his mother [Shrimati Brij Rani, the wife of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]. What I mean [to impart] is that the exact thought according to my [unconscious] desire cropped up in his heart : this is known as [perfect] identity."

Lord Krishna : "What your Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] has dictated about you [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] is correct. If you had committed an error, it would have been possible that I would have dealt punishment to you for going against the standing orders of the Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]. But your thought hit at the exact point; and that was your Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] precious desire. I felt greatly pleased. If fact He [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] had already tested you; and this was my test of [your perfect] identity. You have come through this as well [perfectly successfully]. As such, a reward is also just here!"

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "We have received the reward for you from Lord Krishna."

Lord Krishna continued dictation : "If at this time, you had not become oriented to your mother [i.e. Shrimati Brij Rani, the wife of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP], the same punishment, viz. annihilation would have been in store for you, as your Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] had fixed [earlier] on your being unsuccessful [to get through the test]. May your merits be the subject of hymns and songs like mine!"

Reverend Radha Ji : "You had to pass through such hard tests, as nobody else had to undergo thus for; and the reward that came [to you] could never be obtained by anybody [thus for]. You have no consciousness as to what is going on. I have also dealt one test to you!"

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Radha Ji has tested you just now; and you came out successfully through that as well."

Radha Ji : "My brother [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Shahjahanpur UP], I have tested you. If you had failed, I would have intended to recommend to Lord Krishna that you be pulled down from your present status. Now, as a reward to this [success in the test] your status has been raised [further up]. Now, there will be no test or trial [for you] any more. Rest assured, I will be helping you in every work."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP, addressing Rameshwar Prasad] : "This test dealt by Radha Ji to dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] was of  a very peculiar nature. It should have very scarcely struck the comprehension of anybody. It was just to see what reply he would give to Radha Ji's test being dealt to him; and it came out exactly, and word for word, as she desired. That reply was : 'since you have designated me as your brother, in case I fail to get through your test, shall it sound nice for you to tell others that your brother failed to get through the test!' This was the hardest test out of all those that have been dealt to dear Ram Chandra up to date."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "On your [humble] prayer [prarthana] a general order form your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] is issued at this very moment that no body shall put you to trial in the future. Rest assured."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP, addressing Rameshwar Prasad] : "I have not spared anything where in full mastery has not been granted to dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]. The way in which he had submitted his [humble] prayer to me, was not a matter of ordinary intelligence. I very much liked that style [of submission]; and as a reward just for that, issued a declaration prohibiting any more test being dealt to him by anybody; and his prayer I have communicate to the Ultimate Being. The words of his prayer were [exactly] these : 'I am after all human : there can be mistakes at any and every step. It was just your Lordship's kind grace that I remained coming out successfully thus for through that test. Now my heart just trembles at the thought of the test. I do not have the strength to pass through tests. If, God forbid, I happen to fail in some such test! I have nothing further to say."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I had a talk with Mahatma Gautama Buddha [just now] concerning you. The difficulty is that Lord Buddha's religion has almost been uprooted in India. I am requiring this moment on wards, that all religions, I mean the grains of spirituality in them, be absorbed in you. The service you are rendering in this regarding [to spirituality] is making much impression on me [and all revered elders]."

"Happy news! Lord Krishna is leaving the brighter world for three days during 'Bhandaaraa'. You should be very alert during that time. This is happening for the first time in the spiritual history of the world. Radha Ji accompany Lord Krishna. Further more, Nature itself, I mean God, is helping you."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "You have really made my name alive. Nobody else could have come successfully these tests. This [perfect] identity of mine [with you] is an object of the great domination [among revered elders]. And why would it not be like that : I am present in every hair-root of your body. Look here Rameshwar Prasad, I have put in to him one more power out of the gifts of Lord Krishna, at 09.50 PM."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I have just received the news from Lord Krishna that you have been given the post of 'maker of the world'. Your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] will explain it. Look here, it is not an ordinary post. Nobody in the world could ever get it. This is a reward for you form Lord Krishna in lieu of your coming out successfully from the tests. Radha Ji is going  a long way [for you] in lieu of her test. Now the powers of Nature, which issued forth for the first time [at the start of the creation], will work under your directly I mean 'Brahma' [creator], Vishnu [preserver] and Mahesh [destroyer]. The same duty you will carry out after your life [in the physical form]. One thing more is given to you as reward rom Radha Ji, that after leaving the body, you will not have to wait for resurrection but will go directly to the Ultimate Being, viz. the self, as you call it. This is an impossibility which has been made possible for you by Lord Krishna and Radha Ji. Your way has been made smooth, so as to go directly after leaving your body. Your casual body has been already broken, as your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] said somewhere in His notes. That was in reality the foundation laid down by your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] for the present stage, being enjoyed by you."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur], I had come to know all these matters during my life time, as to what was in store for you; and I have the knowledge of what is to come still ahead as well."

Lord Krishna : "I have felt immensely pleased at this culture [of yours] not to abandon your Guide [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]. This is not a mistake, but a sort of test even, so to say; and it happens to be, by itself, an examination of your impulses. This thing has made me very happy. The value of the Guru is to be learnt by anybody form you; and it is just proper that one who is really a lover can have nobody except the beloved in his view, and that alone remains everything to the [real] love. The example shall be scarce to find : it rather ought to be said that [such an example] cannot be available [any where else]."

The point of conversation [on my part] was this : "The highest reward to me happens to be that our Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] remains with me, and having Him in my vision remains my good fortune. What more is there for me to crave for : दर्द मन्दे इश्क़ रा दारू, बजुज़ दीदर नेस्त 'for one who suffers from the pangs of love, there is no medicine except the sight of the beloved' [a Persian half couplet of Hafiz]."

Monday; the 26th March 1945 :

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "One more power [Shakti] out of the gifts of Lord Krishna has been penetrated at 10.20 AM].

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "The condition at Fatehgarh is taking a serious turn. We are avoiding the idea of destruction for the time being. I am in a fix as to what is to be done. The most stubborn people have gathered here, destroying our Lord's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] work. That constitutes the prophesy for their resurrection. Most of us have left the Higher World for this very work."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "To consider oneself to be weak - this is a matter of extreme weakness."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "A power is approaching us directly for our work. I referred the suggestion, submitted by you, to Lord Krishna. The idea is preferably good. You and your assistants are going to 'Bhandaaraa' with full powers. If more power be needed, you can ask for it any time. We sill make it at once available for your use. Do not allow any weakness to creep in to you and your assistants. The power has started working now [04.45 PM]"

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Birju, [i.e. Mahatma Brij Mohan Lal, the elder son of Mahatma Raghubar Dayal] has taken away all the maps I prepared. The suggestion you submitted to Swami Vivekananda Ji on his command has been accepted. The power has started and those people are now in the orbit of destruction. The suggestion was to the effect that the people who are to come in opposition after 'Bhandaaraa', may be taken for detraction just from now on. You recommended your mother [Shrimati Brij Rani, the wife of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] to be left aside under every circumstance]. You had certainly added the provision that the suggestion was to be put to effect if it was proper and productive of good. As such, Those who have been taken in the orbit of destruction till now are Rajendra Kumar and Mathanni. [The order concerning Rajendra Kumar rescinded at 07.00 PM on 03.04. 1945.] The action against them has started directly from the Ultimate Being. You people do net need to work for the destruction of these people. This power will return only after having been completed the destruction of these persons. Just possible some more people may come in to the fold of this action, which has started already. I have myself snapped the connection of these persons : you need do nothing in this regard. I give the right to mention to me the person, who so ever, whose destruction you consider necessary during the period of the annual function; or you may submit to that power as well [directly]. Remember, however, not to act on the advice of somebody else. In case my special people, including Madan Mohan Lal and Inspector Sahib i.e. Lallu [Babu Ayodhya Nath Sahai] and Rameshwar Prasad, feel trouble from some one, they can also tell me by of prayer; but this weapon is not to be used in quick suggestion."

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] dictation continued : "I have dealt such stiff punishment to Nanhe [the younger brother of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] as to make him remember [his sins]. The punishment is that he shall go to hell together with his brain, i.e. the sensitive part of it. What a confusion has been caused to my 'Satsang'! my sacrifices were not such as to deserve this fate!!"

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] later explained : "The occurrence of a practicant's downfall can be there unto the status of 'Maha Parshad' [Ghousul-e-azam], but in general this can not happen. Snatching away [the spiritual status] can also be effected. This however, can be shown by someone who has gone beyond the status of 'Ghousul-e-azam'; and even in that state has done sufficient swimming, having established connection with the 'Ultimate Being'. The person possessing this state can never be deprived of [his spiritual condition] ; on the other hand, the person trying snatch away his/her spiritual condition is oneself to slip down in to it. This is to say that one who tries to snatch off the spiritual condition of that great personality, without an indication [of willingness] from that same great personality, is bound to lose his own capacity automatically to be included in to it [in to the capacity of the great personality]. [Pause] I have surrendered Shyam Behari Lal to the destructive power that has descended from the 'Ultimate Being' for this work [time 07.10 PM]. Now, withdraw your subtle body form there : you have no need to touch [this case] at all. [Pause] Malawi Abdul Ghani Khan Sahib [of Bhogaon, Mainpuri], Nanhe [Mahatma Raghubar Dayal of Kanpur] and Munshi [Mahatma Radha Mohan Lal, the second son of Mahatma Raghubar Dayal of Kanpur] are also surrendered to the same power [time 07.20 PM]. The rest will be looked in to after 'Bhandaaraa'. Now, all of you people stand away form this job with clean hands."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I do not find such an example of love, as set before you all by our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]. He wanted destruction of the above mentioned persons with little or no pain [being caused to them]. When power descended for the destruction of some persons, their hearts began to burn. Our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] then sprinkled coolness of water on them so as to avoid necessary trouble for them, which comes to a person on his death-bed. He is repeating the same method aft short intervals."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] gave a prescription for some ailments of Rameshwar Prasad, applicable to other cases with appropriate modifications to suit special requirements.

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "A few more persons are coming rapidly under destruction. I will let you know the names afterwards. I put one person [Chaturbhuj Sahai], whom our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] does not want to name, under destruction; and the work commenced. I am keeping off the other one [Shree Krishna Lal] for the time being. The vibration is now taking place in the Ultimate Being itself : an order is coming soon. Look, here is the order that all the disciples of Nanhe [Mahatma Raghubar Dayal of Kanpur, the younger brother of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] without measure should be annihilated. I am leaving those persons who have no faith in him. Here is the [next] order : all the persons attached to Chaturbhuj Sahai should be served with a warning in 'Bhandaaraa' first. Otherwise they meet the same fate [time 09.09 PM]. We have been waiting so long for their coming to the right path under your banner."

When these orders arrived, Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] happened here. He exclaimed : "A great calamity is under way and immediately went away.

Swami Vivekananda Ji informed [time 09.14 PM] : "Orders have got amended by our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] to the extent that the disciples of Nanhe should be first warned, and then as a last remedy be surrendered to destruction, for which orders have already been received. The Zaat [Ultimate Being] is itself moving towards destruction. You are the governing authority now. I have to render only one advice to you : 'do what you intend, but not as others say'. I assure you that your very thought, intended for somebody's destruction or otherwise, will bring down the power of the 'Zaat' [Reality] for the purpose. The same is happening here. I assure you again that what ever you intend or want to do, will be incumbent upon us. Look here, you are the governing agency. You have prayed to your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] just now that you may follow the intention of our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]. The reply is coming from Lord Krishna. Wait!"

Revered Lord Krishna : "Your prayer is granted : just this will be happening in the future."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I tell you the secret of the present condition : what ever you may say in any form whether prayer or otherwise - will be accepted God Almighty!"

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] addressing Rameshwar Prasad : "How much to praise the intelligence and comprehension of dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]! He offered a prayer, exactly as I wanted."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Your prayer has reached the zenith; and response is coming from Lord Krishna directly."

Reverend Lord Krishna : "This prayer of yours is also granted. The prayer was to the effect that, as uphill now, your togetherness with your Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] be never snapped in the future as well."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "My heart leaping up with joy at this time. May God ordain it thus that his [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] successors to make his name immortal like mine; and his merits be remembered in hymns [for ever]. So long as the world lasts, his name be shining like the moon in full splendor. His progeny be good. For his existing progeny, I pray for both their spiritual and their worldly prosperity. May spirituality never forsake his home; and such personalities may come out of it, as may make our names immortal. His hardships be eased and Grace may descend on him day by day, minute by minute, moment to moment, ever so to say. His friends be happy; and his enemies be vanquished. One thing more I say; and be it exactly like that : which ever ground and what ever place he may happen to tread, may it become full of fragrance. What ever he may happen to pass, his domain be established ; and he may return form there having fixed his impression. Who ever happen to be in his company, he prosperous and never come across poverty. Have trust that all these things have come in to effect; and the future shall come to be just like this. These blessings of mine are from the status of the 'Zaat' [Ultimate Being] and go vain."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] continued : "Just now an anecdote has flashed into my memory which is akin to state of Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]. When Majanoon [legendary lover of Laila in Arabian mythology] went to Kaaba [Holiest Muslim Shrine in Arabia], he prayed to God that his beloved Laila be never away from his mind. The story may be true or false : that is immaterial; the main purpose concerns the expression of the sentiment."

Tuesday; the 27th March 1945 :

One more power out of the gifts of Lord Krishna was absorbed at 11.15 A M

 Swami Vivekananda Ji : "We have passed the night smoothly. The anxiety recurred again since this morning. Our Lord [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] remained busy throughout. Madan Mohan Lal must be informed about the situation. As our Lord [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] has appointed him as your secretary, all righting [dictations etc.] should be referred to him. We are waiting for you. I have taken a few more persons for destruction. Names will be coming to you afterward. [Pause] Alright, I am leaving Maharaj Narain [the son-in-law of H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] in accordance with your request, but only for the time being. If he does not come round, he will meet the same fate. The person you neglected, has poisoned your mother's [of Shrimati Brij Rani, the wife of H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] brain to a greater extent. He is one of the slaves of Maulana Abdul Ghani khan Sahib of Bhogaon, District Mainpuri Uttar Pradesh, for whom the punishment under the scheme of destruction is certain. Who so ever puts obstacles in my way, even if it happens to be you [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur], whom all of us love so much, or anybody else, will meet the same fate. Never mind whether it is your aunt [the wife of Mahatma Raghubar Dayal] or your mother, i.e. Gurumaataa [Shrimati Brij Rani, the wife of H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP]. I will not hesitate even to take the strongest action against our Lord's [of H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] home if I find any clue to the contrary. I will not listen to you any further. I say again, I will pull down the earth itself. Do not suggest any thing to me now. As soon as you reach Fatehgarh, open yourself to your mother [gurumaataa] freely and tell her that the will of our 'WILL' of our Lord [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] must come to pass; and that if she or anybody else would resist you to avoid by our Lord's [of H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] orders, resurrection will be the result. Make your heart like mine this time; and not that of your Guru [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP]. You are meddling with God's work. I excuse you this time. On your suggestion to leave Maharaj Narain [the son-in-law of H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP], I flew in to rage. You are worthy of being excused also, for the reason that you have a great regard for your mother's [of Gurumaataa] house and relatives of your Revered Master [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP]. There was no selfish motive of yours. I am rejoiced at your submissive way of giving suggestion. You have really surrendered yourself completely to me together with our Lord [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP]. Think that, if I do anything wrong to you, I am doing doing it to myself."

Dictation from Mahatma Jagmohan Narain 1901-1944 [the worthy son of H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] : "Dear brother, you have done very well here, to save Shri Maharaj Narain [the elder brother-in-law of Mahatma Jagmohan Narain]. I did not have the courage to say anything."

Swami Vivekananda Ji's instructions continued : "We have pondered over the matter and arrived at the conclusion that it is your mother [gurumaataa - Shrimati Brij Rani, the wife of H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] who has become the instrument of resistance to our work. [Pause] I like the 'Swastika' put at the top of your declaration ; and the rising sun at the bottom side. I got the 'swastika' marked with red ink in the middle of it in the circle, and the four sides also dotted with ink. The meaning is clear [to you] now. It means the destruction in the middle and at the end [on all four sides]. The rising sun means that our Lord [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] gave birth to the new system called 'SAHAJ MARG' alias 'SATPAD PANTH'. In the future this will be the emblem of your 'Satsang', I mean : the rising sun on the top, and the 'Swastika' with red lines and circle at the bottom, to indicate the history of your 'SATSANG', dotted with blood [destruction]. [Pause] A man who thinks himself to be a master at heart, and his disciples as his subordinates, commits a wrong [action], as 'Atman' [Soul] is in them as well, and hence he [disciple] has equality with his master. Only veils or restrictions are to be broken off : that is the purpose for which the disciple comes to his master. In a way the master should feel indebted to him [disciple] because he, I mean the disciple, is providing him the opportunity to render services to him [disciple]. Such an idea [of master-hood] should entirely vanish from the master's brain. One, who abide by this [ requirement], does not perform his duties well. Take the example of your Master, H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP. He has set an example in this regard. All of you should follow Him. Is there any gentleman among you who comes forward and says that is abiding by his Master's example in this respect? [Pause] There is one more piece of news for you. I have taken a very impotent person, viz. Brij Mohan Lal [the eldest son of Mahatma Raghubar Dayal] under destruction. Our Lord [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] is objecting to it. So, I am leaving him for the time being. His condition is that he has no other idea [in his mind] but to dominate. He is entirely devoid of spirituality and cherishing hopes of domination. How strange it is - Your 'Phuphaa' [father's brother-in-law, i.e. Mahatma Raghubar Dayal], in spite  of having an upset brain, cherishes hopes of [wining] domination for his descendants. He has gone to the extent of wishing that his sons may be worshiped like the idols in the temples. His wife [your 'buaa', i.e. your father's sister] too is following him [with regards to this wish]." [time 07.08 PM]

Dictation continued at 08.25 PM [of Swami Vivekananda Ji] : "Your mother, i.e. gurumaataa, the wife of H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP, alone is causing all the difficulties we are facing. The matter has taken another serious turn. I want to wipe off the whole clan consisting of all the relatives, near and distant, with wives and children. Only the idea that they have belonged to our Lord [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] is checking me form doing so."

Revered Master's [of H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] dictation [time 09.35 PM] : "I am at Jaipur [Rajasthan] Har Narain [son-in-law of Babu Ayodhya Nath Sahai, called as 'Inspector Sahib'] is such a simple boy ; but was Ann expanse of the influence of Nanhe [Mahatma Raghubar Dayal] when you reach Fatehgarh, tell Inspector Sahib [the real brother-in-law of H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] to wean out Har Narain at least. This can be possible through a letter also, in case he [Inspector Sahib] is unable to attend the annual function."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "To speak the truth, Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur], our Lord's [of H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] is going to be failure. I mean that the success, which I wanted, is not going to attend on us. By success I mean thorough success. It is on account of your mother [gurumaataa] only. I think, the days of resurrection are near. I will not leave the work. To the higher world, I will return only after performing total destruction or achieving perfect success! I have made up my mind thus, just now."

Dictation from Mahatma Jagmohan Narain [The worthy son of H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] : "What a trouble happening is taking place here ! My mother is not budging even by a millimeter. I have to say this, after all, even though she happened to be my mother. Alright, I am not uttering the idiom as she is an elder nonetheless. Dear brother, what a strange phenomenon is this : the entire spiritual world is accepting you and my mother stands opposite; the destruction force has descended from nature and is gaining momentum. See what tyranny has been perpetrated on you people by my uncle, Mahatma Raghubar Dayal, and for what result!"

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Your [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] life is at stake now. I will not allow to take food any where except with Inspector Sahib [Babu Ayodhya Nath Sahai]. You will no buy anything from the same shop over and over again. Do not leave this job to your servants. When you sleep, just as your Guru [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] has oriented, some body must wake up and remain alert. People have suspicions about you already, through not yet sure [of your being your Revered Master's successor-representative]. Where ever you stay, your place must be surrounded by others [responsible for your security]. You can not be left alone at any time. A daring heart is necessary for your safety. Another necessary precaution to be taken is that when you address or conduct 'group-meditation', some body must remain behind you, quite alert. You will transmit always with your eyes open during 'Bhandaaraa'. Those who love you need not sit almost the crowds for meditation etc."

Reverend Lord Krishna : "My boomerang will be at your back; and it will be there during the whole period of Annual Function. Have trust : I shall myself remain present there, as I have already stated. Nobody has the stamina to look straight in to your face."

Revered Master [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] : The precautions, pointed out by Swami Ji, have to be  observed. Revered Lord Krishna himself will be there to ensure your safety. His boomerang will work at your beck and call. However, you should not take work from it, without getting clearance from me. Those, who will be on duty for your security, will be amply reward, whether they take it just now or after the 'Annual Function' : that depends on their sweet will.

Wednesday; the 28th March 1945 :

Revered Master's [of H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] : "Tell Babu Ayodhya Nath Sahai [the real brother-in-law of H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] to bring it home to Maharaj Narain Darbaari [the son-in-law of H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] again and once more that if he is not or does not want to be helpful in my work, he should at least stand natural. This matter in not such as to enable some one standing opposite and yet remaining unharmed."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "The situation improved a little again [time 09.45 PM]; but you should not consider it to be a firm state, as some thing or other is occurring up and down through out since we have taken up this work. The poisoning elements are there in the house of our Lord [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] as well. There are certain people at Fatehgarh too, who do not want your supremacy or upper hand in any work of our Lord [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP]. [Pause.] The condition improved a bit more [time 10.45 PM]. I want now to obliterate the whole family of the Satan [Nanhe, i.e. indicated for Mahatma Raghubar Dayal, younger brother of H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP], leaving that of our Lord [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] aside."

On herring this, I was on the point of flowing in to the current of anger descending all around in a downpour, when Swami Vivekananda Ji and Revered Master [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] advised me as following :

Revered Master [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] : "I have now tendered my permission to most respected Swami Ji. You too should desist from recommending the case of anybody [to him]."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Heaps of bones you will find every where every where : the matter has reached its climax. I am burning with rage now. You keep yourself aloof from it [the current of rage]. The reason is that when the higher authority mooing us himself moves to the point of destruction, and specially you, then we will have to leave all the work before us, and engage ourselves to that and that [destruction] alone."

Revered Master [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] : "On listening to the letter from Munshi Madan Mohan Lal, I asked dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] as to what I should do now. He replied replied with extreme refinement of culture : 'I have no intelligence to tender any advice to you, my Lord, but I have read in some book some where - if at first you do not succeed, try and try again!' There can never be any reply, better than this. I have felt out side myself with joy. Alas! This acme of intelligence and comprehension ! And nobody to appreciate it adequately! I am foxing to tell Swami Vivekananda Ji just this moment. To tell the truth, this reply has torn as under my heart. I have now nothing left with me, except blessings, which I give to you; and am going away now."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I am sending these words to Lord Krishna. Wait for the result.

Lord Krishna [time 12.17 PM] : "Your prayer has been granted by me. I am taking this work in my own hands; and am proceeding to Fatehgarh."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Lord Krishna has taken up the work, we are already doing, in His hands, today at 12.20 PM now."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "The Sudarshan Chakra [boomerang] of Lord Krishna has started circling around [01.48 PM]."

Swami Vivekananda Ji [time 01.50 PM] : "The condition has taken a serious turn again. Instructions from Lord Krishna to you are here."

Lord Krishna : "In case there is no success, even though it is not expected to that extent, I permit to open that eye of yours, which I had kept open for eighteen days during the Great War [Maha Bharat]."

Revered Master [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] : "When such an eventuality does arise, do [have courtesy to] ask me to be sure. This power has been specially conferred on you; and this is [out of] Lord Krishna's gift to you. The reference to it is present in my notes. Special power is to be used on a special occasion only."

Dictation from Mahatma Jagmohan Narain [the son of H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] at 02.05 PM : "Now I too have lost control. I am giving Dr. Deena Nath up for destruction. I have been working for such a long period; but now I feel angry. I do not recommend even the case of Babu Maharaj Narain Darbari [the son-in-law of H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP]. To tell the truth, it is the sense of annihilation. The highest power itself is at work. Nobody has the heart to obstruct it. Respected brother, one advice, however, I do tender to you : keep yourself free from anger to the best possible extent. Your status, what ever it is, I know very well. One of the reasons of Revered Master Laalaa Sahib remaining calm, is that you are not getting angry.

Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu : "I am a peaceful soul. I never feel angry; and I never like to cause any trouble to anybody. The course of events, however, is taking such a turn, and matters are coming to such pass, that it may happen that I too have to up the arms."

Revered Master [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] : "How tyrannical it happens to be that somebody may ask for pardon even when he is not at fault; and yet pardon be not granted to him! Any way what you did was not a fault. It was just my command. The fault belongs to those, who would not rust even when my reference is put forth. Is not the anecdote of Mira Bai worth being noted : she consumed fatal poison just because she was told that it had been sent to her by Lord Krishna?"

Request from Mahatma Jagmohan Narain [the worthy son of H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP]: "This connect Dr. Deena Nath from me just now."

The order was complied with [time -2.45 PM].

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "This is an example of love. I wanted to see Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]; and he reached there. [Pause] The matter took serious turn [time 05.58 PM]. It is due to the stubborn nature of your mother [i.e. Gurumaataa, Shrimati Brij Rani, the wife of H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]."

Exclamation from Mahatma Jagmohan Narain Sahib [1901-1944], the only son of H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP : "Havoc is wrought, Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur UP]! Your two upsurges [of the heart] have finished the matter. My mother is subject to [Divine] displeasure!"

Revered Master [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "This is not your fault. These two upsurges [of the heart] were mine. Tolerance has reached its limit. Lord Krishna has not yet left the field. It was my anger that caused this effect in you."

Lord Krishna : "I have seen the condition here carefully. The state of affairs is not good."

Swami Vivekananda Ji [time 09.15 PM] : "Lord Krishna is still here [time 09.20 PM]. The matter is going from bad to worse [time 09.25 PM]. Conditions are not improving. Our Lord [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] now does not want to see the face of the persons trying to usurp the rights given to you by Him. [time 09.48 PM] He is now in rage."

Thursday; 29th March 1945 :

Revered Master's [of H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] dictation addressed to Pundit Rameshwar Prasad : "Just now, dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur UP] observed an etiquette that bears no example. He bowed down in obeisance before Swami Vivekananda Ji first of all; and that was just proper for him. Then he bowed down before Shri Chaitanya Maha Prabhu; and when it was my turn, he bowed down obeisance just before himself. This underlined sentence is impossible to be expressed [adequately] in words. [The note worthy] special point in it is that he bowed down himself before himself."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I am going to transfer the highest power [to you]. Our Lord [ H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] is checking me form doing so, at this time. I have kept it reserved for you. As soon as you reach the spot, it will be transferred to you instantly. But look here, keep yourself on a milk diet alone today. You can take fruits, the ripe ones. This is the gift from Lord Krishna, stored for you with me. We had a talk with your Revered Master [ H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] about you regarding will force. Now we have settled to increase it a little more before you go to the spot. The reason is that you have inherited the capacity of irritation from your father. This thing we do not want to remove, for the resins already given in the notes of our Lord [ H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP]. [Pause] For the satisfaction of Pundit Rameshwar Prasad, I say that it [the highest power] is swimming over the head of Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]. Press the switch, and it will gush up at once. There will be no delay : only a second's time is required for it. You [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur UP] are feeling the air of that power. Your Revered Master [ H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] is of the opinion that it should come down to you gradually so as to make it complete before you actually reach there. I praise your sensitivity that you felt it instantly. To tell you the truth, every action and thought of ours goes directly in to you, first in the shape of vibration, which is called 'Shruti'; and then come the words. In the ancient times, the sages of our motherland used to catch 'Shruti' only; but your case is different. You catch both things ['vibration' and 'word'] together - I mean with a very short interval between them. This is the demand of time. Nature is going that way. This is quite a new method according to the demands of time. People have now grown weaker due to keeping themselves aloof from strict observance of 'Brahmcharya Ashram' [celibate period of life - first twenty five years, devoted to studies]. The system has been long forgotten now. You will bring forth [the new technique fully] probably after your life through your successor. You will carry on this work that has been started here, along-with your successor, when you depart from this world. [Pause] There is a great bustle now at Fatehgarh. Those who are entertaining the idea of domination, without doubt, whether it may be Birju [Mahatma Brij Mohan Lal, the eldest son of Mahatma Raghubar Dayal] or any body else … … … [Pause, leaving the sentence incomplete]. Our Lord [ H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] is checking me to complete the sentence by adding few words. The 'Shruti' [in the form of vibration] is now coming [to you] directly form the very source through us."

Revered Master [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] : This status that is your fortune just now ! - people shall just lament. Tell these unfortunate ones! - their eyes have not yet opened. They have no inkling even about themselves ! - as to what is happening; and what is about to happen ! - The world will weep for you sometime. What I mean to say is that if people look to the direction of the wind blowing, be attentive to its pleasantness and provide accommodation to its expansion : then what I was just going to express can come to light. I have cast light on this subject somewhere in my notes. The powers are all coming down. The elder sages are setting up their residence just here. Swami Vivekananda Ji is leaving his place [in the Higher World, for good]. Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has the same idea. Mahatma Gautama Buddha is turning his vision to focus it on you. Just possible, you may have to surrender the orders, received directly, to some elder master or other."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "We have renounced the brighter world for your sake."

Revered Master [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] at 10.05 AM : "This order has just been issued. A profuse chain [of gifts] from Nature has descended for you. What I had mentioned [to you] at the time of direct initiation, shall remain following continually. What I have mentioned just now is in addition [to that]."

Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu : "I too have left my post [in the higher world]. Going there off and on, or at the time of need, is another matter. I have received orders just now. Top ranking masters of yore are all coming down. Lord Gautama Buddha too is leaving his position."

Reverend Lord Krishna : "Your prayer concerning the house being set in order is granted to this extent that those who defame your Revered Master [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP], themselves get obliterated. This too can be the meaning of the house being set to order."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Good prayer and good reply."

Lord Gautama Buddha : "My method of training was the same as that of your Revered Master [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP]. It is a very ancient method. People have forgotten it."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Another serious trend this moment ! [time 10.44 AM] Inviting Lord Krishna ! [Pause] Look here, Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur], you are now in our midst. Our Lord [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] is coming to transfer a very great power [to you]. He has ordered you to take little yoghurt [curd] at this time. Before going to bed you can take only a quarter seer of milk, and nothing more than that. You cannot take food tomorrow as well, unless you are ordered to do so. You cannot take any breakfast tomorrow morning till the arrival of our Lord [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP]. A few droughts of water, I can allow you, before going to the toilet. The situation is just the same as I told you while you were journeying in the private bus to Farrukhabad. A good deal of care is to be taken this night. I mean you will be given complete rest; and no talks to be there to cause irritation in you. Our Lord's work is suffering. That means, the lives of certain persons are sure to be ended now. We do not want to see any hostile elements among you. [time 09.15 PM] Another destructive power ! time only unto 31st March 1945 !  I give note to the persons who may write your biography, after you have gone from this world, to write the names of the persons who have helped in our case."

Revered Master [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] at 10.39 PM at Farrukhabad : "I have transferred the power [to you], that was being referred to some time back. Have breakfast tomorrow morning, after I have arrived. Just now I am going to Fatehgarh."

[Farrukhabad, the district headquarters, where Revered Shri Babu Ji, i. e. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Shahjahanpur, with his companions arrived by private bus from Shahjahanpur and for the night to attend the 'Annual Function' [Bhandaaraa] the next day, is at a distance of about six Kilometers from Fat

Friday the 30th March 1945 :

Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji : "You must not be confused by any challenge. Intensive will has been bestowed on you. If somebody comes forward with a challenge, need it atone and without delay. You will actually feel it [intensive will] after sometime, when you arrive at the spot. The restrictions regarding food [to be taken by you] have been taken off, but with effect from a few hours from now. Leave this place [Farrukhabad] for Fatehgarh after taking complete rest."

Revered Lord Krishna : "We are waiting for you. My whole power will be there, as soon as you arrive at the spot."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Look here, Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur], you are at the highest pitch of your will power now. If a challenge comes, we will reveal ourselves in you. Rest assured."

Reverend Radha Ji : "I am filled with great enthusiasm that I witness the success of my brother. I am a frail woman [after all]."

The sage of Ceylon : "All those, who have been invited to the annual function [Bhandaaraa] are present."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I have received orders from Lord Krishna just now for total annihilation. Power is running. The vibration you are feeling all around at this time, is the power of destruction."

Revered Master [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] addressing Rameshwar Prasad : "As soon as Ram Chandra felt me to be a dejection, he immediately started transmitting to me. This is his love : in reality I never have dejection. What a fine method of transmitting [to me] was adopted by him ! He took himself to be me; and transmitted [to himself]. What a fine point of character ! I am telling you one thing as a piece of advice : you do not, in general, imitate such acts, as issue forth from dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur], so long as you do not have identity with me established to a sufficient degree. Remember [carefully] that in case the matter happens to be the opposite or the thought commits a fault, this is the highest mislead [in such actions, requiring the most severe punishment]."

Revered Master [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] addressing Rameshwar Prasad : "How beautiful that when I cannot tolerate dear Ram Chandra's [of Shahjahanpur] suffering, and try to remove it in case it does not arise per chance, it also becomes his very duty by way of [refinement of] character, that he too does not bear to see me in the state of dejection! That is the exact meaning of responsibility."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Our Lord [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] is now in a fine state."

Reverend Radha Ji : "The reply to the  conversation at this time is that I shall pick up the arms in the very end; and if you [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] say so, I am ready [to pick up the arms] just now. I wait for [your] reply."

I inquired of Swami Vivekananda Ji as to what reply I should give to Reverend Radha Ji.

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Tell her that it is not necessary at this time."

Saturday; 31st March 1945 :

At 08.40 AM, in accordance with Revered Master's [of H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] command, and declaration that Shri Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur is the successor-representative [of Revered Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib] was made in the general assembly of spiritual associates through Rameshwar Prasad.

Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji [Time 05.00 PM]: "There were a few persons assembled around Rameshwar Prasad, this noon talking all about you."

Dictation from Swami Vivekananda Ji [Time 11.40 PM] : Another scheme ready. You are not allowed to go to Satsang ['Pandaal'] tomorrow. I shall tell you know afterwards. There are proposals. Lord Krishna is coming. One of your children [at Shahjahanpur] got fever. Your mother doing well. I have relieved your Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] of His duty. He remains with you all the hours day and night.

Sunday; 01st April 1945 :

[At Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib's Samaadhee Fatehgarh]

Instructions from Swami Vivekananda Ji [time 07.00 AM] : "Overhauling is required among the persons, but a few as you are. Change of method is necessary. The people are generally going the old ways. They are sticking to the principles of Sufi styles which for practical purposes are no more required now. Quotations are given generally from outmoded treatises for only historical and academic interest now. You should start tomorrow for Shahjahanpur without fail."

Tuesday; 03rd April 1945 :

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] dictation : The crown of this success has adorned the head of Rameshwar Prasad. This is in reply to your entire thoughts concerning the assembly of associates; and the answer to all of your complaints against me is that I did not consider it necessary to establish what were then considering incumbent with respect of the times. Only I comprehend what would constitute the better course at a particular place and time. Those who were present in that particular assembly of associates have not yet forsaken their condition required at that time. If the shape of challenge would have come up, be confident that I would have opened my heart. You can understand that the labour of so many days would have been allowed to go waste in the shape of challenge. Now another is coming up. This is the information."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : One year's time is allotted to you for South India on your request by our Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]. You are not at leisure at any time [now]. Duties are coming concerning constructive programme of your organization of spiritual associates. Be dependent on one and one alone. You will get this plan and programme from Lord Krishna. We have both agreed on this point, i.e. constructive work perfectly under my guidance. No concerned with your Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] in that regard. I am the head of this department, viz. construction. Spiritual work He [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] will do. This is a permanent agreement."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] at 07.00 PM : "I have excluded Rajendra Kumar from destruction."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Accept my congratulations. I highly appreciate Inspector Sahib [Babu Ayodhya Nath Sahai, the real brother-in-law of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP ]  for the splendid work he has done. I am quite satisfied with this work. I want three days time for the reward, promised for Inspector Sahib."

Reverend Lord Krishna : "The tour of South India is in the offing. Time is granted."

Reverend Kabir Sahib : "My work is just getting bypassed."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "His [Kabir's] name will go in to history with mention of his relation to our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]."

Thursday; 05th April 1945 :

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] addressing Madan Mohan Lal : I take what dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] says at God's command. What ever work he has assigned to me, I am agreed from head to foot in it. One thing I assign to you people, viz. you take up the job of building the organization and continue with it, so long as I do not issue another order. I shall feel restful only when I would have completed this wor

Friday; 06th April 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "You have left our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] in His place. Now, you are worrying me all the time. [Pause] There is a vast difference in practice of the past, and what do you call the 'Shaghle-rabta' शग़ले राब्ता [meditation on the Master's form] of the present day. You are now with full force [at your command]. You are thinking of me all the time; and I am thinking of you all the time to the same extent."

Wednesday; 11th April 1945 :

Revered Master Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : Now I have worked out a device for taking work from dear Ram Chandra, viz. that I reside by myself in him, i.e. in his body; and then he would perform acts and jobs as I require. I may come and go according to needs; and remain outside him for training purposes. This is something that can hardly strike anybody's comprehension . God is all pervading. By the words 'by myself' I mean the status in which I reside in the higher, and that I reside in him in that same capacity. I have already structured him as a suitable vessel / receptacle for that purpose."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Good gracious ! Quite new a thing ! If I explain the meaning of this, it will cover pages after pages. Such an example was never set before."

Departure for Hardwar by Dehradoon Express Train at night

Thursday; 12th April 1945 :

[Mass bathing in the river Ganga at an interval of twelve years at Hardwar]

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Purify all the spots, that are taken to be sanctimonious here. Remove grossness from the earth also. The priestly class has to be under destruction. You are permitted to go and meet the various sects of mendicants [Sadhus]. Leave Hardwar on 14th April and proceed to Delhi. There is a lot of work is waiting for you at Delhi."

Further instructions [time 10.30 PM] : "Your duty, tomorrow, will be at the bathing spot on he river-bank [ghat] from 08.00 AM onwards. You will be there atlas for one hour. [Pause] The grossness of Hardwar has got cleaned off. Take up destruction work at night; and remain illuminating Hardwar during day time."

Friday; 13th April 1945 :

[Main day Kumbha - bathing]

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] at 08.40 AM : "Informing for your reaching Delhi is communicated there."

At 09.00 AM an elder sage of Delhi inquired me as to the day and time of reaching there.

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Start for Delhi tomorrow afternoon. Continue illuminating Hardwar so long as you remain here. Be careful not to focus / concentrate all power at once, as you have done at one or two spots. Just remain having light thought. [Pause] Now Hardwar is in an adequately fine state [time 12.00 Noon].

Note : The invisible saint in-charge of the maintenance of the divine-order [Abdal] of Delhi again inquired about the date and time of my arrival at Delhi; and said that he had received orders to look to my security.

Sunday; 15th April 1945 : At Delhi :

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] :  :"The way you have taken work from the Ultimate Being [Zaat] would not have been done by anybody." The work at Delhi was assigned at Garh Mukteshwar, Railway Station. As soon I stepped out of Delhi Railway Station, the invisible saint in-charge of Delhi introduced himself to me and reported that he had started the performance of his duty.

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "There is much work at Delhi; and it requires a lot of labor. Tomorrow, you clean the whole of Delhi; and full it up with super grace as to make the light of reality simmer through every particle. Then more work will be assigned. I am going now. Have rest for two hours. Work will start at night. [time 03.00 PM].

Monday; 16th April 1945 :

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "The work at Delhi is progressing well. Upturn the seat of the advisor [Naib = deputy - reference to confidential political work]. This will be the only work today."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "you have done well in Delhi."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "From tomorrow, again illuminate Delhi. Grace is continually flowing in Delhi. At this time also the same thing is there. The power of the Ultimate Being has directly being oriented to Delhi. The work is expected to be completed by tomorrow."

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] continued in reply to a quarry : "In Delhi the grace is flowing so fine and subtle that it is difficult to comprehend it. Particles and atoms of the vacuum [sky] have got illuminated, where from effect will remain pervading the atoms of the earth. No doubt, the effect on people is little. In due course of time, these atoms, that you have created through ingenuity shall effect the people. Every single particle of Delhi has got illuminated : I mean the earth." [time 10.20 PM

Tuesday; 17th April 1945 :

Revered Master [H H Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Now, you have completed the work at Delhi. Start from here tomorrow. You have established a spiritual reservoir in the nether levels of the earth in Delhi. In other words you have made it the home of divine grace. The earth has got cleaned. Continue filling divine light in the vacuum. The people of Delhi will come up to the standard after much time. You have completed your work. You were went to Delhi just to make the earth of Delhi cleansed."

Invisible saint in-charge [Abdal] of Delhi : "The secret earth of Delhi has started emitting divine grace. Alas, no body has eyes [to see]."

Revered Master [H H Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur], you stay contented. It is God's will; and you have to do something as well. Such indications will come up as you yourself may be able to setup suitable structures at the site that you have discovered. You may go to 'Laalaa' [Bhajan Lal]. If, under intoxicating pride of money, he casts even a slightly humiliating glance at you, I shall withdraw his entire property and capital. Take it to be God's command. As such, it is better that you give up the intention of going there [to him] altogether. I have bestowed on to you such wealth as is not even available to emperors. You shall remain commemorated in the world for ages, and someone or the other shall come up to complete and perfect your mission. Nobody can have the power to discover the spots that you have found out at Mathura. These matters, in general, should not be publicized so long as the appropriate time for their revelation has not arrived at, and until someone is not prepared to divulge them."

Revered Master's [of H H Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] dictation continued, now addressed to Rama Shankar : "I have to repeat Rama Shankar that the condition of your brother Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] is not well known to you; and in fact, no body has come up here as yet to have an estimate of it. There is no power, not a single saint, in the world to stand in comparison with him. I have constructed that, which has found befitting appreciation in the 'Higher World'. What ever the orders be issued by him [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur], these become incumbent for being obeyed by the residents of the 'Higher World' - I mean the liberated souls. Even I am not an exception to this. He has concealed himself in simplicity so much that people are not able to have any proper estimate of him. I say again that blessed is one who derives benefit form him and keeps company with him. This opportunity is not likely to come now for long, nor a personality of this status be apparent. His status is that of an incarnation [Avatar] and this is something confidential. Many elder sages of caliber have developed him in their successor-representative; and those that still remain waiting have their hopes pinned in to him. As such I am telling you Rama Shankar, that what ever benefit you may, you do derive form him. Loving him will be loving me. I have got every particle of mine merged in him; and stand totally identified with him. Such mergence shall not come in to view anywhere else; and is neither likely to be expected in future. He has not left anything with him from surrendering to me. This thing too will not be found anywhere else. Take him to be an example, and try to emulate it. That is all for the time being." [time 09.30 AM]

Revered Master's [of H H Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] later - time 07.20 PM : "You have completed work at Delhi. There is no need to remain oriented any further. It is now thirty six hours that Grace has been raining on Delhi from the 'Zaat' [Ultimate Being]. At night, you take up the irk allotted to Rameshwar Prasad." [Reference of work concerning the political situation]

Later concerning this work Revered Master [H H Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] replied to my inquiry at 11.00 PM : "If you continue having light thought, I do not prohibit it, even though there no need for that also any more. You gave three very strong pushes of the limitless power of the Ultimate Being this time.


Saturday; the 21st April 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I am still at Kanpur, and am not leaving the place till the work is completed. Your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] is with me almost all the time. We are not going to the Brighter World. The work will be bubbling up after the task before us is finished. There is a great bustle and excitement here at Kanpur. Some unknown agency is at work, keeping them [people in general] aloof from the metamorphic position of 'Chachchaa Ji', [i.e. the real younger brother of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP, Mahatma Raghubar Dayal of Kanpur]."

Sunday; the 22nd April 1945 :

Revered Lord Krishna : "Just now Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] performed so finely, that I could not contain myself and I had  to come here. I have  postponed the work also for some time, for which he was being sent to Banaras [later named Varanasi] so that not trouble could crop up with regard to leave during this period. This belongs just to the part of someone special. Where to find a person like him to assign such a duty! It is all the miracle [Charishma] belonging to his Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]!"

In response to my prayer, Revered Lord Krishna continued : "Your prayer is granted. Your Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] and Swami Vivekananda Ji are bestowed with such status as never will fall to anybody's lot. No doubt, they have the privilege to structure in that way whom so ever they like and chose."

Revered Master addressing Munshi Madan Mohan Lal : "I praise my fortune; and these same are Swami Vivekananda Ji's words. Bravo on this subtle refinement. He [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] raised such a point, and it was so reasonable, that even Nature could not have refused to accept it. He fully repaid [the debt of] human duty. But what shall I gain by retaining the status bestowed on you : I will have to transfer it just to him. An example of these stature can be provided only by Ameer Khusro; but that was some thing different. To  tell the truth, I have to say that this sort of love is not found ever in Khusro. This is designated as obedience. I had once told Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] to treat myself and Swami Vivekananda Ji as one and the same. As such, with same thought in view, he prayed in the holy presence of Lord Krishna for both; and we both stand benefited. The prayer was this : 'I have been so much rewarded on very petty counts; and your Lordship says that it is all the a miracle [Charishma] belonging to my Revered Master [Moulana Fazl Ahmad Khan Sahib R. A. Raipuri], who structured me as I happened to be. Then there seems to be nothing to stand in the way of my Revered Master being bestowed with what be the due in exchange to it : and my prayer is just this; and since Swami Vivekananda Ji Sahib has left nothing lacking, he too be blessed with the beneficence."
Foot Note : The reference above to Ameer Khusro is to the chief disciple of the Sufi Saint Khwaja Nizamuddin Aulia of Delhi in 14th century, about whom his Master had stated that if the divine code of conduct under [Shariyat] has not ordained against it, he would have liked to be buried with his beloved disciple in the same grave. When Khwaja Nizamuddin died, Khusro was far away on a military errand as an army-commander ; and his Master had instructed all of his disciples not to broach the news of his death to Khusro atlas for forty days. Khusro, however, was feeling restless; and on returning to Delhi, went straight to his Master's place. It was probably the fortieth day after the Master's death; and Khusro also died soon after there. He lies buried a few yards away, towards his Master's feet in the same compound. Khusro was a poet and one of the main founders of the modern Hindi language. His couplet spoken on coming to learn of his Mastr's physical veiling is very famous :

"गोरी सोवै सेज पर, मुख पर डारे केश ;
चल खुसरो घर आपनें रैन भई चौदेश।" 

[The blonde beloved is sleeping on the nuptial bed covering her face with the locks of her hair; depart O Khusro, for your abode, for it is night now all over the land.]

Swami Vivekananda Ji : " There are so many persons in our Mission, but nobody has this kind of wisdom. They are practically nil. I will go side by side with your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]. Can anybody boast of such a thing? I think, nobody but myself and your Guru. I promise that from this day onward for you I shall leave no stone unturned in doing my duty, if so ordained by you. Think of me just as you think of your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji  Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]. WE are now initiated to the greatest power and enjoy the same position. This was the reward, given to us by the highest authority of Lord Krishna."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] time 10.40 AM : "The orders concerning the status conferred on us by Reverend Lord Krishna, have started being received."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "This is all due to the company of your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj Of Fatehgarh UP]."

Sage Agastya [time 04.15 PM] : "You have done something that leaves its example for posterity. Your Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj Of Fatehgarh UP] has left nothing wanting in you; and it remains His super achievement that you have got such insightful understanding intelligence."

Sage Atri : "Orders are issued."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj Of Fatehgarh UP] : "I give Madan Mohan Lal Vakil of Budaun UP under your [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] training. So long as I do not command, he [Madan Mohan Lal of Budaun UP] will have no connection with Munshi Madan Mohan Lal of Shahjahanpur UP. During this period of truing [of Madan Mohan Lal of Budauun UP] there is no need for Munshi Madan Mohan Lal of Shahjahanpur to be orientated [to Madan Mohan Lal of Budaun UP] at all. Remember [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur], however, that you do not make haste in any matter concerning Munshi Madan Mohan Lal of Shahjahanpur UP. I shall surrender him [Madan Mohan Lal Vakil of Budaun UP] after getting him ready to him [Madan Mohan lal of Shahjahanpur UP]; and then it will the business just between them [Madan Mohan Lal Vakil of Budaun UP and Munshi Madan Lal of Shahjahanpur UP]."

Wednesday; the 25th April 19445 :

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj Of Fatehgarh UP]  at  11.15 AM : "I am assigning duty to Munshi Madan Mohan Lal [of Shahjahanpur] from today onward that he does this work as essential duty for him throughout his lifetime. That duty is to remain stuffing spiritual energy in dear Ram Chandra in absentia; and stuff it in himself also, when he may consider it necessary. [Time 11.30 A] I had the intention today to transfer to him [Ram Chandra] the status that has come to my fortune. I asked for his opinion; and he replied :  it is worthy of only my Lord's Grandeur; whatever else be my Lord's pleasure. I just clutched my heart at this answer. Now I cannot hold myself! Since he has done his duty, I too shall do mine ! [time 11.40 am] I have transferred. What can I do! If I had not done this of my own accord, just this would have come automatically. This is the secret [thing]. It was not proper to restrain myself."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj Of Fatehgarh UP] has transferred His newly acquired status. I assure you [Munshi Madan Mohan Lal] that this kind of love will never exist afterwards. Hence [capable persons] are coming, but not unto this qualification, as it stands today. Some time I begin to feel depressed about the people not coming to you to avail of the present opportunity. Such a time will never come again, I prophesy. Blessed are those who make use of the time. I also prophesy that such a Guru as our Lord, Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj Of Fatehgarh UP, will not come again in this world. I also say that such a person as you [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] will not come again, who is able to entrap me in his love. People will feel what you are after you. I promise solemnly not to leave you any time before or after your death."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj Of Fatehgarh UP] addressing to Munshi Madan Mohan Lal : "Here, his [Ram Chandra] worth is of no avail. Let some one go and see in the higher world. Or, who so ever may possess open eyes, may witness. It is all just the special feature of the times!"

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj Of Fatehgarh UP] dictation later at 09.10 PM : "I remain fully occupied for the whole time, today. I visited all the Ashrams of Swami Vivekananda Ji [Shri Ram Krishna Mission] established in India; and went to other countries as well. The Ashram people are educated and there are very learned persons. I found the organization very good. All people were found to be depending on just one person. This thing is worthy of taking a lesson from, for you as well. In my fold also all people, who ever, shall remain subservient to just one person. To obey his orders will be duty to them. Every person who will be who will be the head in my line of succession will have the status and position of Present, and all shall have their dealings with him. It is certain that things [knowledge and directives] will remain coming down directly to him; and these alone will be orders for others. Shahjahanpur will be the Headquarter. This Center will not get shifted, so long I do not order [for something else]. Other place will be designated as Mutts [temples - a special term used by Swami Vivekananda Ji for various centers of the Shri Ram Krishna Mission, including Belur Mutt at Calcutta - the headquarters]. Do you know why I have established Shahjahanpur as Center [Headquarter]? The reason for this is that the place, where, by God's grace, such a marvelous personality [Yours, i.e. Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] comes up as would not be accepted to be created in future, that very place should form the starting point."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj Of Fatehgarh UP] has been today throughout my Guru's  [Swami Ram Krishna Paramhams] Mutts, and studied the situation Himself. I agree with our Lord's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj Of Fatehgarh UP] proposal, [viz. keeping Shahjahanpur as center for years to come; and who knows I may follow our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj Of Fatehgarh UP] in this respect.

Thursday; the 26th April 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Now it has become essential for me to look after you in every way. We have to take work from you. We have appointed a great living sage, who will look to your health personally, I mean as long as he is in this world. He will carry with him this duty after he has gone from this world. A strong and serious step will be taken if he is away from his duty even for a single moment."

The sage of Ceylon [Shri Lanka] : "I have just been allotted the duty to take care of your health in every way. Fruition [Bhog] of accumulated impression of past actions is no doubt there; and in that sphere one is helpless. I will let weakness come to you. The order came to me indicating that in case I am able to perform this service successfully, I am assured a position close to the authority, issuing the orders. I have started work. I promos to perform this duty during my entire life, and I am happy as well. My tongue cannot express adequately what beatitude I started deriving just on commencing with this work. This thing and this condition never came to my experience anywhere. Your Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj Of Fatehgarh UP] has stuffed you up to the core, leaving nothing wanting. Every single practical is filled up to capacity with energy. I tell you something marvelous and profoundly difficult to comprehend as to why this duty has been assigned to me. The reason is that you have surrendered yourself entirely : as such it became incumbent on elders to take up this job for looking up to your health under their own charge. Your condition is like that of a child who does not recognize anybody except the mother. I pray, and bless you as an old person and elder to you [by way of age] that so long as you live on earth people be sacrificing themselves like moths on the plain of your existence and the purpose for which you have come [in this world] be completed. Therein lies betterment for us all. As such I am offering this prayer actually for myself; and there is no obligation on you at all. You are being stuffed with such energy as to perform in full splendor to fulfill the purpose in view of Nature, immediately after physical desolation; and that power has come to manifestation. I also assure that such powers can not reside in the human frame [body]. It is the Guide's capability to have structured you like that."

Friday; the 27th April 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Our Lord [H H Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] has taken up my work now. His work commences very soon. He has been to the President [Shri Ram Krishna Mission] at Calcutta. If he comes on the right path, all will follow him."

Reverend Lord Goutam Buddha Ji : "I kicked the throne of the sake of mendicancy. And, yo cannot give up your job [Government service]. I have already given the dictation to you once!"

[Revered Shri Babu Ji revealed else where, that he almost had it on the tip of his tongue, that he had no need for that when what Reverend Lord Buddha gained by kicking at the throne and Kingdom and already been bestowed on Him - Babu Ji - even continuing in his mundane job ; but being ignorant of the courtesies of such a situation as being face to face with a great personality like that of Lord Buddha, He - Babu Ji - preferred to look to His Revered Master [H H Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP], who instructed only to listen what Lord Buddha may say without indulging in question - answer bout.]

Revered Master [H H Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]  time 09.00 PM addressing Munshi Madan Mohan Lal and Rameshwar Prasad etc. : "Dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] has touched the extreme point with regard to refinement of conduct. See how subtle it is. And it is just a small point. When he started cleaning you people, he pulled out the dirt [grossness], what ever or not, to his side, instead of pushing it through the back : he was considerate that I was sitting there [behind you people]."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Look here, Ram Chandra. I wanted this time the help of the Almighty. You did the same. The most difficult task you have taken this time yourself when I stood in need of it. This is just as I have already said."

Revered Master [H H Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] addressing Munshi Madan Mohan Lal : "He [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] has imparted motion to 'Zaat' [Ultimate Being] this time. Dear Munshi Madan Mohan Lal, except Hindu seers [Rishis] nobody happened to be capable of taking work from 'Zaat' as yet. I should rather have said that even Hindu seers did not use their brains like this."

Sunday; the 29th April 1945 :

Revered Master [H H Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] at 06.45 PM : "What a matter of happiness ! May God dear Ram Chandra's [of Shahjahanpur UP] understanding ! Such points are striking his comprehension, as are very mush needed with a view to the present time. Thus for elders used to transmit to the heart [Qalba]; and then would take up the points of organic [Sughra = pinda], cosmic [Kubra = Brahmand] and beyond that, retiring at the end [of training] to the points below the 'heart', specially below the navel. In view of the changed times it is needed to take up these points also simultaneously. He [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] has very often take up these lower [material; gross] points / plexus for cleaning himself. Now from today onward, I instruct that after cleaning of the 'heart' plexus, these lower [material] plexus be taken up and cleaned thoroughly, but not brought to the state of awakening. After cleaning these [lower plexuses] the organic region be cleansed. Thereafter training be kept continued from the 'heart' onward again. As the method already laid down traditionally. In view of the times it has really become necessary to take-up these [lower = Asfal] plexuses first so that restlessness be brought to the proper course. I instruct only dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] not to apply force unduly and unintentionally on these points. The reason for such instruction is that if he [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] happens to do that [apply force on these points], miraculous powers will immediately come to awakening; and that in event, there will be the danger of turning away from God [developing an atheistic tendency]. This precaution mutt be observed by almost everyone. Dear Munshi Madan Mohan Lal, such things will be coming to light through him [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur], that the world will be wonder - struck after his physical dissolution. Who can be able to appreciate him in his life time? On the face of it, there are only a handful of bones [in him], but I have stuffed everything therein! From today onward, just this method discovered by Ram Chandra will be in vogue."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Next order to the sage of Ceylon issued. If he fails again like today, in his performance of his duty regarding you, I will have to take away his powers."

Friday; 03rd May 1945 :

Revered Master [H H Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] addressing Munshi Madan Mohan Lal : "It is very difficult to follow the transmission of an elder sage [Master] When he has got liberated. Such a mind will never come in to being now. Dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] just now experienced and picked up the method of transmission which liberated souls adopt. This method is extremely difficult - that somebody even in embodied form may be able to transmit exactly as if one were liberated form physical limitations. It is quite obvious that I have got merged in him [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur]; and his every transmission happens to be just my own transmission. This method, which he has picked up just now, and transmitting by way of that method, however, means as if he himself having become liberated is transmitting, or else I myself am transmitting as from my present estate."

Saturday; 04th May 1945 :

Revered Master [H H Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Delhi has got fully enlightened. Now take up the whole of North India, leaving Rajputana [Rajasthan] to be taken up later."

Sunday; 05th May 1945 :

Revered Master [H H Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] addressing Munshi Madan Mohan Lal : "This is a transmission of an entirely new variety [technique] that has struck his thought. This technique consists of orienting one's lost sensuality on the sensuality of the other one to whom transmission is directed. However, before applying this new technique, sensuality of a person to whom transmission is to be directed have to be got cleansed. Give currency to this method ; and dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] is to be treated as the inventor of it."

Remark by Mahatma Jagmohan Narain Ji [The worthy son of H H Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Dear brother, what a matter of tremendous regret that the spiritual world is in communication with you, but people in general are not deriving benefit from you !"

Thursday; 09th May 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji [time 10.00 PM] : "What a wonderful discovery. Your Guru [H H Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] will explain it. I want these things to be introduced in my Mission, Shri Ram Krishna Mission."

Revered Master [H H Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] addressing Munshi Madan Mohan Lal : "It is a matter of very great regret that nobody is coming is coming up for training and learning to the extent of his [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] inventions ! Who except myself is there to appreciate his worth; and neither does anybody except me, has the intellectual capacity to comprehend adequately the subtleness and benefits issuing through him ! When he [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] was himself praising the sensitivity of Madan Mohan Lal Vakil of Budaun, a thought across in him as to why this thing [fine sensitivity] may not be developed in everybody. As such Nature helped him; and the method just came down to his comprehension. That [method] is as described here. When increasing the sensitivity of somebody is desired, first of all a firm thought is to be fixed up that a glimmering star of impatience [sensitivity] gets enter-entrenched  in that person's heart, and its brightness of sensitivity be enhanced by the stork of one's own will, so that the state of the star would appear to be brilliant. That brilliance may then be likely spread over the heart of the person concerned, all around; and the connection of that star be established eight the brain. For a few days this should be cared for of and on, so that it would acquire a permanent shape. If it [sensitivity] is intended to be sharpened more, the firm thought of the sun rather than the star be fixed upon. I, however, do not permit this except in a very special circumstance, which he hard to be estimated except by the person whose connection with me or elder sages of yore has got established so deeply that light and permission in this regard be obtained. This thing [condition] is available only in the incarnate beings; as such it is, in general, strictly prohibited. The thought of the moon should never be fixed upon : that reduces warmth and produces dullness [grossness]. Much precaution and a correct estimate are needed in fixing upon the thought of the sun as well. I strictly prohibit the use of any of these practices, unless permission be obtained from me. For this practice [I mean the one concerning the star], the essential special requirement is that sensuality of the person applying this practice should have come to the sleeping state ; and the person most suited in this context will be the one who has acquired permanence of this state, and in whose case sensuality be found absent even when thought of, and do not come up to experience in any way. For the rest, very special people who may be able to bring their sensuality to the sleeping state for what ever period of time, may practice this method on others only during that period of time. Even then, I forbid use of this method."

Friday the 10th May 1945 :

Revered Master [H H Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] addressing Munshi Madan Mohan Lal of Shahjahanpur [UP] : "Dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur UP] has achieved a marvel this time. Alter the system of transmission totally and instruct your disciples, engaged in this work, that transmission will now be imparted like through this new technique. A principal had been reverberating in his [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur UP] thought for quite some time. It was that a sort of quite disturbing 'stir' or preferably 'upsetting desire' [Sanskrit word 'kshobh'] arose in the Ultimate Being at the time of creation of the universe; and that disequilibrium - causing desire adopted various shapes. It had and has the power of the Ultimate Being at its back; and its portion, for the most part, manifested in the form of 'mind' [Sanskrit word - 'Manas'] in man. The Ultimate Being started running after it, as a result of which various forms came to be manifested. This is a quite novel subject that descended or took birth through his brain. No body can deny its being correct. Thus, the state which exists in every living spiritual being, happens to be found in man in a superior form with special glamour ahead to it. The unbalancing stir caused by the original desire, which descended in the form of a current man, and which I have designated mind [manas], is present in man; and the same state lies at its back also, which lay at the back of the basic unbalancing stir or movement [kshobh]. This original dis-balancing stir or 'kshobh', which is in the form of mind in man having acquired much sharpness in the case of man, the power of the stir-less balanced state, lying at the back lost prominence; and appear to have become dim. As such, when transmission id started, first of all that state [of unbalancing of original desire] is to be cleansed, viz. the basic stir, which is manifest as mind, so that its particles that are disproportionate may loss or atlas reduce their unbalancing effect. Then, that power of ultimate being, which is providing force to the original style, be brought up to thought through one's spiritual force, and directed in the direction of the cover-up thing [over human existence], i.e. mind. This practice is to be repeated on every plexus. This will result in the power of the Ultimate Being, which lies at the back of the original stir, automatically remain casting its reflection; and as such what ever programme will ensue, will be perfect and permeant. The subtleties of this practice will come to comprehension when transmission through this method will be commenced."

Saturday the 11th May 1945 :

Revered Master [H H Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] had some time referred to his brother Madan Mohan Lal, that in case several rounds be administrated to some thing subtle, it requires solidity. Such rounds have persisted for millions of years in the current, resulting from the push received from the Ultimate Being. The atoms have remained revolving in to one another and went round and round [continuously], to form together in to huge, piled-up forces; and the power lying in between [those piled-up atoms] came to be designated as gods [dedicated supporters] of those powers. What I mean is that the atoms in the course of revolving, drawing the atoms of their own kind, developed themselves in due course to big force. Just this state has persisted continually for long period of time; and these have acquired the shapes of different globes or round objects. Revolving did not stop even then, so long as they had not assumed such shapes as were needed in accordance with the existing material. Revolving and breaking up is even now  continuing, and will remain almost unto the limit of annihilation / dissolution. Man by himself is a wide - spread region, containing all these things as subtle [constituents]. As such elder saints have designated man as a kneaded compound [organism pinda] shaped after the cosmos [Brahmanda]. In man, the solidity of revolving atoms is also present; and the state of the Ultimate Being in perfect form can be said to lie at its back. Now, what happens at the time of annihilation / dissolution [pralaya] : the solidity [of atoms or their piled-up compounds] starts getting eradicated. That is to say, the power generated through revolving of atoms automatically coming to an end, is to be taken as the start and conclusion of annihilation / desolation.

"Now the method of transmission, noted down yesterday is further elucidated, in view of the principal of Nature. It consists in orienting the Ultimate Being present in perfect form towards those atoms which have acquired solidity through the continuous movement of revolving. The shape of the atoms, however, is to be retained, and not totally eradicated. Here is warning : this kind of transmission is not to be administered in quick succession; and neither do every tom and dick deserve it. I am designating this method [of transmission] as 'the sole essence' [saar tattva]."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Such a method was never invented before, nor does anybody, other than yourself, have the capacity to be that. You can bring about a world-change by this method. A man can be instantly changed if he has the capacity of being tuned of this method."

Revered Master [[Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : This subject dictated above by dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur], is the basis of the method that has been reverberating in his brain for quite woe time. He was not fining adequate words to express it; and even now it has not been expressed properly. It needs correction, which I shall do sometime."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I have said in south India that you [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] have probably beaten the world record regarding the work of Ceylon. What you did this time can not be expressed."

Sunday the 12th May 1945 :

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Complete the science which you have started; and then proceed ahead. If someone able to merge himself in the state, present at the back of the quite disturbing desire of the Ultimate Being, and then transmit, the effect will be terrific. However, this method cannot be applied by everybody. [Pause] He [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] just now effected more improvement to this method, viz. that first of all the darkness of the atoms involved in that disquieting desire, present in a man, be snatched off; and then the brightness, which may also be designated as a kind of matter, be drawn away, but keeping the shape of the structure intact all along. The third stage, which is still better, and needs to be mentioned, just struck his [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] thought. That consists in removing even the effect of brightness [contained for quite a long period in the atoms], which they [atoms] have consequently absorbed. Now purity is there, at which point sages and seers are unable to arrive. Even after practicing worship and prayer for ages, that point still remains for off. Through these methods the aspirant finds his/her first step reaching at a very spot which remains so difficult to arrive at. What has been praised in the hymns of the Vedas and other scriptures, and has been described as worthy of being transcended, gets clear [attainable] even in the very first transmission. What is that point? The most - blessed Sufi Saints under Islam, have designated it has the reason of Purity or Piety [Alam-e-qudsa]; and in our own [Hindu] scriptures this is known as the undifferentiated state [avyakta gati] or the condition devoid of phenomenal allusiveness [Maya rahit dashaa]. If these methods are applied, the knots of Maya start to be shattered just to begin with. [Pause] This method never struck the thought of anybody thus far. This has made all difficulties easily melt away; and the trainer is saved a lot of labor. If this method is adopted for continuous practice, the condition that was to my fortune, can be easily attained."

Special instruction : Transmission of the third stage should be administered much later. There is a general permission for the first ; and for the second [permission is granted] only to special ones.

Order : "The mind these day is becoming very restless; and it is being provided with a climate accordingly. As such they modulations [vrittis] of consequences [chitta], i.e. mental tendencies fail to acquire peace. I, therefore, order that those among my progeny, who are capable, should first of all exercise control just over these [chitta-vrittis]. In general, for those, devoid of proper understanding as to how much force as to be applied at which points or what practices are to be adopted through these methods, I will require them to take up the sublimity of the heart only; but remain cleaning every point, hitherto [usual]."

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] dictation continued, directed to Munshi Madan Mohan Lal and Pundit Rameshwar Prasad : "He [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] has effected one more invention in this method. This invention has no connection with training; but is concerned with of his duty. He has adopted this method in order to impart glitter to his duty; and has sometime applied even its deformed state. The power of the Ultimate Being is emanating all around; and is present in the atoms which have been designated by way of indication [of that quality] as kshobha [stirring desire]. This method is concerned with how to change the existing condition of the world and make it possible to bring it up to that state, which was there at the origin, or a little before that. The power of Ultimate Being should be brought up, and its effect should be drawn towards that, which can be designated as 'external covering' for the sake of understanding, and which I have repeatedly called the state of 'Kshobha', but he form of this disturbed condition should be allowed to remain. The best method, which stands superior even to the above mentioned technique, and have still been invented, consists in merging oneself in that bi fore, power of the Ultimate Being, and take up the thought of what ever special state or change is to be introduced, so that it pervades the entire power, and then continue pushing it with force to bring about annihilation of the effect of the atoms, until these get fully indued with the effect the required special state or change. This method is to be practiced by the person, who is appointed for this duty. [Pause] Beyond this, he [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] has conceived even the method as to how the state of dissolution [doom or 'Pralaya' / Quamat] may be brought about. This method shall reside only in his [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] breast : I do not like to dictate note [about that]."

Tuesday the 14th May 1945 :

Instruction for special work from Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Devote yourself somewhere for five days, quite alone. Nobody should stay with you during that time. You will be alone at your place, and will see  nobody. Take food but once a day during this period."

Wednesday the 15th May 1945 :

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "After long experience, I have come to this realization, that if just one person has been structured perfectly full, one has, so to say, repaid the debt of one's Master. Just this has happened in my case. It is another matter that through His Grace fine persons like Rameshwar Prasad, Karuna Shankar and Madan Mohan Lal came up to be structured. In fact, I could prepare only one [person] in my entire life time. But, alas, nobody could appreciate. The tendency of the times has come to be such that glamour happens to please people in general; and even special people refer it ; nobody appreciates something drab and dry [real spirituality]."

"Now I come to my real point. Dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] came up to become the purpose of my life, to the extent that the eyes of the elder sages automatically started being turned to and fixed upon him. I did not leave anything wanting in him, which is coming to the result that harder then the hardest knots, which are befitting to everybody else, are getting resolved through him. For a number of days, a thought was reverberating in his heart, as to find some method to reduce the excess activity of mind rising above moderation. Such a method is now struck his mind ; and on observation I have found it to be correct."

"The method : The condition of mind remains unduly restless in the heart. Mind be taken to be part and parcel of the 'Zaat' [Ultimate being] in such a manner that the two, viz. mind and 'Zaat', appear, to say, as of identical hue. By hue I do not mean red yellow black etc., but that 'Zaat' being light, as it has been described, mind too remains a like part of that same 'Zaat'. The face of mind in that identical form be turned towards 'Zaat' in the way that, so to say, it gets observed [attentive] in to just the same 'Zaat'. The mind's face be rather turned away from out side and drawn towards That Same; and this transmission be retained during the whole sitting administered to some aspirant. This is to remove all the defect of the mind."

"Second method : All points and plexus be taken up one by one; and the condition, existing there in, be cleansed and then identified with that condition of 'Zaat', So that 'Zaat' appears to have risen in that shape or condition i.e. state of 'Zaat' itself. Then, as I have already mentioned in the first method, that identical state be drawn towards, i.e. merged in That Same [Zaat]."

"What a fine science it happens to be that when a small thing is pressed by a bigger thing from all sides, Or is dipped in to it, the bigger thing circumscribes it. If for a long time a small thing is pressed from all sides by the bigger thing, of which it is part and parcel in a deformed condition, the two things are bound to merge together in to one and the same unit. When all chakras [plexus] have been crossed through this [new] method, i.e. all chakras are brought up to have identity with the Ultimate Being, than that whole thing [state] is to be drowned in the 'Zaat'. This practice on the disciple should be continued for some time, which will result in [the development of] such a condition as may be difficult to the fortune of quite many good and fine people, and cannot be arrived at through years and years of one's own hard practice. Restlessness of mind would have come to an end just through this first method. This method is very difficult, and cannot be practiced by every one. One whom God grants affinity, may perform it. I am telling something secret for being noted down : just this is the method to achieve perfect merging with God [Fana fill-ah]."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Just when you invented this method, our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] came to me, speaking all about this recent discovery by you. He was so happy as cannot be expressed in words. These things are rarely found in human beings."

Friday the 17th May 1945 :

Revered Master's [of [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] dictation addressed to Munshi Madan Mohan Lal : "The steps of dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur], even in this state are moving ahead day by day. This ocean is so limit less that it has to be designated as unfathomable. Dear Madan Mohan Lal, I did not find such a heart [as that of Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] any where, which would structure me to this extent. People will be astonished, and may even be critical about me : the bank-less ocean, in which I had been advancing rapidly with full force, I have now got transferred to him. Now I am just where I am. I have given him the expertness also to do likewise with whom ever he may so desire."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I do not find such an example of love anywhere else. The world will [ever] remember [it]. You [Ram Chandra] have not to come again."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] : "I possessed and intense upsurge of desire to structure everybody like myself, and impart [to every one] with a perfectly open heart, what ever I had in me. But alas, I could not find someone really keen to learn; and it is just like that even now. Nobody developed his reward prowess to the extent that my influence would start raining on him like a torrent. The reality infect was that I loved everybody more that myself. I have recently structured such tremendous personalities as Madan Mohan Lal, Rameshwar Prasad and Karuna Shankar; but to tell the truth, none of them come up to be shower upon with divine delicacies by me. Nobody has real application for it; and hence many stages of mergence have still remained uncovered. What I mean to say is that many stages yet remain to be crossed in order to reach me. What I have just hinted at is so easy that there can be  nothing easier. A mountain lies hidden behind a broomstick. Intense longing alone remains needed ."

"Method : One should penetrate in to oneself as much as possible. One should recognize one's own defects; and go on drooping these out of oneself one by one. Where ever difficulty be encountered, Master's help should be called for."

Sunday the 19th May 1945 :

Dictation from Reverend Lord Krishna : "The thought concerning Hath Yoga, that is sprouting in your mind, is really my idea. Both these, 'Hath-Yoga' and 'Raja-Yoga' are basically one and the same. One [viz. Raj-Yoga] is light, while the other [viz. Hath-Yoga] is heavy. Being in adept in both these, I regarded 'Raj-Yoga' as superior throughout my life. Now you combine the two. Your Master  [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] is busy just now. Swami Vivekananda has not returned to the higher world as yet. After five years your load of work will be much increased. Divine work is coming. Due to the weakness of heart and mind, you will to be able work then to the extent that you are doing now. Just possible it may be required to live seclusion for the some time. By reference to so much work, I mean the service [in the Government Court]. Moreover, you will not have lesser enough than to look to any work other than this [viz. spiritual and Divine work]. Radha Ji bestowing her blessings to you."

Revered Master [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] : "Just now Radha Ji had accompanied Reverend Lord Krishna; and she transmitted to you."

Monday the 20th May 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I am here again after several days' time. I have come to inaugurate your funds keeping ceremony. You have deposited some money in the name of our Lord [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP]. I want to follow in the same track and have as much for me also. My name will come after Him [of H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] in the list of deposits. I shall be here again. I do not want anybody's hand in the matter of the withdrawal of amount. You will get dictates concerning withdrawals directly from your Revered Master [of H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP]."

"As you are to have a registered body 'Shri Ram Chandra Mission', call a meeting of the persons who are to be the members of this body to start with. A resolution to set-up the 'society' should be adopted in that meeting ; and minutes of the meeting be prepared for registration of the 'body' as named above. Rules and bylaws etc. it should be formed by some legal expert form amongst you people. Our Lord [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] has already mentioned names of main office-bearers. The funds should be deposited somewhere in the name of 'Shri Ram Chandra Shahjahanpur' with authority of withdrawal and other operation of account to the 'Assistant Secretary', on behalf of the 'President'. The body will be called 'Shri Ram Chandra Mission Shahjahanpur [UP India] and all letters and money-orders etc. will be reaching the Secretary or Assistant Secretary at the same address. Reports of the committee-meetings should be prepared; and members will be enlisted under the same body. You will get guidance directly from me at times when you so require. In any case, you will remain the President of the Society. Our Lord [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] has spoken somewhere about all this for guidance in future as well."

Wednesday the 22nd May 2945 :

Revered Master [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] : "He [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] had invented a method for spiritual training. Which would certainly have got noted earlier somewhere. Briefly it is this when one is to be taken up from then organic-region to the cosmic, 'Surat' [flow of remembrance of togetherness] be created in the cosmic-region [Kubra] itself, instead of drawing it up from the organic to the cosmic-region; and the two process of 'Surat' be allowed to develop perfection side-by-side, and so on and on. Now the method that was applied to Babu Ishwar Sahai just now is of a peculiar sort. It was this. One end of thought [surat] was kept in the 'organic-region'; and the other end was oriented towards the cosmic region. From the end that was kept oriented to the organic-region, currents were directed to the five-fold sublimity of the organic-region. The purpose was to let the 'organic-region' come up to perfection as well as to have the 'cosmic-region' opened up; and to bring strength to both regions side-by-side. This very method can be advanced to the points and the regions further ahead of these regions. This is an unparalleled method, that has come up in to his [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] thought. Fortunate are those persons who are able to derive benefits from him. I tell this again that time is difficult to he here again; nor is Nature to wave up to this extent now. He will go after unraveling all the knots of this system. The system is getting renovated; and people have no awareness of it."

Friday the 24th May 1945 :

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : The cosmic region happens to be Babu Ishwar Sahai Lakhimpuri arena for stroll now. I permit him to impart the method, that he is following, to other new persons, who may like to learn it. If the occasion to transact may arise, he should have the thought that instead of him [Ishwar Sahai], I myself am sitting and transmitting. This has been introduced at this time by way of administrative arrangements. While taking up a new case, it is to be supposed that I myself am transmitting and the heart of new aspirant is getting cleansed. The person should be given individual sitting for two or three days. Thereafter he may be taken up together with the group, and the same thought of transmission form myself can be applied to all at the same time. In case he [Ishwar Sahai] starts feeling dirt or grossness in himself, he should alone eight the supposition that transmission is showering on him and his grossness is cleansed, from the back side in the form of vapour or smoke."

Sunday the 26th May 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Sage Markandeya wants to come. Be oriented to your Guru [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] first. [Pause] Your Guru [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] is fixing Sunday for this purpose. We have kept preserved the liberated souls for you, When the time of compilation of the works of different authors may be there. There is no need to call him [Sage Markandeya] just now."

Monday the 27th May 19445 :

Revered Master [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] : "The practice of Divine Grace*, hitherto prevalent, we stopped forthwith. Use 'Gayatri' and other [Vaidic] incarnations for bringing blessedness [moral credit = virtuosity] to people.
Foot note * दुरुद = प्रशंसा, रहमत, सलाम, प्रार्थना, याचना।
दुरुद शरीफ : वह दुआ और सलाम जो हुज़ूर नबी क़रीम मुहम्मद मुस्तफा [सल्ले वसल्लम] पर पढ़ा जाय।  जिसके शब्द हैं -
का मूल पाठ - "अल्ला हुम्मा सल्ले अला सय्यदना मुहम्मदिन। मदनिल जूदे वलकरम व अलैहे व आलिही व सल्लम।"
अर्थात - हे परमपिता परमात्मा ! हमारे आश्रय हज़रत मुहम्मद [सलेवसल्लम] पर जो बड़े कपालु, दयालु व बड़े दाता हैं, अपनी कृपावृष्टि कर और उनकी संतान पर भी अपनी दया व कृपावृष्टि करें। और वो सदा प्रसन्न रहें।

Wednesday the 29th May 1945 :

Revered Master [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "The method tested on Madan Mohan Lal just now is very good. There are advantages and befits in it all around. This can be used even for the treatment of diseases. Both physical and spiritual diseases can be cured through the application of this method. The method is like this. The power, having its connection to the real store house of power, remains present in the human mind. That power taken as a structured place of [divine] light, be brought down and passed through hand, foot, plexus and all parts, and taken out. Then the other side of the body be treated in the same way, and so on. One part of divine light be supposed to come down form the upper most part of the brain and moving slowly, passing through the various parts of the body, cleaning them one by one. In the end it be thought of as pushed out of the body together with the dirt and grossness, and tee. If some disease be present in some organ, that [divine] light be passed through that organ and supposed firmly to have gone out of the body, carrying that illness with it. Tell this [method] to everybody."

"This method can be used on another person by practicant, in case that the other person happens to be devoid of strength to apply the method himself. The practicant in such a case may use the divine light of his own mind, from a little higher stage, making it lightly touch the person concerned at the highest point of his brain; and then make it crawl slowly the various parts of that other person's body downwards as described above, pushing it out of the lowest extremities of the body together with dirt and grossness etc., cleaned  out of the various organs and plexus etc. It should be remembered that in case of this method being used by the practicant on some other person the light form only a little higher point and not from the higher point of the the practicant's reach or status to brought in to light touch with the connected persons highest point of the brain. This is to be treated as a strict warning. This modified method [for use by practicant on another person] as a whole is that the light of one's own mind from a little higher stage by lightly touched nominally as just about the highest point of the concerned person's brain to crawl downwards slowly. There is no need for application any further."

"Your life will be spent doing just such work [of spiritual research]. Many knots are there yet to be unraveled. Nature is getting naked before you. This status could not be the fortune of the grater than the great. If it acquired a physical form, its relationship will come to be as it happened to be with me in my physical existence. I do not like to make it more explicit."

Tuesday the 30th May 1945 :

Revered Master's [of H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] dictation addressed to Babu Har Narain [son-in-law of the real brother of Revered LaalaaJi's wife, i.e. Babu Ayodhya Nath Sahai's] : "When you go to Jaipur, tell Mathanni [Cousin brother of Revered Laalaaji Sahib, Dr. Krishna Swarup] that what ever was written to him in reply to his letter addressed to dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur], is still awaited. His spiritual condition is now nil. Dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] has snatched off his spiritual condition totally. Even if he had not done this, it would have occurred automatically, because connections have got snapped off."

The dictation continued addressed to me [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] : "Tell Har Narain on my behalf that he may examine his brother [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] in every possible way. His [Har Narain of Jaipur] connection to the source is also not there : I no doubt am still maintaining it."

During the night, some amulets for material purposes were mentioned by Revered Master [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] : "If somebody be suffering from insomnia or mental perturbation or restlessness due to illness or in case of nightmares or hysterical weeping of a child without known cause or when one may be facing difficulties in life or tightness of circumstances due to poverty or even unemployment, an amulet can be given in the name of dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]. If protection of somebody on the battle front be needed, or protection of a foetus in the womb of a mother be required or even in case of post natal deceases causing death of an infant, an amulet be issued in the name of Reverend Lord Krishna. In case of mother suffering from repeated abortions, then amulet can be worn by the expectant mother during the period of pregnancy around her neck; and the same amulet may be put around the neck of the neonate child, after birth."

"Reference is to be given to Hindi words [in the amulets]. One precaution in case of amulets is to be observed, viz. the amulets should not be allowed to get crushed under feet. Preferably the amulets should be surrendered to the current of some river stream. [Pause] In case of infectious deceases I may be remembered; but it should be kept in mind that my name shall go together with that of Swami Vivekananda Ji."

"Every emulate is to be preceded by the letter 'ॐ' [Aum]. This amulet will be possible to be issued only such persons whom I permit, or whom somebody [properly authorized] would permit through me. [Pause] All these amulets are to made public so that people may remain deriving due benefits. By 'made public' I mean that these are to be told to only good and God worshiping people. This too is an essential condition in this regard."

Reverend Lord Krishna : "My name will go together with the name of Radha Ji."

Revered Master [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Thus for there was materiality. Beyond this lies the sphere of spirituality. The initial spiritual method and the more developed method, which is for use by such practicants whose points below the cosmic region have almost all got fully awakened. [These two methods are already described on 29th May 1945].

Friday 31st May 1945 :

Revered Master [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] : "Bravo at this sharp comprehension! As soon as some thing has been uttered, the invention is there. How much expression may I give to my joy and this gift from Divine! Regret for those who do not get oriented to him [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur]."

"There is a point where 'Maya' [phenomenal reality - female principle - Nature], and 'Purusha' [inactive intelligence - male principle] coalesce. This is the final stage of 'Maya' [of Nature] and the starting point of the power of 'Purusha' [of God]. On the coalition of these two [principles] a forceful power is created, which can also be called the state of the whirlpool due to the force being in it. At the time of extreme weakness, therefore, one's thought is to be brought into touch with that force in the form of a whirlpool; and the way for its arrival in to one's body may be opened. While bringing the thought up in touch with the force, the state of the whirlpool is to be comprehended as stationary, so that the reverberation may not get in to one's system. However, this practice is not for the use of everybody. Only those can practice it, who may have reached up to this point and gone beyond 'Prakriti' [Nature of Maya]. Some benefit may be derived, any way, by everyone. The person having arrive in the region of 'Piety' [Qudsa] shall be able to practice it very well. One or two minutes only are to be devoted to this practice. I felt very happy at dear Ram Chandra's [of Shahjahanpur] flight of imagination. I have kept nothing that I did not bestow on him : if something had remained, I would not have hesitated to yield it to him."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "You have come up to be the object of my love. I do not find this thing in anybody else. A great task is still ahead. You have a great responsibility on your shoulders. Allowance is being paid to your health condition."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Another invention ! The disease of idleness is increasing in our fold; and no solution there of has been worked out. Just now the thought that this matter should also be solved, occurred to the mind of dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur UP]. As such God helped him; and the beneficial method came to be invented."

The method : "Just now I spoke of the state of the whirlpool, where 'Maya' and 'Purusha' meet. Just a little below that point the thought is to be firmly fixed that the condition of that place is pervading one's body and idleness is evaporating [thereby]. This requires hard work. The foregoing invention needs only one or two minutes. This method can be used by everybody. One who does not approach up to this region may have the thought that his/her thought being in touch with that place is attracting the currents and power thereof in the body. Just this is the method. The attempt should be ward o idleness; and if it comes, this method can be applied. In case those who have developed this disease, viz. if their idleness [gloominess] does not describe this decrease, they may practice this method continuously. There is permission for everybody to practice it."

"The trends of time to some extent, and the struggle for livelihood to some extent, have come to such a pass as to render it hard to get clear of the effect of those factors. Man, however, is one who does not fall a prey to these. Who ever has been acquainted to the circumstances of my life, may form an estimate of the extent to which I always remained happy. The face permanently indicated absorption [into] blissfulness. Troubles falling to my lot where not less in comparison to anybody. The crux of the matter was that I had developed in myself the habit of being happy and contented under all circumstances, what ever, taking every trouble to be from God for some good, and thus remaining subservient to His Will. A gift from the Beloved should not cause resentment : that is not in accord with the code of Love. Is not the anecdote Mira Bai, as quoted by me else where earlier, worth exemplary instance : she had drunk lethal poison simply on being told by the other person that it was  a benediction or gift from her Beloved Reverend Lord Krishna."

[Mira Bai, princes of Merta Feudatory state in Rajputana during 16th century was devoted to Lord Krishna since childhood. On being married to the eldest Prince of Mewar State, she is said to have told her husband that she treated only Lord Krishna as her husband. The Prince treated her most sympathetically, but he was killed in a battle. Thereafter his younger step-brother, who became King started ill treating her for behaving in ways unbecoming of a member of Royal House. He made several attempts to kill her, but miraculously failed. Mira left the Royal House; and started life as a mendicant. She is a great Hindi poetess and is renowned as a devotee of Lord Krishna all most equal or next to Reverend Radha. Her end was mysterious and may be even tragic. She is said to have become one with the idol of Lord Krishna in the famous temple at Dwarika in Gujarat.]

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] dictation in reply to a question from Munshi Madan Mohan Lal : "Nobody is an expectation to the code of friendship, whether someone is a close relative or a dear one [otherwise]. Friendship is the name for the relationship of love. If viewed closely, enmity is also a sort of relationship. It turn also resolve one's problem of life provided that one is able to carry on its proper code to the full extent."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I give you my words that from today on-wards whatever you order me to do I will consider it as coming directly from God. I shall remain faithful to you as a friend as long as the world exists. I have no words to express my feeling of happiness, and being pleased with you. Our Lord, Laalaa Ji Sahib and I are both in the same category. We take you as our Master. Obedience is my duty. The same tale will be repeated by all the sages of the world. You do not know your position and status because you have thoroughly absorbed yourself in us. There is no limit to your spiritual progress. It is going on and on with leaps and bounds. We are providing checks and bounds to your sudden developments."

Sunday the 02nd June June 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Reason as to why we have not succeeded so far in our work is that you have become dull. You have interwoven yourself in to the Ultimate Being thoroughly. This stage generally comes after death. A little jerk, if given by us, will end your your life. A man of such a stage is not to live long in the world. We have to keep a vigilant eye to restrain you in the [sphere of] matter [or Prakriti, i.e. phenomenal physical reality]. I keep you in to touch with matter or 'Maya', causing sometime tumult and disorder thereby, leading to certain things that are not expected from a person of that high spiritual stage [as yours]. I mean to say that it is on account of this that you do certain things like an ordinary person, who has not yet taken a leap in the ocean of spirituality."

Wednesday the 05th June 1945 :

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP] : "I warn dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] that he shall not concentrate on the thought of an earth-quake in future."

Friday the 07th June 1945 :

Revered Master [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] : "One thing is generally beyond comprehension of anybody : as soon as Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] sits for 'Satsang' [group-transmission], the flow of grace from the Ultimate Being in the form of an encircling spiral is immediately started. This thing has started yesterday. The same condition is there today also : the flow of grace is continuing. [time 09.35 PM] can anybody make a claim to [the effect of] this state? Not at all ! [Pause] At Kanpur total annihilation has started."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "This is the end of spiritual progress. You are moving in the whirl of Almighty."

Revered Master [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] : "Arrival of gods for this Grace has started."

Saturday the 08th June 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "In former times, people were aware of this method. The idea is forgotten now, since the dark period commenced in the religious history of Hindus. The task of revealing the secret to the general public is coming to you. The inventor of this method was Lord Krishna, followed by so many seers [Rishis]. People were strong enough to receive it, then. This was the method through which spiritual benefit was made available to an aspirant at the very first step. Success, of-course, depends of the condition of the practicant."

Revered Master [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] : "This method consists in taking the subtle body of the other person [the aspirant] in one's thought; and let the particles of the body [of the aspirant] remain intact. By taking in thought, I mean transmitting [to the aspirant], what ever moral characteristics of the trainer requires to be in the aspirant, be entered in to him. This, however, is not to be attempted to accomplish in the very first sitting : it should be done on receiving light for doing it, from within."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "By use of his method, power goes directly to the subtle body. A Great Soul, as you are, may not be born again. The effect you are spreading all around in a natural course is the sign of greatness. You are now swarmed with godly power [Daivika Shakti] in their own forms. These are not forsaking you at any time now. The same was the condition when Lord Krishna came in to human form. The difference is that you are in their state now. While He was in that stage since the time of His birth. The reason is that you are brought up in the present form by your Guru [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP], while He was like that form the very beginning or just as He was born. This stage will not come in future unless it is thoroughly needed. Your human form is nothing but an idea of humanity now." [at 09.19 AM an order was issued by Lord Krishna, but was not yet clear].

"Now you ought to change yourself a little in keeping with the worthiness of your own rank. Present yourself in a way that people honour you. Disrespect to you now means dishonor for everyone of us, i.e. liberated souls. I am afraid that some punishment may be awarded to those who fail to recognize you. I mean to mention only what the duty of humanity demands. That is why I want to bring you in that form befitting your present position. The swarming of godly powers around you commenced two days back. This is the end of spiritual progress, as I have already mentioned earlier. Be happy."

Revered Master [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] : "Madan Mohan Lal may realize my position now. What more may I say! I had acquired the form of Lord Krishna [Krishna roop] in life. More I do not want to say. It will be disrespect."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "You have a call again from Southern India. Time is allowed."

Reverend Radha Ji : "I am very happy to witness the present state of my brother."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I shower blessing on Karuna Shankar. May he have a nice life-partner."

Reverend Lord Krishna : "You tell everybody the method you have invented for removing idleness."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Character is the sum total of one's own thought, which depends partly on one's own training and the surroundings, in which one moves about. Surrender is the idea of depositing all such things in the treasure of one's Master, having no concern with these any more. How is this attained? One phrase completes the idea : 'Give yourself up to the Master'. How can it be possible to do this? 'Adherence to His principles' is the answer. This is the first step of the beginners. More about this I shall dictate tomorrow."

"Madan Mohan Lal Vakil of Budaun is going to be changed man now. He should give his time to his Guru and and you as Revered Master's [of H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] representative. He should feel himself to be wrapped in spiritual power, which is pouring to him. As long as he lives here, he should keep himself sticking to it. I do not mean that he should leave it as soon as he is away from here. Your Revered Master [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] has left the brighter world altogether. He avoids it unless work of a most important nature arises there. You anyway cannot leave your service. You have not to live long in this world, but still you worry [about it]. I will fix the time to be devoted to the service : you cannot go beyond that. One thing is causing grief to me : that you people do not give up your habits of idleness. You are yourself responsible for all these things. First mould yourself ; and then instruct others. Your Revered Master [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] has given latitude of indulgence to all of you. I will be more strict on these points. Sitting idle means  lying like waste in the basket. [Pause] Look here, all the spiritual connections prevalent among Hindus will now be connected to Lord Krishna. The work in this regard is soon to come to you. Birju [Mahatma Brij Mohan Lal, the eldest son of Mahatma Raghubar Dayal] is of the opinion that no body except the incarnated Being [Avataric Purusha] can break the spiritual connection. This is a fact. If he has got eyes to see you, he may do so : you can tell this to him."

Monday the 10th June 19445 :

Revered Master [H. H. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] : "All the inventions, effected thus for, have been praiseworthy; but my heart has leaped up to know about the invention, brought about just now. There remains no knot that may not be unravelled thereby. Look here Madan Mohan Lal [of Shahjahanpur], this is a tremendous invention; but alas! whom are these methods to be applied to. Any way, let us be content with things as they are!"

 The method is like this : "The connection of the person, to whom the best and unparalleled training be intended, should be established with one's own heart; and that connection as included in one's own connection of thought, be given a dive in the Real store house [असल भण्डार]. If a higher condition be intended to be brought up, one's one connection that is establish with that person, be drawn upon one's own heart; and the connection of that person be provided with a foot hold there. Thus the spring of the Real Grace [असल फैज़], whose connection has been brought up to there, will remain oozing up and the benefit of the Real Grace will remain constantly available. Dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur], you try to improve this method even more."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "This was the method in the early days, founded by a great sage of India. All these things are coming to you, taking s new garb according to the present times."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] : "He [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur UP], has improved upon the method; and it is just a little thing, viz. the connection be established where the Master's state be prevailing. Here, Master does not mean 'I' but the person who is using this method. I, myself, was aware of this thing: and I have used this method in the case of dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]. Then, he had written to me in his diary that he felt the current of 'Master' coming on his heart all the twenty four hours. Applying this last extreme method is generally to be prohibited, unless the person using this method has tallied his thought with me. [Pause] He has effected more improvement, viz. in case of plexus being intended to be awakened or filled with grace, the current of one's own thought together with the current of the thought of the person on tom the method is to be applied, be brought upon the particular plexus; and then leaving him there, one's own thought be brought back from there."

We were talking among ourselves about the need for having some practice prescribed for newcomers to our fold [of yogic sadhana].

Revered Master's dictation [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh U. P.] : "I too wanted that they be told to do some practice. As such, the best practice immersed from the brain of dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]. However much crass be showered on him, it will [still] remain insufficient. These things will remain memorable in the world; and just possible, people may remember me also in the regard. I am instructing you, Madan Mohan Lal Vakil [of Budaun UP], that recurrence of such a time is very difficult. Take as much advantage out of this time, as you like [and wish]. I structured several personalities."

The method [for general practice by beginners] : "A firm supposition of Divine Light in the heart is to be formed; and a part of that light is to be drawn up to the uppermost point of the brain [generally called - 'Brahmarandhra'] and 'Om' is to be uttered on reaching that point. Then that part of 'Divine Light' be [supposed as] drawn downwards, uttering 'Tat' on the way; and finally that light is to be supposed to give a jolt at the point of navel, while uttering 'Sat'. This is the first stage of [the practice of the three cornered repletion of the sacred incarnation 'Om Tat Sat']."

"Second stage of this practice consists in reducing the supposed 'Divine Light' in the heart to the size of a little less than three fourths of a pie [the smallest Indian coin about half centimeter in diameter at the time 1945 AD]; and then the process of drawing up and bringing down that light, while uttering the words of incantation at different stages as described above, is to be repeated. Then comes its third stage, which if performed methodically, can hardly be tolerated by even the best among good practiants. This stage of the practice consists in 'negating [नफ़ी] the reduced 'Divine Light' to the extent of leaving only an idea of the light; and then drawing it up and bringing it down as in earlier stages. And finally, listen about the fourth stage. Even the mere thought of 'Divine Light' adopted for supposition and practice at the third stage is to be withered away; and then what ever remains is to be drawn up and brought down in the same way [as done in earlier stages]. Leave aside taking up this in thought [and supposition], even its proper comprehension is difficult. And who ever may have come up to this stage, why should he/she do it at all! Experimentation [of-course] may be another condition [or requirement]."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Here comes your new discovery. Nature is now playing in you : the people generally play with her. Nobody can understand this idea. It is a new thing discovered by your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]. I will call him the inventor that came in to being since the creation of the world; and this thing will go with you. Since the days of Lord Krishna, nobody has got this kind of capacity. It was reserved for you."

Tuesday the 11th June 1945 :

Dictation from Reverend Lord Krishna : "You are doing very light work regarding illuminating 'Northern India'; and often do no work at all [in that direction]. You need being oriented [to this work] as you have been in 'Southern India'."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "My life was spent imparting  training; and the same is the case even now. It is another matter that somebody may not be oriented to me; but I never shirked following [the course of my obligations]. Just now, a prescription has come to me, viz. it an aspirant is bale to renounce passion without residue, there remains nothing more to do. On observing dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] a lot minutely, I have found this thing in him at its zenith. Now, how to imitate this so that it would turn out to be real at last. The method is to go on silencing one's inner tendencies. Madan Moan Lal Vakil [of Budaun UP] may observe his condition. He [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] has transmitted just his [silencing of inner tendencies] to him [Madan Mohan Lal Vakil of Budaun UP] for the whole night. It is a very great gift. However, Madan Mohan's [of Budaun UP] condition is in the dormant state : the taste of it take a lot of time to awaken. To tell the truth, dear Madan Lal Vakil Of Budaun UP, he [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] has completed work on you. Habituation remains; and it will be coming up in due course."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "You have made Madan Mohan Lal Vakil of Budaun UP all around complete in a single day. His Vritties [inner tendencies] have become uniform. It will take much time before it comes to an awakened spiritual state, that is so long desired. He [Madan Mohan Lal Vakil of Budaun UP] was in a state of spiritual childhood when he came to you some days ago."

Wednesday the 12th June 1945 :

Revered Master [ Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP] : "The problem concerning the organization had been reverberating in the mind for quite a long time. Much praise is to be showered on his [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] brain, that he grasped the principle, keeping which in to view his discovery has come in to effect. In a family, I mean of educated and cultured people, it is possible that there may occur some minor clash [of opinion and understanding], but in the end, when occasion demands, all the united, because remain knit together in an underlying blood - relationship. Just this has to be the case here. Some difference of opinion may arise in between people [here], which is necessary for arriving at the current conclusion, but all have to get united in the end. A kind of current of transmission different from every other transmission, should run through every one; and that should be made part of the character. Now what is that thing? This can be communicated in a practical way only."

हज़रत क़िब्ला : "आर्गेनाइजेशन का मसला, मुद्दतों से दिमाग़ में घूम रहा था। मैं इसके [राम चंद्र - शाहजहाँपुर] दिमाग़ की कहाँ तक तारीफ़ करूँ, इसने मालूम कर लिया।  जिस उसूल को मद्देनज़र रखते हुए इसकी डिस्कवरी हुयी है। एक खानदान में, मुमकिन है [मेरा मतलब पढ़े लिखे लोगों से है] कुछ आपस में अनबन मामूली तौर पर हो जावे, मगर आखिर को, वख्त पड़ने पर, सब एक हो जाते हैं। वजह यह है कि उनका आपस में खूनी ताल्लुक रहता है। यह ही हिसाब यहाँ का समझना चाहिए। आपस में,  मुमकिन है कुछ डिफरेंस ऑफ़ ओपीनियन पड़ जाय जो सही नतीज़े पर आने के लिए ज़रूरी है। मगर आखिर में सबको एक हो जाना चाहिए। एक किस्म की तवज्जोः की धार जो हर तवज्जोः से मुख़्तलिफ़ हो, सब में प्रवेश करना चाहिए और उसको अख़लाक़ का जुज़ बना देना चाहिए। अब वोह क्या चीज़ है, यह प्रक्टिकली बताया जा सकता है।"

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] continued : "Numerous inventions have come to be made; and the chain is still continuing. Alas, however, that nobody puts them to practice, nor does anybody try to remove spiritual and moral disease. What use of these inventions be made, if they are not put to practice. The prescription for idle gloominess [for example] if tried by somebody, was done merely by way of performance of duty. A serious attempt was never made. If in this matter the example of dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] be quoted or he be blamed, it will not be proper, because he remains drown up [tense] together with all peers. This is necessarily to effect his body and face. I do not want him to remain so much drown up, but very often I have to bring him down as well. The case of his idle gloominess is this being drown up; but here in case of others, this condition has not developed. As such it is essential for them to adopt this practice. [Pause] Just see, he has invented another method for removing idle gloominess, which is easiest and can be practiced by everybody. It is as follows : transmission is to be imparted to one's own face through the special power lying behind everyone's back. The eyes should be kept guarded; and the thought is to be taken that the power [concerned] is bringing up blissfulness on the face. This will bring benefit."

हज़रत क़िब्ला : "इतनी ईजादें हो गयीं कि बेशुमार, और अब भी जारी हैं। मगर अफ़सोस कि कोई अमल नहीं करता और न रूहानी और अख़लाक़ी बीमारी दूर करने की कोशिश करता है। इन ईज़ादों से क्या फ़ायदा अगर अमल न किया जावे। मुज़्महली का नुस्ख़ा अगर किसी ने किया भी तो बतौर फ़र्ज़ अदायगी। कोशिश नहीं की गयी। इस मुआमले में अगर राम चन्द्र [शाहजहाँपुर] की मिसाल ली जाय या खता दी जाय तो ठीक नहीं होगी। इसलिए कि वोह मैजुमला ताक़तों के खिंचा रहता है। इसका असर जिस्म और चहरे पर पड़ना लाज़िमी है। मैं चाहता नहीं हूँ कि इस कदर वोह खिंचा हुआ रहे और अक्सर मुझको उतरना भी पड़ता है। उसके मुज़्महली की वजह खिचाव है। मगर यहाँ लोगों में यह कैफियत पैदा नहीं हुयी, इस लिए उनको लाज़िम है कि इस अमल को करें।     

"One thing I am telling everybody, rather at the beat of a drum, that every aspirant should try to rake care of [and improve upon] one's moral condition from the very outset. One should not utter something unbearable to others, nor should anything be done that may happen to be disliked by others. keeping both these carefully [in mind] one should get yoked to improvement of conduct [and character]. These are initial principles, which people do not keep in to consideration. I have not been enamored of spirituality to each extent as of character. No body tries to silence his inner tendencies. If someone is able to carve out his approach up to the status of the very stationary base, but it still retaining moral weaknesses, I take it that the real Essence has not yet been attained. Perfect character is there when every thing existing in man comes to moderation and adopts that same condition. If this too is brought to annulment, there can be nothing to compare with it. This certainly comes to one's lot with difficulty; but that does not mean taking no courage at all. These things can be crated through transmission also."

दूसरा तरीक़ा : "इस मुज़महली दूर करने का और ईज़ाद कर दिया जो सब से सहल है और हर शख़्स कर सकता है। वोह यह है।

तरीक़ा : "कि अपनी ख़ास ताक़त जो हर शख्स के पसे-पुश्त है उस [ताक़त] से अपने चेहरे पर तवज्जोः दे आँखें बचाये रक्खे, और ख्याल करे कि यह ताक़त चेहरे पर बशाशत ला रही है। इस से फायदा होगा।  एक बात मैं हर शख्स से कहता हूँ बल्कि बाआवाज़े दुहल कहता हूँ कि अपनी अख़लाक़ी हालत के संभालने में हर जिज्ञासु शुरू ही से कोशां रहे। कोई बात मुँह न निकाले जो दूसरों को नाग़वार हो, और न कोई ऐसी हरकत करे जो दूसरों को नापसंदीदा हो। इन दोनों बातों का ख्याल रखते हुए अख़लाक़ के सुधारने में लग जाना चाहिए। यह इनिशिएटिव उसूल है। इस पर कोई ख्याल नहीं रखता। मैं रूहानियत का इस क़दर दिलजादा नहीं रहा जितना कि अख़लाक़ का। कुव्वाए बातिनी खामोश करने की कोशिश कोई नहीं करता। हर शख्स अगर धुरपद [ध्रुव-पद] तक अपनी रसाई कर ले मग़र इख़लाक़ी कमज़ोरियाँ उसकी बाक़ी रहें तो मैं समझता हूँ कि अब तक उसको असल जौहर दस्तियाब नहीं हुआ। मुकम्मिल अख़लाक़ उसको कहते हैं कि हर चीज़ जो इन्सान में है, एतिदाल पर आ जावे और वो ही कैफियत इख़्तियार कर ले। अगर इसका भी अभाव कर दे तो उसकी कोई बराबरी नहीं कर सकता। यह बात ज़रूर मुश्किल से नसीब होती है। मगर इस के यह मानी नहीं कि हिम्मत न बाँधी जाय। तवज्जोः से भी यह बातें पैदा हो सकती हैं। " 

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I want to make an addition to the method you have invented. Whenever somebody thinks of or starts practicing this method, he should connect himself when the great power within you. While applying this method, one should consider oneself connected thoroughly  with the power [based in you]."

Thursday the 13th June 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "The time is fast approaching when your supremacy will be established everywhere. We are all busy with the same work. We are digging the grave to bury the undesirable elements. The will of God must come to pass. I find a few persons having enmity with you. You are allowed to refer the point of destruction, who ever comes to you in a tedious obstructionist way."

हज़रत क़िब्ला : "बाबू मदन मोहन लाल, इस वक़्त मेरी तबीयत में ऐसा ज़ोर मारा कि मुझे राम चन्द्र को सख्त हुक्म देना पड़ा कि मदन मोहन लाल बदायूँनी की कुबरा की हालत इसी वक़्त एक मिनट के अंदर मुक़म्मिल कर दी जाय। चुनांचे ऐसा ही किया गया। खुदा मुबारक करे। वकील [मदन मोहन लाल] बदायुनी अपनी डायरी हर माह भेजते रहें।"

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] addressing Munshi Madan Mohan Lal of Shahjahanpur UP : "Inwardly I felt forced to issue a strict order to Dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur UP] to bring the condition of the cosmic region [Kubra] to perfection in the case of Vakil Madan Mohan Lal of Budaun UP in one minute just now. As such the same is done. May God bless him. Vakil Madan Mohan Lal of Budaun should remain sending his diary every month."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "It is you alone who can bring a level of perfection in a minute's time. Vakil Madan Mohan Lal of Budaun UP should pass one night oriented to you, taking only light meals. 'Satsang' [Group Meditation] must be finished at 10.00 PM today; and people should leave you by that time."

हज़रत क़िब्ला : "बाबू मदन मोहन लाल इस [राम चन्द्र - शाहजहाँपुर] से मेरा कोई राज़ नहीं छिपा। इस वक़्त इसको मैंने इस लिए बुलाया था कि इसके मेदे को कुछ सही किया जाय। जो अमल कि मैनें किया था, इसकी समझ में आ गया। यह अमल अल्फ़ाज़ में बयां नहीं हो सकता।"

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] addressing Munshi Madan Mohan Lal of Shahjahanpur UP : "None of my secrets are concealed from him [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur UP]. Just now I had called him aside to set his digestive system right to some extent. What I had done to him, came to his comprehension. What I had done is not possible to describe in words."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I give all work in to your hands and make you responsible for it. The work is suffering."

हज़रत क़िब्ला : "असल मार्ग 'सहज मार्ग' है। उर्फियत कुछ कहने में अच्छी नहीं मालूम होती।"

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "The real way is the easy way [Sahaj Marg]. The nomenclature somehow does not appear quite good to pronounce."

Friday the 14th June 1945 :

हज़रत क़िब्ला : "मैंने मेन्टल प्रेशर रोकने के लिए यह तरकीब की है कि राम चन्द्र के जो काम सुपुर्द हैं ऑटोमेटिकली होते हैं। इसके माने यह नहीं होंगे कि अपना काम एक एक करके न ले सकें।"
Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : 'In order to control mental pressure [of dear Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur UP] I have developed the device that whatever jobs are allotted to him, may remain being competed automatically. This, however, will not mean that he can not take them up one by one."

Saturday the 15th June 1945 :

हज़रत क़िब्ला : "बाबू मदन मोहन लाल वकील बदायूनी को हिदायत कर दी जाय कि तीन माह तक कोई पूजा किसी किस्म की न करें। बल्कि अपने हालात जल्द-जल्द लिखते रहें।

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Babu Madan Mohan Lal Vakil Budauni be instructed not to indulge in any sort of pug [meditation of any ritualistic worship] for three months; and instead, remain writing [communicating to dear Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] his condition at quick intervals."

[Madan Mohan Lal of Budaun UP was an Advocate, who drafted the constitution and bye-laws of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur in collaboration with some others during the foregoing weeks.]

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Registration [of the SRCM Society] must take place. All the rules of this society must be put before me. I enjoy full authority in this matter. Sooner the registration is effected, the better. In the form to be filled in by the members of the society, there will be provision for two sides - moral and spiritual. One must move according to the times. No society can stand unless it is brought up according to the general tendency of the people. The idea of teaching under the shade of a tree is to be forgotten now, unless the society is perfectly regularized."

Monday the 17th June 1945 :

हज़रत क़िब्ला : "वक़्त 10.00 बजे सुबह। मैंने बाबू मदन मोहन लाल को और तेज़ कर दिया यानि उनकी ऐसी ताक़त बढ़ा दी कि जिस पर उनको एक्साइटमेंट हो। उस पर उसका फ़ौरन असर हो जाय। मुझे उनकी खुशी रखना है। पावर लिए जायँ। बाबू ईश्वर सहाय की सैरगाह विलायते उलिया है। और यह इसी वक़्त की गयी। ज़रूरत कुछ ऐसी लाहक़ हो रही है कि इनको जल्द पूरा कर दिया जाय।

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] time 10.00 AM : "I have sharpened Madan Mohan Lal more. His power is enhanced, so that on whom so ever he comes in excitement, there will be immediate effect of that that excitement on that person. I have to maintain his [Munshi Madan Mohan Lal of Shahjahanpur UP] pleasure : he may go on acquiring powers."

"The reason of the stroll of Babu Ishwar Sahai is the para-cosmic region [uliya]; and this has been done just now. The need is coming up to be such as [may require him] to be quickly perfected."

हज़रत जिब्राइल : "ईश्वर का हुक्म है कि कुल दुनियाँ को अपने दायरे में ले लो और जो काम हिन्दुस्तान में किया है, वोह ही वहॉं शुरू कर दो।

Revered Angle Gabriel : "It is an order from God that you take the whole world with in a sphere of your work; and what ever you have done in case of India, you start the same there [in the whole world] as well."

हज़रत क़िब्ला : "यह वह्यी है, इसकी शुरुवात तकरीबन तीन रोज़ पहले हो चुकी है जब कि मैंने ऑटोमेटिकली काम तुम से लेना शुरू किया था। जिस तेज़ी से काम शुरू हुआ था उसमे कुछ कमी भी कर दी। इस लिए की दिल पर असर पड़ रहा था और बवजह कमज़ोरी वार था।"

Revered Master [Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "This is a Divine Command. It had commenced about three days back, when I had started taking work [from you] automatically. The pace of the work that started very rapidly, had to be slowed down because it was affecting your heart, and was burdensome due to your weakness."

Tuesday the 18th June 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "To go beneath the beneath the lower strata [परत, तह, तबक़] of humanity is spirituality. Who reaches there? One who becomes zero. Above that there is nothing but an idea. Finding almost disappears [there]".

श्री कृष्ण जी महाराज : "मैं नहीं चाहता कि सन्यासी रहें। शंकराचार्य की प्रणाली ख़त्म करना चाहता हूँ। मैंने तुम्हारे [राम चन्द्र - शाहजहाँपुर] के लिए इंतज़ाम कर दिया है। नौकरी की ज़रूरत नहीं रहेगी। जब तुम्हारे गुरु [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़] कहें छोड़ देना। हाँथ पैर धुनने से कुछ फायदा नहीं है। कमज़ोरी बढ़ाना है। ईश्वरीय काम में रुकावटें पड़ रहीं हैं। तुमको वक्त नहीं मिलता।

Reverend Lord Krishna : "I do not want recluse mendicancy to persist. I wish to end the system of Shankaracharya. For you [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] I have made arrangements. There will be no need for [official] service [job] : give it up when your Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] ordains so. Causing strain to your limbs [in service] is of no avail : it only adds to weakness. The Divine Work is suffering obstructions. You do not have [sufficient] time."

राधा जी : "भाई [राम चन्द्र - शाहजहाँपुर] मैं वायदा करती हूँ कि तुम्हें कभी तक़लीफ़ न होने दूँगी। अब मैं जा रही हूँ। तुखारी क़द्र बाद को मालूम होगी।"

Reverend Radha Ji : "Dear brother [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur], I promise never to let any trouble come in your way. Your value will be realized afterwards."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "You are starting a new religion, destined to be that [new way of life and faith] by the Grace of Governing Agency. You have quashed all desires, so you will be happy. The work in the whole world coming to you has already started in its light form. You are not feeling at all what you are; and that is the sign of greatness. Blessed are they who avail of the time."

Wednesday the 19th June 1945 :

हज़रत क़िबला : "है किसी में हिम्मत जो इस क़दर सख्त तालीम के लिए तैयार  हो। शरायत यह है कि पच्चीस साल तक ब्रह्मचर्य आश्रम में रहे। जिस्म को बलवान बनाने की कोशिश करे। उसके बाद पाँच बरस तक ख़ानदारी में रहे। औलाद हो जाने पर कुछ अरसे तक शौहर और ज़ोज़ीत के ताल्लुक़ात बमूजिब धर्मशास्त्र निभाए और इस दौरान में अम्ल और शग़ल करता रहे। मगर तंदरुस्ती का क़दम क़दम पर ख्याल रक्खे। चाळीस बरस तक कमाल मेहनत इल्मेहुज़ूरी में करे। जब इक्तालीसवाँ साल शुरू हो ख़ानादारी को छोड़ दे। गुरु के घर पर क़याम करे और सिवाय इसके और कोई ताल्लुक़ न रक्खे। अब अज़ीज़ राम चन्द्र [शाहजहाँपुर] की सोची हुयी तालीम का आग़ाज़ होता है। तरीक़ा यह है कि हर चक्र पर अपनी पूरी ताक़त से इस तरह पर रुज़ूअ हो कि गोया उसके एक एक परमाणु में ज़ात की पूरी ताक़त भरी जा रही है। इसमें अरसा लग जावेगा। हर परमाणु अलहदा अलहदा लेना पड़ेगा और कुलियतन साफ़ करना पड़ेगा। इसी तरीके से हर चक्र को एक एक करके लें। जब कुल चक्र पिण्ड के ठीक और साफ़ हो जायँ तब ब्रह्माण्ड के चक्रों को ले लें। उसके बाद पारब्रह्माण्ड मंडल में पहुंचे और उसके मुक़ामात भी इसी तरीक़े से एक एक करके लें। जब यहां तक कम्प्लीट हो जाय तब जिस्म के हर ज़र्रे को लें और उनपर उतनी ही मेहनत करें। जब सब ज़र्रात जिस्म के साफ़ हो चुकें तो उनमें एक-भाव पैदा कर दें यानि उनको तह से ले कर चोटी तक एक ही भाव दिखाई पड़े। जब इसको कम्प्लीट कर लें तब उस कुल हालत को धुर तक सम्मिलित कर दें। मैं समझता हूँ कि अगर ज़िंदगी में यह तरीक़ा किया जाय तो शायद एक आदमी कुल उम्र में बन सकेगा। मगर जो बनेगा उसकी मिसाल नहीं होगी।"

"अब मेरा तरीक़ा सुनो। मैं राम चन्द्र [शाहजहाँपुर] को अपनी ज़िंदगी में मुक़म्मिल कर चुका था। मगर इस क़िस्म की मेहनत नहीं की, जैसा की ऊपर तहरीर किया गया है। जब इस को हालते कमाल पर पँहुचा दिया और जिस्म छोड़ चूका तब इस तरफ़ रुज़ू हुआ और काम अपना बराबर करता रहा और इसमें असर होता रहा।"

"जब ज़रूरत लाहक़ हुयी और कामों की भरमार शुरू होने लगी और इसको [राम चन्द्र - शाहजहांपुर] जुनूबी हिन्द का दौरा करने के लिए हुक्म हो गया तब मैंने यह तरीक़ा इसके साथ किया था। और वोह इस तरह पर कि अपने आप को इसके हर ज़र्रे में से निकालता रहा। हत्ताकि कुल्लियतन मुकम्मिल हो गया। जब इस काम को मैंने कर लिया तब तीन घण्टे में शुरू से आखिर तक वोह ही क़ैफ़ियत पैदा कर दी जो ऊपर लिखी जा चुकी है। इसका इशारा कहीं पर मैंने दिया भी है मगर उसको आज वाजे किया। यह काम ज़िंदग़ी के बाद ही अच्छा हो सकता है। ब्रह्मचर्य वग़ैरह के क़वानीन की रोकथाम ज़िंदगी के बाद ही की जा सकती है। इस लिए कि गिरामाया हिस्साये-ज़िंदगी इसी  में खर्च हो जाएगी। यह कुल काम एक दम से भी हो सकता है मगर इसकी तौफ़ीक़ शायद ही किसी को मिलेगी। अगर ग़ौर किया जाय तो इन्सान के हर ज़र्रे में वो ताक़त मौजूद है जिसका जबाब नहीं। इससे अच्छा एक और भी तरीक़ा है। वोह यह कि ज़ात को उसकी की तरफ़ पुश कर दे मगर इस झटके को बरदाश्त हर शख्स नहीं कर सकता। मैं यह भी कर चुका हूँ। इसके करने की मैं मुमानियत करता हूँ।"
Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Does anybody have the courage to be prepared to undertake such a hard course of spiritual training? The necessary conditions are that for twenty-five years celibacy is to be observed strictly and an attempt to develop a strong body is to be made. Then one should lead a life as a house-holer. After begetting children, the relationship of husband and wife is to be maintained for some time in accordance with the standard scriptural injunctions. The [spiritual] practices and meditation etc. should also be continued during this period, but health [physical and mental] should remain a matter of care and concern at each step. Up to the age of forty years, maximum effort is to be developed to becoming an adapt in the science / discipline of Divine Presence. At the out-set of the 41st year, life as a house holder is to be renounced, and one should start living at the place of the Guide [Guru] and no other relationship except this is to be retained. Now the training which dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] has discovered and thought about, is to start. That consists in getting oriented to every plexus with one's full force in such a way that each particle is being is being stuffed with full power of the Ultimate Being. This will take quite long time. Every particle will have to be dealt with separately one by one, and requires to be cleansed totally. Every plexus should be dealt with just in this way, one by one. When all the plexus of the organic region are cleansed and set tight, one should take up the plexus of the cosmic region. Then one is to arrive in the para-cosmic region, and the pints thereof are also to be dealt with the same manner. After completing the work unto here, every particle of one's body should be taken up and the same amount of labor be developed to them. When all prattles of the body have been cleansed, a flow of tendency be brought up in them, so that they appear imbued in the same current or tendency from top to toe. When this is completed, the whole state be absorbed in the Ultimate Base. I understand that if this method be adopted in life, perhaps only one percent will be possible to structure in a whole life; but a person thus prepared will have no example to match with."

"Now, here about my method. I had perfected dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] during my life time; but I did not employ the labor like I have narrated above. Then, after having brought him up to the superb state, and after I had given up my body, I got oriented in this direction and went on with my work continually; and that remained coming up effectively. Later when need arose, and the rush of work started pouring [on dear Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur], and this tour of South India ordained, I had then adopted this method with him, viz. I started passing myself through his each and every particle so that perfections was totally achieved. When I had completed this job, then I created that same condition, as narrated earlier, from A to Z in three hours. I have some where already given a hint concerning this earlier also, but I have made it explicit just today. This work can be done well only after one's life time. Proper control of rules concerning celibacy etc. can be effectively achieved only after one's lifetime, because the most precious part of life will be consumed by just these [regulation of celibacy etc]. This entire job can be possible to complete in one stork also; but the compatibility [needed for this] can seldom be found in anybody. If observed closely, every particle in man contains that unique power, which has no equal to it. [Pause] There is still better method, viz. the Ultimate Being be pushed towards the concerned person; but the jolt [jerk] of this cannot be borne by everybody. I have done this as well. I [strictly] prohibit this being done."

Thursday the 20th June 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I have mastered the philosophy of Rishi Patanjali and given quotations from that book in my writings as well. If I speak the truth, who knows, the people specially the Brahmans may pounce upon you. He was a man of sound knowledge and devoted himself thoroughly to the study of books, practicing only a few things. I differed widely from him in some respects. If you meditate a little on him, you will know his condition not brought [out] in writing. There is no Patanjali in the brighter world. he could not free himself from endless circle of his work. His knowledge was not a practical one. I advise you not to rely upon the methods totally, given in his books. The book is of-course worth keeping. It has to some extent the methods adopted by others. You are soon going to take up that work. I prefer your philosophy regarding the master cell and his two subordinates, but you have not yet thought much about that. It will reveal the whole secret if it is prepared by you. The questions given by your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP], you have not yet attempted to solve them. It is your duty now to give a new turn to these things."

Friday the 21st June 1945 : [time 09.15 AM]

श्री चैतन्य महाप्रभु : "तुम मुझ से काम क्यों नहीं लेते। मैंने तुम में अपने आप को लय कर दिया है। मैं दुआ देता हूँ कि तुम्हारे मिशन का काम अच्छा रहे और स्वामी विवेकानंद जी की राय से इत्तिफ़ाक़ करता हूँ, यानि रजिस्ट्रशन करा दिया जावे। तुम को अपनी हालत की खबर नहीं। तुम्हारे हुक्म हम लोगों पर फ़र्ज़ हो जाते हैं। और यह सब तुम्हारे गुरु [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़] की दया है। ऐसा गुरु पैदा नहीं हुआ। उनकी हकीकत कोई न जान सका। अब देखें जिसकी आँखें हों। स्वामी जी अपने काम में मसरूफ हैं। वोह अब तक ऊपर नहीं पहुंचे और तुम्हारे गुरु भी काम कर रहे हैं। वोह मुमकिन है दो तीन रोज़ न आ सकें लिहाज़ा मुझको बुला लिया करो।"

Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu : "Why don't you take work from me? I have merged myself in you. I bless that the work of your Mission be good. I agree with the opinion of Swami Vivekananda Ji viz. registration of the Society be effected. You have no knowledge of your state. Your orders become [a matter of] duty to us. All this is the grace of your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]. Such a Master has never been born. No body could have the knowledge of His Reality. Now who ever may possess eyes, may see. Swami Vivekananda Ji is busy with his work. He did not return to the higher world as yet; and your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] is also at work. Just possible he may not be able to come for two or three days. As such, you can call me."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "He is totally absorbed in you. The standard of life that you lead will be difficult to find at any place in the spiritual sphere. There are liberated souls in the Brighter World, but can not be a match to you."

Sunday the 23rd June 19445 :

हज़रत क़िब्ला [गुरदेव महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़] : "शाम के वक़्त ज़िक्र था और यह ज़िक्र अज़ीज़ राम चन्द्र [शाहजहाँपुर] ने किया था कि मेरी हर वक़्त स्टेशनरी हालत रहती है। और बाबू मदन मोहन लाल को भी इस का इश्तियाक़ पैदा हुआ। आप करें। तरीक़ा यह कि हर वक़्त नेचर को देखता रहे यानी उसकी सादगी और भीनापन। उस का अंदाज़, उस की यकसानियत पर, हर वक़्त नज़र रहे और ख़याल रक्खे कि यह बात मुझमें आ रही है। और यह लाज़िमी है कि इसका तसव्वुर भी रहे कि अंदर और बाहर सब यह ही हालत है। और इस ख़याल में हर वक़्त रहने की कोशिश करें। लेकिन [ई सआदत बज़ोरे बाज़ू नेस्त, ग़र न बख्शद खुदाए बखशंदा। अर्थात - यह सौभाग्य बाहुबल से प्राप्त नहीं होता। यदि बख्शनहार (दानी / क्षमा करने वाला) परमात्मा की कृपा न होती।] जो शख्स कुत्ब से आगे जा चुका है उसको करने की मैं इजाज़त देता हूँ। यह तरीक़ा इसी का [राम चन्द्र - शाहजहाँपुर] ईज़ाद किया हुआ है। और बिलकुल ठीक है। फ़र्क़ इतना रहेगा कि यह एक प्वाइंट को ले कर चला था और उसको छोड़ा ही नहीं जब तक उसके छूटने का वख्त न आ गया। और उसी में सब कुछ हो गया। लोग अब अभ्यास करें जो इसके मुश्ताक़ हैं। इस प्वाइंट [शरणागति] को भी मैं लेने के लिए मैं मना नहीं करता। मतलब काम बननें से है, जिस तरह चाहें बना लें। तरीक़े दोनों ठीक हैं।"

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh [UP] : "At evening time, dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur UP] had made mention of his stationary condition; and dear Madan Mohan Lal [of Shahjahanpur UP] had developed fondness for that. He may try for it. The method for that consists in observing Nature all the time : the simplicity and fragrance of Nature. An estimate of the uniformity [or sameness] of Nature be formed and kept in view permanently, together with the thought that it is penetrating in to oneself. It is necessary that the supposition of the same condition pervading all round in side and out side be also there and one should try to remain all the time in this thought. But, this refinement of character cannot be reached through force of arms, if the benevolent God does not gracefully bestow it [Persian couplet]. I permit that person to practice it, who has gone beyond the stage of 'Qutub'. This method is invention of dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur], and is perfectly correct. The difference remains just that he proceeded on with one point; and he never forsook it, so long as the time for leaving it behind was not arrived at. Everything was achieved just thereby. Those who are fond of it, may now practice it. I do not prohibit taking up that point, viz. total surrender as well. The purpose is to have the goal achieved, in what ever way it may be attained. Both methods are correct."

Tuesday the 25th June 1945 :

हज़रत क़िब्ला [गुरु महाराज महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़] : "अज़ीज़ राम चन्द्र [शाहजहाँपुर] ने जज़्ब की रंगत सिलसिले से ख़त्म कर दी।  इस की तवज्जोः को झुलसी हुयी आग या गरम रेत की गर्मी से मिसाल दी जा सकती है। यह एक अछूती बात है जो इससे शुरू की है। जज़्ब तरक़्क़ी के लिए लाज़मी नहीं रहा। यह ज़रूर है कि इस किस्म की तवज्जोः वही दे सकेंगे जो इसकी तवज्जोः से काफ़ी फ़ायदा उठा चुके हों। शरू ही में ज़ात की क़ैफ़ियत सीखने वाले पर सरायत करेगी। मैं इस वक़्त इसकी तवज्जोः देखता रहा। बिलकुल ख़ुलूस था और ज़ात की क़ैफ़ियत अच्छी झलक रही थी। चीख़ पुकार अब ख़त्म हो गयी। सुलूक से वोह काम हो सकता है जो जज़्ब से नहीं हो सकता, बशर्ते कि वोह क़ाफ़ियत हो।

नोट : यह तरीक़ा तालीम अल्फ़ाज़ में बयान नहीं हो सकता। ज़रुरत पर समझाया जा सकता है।

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] has done away with the completion of emotional passion [Jazb] or slobberingness from the system of 'spirituality'. His transmission can be illustrated by the warmth of scorched fire [ash covered] or hot sand. This is something unique, introduced by him. Passion has not remained necessary for spiritual progress. No doubt, however, such transmission will be possible to be imparted only by those, who would have derived sufficient benefit from his transmission. The state of the Ultimate Being shall run in to the person receiving training from the very outset. I remained observing his transmission just now. There was perfect purity [khuloos] and the state of the Ultimate Being was available very well for a glimpse. Now screaming and wailing has come to an end. The way of discernment [sulook] can serve the purpose which passion or slobberiness cannot achieve, with the condition that the state of inward smouldering that dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] has, be there. This method of training cannot be described in words, but can be brought to comprehension, when needed."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "It is a peculiar thing in your life and quite a new thing in the beginning for everybody. So far, the people attempted the way through attraction which you call 'Jazb' [absorbed state]. Really you brought forth a new religion. It is the starting point which no body can imagine yet. Its efficacy will be found in the long run. The defects which you often think of among you will not be found any more. If a person comes to you in the beginning for training.

हज़रत क़िब्ला [गुरु महाराज महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़] : "इससे अच्छा तरीक़ा हो ही नहीं सकता कि जो मक़सद है उसका शुरू से ही ले लिया जावे।
Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "There can be never a better method than taking up from a very outset, what may be the final purpose."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Light will be the part and parcel of this method. Which will naturally attract one to this side. Stages will go side by side in each step."

Sunday the 30th June 1945 :

ऋषी लँका : "अभी मालूम हुआ कि तुम लोगों को छोड़ कर मतलब आप के भाइयो से है, और के पास कोई ड्यूटी नहीं रही। मेरे पास सीलोन का काम है। गो ख़ास ड्यूटी अलावा इसके मुझ को मिल जाया करती है। मगर मेरा दायरा सिर्फ सीलोन का है। कुछ जनूबी हिन्द के हिस्से में है।
Sage of Ceylon : "Just now it came to my knowledge that excepting you people, I mean your brethren, everybody has been short of any duty. I have the work in Ceylon. Even though I am allotted some duties beyond that also sometime, my sphere of work is only Ceylon, and some parts that are lying in South India."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "The extreme point of concentration means death. This is for you only."

Monday the 08th July 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "The religion you discovered is quite a new one. You have changed it altogether. Its development will take time. There is a great difficulty in the way that people who come to you don't want to do their own labor."

"This is why only one will remain at work. They follow your example in every way, and in one respect specially, that is your idle habits. They do not know your condition. Remove these things from them altogether. A man going [by] leaps and bounds stops a little and forsakes enthusiasm, because he does not exercise his will to reach the point. A great regard is to be paid to leave the habits contrary to the level of spiritualism. They do not try to check themselves form the wrong points they are going."

Tuesday 09th July 1945 :

धन्वन्तरी जी : "अफ़ियून [opium] का सत अगर आग में दाल कर धूनी दी जाय तो पेट की नसें जल्द मुलायम पड़ जाती हैं। काला भंगरा [black eclipta fraling] वज़न पैसा भर कच्ची शकर के साथ मिला कर सुबह को फंकी लगाई जाय। तुम्हारे जिगर की खराबी एक अरसे से चली आ रही है। उसके फ़ेल खराब होने से दस्त और जौफ़े मेदा शुरू हो गया। काला भंगरा अक्सीर दवा है।"

Sage Physician Dhanvantari Ji : "If black Eclipta Fraling [Indian herb - kaalaa bhangra] weighing about 20 grains [one Indian Paisa in 1945] mixed with sugar that has not been treated with chemicals, be taken with clean water in the morning, it is to improve the activity of the liver. Your liver is malfunctioning since quite long, due to sheikh you very often suffer from diarrhoea; and weakness of the intestines is setting in. Black Eclipta Fraling is the effective medicine for this. If the essence of opium is put in smouldering fire; and the smoke is directed to the treatment of the stomach form outside, the nerves of the stomach are softened quickly."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : I am asking Dhanvantari Ji to attend on you at times. He was the first seer [Rishi] of his times, who discovered medicines [as a systemic science]. The history as to the point that he belonged to 'Kaistha' community is correct. He was the inventor of the Vedic system of treatment [as against the esoteric witchcraft]. Deceases and ailments, of-course, were not so many at that time;  and the health was generally good. The hypnotic sort of treatment developed later on. When the division caste  came into being, the Kaistha class rose above every thing and devoted itself thoroughly to the sort of sciences requiring brain [rather than physical strength and manoeuvres]. They have wonderful discoveries [to their credit] which have been destroyed by time. You will be surprised when I tell you that the inventor of archery [vana vidya] was a Kayastha. In course of time, it developed and was passed on to other classes and communities. Kayasthas have been a separate class, and really have no connection with the [stereotyped] caste system. The first man who gave birth to the spiritual philosophy [or discipline] was a Kayastha. Nature has kept his part reserved for Kayasthas only, because they have developed themselves to the very core of the Almighty, where all things make a start. This thing cannot disappear from them ever and after. Spiritual philosophy [discipline] cannot develop unless they concentrate themselves towards it. Society is crippled without their help. It is a great blunder on the part of various caste and communities to deny them a field to work on. It was a Kayastha who was a founder of Raja Yoga, before it came in the form a written treatise. Every grand religion was started by Kayasthas. Mahatma Buddha is an example. The scientific discoveries are mostly made by Kayasthas. Great sages of the world were from among Kayasthas. Your Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] is an example; and now take yourself as and example for starting a new religion. Really speaking, you have devolved all the religions in to one, and overhauled the system of Raja Yoga, invented by a Kayastha. I say nothing about me as I belong to the same community. The priestly people have generally taken advantage of the liberal mindedness of the Kayasthas, of their supremacy to be established in India. They are now being swallowed by the same community, that remained always as a friend with them, even in the days of Muslim Rulers and Chiefs in India, and saves the priestly people from losing their religion altogether. They [priestly people] belonged to the lower strata of spiritual discipline but are proving themselves to be far and above. The reason is what I have started above, viz. liberal-mindedness in the beginning. There was a general tendency among Kayasthas not to care to collect in the form of a book what they had thought of. When the same thing came to the hands of others, they took the credit by publishing it in their own names, coloring the original thoughts and principles in their own wasps to bring them in to their own fashion."

"When the human society was brought into being, different types of classes issued forth from the fountain. There was no caste system, I mean only different classes [and not castes] of persons were required for a colony. The first movement of this kind gave birth to person named Chittragupta. He had particles of wisdom in a wholesome state. The stream began to flow in other directions. It will be totally correct to call Chittragupta Ji the fountain head of wisdom. His progeny too has that sort of wisdom. The start of alphabets and the decimal system in mathematics are the result of their mental activity. What are the designated as Sapta Rishi [seven seers] are mostly Kayasthas."

Thursday the 11th July 19445 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : Your blood circulation is not quite normal. Your spiritual condition remaining stationary, tells much adversely on your health, necessitating some kind of physical stimulant. Sometimes even your breath is stopped, of which you are not always aware, though it continues during most part of day and night. Physical exercise is necessary. Running may be useful. Black Eclipta Fraling is the medicine for you and you alone."

Friday the 12th July 1945 :

धन्वन्तरी जी : "चन्द दरख़्त हर घर में होने चाहिए। ताकि हवा साफ़ रहे। इस ज़माने में हवा में ऐसा हज्जा कम हो रहे हैं जो तंदरुस्ती के लिए मुफ़ीद हैं। तुम को चाहिए कि तुम अपने यहाँ दो दरख़्त ज़रूर लगाओ। इसके बहुत फ़ायदे हैं। तुलसीदल और देवना मरवाह [न्याज़बू]; यह दरख़्त अगर बच्चों के पास, गमले में रख दिए जायँ तो उनको बहुत कुछ बीमारी से नज़ात मिल जाती है। जनेऊ पहनना मुफ़ीद है इससे रिश्ता [रिश्ता एक बीमारी है जिसमे पाओं से धागे की मानिन्द एक बारीक सा जानदार कीड़ा निकालता रहता है, नरुआ या नारू रोग।] की बीमारी नहीं होती। अगर यह दरख़्त कसीर तादाद में रक्खे जावें तो उस घर में हवन की ज़रूरत न रहेगी। पीपल का दरख़्त पूज्यनीय है मगर घर के अंदर नहीं लगाना चाहिए। रात में इससे ऐसी हवा निकलती है जो तंदरुस्ती के लिए मुज़िर है। दिन में इसके साये में बैठने से ख्यालात की गर्मी खिंचती रहती है। घर से दूर इसको लगाना चाहिए। नीम हर हालत में मुफीद है। इसके साये में रात में रहना भी मुफ़ीद है।"

"काले भंगरे में चन्द काली मिर्च ज़रूर दाल ली जावें और पीस कर शकर मिला ली जाय। बेल की पत्ती कोढ़ में मुफ़ीद है। अगर कोढ़ी गँगा का रेत कुछ दिनों फाँके और फ़िर इलाज शुरू करे तो जल्द फ़ायदा होगा। मगर यह ख़याल रहे कि उस रेत में हड्डीओं के ज़र्रे नहीं होना चाहिए।"

"अगर दूध फाड़ कर तुम इस्तेमाल करो तो ज़ियादा मुफीद रहेगा। दूध को नमक से फाड़ना सख्त गलती है। नीबू से फाड़ना अच्छा रहेगा।" 

Sage Dhanvantari Ji : "There should be a few trees [plants] in every home so that the atmosphere may be kept clean. These days the air is getting divested of elements, useful for health. You should have two plants in your home. That is to be very beneficial. Tulsidal [Besil Ocymum Sanctum or Artemisia Indica] and Devna Marwah [Botanical name not known] planted in flower pots and kept close to children, provide them with immunity against quite a lot of diseases. If their plants are kept in a large number in a home, there will be no need of offering oblations to fire [incense] therein. The peepal tree [Ficus religiosa] is sacred, but is not planted inside a house. During the night it exhales certain gases which are harmful for health. In the case of sitting in the shade of this tree, the heat [excitation or aggressiveness] of thoughts gets reduced. It is to be planted at some distance from the home. Neem [Ficus Margosa] is beneficial under all circumstances. It is beneficial even to sleep under its shadow during the night. [Pause] A few black peppers must be put together with black Eclipta Fraling; and it should be grounded in to pulp and mixed with sugar. Leaves of the 'Bel tree' [Ficus Crateava] are beneficial in the case of 'leprosy'. If a leper eats sand from the Ganga River for a few days before starting the treatment, recovery may be quicker; but care should be taken that particles of bones are not there in the sand.

If you use Chhena [thickened milk separated from water altogether], it will do you more good. To separate milk form water by using salt is extremely wrong. It should be done by using lemon-juice.

Saturday the 13th July 1945 :

धन्वन्तरी जी : "बूटियों की पहँचान यह है। जिसका पीले रँग का फूल हो वोह पित्त के मर्ज़ों में मुफ़ीद रहती है। सफ़ेद रँग के फूल वाली बूटी अक्सर बलग़म में मुफ़ीद रहती है। जिस पत्ती में सब्ज़ी [हरापन] ज़्यादा हो, इस हद तक कि स्याही [काली] मालूम हो वोह मेदा के लिए मुफ़ीद है। लुआब दार चीज़ें मेदा को मुफ़ीद नहीं होती। इनका हज़म करना मुश्किल होता है। अगर उसमें हाजमें की ताक़त किसी दवा से बढ़ा दी जाय,  तो उसका वोह असर दूर हो जाएगा जो मेदा के लिए मुज़िर है। जिस किसी चीज़ का सख्त छिलका हो उसका मग्ज़ रियाही मर्ज़ और मेदा के लिए मुफ़ीद होता है। सुर्ख़ फूल वाली बूटियाँ अक्सर मुज़िर होती हैं। मगर वोह भी ख़ास मर्ज़ों के लिए गुण रखती हैं और अक्सर सम्मीयत [ज़हरीलापन] दूर करने के काम आती हैं। दरख्तों की छालें जो तने से चिपटीं रहती हैं, वो लेप के काम आ सकतीं हैं। उभरी हुयी छालें फोड़ा फुंसी और हिद्दत दूर करने में मुफ़ीद हैं।"

Dictation from sage Dhanvantari Ji continued : "Here I am giving you some very general principles of recognizing the characteristics of herbs. Those having yellow flowers are used in bilious diseases; while the herbs with white flowers are often beneficial in phlegmatic ailments. Leaves with much greenness to the extent of appearing close to black are good for intestines. Viscous food articles are not good for the intestine [stomach] as these are not easily digestive. If their digestibility be increased through some medicine, their defect which is harmful for the stomach will be removed. A kernel surrounded with a hard crust is beneficial for gastric ailments and the intestines. Herbs with red flowers are often harmful; but these also possess useful characteristics for special diseases; and are often utilized for removing the effects of poison. The barks of a tree which remain closely stuck to the trunk can be used for preparing rub-pastes [for external application]; while bumping [swollen] barks are good to control boils, pimples, abscesses and to eliminate [excessive] heat."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "The ordinary standard of man is to become zero. Above that is the condition that is arrived at in a course after hundreds of years, when the Almighty Power waves up for special work. The ways and customs of Hindustan are generally based on some scientific and hygienic principles. A great regard is paid to that. Most things that are introduced are not needed in religion but have some hygienic base. For example the use of a holy thread [around the ears during evacuation at the toilet] is preventive of deceases like hernia, piles etc. The dogmatic priestly people, of course, have developed it as a symbol of being Hugh-born in the social hierarchy, and even deprived large portion of humanity of the benefits of a simple hygienic precaution."  

धन्वन्तरी जी : "काफ़ूर [कैम्फर], संदल कुटा हुआ, तगर : इन सब को कूट कर रख लिया जावे। इसकी धूनी देने से दिमाग़ की बहुत सी बीमारियां चली जाती हैं। अगरबत्ती बनाना चाहो तो किसी चीज़ में मिला कर इसकी लुगदी बना ली जाय और किसी चीज़ में चिपका ली जाय। चन्दन ज़्यादा होना चाहिए। तगर अंदाज़ का दाल लिया जावे जिसमे उसका रंग आ जावे। सरसामी हालत में अगर [Aloe] मिला कर बत्ती बनायी जा सकती है। बत्ती सींक में नहीं लगानी चाहिए। इसमें एक माद्दा होता है जो दिमाग में हरारत पैदा करता है और मुज़िर है। बाँस अच्छा है। तुलसीदल की पोटेंसी अगर बढ़ा दी जावे तो हर बुखार के  नाफ़ेअ है। अनुपान ज़रूर है और यह हक़ीम की लियाक़त पर है।"

Sage Dhanvantari Ji : "Camphor, powdered sandal-wood and an incense 'tagar' - these mixed together and used as incense are curative in the case certain mental deceases. If it is desired to be kept in the form of candles, these may be mixed with something to give it the shape of pulp which may be stuck around something. Sandal-wood should be in a large quantity. 'Tagar' may be used in a proper quantity so as to yield it color to the material. In case of delirium agar can be mixed to prepare a candle. The candle should not be made by using broom-stick, as this contain a characteristic that causes heat in the brain that is harmful. Thin long bamboo-stick may be better. If the potency of 'Tulsidal' be increased, it is beneficial every kind of fever. Prognostic adjustments are, of course necessary; and these refer to a physician's competence."

Saturday the 14th July 1945 :

श्रीकृष्ण जी महाराज : "तुमने तरक्की की इंितहा कर दी। आगे रोकने की ज़रुरत है।"
Reverend Lord Krishna : "You have touched the summit of progress.' There is need to restrain further movement."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Every thing now comes to you in the form of vibration."

 Thursday 19th July 1945 :

हज़रत क़िब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़] : "बाबू हरनारायण [Dr. H. N. Saxena of Jaipur Rajasthan] का सुग़रा मुक़म्मिल कर दिया था और यह हुक्म दिया था कि इन को तीन रोज़ के अंदर उस हद तक तैय्यार कर दें जो मेरी मंशा है। मगर वक़्त ने उनको इजाज़त न दी। चुनाँचे यह बात उन्हीं पर छोड़ दी गयी। अगर इस हालत से पेश्तर कानपूर गए होते तो यह एहसास और तबीयत न लाये होते। तज़ुर्बा उन से बेहतर हस्तियों के ख़िलाफ़ है। थोड़े दिन और गुज़रने दो।"

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "The organic region of Babu Har Narayan Saxena had been perfected; and I had ordered that in three days, he be prepared to the extent of my intentions. However, time did not permit him. As such, what was intended for him, is again spared. If he had gone to Kanpur before acquiring this condition perfection of the organic region, he would not have thought as having brought this perception and inclination from there. The experience is there against even persons for better than he. Let some more time pass."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Get your veil aside. Tear it off altogether and prepare yourself for the work ahead. Change is bound to come. There is havoc now, wrought by you last night."

हज़रत क़िब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़] : "माता प्रसाद तुमनें ज़िन्दग़ी का एक बड़ा हिस्सा बर्बाद कर दिया। मग़र ख़ैर, सुबह का भूला अगर शाम को आ जावे तो भूला नहीं कहना चाहिए। जिस बुजुर्ग़ [स्वामी शंकरानन्द जी] के पास यह रहे, उनका मोक्ष तक नहीं हुआ। इस दुनियाँ में [अपने आप को] बेदाग़ बचाना मुश्किल है। मर्द वोह है जो अपने जज़्बात को उस तरफ़ राग़िब रक्खे। यह ज़रूर है कि ज़माना मेरे बाद अंधेर और तीरा व तार रहा मग़र  चन्द असहाब ऐसे निकले जिनने मुझ को नहीं छोड़ा। मरहबा इस हिम्मत पर ! अपनी तबीयत उस तरफ़ रुज़ू रक्खो और काम में लग जाओ। गया वक़्त फ़िर हाँथ नहीं आता। तुमको राम चन्द्र [शाहजहाँपुर] से ज़्यादः अज़ीज़ और दोस्त नहीं मिलेगा। इसने सब कुछ मेरे अर्पण कर दिया और मैनें भी कुछ नहीं छोड़ा जो दे न दिया हो। इस की हालत खुदा ही जानता है। आप को खबर बहीं कि इस को [अज़ीज़ राम चन्द्र] किन किन बुज़ुर्ग़ों ने अपना सज्जादानशीन किया है। सब बुज़ुरगों की निगाहें इस की तरफ़ हैं। यह वक़्त अब बार बार नहीं आ सकता। जितना चाहो फ़ायदा उठा लो, और न यह हालत आइन्दा मुद्दतों तक पैदा होगी।"

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] diction addressed to Pundit Mata Prasad : "You have wasted a large portion of your life. However, if one who has gone wayward in the morning, returns home in the evening, he is not to be considered as having been lost. The respected elder [Saint Shankaranad Ji] with whom you sojourned, has not even attained liberation. It is difficult to keep oneself without blemish in this world. [Real] Man is one who is able to keep his passionate attachment  oriented to that side [higher spiritual direction]. No doubt there followed a period of darkness and confusion after my physical dissolution; but a few persons were still there, who did not desert me. Bravo at their courage. Keep your inclination oriented to that side and he devoted to work. The time, bygone, would never return. You will not be able to find any better relative or grind to compare with dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur UP]. He surrendered everything to me; and I too have not spared anything from bestowing on him. Only god knows his state [adequately]. You do not know all those respected elders [Masters] who have bestowed their successor-representative-ship on him. All elders have their eyes of grace and hope on him. This time cannot recur again and again; neither can this state be expected to develop for long. As such, take advantage [of this opportunity] to your heart's fill."

['Shri Ram Chandra Mission', Shahjahanpur U. P., India was registered on Saturday the 21st July 1945 under Societies Registration Act of U. P. State in India at the Office Assistant Registrar.]

Monday the 23rd July 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ki at 09.30 PM : "Accept and convey my heartfelt sympathy and blessings to the workers of the 'Mission'. it is the will of the over-ruling Providence to have to have such an organization permanently run. This is not at all the play if human brain. The scheme I have given is divine. There may occur controversies on certain points, but that is not to have any effect on it. I will guide [every thing] all along. [Pause] I come now to another point, viz. the human psychology. The poisonous effects have been scattered at around by the general public to serve their selfish ends, with the effect that the whole atmosphere has grown in to tumult and disorder. The waves in such an atmosphere are polluting  the brains of God's creation; and there are people in this world who increase it by their will - force. Our duty now is to clean it off all together. I permit you deal with the general public strictly in this matter so as to give them a state of forgetfulness. The work is huge, but you will have to do it in your lifetime and after that. You enjoy full powers to make it around to the correct point. They are burrowing holes in the atmosphere."

"I had a talk with Lord Krishna about you. He has a very good opinion about you, but it is very sad that the people among yourselves  are no following you [adequately] on the path which you are treading on and on. They are busy telling telling their own tales. For your guidance, I advise you not to give powers concerning the atmosphere to anybody without a good deal of consideration. Once the connection with the atmosphere is formed, it can not be easily broken by anybody except you, who enjoy unlimited powers. Who knows, there may not come somebody like you, who may have at his command the union and disunion of this chain. You should always remain alert about these things. It comes under the definition of impertinence if you persist doing something that is not required by nature. Cheaply earned is cheaply lost. I am not referring here to what you transmit in ordinary routine, but the special thing you impart."

To my question, Revered Swami Ji continued clarification : "The difficulty arises because we do not ignore your point of you. I assure you that you are never wrong in holding on to your points of view. These have connection with our hearts and have full [unconscious] guidance from us. These are the directions not for you alone. But for the generations coming after you as well."

Wednesday the 25th July 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji at 09.25 PM : "You are at the apex. R. C. Saksena is selected for South India. He will remain directed under my control; and his connection will remain solely with me. He should think of me and me alone at times of need. The mode is his training will follow from my side. Mean while, he should try to speak effectively extempore. If you think of him [R. C. Saksena], having regard to my direction, it comes to the same thing. If he thinks of our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji, Laalaa Ji Sahib, of Fatehgarh UP], it will serve the same purpose. [Pause] You are representing me; and the way is 'Sahaj Marg'. R. C. Saksena will follow the same path; and impart training in that same system. When the time for South India comes, I will give directions. I do not mean that R. C. Saksena does not remember our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji, Laalaa Ji Sahib, of Fatehgarh UP]. He should make himself busy with the work, coming to him after certain preparations. I will him power directly. He should organize the 'Mission', establish in the name of our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji, Laalaa Ji Sahib, of Fatehgarh UP]. This will continue as such."

Thursday the 26th July 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I am preparing R. C. Saksena very soon for the work. Tell him to be a book-worm; and be happy."

Friday the 27th July 1945 :

धन्वन्तरी जी : "खूब कलाँ [black Berry seeds] पाव भर एक हाँडी में बंद कर के साये की जगह में ज़मीन में दफ़्न कर दें। चालीस रोज़ के बाद उस को निकाले और ककरोंदा के अर्क में पीस कर दो चनें के बराबर गोली बना लें। खफ्क़ान [खफ्क़ान या मालीखूलिया एक बीमारी जिस में दिल की धड़कन बढ़ जाती है, palpitation, hysteria] के मरीज़ को चालीस दिन तक खिलावें। मुफ़ीद है। अगर गर्मी करे तो दूध इस्तेमाल करें। खफ्क़ान या मालीखूलिया वाले को लौकी कभी नहीं देना चाहिए। मिर्च तेल खटाई वग़ैरह से परहेज रक्खें।"

Sage Dhanvantri Ji : "Khubkalaan weighting a quarter of seer [250 gums.] closed in an earthen pot be buried in a place of shade under the ground for forty days. Then it be mixed with juice of Indian herb 'kukraunda' and turned into a paste and small pilots equal to two gram seeds. Which are to be given to psychotic patients for forty days [one small pellet every day]. If it causes heat, it is to be accompanied with milk. Soft cucumber [lauki] should never be served to a patient of severe mental illness. It should also obtain from chillies, oil and pickles." 

Saturday the 28th July 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "You must abide and enforce the rules of the 'Mission' - organization. New comers must be required to fill in the form."

Sunday the 29th July 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Your position as President of the 'Mission' is only nominal. I am working in your form at present. The same system-wide go on in case of every 'President' following you. The post is very important; and not open to everybody. I assure you but one thing and your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] said the same somewhere, viz. 'your mistakes will count much and cannot be excused easily'. The higher the position one enjoys, the more burdened one is. be alert and careful to do your duty calmly. Consultation, of-course, you can have amongst yourself; but you must not abide by it unless you consult me and get confirmation, specially in matters concerning the 'Mission', and no doubt in other matters also, in general. In the case of the 'Mission' work, I am the authority. The rest depends on your Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP], who has bestowed this authority on me. Everything no doubt, is under the control of your Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] here and above; but He has distributed some [parts] of His work to different sages, making Himself more free for you."

 Saturday the 04th August 1945 :

हज़रत क़िब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़ यू पी] : "अज़ीज़ राम चन्द्र [शाहजहाँपुर] ने जो इस वक़्त काम किया है वोह ब्लड डॉग्स [Blood hounds] की थ्योरी है। यानी ज़र्रात रूहानी, जिस्म के अंदर इस क़दर तेज़ कर दिए जावें कि वोह foreign matter को जो उसके बाधक हैं, खा जावे, या दूसरे मायनों में उस चीज़ पर असर डालें जो रूहानियत के खिलाफ हैं। और उसको मुनव्वर करते रहें। यह बहुत अच्छा तरीक़ा है और रूहानी सम्बन्ध में बिलकुल है। हर मक़ाम पर फर्दन फर्दन इस से काम लिया जा सकता है। जिसका नतीज़ा यह होगा कि उस चक्र को सम्भालनें के लिए या दुरुस्ती के लिए बहुत मुफ़ीद होगा। बिलकुल ऑटोमेटिक है। तरीक़ा यह है कि अपनी क़ुव्वते - इरादी या आत्मिक शक्ति और बल से अपने ख्याल के ज़र्रात इस तरीके से दाल दें कि उनमें ख़राबी अब्सॉर्ब करने की ताक़त पैदा हो जावे या उसको निगल सके। ज़र्रात में इस क़दर ताक़त होना चाहिए। बेहतर तो यह है की हाई पोटेंसी के ज़र्रात दाख़िल किये जावें ताकि वोह ख़राब असर ले कर खुद ख़राब न हो जावें। यह और भी अच्छा होगा कि या उन ज़र्रात में वक़्तन फवक़्तन ताक़त दी जावे या उनको इतना तेज़ शुरू में ही कर दिया जावे कि ताक़त देने की ज़रूरत न रहे। मगर मैं वक़्तन फ़वक़्तन ताक़त देने का तरीक़ा अच्छा समझता हूँ।"

Revered Master Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "The work that dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur UP] has done just now, pertains to the theory of the blood-hounds. This is to say that the spiritual particles in the organism be sharpened to the extent that they devour the foreign matter, obstructing the onrush of spirituality and thereby illumine the spiritual element. This is a very good method and is exclusive in relation of spirituality. At each point, it can be put to effect individually,which will result in each plexus being set right by the use if this effective weapon. It is entirely automatic work. The method consists in introducing the particles of one's thought, through the use of one's will power or spiritual force, so that they acquire the capability of absorbing the defects or gulping the obstructive factors. The particles of thought introduced in to the system or organism should have the capability to that extent. It will be better to intrude atoms of high potency so that these do not get themselves deformed through the absorption of deformities or obstructive elements. it will be still better that either those particles be strengthened from time to time, or else the by sharpen, even at the outset, to the extent that there would remain to need of strengthening them off and on. I anyway, consider the method of strengthening off and on to be better."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Free minded as you are, you must have a scope to work on. What is required for you is to free yourself from all things putting you aloof from this work. I again say that this time will never come again, so you should devote yourself thoroughly to solve the intricacies of Nature. This is the special work for you. Prefer some hill station and remain there for a certain length of time. You will be alone there with your pen and pad. You will improve there physically as well."

Monday the 06th August 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "You have really speaking no time for any other work [except spiritual]. You do not know perhaps that your responsibility is not confined only to this world. I tell you my experience of life that I never cared for my next meal; and I assure you that I never remained hungry. You have got wife, children and others, who depend solely on you; but do you think that they will not be cared for by us in case you devote yourself thoroughly to your Master's work? How lucky you are that your children realize you as the best man : this is the special favour of your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]. Education will never forsake your family. Yours is the making of an extraordinary one, so you have a special kind of responsibility. We are all looking to you for the work; and the world is waiting for strong change to be affected by you and you alone. You can distribute your work among the powers of Nature."

Wednesday the 15th August 1945 :

हज़रत क़िब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़ उ0 प्र0] : "आज अज़ीज़ राम चन्द्र [शाहजहाँपुर] ग़ल्ताँ व पेंचाँ था कि कोई ऐसा तरीक़ा ईज़ाद हो जाता कि माया से निजात रोज़े अव्वल ही से मिल जाती। जहाँ  तक उसकी रसाई थी, खूब पैरा। आखिरकार ईश्वर ने उसकी मदद की और मामला हल हो गया। आज तक यह मसला हल नहीं हुआ। यह ईज़ाद इसी के नाम नामी से रहेगी। मुख़्तलिफ़ किस्म के मुराक़िबे और ध्यान मुख़्तलिफ़ मक़ामात पर ज़माने के बुज़ुरगों ने बताये है। मगर इस तरफ़ किसी का ख़्याल नहीं पहुँचा कि जिस चीज़ की लोग बेक़दरी करते हैं और उनकी निगाह नहीं जाती। उसी में सब कुछ है। तरीक़ा यह है कि दाहिने पैर के अँगूठे पर निगाह जमा कर मराकिबः करें और उसमें कोई पॉइन्ट मुक़र्रर कर लें। ईश्वर सर्वज्ञ है और हर तरफ़ फैला हुआ है और यह ही हालत उसकी हमेशा रहेगी। प्रलय के वक़्त भी वोह मुहीत कुल रहेगा और इस वक़्त भी है। जब कायनात के ज़हूर का वक़्त आया और उबाल पैदा हुआ, सुरते ज़हूर पज़ीर हो गयी। इन्सान में जिस तरीक़े से वोह सरायत किये हुए है, एक अजीब सूरत है जिस का समझ में आना मुश्क़िल है। समझने के लिए यह तसव्वुर कर लिया जावे कि दिमाग़ असल ज़ात है जहाँ से उस की रोशनी व ताक़त कुल जिस्म में फोकस दाल रही है। वाक़ई तौर पर उसका सिरा और आखिऱ समझ में नहीं आता, क्यों कि वोह लामहदूध है। मग़र समझने के लिए ; और जिस अजीब तरीक़े में वोह इंसान में रौनक़अफ़रोज़ है। यह मानना पड़ेगा कि उस का आख़िरी हिस्सा पैर का सिरा है और जो इस में बात है वोह यह कि यह और वोह चीज़ दोनों एक हैं। और इसमें किसी क़िस्म की मिलौनी नहीं। पस इस पर यक्सूं होने से यह मतलब होता है कि वोह अपने स्टार्टिंग पॉइंट पर यक्सूं हो रहा है। और इस अमल के करने से नतीज़ा मतलूब जिस के लिए यह मसला हुआ है, पैदा हो सकता है। मैं हिदायत करता हूँ कि जो लोग अपने पैर पर न्योछावर हो चुके हैं इसको ज़रूर करें। यह एक ऐसी बात है कि लोगों को समझने पर या नतीजा मतलूब पैदा होने पर हैरत हो सकती है। मगर मजलिसे - आम्मा इसकी क़दर नहीं करेगी। इस लिए कि उनकी इतनी समझ ही नहीं। उन्होंने जो कुछ कि क़वायद सीखे या पढ़े हैं, उन सब के बाहर हैं। मदन मोहन लाल ! इस मसले की कोई कीमत नहीं हो सकती। सच पूँछो तो हक़ीक़त इसने सामने रख दी। बाबू मदन मोहन लाल वकील बदायूंनी को हिदायत कर दी जाय कि आज से इसी अपर यक्सूं हों। और हालत लिखें। पूजा के रिस्ट्रिक्शन जो तीन माह के लिए थी, हटाता हूँ। इसकी नक़ल हो-ब-हू और बजिंसा भेज दी जावे। जब इसको शुरू करें तो अपने पीर से पूँछ लें, इस लिए कि वोह हर बात को बेहतर समझता है।"

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Today, dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] was very anxiously involved in finding out some method so that freedom from illusory phenomenally would be ensured from the very first day of practice. He performed lots of swimming to the extent of his approach. At lat Providence helped him and the problem was solved, which had not been resolved till today. This invention will be associated just with his name. Elder sages have prescribed various methods of meditation and concentration at so many different points; but no body was able to hit at this target. What is held in contempt by people in general, and simply bypassed as unworthy of consideration by the searching vision of those [elite austere sages] really contains every thing in it. The method is like this : the big toe of the right foot be fixed in to sight, and meditated upon, fixing some point therein. God is omniscient and pervading every where. This state is remain there for ever. Even at the time of total annihilation. That [God] is to remain all-circumscribing as it is now. When the time of creation arrived, boiling up set in and forms [and categories] were manifested. The way That [God] is pervading the human being, happens to in a strange way, difficult to comprehend. For the sake of understanding it may be supposed that the brain is a real Ultimate Being [Asal Zaat], where from its light or power is focused on the entire organism. Its extremity or in the real way remains beyond [the grip of] comprehension, because of being limitless. For the sake of understanding and in respect to the strange way in which it is enshrined in the human being, it will have to be granted that the last part of it constitutes the extreme end of the foot; and what happens to be the secret in it is that this big toe and that top point in the brain are one and the same, beyond the possibility of bay adulteration. As such being one-  -pointed on this [big toe] means getting one-pointed on one's starting point; and this practice can bring about the desired result, which constituted the problem to start with. I instruct that those who have ritualistically scattered themselves over their feet, should adopt this practice [without fail]. It is something that can make people struck with wonder, on comprehension or achievement of the desired result; but the society in general will have no appreciation for it, because this lies beyond the reach of their understanding. This is beyond all the rules [and regulations] that they have learnt or read [in books]. Dear Munshi Madan Mohan Lal [of Shahjahanpur], there can be no price for this topic. To tell the truth, he [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] has revealed the Reality [threadbare]. Madan Mohan Lal Vakil of Budaun UP be instructed to be oriented to this [single pointedly] and write about this condition. I remove the restriction on practice and worship for three ninths, [that was imposed earlier]. A copy of this, as it is, be sent to Madan Mohan Lal Vakil Budaun UP. When somebody starts this practice one must consult one's Guide because he understands everything better."

Friday the 17th August 1945 :

हज़रत क़िब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़ उ0 प्र0] : "मेरा मतलब यह है कि 'मिशन' की रजिस्ट्री हो चुकी। अब इस का काम शुरू होना चाहिए और उसमें काम करने के लिए ऐसे लोग छाँट लेना चाहिए जो नवउम्र हों और ठीक काम कर सकें। रूहानी संस्था में उम्र का लिहाज नहीं होना चाहिए बल्कि जो काम जैसा कर सके, उस से बेग़िल व ग़िश, वैसा ही लेना चाहिए। इस की तक़सीम तुम आपस में कर लो और कायदे की पाबन्दी सब लोग करो मगर हर मामले में एक दूसरे के मददग़ार बने रहो। जिस किसी काम गिरता हुआ देखो, उसकी जानिब से शुरू कर दो। जिस के पास वक़्त ज़्यादा हो, वोह ज़्यादः काम करे और आपस में प्रेम-भाव रक्खे। बढ़ाई छुटायी का सवाल नहीं। यह बात मुझ से सीखो। मैं अपने यहाँ हुज्जत को रवाँ नहीं रक्खूँगा। और न ज़रा सी बाँतों पर दिल शिकनी चाहता हूँ। यह काम मेरा है लिहाज़ा इस को ऐसा ही समझ कर करो। अगर कोई डिसीज़न का पॉइण्ट पड़ जाय तो मुझ से दरियाफ्त करो। मेरा हुक्म फाइनल होगा।"

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "What I mean to underline is that the 'Mission' is now a registered organization; now it should start functioning. To work therein, people should be selected, who are young and capable of doing good work. There should be no consideration of age in a spiritual organization; who ever is able to do a job, he should be assigned and allowed to do the same job without frisk and frolic. You make a distribution of work among yourselves; and all of you must adhere to principles. However, you should remain helpful to each other in every affair. If you notice somebody's work as slackening start that work yourself on his/her behalf. One, who has more time at one's disposal should do more work. Mutual love should be maintained. There is to be no question of high and ow. Learn this from my example. I shall not approve of argumentative duel in my organization; nor do I like heart-aches over trifles. All this work is mine. Do it all, taking it as such. If some point of discussion may come up, I am to be consulted; and my order in that case will be final."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I am more strict on this point. I want the 'Mission' to be run calmly and smoothly. A fiery spirit is not required at all. We are not preparing you for the battle front. I know the position of Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]. He has more indulgence in his nature; and that thing he has inherited from his Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]. Organization can stand on the firm footing of calmness. Love makes everything smooth. The first thing you do to attract your brethren with your calm and simple habits and manners. When you reach this point teach them things on the basis of love. Give them rules to follow. Teach them service of humanity and increase the feelings of brotherhood. Do your duty to them as a bother. Consider them as your own. Develop in them the feelings of solemnity and sincerity. The best way in the interest of the organization is to make yourself such as you like others to be. On any aspect of the organization, take the example of your respected Guru [[Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP], who never attempted anything except as he did not himself. There is a great mistake found prevailing generally, that people require others to do what they themselves cannot do. Such persons are always a failure in their lives."

"I like practical people with a good heart and calm habits to be appointed for various jobs in the organization. I advise you to weigh everybody in the spirit of love and sympathy, as well as the habit of doing something self first, if others be required to do by him. I have given you several warnings to do what you mean at heart. Never mind if the world is against you; never mind if your brothers and sisters may forsake you. Work for the sake of work and be firm in what you do. When so many of us [elders] are here to advise and guide, you need not fear anything at all. Be certain that success will down sooner or later. I will say that even if the sun may burst and the sky may fall upon you, you do what you will. [Pause] There are dictates of your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] for work; and you are not doing that. I know why this sluggishness on your part is there. Your Guru [[Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] does not want to do it at this time. He is structuring you and preparing you for some other work."

"Success attends on those who deserve it. Philosophers after philosophers have come down to this world; and not one of them went without being hit, troubled and injured. Remember Lord Krishna, who was troubled at each step throughout His life. Why you have come to this world? My notes provide the answer. Follow your Lord [[Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] rigidly. If you miss something, consult about it again, when you start it."

[janmashtami - birth anniversary of Lord Krishna]

Sunday the 19th August 1945 :

हज़रत किब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़ उ0 प्र0] : "सब को चिट्ठियाँ जारी कर दी जावें कि आइन्दा से हर साल श्री कृष्ण जी महराज का जन्मदिन [पहले रोज़] मनाया जावे। वृत्त रक्खा जावे। सिर्फ एक वक्त हल्की ग़िज़ा खाई जावे और कोशिश की जावे कि ख़्यालात नेक रहें।"

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Letters be issued to every body that every years from now on-wards, the first day of Lord Krishna's birth anniversary be celebrated by observing a fast. Light meals be taken only once during the day; and attempt be made to keep one's thoughts pious and virtuous."

[Generally Lord Krishna's birthday is celebrated on two days in India by two different sects of Hindus. The orthodox adherents of the scriptures, viz. the house-holders, observe it on the first day, while more liberal ascetically Vaishnavities observe it the next day.] 

Wednesday the 22nd August 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "You will remain on a diet of only milk, to be taken once, in the evening, on Jankashtami day. You job will be to concentrate yourself on the people observing a fast through out India and abroad. You will continue this work for two days together. Silence must be observed on those days. No useless talk should be allowed except that concerning Lord Krishna and Venerable sages of the past. However, you should not go too far in concentration. You will be with full power on that day. So, avoid the company of children, whether they be your own or of others. I will say that you should be left alone till the evening. When the time of worship [group meditation] is there."

हज़रत किब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़ उ0 प्र0] : "स्वामी जी ने जो हिदायत की है, उस पर अमल किया जावे। बेहूदा बाँतें न की जावें। बच्चों का ख्याल रक्खा जाय। "
Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "All the instructions of Swami Ji should be complied to strictly. Absurd gossip should not be indulged in. Care should be observed with regard to children."

Thursday the 23rd August 19445 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "You are dwelling in imagination regarding the sound base to carry on the work of the 'Mission', but I am afraid that what we are going to dictate about it may not remain on paper only. [Pause] The persons of high rank in your society should first set their own example for others to follow."

Duties in general for all Satsangi brethren members of S. R. C. Mission :

[01] Rising up early in the morning ; and following the law of Nature.

[02] Simplicity in habits and regularity concerning meals etc.

[03] Being pious and generous.

[04] Truthfulness in wards, thoughts and deeds.

[05] Sympathy [and compassion] for everybody like that for one's children.

[06] Service to fellow beings of every kind in one's direct environment.

[07] The whole world to be thought of as one community, with rights for everybody.

[08] Faithfulness to the Supreme Lord [Master - Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] and His Mission as well.

[09] Regular time [twice daily] to be devoted to puja [worship].

[10] Prayer to be offered by every member of the 'Mission' at night before foxing to bed, for the success of the 'Mission', and for strength to oneself to follow the laws of Nature and the mandates of the 'Mission'. This is the most important thing.


Duties of a Teacher [Preceptor or a guide] :

[01] Teaching [training] to be imparted to others, treating them as one's brothers & sisters.

[02] Brotherly love and sympathy for disciples [students] must be there. Your Guru [Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib] is to be followed rigidly in this respect.

[03] Talk [and instructions] should be humble and soft, as ifs one is speaking to oneself. Words spoken should be like a flow of a river, when its water is calm.

[04] Students [under one's charge] should be respected and loved in one's heart as creatures of the same God, who is our creator etc.

[05] Useless talk [gossip] should not be allowed [or indulged in] at the time of 'Satsang' [gathering for worship in a group]."

हज़रत क्विब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़ उ0 प्र0] : "हर सत्संगी को एक नोटबुक बनाना चाहिए। जिसमें यह उसूल लिख लिए जायँ और उनको वक़्तन फवक़्तन देखता और अमल करता रहे और खामियाँ दूर करता रहे। नोटबुक में इन्द्राज़ होना चाहिए कि इनमें कौन सी बात पूरी नहीं कर सका, और किसमें कमी रही।"

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Every member of the 'Mission' should maintain a 'notebook', in which this guiding principles be taken down; and one should go through it off and on to remove one's shortcomings. There should be notes in the diary as to what could not be fulfilled, and wherein  one's shortcoming still persists."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Every month this 'notebook' [diary] will be submitted to you for perusal. One will be at liberty to write one's own spiritual condition definitely every month. Special matters and circumstances should be referred to me or to your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]. If malfunctioning, prevailing in your society, is not removed, you will be called upon to submit an explanation. Responsibility lies on your shoulders. By malfunctioning I mean everything against the laws of Nature, which govern [and must govern] everything in daily life."

Saturday the 25th August 19445 :

हज़रत क़िब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़ उ0 प्र0] : "प्रलय [क़यामत] के बाद ख़ामोशी ही ख़ामोशी थी। जब ज़हूर आलम का वक़्त आया, ज़ात में एक तरह का उबाल पैदा हुआ जिस से [हरक़त] एक्शन शुरू हो गया। चुनाँचे इस वक़्त की क़ैफ़ियत उसी उबाल की तरह थी जो ज़ात से निकल रहा था। और किसी के ख्याल का असर नहीं था। इस तरीक़े को अगर ज़ियादा कहा जाय तो अग्लब है कि दिमाग़ की नस फटनें लगे।"

"तरीक़ा यह है कि वो ही क़ैफ़ियत पैदा कर दे। इस तवज्जोः की मुमानियत करता हूँ। यह मल्का मुझ में ज़िन्दगी के बाद पैदा हुआ। यह वो हालत है जो मैं अज़ीज़ राम चन्द्र [शाहजहाँपुर] को ट्रान्सफर कर चुका हूँ। ग़ुज़िश्ता नोट में इस के बावत लिख चुका हूँ। बाबू मदन मोहन लाल ! इस तरक़्क़ी का कोई देखनें वाला नहीं। अगर एक भी ऐसा पैदा हो जाता तो मुमकिन था कि मेरी क़ुदरत का अंदाज़ा लग जाता। बाबू मदन मोहन लाल के सवाल का जवाब यह है कि अगर दूसरा शख्स [मतलब बड़े पाए के बुज़ुर्ग से है] इस को करे तो महज़ अक़्स आएगा।"

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] dictation : "There was perfect silence beyond annihilation [pralaya]. When the time for the manifestation of the universe was there, a kind of fermentation developed in the Ultimate Being, where from action ensued. As such, the condition [experience] at this time [during transmission by dear Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] was like the same fermentation ensuing from the Ultimate Being, and was not effected of the thought of anybody. If this method be used more, it may just be possible that the veins of the brain start getting ruptured. The method consists in creating the same condition [prevailing at the outset of the manifestation of the universe]. I prohibit this transmission. In my case this capacity developed after material life has come to an end. This is the state which I have already transferred to dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]. I have given dictation concerning this earlier. Look dear Madan Mohan Lal, there has been no body capable of observing this progress. If even one such person had come to exist, it could perhaps be possible to have an estimate of my natural grandeur. The answer to Munshi Madan Mohan Lal's question is that if someone else, I mean some elder saint of high caliber, performs it, that performance will contain only a reflection of this real performance by dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]."

Sunday the 26th August 1945 :

Instructions from Swami Vivekananda Ji concerning the emblem of the SRC Mission : "The way [across the mountains] should be clear, distinguishable from everything else [in the emblem] light should glow dull and dim until diminishing almost to nil in the end. There should be no sun or moon on the way. In one concern of the emblem there should be the Rising Sun, glittering or shining on the base, making a horizon at one corner. The wave at the bottom of the emblem should be occupied with the words 'Shri Ram Chandra Mission' etc., pointing out Sahaj Marga. There should be an open space in the middle, where you have written SRC Mission."

हज़रत किब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़ उ0 प्र0] : "चाहिए कि मेरी तरह चकसार हालत पैदा कर लें, फ़िर कोई भेद बाक़ी नहीं रहेगा। जितनी इसमें कमी होगी, उतनी उसमें कमी होगी। यह ही असल फ़नाईयत है। इसके लिए बड़े अभ्यास की ज़रुरत है।"

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Everyone should try to develop a balance state like mine. Then there will not remain any secret. 'This will have the defect to the extent of the defect in that'. This alone is real mergence. A lot of practice is needed to achieve it."

Monday the 27th August 1945 :

हज़रत किब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़ उ0 प्र0] : "ज़ात में लय होने का तरीक़ा सीधा सहल है। और अच्छा डिस्कवर हो गया है। एक तो तरीक़ा अपने पीर  में लय होने का है। और दूसरे बराहे रास्त ज़ात से सम्बन्ध और लय होने का है। तरीक़ा ज़ात में लय होने का यह है कि अपने आप को ख्याल से इतनी बुसअत दें कि सब तरफ़ अपना फ़ैलाव का अहसास बल्कि यक़ीन होने लगे कि अपना फैलाव कुल युगों और वायुमण्डल में अहसास होने लगे। इस मश्क़ को इतना बढ़ाएं कि अपना फैलाव और इसकी बुसअत एक ही अहसास होने लगे। हत्ताकि अपने आप को उसमें ग़ुम होने का अहसास शुरू हो जाय और रफ्ता रफ्ता यह ख़याल भी जाता रहे। मेरी राय यह है कि पीर में फ़ना होने की कोशिश करें ताकि जो कुछ कि कहा है, उसी को निभा ले जा सकें। ज़ात में फनाइयत बहुत अच्छी है, अगर हो सके। मगर इस वक़्त तक इसकी मिसाल सिर्फ कबीर ही हुए हैं। यह माद्दा उनमें खुदादाद था। और रोज़े अव्वल से मौजूद था जिस की फुरना अज़ख़ुद हुयी। हमारे क्विब्ला मौलाना साहिब ने फनाइयत कुल्लियातन पीर में होने के बाद इसको शुरू किया था। यह अमल हाईएस्ट स्टेज पर जा कर खुद बा खुद हो जाता है।"

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "The method of merging in 'Zaat' [Ultimate Being] is simple and easy. It has been discovered quite well. One method is to get merged in to one's guide [Master]; and the other is to have connection with and merging in to 'Zaat' directly. The method of direct merging in to 'Zaat' consists in widening oneself through thought to the extent of feeling and even coming to trust one's own expansion all around, viz. experiencing one's own expansion in the whole geography and atmosphere. This practice should be enhanced so much that one's own expansion and the width of the geography and atmosphere would start being experienced as one and the same; and the feeling of oneself being lost therein would start coming up, and then gradually this thought too would wither away. I am of the opinion that mergence with Master be attempted, so that what ever would have been attained may be duly retained and maintained. Direct mergence in to 'Zaat' is something very fine if possible to achieve; but the only example is that up to now has been Kabir. This caliber in him was a divine gift; and was present from the very first day, coming to blossom later on. My own Revered Master [Hazarat Maulana Fazl Ahmad Khan R. A. Raipuri]  had taken it up after achieving total mergence in His own Master. This practice automatically emerges on ascending to the highest stage."

Wednesday the 29th August 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "You have been kept on a fast for two days. We have cleared the field today for the power to rush in. It is the special gift of Lord Krishna, bestowed on you on His birthday."

Thursday the 30th August 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "The power has been transferred this afternoon [at 01.15 PM] in three lots. [Pause] There is again a rush of power from Lord Krishna."

Revered Master transmitted to me with several intervals for a total period of about six ours.

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Stop meditation. You have no per to bear it."

हज़रत क्विब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़ उ0 प्र0] : "अस्नाए मरक्विबः क़रीब दस बजे रात के हज़रत क़िब्ला ने फ़रमाया कि जिस ने मेरा आसरा लिया, उसको मैंने भरपूर कर दिया।"

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP, during meditation at 10.00 PM] : "Who ever relied on me, I have fulfilled that one."

Friday the 31st August 1945:

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "This room [Shri Baabu Ji's mediation room at the residence] is so much charged that people ordinary standard should not be allow to meditate there alone. Power is gushing up from the walls."

Thursday the 06th September 1945 :

हज़रत क़िब्ला [महत्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़ उ0 प्र0] : एक बड़े तज़ुर्ब की बात तुमको बताता हूँ कि दोस्ती का निभाव उस जगह हो सकता है जहाँ एक दुसरे के दिल में क़द्र हो। मेरा वतीरा यह ही रहा है।

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh [UP] : "I tell you something very important from my own experience. Friendship can survive only when mutual appreciation and regard is there in the heart of both sides. Just this has been my way [and style of functioning]."

रूहानियत के लिए ज़हर क्या है ?

Question : "What is poison for spirituality?"

जबाब : "गुस्सा"
Answer : "Anger."

Revered Master elaborated in detail :

"एतदाल कभी नहीं आ सकता जब तक इस वबा से नज़ात न हाँसिल की जावे। और अपने आप को इस से खाली न कर लिया जाय। इससे असर क्या पहुँचता है ?"

"सिस्टम में भारीपन आ जाता है। इसकी वजह से आज़ाद और लतीफ़ धार सरायत नहीं कर पाती। ख़याल पर से वज़न [बोझ] नहीं हट पाता। सवाल यह पैदा होता है कि इस से नज़ात कैसे मिले ? नुस्ख़ा यह है कि अपने आप को निहायत आधीन और आज़िज़ समझ ले [बल्कि यकीन कर ले] और मश्क करता रहे। यहाँ तक कि यह ही रँग उज़ू उज़ू में पैवस्त हो जाय। हर जगह इसी की बुराई की गयी है, यानी गुस्से के काबू करने की। क्या यह किस्सा काबिले मिसाल नहीं है कि श्री कृष्ण जी महाराज के यहाँ दुर्वासा ऋषी मेहमान रहे और खुश वापस गए। क्या कोई हस्ती इस वक़्त तक श्री कृष्ण जी महाराज के मुक़ाबिले की हुयी है। हर जगह ठन्डे दिल की ही तारीफ़ है और रूहानियत के लिए ऐसे ही दिल की ज़रुरत है। यह दिल इस क़दर नरम और हल्की चीज़ है कि ज़रा सी हवा की गर्दिश होने पर कुम्हलाने लगता है।"

"What effect is brought about thereby [anger]? The system acquires heaviness; and pressure is generated. As a result, the free and sublime current of spirituality fails to penetrate and blow through the system; and thought is not able to rid of the burden out waiting it. Now the question arises as to how one an acquire freedom from it [anger and its effect]. The prescription is here : one should consider oneself as humble and subservient [to master]. This should become a matter of trust and perfect belief; and one should remain practicing it so as to get that same hue of humility and subservience penetrate every organ of one's whole system. Everywhere this control of anger has been praised. Is not the anecdote worth mentioning that sage Durvasa was the guest of Lord Krishna, and went back fully happy therefrom? Has there ever been a personality thus for, to stand in comparison with Lord Krishna? Everywhere, a cool heart alone has acquired praise; and just that kind of heart is needed in the sphere of spirituality. This heart is such a tender and light object that starts withering in even a little change in the flow of breeze."

[The reference seems to be here to the scriptural anecdote concurring sage Bhragu, who was deputed by the gods to determine who amongst the superior most three manifestations of God - head happens to be really superior (Ch. 89, Canto X of Shrimad Bhagavad Mahapuran). Bhragu went first of all to the Creator Brahma, who got enraged at not being respected with due salutation and obeisance, but excused the sage being Brahma's own son. Then he went to Lord Shiva, the destroyer, who received him very affectionately with open arms, but Bhragu refused to accept Shiva's embrace, rebuking the Lord for his anti-vedic and unsocial stances. This enraged Lord Shiva, who tried to attack Bhragu with his trident, where upon His spouse Sati pacified him with much effort through prayer etc. Last of all sage Bhragu approached Lord Vishnu, the preserver, who was reclining on his bed of coiled serpent, with his spouse Lakshmi, the Goddess of Prosperity, massaging His feet. Bhragu kicked Vishnu on the chest, where upon the Lord apologized to the sage for his inability to receive him respectfully due to having no prior information of his arrival; and even started attending to his tender foot which might have got hurt when it struck against the Lord's hard and rough chest. Thus the superiority of Lord Vishnu was established. Lord Krishna is the most perfect incarnation of Lord Vishnu in human form; and Bhragu happens to be the ancestor of the very short tampered sage Yamadagni, who got his wife killed by their own son Parashu Ram, the most angry incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who was made sober and humble by Lord Rama, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu between Lord Krishna and Parashu Ram, According to the traditional Hindu scriptures. The editor has not been able to find the anecdote concerning Lord Krishna playing host to sage Durvasa; and will feel obliged to be enlightened in this regard. the anecdote, if supplied, will replace this one with grateful acknowledgement to the person, who may supply it. - Editor]

Thursday the 27th September 1945 :

आज इस वक़्त हुक्मन पण्डित बाबू राम का कनेक्शन काट दिया गया।
हज़रत क़िब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़ उ0 प्र0] : "इंस्पेक्टर साहिब जिस वक़्त फतेहगढ़ से तशरीफ़ लावें तो बेट कर दो कि अगर रूहानी ताक़त का करिश्मा देखना चाहो तो तैय्यार हो जाओ। कोई स्टैण्डर्ड क़ायम कर लो सिवाय डायरेक्ट कनेक्शन के। और उन्हें दिखा दो कि ऐसा होता है कि नहीं। यह रूहानी ताक़त है और वोह [चातक नाटक] विल का करिश्मा है। इन दोनों मन बड़ा फ़र्क़ है। रूहानियत के मक़ाम पर चड़क भड़क तेज़ी तुर्की जाती रहती है। गोया कि अभाव हो जाता है। कोई दूसरी चीज़ उसकी झोंक को रोकने के लिए हायल नहीं होती। इस से नीचे की बात विल है। और इसके करिश्मे दिखाए जा सकते हैं और उससे [रूहानियत से] करिश्मा दिखाने वाला आज तक पैदा नहीं हुआ। कानपुर का मामला मेरे ज़ेरे नज़र है। मेरा और अज़ीज़ राम चन्द्र [शाहजहाँपुर] का, दोनों का रूहानी मक़ाम है। फ़र्क़ इतना है कि मुझमें ग़ैरमहदूदियत है।"

"मैंने रामेश्वर को इस लिए बुलवाया था कि कुछ तवज्जोः दे दूँ और काम सुपुर्द कर दूँ। कल डिस्ट्रक्शन का ज़िक्र था। इसका होना लाज़मी है और बदीही है। उनको इस तरीके से टारगेट बनाया जाय कि कोई नाम लेवा और पानी देवा न रहे। [जग्गू की माँ, बीवी और बच्चे मुस्तस्ना है] इस मामले में इस वजह से देर हुयी कि लोगों ने मेरा काम अपना नहीं समझा। कुछ लोग प्रार्थना का काम ले लें और कुछ और काम करें। प्रार्थना जिनके लिए मैं चाहूँगा, उनके सुपुर्द कर दूँगा। रामेश्वर 09 अक्टूबर 1945 के बाद शुरू करें, तब तक प्रार्थना करें।"

Today, at this time, the connection of Babu Ram was snapped off under orders.

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "When Inspector Sahib [Babu Ayodhya Nath Sahai, the real brother-in-law of Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib] returns from Fatehgarh, through a challenge to be prepared to witness the miracle  of spiritual power, if he so desires. Fix some standard sort of direct connection and demonstrate to him whether such things can happen or not. This is pure spiritual power, and that jugglery is the miracle of will power. There is vast difference between these two. In the sphere of spirituality, all the grandeur and sharpness etc. is gone. Phenomenally [Maya] is totally absent there. Nothing intervenes to bear the burnt [of spirit in its purity] there. Below that just will is there, which can be used to produce [and demonstrate] miracles. Nobody, capable of demonstrating miracles out of real spirituality, has ever been born as yet. The matter concerning Kanpur is within my view. I and dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur UP] are both in the sphere of pure spirituality with the only difference that I possesses limitlessness."

I had called Rameshwar to give transmission and assign work to him. Yesterday, there was reference to [the work of] destruction. That is essential and beyond argument. This work has got delayed because people have not taken it up as their own. Some persons should take up prayer; and others are to devote to other jobs. Prayer I shall assign to persons of my choice. Rameshwar should start [the work assigned to him] after 09th October 1945; and devote to prayer before that time."

Wednesday the 03rd October 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I allow B. Ram Chandra Saksena (III) to transmit to any member of my Mission (Shri Ram Krishna Mission) including its President. He can plainly say that he belongs to the Mission of my Guru [Swami Ram Krishna Paramhans    Ji], under Sahaj Marg to which I [Swami Vivekananda Ji] am included and his Guru too, making the claim alike. He need not hesitate in saying that he was and is initiated on the hand of Swami Vivekananda Ji through Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji (II), his Guru who enjoys the full authority on behalf of me and his Guru as well. He [Swami Vivekananda] is merged in him [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh UP]. Tell him to move there.

Direction for him :

When he sits for the purpose he should think himself in the capacity of his Guru. If any opportunity presents itself, he can call me immediately. He should think himself always a member and organizer as well of the Mission which he already belongs to. He will be given more responsible duty of this Mission.

Tuesday the 16th October 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "All of you people [Madan Mohan Lal, Rameshwar Prasad, Inspector Sahib, and R. C. Saksena] should know that he [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] is no more in this world. Hurry up. The time is passing on. Tell this to everybody, who may have faith in him."

श्री कृष्ण जी महाराज : "सच तो यह है कि ज़मानें ने ऐसा शख्स नहीं देखा। तुम्हारे गुरु के बारे में क्या कहूँ। तुम से नतीज़ा निकाल लें। उनको [हज़रत क़िबला] आज तक किसी ने नहीं पहँचाना। धोखे में रहे। "

Reverend Lord Krishna : "The real fact remains that the world has not seen a person like him; and what shall I say about his Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] ! People may come to a proper conclusion by seeing him [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur UP]. Nobody as yet could recognize [the real worth of] his Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]. Everyone has just remained under deception."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "My solemn prayer to Lord Krishna is to let him [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] remain in the physical form for some time, i.e. for the period required by him to finish the work assigned to him."

Wednesday the 17th October 1945 :

[On the way to Lakhimpur Kheri in a Bus]

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "No doubt, you are to change the face of the world. The condition of the mind [manas] has gone from bad to worse through the habit, cultivated by oneself in one's run of life. To set it right one will have to go back. The point discovered by you is a valuable gem of spiritual philosophy, although it is still in the change of infancy. It requires development for character formation. Make use of it."

Thursday the 18th October 19445 :

हज़रत क़िब्ला : "जिस वक़्त यह [सज़्ज़ादानशीन] लखीमपुर जा रहा था। ख़याल आया कि वोह कौन सी बात है जो मन में जागुजी हो कर नतायज़ ख़िलाफ़ पैदा कर रही है। और वोह कैसे सुधर सकती है। फ़ौरन ख़याल आया कि जिस तरह से इस ख़याल ने तरक़्क़ी की है उसको वैसे ही वापस लौटा देने की कोशिश करो। चुनाँचे उसके ख्याल में बहुत सीधा-सादा मगर मुफ़ीद नुस्ख़ा आ गया। वोह यह है कि हर फदी बशर को लाज़िम है कि काम अज कम यह मराकबः ज़रूर करें। पन्द्रह मिनट तक किया जा सकता है। रायज़ कर दो।"

तरीक़ा : "बाएँ सीने पर जो निशान है [यानी बायाँ पिस्तान], उस से दाहिनी तरफ़ दो अँगुल सीध में नापें और जहाँ पर दूसरी उँगली का सिरा है [यानी कि जहाँ पर दोनों उँगली की लम्बाई ख़त्म होती है।] उसकी सीध में तीन अँगुल नीचे सीधी लाइन जहाँ पर तीनो उँगलियों की लम्बाई ख़त्म होती है। वहाँ पर एक पॉइंट यानी कि नुक़्ता समझ लें और उस पॉइंट या नुक़्ता पर मरकबाः करें कि जुमला स्त्रियाँ उसकी [मराकबः करने वाला अपनी] बहनें हैं। मुतबासिर जितनी देर मराकाबः करें यह ही ख्याल बाँधे रहें। और समझ लें कि वाकयः यह ही है।"

"यह बहुत छोटा सा मराकबः है मगर इस क़दर जूद असर है कि अगर तबीयत से किया जाय तो चन्द ही दिनों में, नहीं, बल्कि इसके करने के बाद ही असर शुरू हो जायगा। ... .... ... "  

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "When dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] was going to Lakhimpur Kheri in a bus, a thought struck him as to what was it that on getting settled in the human mind, starts weaving undesirable effects; and how it may be possible to correct it. That thought was immediately followed by the thought that the process of degeneration, whatever, be just reversed to set everything right. As such, a very simple and yet very beneficial prescription came up in his thought. It is incumbent on every human being to practice this meditation without fail. It can be practiced for fifteen minutes [daily]. Do introduce it. It is Madan Mohan Lal's duty to get it practiced by every member of the Mission."

The method of this meditation : Measure two [of your own] finger-breadths to the right from the nipple of the left-side breast. From the point exactly at the distance of two finger-breadths on the line between the two nipples on your own breasts, measure three finger-breadth downwards [at a 90 degree angle with the baseline between the two nipples]. At this point 'A' one should meditate on the thought that all women in the world are one's sisters; and keep repeating this idea continuously in mind during the entire period of meditation, having firm faith in this being a fact.
"This is a very small meditation; but it has such a quick effect that if it is practiced with a firm and full heart, its effect will start manifesting soon afterwards, even just after starting its practice. Its effect is to be so firm that it can never wither away. Elder sages have invented many practices and meditations of very superior value; but I can bet that no body arrived at this small point, which will not be available anywhere else. Practice of this mediation should be started as soon as possible. Those who may be out of station, be informed through correspondence, explicitly telling them that one who does not practice it, will stay away from the fold of our responsibilities. [Pause] This point can be taken for mediation in case of any defect in one's character."

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] added later : "As a result of this meditation, fickleness will vanish and one's inner makeup [mental tendency] will become straight and proportionately well formed. The capacity to grasp [the relevant] will improve; and mind will come to realize its own reality automatically. To women, this mediation should be introduced with a slight modification, since that for which this mediation has got invented, is found mostly in men. To a woman suffering from excess of fickleness and lack of inclination to spirituality, this practice must surely be prescribed. She should only meditate on this point with the firm thought in her mind that everybody has God's Grace and everybody considers every other man or woman as one's own brother and sister; and she too is not an exception to this." 

Friday the 19th October 1945 :

हज़रत क़िब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़ उ0 प्र0] : "इस दुनियाँ में चँद बातें हर शख्स के लिए लाज़मी हैं। इंसान, इंसान नहीं कहा जा सकता जब तक उन क़वायद की पाबंदी न करे जो उसके लिए लाज़मी हैं। अगर कोई मुझसे यह कहे कि तुम देवता बनना चाहते हो या इंसान, तो मैं यह ही कहूँगा कि इंसान बनना चाहता हूँ। देवताओं की हालत घड़ी की चाबी की तरह से है जब तक कि उनमें कूक रहेगी काम करते रहेंगे। जहाँ ख़त्म हुयी, अपनी हैसियत खो बैठे। यह कूक अरसे से नहीं लगाई गयी है। इस लिए उनके काम ढीले पड़ रहे हैं। और नतीज़ा मतलूब पैदा करने में वोह क़ासिर हो रहे हैं। हवन बेसूद हो रहे हैं। फसलें खराब हो रहीं हैं। गरज़े कि बहुत सी बांतें हैं। कहाँ तक लिखाई जावें। इंसानी कूक जो रोज़े अज़ल से भर दी गयी है, अब तक ख़त्म नहीं हुयी और न इसके ख़त्म होने की उम्मीद है। यह बात आखिर तक ऐसी ही रहेगी। यह काम अज़ल का है और अबद तक रहेगा। अब सवाल यह पैदा होता है कि हम अपना हक़ किस तरीके से आवर करें और इस कूक को किस तरह रेगुलेट करें ताकि घड़ी सही वक़्त देने लगे। इस के लिए बुज़ुर्गों के वो पूरे नुस्खे हैं जिन के इस्तेमाल से इंसानी स्टैण्डर्ड क़ायम रह सकता है। रोज़ाना के बर्ताव, खुशी अख़लाक़ी, एतेदाल पसंदी, मैना रवी इसकी जान है। अब इन बांतों को किस तरीके से क़ायदे में लाया जावे। इस के लिए उसूल ज़ाहिरी बेहतर रहेंगे। मसलन अलैहि सुबह उठना। जिस्म की सफाई करना, वक़्त पर खाना, वक़्त पर उठना बैठना मुफीद रहेगा। यह इब्तियाई बात है। पहले इन बातों की पावंदी कर लें, इसके बाद आगे कदम रक्खें। नवजवानों में यह आदतें इस ज़माने में अक्सर पायी जाती हैं कि इसकी पावंदी नहीं करते। और यह सख्त ऐब है। इसके बाद घर के काम-काज में चन्द उसूलों के साथ मसरूफ रहना चाहिए। रोज़ी कमाने की कोशिश करना चाहिए। इस तरह पर कि दूसरों का भी भला कर सकें मगर इसमें गलता पैंचा नहीं होना चाहिए। ईश्वर की याद हर काम के साथ रहना चाहिए। बर्तावा इस तरीक़े का होना चाहिए कि यकसानियत झलक पड़े, इसका मतलब यह है कि हर शख्स को यह ख़याल रहे कि फलां शख्स अपनी ड्यूटी में जो उसके जिम्मे है, कासिर नहीं है। प्रेम-भाव बात बात में टपके। एक दुसरे की खिदमत करना अपना फ़र्ज़ समझे। जो जिस लायक है उस के साथ वैसा अपना हक़ अदा करे। बुराई का ख़याल दिल से काफूर होना।  सब को मखलूके खुदा में से समझें और सब का मालिक उसी को समझें और उसकी वैसी ही इज़्ज़त करें। और यह बिला कमोकास्थ सब के साथ होना चाहिए। ख़्वाह सत्संगी हो ख़्वाह ग़ैर सत्संगी। यह उसूल आम तौर पर सब के साथ बर्तना चाहिए।"   
Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "In this world, a few things are essential for every body. Man does not deserve being designated man unless those principles are adopted by him/her. If someone asks me whether I like to be man or god, I shall just say that I prefer to be man. Gods are in the state like the winding of a watch. They will remain working so long as the winding of the spring is there. As soon as the spring gets unwound, they lose their status. This winding has not been effected for quite a long time now. As such they are running loose as to their effectiveness of performance; and they remain incapable of producing desired results. Oblations to fire are going waste. Crops are failing. So many things like these are occurring : how much to dictate ! The winding administered to man at the time of creation still remains; and there is no possibility ever of its exhaustion. This will remain just as it is, up to the end. Now the question is : how are we to fulfil our duty [in gratitude to this right bestowed on us - by God]? How to regulate this winding so that the human clock starts giving the correct time? For this there are those age-old prescriptions of elders, which on being used can ensure the establishment of the human standard. These are the daily routine, good conduct, moderation at all. Balanced living is the essence of it. Now, what to do in order to set everything in tune with the [basic] principles? For this, [regulation of] externally observable behavior will be better, for example rising up early in the morning, cleanliness of the body, regular time eating, and all routine behavior in dealing with people and environment will be beneficial. These are preliminary matters. These are to be achieved first; and then one is to step ahead. Young people, these days, are in general found habitually lacking in these respects; and this is a big defect. After requiring these habits concerning routine daily life, one should engage in the affairs of the house-hold, observing certain principles. One should try to earn one's livelihood in such a way as to be able to give benefit to others also, but one should not be unduly worried and confused in these regards. Remembrance of God should remain there in case of every work. Dealing with others should be such as to reflect uniformity. This means that everybody should have the idea that such and such person is not lacking in the performance of the duty that is assigned to him / her. Love should be dripping out of every piece of one's talk and behavior. Serving each other [mutually] should be considered as duty by everyone. One's own obligation be dealt with in accordance with privileges and positions to each person as the case would require . Thought concerning evil - dong should vaporize from the heart. Everyone is to be considered as God's creation; and He alone is to be taken as Master of all. Everyone should be paid regard in that same light; and this should be for everybody without distinction whether one belongs to one's holy association [Satsang] or not. These principles should be dealt with everyone, in general."

Swami Vivekananda Ji [time 10.00 PM] : "If some lady comes forward with a vow to take up the work of the 'Mission' throughout her lifetime, and wants to move in that sphere only, and if she has no children and husband, then as a special case she may be allowed to work in the field; and she will be considered as a member of the 'Mission' in its true sense. The rest will be considered members [in ordinary parlance]. Filling of form by ladies will not be proper, because people have objection to it. I do not want that ladies sit shoulder to shoulder with man flock, during 'Satsang' [group meditation etc.]. There must be a separate room for them behind the curtain. There are examples that when such things were allowed, corruption crept in. Follow your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] in this regard. If some enthusiastic worker from among the ladies comes forward with the earnest desire to work in the open field, do not have trust in her until the dark shadow  from her heart is unveiled. You will be the better judge for it. In the case of ladies from Europe [and other wester countries], it is different. They are more liberal and unorthodox than those in India. If some such occasion occurs in your lifetime, just consult me. The whole of my writings is for the platform. No bar is imposed to render help in the work of the 'Mission'. This is to be impressed, that they [ladies] are members in the 'Mission' and have the same source at their base. They can be initiated, but not very often."

Wednesday the 24th October 1945 :

हज़रत क़िब्ला : "मूर्ति पूजा का आग़ाज़ कैसे हुआ और यह क्यों रायज़ हुआ। यह दो सवाल अक्सर लोगों को परेशान करते रहते हैं। कोई मुवाफ़िक हो जाता है और कोई ख़िलाफ़। असलियत से दोनों बेबहरा हैं। इसकी दरम्यानी हालत किसी के एहसास में नहीं आयी। किसी ने पत्थर उठा लिया किसी ने और चीज़ परस्तिश के लिए बना ली। तरह तरह की चीज़ें परस्तिशगाहे अम्माँ हो गयीं। कोई किताबों पर फूल चढानें लगा। कोई कुछ करने लगा। दरिया और परनाले भी पूजे जाने लगे। कमचियां भी पूजी जाने लगीं। हर धात को सिर नवाने या सिज़दा करने लगे। ग़रज़े कि बेशुमार पूजाएँ इसके मुताल्लिक ईज़ाद हो गयीं। जिसका नतीजा यह हुआ कि कसरत पाबंदी आ गयी। वहदत छुपने लगी और परदे-दर-परदे उसपर पड़ते गए। इससे बेहतर था कि किसी एक चीज़ को दिल दिया जाता और के लिए मुक़र्रर की जाती। और सुनो, जिस मूर्ति को सामने रक्खा, वोह ऐसी खुदा की गयी कि जब ज़रुरत हुयी उसी पर निगाह पहुँची। यह नहीं हुआ कि उसी का [ईश्वर का] जलवा उसमे तसव्वुर किया जाता और फिर निगाह उस पर की जाती। मुराद तो लोग ईश्वर से माँगते हैं मगर उसका ख्याल उसी में अहाता करने लगता है। इससे अगर ज़रा ऊंचे उठ जाँय और बराबर उठते रहें तो यह हो सकता है कि उसके आगे बढ़ने की खुशखबरी मिलती रहे। मगर यहाँ तो यह है कि उसी को छोड़ना भी चाहते हैं। एक वक़्त था जब इसको कोई जनता भी न था। उसके बा यह हुआ कि ख़याल चक्कर खाने लगे और देवताओं की तरफ पहुँचने लगे। जिद्दत तवाअ ने ऐसा ज़ोर मारा कि उनकी मूर्तियाँ क़ायम कर दी गयीं मगर यह परस्तिश की नियत से न थीं। इसके बाद रफ्ता रफ्ता यह हुआ कि उनकी क़द्र दिल में घूमने लगी और उसको उस बुत से निस्बत लेने लगे। बनाने वाले की कारीगरी ने और भी दिल को उस तरफ़ खींच लिया। ज़माने के लिहाज़ से कसाफ़त बढ़ रही थी। उसकी निस्बतन [यानी कसीफ़ चीज़] चीज़ पसन्द आने लगी और उस पर यारों ने और जिला दे दी। बस फिर क्या था। रुझान और मैलाने तवाअ उस पर मबज़ूल होने लगी और इतनी दिलचस्बी पैदा हुयी कि उसका तार ऊपर से नहीं रहा। गोया तहत में देखना शुरू हो गया। इससे नुक्सान भी है और फ़ायदा भी। फ़िर कहना पड़ता है कि इससे फ़ायदा वोह ही उठा सकता है जिसकी लगन ईश्वर से हो और उस पर निगाह ठहरने का जरिया मान ले। यह भी नहीं कि तमाम उम्र उसको ऐसा ही समझा करे बल्कि उस वक़्त का इंतज़ार करे और इंतज़ार में रहे जब तक कि यह चीज़ खुद-व्-खुद छूटने लगे। और यह हो कैसे? उस वक़्त जब कि इस को एक आला सिर्फ मान लिया जावे। यह उस शख्स के लिए मुफीद है जो मूढ़ है और इसके आगे ठोस भाव जब तक कि न लेवें, बढ़ नहीं सकते। अस्ल में इसके लिए भी उस्ताद की ज़रुरत है जिसमे कम-अज़-कम इतनी ताक़त आ गयी हो कि एक मूढ़ को इसमें रखते हुए आगे बढ़ाएं। यह मज़बून मैंने इशारतन लिखाया है। वाक़ियात जितने पेश आवें और जितने ढंग प्रतीत हों, निभाते हुए जिज्ञासु  निकालना चाहिए, और तरक्की देना चाहिए। मैंने अपनी ज़िन्दगी में किसी वक़्त कहा था कि महात्मा जब भ्रमण करते थे और किसी मक़ाम की सुनसान हालत जब उसकी निगाह में आती थी तो उनकी निगाह उसपर झुक जाती थी।"

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "How did idol-worship start? And what for? These two question are mostly causing worry to people. Someone goes in favour of it; and somebody stands against it. Both are unacquainted with reality. The midpoint between these [extremes of opposition and favoritism] hardly occurred to anybody's experience. Someone took up the stone, while somebody else adopted something else as an object of worship. Things of a different sort of relation to that [attitude] so to say, came to be places for general worship. Someone started offering flowers to books; while somebody else did something else like that. Rivers and gutters started being worshiped. Canes and whips [torture instruments] came to be object of [universal] worship. Slaves [and servants] came to be saluted. Innumerable forms of worship, so to say, were invented as associated to that [attitude to God], as a result of which, preference for multiplicity ensued. The Oneness [of God] started to get veiled; and curtains after curtains came to cover it. It would have been better to give the heart to some single object, to be fixed for worship. Just listen to something more : when as idol had been established [as a concrete object] in-front of oneself, it assumed so much the role of God, that it attracted the imploring gaze just to itself, whenever the need for God was there, instead of assuming the manifestation of Gods splendor [in that idol] in making it the centre of one's attention. People in fact direct their desires for fulfillment to God, but their thought starts to remain confined to that [idol] only. If they go a little higher, and continue rising up that way, it may be possible that happy tidings of advancement trail on them. But here people are hardly ever prepared to give up that [narrow attachment to the idol]. There was a time when nobody happened even to be aware of it [idol worship]. Then thought started whirling about to get inclined to gods [deities]. Ingenuity came to assert so that deities were sculptured. These, however, were not intended [originally] to be subject of worship. Later, gradually regard for them began to reverberate in the heart, and God started to be linked to that [sculptured idol]. The craftsmanship of the sculptor attracted the heart even more in that direction. Grossness was increasing in keeping with the [deteriorating] times. As such, performance for the gross object got the upper hand; and interested people with [selfish ends in view] imparted more glamour to it [idol worship]. That, thus, finally directed orientation and inclination of the minds disposition to it; and interest was developed to such an extent as to snap of the link of the heart's disposition from the higher entity, and looking to neither regions [of self seeking] ensued. This is harmful as well as beneficial. I have to repeat that benefit out of this [idol worship] can be derived only by the one, whose aspiration is linked only to God, and who may suppose the idol only as the concrete means for fixing one's eye on. It is also not to be taken as such for the whole life time; but waiting for that time should continuously be there, when this [attachment of dependence on the idol] would start drooping off automatically. This is possible when taking it only a means. This [idol-worship] is useful for those who are stupid, and remain to move on any further unless they adopt something concrete to satisfy their gross attitude. In fact, there is need for a guide even for this also, who may have acquired such capability atlas, as to take a stupid fellow forward, while keeping him at his gross level."

"This article I have directed just by way of indications. As the circumstances may prevail, and according to the trends, the inquisitive aspirants should be taken forward and made to cove stages, having regard for all limitations. During my lifetime, I had hinted at some time that wandering sages, on noticing the calm serenity of some place, used to bow down their benign look over that [place, to charge it with grace]."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "The technique was adopted during the medieval ages."

हज़रत क़िब्ला : "और यह बात ज़ियादह तर मंदिरों में होती थी जहाँ कि लोग आते जाते रहते थे और वो मूर्ती को हिप्नोटाइज़ कर दिया करते थे। इस वजह से कि मूढ़ लोगों पर भी सामने बैठने से असर पड़े। यह दूसरी किस्म की प्राणप्रतिष्ठा है जो महात्माओं की ईज़ाद है। जब यह प्रणाली राइज़ होने लगी तब वो ऐसा करने लगे।    
Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : This happened mostly in the temples, which were frequented by a large number of people. They [wandering sages] used to hypnotise the idol so that even the stupid people may get some effect on sitting before it. This is another kind of technique [imbuing the idol with vital force] which is the invention of sages. They started doing this, when such a system came to prevail."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "In fact, the technique, mentioned and referred to by Tulsi Das, no more exists.

[Reference here is to the enshrinement of the idol at Rameshwaram by Lord Ram, as mentioned the medieval poet Tulsi Das in his Ramayana.]

Friday the 26th October 1945 :

हज़रत क़िब्ला : "मैं इस ख्याल को पसन्द करता हूँ कि तीन माह के लिए काम छोड़ दो और आज़ाद रहो। तारीख़ मैं मुक़र्रर कर दूँगा। इस दौरान में स्वाध्याय और मुझ से ताल्लुक़ रहेगा। मुरीदैन को ग़ायबाना मदद दे सकते हो। मुझे जब किसी शख्स की ज़रुरत पड़ेगी, बुला लिया करूँगा। इस दौरान मैं उनको [राम चन्द्र - शाहजहाँपुर] क़तई आराम दिया जाय। कोई बात उनके सामने पेश न की जाय, बल्कि तन्हाई का मौक़ा दिया जाय। मिलना जुलना तर्क रक्खा जाय। लोगों से कह दिया जावे कि दिल व दिमाग़ के आराम के लिए मोहलत दी गयी है। कम सुखनी इनका बतीरा रहेगा। मिशन के झगड़ों से बचाया जावे। जो बातें कि ज़रूरी हैं पहले ही से तैयार कर के रख ली जावें ताकि इन के दिल व दिमाग़ पर किसी तरह का ज़ोर न पड़े। मेरा फैज़ 09.00 बजे रात के जारी रहेगा ताकि लोगों को फ़ायदा पहुँचता रहे। इनकी याद में मेरी तवज्जोह होगी। फ़िर भी जिस को यह बुलाएँ, आ सकता है, मगर इतनी ही देर के लिए जितना ये चाहें। मैं समझता हूँ कि अगर इस टाइम पर लोग अपने यहाँ बैठ लें तो उनको वोह ही फैज़ की फुरना मिलेगी जो यहाँ आने से होती है। मेरा फैज़ आम होगा।

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] to all concerned : "I like the idea that you [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur UP] give up all routine work for three months, and remain free. The date I shall fix [duly]. During that period the right kind of study and a permanent link to me will there. You can help the disciples in absentia. If I need somebody sometime, I shall call him. During that period he [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur UP] be given complete rest. No [puzzling] problem be refered to him; and opportunity for introspection alone be provide to him. Visits and meetings be reduced to the minimum. People may be told that he has been given leave for rest to his heart and brain. Less talking will be his way during this period. He should be kept away from the conflicts of the 'Mission'. What ever may be necessary be kept ready in advance so that there will be no strain to his heart and mind. My grace [transmission] shall start at 09.00 PM, so that people remain deriving benefit. There will be my transmission in his remembrance. However, if he calls somebody, he is to come but only for such length of time as desired by him. I understand that people sitting in meditation at their own places will receive the same vibration of grace [transmission] that they get here. My grace will be universal."

Monday the 29th October 1945 :

हज़रत क़िब्ला : "इसके [राम चन्द्र - शाहजहाँपुर] दिमाग़ में कुल सलूशन इस तालीम का आ चुका है। तालीम मुक़म्मिल है मगर ख़दशा इस बात का है कि हर शख्स में अवतार की पूरी पूरी हालत न उतर जाय। इसलिए मैं मुनासिब समझता हूँ कि इसको सीने में ही रक्खा जाय और इसको ऐसे ही लेते चले जायँ। तालीम एक हद तक दी जा सकती है मगर सबको नहीं। यह हुक्म श्री कृष्ण जी महाराज का है।

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Dear Ram Chandra's [of Shahjahanpur] mind has grasped the entire substance of this [new] system of spiritual training. His training is perfect, but the apprehension remains that the condition of incarnation may get imparted to every person [receiving training from him]. As such, I feel that the ultimate of truing should be kept [hidden] in the breast, and this process be continued further on. Training can be imparted up to a certain limit, but not to every ono. This is the order of Lord Krishna."

श्री कृष्ण जी महाराज : "तुम्हारे यह सब मुक़ामात खुले हुए हैं। इसी पर सब को क़ायम कर देना कुदरत के ख़िलाफ़ होगा। यह ताक़त ख़ास है जो ख़ास ही में रक्खी जाती है। मेरी मिसाल मौजूद है कि मैं ख़ास चीज़ जिस में थी, अपने साथ ही ले गया।

Reverend Lord Krishna : "In your [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] case, all the points are in perfect bloom. To bring everybody up to this stage will be against Nature. This power is special, and is kept only in the special person. My example is there, viz. I just had to bring with me the special power, lodged in me."

हज़रत क़िब्ला : "जितने बुजुर्ग़ हैं सब ने अपना काम तुम्हारे सुपुर्द कर दिया है और खुद दस्त बरदार हो चुके हैं। हर सिलसिले की तुमको इजाज़त है। जिसमें चाहो तालीम करो। वोह ही निस्बत पैदा होगी।

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "All the elder sages, who ever, have surrendered their work to you, and have made themselves free [from their burden]. You enjoy permission from every chain and family of spiritual Masters. You may impart training in which ever shyster and order you may like, the same link will be created."

Tuesday the 06th November 1945 :

आपस में बात-चीत हो रही थी। रामेश्वर प्रसाद ने कहा कि अगर मुझमें जज़्ब खूब तेज़ हो जावे तो मैं खूब काम करूँ। इस पर इरशाद हुआ :

हज़रत क़िब्ला : "आग़ाज़ इस सिलसिला [सहज मार्ग] का अज़ीज़ राम चन्द्र [शाहजहाँपुर उ0 प्र0] से हुआ। इसमें हिन्दुआपन है। वहाँ हमेशा अमल की नक़ल रही। ज़रुरत के वक़्त उसी की स्पेशल पॉवर से काम लिया जाता था। इसके बारे मैं कह भी चुका हूँ। जज़्बाती क़ैफ़ियत जिसको उभार की सूरत कहते हैं, मुसलमानी नमाज़ से शुरू हुई। यह भी एक तरीक़ा था जो उस वक़्त की मसलहत थी। अगर ग़ौर किया जाय तो यह क़ैफ़ियत अज़ीज़ राम चन्द्र [शाहजहाँपुर उ0 प्र0] से क़तई खिंच गयी। इस लिए कि मौजूदा सिलसिला नसाहबानुमा पायें। यह ही बात आगे बढ़ती जाएगी। जिसको जज़्ब कहा जाता है, वोह यह नहीं है जैसा की रामेश्वर का ख्याल है। जज़्बे के अस्ल मानी चिपकाओ के हैं। वो उभार था जिसमें माद्दियत शामिल थी। यह ख़ुलूस है और इसकी रफ़्तार कई गुना ज़ियादा है। यह चीज़ तमाम उम्र जा नहीं सकती। और उसके लिए हर वक़्त पंखा झलने की और तेज़ी बढ़ाने की ज़रूरत पड़ती है। पर लाज़िमी नहीं कि उसीसे काम बन सके। उससे कई गुना ज़्यादः इससे बन सकता है। इससे डसे हुए का मन्त्र नहीं। यह ही चीज़ क़ाइम रहेगी। उन लोगों को भी जो उभार पैदा करते थे, इसी पर आना पड़ता था। मगर यह बात आखिर में में होती थी। काम इसी हालत से बनता है। [नोट : रामेश्वर प्रसाद से मराकबः कराया गया] यह ही तेज़ी है जो रामेश्वर को दिखाई गयी। यह बढ़ाई भी जा सकती है। मैं चेलेंज करता हूँ कि अगर इस क़िस्म की यानि मौजूदा सूरत की जिसमें यह बात पूरी उतर चुकी हो, एक तवज्जोः भी दे दी जाय, तो  तमाम उम्र उसका असर जा नहीं सकता। यह ज़रूर है कि अगर वोह यानी अभ्यासी बढ़ाना चाहे तो हो सकता। यह वोह चीज़ है कि आहिस्ता आहिस्ता सुलग सुलग कर कुल भट्टी को गरम कर देती है। इसका असर आगे देखने में आएगा। अभी जुम्मा जुम्मा आठ दिन ही हुए हैं। यह हकीकत है। मैंने दोनों बातें मिली जुली रक्खीं थी, यानि सुरूर भी शामिल कर लिया था। मगर अब बिलकुल ख़ुलूस है।"

People were discussing and talking with one another. Rameshwar Prasad said that in case ecstatic zeal [jazba] would be increased in him, he would be able to work quite a lot. Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP], there upon, explained :

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "The start of this system, viz., 'Sahaj Marg' has come with Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]. This is after the Hindu tradition, where in there has always been imitation [naqal] of 'Pure Reality' [Asal]. At the time of need the special power of that [Pure Reality] was also put to use. I have spoke about this earlier as well. [25.06.1945] The ecstatic condition which is known as boiling up or aggravation [Jazba] started during the Islamic period. That too was a technique, which was in accordance with those times. If you [Rameshwar Prasad etc.] observe actually, you will find that this condition has been entirely snatched away from dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur], so that the present [new] system ['Sahaj Marg] may come up and grow [adequately]. Just this thing will will go on increasing with the advancement of the system. What is called 'JAZBA' is not as Rameshwar Prasad considers it to be. 'Zeal' or enthusiasm, in the real sense means close attachment. That was aggravation, which included materiality. This is purity ['Khuloos']; and its speed is manifold higher as compare to that. This thing cannot wither away for a whole lifetime, while in case of that [Jazba] there is always the need to fan it up in order to increase its sharpness. Success [in work] does not necessarily come out of that alone. This can do the job many times better than that. There is no cure for the one having fallen victim to the sting of this. Just this thing will remain established those, who use to create aggravation of 'zeal', were also required to come up to just this thing [silent attachment]; but this happened [in their case] at long last. Just this thing does the job."

Rameshwar Prasad was asked to sit in mediation.

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] obstructions continued : "Just this is sharpness, which has been brought to the view of Rameshwar Prasad. This can be increased also. I bet if even one transmission of this sort, wherein the present state of its perfect condition would have descended, its effect will not diminish for a whole life-time. Of course, if the aspirant would like to let it go waste, it may wither away. This is what smoulders slowly and makes the whole fire place warm. Its effect will be clearer by and by. As yet only two fridays have made up just eight days, [as the proverb goes in India]. This is the reality. I had kept both things mixed up together, i.e. intoxication of ecstasy was also included. But now, purity [Khuloos] alone reigns supreme."

Wednesday the 07th November 1945 :

हज़रत क़िब्ला : "मैं अब उकता गया हूँ।"

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Now I am fed up."

Thursday the 08th November 1945 :

हज़रत क़िब्ला : "इन सब लोगों ने मुझको परेशान कर रक्खा है।"

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "All these people have exhausted my patience."

Swami Vivekananda : "Whoever comes to you, just give him training. You need not bother yourself any further. Improve your health a little, so that we may be able to sit in the open field. People are waiting for you. We want them to come to you as single persons [for thorough training], and not like swarms of locusts. We want hands to hands to shoulder your responsibilities; and advise all [of those who are already with you] to avail of the time [to their best advantage]. I want to depute people in all corners. Your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] has always to take your tender health into consideration. [Pause] Be a lion. Never mind, if you have to tear a few into pieces."

हज़रत क़िब्ला : "मेरा यह हर वक़्त ख़याल रहता है कि ऐसा न हो कि इसके दिमाग़ पर ज़ोर पड़ जाए। क्यों कि अभी कुदरत को काम लेना है जिसके हिंट्स आ चुके हैं।"

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "I am always cautious to avoid undue pressure on his brain, because Nature has to take work from him, for which hints are already there."

Tuesday the 13th November 1945 :

तरीक़ा हस्ब ज़ैल ईज़ाद करदा सज्जादा नशीन श्री मान राम चन्द्र जी साहिब जो बाद तस्दीक़ व तरमीम हज़रत क़िब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महराज - फतेहगढ़ उ0 प्र0] नोट किया गया।

तरीक़ा : जिस्म की अन्दरूनी और बेरूनी सफ़ाई रक्खे [यानि जिस्म नजासत से पाक और अंदर फ़ासिद खयालात से], हर वक़्त तबीयत साफ़ रक्खे। और कोशिश इस बात की करे कि दिल पर बोझ [गिरानी, क़बीद्गी] न आने पाए। और इसको अभ्यास करके बढ़ाया जावे। मतलब यह है कि अपनी हालत इतनी साफ़ करे और सादा रक्खे, जैसी नेचर की है।

बिल्फाज़ दीगर यह है कि अपनी सादगी और रविश [रहन - सहन] बिलकुल ऐसा होना चाहिए कि मिसाल जैसे कि पानी की धार ऊपर से छोड़ी जावे तो जहाँ तक उसको साफ़ और सीधा रास्ता मिलेगा, निर्मल और सरल  हालत में बहती रहेगी। यही उसूल है। ऐसी हालत पैदा कर लेने से जो बात कि वहाँ [धुर से] शुरू हुयी है, सीधी पहुँचेगी। गोया नेचर यानी कुदरत की नक़ल करना और इसी से निस्बत हाँसिल करना है।"

The following method, freshly invented, is noted below, as approved after due modifications by Revered master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP].

Method : "The individual system [body] is to be kept clean, i.e. shorn of dirt externally, and of unclean thoughts internally. The mental tendency is to be kept clean permanently; and the attempt should be made to keep the heart free from heaviness and moroseness. This is to be increase through practice. This means that one has to clean and one's condition after the example of the current of [clean] water falling from above, flowing pure and simple and unimpeded throughout as far as it finds the way clear. Just this is the principle. On crating such a condition [in one self], what has started from the Ultimate Source, would remain arriving straight. This is, so to say, copying Nature the Divine State, and achieving a connection with the same."

Wednesday the 14th November 1945 :

हज़रत क़िब्ला [In train] : "मैं कह सकता हूँ कि यह पॉइंट मुझे ज़रूर मालूम था। इससे पहले की डिस्कवरी नहीं हुयी। यह क़ुदरत का कमाल है कि चीज़ दिल में ही मौजूद है। यह वह पॉइंट है कि जहाँ पर लोग सुषुप्ति में जाते हैं। इसका इल्म हर शख्स को नहीं होता। इसके अंदर बहुत सी बातें हैं।  यह अथाह है, मक़ामे हैरत इसको कहते हैं। बहुत से बुजुर्ग़ इसमें ग़ोताज़न रहे। यह वह मक़ाम है जहाँ पर वह्य [वही] नाज़िल होती है। अच्छा अब फिर बताऊँगा। यह मक़ाम सिर्फ नबीयों का खुला होता है। मैं दुआ देता हूँ कि जिसने यह मक़ाम दरियाफ़्त किया है वोह कोई बात स्प्रीचुअल साइंस ऐसी नहीं रहेगी जो उस पर खुल न जाय।"

[Started on tour of Rajputana now Rajasthan]

Revered Master's dictation [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] in the train to Agra : "I can say confidently that this point was certainly known to me. It was not dissevered earlier. It is the superb marvel of Nature that the [marvelous] thing is present in the heart it self. This is the point, at which people enter [the realm of] deep sleep [sushupti]. Knowledge of this does not fail to the lot the all and sundry. There are so many things herein. This is known as the above of wonderment. [Soul as described in the Upanishads and the Gita]. Many elder sages remained diving in it. This is the point at which [indications of the mystery of] Divine messages [wahee] descend. All right, I will tell more about it later. This point bloomed only in prophets. I give the blessing that nothing concerning spiritual science will remain concealed from the person [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur], who has discovered this point."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Lord Krishna Himself is taken by surprise to view the field of your sound brain. No body except Lord Krishna, and later your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP], had knowledge concerning this point. Sages in India have long been mediating to discover the role of this point in the wider field of spirituality, without any success. This is a vast circle, unlimited and endless. Nobody has measured it. Thousands have been wasted away and many have swum over the waives, but none could go beneath. The solution [concerning this old age problem, that has come to you], will go in your congenital notes, which are progressing more and more. If the secret of Nature be revealed to every eye, power will be utilized in wrong ways. Various powers of Nature are subordinate to this very point. [Divine commands concerning] godly work descend through it. However much we may try to define it, the subject is to remain incomplete. The power of God is located at this big center."

Thursday the 15th November 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "You are at the gateway to Rajputana. Begin your work. You will have to come again for the work [this way]. This part is almost barren of spirituality."

Saturday the 17th November 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "The work of Rajputana was started in a good way but since you are not staying here any more, the work is only half done. Moreover, you are not feeling well today; otherwise one night's work would have been sufficient. There is still time and age to complete this work."

"You are perfectly right that the downfall of pleader has now been started. He is not a good man; and is giving trouble to his mother mother-in-law. She is a pious soul. Pleader has got no eyes to see the soul in her. We are deeply touched [at the behavior of pleader]. It will not go in-revenged. When you reach home, tell him to treat his wife properly. Her sensitivity is to be used properly in the right direction, so that she may stand with him shoulder to shoulder in the work of Revered Master, our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]."

हज़रत क़िब्ला : "मैंने अज़ीज़ राम चन्द्र में अपनी दुई जिसका इस वक़्त तज़किरा था इसलिए क़ाइम रक्खी है ताकि कुछ पर्दा ऐसा हायल रहे कि यह उसमें मिल कर जिस्म न छोड़ दे। इसकी शक्ल यूँ है जैसे कोई शख्स किसी में चिपका हुआ हो मगर मगर अपना आप उसको उससे अलहदा नज़र पड़े। फ़क़त यह ख़याली बात है जो मसले हतन रक्खी गयी है। वार्ना कुछ नहीं है। यह बात उनकी आख़िरी वक़्त दूर होगी जब दुनियाँ से कूच करना चाहेंगे। और यह बात मैंने उन्हीं पर छोड़ रक्खी है। उस वक़्त तक जब तक कुदरत कोई नयी शक्ल अख्तियार न करे। यही मैंने वादा किया है कि जिस वक़्त इस दुनियाँ को वाक़ई छोड़ना चाहोगे, फ़ौरन बुला लूँगा।"

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "I have retained my duality in dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur], which was under reference just now, so that some sort of a curtain may remain in between [him and me] and he does not give up the physical body on achieving total unity with me. The shape of this condition is like a some one being glued to somebody else, yet find his identity still apart from that other person. This is something merely conceptual, which has been retained for some beneficial consideration. This thing in his case will wither away at the time of his end, viz. when he would desire to depart form this physical world. I have left this to him alone for that long as Nature does not adopt some other course. This is to say that I have promised to welcome you [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] immediately, when you will really like to leave this world."

Sunday the 18the November 1945 :

[On return journey in the train]

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Before the world has was created, everything was smooth without rise and fall. The idea that gave birth to marriage was rooted in the idea of existence. The idea to unite prevailed in every atom and molecule. The wave run throughout the particles that were brought in to shape and form. Positive waves were attracting each other to bring Nature's work to perfection. I mean, the idea of existence. What ruled over them was the idea of crude happiness in the form of enjoyment. Why this crude sort of happiness was searched behind the senses? That was due to the environment crated by the Ultimate Power Creation [Brahma] to bring out creation [srishti] in a regular form. It was the pressure of the will of Almighty, crating the world, rooted deeply in to the subtle body [of creatures]. The idea is totally complete. Any of you [as individuals] are so prepared as to get it modified in a away that it may reach the extent to which Nature evolved [it]. Then you are going side by side with Nature in this respect. As time went on, people became used to that sort of enjoyment, derived by them form generation to generation of their forefathers. The result is quite vivid before your eyes. These things should not be entered in to one's own disciples. You [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] have got the special power for such work as well. When ever you find any such man coming before you, nip him at the point, I mean of sensuous enjoyment. All of this dictation is useful for the persons who have been trampled down sufficiently, and their course [of development] directed to the wrong point. You will find every man to be a prey to it. Reaching Shahjahanpur it will be your duty to devise means and methods for disciples to follow to get rid of the epidemic. People are not realizing who you are. Your training starts from the center of Almighty in the very beginning. Do you know why it is so? The reply is given by our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] somewhere in the notes. You have come to effect change and this will be your function throughout. The highest attempt will make your work smooth, so that the people coming after you may impart training in the [way of ] life [for which] you showed in seed."

Monday the 19th November 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : We have measured the field for the 'Mission's work' to start here and then proceed further. The highly educated persons among you with enlightened heart will be successful here. We are pushing the way. The seed has sowed by you in such a short interval. You will get suitable people for work in south India and in North India. I assure you that you will be soon gaining ground. Try your best to make people fit for the work with your Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] energy. You should be quite strict internally so that each part may be developed fully. A special sort of training is required for a man taking up this work so that your 'Mission' may be held in high esteem by everybody. I give more points about it other times."

Sunday the 02nd December 1945 :

हज़रत क़िब्ला : "तुम्हारा एहसास वकील बदायूनी की निस्बःत सही है। तुम उन्हे इतना दे चुके हो कि एक अरसे में हजम कर सकेंगे। मौजूदा हालत उनकी जिसको तुमने whirl के नाम से मन्सूब किया है, यह है। इस वक़्त छेड़ने की ज़रुरत नहीं।

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Your feeling about Madan Mohan Lal Vakil Budaunee is correct. You have already bestowed so much on him, that he will need time to assimilate. Just now, his condition is that what you have described by the word 'whirl'. There is no need to stir him just now."

Monday the 03rd December 1945 :

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Question - who is the biggest [most dangerous] enemy? Answer - Crest [vainglory]."

हज़रत क़िब्ला : "सबसे बड़ा दुश्मन कौन ?"


Saturday the 15th December 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Look here. Divine work is suffering. I give you six months time to complete it. Proceed to Benares [now Varanasi] and then to Orissa [now Utkala] in the month of June. Lord Chaitanya, who is here, is disgusted with his disciples. The Hindu supremacy was established in India and abroad. Egypt [now the United Arab Republic] was the seat of Lord Manu. It was considered a part of India. You will have to carry the torch of spirituality there as well. The work before you is beyond your imagination; and you have to carry it out within your lifetime. No one seems coming after you as strong as you have been made. Exercise your special powers in these matters and prepare persons in the quest possible way for the work. A stock of work lies in store for you; and you could not yet complete the daily lessons. This, no doubt, is to be attributed to your health condition; but there is no reedy."

हज़रत क़िब्ला : "उड़ीसा तुमको जाना पडेगा। बनारस होते हुए जाना और वहाँ का काम ख़त्म करके फिर आगे बढ़ना।
Revered Master : "You will have to go to Orissa [it seems]. Go to Benares first; and proceed on after completing the work there."

भाई जगमोहन नारायण : "भाई साहिब इस वक़्त मैदान मार के आओ।"
Brother Jagmohan Narain : "Go and return with laurels, dear brother."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "The principal work will be allotted to you there in Orissa. Had you been quite healthy, I would have ordered you to proceed to Egypt. Where there is a will, there is a way."

Sunday the 16th December 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I am leaving this note in your diary for your [chief] disciple to complete it, if you may be unable to do it for any reason."

Monday the 17th December 1945 :

श्री कृष्ण जी महाराज : "मेरी तरफ़ से कह देवें कि सब सिलसिले टूट चुके हैं। सिलसिला हिन्दुआना क़ाइम हो गया है। उसमे सब का बैत हो रहे हैं। और कुछ के कनेक्शन संभाल दिए गए।

Reverend Lord Krishna : "Announce on my behalf that all chains [systems] have been shattered. The system after [ancient] Hinduism has become established; and all are getting initiated therein. As such connections of cretins persons/systems have been set right."

हज़रत क़िब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़] : "मदन मोहन लाल, एक मुश्किल यह पड़ रही है कि इन बातों को कोई मानता ही नहीं। वोह समझ रहे हैं कि यह मनगढ़ंत है और यह नहीं सूझता कि तुमने जो बैतें कीं, वोह इसी सिलसिले में तो कीं। क्या आप का मतलब उनको डुबो देने का था या धोखा देने का। अगर वोह अपने शिष्यों का जिम्मेदार अपने आप को समझते हैं तो क्या तुम नहीं समझते या उनसे कुछ काम जिम्मेदारी महसूस करते हो। एक सवाल यह ज़रूर होता है कि राम चन्द्र [शाहजहाँपुर] को हर शख्स तालीम देने के लिए तैयार था। और दी भी। किसी ने कम किसी ने ज़ियादा। अब यह कैसे हो गया कि उसी में सब बातें ज़हूर पज़ीर हुईं। एक बात याद आयी। अगर क़िब्ला मौलाना साहिब [रहo] के वक़्त में यह बातें जारी या रुखसत होतीं तो शायद हज़रत के हमसफ़र मोतरिज़ होते और न मानते। फिर क्या होता। मेरा सिलसिला चलता रहता। अब भी ऐसा ही समझ लो, अगर वो न माने। इस बात का मानने वाला [एक वक़्त में] हमेशा एक ही हुआ है। इस लिए कि कुदरत उसी को अपना औज़ार बनाती है जो उससे [खूब] चिपट चुका हो। उस पर इल्हाम भी होते हैं और वोह ही उसके मतलब का होता है। उसी से सिलसिला चलता है। अब रही यह बात कि दुसरे भी मान जायँ, यह एक मोहब्बत है। कोशिश करना चाहिए। ऐसे शख्स के अगर जानने वाले बहुत से हो जायँ तो हस्ब मंशा-ए-क़ुदरत इसका इस तरह का तफ़ावत न रहें। मगर ऐसा हो क्यों। कुदरत तो यह ही चाहती है कि सेहरा एक के ही सिर रहे और ऐसा ही हुआ करता है। आशिक़ सच्चा एक ही माशूक़ चाहता है और यह बात क़ुदरत तक चली गयी है। मैंने यह ही चाहा और हर शख्स यह ही चाहता है। पतिव्रता बीवी एक शौहर चाहती है और पुरुष भी इसी तरह से एक ही तरफ़ रुजूअ होता है। बस ठीकम ठीक ऐसा ही समझो। [ज़्यादा] समझाने की ज़रुरत नहीं। क्या श्रीकृष्ण [डॉ श्री कृष्ण लाल - सिकन्द्राबाद] इस बात का दावा कर सकते हैं कि उन्होंने मुझ से मोहब्बत की। हरगिज़ नहीं। अगर मोहब्बत होती तो यह मुआमला सबसे पहले उन्हीं पर खुलता। यह मोहब्बत की दौड़ धूप और तगापो थी जो उनमें मेरे आख़री वक़्त तक रही। गिलास में पानी ले आना या मेरी ज़रूरियात को बिला कहे पूरी कर देना, दलीले मोहब्बत तो है, मगर इसको मोहब्बत नहीं कह सकते। मिसालें मिलेंगी कि नौकर जिस को मालिक के मिजाज़ की ताड़ पैदा हो जाती है, वक़्त वक़्त पर वोह वही काम करता है जो मालिक की ज़रुरत होती है। अभी ज़रा उसको बर्खास्त तो कर दीजिये, देखें तो फिर वोह आप के यहाँ फटकता भी है या नहीं। एक बात और कहूँ। अच्छा मान लो कि उनको मुझसे मोहब्बत थी तो राम चन्द्र [शाहजहाँपुर] के लिए आप पानी ले कर क्यों नहीं पहुँचते। अगर कशिश थी तो यह बात उनसे अज़खुद सरज़द होना चाहिए थी। क्या ऐसे वाक़ियात नहीं हुए हैं कि बुजुर्ग़ के जाने के बाद उनके शिष्यों ने उनकी [रूहानी] औलाद से मोहब्बत की। यह क्यों ? यह ख्याल था कि इसमें [पीर का] बीज मौजूद है। और यह दूसरी शक्ल पीर की है। क्या ऐसा नहीं है। नहीं है, और यह तरीक़ा है जिसका मुशाहिदा और होता है। क्या मेरी समाधी उनको प्रिय नहीं मालूम होती। यह क्यों ? इस लिए कि मेरी जाली-भुनी हड्डियाँ जो चूना हो चुकीं हैं, वहाँ मौजूद हैं। अब ऐसा क्यों है कि उन हड्डियों की तरफ़ तबीयत खिंचती है। क्यों ? इसलिए कि उन्हें उन हड्डियों से मोहब्बत थी। ज़ात से लगाव और मोहब्बत बिलकुल नहीं थी। अगर होती तो ऊपर लिखा हुआ अम्ल लाज़िमी तौर पर इसके साथ करने लगते। एक किस्सा सुनाता हूँ। सुनो। राम चन्द्र [शाहजहाँपुर] को यह तमीज कभी न हुयी, बजुज़ ख़ास सूरत में, जब कि मेरी ही मंशा इसके लिए थी कि गुरु महाराज को इस वक़्त कपड़े पहनने की ज़रुरत है पहना दो। जूते पर पालिश कर दो। इस लिए कि कचहरी जाना है।  वजह क्या थी की उसको इतनी फुर्सत ही कहाँ थी कि इन बांतों को सोचता और समझता। वोह तो मुझ से चिपक कर रह गया था और अन्दरूनी मुशाहदात में अज़ख़ुद रफ्ता हो गया था। उसको उसी से काम था जो काम की चीज़ है। ख्याल में दूसरी बात आने ही नहीं दी। यह मुवाज़ना मैंने इस लिए किया है, वार्ना इसकी ज़रूरत नहीं थी कि अपनी  मोहब्बत को, इसकी मोहब्बत से तोल लें और यह ख़याल भूल जावें कि मैंने ज़िंदगी में हज़रत से बहुत मोहब्बत की है। यह चीज़ भी सद्दे-राह हो रही है। यह बारीक़ बांतें हैं। मदन मोहन लाल के डिस्कशन के लिए अगर पड़ जायँ, सब बता दी गयीं।"

"एक सवाल श्री कृष्ण [डॉ श्री कृष्ण लाल - सिकन्द्राबाद] आप से यह भी कर सकते हैं, जैसा कि मैं ने ऊपर कहा है कि अगर उनमें मोहब्बत होती तो राम चन्द्र [शाहजहाँपुर] के साथ वोह ही बांतें अमल में आती जो मेरे साथ थीं कि अगर राम चन्द्र लालाजी के रूप बन गए होते तो अज़ख़ुद मुझ से वोह ही बाँतें सरज़द होना चाहिए थीं। यह होता कैसे। उन्होंने गोश्त और पोस्त से बनी हुयी चीज़ से मोहब्बत की थी। अन्दरूनी हालत, मतलब रूही में अपने आप को लय अवस्था में करने की कोशिश नहीं की। अगर यह अब भी कर के देखें तो वोह ही बात पैदा हो जायगी। और घिसट चलेंगे। गुरु की ज़रुरत उसका नौकर भी पूरी कर सकता है मगर क्या उसको यह बात नसीब हो जाती है। हरगिज़ नहीं। उसका सिला 'टका' [दो पैसे का सिक्का] होता है और इस किस्म की मोहब्बत वालों का तुम्हें मालूम है कि क्या सिला होता है। ऐंठ। और उस किस्म की मोहब्बत का सिला क्या होता है। कुछ नहीं। यह क्यों? इतनी बड़ी मोहब्बत का यह सिला ! बात यह है - यह ही एक हालत है। जहाँ सिला है वहाँ मज़दूरी की क़द्र है। मतलब यह है कि वोह ही चीज़ जिस को कुछ नहीं कहते हैं, माया से परे है। और वाक़ई यह लफ्ज़ मैंने ठीक इस्तेमाल किया है। इस लिए कि वोह जहाँ का तहाँ रहता है। 'जहाँ के तहाँ' से क्या मतलब ? वोह यह कि जहां से आया वहीं रहने लगता है। पहुँचा कहाँ ? घर में ! मिला क्या ? कुछ नहीं।"

"भाई जान, यह बांटे किस को समझाई जायँ और कौन इनको समझेगा। गौहर की क़द्र बादशाह जानता है या जौहरी। हर लट्ठमार शातिर नहीं हो जाता। न इतनी किसी को क़ाबिलयत है कि इस हालत को समझ सके। फिर रोना क्यों ? जब क़ाबलियत ही नहीं। इस्तेदाद ग़ायब। रहा क्या ? वोह ही लट्ठ्मारी की बांतें। पढ़े-लिखों में जवानी जमाखर्च। बे पदों में तेजाताज़ी। भाई जान, क्या ऐसी मिसालें मौजूद नहीं हैं कि पढ़े-लिखे लोग ऐसा जमा-खर्च मिलाएं जिसको वोह खुद न समझ सकें।"

"हाँ हैं। कौन हैं ? इज़ाज़तयाफ्ता पुराने टाइप के। नए सिलसिले के हैं, वोह इसमें चूर हैं कि छः सौ मुरीद बने।"

[नक़्शा क़ैफ़ियत मौजूदा हालत सत्संग जिसको दूर करना है।]

"स्टेशन पर जहाँ पहुँचे खूब धूम-धाम हो, मालूम हो कि शेरा आ रहा है। धौंस भी इस हद तक कि जिस हद तक नहीं होनी चाहिए। अब सत्संग स्टेशन [जाए क़याम] पर पहुँच कर शुरू होता है। फरमाते हैं। हमारे हज़रत क़िब्ला बहुत पहुँचे हुए बुजुर्ग़ थे। आप की समाधि फतेहगढ़ में है। आप ने अपने बुजुर्ग़ से वो मोहब्बत की, कि जिसका अब पता कहाँ। आप ने वोह कारे नुमायाँ किये हैं कि देखने के लिए आँखें चाहिए। एक मर्तबा वो एक बुजुर्ग़ से मिले, उसने आप की अज़मत की और कहा कि मुंशी जी यह बात मुझे क्यों नसीब नहीं होती। आप तक़ल्लुफ़ से फ़रमाया कि यह पीर की खूबी है। वोह जैसा चाहता है उसको वैसा बनाता है। खुश करने के लिए उसके, दिल चाहिए। जिस तरह से खुश हो सके उसको खुश रखना चाहिए। बस यह ही एक बात है। जों रूहानियत के लिए मुफीद है, बाक़ी सब जमा-खर्च। मैंने यह ही किया है कि जहां तक हज़रत को खुश रख सका और यह उन्हीं की बरक़त है जो इस ग़ुलाम को यह बात नसीब हुयी। भाइयों ! यह ही एक चीज़ है, इसको जाने मत देना। यह काम आवेगी और यह बाँतें आख़री वक़्त फ़ायदा-रसा होंगीं। क्योंकि जब तक पीर मौत के वक़्त धक्का नहीं लगाता, भवसागर से पार नहीं होता। लोगों ने यह बा-अज़ सुना, चुनाँचे खुश करने की तरकीबें तलाश करने लगे। कोई धोती ले का झपटा, किसी ने चुपके से रक़म दाल दी। रक़म पहुंचते ही हँस दिए। शागिर्द ने समझ लिया कि बस इनके खुश करने का यही तरीक़ा है। फिर क्या है। नज़रें आने लगीं। पीर खुश किये जाने लगे। तोहफे-तहायफ़ पेश होने लगे। पकवान आने लगे। गुरु की ज़रूरतें पूरी होने लगीं।"

"शागिर्दों ने एक मसला तो बा-आसानी हल कर लिया, और बड़ी सहल तरकीब खुश करने की मिल गयी। ग़र्ज़े कि आओ और लाओ का मज़मून होने लगा। शागिर्दों ने इससे ज़ियादः और क़दम बढ़ाया। लगे अपने गुरु की तारीफ करने, जैसे उन्होंने अपने गुरु की तारीफ़ की थी। हाँ, पहिले वा-अज़ की उन्हें याद ज़रूर रही और जिसने कहा, यही कहा, क्यों कि यह बात आसान भी है। दस-बीस रुपये से किसी की मदद कर देना अफसरों के बाएँ हाथ का खेल है। और बाज़ों को इतनी मदद करना भी मुश्किल। मगर जब उन्हें भी करना पड़ी तो  समझ लिया कि लड़के की बीमारी के सिलसिले में डॉक्टर ले गया। अब मज़मा जमा। भाई देखना तो हमारी लिस्ट में कितने आदमी हैं। मालूम हुआ और कुछ रक़म से अंदाज़ा लगाया कि  इतने नहीं हुए जो मेरे ज़ाती इगराज को पूरा कर सके। अब क्या है, गुरु भी रूहानियत भूल गए। बस इसी की फिक्र रह गयी। चेलों ने तो गुरु के खुश करने का बा-अज़ ही सुना था, चुनांचे वोह कारबन्द रहे। अब क्या फिक्र पैदा हुयी कि हमारे चेले तो खुश करते हैं, अब हमें उनको खुश करना चाहिए। ऐसा न हो कि यह लोग कहीं भाग जायँ जो हांडी बे-नमक रह जाय। यह सत्संग का हाल है। सूना देना। क़सम खा कर कहें, वोह ही आप के दोस्त, क्या उनका यह हाल नहीं है।"

"खुदाया हमारी औलाद में यह बाँतेँ कभी पैदा न हों। अगर हो गयीं हों तो धुल जायँ।"

"तुम्हें मालूम है कि मेरी औलाद कौन है। हर शख्स मेरी औलाद नहीं रहा। अब तो वोह ही हैं जिन्होंने मुझे अपने में मान लिया और मुल्तज़ी फैज़ उसीसे हुए जिससे मेरी मंशा है, या यूं कहो जिसे मै चाहता हूँ। लोगों ने जाने कितनी मुसीबतें इस बात के लिए उठायीं की फ़लाँ शख्स या अफसर मुझ से खुश रहे। और तरह तरह की तरकीबें की हैं। हत्ताकि यह बात पता लगाई गयी कि फलाँ शख्स या फलाँ ऑफ़िसर किस से खुश है और किस से मोहब्बत करता है। और चारो नाचार उसी से जिस से उस ऑफ़िसर या शख्स को मोहब्बत थी, मोहब्बत करना शुरू कर दिया और अपनी खिदमत से यह साबित कर दिया कि मुझे इस दुनियाँ में आप से मोहब्बत है। नतीज़ा यह हुआ कि उसके दिल में गुंजाइश पैदा हो गयी। हत्ताकि उस ऑफ़िसर या शख्स के कहने पर उसका काम बन गया। यह ही हाल अगर आप लोग अपने यहाँ के समझने लगें, गो यह बात दूसरी है, तो क्या मेरी रहमत उस पर नाज़िल होना शुरू न हो जाय। मगर ऐसी समझ किसको है?"     

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP], addressing to Munshi Madan Mohan Lal [of Shahjahanpur UP] : "One difficulty is coming up, viz. nobody is developing faith in all these details. They consider all of it cooked  up through imagination; and they are not able to see that you have initiated people, whoever, just in this system, not intending simply to spoil their spiritual prospects or meaning to play fraud on them. If they [Shree Krishna Lal of Sikandrabad, etc.] consider themselves responsible for their disciples, do not  feel likewise, nor consider yourself any less responsible [for your disciples] as compared to them! One question may certainly be raised, viz. while everybody was prepared to impart training  to Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur], and did impart training to him in more or less quantity, how then did it happen that all things came to be manifest in him alone? Just one thing has offered to me : in case that such affairs would have cropped up and come to pass during the time of my Revered Master, then perhaps objections would have been raised by contemporaries of my Revered Master, and they would have refused to have faith. Then what would have happened : just my chain [system] would have continued. Now also taken it [to happen] just that way, in case they refuse to be amenable. The person processing knowledge of this [Ultimate] matter, has always been only one [at a time], because Nature makes only that persons its instrument, who would have acquired perfect alignment with it. Revelations are also descending on him/her; and that one alone happens to serve its [Nature's] purpose. The chain proceeds on just through that person. Now, so far as convincing others is concerned, it is just [an expression of] love [for them]. An attempt should be made. If the people knowing [and recognizing] such a person per chance, happen to be abundant, differences [and disharmony] in accordance with Nature's intention may be overcome. How would that happen, though : Nature wants that just one comes up with [full] laurels; and it is just this that happens. A real lover likes to have only one beloved; and this has gone up to the [level of] Nature itself. I too desired just this. A wife devoted to her husband wants just one husband; and the the male too gets inclined likewise to just one direction [the female]. Take it to be exactly like that. There is no need of [too] much clarification."

"Can Shree Krishna Lal [of Sikandrabad, district Bulandshahar in UP] claim that he loved me? Not at all. If he had love [for me], the revelation o f this matter would have descended first of all on him alone. It was only a hectic sprint and sport of love that he retained up to the last moment of my life. To bring a glass of water [at need] and fulfilling my necessities without being told is no doubt an argument in support of love, but cannot be designated as love. The example is there that the servant, who has formed an accurate estimate of his master's inclinations and attitudes, performs form time to time actually what happens to be the need of he master at the time. Dismiss him just now for a while; and see whether he cares [a fig] to attend to you [or not] ! Let me mention something : suppose he [Shree Krishna Lal [of Sikandrabad, district Bulandshahar in UP] did have love for me ; then why does he not bring the glass of water to dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur UP], according to the proverbial love of 'Majnun' being there for even the dog of his beloved - 'Laila'. If attraction [to me] had been there, this thing ought to have occurred automatically with him. Have there not been examples for disciples of a departed elder sage, who loved his spiritual progeny after his demise? why? They had the idea that the seed of the [departed] Master is present in them and that there's is the second form of the Master. Is it not so? Yes, it is like that; and this is the way available to observation every day everywhere. Does not my 'Samaadhee' [memorial containing the ashes/last remains] appear dear to him? Why, after all? That is because my charred bones, which have been reduced to [mere] mortar, are nevertheless interned. Why does he now get inclined to those bones? Just because his love was attached to the bones. Attachment and love to [my] Ultimate Being was not at all there. If it had been there, he would have necessarily started [performing] the above mentioned practice towards him [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur UP]. I am telling a story. Just listen. To dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] such discretion never occurred, except in special circumstances when it was my own intention, as to help his Guru Maharaj wear clothes when he needed it or to polish his shoes as he was to court. What was the reason? He had no leisure to comprehend and contemplate about such matters : he [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] had just got glued to me, and lost himself to inward observations. He was concerned only with what is our real purpose; and he never allowed anything else to enter his thoughts. This comparison I have put forth, thought there was no need for it, so that Shree Krishna Lal [of Sikandrabad, district Bulandshahar in UP] may measure his love [for me] against that of Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur, and give-up the thought that he has loved me a lot during my life time. These thoughts are proving to be obstructions on the way to progress. These are subtle points, all give for use, if needed during discussions by Madan Mohan Lal [of Shahjahanpur]."

"Shree Krishna Lal [of Sikandrabad, district Bulandshahar in UP] can as well put one question to you [Munshi Madan Mohan Lal of Shahjahanpur UP], rebutting the argument given by me above, that he, if he would have got love for me, would have done the same practice for Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur], as he used to do for me. That argument tan be rebutted, viz. if Ram Chandra would have become the form and matter of Laalaa Ji, the same practice that Shree Krishna Lal [of Sikandrabad, district Bulandshahar in UP] used to do to me should have automatically started being performed by him in relation to dear Ram Chandra as well. How could this occur after all? He [Shree Krishna Lal of Sikandrabad, district Bulandshahar in UP] had loved what was structured our of flesh and skin, without acquiring his mergence with the inward, viz. the spiritual essence in me. If he is able to do that even now, that same thing will come up, and he will get attracted [to dear Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur]. A servant can also fulfill the needs of his Guru as an individual, but this will not at all come to his fortune. The wages for that remain only a few coins : and do you know what those who have love of thetas kind [Shree Krishna Lal type] get in change? Just overweening arrogance. What, then, happens to be received in exchange for that [Ram Chandra type] love? Nothing ! Why so? Such a return for that superb love ! The crux of the matter is that it just a state. Where there is something in return, there is an estimate of the wages. What I mean is that what is designated as nothing remains beyond 'Maya' [Phenomenal reality]; and factually I have used this word 'nothing' quite correctly inso far as he [who gets nothing] remains just where he belongs. What is the meaning of this expression [remaining just where he belongs]? It means that he starts living from where he happened to come! Arrived where? In his home! Gained what ? Nothing!"

"Dear brother, whom to tell these matters ! and who is to comprehend these things ! The pearl is to be appreciated either by a king or by a Jeweler [a very Persian proverb]. Every one using a heavy stick does not become an expert soldier. Neither is everybody competent enough to grasp this state ! Then what to weep for? When capacity is not there, competence must whither away. What remains then? Just that gunman-ship. In case of the educated mere verbal book keeping; and in the fold of the uneducated just crude sharpness! My good brother, are there no examples of the book-keeping of the educated that they themselves would not understand? Sure enough, there are. Who are they? Preceptors [permitted to impart training], I mean the old type; not of the new system. They are under intoxication of having enrolled six hundred disciples!"

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] continued sketching out of present state of the assembly of spiritual associates [Satsang], which has to be reformed : "Grand reception hubbub at the station of arrival, creating the impression that the line is coming! An awe - inspiring atmosphere prevails to an undue extent. Now the 'Satsang' starts, at the place of residence. The sermon begins : our Revered Master was a Sage of very high approach. His 'Samaadhee' is at Fatehgarh. He loved his Guru so ardently that its example can seldom be found now. He has performed such work of manifest value as will require eyes to see [and appreciate]. Once He came across a very old sage, who paid Him great regards and asked : Munshi Ji, why does this condition elude my fortune? He replied; it is the merit of the Master. He structures as he likes whom he selects; his pleasure must have to be maintained, however possible. It is just this that counts in spirituality; all else is just book-keeping. I have also done just this : I maintained the pleasure of my Master to the extent of my capability; and it is just His Grace that this condition could be the fortune of this slave. Brethren, this alone happens to be the real thing. Nerve allow to do slip out of your grip. Just this will be useful in essence; and just these things will prove beneficial at the end, because one can not cross the ocean of the suffering of becoming [Bhavsagar] so long as the master does not administer His push. People listened to this sermon and started to search for devices to manage the pleasure of the Master : one rushed up holding a 'dhoti' [long piece of cloth used as change of garment after bath by typical Indian Gurus, to be tied around the waste so as to cover the lower half of the body by half of that cloth and putting the other half around the neck or otherwise, to cover the upper part up to the neck : thus completing the postural custom of a holy Hindu], while another secretly slipped money in his pocket. This [finding money in his pocket] brings a smile to the Master's lips. The disciple comprehended that just this happens to be the way of manage and maintain the Master's pleasure. Then what next; coins and currency notes started being respectfully presented for Master's pleasure; gifts started pouring in; culinary delicacies started arriving; and Master's need getting fulfilled."

"The disciples solved one problem so easily and  every easy devise for having master's pleasure [in one's favour] was discovered. So the subject of 'come and bring' started functioning. Disciples enhanced the valuation further : the praise of the Guru started being preached like he had done in the case of his Guru. Sure enough, the original sermon persisted in the memory; and to whom so ever the message had to be delivered, just this thing [the value of managing and maintaining Master's pleasure somehow] was communicated, as this donation is easy to understand. To help somebody with ten or twenty rupees is an easy game for most people. For some people, of-course, even this may be difficult; but even in their case, when it came to happen, they took it to be just a payment of the physician of the occasion of a child's illness. Now, the herd is assembled. Just see brother, what is the number on the list. This is found out; and some estimate is formed from the collection of money that the number is still short of the requirement for fulfillment of their personal needs. Now, what is the position ! The guide has forgotten spirituality; and remains worried just about this number of disciples and the amount of collections. The disciples had already listened to the sermon concerning Master's pleasure; and they remained yoked to [their so called] duty very sincerely and actively. Now anxiety is created further, viz. the disciples who have managed and maintained the Guru's pleasure, should also be kept pleased by the Guru, so that they would not run away, leaching the cooking utensil saltless !"

"Just this is the condition of the assembly of the spiritual associates. Put it bare before them [Shree Krishna Lal of Sikandrabad, district Bulandshahar in UP and Chaturbhuj Sahai etc.]. Let your [Madan Mohan Lal of Shahjahanpur UP] friends declare of oath whether this is not the exact description of their condition! O God, such things may never occur in my progeny; and if per chance, these should have crept in, these be washed away!"

"Do you know, who is my progeny? Nobody remains my progeny any longer. Now only they happen to be [my progeny], who have taken me to be residing in themselves, and got oriented for grace only to the one whom I intend, or in other words, who is liked by me. [Pause] People underwent, God knows, how many troubles to win the pleasure of somebody or some officer, and adopted  various techniques [to that effect]. Finally they discovered the person enjoying the please or love of that officer; and some way or other started loving that one themselves and proved through their services that they loved that person in this world. As a result, they made a dent in the heart of that person, on whose recommendation to the officer concerned, they found their purposes fulfilled. Even though this example refers to an ordinary worldly purpose, in case you people take this as applicable to the circumstances concerning your fold, will not my grace start flowing down [accordingly]? Who, however, has such understanding?"

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "This is the present day idea of Gurudom, which our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] has sketched out. It will be quite appropriate to be the two persons [Shree Krishna Lal of Sikandrabad, district - Bulandshahar UP and Chaturbhuj Sahai] even though they differ from each other in certain respects. I want that after Madan Mohan Lal of Shahjahanpur UP returns from the tour, the copy of this dictation be corrected suitably and circulated in your circle. It will be proper for the secretary to issue a copy to each member of the Mission. Some corrections may be needed. I will give notes on it."

Tuesday the 18th December 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "We are striving after Happiness, hopping like ducks jumping like wolves. What for? Happiness! where is it : whether in the doctor's heart or in his patients or in the drugs? What drugs you mean? Drugs and drugs! It is cheap to get these : a few pice in the past, and a few rupees in present days. Now, money is happiness : easily bought and easily relieved. How  long will it remain? As long as the drug is in circulation. What will then happen, if the effect ceases? No happiness but the longing. Where is it gone? With the drug or with the money! No doubt, money was the chief thing to administer happiness, even though for the time being. Chloroform was the best medicine, because in some form the senses cease to function. What else do you want? - Happiness either through chloroform or through other drugs. Generally people want to welcome only such happiness. It is monetary. What is that happiness, which is worth seeking for? Nothing, but that wherein the idea of happiness is totally gone. What is that stage? The state of perfection that is arrived at when one sums up oneself in One so that one disappears."

"Everybody is hunting after happiness and running beyond one's own limits. He gazes and thinks about things beyond. He then begins to consider things as beautiful and hence making a mark in his heart, the effect of which, created on his talents, becomes a deep rooted in his heart and brain. He thus begins to weave a net for himself. The ideas going beyond his limits setup an unlimited way in his own heart, and the same becomes the object of thinking and pondering over. The network, thus framed up by him, entangle him all together, involving his thinking in nothing but the ideas he has himself attracted. Those ideas began to live in his own thought and wrap him up like a parasite in a big tree, making the bush all around. Now, this is nothing but things blocking up."

हज़रत क़िब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़ उ0 प्र0] : "बाज़ार हम गए थे - एक चोट मोल लाये"
Revered Master [Revered Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "We had been to the market and purchased a trouble therefrom [an Urdu half couplet]."

Swami Vivekananda Ji's dictation continued : "These things carry him away against the seedlings, and the one, fallen prey to it, becomes habituated and used to these things. He sought for our happiness and reached backwards. The topic of happiness is gone now, and one becomes entrapped in one's own ideas thoroughly, to get rid of which is the difficult task. Such is the condition in general."

हज़रत क़िब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़ उ0 प्र0] : "फ़िर लोग शिकायत करते हैं कि ख़यालात बहुत आते हैं।"
Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Then, people complain of lots of disturbing thoughts!"

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Whether they come to you or not, they created the world of their own play to die in it. Oh, what a sorrowful tale of human life."

हज़रत क़िब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़ उ0 प्र0] : "इसकी कॉपी भी मेरे उस मज़बून के साथ लगेगी।
मदन मोहन लाल, मैंने इरादा कर लिया कि जिन लोगों से तुम्हारी मुलाक़ात होगी, उनके लिए बस वोह ही मौका होगा। जाँच के लिए वो हाज़िर हो सकते हैं, मगर सोचने के लिए अब वक़्त नहीं दिया जा सकता है।"

"शेवती प्रसाद कुछ अच्छी समझ का आदमी नहीं है। उसे तो फ़क़त भण्डारे में खाना तक़सीम करने की ग़रज़ है। और यह कि उर्स में हो आये। उसको ठस पीने की वजह से अभी मज़ा भी नहीं आया और दीगर लोग, मिसलन फ़तेह लाल ने सीधी तबीयत पायी है, शर व फ़िसाद से ग़रज़ नहीं है। इन पर जल्द कोई स्टेप लेना ज़ुल्म की हद तक पहुँचेगा। और जो लोग हों उनसे भी मिलें और यह ज़रूर कह दें कि जाँच कर लीजिये। जाँच में भी एक बात है। अगर असल हालत से तवज्जोः दी जाएगी तो उनको मालूम ही क्यों होने लगा।"

"यह बात तो सोहबतशनास ही समझ सकते हैं। इसलिए यह बेहतर है कि चन्द यौम तक सत्संग में रहें। अलबत्ता अगर डॉक्टर एटा वाले खदनुआई छोड़ दें तो समझ सकता है। श्रीकृष्ण को तो उनके लिहाज़ [ख़याल] से सत्संग की ज़रूरत ही नहीं। उनसे इतना कह देना कि वाक़ई उन्हें ज़रुरत नहीं, तो मुज़ायक़ा नहीं। मगर बिरादराना ताल्लुक रखना फ़र्ज़ ज़रूर है। मैं समझता हूँ कि यह भण्डारे जो होते हैं उनकी भी ज़रूररत क्या रह गयी। इस लिए कि जब मीर - मजलिस का यह हाल है  उसके छोटे भी अगर यह ख़याल बाँध लें तो कुछ मुज़ायका नहीं और उनको उनसे कहने का हक़ भी नहीं रहा। इस लिए बक़ौल उनके [श्रीकृष्ण लाल] उन लोगों [यानी जो उनसे तालीम पाते हैं] को श्रीकृष्ण लाल दुश्मन नज़र आएंगे। अब फायदे की शक्ल अख्तियार करेंगे। यह बातें मैनें इस लिए लिख दीं कि पढ़ कर तैयार हो जायँ और जहाँ पर जैसी ज़रुरत हो, कहें-सुनें।"   

"एक ख़याल कॉमन हो रहा है जो गोशगुज़ार किये देता हूँ कि मदन मोहन लाल ने राम चन्द्र [शाहजहाँपुर वाले] को उठा दिया। जवाब यह है कि तेरह साल से मैंने [मदन मोहन लाल को] क्यों नहीं उठाया और ऐसी बांतें ज़ोरदार क्यों पैदा नहीं कीं। यह सब को इक़रार है कि राम चन्द्र [शाहजहाँपुर वाले] की हालत अच्छी है। यह बात श्री कृष्णा लाल [सिकंदराबाद वाले] भी जानते हैं। इसकी अनुभव शक्ति के क़ायल हैं। ज़रा उनसे यह तो पूँछना कि जब यह [राम चन्द्र शाहजहाँपुर वाले] सिकन्द्राबाद गया था वहाँ दमज़दन में उनकी हालत का इंकशाफ करा दिया था। इसने उनसे यह भी कहा था कि मेरा aim और मक़सद जो कुछ भी है वो यही है कि सोलहो आना फ़नाईयत नसीब हो जाय और इसी को कोशां रहता हूँ। क्या वोह कह सकते हैं कि इतना ऊँचा आइडियल उन्होंने या किसी ने बाँधा और इतना बेक़रार इस हालत पर पहुँचने के लिए कोई हुआ। हाय। अगर यह बेक़रारी कहीं और लोगों में पैदा हो जाती तो हस्तियाँ नज़र आ गयीं होतीं। यह कोई मामूली बात नहीं है। कहना आसान है। ज़रा अब कर के तो देखें, गो वक़्त बहुत रायगां गया। मदन मोहन लाल के सवाल का जवाब यह है कि अगर यह करके देखा तो लाज़मी तौर पर इधर घिसट आयेंगे।"

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "A copy of this [dictation by Revered Swami Vivekananda Ji] will also be tagged to that of my dictation. Dear Madan Mohan Lal [of Shahjahanpur], I have made the firm determination that this will be the only opportunity for the people whom you will meet [on this tour]. They can come to verify, but no more for pondering and brooding can be allowed now."

"Sheoti Prasad is not a person of any good understanding. He is oriented simply to distributing food during Bhandara; and though he has attended the annual function, on account of being addicted to drink neat [gross pleasures] afterwards, he is yet unacquainted to bliss proper. Others, like Fateh Lal, have got a simple tendency, having nothing to do with conflict and mischief. It will be touching the boundary of cruelty to take any step hastily in their case. When ever other people may be there, Madan Mohan Lal should meet them and tell them necessarily that they may make their examinations. No doubt, there is one thing about examination : if transmission is given from the real condition, have are they to know about it! this can be discerned only by one who is acquainted with togetherness [with the person to be examined, who is in high spiritual stage]. So it will be better for them to spend the same time in Satsang. Chaturbhuj Sahai no doubt can understand, if he would give up self demonstration. To Shree Krishna Lal, according to his estimate, there remains no more need for Satsang [practice]. Tell him that it does not matter if really he has no need for it, but having brotherly relationship is duty undoubtedly. I feel, after all, where is now the need of 'Bhandaaraa' [spiritual get-together] that are taking place, because when that is the idea of their leader, why should it matter if his followers also take up the same attitude, and he [Chaturbhuj Sahai], in fact, lost any right to give any direction to them. So in his own words, [Shree Krishna Lal] will appear as an enemy to his followers, if and when the posture for benefit will be adopted. These details have been given so that Madan Mohan Lal may go through these and be prepared to converse according to needs."

"One more idea is very commonly prevailing by, viz. you [Madan Mohan Lal] have raised him [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] up [to the top]. I am making mention of this [idea] as well. The reply is : why you [Madan Mohan Lal] did not rise up for thirteen years and such forceful conditions were not created earlier. This is acceptable to everybody that Ram Chandra's [of Shahjahanpur] spiritual condition is good. Shree Krishna Lal [of Sikandrabad, district - Bulandshahar UP] also knows this and is convinced of his sensitivity [capability of experience]. Just remind him [Shree Krishna Lal of Sikandrabad, district - Bulandshahar UP] that when dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] had been to Sikandrabad, district - Bulandshahar UP, he had made him [Shree Krishna Lal of Sikandrabad, district - Bulandshahar UP] aware of his condition in a moment; and told him also that his aim and purpose, what ever, is just having perfect mergence come to his fortune for which alone he was making attempt all the time. Can he [Shree Krishna Lal of Sikandrabad, district - Bulandshahar UP] say that he or anybody else took such a high ideal in view; and whether anybody could be so restless to come to that stage? Alas! Had this restlessness somehow got developed in other people also, personalities would have been available in our fold. This is not something ordinary : it is easy to talk about [and make claims]. They may just try it even now and see the result, even though lot of time has gone waste. The answer of Madan Mohan Lal's question is that in case they take it up, they are necessarily to get drawn to this side."

Wednesday the 19th December 1945 :

हज़रत क़िब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी  महाराज - फतेहगढ़] : "डॉक्टर बहुत पचकश आदमी है। चालाक भी, मक्कार भी। दूसरों को काबू में लाने वाला। उनको चचा समझो। फ़र्क़ इतना है कि वहाँ पहलवानी और यहाँ बनियाँ-पन, दुकानदारी से मतलब। मिठास से मतलब। सौ कह जाओ, सुन लेंगे। कान खोल देना और जवाब ले लेना। वो क़सम खा कर कहें कि लोगों को धोखा नहीं दे रहे हैं। मैं समझता हूँ कि पुराने टाइप के कनफुक्का गुरु की हैसियत लिए बैठे हैं। आक़्वत और बिगाड़  ली और लोगों को धोखा दिया। इस गुनाह की तलाफ़ी ? इसका कोई क़फारा नहीं। ईमान लेने वाले की सज़ा होती है और ज़रूर होती है। इस से ज़ियादह गुनाह कबीरा भला क्या हो सकता है कि अपने आप को समझते हुए भी दूसरों को गर्वीदा करें और ऐसा साबित करें गोया सत्गुरु वक़्त यह ही है। अगर यह ही बांतें क़ायम रहीं तो सोचो तो सही कितना नुक्सान दूसरों का कर रहे हैं। बेचारे ब्रह्मविद्या सीखने आ रहे हैं और फायदा क्या हो रहा है। यह वोह बतलायें। नाम किसका बदनाम हो रहा है ? मेरा ! काम किसका हो रहा है ? डॉक्टर का ! मैं तो अब इस नतीजे पर आया हूँ कि वाक़ियात कुछ भी करा ले। और यह दूसरी बात है या ज़माना ऐसा करने पर मज़बूर  कर दे, यह और सवाल है। तावक़्ते कि बेख्वाहिश और लातमाअ न हो जावे या क़रीब क़रीब ऐसा न हो जावे। वो भी रेयर केसेस में। तब तालीम का अख्तियार देना चाहिए। एक आदमी बहुत कुछ कर सकता है, उसके लिए इतना काम ही नहीं। वो [डॉक्टर - एटा] तो इजाज़त को ऐसा दबोच कर बैठ गए  गोया सब कुछ मिल गया। पीर भी बन गए और गुरु का नाम भी ज़िंदा कर दिया और अपने आप भी फायदे में रहे। इससे बेहतर क्या बात। सब अपने ही काम बने और यह उनके लिए काफी था। अपनी ताज़ीम तो होने ही लगी, गुरुआई चलने लगी। क़द्र फैलने लगी। लोग वह वह करने लगे। जैसे को देख कर जी खुश होने लगा। पब्लिक आने लगी। और भला इनको क्या चाहिए था। आये और खूब काम किया और बाद को भी बवा फैला गए कि अपना नाम क़ायम कर गए। कितनी अच्छी बात है।"

"दुनियावी तालीम के लिए हज़ारों रूपये खर्च किये जाते हैं। गिरोहबंदी के लिए कितनी खूँरेज़ी होती है। ठकुरायत क़ायम रखने के लिए कितना ज़ुल्म किया जाता है। अपनी बड़ाई के लिए कितना ख़र्च होता है। अपना वक़ार क़ाइम रखने के लिए कितनी बातें ऐसी की जातीं हैं जो नाजायज़ हैं। कितनी दावतें दीं जातीं हैं।  कितनों के पैर धोये जाते हैं। अब सोचो तो सही, कितना परिश्रम अपनी इज़्ज़त अपनी आबरू बढ़ाने के लिए किया जाता है। कितना वक़्त सर्फ़ होता है और कितना रूपया। यह कितनी मुश्किल बात है कि इस तगापो में एक बड़ा हिस्सा ज़िन्दग़ी का गुज़र जाता है और फिर भी अक्सर इतनी कामयाबी नहीं होती जितनी की ख्याल था और उसमें भी तरह-तरह के ख़तरे। तरह-तरह के ज़रद। तरह-तरह की मुसीबतें। इस से तो यह ही बेहतर है कि गुरुयायी ऐसे तरीक़े से शुरू कर दें जैसा कि आज कल लोग करते हैं। किसी ने कान फ़ूँक दिया, किसी ने हाँथ मार दिया।" 

"भाईजान, इससे कुछ ताल्लुक़ नहीं कि उसका कनेक्शन भी दुरुस्त हुआ या अपने आप में ऐसा करने की क़ाबलियत है या नहीं। मतलब से मतलब। गुरुयायी से ग़रज़, हलवे मांडे से काम। अपनी ज़रुरियात की फ़िक्र। यह तो बहुत सहल में ही गुरु बन गए और हर ज़रर से बच भी गए। भाई, यह तो बड़ा अच्छा मामला है। मैं तो समझता हूँ यह तो सब को करना चाहिए। मगर क्या आक़वत बक़्श दी गयी। हरग़िज़ नहीं। काअर तैयार है। सबसे पाहिले ऐसा शख्स जाने वाला होगा। खुदा की रहमत उस पर कभी नाज़िल न होगी। उस के घर के लोग इस वादी में क़दम न रख्खेंगे और बहुत जल्द ज़िंदगी में या उसके बाद, जब किसी से सावका पड़ गया तो इसकी टाँय टॉय फ़िस समझने लगेंगे। क्या ईश्वर के नाम पर ऐसे लोगों ने धोखा नहीं दिया। क्या यह ऐसा धोखा है जो मुआफ किया जा सकता है। हरगिज़ नहीं। होनी है। उजड़ना है और दुसरे माइनों में अपने आप को राहजन के सुपुर्द करना है। आक़वत कैसी, जब उसकी शुरुवात ही ख़राब। रूहानियत कैसी, जब शुरू ही में अपने काम के लिए तमाअ दामनग़ीर। क्या यह लोग सच्चे माइनों में कह सकते हैं कि उन्होंने मेरा आसरा लिया ? अगर ऐसा था तो यह बात कभी न होती। क्या यह शराफ़त नहीं है कि अपनी कमज़ोरियों को किसी ऐसे शख्स के सामने रख दें जिसको दूर करने की क़ुदरत हो। ऐसा क्यों नहीं करते ? शर्म व हया की वजह से। ऐसा न हो कि हमारा नुख्स ऐसे शख्स के समझ  आ जावे तो हमारी भद हो जाए। और शागिर्दों का दिमाग़ तो पाहिले से ही बंद कर रक्खा है कि गुरु से आगे कुछ सोचे ही न। और जब सोचेंगे नहीं तो समझ में क्या आने लगा। क्या अच्छा हाल है। खुदा बचाये। यह मज़्मून मेरा उस मज़्मून के साथ ही साथ कंनेक्ट होगा, फ़क़त नाम ऐसे शख्सों के उड़ा दिए जावेंगे। अहा हा हा ! क्या अच्छा मज़्मून ! अब हम को तो इसकी नक़ल करना चाहिए। इससे दुनियाँदारी तो मिलती ही है। आख़िर कौन देखता है। यह तो खुदा को ही मालूम होती है। अब तो भाई हम ईश्वर की तरफ से, नाम रहे, इसी को करेंगे। एक चीज़ तो संभल ही जाएगी और दूसरी से हमें ग़रज़ क्या। उसके तो मालिक गुरु महाराज हैं, वोह सब ठीक कर लेंगे। भाइयों, यह बात मैंने बहुत अच्छी कही है। अगर मैं इस क़ाबिल होता तो भला गुरु क्यों करता। कुछ उनकी भी तो ज़िम्मेवारी है या सब हमी करेंगे। आख़िरत के ठेकेदार तो वोह हैं। हमें इस सब से मतलब क्या, वोह करें या न करें, यह उनका फ़ेल है। बहरहाल वोह करेंगे ही।  यह तो मुझे यक़ीन है, इसके लिए इसके ज़िम्मेदार तो वोह हैं। अगर न किया तो क्या उनसे जवाब न लिया जाएगा। ज़रूर। वोह भी इससे बच नहीं सकते, अगर हम इससे नहीं बच सकते। खुदा तो दोनों का है। फिर कैसे हो सकता है कि इन्साफ न करे। और एक-दूसरे से उसके ड्यूटीज़ का जवाब न ले। अगर यह नहीं करता तो मुझे तो भाई उसकी हस्ती में भी अब शक हो गया। क्या ऐसी उम्मीद है कि वो अपनी ड्यूटीज़ से क़ासिर रहे। अरे यह तो रोज़ की बातें हैं।  मिसाल = एक मर्तबा मैं कचहरी से आ रहा था। दो गधे आपस में लड़ते हुए पीछे से आये। मैं चूँकि मराकबे में था, अल्लाह मियाँ को यह फिक्र पैदा हुयी कि ऐसा न हो कि यह दब जाए और फिर मेरा कोई बन्दग़ी करने वाला न रहे। पस क्या था, एक फ़रिश्ते को हुक्म दिया कि फ़ौरन इन दो गधों को अलहदा कर दो। ऐसा न हो यह शख्स जख्मी हो जाए। फ़ौरन तालीम हुक्म की गयी और गदहों को अलहदा कर दिया गया। एक मिसाल तो मैं यह ही पेश करता हूँ और जानें कितनी बातें गुज़रीं होंगी। कहाँ तक कहूँ। आखिर को यह यक़ीन हो गया कि खुदा मदद करता है और ज़ाहिर है कि जब गदहों को अलहदा करने में उसने मदद की तो एक इन्सान की मदद नहीं करेगा। और फिर ऐसा इन्सान जो गुरु के हाँथ पर तबली ठोंक चुका हो और हाँथ पर हाँथ रख चुका है और अपनी जिम्मेवारी दे चुका है। क्या यह बांतें पाए सबूत पर नहीं पहुँचतीं। क्या हाँथ पकड़ना कोई मज़ाक है। उम्र भर निभाना होता है और फ़िर गुरु जो हाँथ पकड़े उसको तो उम्र के बाद भी निभाना होगा। इसलिए कि वोह तो गुरु है। भवसागर पार उतारने वाला है। कोई मज़ाक थोड़ेही है जो इससे निकल जाए। वो तो हमारे हो चुके और इसकी कीमत भी पा चुके। इसलिए की बैत होते वक़्त मैंने नज़र भी तो दी थी। अब भला सोचो तो सही कि गुरु ने टका भी पाया, सुपुर्दगी भी ली, और हाँथ भी पकड़ा, फिर कैसे ख्याल पैदा न हो कि हमारी यह मदद नहीं करेंगे। हमें अब क्या चाहिए, इस से ज़्यादा सस्ता गुरु भला किसी को मिल सकता है। हरगिज़ नहीं। अब क्या है भाई, इस क़ाबिल बनो कि यह ही तरीक़ा अख्त्यार कर सको, जो मैंने अपने पीर के साथ किया था। इस से दुनियाँ और आख़िरत दोनों संभल जाती है और करने को तो कुछ बाक़ी नहीं रह जाता। इस लिए कि गुरु करने पर भी कुछ करने को पड़ा तो फिर भला ऐसे क़ाबिल गुरु करने से क्या फायदा। हम जिसे चाहते उस से गुरुदीक्षा ले लेते। ज़ियादा से ज़ियादा साल में एक जोड़ा धोती का खर्च और बढ़ जाता। इस की भी फिक्र हो जाती। हाँ, उसमें एक बात ज़रूर थी कि अगर वोह रोज़ हमारे यहाँ धरे रहते तो अलबत्ता कुछ नुक्सान था। मगर जब हमें यह मालूम हो जाता कि यह ऐसे गुरु हैं तो हम उसी को क्यों न करते जिसके तीन सौ पैंसठ चेले होते और हर रोज़ एक के यहॉँ जा सकता था। अब यह सब, यार, उन्हीं के जिम्में है, इस लिए कि मैनें तो अपनी पोज़ीशन क्लियर कर दी और वजह भी बता दी कि मैंने उनको इस लिए गुरु किया। वर्ना क्या गुरुओं की कमी है, जिसे चाहें उसे अपना गुरु बना लें। अगर आक़्वत बक़शाने का ख़याल न होता तो क्या यह ही गुरु रह गए थे और जब ऐसा हो गया तो कोई वजह नहीं कि आक़्वत मेरे हिस्से में न आ गयी हो। और जब ऐसा है तो कोई वजह मालूम नहीं होती कि मैं दुनियाँ में नाम पैदा क्यों न करूँ। क्यों जी, जिसकी आखिरत रिज़र्व हो चुकी हो फिर उसे क्या खटका। अरे, खटका तो उसे होना चाहिए जिसके गुरु में यह ताक़त न हो और कहा तो ऐसा है कि 'बिला भक्ति तारो तो तारिबो कहाओ [तिहारो] है'। मैं तो उनसे मोहब्बत भी करता हूँ। ज़रा कोई उनके लिए अलिफ़ से बे कह कर तो देखे, फ़ौरन लट्ठ खोपड़ी पर होता है। भला इस से ज़ियादा और मोहब्बत की क्या मिसाल हो सकती है कि सुनते ही लट्ठ खोपड़ी पर और मैं समझता हूँ कि गुरु के लिए भी इस से अच्छा मोहब्बत का नमूना नहीं मिल सकता। चाहिए क्या था कि अपने आप को ऐसा फ़ना कर देते कि पता भी न रहता। अपनी खबर खुद को न आती। यह जाननिसारी थी और वोह  मोहब्बत। हुआ क्या कि ऐसी जॉनिसारी अख्तियार की कि जॉनिसार होकर ही रह गए। और खूब हुए। इतने हुए कि होते ही चले गए। नतीज़ा क्या निकला। तुम्ही बताओ तो सही कि जान ही रह गयी और निसार गायब। मतलब क्या। खुदी रह गयी और खुद गायब। और खुद ही गायब नहीं सब कुछ गायब कर दिया। सीखा सिखाया भी गया। और आने की तो ज़रूरत ही क्या थी। जब जो था उसको भी न रख सके। फिर क्या था। और कुछ नहीं बजुज़ दुनियाँदारी।"

"अब खुद फरामोशी का हाल सुनो। माईनी तो मालूम ही होंगे, यानी खुद को भूल जाना। बस गुरु ही गुरु याद रहना। इस को नन्हें [महात्मा रघुबर दयाल] ने खूब समझाया है। और वाक़ई यह मसला उन्होंने ही हल किया और कर के दिखा दिया। कैसे किया। हर काम जो करो, गुरु से निस्बत दो। क्या और निस्बत दी। हुआ  क्या, लगे वाअज़ कहने। और लगे गुरु के नाम पर काम करने। कहो, क्या यह मसला हल नहीं हो गया। अब जो काम करते हैं, गुरु का समझ लेते हैं। मगर रुपया आता है तो अपना समख्ते हैं। और इस से उनको वास्ता ही क्या। पहिली मुलाक़ात में जो दे दिया वोह बहुत है। उन्हें इस से ज़ियादः की ज़रूरत भी नहीं। खैर कुछ हुआ तो, और सब कुछ हुआ। मेरा काम भी हुआ और तुम्हारा काम भी। और खुदफरामोशी का मसला भी निभा दिया गया। अब क्या रहा। अब बताइये मुझ में रूहानियत में क्या कमी है। कौन सी ऐसी बात है जो गुरुमहाराज के नाम पर नहीं करता और नहीं की।"

"ऐसे लोग तुम्हें पसन्द हैं ? हमारी समझ में तो बड़े अच्छे हैं।  दुनियाँ यह ही बातें तो देखती है  और इसी से रूहानियत का अँदाज़ा लगाती है। फिर जितनी ज़्यादा जिस में यह बात है उतनी ही ज़्यादह दुनियाँ की निगाह में उसमें रूहानियत। फिर भला ख़श्क़ हड्डियों को कोई क्यों पूँछने लगा, जहां कुछ है ही नहीं। नहीं। है और सब कुछ है। यह ही एक चीज़ है। क्या अच्छा होता अगर ऐसा करते हुए चलते। मंज़िल आसान होती और मक़सदे - ज़िंदगी हल हो जाता। रूहानियत का मज़ा आ चुकता। मुश्किलें हल हो चुकीं होतीं। विसाळ हो गया होता। तड़प का खात्मा हो चुकता। इश्क़ की मंज़िल तय हो चुकी होती। काम बन चूका होता। ग़र्ज़े कि क्या क्या कहूँ। सब कुछ हो गया होता।"

"कौन मर्दे मैदान है, इस वादी - ऐ - पुर अभन और ख़श्क़ घाटी में क़दम रक्खें और बे लुत्फ़ हो कर दोनों हाथों से मज़ा  लूटें। ऐसा मर्दे मैदान आली हिम्मत कोई एक होता है और उसी के तुफैल में सब का बेड़ा पार लग जाता है। आमीन।"     

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP], instructions to Munshi Madan Mohan Lal continued : "Chaturbhuj Sahai  is an extremely intriguing fellow cunning as well as deceitful, capable of gaining control over others. Take him just as another uncle [Nanhe, i.e. Mahatma Raghubar Dayal of Kanpur]. The difference lies in, there [Nanhe] being wrestling. While here [Chaturbhuj Sahai] business mentality. Shop-keeping remains the chief concern, and sweetness the main purpose. Deal a hundred abuses to him : he will listen without excited. Open his ears and obtain reply from him. He may be asked to declare on oath whether he is not deceiving people! I feel he has contained himself to adopt the status of old type Guru, just mumbling an incantation [Mantra] in his disciples' ears. He has spoil his spiritual destiny and deceived others. There is nothing to compensate for this crime : no penitence to rid one against this . There is punishment, sure enough, for taking advantage of people's faith to spoil them. What after all can be greater sin than knowing one's status and capability fully well and yet making others oriented and attached to oneself posing to them as the present Master of the time! If this state[of affairs] remains prevailing, just think what tremendous disaster they [Chaturbhuj Sahai etc.] are dealing to the people at large! Those poor people are coming to learn 'Brahma Vidya' [science / discipline concerning the the Ultimate] to gain what, they themselves may assess and estimate! Who is being defamed : just me; who is serving his petty ends : that Chaturbhuj Sahai. I have now arrived at a definite conclusion : it will be another matter, if events may force me to do something otherwise or else the time may make me do what ever; the permission to impart training should not be granted unless the one [to be permitted] becomes desire-less and devoid of greed, or is almost is like that [in some rare cases only]. Man can do a lot : the work for man is nit just training others. He [Chaturbhuj Sahai] has pounced upon and sat on it as ifs he has got every thing - he has become Master himself and also enlivened the name of his Guru; derive benefit for himself as well and served all of his purposes. What better may still be there : this is sufficient for him! He has started being respected. Gurudom business is spreading far and vide. People have begun praising him. Heart started deriving pleasure out of well organized public functions. People started poring in. What else could he desire after all! he arrived and worked a lot; an epidemic has been perpetrated even for times ahead, viz. he has established his name [after death] as well! What a fine achievement!"

"Thousands of rupees are spent for worldly training. How much bloodshed is invested after gangster-ism! What great cruelties are undertaken to maintain one's supremacy! How much expenditure is undergone for one's superiority! How many unbecoming devices are adopted for maintaining one's prestige! How many feasts have to be arranged; how many feet have got to be washed! Now just consider how  much toil has to be put in for enhancing one's prestige and esteem; how much time and money has to be spent! How difficult all this happens to be! A large part of life is is spent just in this mad race [after worldly attainments] ; and even then very often one does not meet with success according to one's plans! There are moreover many dangers, many kind of losses, many sorts of troubles therein !"

"It is, therefore, better to start the game of gurudom after the style of the modern ones, as it happens to  be prevalent and popular! Somebody muttered something in somebody's ear; someone else put one's hand [or finger] on another hand [or somewhere else] no concern, dear brother with, whether the disciple's connection is correctly established or even whether the so called Guru has the capability for it in him or not. The only concern is to serve one's purpose; Gurudom remains the sole end. The job is to seek for one's cake and cream; and the anxiety concerns the fulfillment of one's needs. So, this fellow has become a Guru so easily and got spread of any harm [or loss] as well. This happens to be nice prescription, brother! I understand, this is to be adopted by everybody. Has, however, the ultimate destiny [hereafter] been ensured? Not at all : the deep chasm is ready to receive such a person first of all. God's Grace can never fall to the lot of such a person. Members of his family will never step in that valley; and very soon during that fake Guru's life, or thereafter, when faced with someone of reel merit, will start realizing his [fake Guru] as a fraud. Did not such people practice imposture in God's name? Is it something that could be pardoned ? Not at all! The destined is to be there; ruin is to occur ! In other sense, this is just surrendering oneself to the robber. What talk of ultimate destiny [thereafter] being secured, when the start itself is unbecoming! What sort of spirituality [to talk of], when greed for serving one's pity ends has overtaken [them] from the very start! Can these persons ever claim that they accepted me to depend on? If that had been the case, such things would never have come to occur. Is is not gentleman lines to place one's weakness before someone, who has the capacity to eradicate these [weaknesses]? Why they do not do that? Due to shame and shyness, that in case somebody happens to comprehend their defect, they may come to infamy [and their whole game is over]! The minds of disciples have already got sealed viz. thinking nothing beyond Master! Even if they think, why should they ever comprehend [due to seal being already applied]! What a fine device! May God alone come to our rescue!"   

"This article will be connected together with that earlier one [dictated on 17.12.1945]."

"Bravo and hurrah! What a fine subject! Now we have just to copy it! This does ensure worldliness; who has ever to look after the world hereafter : that happens to be known to God alone! Now brother, we shall follow just this in the holy name of God! One thing [worldliness] is sure to be maintained ! And about that other thing [ultimate and hereafter], what have we to do about that! for that Revered Master [Guru Ji Maharaj - Hazarat Maulana Fazl Ahmad Khan Sahib Raipuri R. A.] remains responsible; and He shall manage it alright! Dear brethren, I have mentioned this thing very well and fine! If I have been capable in that regard, why should I have taken recourse to the Guru! He too has to be responsible for something after all, or we alone are to do everything by ourselves? The caretaker and protector of the end hereafter is he alone; we have nothing to do with that! Whether he does it or not, that is just His job! Any way, He will certainly do that, I am perfectly confident. That is just His responsibility; and if He does not do that, will He not be answerable for that? Sure, He too cannot avoid it. God is there in case of both [He and we] : how can it be possible then that He does not deal justice and take account of duties from both [Guru and disciple]! If He does not do that, then brother, I have to entertain doubt even in His Existence ! Is it possible that He would be oblivious concerning His duties? Well these are matters of day to day routine. For example, once I was returning from the court, when twee donkeys came fighting from behind me. Since I was in meditation, so God was worried that this fellow may be crushed down and he become bereft of anybody devoted to Him as a slave in this world! What happened then? God ordered an angel to separate those two donkeys so that this poor fellow be not wounded or hurt : the order was complied with at once and the two donkeys got separated. I put forward just this example for one; and how many more would have occurred ! How much to narrate ! at long last, this firm faith has come to me that God does help and assist : quite obviously, when He assisted in separating donkeys, will He ever fail to help a human-being? And what a human-being for that : the one who has hoisted his mace / nail with full force on Guru's hand; has put his hand on Guru's hand, and surrendered his responsibility to the Guru! Do these things fall short of the stage of evidence? Is it a joke to hold the hand! One has to maintain the relationship for a lifetime! Moreover the Master when he catches the hand, he will have to maintain even after lifetime, because He is Guru - the one to take beyond the ocean of becoming and suffering, the 'Bhav-sagar'! it is not just a joke that He would avoid it! He has just become mine; and has got the price for that, because I had made a present as well to Him, at the time of initiation on His hand! So just think for a moment, that the Guru has received money too, accepted surrender as well, and caught hold of the hand also! How then the thought occur that He will not help us? What more do we require now! Can a Guru, cheaper than this, be ever available to anybody? Not at all! What remains then, brothers! Just be capable enough so that you can adopt the same method that I have done with my Revered Master! That ensures the world as well as the ultimate and being set right; and there remains just nothing to do about that. If even after having the 'Guru', there would still remain something to do, what benefit is to be there in having a Guru of such immense caliber? We cooed have got initiation from any one of our own liking! At the most, the expenditure of one pair of 'dhoti' [special Indian wear for the lower part of the body and providing partial part of the upper part also, presented by disciples to typical Indian Gurus] annually would have increased! That too would have been added to other cares and concerns! There would have been no doubt, some loss, however, in-case he would have stay put at our place, every day! But, when this would be known to us that he was this sort of Guru, we would have no difficulty to select a Guru having 365 disciples, going to each one of them for one day only eve year! Now friends, all this matter of the end hereafter etc. remains just His [capable Guru] responsibility, for I have made my position clear, specifying. Why I have selected to His to be my Guru! Else, there is no dearth of Gurus; and one can have any one of one's liking as Guru! If the thought of securing pardon at the ultimate end had not been there, was he alone left there to be accepted as my! When, anyway, it has come  to be like this, there is no reason why [security concerning] the ultimate end [there after] would not have come to my lot; and when the case is like this, there seems no reason why I should not make my name shine in the world! Listen here, dear sir, what apprehension can ever be there for one whose ultimate end [thereafter] be got reserved! Well, apprehension should be there in the case of that one whose Guru be devoid of the capability [to ensure pardon at the ultimate end hereafter], and the saying just goes, 'if you [Guru or God] are able to take me across the ocean of suffering and becoming without  any devotion [on my part], then that is to be real taking [me] across by you indeed' [famous Hindi quote]! I moreover have even love for Him. Let someone just utter a preliminary alphabet disrespectful to Him [Guru]; and my heavy club will be found breaking that [disrespectful] persons skull! What better example of love can be there than giving heavy blow with a club on the head just on hearing something disrespectful uttered by that fellow? I understand, there can be no better pattern of love to be discovered by the Guru as well! [Pause] What had been desirable, was that self would have been sacrificed to such an extent as to loss oneself beyond recognition of self to itself. This would have been sacrifice of life, and that was love! what came to occur was that they adopted such self scarifies as to be just left with a deranged self. This happened so finally [in a suitable way] that they process went on and on. What was the result? You yourself just observe and note that only self remained and sacrifice was lost. What does that mean? Self-hood was retained while SELF got lost. That is to say : not only oneself but everything disappeared. All learning and training itself got lost. Where could be the question of attainment, when what was there could also not be retained? What now remained? Nothing except worldliness!"

"Now listen to the story of self - forgetfulness! The meaning of word will already be known : 'forgetting oneself', so that the remembrance of the Master alone would remain [sarcasm]. This has been brought home by Nanhe [Mahatma Raghubar Dayal] very well; and really he alone solved this problem, and demonstrated it to all and sundry! How he did it? Well; every work you do, connect it to the Guru! Just performed, and connected it! What happened? He just started sermonizing and work in  the name of the Guru! Just say, whether the matter has not been solved? Now what ever they do they consider to be that of the Guru; and the money that arrives, they consider as their own! What has the Guru to do with that money after all? What has been given at the first instance [initiation] is sufficient quite a lot! He has no need for any more at all! Well, something is done; and really everything is done! My job is completed, and yours too; and the subject of self-forgetfulness also has got cashed. What remains now! Tell me now, what remains lacking about name of Revered Master [Guru Maharaj,  Hazarat Maulana Fazl Ahmad Khan R. A., Raipuri]!"

"What! You do not like such persons! To my mind, they are very good! The world takes just these things in to account; and makes an estimate of spirituality just through this! Thus, to the extent that this thing is present in somebody, he/she is spiritually and endowed to that extent in the eyes of the world! Why then, would any one take the dry bones in to account, wherein nothing is contained! No, they contain; and contain everything! That is just the one thing! Now nice it would have been, that they had proceeded this way : the destination would have been easy to reach and the purpose of life would have been achieved; the state of spirituality would have  been savored; difficulties would have got eased; perfect union would have been arrived at; longing would have come to an end; the destination of love would have been reached at; the whole purpose would have been served! How much to recount ; every thing would have been perfected!"

"Who is the soldier of the field today to step in the dry valley of peace, by tasking there the savor all-round and rising above pleasures! Such soldier of the day in the field - man of perfect courage - happens to be just one somewhere; and through his instrumentality alone, the feet of everyone finds the shore! Amen!"

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] is ginning dictation for the last two days in humorous language and sarcastic style, but best in its own form! This is a new way of teaching and training! The idea of Gurudom in its corrupt form is best put to understand and save oneself form those things that are contained in the notes. My story is different from yours. They are playing in times. Educational minds are at work, following certain principles worth having for a society. The result is almost the same, though not in corrupt form. Culture is required everywhere. These things are wanting in both organizations : your society has been spoiled by so many different views without a proper head to control them; While my society has been spoiled for want of a spiritual man. All the other spiritual ones have gone down not because of their own merits but for the lack of capable hands. Now all are merged in one. This is the result of our sorrowful tales. [Pause] Your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] excels in sacrifice. Nature is helping Him. The result is before your eyes. What morale inference you draw from these facts : labor and sacrifice do not go waste."

Saturday the 22nd December 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Heaps of bones-my dictation somewhere is the result."

हज़रत क़िब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़] : "कोई मज़ाक नहीं कि मुझ पर लोग जिम्मेवारी छोड़ दें। यह खता राम चन्द्र [शाहजहाँपुर] की है कि मुझ को तेज नहीं होने दिया। ढेर हो चुका होता। अगर यह अपनी तबीयत सख्त बना लेता। भाई मदन मोहन मैं क्या करूँ। अगर तुम्हारी यह हालत होती जो मेरी है। और इस तरीक़े से जैसा कि मैं राम चन्द्र [शाहजहाँपुर] में फ़ना हूँ, किसी में हो जाते तो मैं देखता कि उसकी रज़ा के ख़िलाफ़ कैसे जाते। बाल बाल, हर रग व रेशा, हर मसाम में मौजूद हूँ। ऐसी फनाइयत आज तक किसी ने नहीं की। तरक़ीब बस यह ही हो सकती  है कि इसको भड़का दिया जाय और यह उस वक़्त मुमकिन है जब कि दूबदू ग़ुफ़्तगू हो और कोई बातें ऐसी पड़ जाएँ कि इसको तैश आ जाय। इस मुआमले में डॉक्टर ज़ियादाः [तैश लाने में] कामयाब हो सकते हैं। क्योंकि यह बात कटिंग रिमार्क से ज़्यादह पैदा हो सकती है, और उनमें यह आदत मौजूद  है। लिहाज़ा उसको सबसे ज़ियादह नुक्सान पहुँच सकता है। इस वक़्त का नोट सबसे कीमती है, नोटबुक में दर्ज़ होगा। जो नोट कि मदन मोहन लाल को मैंने दिए हैं, उनका इक्तिबासात तारीख़-बार दर्ज़ होंगे। बाक़ी का मय इसके एक पैम्फलेट बनेगा। जो गुफ्तगू इनसे [मदन मोहन लाल] होगी, तारीख-बार दर्ज़ की जावेगी। उन लोगों से कह दो कि यह आख़िरी मौका है, इसके बाद तुम जानों। इसके बाद कोई किसी किस्म की तहरीर की आरज़ू न करे।"

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] addressing Madan Mohan Lal : "It is joke that people leave responsibility to me. This fault is of dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur UP] that he does not allow me to be sharp. Everything would have finished by now, if he had hardened his inner core of the mind and had taken a stiff attitude. Dear Madan Mohan Lal, what can I do! If you had undergone my condition, and merged in someone like I have been in Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur UP], I would have liked to see, how you could go against that [hypothetical] persons pleasure and will! I am present in every hair, nerve and fibre, every hair-root of dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]. Such mergence was never attained by anybody thus for."

"The device can be only that he [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] may be made to flare up! This is possible when there is conversation face to face; and something may come up as to make him sharp. In this regard Chatubhuj Sahai can be successful, because this condition is created by cutting remarks, which habit is there in him [Chatubhuj Sahai]. He can be victim of greatest harm as such. [Pause] The notes given at this time [last few days] are very precious. It will be taken down in the note book. The notes that I have given to Madan Mohan Lal are to be taken down with respect to their enlightening essence, date-wise. The rest of the notes together with these will constitute a pamphlet; and the conversation that Madan Mohan Lal will have with them [Shree Krishna Lal, Chatubhuj Sahai and others] shall have to be noted down date-wise. Tell them that this is the last opportunity; and thereafter all will be their responsibility. They should have no expectation of any move from our side there after."

[Madan Mohan Lal started on 22.12 1945 on the tour for a fortnight to meet old disciples of Revered Master, Laalaa Ji Sahib to convince them to accept Shri Babu Ji as real successor representative of Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib.]

Sunday the 30th December 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "You are now touring Orissa [in subtle form] with stoppage at stations. I want that the work may also be started there. The best way is to start work by lecturing, for which you have not prepared any body. Let Ram Chandra II study first; and then if available, take him with you to places to be visited by you."

"He will see prominent persons, talk with them, who will arrange for his lectures, wherein he [Ram Chandra II] will represent the Mission. You will have to prepare him for the journey. He should rear books voraciously as preparation for this work. A good worker R. P. Mishra is sitting before you. He is matchless. Madan Mohan Lal, no doubt has done good work in his tour."

Monday; the 31st December 1945 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "A special work from Lord Krishna is coming to you. Time is passing and I am not getting any other person equal to you. Tomorrow is the first day of the new year 1946, when you have to engage in the work ahead. Mould yourself appropriately for the purpose. Office work is a great drawback. Avail of morning time; and abide by your firm will, as I have been telling you so often. A reward from Lord Krishna is coming for your intimate friend Rameshwar Prasad, whom you love so dearly. I assign one more duty to him [Rameshwar Prasad] viz. accumulating religious literature for you; and also find a man, who should read those books to you. Commentary on Vedas may also be sent for. Lord Krishna has allowed five years of time to you for your service [job]. My heart and soul as well as those of our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] pray to have the work finished. Our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] in a way has sold himself to altogether. That is the result of initiation. In reality I do not want to reveal your position. What of me! I am going side by side with your Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]."

हज़रत क़िब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़ उ0 प्र0] : "स्वामी जी ने वाक़ई ठीक कहा है। मैंने अपने आप को वाक़ई गिरवी कर दिया है।  यह मिसाल भी न मिलेगी। मेरी राय यह है कि अब तुम दस जनवरी 1946 ई0 से टाइम ले लो और यह वक़्त उस वक़्त रहेगा जब तक मैं न कह दूँ। मुमकिन है कि तीन माह तक रहे या इससे क़ब्ल ख़त्म हो जाय। इस से तुम्हारे दिल व दिमाग को बहुत फायदा पहुँचेगा। इस लिए कि कोई ऐसा न होगा जो तुमको डिस्टर्ब कर सके। भाई मन मैं तुमको एक बात बताता हूँ। तुम्हारी सोहबत आबे हयात है। मगर किस शक़्स के लिए; जो मुझको तुम्हारी हस्ती में पैबस्त देखता है। मंज़िलें हर शख्स तै कर सकता है और यह भी नहीं कि काम बना सके। हर शख्स से मतलब मेरा अपने मुरीदों से है। यानि वो मुरीद जो मुझमें समा चुके हैं। कहो तो एक बात और कह दूँ कि तुम्हारी सोहबत डेन्जरस भी है। किस शख्स के लिए? उस शख्स के लिए जो मुझको तम में देखता हुआ फ़िर भी महक़ूम रखना चाहता है। मेरा यह मतलब नहीं कि लोग देखते ही नहीं या करते ही नहीं बल्कि एक आम बात कह दी। यह क़ाबिले तारीफ़ ज़रूर है कि तुमको इस से गिलान नहीं होता, मगर दिल व दिमाग़ पर असर ज़रूर पड़ता है। और इस से मुझ पर असर पड़ता है। मेरी हालत भी लगभग ऐसी ही  जाती है। हाँ असर न पड़े अगर तुम ज़प्त से काम न लो। भाईजान ! मुक़म्मिल फ़नाईयत पीर में ऐसा ही हुआ करता है। मेरा भी ज़िंदगी में यह ही हाल था। यह बाँतें बहुत सबक देने वाली हैं। क्या कोई शख्स अगर मेरी हालत को पहुँच जाय और अपने मुरीद में ऐसी फनाइयत करें जैसी मैंने की है तो उसका भी यही हाल हो जाएगा। यह क़ुदरत है इसको कोई रोक नहीं सकता। एक बात और बताता हूँ। अगर ऐसे मुरीद को ऐसा ही समझ लिया जाय, जैसा समझना चाहिए तो फायदे भी बेशुमार हैं। तुम्हें मालूम है, मुझमें कोई कैफियत नहीं। है क्या ? वही जो तुम में है, और यह होता चला आया है। इसमें कोई लिपटी बात नहीं है। इतनी विशेषता ज़रूर है कि मैंने ज़्यादातर और मुक़म्मिल तुम में फनाइयत की है और ऐसी कि बायद व् शायद। मुमकिन है कि ऐसी मिसाल आगे न मिले और मिल भी जाय तो हुक़्मे खुन्दा समझना चाहिए। खैर यह तो बात ख़त्म हो गयी। अब दुसरी सुनो। क़ुदरत का काम इस वक़्त बिलकुल तुम्हारे ऊपर छोड़ा गया है और कुल्लियतन तुम्ही करोगे। अब भी और ज़िन्दगी के बाद भी। इस काम में हम लोगों का क़तई हिस्सा नहीं। इस लिए भाई जल्द जल्द ख़त्म करो। कामो का अभी इंतज़ार हो रहा है और भाई तुम्हें बहुत करना है। कहो तो सही क्या दुनियाँ ऐसी ही छोड़ कर जाओगे जैसी की तुम्हारे पैदाइश के वक़्त थी और उसके बाद भी रही और अब भी है। नहीं नहीं ऐसा नहीं होगा। तुम कुल काम ख़त्म करके जाओगे और रूहानियत का चिराग़ ऐसा रख जाओगे कि ख़िज़ाँ की हवा उसको बुझा न सके। तुमको भी किस क़दर खुशी होगी। मैं ही जानता हूँ और तुम्हारे लिए मैं क्या कहूँ। यह बात तुम्हे ज़िन्दगी के बाद मालूम होगी। क्या कोई समझ सकता है कि किसी शख्स को अपने बुजुर्गौं का साया नसीब हुआ हो। हरगिज़ नहीं। यह तुम्हारा ही हिस्सा है। ख़ुदा तुमको इस से भी ज़ियादह दे और मेरी यादगार हर दम ताज़ा रहे। अंधों को अब भी नहीं सूझता। वजह क्या है ? खुदी लिए बैठे हैं। मौला बन गए हैं। यह बात नहीं कि उनको खटक न पैदा हो गयी हो। बाज़ों को ख़ौफ़ भी ग़ालिब है। और कुछ लोगों को पूँजी की भी फिक्र है कि हाय ऐसा न हो कि यह चली जाय। मियाँ अपना काम करो, कहाँ की झंझट। फिर जो आ जाय उसे देख लेना। इस बात में रामेश्वर प्रसाद से मुवाफक्त करता हूँ। जब ऊँट पहाड़ के दामन तक नहीं पहुँचता, अपने आप को बड़ा समझता है। यह डिक्टेशन तुम्हारी कौन बिलीव करे जब कि किसी की ऐसी हालत ही नहीं हुयी। हो जाती, मगर दिल देने का सवाल था।"

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Respected Swami Ji has very rightly said that I have really mortgaged myself unto you. This example will be hard to find, in my opinion you should take time off with effect from January 10th 1946 up to when I mention [in due course] : may be it will last three months or less. That will be of much benefit to your heart and mind, because there will be body to disturb you during that period."

"I am telling you one thing, my dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] : your companionship is nectar, but only for the person who sees me as imbued in your entity. One may be made to cross stages by anybody. It is not the case, however, that anybody be able to do the job [to perfection]. By anybody I mean my disciples who have got permitted in to my Being. If you permit, I may add something more : companionship is dangerous also, but only for that person who even seeing me in you, still wants to keep you under his thumb. I do not mean that people avoid observing or acting : I have mentioned something very general! It is no doubt praise-worthy that this does not cause repugnance in you; but there is an effect certainly on your heart and mind, which casts effect on me. My condition too comes more or less to be similar. No doubt, the effect may be avoided if you do not act with patience. Dear brother, in case of perfect merging in the Master such a phenomenon does not occur [essentially]. My condition during lifetime was also just like that. These things teach great lessons! If somebody may happen to arrive at my stage and achieve mergence in his disciple like I have done, he too shall suffer the same fate. This is Nature; and no body can restrain this. I am telling moreover, that in case such a disciple be taken to be just as needed [being taken in essence], there are innumerable benefits as well. You know, I am [now] beyond any state. What is there [in me]? The same that is in you [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur]. This has always been as such; there is nothing new in it. No doubt there is something special to the extent that I have achieved mergence in you mostly and perfectly, which can hardly have an example [or illustration]. Just possible there will be no example of this any more; and if available ever, that is to be taken as God's command [providentially ordained]."

"Alright, that topic has ended : now listen to something further! The work of Nature now has been left solely unto you; and you alone  are to do it totally - just now as well as after physical desolation! We have entirely no share in it. So dear brother, be quick to complete the job. Work is still in waiting; and you have to do a lot. Just understand the point : will you go away leaving the world as it was at your birth, and as it remained even there after, and still persists to be? No, that is not to be so! You will go after finishing the work in its entirety; and will leave the lamp of spirituality lit so that the autumn wind should not be able to extinguish it! I too shall be happy to the extent that I alone can know; and what am I say about you! This thing you will come to know after life time! Can anybody comprehend that the protecting shade of Revered eiders [of yore] had come to the fortune of anyone? That is just your share! May god bestow even more on you; and my remembrance remain fresh every moment! The blind ones are unable even now to see! The reason is just that they are sitting comfortable with their selfhood, having become themselves masters [gods]! It is not the case that they are not apprehensive : some are overtaken even by dread and some are even worried about the capital, that it may not get lost! Oh dear, do your job and leave the complications aside : who ever and what ever comes, just deal with that! I agree with Rameshwar Prasad in this regard. As long as the calm does not come to the mountain, it considers itself big enough [famous Indian proverb]! Who is to believe these dictations [being given] to you, when no body came to experience this state. It would have occurred; but the question is of giving the heart."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Two hours of work in the night will finish the whole programme of work, allotted to you."


Wednesday the 02nd January 1946 :

हज़रत क़िब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़ उ0 प्र0] : "बदरियाफ़्त रामेश्वर प्रसाद फ़रमाया ; नन्हे उस जन्म में कोढ़ी की औलाद थे। बाल - बच्चे बहुत थे।  आख़िर में इनका गंगा किनारे रहना हुआ। इस लिए कि पिद्रीवबा इनमें आ चुकी थी। राम राम से काम था। जो दे दिया जाता था खा लेते थे। बस इतना हिस्सा उनके संस्कार बनने में मददगार हुआ। जो कुछ बना पा लिया।"

Revered Master's dictation [ of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh U. P.] in response by Rameshwar Prasad : "Nanhe was the progeny of a leper in previous birth. He had a big family. At the end he had to reside at the bank of river Ganga, because his paternal disease had overtaken him. He was engaged in remembrance of God [recitation of the holy name of Lord Rama]; and used to live on what was provide to him by others. Just this helped in the development of his good impressions [sanskara]; and he was able to collect [in his fortune] what could thus be possible.

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "He was born in a Kayastha family. He indulged in a good deal of pleasure seeking in his early lifetime. The contagious disease inherited from his ancestors brought his to the bank of river Ganga. Syphilitic he was; and in a way he had to renounce at once  all the worldly belongings, not on account of his love for God but due to his contagious disease."

हज़रत क़िब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़ उ0 प्र0] : "भाई, मेरी क्या पूँछते हो। मैं उस जन्म में भी ग़रीब था, और इसमें भी ऐसा रहा। ज़िन्दग़ी मेरी ज़रूर pious रही और जो कुछ मिल गया, ईश्वर का शुक्रिया अदा किया। और बच्चों की परवरिश की। गाढ़ी कमाई से हमेशा पेट पाला। दुनियाँ से लगाव न रहा। न मोहब्बत इस हद तक थी कि बच्चों और बीवी के दामे-उल्फत में गिरफ्तार रहता। ग़र्ज़े कि उसकी याद से ग़ाफ़िल न रहता था। ऐसी हालत में रहते रहते मेरी हालते एतेदाल क़ायम हो गयी। जगत पसारा झूंटा मालूम होने लगा। प्रेम उमड़ने लगा। दुःख की बर्दाश्त होने लगी। दुनियाँ नापायदार मालूम होने लगी। यह हाल पिछले जन्म का जिस्म छोड़ने से बहुत पहले का है। आख़िर उम्र में एक हालत ऐसी क़ाइम हो गयी थी जिसको मौजूदा सूरत में त्याग की हालत कह सकते हैं। द्वेष ख़त्म  चुका था। याद बाक़ी थी। मेरा  वस्ल जिस में अब हुआ है इससे पहले हो चुका था। यानी जवानी ढलनें के बाद, यानि मौजूदा जन्म से सात आठ साल कम। मैं पहले जन्म में ब्राह्मण का बालक था। पेशा कसानई था। पिछले जन्म में कोई गुरु न था। अगर कोई गुरु होता तो दोबारा जन्म खयों होता। एक बात कहने से तो रह ही गयी। कि जब ईश्वरी मोहब्बत की यह हालत थी तो दोबारा जन्म क्यों लेना पड़ा। बात यह थी कि मुझे उसकी याद बाक़ी थी, जो आखिर दम तक रही और उसी याद में जिस्म छोड़ा और वोह ही याद मुझे मौजूदा जन्म में ले आयी। और इससे आगे तरक़्क़ी की बुनियाद पडी। यह ही एक चीज़ थी जिसने मौजूदा शक्ल में ला कर खड़ा कर दिया, भटकने नहीं दिया। राहे रास्त पर ले आयी। प्रेम की हालत आखिर तक वैसी ही बनी रही यानि बुढ़ापे तक। यह मोहब्बत आलमगीर हो चुकी थी और उसमे equality थी। लगाव न था। यह बात सिर्फ पिछले जन्म में थी या यूँ समझो कि जैसी ईश्वरीय मोहब्बत  यकसाँ रहती है।

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : What do you ask [to know] about me! I was poor in my previous birth as well; and remained the same in this life also. My life, no doubt, remained pious; and what ever I got, I thanked God for it, and brought the children up. There was always reliance for personal maintenance on laborious and honest living. Attachment to world was not there; nor I ever had love to the extent of getting caught in the snare of affection for wife and children. I was never forgetful of His [God of Master] remembrance, so to say. Remaining that way for long the state of moderation came to be establish in me. The expanse of becoming [phenomenal world] started seeming false. Love [Divine] surged. Misery became tolerable. World appeared to be transitory. This is the description of my state, much before leaving the physical frame in the previous birth. At the end of that life, I had got established in the state, which in the present shape can be designated as 'renunciation'. Jealousy had vanished; only remembrance was remaining. In that previous birth, my death had occurred a little earlier [about seven to eight years] than that in this [last] period of life. In that earlier life I was born in a Brahmin family; and the profession was agriculture. I had no Guru in that life; otherwise there had been no birth any further. One thing was remain untold, viz. when Divine Love was advanced to such stage, why I had to be born again! The point was that remembrance of God still remained up to the last moment; and due to leaving the body in remembrance, that itself brought me back to the world in my last birth, lying down the foundation for further spiritual progress. That [remembrance] was the only thing that brought me to the present state, and did not let me go astray. It brought me to the right path. The condition of love remained the same up to the end; and by the time of old age love had overtaken the entire being. There was equality in it, with out attachment. You can comprehend it to mean that Divine Love remains uniform [or unchanging] so to say. This thing was there only in the last birth."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "The stage our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] has undergone during His past life is not to be crossed by majority of spiritual aspirants. It is the result of His past life, You see just today."

बसवाल रामेश्वर प्रसाद कि ब्राह्मण से कायस्थ कुल में जन्म क्यों हुआ, क्यों कि ब्राह्मण कुल ऊँचा समझा जाता है : हज़रत क़िब्ला [महात्मा  राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़] : "कल्चर [तरबियत] की ज़रूरत थी। ग़ुर्बत की हालत मेरी कई जन्म से ही रही।"

"तुम्हारी [राम चन्द्र - शाहजहाँपुर की] मोहब्बत झुलस के रह गयी थी। न यह ख्याल था कि किस से मोहब्बत कर रहे हो, न यह कि कोई तुमसे भी कर रहा है। अस्ल पूँछो तो यह पॉइंट मोहब्बत का ख़ात्मा था जो तुमने किया। आग़ाज़े मोहब्बत अन्जामे मोहब्बत था। यह हालत किसी को इन्क्शाफ़ न  हुयी। लोग इसकी नक़ल न करें वार्ना गुमराही का अंदेशा है।

To the query by Rameshwar Prasad as to why there was birth in 'Kayastha' family after 'Brahmin' family, since 'Brahmin' family is considered superior, Revered Master [[Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] quipped : "There was need for training in culture and civility. Conditions of poverty persisted during several of my previous births."

Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] dictation continued : "Your love had got scorched up altogether. There was no idea of loving or being loved by someone. To tell the truth, this was the extreme point of love, which you [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] took up. The start of love was the end of love. This state was not revealed to anybody else. People should not imitate it, as it may be misleading."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "The Godly work, such as you are doing, can be allotted only to persons like you. The condition is very rare. No body except you can boost of such things. It is a special making of the Master, our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]. He has dedicated the whole life for such structuring."

Thursday the 03rd January 1946 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]! Such brain !! Do you know why these things do not enter the brains of equal capacities? There are brains of human beings who have entered spiritual life; but they have got so many things to do in themselves that they get a little time to feel the actual wave of spirituality. They do what they are not required to do. [Pause] Good heavens! You have shouldered my work and I am free to dictate! [Pause] The result is that those human brains begin to peep in their own affairs and are absorbed wholly therein. The power gene to them increases at one place and the power created by their own selves also increases towards the other points. The outcome of this is that they cannot make both the links together to go all at once in the same channel. The thing is very difficult no doubt, and beyond the reach of majority; but this does not mean that we should not attempt it. I other words, if you give the prominent place to it and try to absorb wholly towards the wave, the things coming on the other side will go in to it absolutely in the long run."

हज़रत क़िब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़ उ0 प्र0] : "रामेश्वर, मैं इसके दिमाग़ की कहाँ तक तारीफ़ करूँ, सब से पहले Good Heavens वाला जुमला मुलाहिज़ा हो। कितना आसान तरीक़ा भीड़ में तवज्जोः देने का ईज़ाद हुआ है। कुल के दिमाग़ मिस्ल रस्सिओं के खींच कर एक जगह पर क़ाइम कर दिए जायँ और उसमें विल बाँध कर तवज्जोः दी जाय तो अक्सर लोगों के दिमाग़ मोअत्तल नज़र आवेंगे और असर से नामुमकिन है कि कोई बच सके। जितनी जेज़ [लतीफ़] तवज्जोः यकसूई के साथ पॉइन्ट बना कर दी जाएगी, उतना ही तेज़ असर होगा। यह तरीक़े का पहला हिस्सा है। अब दूसरा हिस्सा शुरू होता है। सुनो, यह दिमाग़ जो रस्सियों की तरह से खींच कर यकजा क़ाइम किये गए हैं, उनका कनेक्शन अगर ऊपर से कर दिया जावे तो सूक्ष्म असर जम्मे गफैर के ख़यालात पर पड़ेगा और इस धार को अगर ऊपर वाली धार से कनेक्ट कर दिया जावे और उसका कनेक्शन ज़ात में ग़ुम कर दिया जावे और वहाँ से ताक़त रुज़ू की जावे तो अगर तवज्जोः देने वाले को कमाण्ड हाँसिल है तो दिमाग़ फ़ट जाने का अंदेशा है। अगर मौका पड़ जाय तो जिस शख्स को ईश्वर ने यह ताक़त अता की है वोह अपनी पूरी ताक़त और विल से रुज़ू न होवे। ज़रूरत भर [या पर] काम लिया जा सकता है। यह करिश्में हैं मगर उस्तादाना। इनके देखने के लिए शायद किसी की निगाह वसीह हुयी हो। यह एक ताक़त है जिससे दिमाग़ पर असर पड़ता है। इसका रूप रूहानी हो जाएगा। भाई जान, सवाल पूँछो और हल करो।  यह वक़्त बार बार नहीं आएगा।" 

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] addressing Rameshwar Prasad : "How much shall I praise his [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] brain! First of all, take note of the sentence starting with 'Good Heavens' ! What an easy method of transmitting to an unorganised crowd is invented! Minds of all be drawn together like ropes and established at one place. If this place is transmitted to with a firm will, minds of most people will be seen to come to the state of suspension; and being spared from this effect is impossible for anybody. The effect will be sharp in proportion to the sharpness of the single directed transmission at the point fixed by one's own firm will. This is the first stage of transmission. Now starts the second part : just listen! These minds which have been drawn like ropes and established at one place, if connected upwards, there will be subtle effect on the thoughts of a large crowd; and if this current be connected to still higher current, and such a connection be lost in to the Ultimate Being [Zaat], and the poser be got oriented there from, then in case the person transmitting possesses command, there will be possible danger of Minds getting shattered. If an opportunity for applying this method be there, the person, endowed by Providence with such power, should refrain from getting oriented with full force of his/her status and will. It will be utilized to the extent of need. These are miracles, but Masterly once! Some one's vision would seldom acquire enough width to get a glimpse of these! This is a force that effects mind; its shape turns spiritual! Dear brethren, ask questions and have some solutions! This time will not be there again and again."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I liked your method very much on the other day; and at times you have applied it. This is a good method to relieve me of the work in hand; but his must not be done repeatedly. HIgher souls, you know, are very busy. You do not know of the work you are doing here, vide our notes on dates probably in March last before the 'Bhandaaraa'. There are many ways to relieve the liberated souls for some time; and that is possible only in a human body. You know the method."

Monday the 07th January 1946 : Madan Mohan Lal submitted a report on his tour [from 22.12.1945 to 06.01.1946] to meet Chaturbhuj Sahai and Shree Krishna Lal and others in compliance to Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] instructions to persuade them regarding Shri Babu Ji [Mahatma Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur UP] as successor representative of Revered Master [Laalaa Ji Sahib, Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] and to obtain their definite clear replies. Report submitted by Madan Mohan Lal :

"Started from Shahjahanpur by night train on 22.12.1945 and reached Budaun next morning. After one day's stay with Madan Mohan Lal Vakil, Budauni, reached Etah on 24.12.1945 in the evening. There the function was in progress. Chaturbhuj Sahai was sermonizing, sitting on a wooden cot covered with leopard skin. Shree Krishna Lal was sitting below on the ground. I [Madan Mohan Lal] also sat besides him [Shree Krishna Lal]. A swift current of inner force started pouring on me, and stopped after some time. I remained observing everything. There was nothing except outward glamour. Grace was totally missing. Music [vocal and instrumental], essay composition [lectures] and sweets offering was in exclusive quantity. Really was entirely absent. On 25.12.1945 each one of Chaturbhuj Sahai and Shree Krishna Lal conducted group mediation. Hearing songs, Shree Krishna Lal started falling under ecstatic spell. Then on starting meditation, he himself went in to oblivious state, to the extent of starting to snore. This was the group meditation, which had no track of grace in it. I [Madan Mohan Lal of Shahjahanpur] did not meditate and simply sat observing  the show. At noon time Shree Krishna Lal received a telegram of his brother-in-law from Sikandrabad [district- Bulandshahar UP], and went by motor car and returned next morning [26.12.1945]. Chaturbhuj Sahai did not afford opportunity to me to talk in seclusion. His [Chaturbhuj Sahai] dealings and demeanor indicated avoiding seclusion with me [Madan Mohan Lal]. However, I refered to the matter in hand during the interval between the group-meditation and sermon-session in the evening on 25.12.1945. He said that did not want to get involved in such matters; and that his attitude and treatment to me remained the same as before. I [Madan Mohan Lal] said that on the face of it, there seemed to be no difference. He [Chaturbhuj Sahai] said that I being a clear hearted person, could be able to assess and discover. I replied that I was not a pious hearted or respectable elder. Then [Chaturbhuj Sahai] went inside in his house for necessary daily routine [like toilet etc.]; and did not come out until people had gathered for sating. After necessary daily routine, he remained gossiping privately with his disciples in the verandah inside his house, in other words avoiding to provide me any opportunity for private meeting. His sons, although aware of differences, behaved with me just as always before : this thing is well worth consideration. Briefly speaking Chaturbhuj Sahai did not like even to talk about, what to say of arriving at any solution of this matter. Neither did he mention his desire to discuss after the function [Bhandaaraa], in which case I would have stayed and talked over the whole issue. What I feel on the basis of my observation there, is that Chaturbhuj Sahai is continuously going downwards day after day. Neither there is any effect in transmission nor any glow on his face. No doubt only pride of being superior guide [Sad-guru] is there; and since he [Chaturbhuj Sahai] has acquired the reputation of being an elder of very high status, or his disciples have announced him to be that, he is worried and engaged anxiously all the time to maintain that same reputation through every possible effort. In the presence of Madan Mohan Lal Vakil, Budauni conversation between Shree Krishna Lal and Chaturbhuj Sahai took place on 26.12.1945 after the function had come to a close. Shree Krishna Lal that he wanted to donate his house for 'Satsang' [assembly for spiritual associates], where upon Chaturbhuj Sahai said that this was alright, though he [Chaturbhuj Sahai] on his own part was full of anxiety as to how all this work was to proceed forth. So long as he was alive, he was pulling on some how and 'Bhandaaraa' [Annual function] etc. was a all taking place duly; but who would carry on all this after him, and how this work would continue : that was his [Chaturbhuj Sahai] chief concern. Shree Krishna Lal said there upon that this was certainly a matter of anxiety, but God alone would know about the future."

"A summary of conversation that I [Madan Mohan Lal] could have with Shree Krishna Lal [Date wise] -

on 24.12.1945, in the night : I mentioned to him that I had brought the entire correspondence etc. with me, which he [Shree Krishna Lal] may peruse; and then he may tell, what ever complaints he may have, so that the haziness of doubt in his mind may be removed. He said that he was not prepared to have faith on any imperience / experience / sensitivity of Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur], unless he [Shree Krishna Lal] himself receives instructions from Guru Maharaj, Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib, or so long as some respected elder does not verify his [Ram Chandra's] imperience. He [Shree Krishna Lal] went on further : 'Laalaa Ji had told me that he could bestow unto me what ever I desired, where upon I [Shree Krishna Lal] had replied that I needed nothing except love for him.' As such, I feel very much unhappy when some one tells me that Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib is displeased with me. I am following the principles told to me by Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib during his lifetime or what he had committed to writing; and will put in to practice in future what ever He will tell me : just this is my religion and faith. On receiving letters from Shahjahanpur, I [Shree Krishna Lal] consulted some respected elders for authentication; and all declared the revelations of Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] to be wrong."

[Madan Mohan Lal's note : There are two such so called elders at Sikandrabad in district Bulandshahar U. P. Both had been introduced to me by Shree Krishna Lal during earlier visit to him in his town Sikandrabad. One of them is a Sufi saint perhaps from Moradabad, now settled at Sikandrabad [name forgotten]. He is first rate religious fanatic disposed against religion other than his own. He offers prayers etc.; and is of the opinion that a Hindu can never be respectable elder. So far as the second one is concerned, he is a disciple of Baba Tajuddin of Nagpur, whose large size photograph decorates his living room. He and his disciples offered Namaaz [ritualistic prayer by Muslims] below and facing that photograph, and one of his spiritual brothers, belonging perhaps to Rampur, arrived and after prostrating before that photograph remained reciting poems and other literary pieces.]

"I [Shree Krishna Lal] I am ready to meet some other spirituality superior elder of your [Madan Mohan Lal] choice for verification. I [Madan Mohan Lal] named Swami Atma panda Ji, who was not agreeable to Shree Krishna Lal as he belonged to Shahjahanpur. Shree Krishna Lal indicated Krishna Swarup and Maulwai Abdul Ghani Khan Sahib of Bhugaon, District Mainpuri UP for the purpose; and also indicated positive inclination to go to Swami Vairagya Nand Ji, without being committed to any firm promise. Shree Krishna Lal continued further : 'I receive instructions from Guru Ji Maharaj, Laalaa Ji Sahib against what Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur] writes to me. As such, how would I believe in the authenticity of his [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] I am / experiences and revelations! [Pause] I had my base life long on love for Guru [Guide]; and continues even now. It was written to me that my spiritual condition has been snatched off. No reduction of any sort occurred in me. On the other hand my spiritual status is progressing day-by-day. So after all, how would I treat what Ram Chandra Ji [of Shahjahanpur] writes as something correct? [Pause] I categorically have no faith in his writings. He is seeking to establish his superiority. I am not prepared to believe in anything without evidence. If he [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] likes, he may come to me without hesitation in case he wishes to reform himself. [Pause] Guru Maharaj has designated me as His destined fulfillment ['Muraad', i.e. a boon]. Only that person is 'Muraad', in whom the Master acquires His own merging. What reason can then be there that direct instructions would not arrive to me? [Pause] Laalaa Ji Sahib gave me three instructions : Love God; and if that is not possible, Love Master. Serve your brethren and proceed on in accordance with these instructions. I [Shree Krishna Lal] am certainly adhering to these. [Pause] When my spiritual status has been snatched off, I should feel that! Or else, he [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] may do the snatching again so that I may feel convinced ! On my part, I find my condition better instead of getting devoid of it! [pause] What I want i that I do my work independently; and you do yours independently. Neither of us need interfere eight each others work : all three of us [Chaturbhuj Sahai, Shree Krishna Lal and Madan Mohan Lal] remain now independent. They may need each other and maintain relationship. Those persons who have relationship with me like Shyam Lal and Sheoti Prasad and Magan Behari Lal etc. are not interfered with by you. [Pause]. Nobody ever permitted Ram Chandra Ji [Shahjahanpur] to transmit and impart training. [on my mentioning that Revered Master, Laalaa Ji Sahib's dictations and writings may be looked in to, he replied] I do not like to go through any thing. To me [Shree Krishna Lal] the question of Islam and Hinduism remains similar. In case Nature has taken a turn, that should be noticeable. [Pause] Sometime ago I [Shree Krishna Lal] went to Delhi under a state of worry and perturbation with the intention that either I would receive instructions or else would destroy myself. At that time I had the vision of Laalaa Ji Sahib together with his brother, Mahatma Raghubar Dayal. He [Revered Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] asked His brother to observe my condition and look-after me; and instructed me to go to him [Mahatma Raghubar Dayal]. Then I went to Mahatma Raghubar Dayal at Kanpur; and thence forth I hold him [Raghubar Dayal] in reverence just like that. Before that I had no idea about Mahatma Raghubar Dayal; and during the life time Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib I never got oriented to Mahatma Raghubar Dayal. [Pause] For the whole life time I was made to worship Prophet Mohammad [by Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib], and I am being asked in his name to worship Lord Krishna! During boyhood I had love for Lord Krishna; very often visions of Him and He used to fulfill my needs. During lifetime of Revered laalaa Ji Sahib I was yoked by Him [Laalaa Ji Sahib] to Prophet Mohammad, leaving Lord Krishna aside; and now after death of Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib I am being forced to get oriented in the  name of Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib to Lord Krishna! I was taught to recite the genealogy of saints; and was always made to get oriented to Revered elder saints of Islam; now I am being made to turn away form the direction! Even now, I get at the thought of Lord Krishna. [Pause] I need neither wealth nor fame. Revered Guru Ji Maharaj may bestow these on whom so ever He may choose. I hunger of His love alone; everything else he may take away, if He so desires. I am now fifty two years of age; and I have base myself till now solely on Love of Master. How can I forsake that now ? If I do like that, it would mean that the whole of my life itself had gone waste! As such, you proceed on with your work and let me remain yoked to mine : there should remain only personal relationship and harmony in between us!"

On 26.12.1945 Shree Krishna Lal remarked : "Laalaa Ji always had regard for Revered elder saint of Islam : why is that attitude being negated now! [Pause] I do not care for Lord Krishna nor for Prophet Mohammad, but only for Revered Laalaa ji Sahib, whose presence had remained experienced continually; and is likewise even now. I am having experiences in contravention of your instructions : now then I can bring faith on you. [Pause] Laalaa Ji is now dead. I can not accept anything unless I see something in writing from him. That means I can neither go [with you to Shahjahanpur] nor I can be convinced of your propositions so long as  Revered Laalaa Ji Himself does not bestow awakening on me directly. My life and death solely rests on the base of Laalaa Ji. He is with me all the twenty four hours; and I am never for a moment bereft of His remembrance. I have no concern with either heaven of hell."

On 27.12 1945, Shree Krishna Lal continued : "Since Laalaa Ji is now dead, I have faith now on only those things and principles, which were told to me [by Him]. However, in case you show me some of his writings, I am prepared to accept and act on that. [Pause] I condor that person unfaithful and nasty, who would say one thing in lifetime and something else after death. [Pause] Intuition is reliable only in case of incarnations : in the case of saints, it is subject to doubt; and it is wrong unless some revered elder verifies its authenticity. Revered Laalaa Ji always treated Maulana Abdul Ghani Khan Sahib of Bhogaon district - Mainpuri UP as His revered elder, and consulted him [Maulana Abdul Ghani Khan Sahib of Bhogaon district - Mainpuri UP] and respected him. How shall I now accept that he [Maulana Abdul Ghani Khan Sahib of Bhogaon district - Mainpuri UP] was under His [Laalaa Ji Sahib] charge? [Pause] Once a bag containing rupees five hundred got stolen from my house. Revered Laalaa Ji told me [Shri Krishna Lal] that he thought that my female cook had committed that theft and on searching her house, and money would be recovered [from her box]. I [Shree Krishna Lal] arranged for the search with police help; but the money was not found there. Later the money was found was found was found in my house it self; and Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib said that His thought came to be erroneous. [Pause] Finally Laalaa Ji Sahib enjoined three instructions upon me : Love one God. If that is possible, Love Master. Serve the brethren. I am doing all that continually. [Pause] What ever I want to know, on concentrating on it for some time, it gets revealed to me. I have no need for being told or advised by anybody else."

On 29.12.1945 While on way to Kanpur, Shree Krishna Lal blurted : "Go, tell that unfaithful One [Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib] that during His whole life he told me to have faith on Prophet Mohammad and revered elder saints of Islam, and now after death He tells me to worship Lord Krishna! If that was to be thus, I already had the thought of attachment to Lord Krishna at the out set! Why did he [Laalaa Ji Sahib] turned me away from that [Lord Krishna] and yoked to Mohammad? Now in old age, I am being asked to be oriented to Lord Krishna! If He wants me to do like that, why he does not tell me directly? I am always ready to obey Him! I have no reliance at all on Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur UP]! [Pause] How does there remain anger, love, hatred etc. in a liberated soul? That means He [Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib] is not liberated! How could he get liberation, when He still suffers from all worries of the world! I have no faith on these intuitions [of Shri Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur UP]! Shri Ram Chandra wrote to me that my spiritual status has been snatched off! There has occurred no reduction in my condition : contrarily there is progress day-by-day. I Challenge [Shri Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] that if he has power, he may snatch my condition away! Any way, If he has any consideration for his own self interest, he may come to me for sitting right his own thoughts and condition! [pause] Why did Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib not nominate successor representative during life time? That is His fault; and He may now just suffer it ! To me, so long as he does not Himself give awakening. I am not going to yield! I am 'Murad' [destined fulfillment of Master's aspirations]! I do not have care for anything! I am doing just what that unfaithful one [Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib had bade me during His lifetime! Now, after death, why are instructions contrary to that been issued! [pause] Why did Revered Laalaa Ji never indicate during  His life time that His Revered Master used to instruct Him like He is now issuing dictates himself? If dictates form His Revered Master were ever been received by Him, why He [Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib] did not get them recorded in writing. I mean! It is wrong that no body for writing down His dictations during life time could be available to Him! I am not prepared accept such things! [Pause] He Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib remain respectful to Maulana Abdul Ghani Khan Sahib of Bhogaon district - Mainpuri UP and always consulted him throughout His life time; and once told me that he [Maulana Abdul Ghani Khan Sahib of Bhogaon district - Mainpuri UP] was a tender hearten Revered elder and as such he forbade me to go to his alone but with him [Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib] to avoid my dirtiness effecting and causing  trouble to him [Maulana Abdul Ghani Khan Sahib of Bhogaon district - Mainpuri UP]. And now after death, He says that He [Maulana Abdul Ghani Khan Sahib of Bhogaon district - Mainpuri UP] was under His [Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib] charge!"

The sum and substance of conversation with me [Madan Mohan Lal of Shahjahanpur], and of my assessment of his dealings and demeanor, as comprehended by me [Madan Mohan Lal] is as following :

"The condition of Shree Krishna Lal three years earlier, when I had visited him at the 'Bhandaaraa' at his place, was better. I had submitted to him : 'Brother, you remain detached just in emotional flare up [Jazba]; you need moving further ahead ;' there is neither sublimity [Lataafat] nor savoir [Rasa] or even 'bliss' of intoxication [suroor] in his transmission : only some sharpness, smouldering warmth, grossness and dryness is experienced ! He himself falls unaware while transmitting. Sometimes during prolonged meditation his spiritual grip fizzles off and he starts snoring, His breathing grows heavy and he loses the thought even of the person, receiving his transmission. Before starting meditation just as Chaturbhuj Sahai enjoys music, he [Shree Krishna Lal] also introduces singing of prayers etc. to have single directed orientation of the audience [participants in the group meditation]. Like Chaturbhuj Sahai, he [Shree Krishna Lal] too admits males and females together in the assembly of associates for meditation. Earlier he used to seat women in-front of him. On my submission, now he transmits to them, seated behind curtain. The sum and substance of all this statement is that he [Shree Krishna Lal] considers transmission as sufficiency only by falling oblivious himself and bringing others to unconscious state through exercise as his will. Those receiving training from each of them [Chaturbhuj Sahai and Shree Krishna Lal] have seldom there heart [first point of organic region] awakened [to continuous chanting of holy name or incarnation / unbroken remembrance] : The rest in most cases are happily engaged in seeing red and white light! Under 'Radha Swami System' uncreated sound [Anahat shabda] is propagated ; and they concentrate on listening to continuous sound [beyond beginning and end] themselves and encourage others to such listening : so to say, they draw themselves and others from subtlety to grossness. Contrary to the principle of our system, they [Shree Krishna Lal etc.] are falling down themselves and pushing down other aspirants i.e. those coming to them for spiritual training. Shree Krishna Lal is getting of his brother, probably named Narain Krishna, who happens to be connected to Radha Swami System. Shree Krishna Lal indicates the 'Brahmarandhra' point [mid most point on top of the head] to his disciples as the abode [dham] of Radha Swami [male and female principals of Ultimate Reality represented  by the founder of this system at Agra and his wife, during ate 19th century]; and hurls and abundance of the praise of the ultimately Real Sound [Sat shabad]. Chaturbhuj Sahai describes states like 'Kaarana' [cause], 'Maha-karana' [great cause] and makes his disciples listen to the meditations of 'Prana-yoga', 'Anand-yoga',  'Vijnana Yoga' [so called various system of 'Yoga'] etc. During his sermon he said that the 'Preceptor' immediately discovered past impressions [Sanskaras] of the persons coming to him; and that he would explain this technique to select special ones from amongst them, in confidence. He [Chaturbhuj Sahai] claimed that Ultimately Real Guide [Dadguru] indicating to himself through indirect style - could do every thing unto the disciples in a twinkling of the eye. To one of them [Chaturbhuj Sahai] spirituality means propagating himself and making others propagate him to be revered elder [Master] of the present time; earning, enjoying and living with pomp and show; and concealing weaknesses through adequate tactfulness. The other one [Shree Krishna Lal] is intoxicated with the pride of love for Master and considers himself as a perfect recluse lacking nothing. Neither of those two [Chaturbhuj Sahai and Shree Krishna Lal] has the idea of what is to be the end of the disciples through such training ; and what is to happen to the 'Mission' [Assembly of Revered Master's spiritual associates]! To my [Madan Mohan Lal] mind only the routine, traditional Gurudom will survive and Revered Master's labour and aspirations will all come to bleed dead. May god have mercy on us all and bring all brethren to the right path!"

"On 31.12.1945, in the morning Shree Krishna Lal called Sheoti Prasad, seated him on his cot and getting oriented to him instead him dirtily to me said that since there was difference with me [Madan Mohan Lal] on basic principles, there can hardly be any possibility of togetherness and relationship. As such, there could be no opportunity of joining each others [Madan Mohan Lal and Shree Krishna Lal] assembly of spiritual associates ['Satsang'], about which he [Sheoti Prasad] may enquire of me [Madan Mohan Lal]. Sheoti Prasad opened that there seemed no harm in observing, experiencing and examining by going there [Shahjahanpur]. Shree Krishna Lal did not agree to this. There was something else, which I [Madan Mohan Lal] do not remember clearly : perhaps it referred to his [Shri Krishna Lal]  being prepared to accept [Shri Ram Chandra Mission] in case Krishna Swarup of Jaipur or some other respected elder would certify. There was another very interesting phenomenon : he [Shree Krishna Lal] got the group meditation conducted some times by Sheoti Prasad, and at other time by his disciples Karuna Shankar and Bhavani Shankar, and at some other time he split up some people amongst all three of them, allotting Kasganj to Sheoti Prasad, Kanpur to Bhavani Prasad,  and Ghaziabad Shyam Lal. Regarding other places I [Madan Mohan Lal] could not know. From their ways of functioning and dealing, it seems each of the two [Chaturbhuj Sahai and Shree Krishna Lal] are trying to increase the number of persons in their respective societies to the maximum possible extent without having any concern about what is to be final and of this [programme and mentality]. Conversation of Shree Krishna Lal totally lack reasonableness beyond obstinacy and tenaciousness. Perusal of correspondence and writings is sin in his view, what to speak of considering these seriously and drawing fair conclusions therefrom! Hatha Yoga has been defined by him as a nomenclature for forcing back the sense organs, while Raja Yoga means legitimate use of the sense organs [to him]. This is being submitted by way of an illustration [of thinking of Shree Krishna Lal]. I met Uma Shankar, who carefully perused a few letters of Maulana Abdul Ghani Khan Sahib of Bhogaon District Mainpuri UP; and then said to Shree Krishna Lal that in his [Uma Shankar] opinion, he [Shree Krishna Lal] should take up these matters for careful consideration and have the due experience; and on being satisfied, have faith on it. For himself, Uma Shankar said that in accordance with the instructions of Guru Ji Maharaj [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] he had now got initiated in to the order of Lord Buddha, and was writing a book on 'Buddhism'. He claimed having seen Laalaa Ji Sahib and Lord Buddha together in dream, where in 'revered Laalaa Ji Sahib surrendered him [Uma Shankar] to Lord Buddha."

"Sheoti Prasad certainly listens to everything attentively; and he perhaps inclined to develop faith [in our stand] to some extent as well; but on being goaded by Shree Krishna Lal, he grows shaky and indecisive. There is no doubt paucity of understanding and courage; but sincerity is present. He promised to come to me at Bareilly with the condition that he gets leisure. At Kasganj Fateh Lal came, set for meditation and participated in 'Satsang' of Shree Krishna Lal and went away. So far as his state of character and conduct is concerned, he married his daughter to the son of Vaidya Baldeo Prasad [of Fatehgarh], and started quarreling with him, as soon as the marriage party had arrived. This was a noble approach : otherwise, in general it is the bride's party that adopts submissive  and accommodating attitude trying to avoid any kind of conflict and quarrel rom their side. He [Fateh Lal], however, himself started scolding and chiding etc. to bewildering astonishment of those present. He thus presented an illustration of hid spirituality. Sheoti Prasad and Babu Ram etc. tried a lot to persuade him, but to no effect. Babu Ram had not accepted discipleship of anybody as yet. He most often joined spiritual assembly programmed of Shree Krishna Lal and comes to me also for meditation for several years. He has been feeling pretty upset at these current events and circumstances for quite a time now, so much so that he gets non - plussed and stupefied. He does experience smoke smouldering up within himself; and the poor fellow weeps and grows senseless. He narrated his condition to Shree Krishna Lal on 30.12.1945 during night, whereupon Shree Krishna Lal told him point blank to go where he [Babu Ram] may feel satisfied. Hoti Lal belonging to Tahsil - Kasganj is a disciple of Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]. He has been always participating in the annual function [Bhandaaraa] organized by Chaturbhuj Sahai. This year he [Hoti Lal] came to Kasganj with Shree Krishna Lal and joined his spiritual assembly programme there, and went to Kannauj also with him. I got one opportunity for transmitting to him at Kasganj. He felt strong vibration in the heart; and told that he never experienced such condition earlier. Thereafter Shree Krishna Lal had transmitted to him on all occasions, giving him [Hoti Lal] no opportunity to be oriented to me."

"On 03.01.1946, I waited for Sheoti Prasad arriving there [Bareilly]; and when he failed to turn up by the train yesterday night and this morning. I started again for Kasganj at 11.00 AM. Reaching there, I met him [Sheoti Prasad] and made him to go through dictations etc. for six hours. He told me that Shree Krishna Lal has esteem and regard for me and was prepared to accept what I would tell; but he is not at all ready to have reliance on Shri Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur]. Sheoti Prasad further told me that the letters sent to Shree Krishna Lal from us [Shahjahanpur] were stiff and caused annoyance to him [Shree Krishna Lal]; and as such, he [Shree Krishna Lal] amenable to anything concerning Shri Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur. Shree Krishna Lal also inquired as to whether there could be a possibility that Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib and His successor representative would come together to the vision of Shree Krishna Lal and Revered Laalaa Ji Sahib would introduced His successor representative to Shree Krishna Lal i.e. tell him directly that such and such was His successor representative and be accepted as such! I have spoken a lot to the best of my capacity. Babu Ram and others were not found there : they had proceeded to Pilibhit just after their return."

"In conclusion I [Madan Mohan Lal] have to submit that to my best understanding, most people doing 'Satsang' of both [Chaturbhuj Sahai and Shree Krishna Lal] fall asleep during meditation and take this state of sleep to be the condition of superconscious state ['Samaadhi']. The state of affairs is deteriorating from bad to worse day-by-day; and this epidemic is spreading to hundreds of number. If it is not eradicated as early as possible, there is the danger that these diseases are becoming insurable. Day by day people in large number are coming attracted; and each of the two persons [Chaturbhuj Sahai and Shree Krishna Lal] are busy propagating their own-self seeking creeds with full enthusiasm and rapture : they are busy all the time increasing the number of their respective followers. They have nothing to do with what catastrophic results of such wrong attitudes would befall to the lot of people and whether these people are worthy of this training! Their only concern is to increase their number; and imprint their own individual supremacy. They, however, claim that they are working in obedience to Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] command for propagating His creed, issued during His lifetime! A peculiar confusion is prevailing! Putting people to sleep or in-conscience for some time through use of song and music and an exercise of will power alone is considered and comprehended to be spirituality. Lecturing and sermonizing to mislead the ignorant people by feeding them with narratives of new points and vistas like 'Drishta Yoga', 'Janana Yoga', 'Vijnaana Yoga', 'Prana Yoga', 'Ananda Yoga', 'Kaarana Yoga, and 'Maha Kaarana' etc.; and thereby imposing themselves as Masters of existing era has remained. They are thus not only destroying Revered Master's [of  Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] way of training, but it is also strongly apprehended - nay, God forbid, most possibly, Revered Master's [of  Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] fair name is to be suffer infamy. The notice [issued to all disciples of Revered Master in His name] did not have the least effect : contrarily these people together with their disciples [and admirers] are getting bent upon aggressively more and more as time passes. If nothing to counter this state of affairs is undertaken as early as possible, only God knows what catastrophic consequences may happen to prevail! To my understanding, there can be following remedies :

[01] Either Chaturbhuj Sahai and Shree Krishna Lal be provided with adequate inward vision to make them have faith; or
[02] They are drawn forcibly to 'Sahaj Marg'; or
[03] In case they are considered unworthy of these alternative practices being tried on them, there remains no device applicable to their case to my comprehension except that each of the two [Chaturbhuj Sahai and Shree Krishna Lal] are deprived of imparting spiritual training or are removed like dirt and garbage to clean up the way!

"I have come to be absolutely convinced that in case no explanation is required from these persons, it will become not only difficult but impossible to set the society [of Revered Master's associates] right."

Action followed on report, submitted by Madan Mohan Lal.

सोमवार दिनाँक 07 जनवरी 1946 : "मुताल्लिका हालात डेपुटेशन एटा वग़ैरह ":

हज़रत क़िब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज] : "मैंने सब बातों पर ग़ौर कर लिया।

हज़रत क़िब्ला मौलाना साहिब [हुज़ूर महाराज, मौलाना फ़ज़्ल अहमद खान साहिब रहमत0] : मैं ज़ात से निकल कर आया हूँ।  तुम्हारे गुरु महाराज [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़ उ0 प्र0] मौजूद हैं।  हालात सब मालूम हो गए। जिस शख्स को अपने ईमान की परवाह नहीं, उसका इलाज तवाही के सिवाय और कुछ नहीं हो सकता। मैंने बाग़डोर खींच ली और यह हुक्मे खुदा था। इसका इल्म श्री कृष्ण की क्या हस्ती है, बड़ो बड़ो को आज तक नहीं हुआ। चन्द ख़ास ख़ास जानते हैं। और वोह हिन्दू बुजुर्ग़ हैं। इसका गुल ऐसा खिलेगा कि आख़िर को हकीकत सबको रोशन हो जाएगी। तादाद थोड़ी मगर अच्छी, बहुत काम कर सकती है। श्री कृष्ण में यह क़ाबलियत ही नहीं कि अनुभव को समझ सकें। उनको कोई बुजुर्ग़ ही नहीं मिला जो तस्दीक़ कर सकता। इन लोगों का ख्याल क़तन छोड़ो। समझ लो कि ग़ैर हैं। शैतानों की तादाद इस ज़माने में बढ़ रही है। रोशनी के साथ अँधेरा भी रहता है। सलब करने का मसला जो चैलेंज की शक्ल में आया है उसका जबाब यह है कि आँखों पर परदे पड़े हुए हैं। यह मसला मेरे ऊपर छोड़ दो। तुम [मदन मोहन लाल] ने इस लट्ठमार ग़ुफ़्तगू से क्या पता चलाया। [अर्ज़ करने पर फ़रमाया] अनुभव ठीक है। लोच ग़ायब है। भारीपन मौजूद है। इन्सान में ताक़त रक्खी गयी है और यह ताक़त जैसी चाहे बढ़ा लो। मगर ताक़त रूहानियत नहीं। उसके लिए तो यह है कि जब तक कि उसके क़वायद और पाबन्दिओं पर न चलेगा, तरक़्क़ी नहीं हो सकती। यह ही हाल इनका समझो। जब रूहानियत ही नहीं, अनुभव कैसा और रोशनी कैसी। अनुभव की तारीफ़ उमा शंकर ; जिनके लिए गुरु महाराज ने महत्मा बुद्ध के सुपुर्द किया [नोट : उमा शंकर ने एटा में कहा था कि मुझको ख्वाब में यह अनुभव हुआ कि गुरु महाराज ने मुझको बुद्ध भगवान के सुपुर्द किया। इस ख्वाब की बिना पर मैं बौद्ध धर्म में शामिल हो कर बैयत हो गया। ] अपने काम में लग जाओ। ताल्लुक छोड़ दो। जो आ जाए अच्छा है। ज़माना खुद साबित कर देगा कि जो कुछ उन लोगों के मुरीदेन ने समझा, सुराब था। चिराग़ यही रहेगा, जो क़ायम किया गया है। यह खुदाई हुक्म है। वक़्त आएगा कि यहीं से रोशनी मिलेगी। सब माद होंगे। अभी वक़्त गुज़रने तो दो। बुज़ुरगों के किस्से सुने होंगे। औलिया और पैग़ाम्बर की कामयाबी उनकी ज़िन्दगी में कैसी रही। मालूम होगा और बाद को क्या सूरत इख़्तियार हो गयी। नबीयों का हाल पढ़ा होगा। यह बातें होतीं ही चली आयी हैं। ऊपर से 'heap of bones' का लफ्ज़ आया है। फ़रमाया सही कहा है। भाई [राम चन्द्र -शाहजहाँपुर] तुम्हें तो बहुत से झाड़ झंकार साफ़ करना है। क्या क़ुदरत ने यह हालत दी तो कोई वजह ही तो है। सच तो यह है कि रखना अन्दाज़िया जब तक नहीं होती, क़ुदरत के काम में तब तक बेहतरी की सूरत पैदा नहीं होती।"

"अगर तुम्हारा [राम चन्द्र] एलान ज़िन्दगी में कर दिया जाता; यह बाँतें ज़रूर होतीं और रुकावटें पड़तीं। बग़ैर इसके क़ुदरत का काम चलता ही नहीं।  मदन मोहन लाल से कह दो कि काम ख़ूब किया। मैं खुश हूँ। बला से कोई आता है या नहीं। फ़र्ज़ पूरा कर दिया और कहने को भी हो गया। अगर वख़्त पड़ जाय।"

"रामेश्वर यह  काम करेगा कि डॉक्टर की जमायत अब नहीं है। मुन्तशर हो चुकी है। भला यह बांतें अवाम होतीं तो एक ही शख्स में यह ताक़त क्यों भरी जातीं। हर शख्स समझता होता तो यह नौबत क्यों होती। यहाँ रूहानियत से लोग साफ़ हो चुके हैं। और होता ऐसा ही। नया सिलसिला जब हुआ यह बांतें अमल में आईं। ख़ातरन मैं इतना रवा रक्खा है कि जनाब जी साहिब यानि मुंशी पुत्तू लाल [घरेलू नाम - हज़रत क़िब्ला, महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़ी] इन बांतों को बहुत खास हालत में मुझसे। ...  ... "

हज़रत क़िब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़ी] : "क़िब्ला मौलाना साहिब ने मेहरबानी की कि इजाज़त दे दी कि मैं उनसे हमक़लाम हो सकूँ। बोझ हल्का हो गया। भाई ख्याल छोड़ो। काम में लगो। मदन मोहन लाल, अब तुमसे कोई नहीं कह सकता कि तुमने कोशिश नहीं की। वोह लोग भी नहीं कह सकते। सबूत मौजूद है। अब तुम [राम चन्द्र - शहजहॉंपुरी] मुझे रोकना नहीं।"

"श्री कृष्ण लाल को, अच्छा लिख ही लो, आक कर दिया। मैं कह भी चुका हूँ। मुमकिन है किसे खत में हो। मुझे दो शख्सों [चतुर्भुज सहाय और  कृष्ण लाल] के साथ ऐसा करना पड़ा और मैं सही था। मैं समझता था कि ऐसा करना पड़ेगा। मगर राम चन्द्र [शहजहॉंपुरी] को उम्मीद ने बाज़ रक्खा। मैंने भी इतने दिनों सब्र किया। मैं चाहता हूँ कि जो कुछ आज लिखाया है, मदन मोहन लाल के हालाते सफर में दर्ज़ कर दिया जाय। और यह पम्फलेट उन्हीं के नाम रहेगा।"

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "I have considered all matters thoroughly [with full attention]."

Reverend Grand Master's [of Huzur Maharaj, Hazarat Maulana Shah Fazl Ahmad Khan Sahib R. A,] dictation : "I have come emerging  out of Ultimate Being [Zaat]. Your Revered Master is present. All circumstances have got noted. The person who has no concern about this faith can have no treatment other than destruction!"

"I have tightened up the reins : that was God's command !"

"This has not come to knowledge of great and greater ones, what to speak of Shree Krishna Lal. Only a few very special ones know; and they are Revered Hindu elders. This will come to such a bloom as to bring Reality to light for every body at last. Less number of people but well versed can do a lot of work. Shree Krishna Lal has no capability at all to comprehend [real] experience : he could find no elder capable to verify [certify]! Leave aside any consideration for these people entirely : just like them to be totally unconnected to you! The number of satanic persons is increasing these days : darkness accompanies light [necessarily]. As regards snatching of, that has come forth by way of challenge, the reply to it is that veils are covering their eyes! Leave this affair just to me! What conclusion did you arrive at Madan Mohan Lal, from this rude conversation? [on submission from Madan Mohan Lal]. The experience is correct : sublimity is evaporated and grossness is present! Man is said to possess power; and this, one can enhance as much as one may desire! but power is not spirituality : for that spirituality the crux of the matter is that there can be no advancement so long as the rules and regulations concerning that are not adhered to! Take just that to be their condition [status]."

"When spirituality itself is not there, what sort of experience [impatience] and which kind of light [may be expected there]! The illustration of experience [impatience] there happens to be Uma Shankar who claims being surrendered to Lord Buddha by his Guru Maharaj [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]! Get yoked to your job. Give up relationship [with them]. Who ever comes is alright."

"Time itself will provide proof enough as to what the disciples of those people believed [took for granted] was but a mirage. The lamp [to provide light] will be just this, that has been established. This is God's command. Time will come that light will be available from just here [only] : all others will get dimmed. Let time just pass by. Stories of  elders must have been heard [by you people]. You must be knowing what success could fall to the lot of saints and prophets during their life time; and what shape [dimensions] it assumed later. You must have read about the Reverend Prophets [of yore] : this has been the usual routine [way] down the ages!"

The words 'heaps of bones' descending from above, Reverend Grand Master's [of Huzur Maharaj, Maulana Fazl Ahmad Khan Sahib R. A.] dictation continued : "That is correctly said. You [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur] have to clean up lots of thorns and thistles! Nature gave this condition [status] to you : there must sure be some reason for that! The matter of truth, in fact, remains that the shape of betterment in the work of Nature does not come up so long as the obstacles do not appear on the path. If you had been declared during the life-time [of your Revered Master, Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP], these things would even then have been there and obstacles would have come up : the work of Nature does not proceed but for these! [Pause] Tell Madan Mohan Lal that he done his job very well! I am pleased. Care a fig whether somebody comes [your way] or not : you have done your duty; and occasion arising, there is no adequate material to proceed as evidence in response! [Pause] Rameshwar Prasad has to do the work that there is no assembly of associates with Shree Krishna Lal; and that it has all got dispersed ! Just think, if these things had been quite so common, why should this capability [power] have got stuffed in just one person? Why would things have come to such a pass if everybody had the [requisite] grasp [for all these things]? People here have got washed of spirituality : it would have happened just that way! When ever a new system came up in to existence, these things came to practical effect! By way of heart's satisfaction I have made this much provision that dear Munshi Puttu Lal [Reverend Grand Master used to address Revered Master, Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP, affectionately by this pseudonym] in very special circumstances about these matters have required confirmation from me."

Revered master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "My Revered Master has so kindly permitted me to speak to Him : the burden is made light! My dear brother, give up consideration; and get yoked to the job [in hand]! Dear Madan Mohan Lal, nobody can now say that you did not make an attempt [to keep the whole lot united]. Those people can also not say anything : evidence [proof of your sincerity] is there!"

"Now, you, dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur UP] shall not restrain me [from having my way] : alright, about Shree Krishna Lal, note down, I have relieved him [from my discipleship]! [deprived him of my heirship due to being a disobedience son]. I have already declared [of my intention in this regard]. May be it is in some letter : I had to do this in the case of two persons [Shree Krishna Lal and Chaturbhuj Sahai], and I was correct. I had the comprehension [intuitive knowledge] that this would have to be done; but dear Ram Chandra's [of Shahjahanpur] expectations kept me restrained. I too observed patience this long. [Pause] I like that all dictations, given today, be noted down in the narrative of the trip of dear Madan Mohan Lal, and this pamphlet shall be issued in his name."

Tuesday the 08th January 1946 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "I heard the talks concluded last night, in utter despair. You have climbed up to the condition of spirituality, which is rare and above humanity. It is only fit for Godlike work, but not for the present situation. You do not leave your habit [for being soft to your adversaries]; and people are taking advantages to run for their own supremacy. I will have to take permission form your Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] to pull you down for the [required] work, for sheikh you are totally unfit at the present stage. That is the stage only for the training for others and for Godlike work. It was quite suitable in the [scriptural] Satyga era. You are doing work haphazardly. The idea of least trouble that your condition demands, remains present in some form or other. That the deep rooted idea having connection with the Ultimate Being [Zaat]. We cannot go beyond it. We must abide by it. That is the difficulty in your way! Last night you prayed to Lord Krishna, and He was moved; but He found Himself unable to do the needful because of your link of love being thoroughly with the Center wishing everybody good luck."

"Unless that link is suspended, work will duffer. In-fact that is the order. [Pause] You may take it ill when I say that you do not manifest your powers and Godly work. Do your duty and leave the result to God. I wonder how you people think that your will power would go waste! The result will come sooner or later. It is a general habit of you all to expect the result of your work at once. You cannot climb yourself to be better off than Lord Krishna. How much time He took doing what He meant! He had Divine Power as well beside the spiritual one, while you have only one viz. the spiritual. If work be done for work and only for work, then one must not be disappointed. If you believe your Master [Mahatma Ram Chnadra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] or me, have faith that you possess power : it, of-course cannot be visible to the eyes. For examination, I tell you a method. Project that power in the atmosphere out side and expand it. Then you can see that the same power [that reigns out side] is there in you. [Pause] Disappointment is poison and is itself a power which creates a whole or leakage in the work. [Pause] His [Madan Mohan Lal] Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] was his right hand when he went to Etah [at Chaturbhuj Sahai's place]; and if he had exercise his will to upset somebody, he [Madan Mohan Lal] would have created a lot of effect [havoc]. When somebody is on some special duty, always think that he/she is surrounded by some great power. Remember the days of your tour of Southern India. [Pause] Does Madan Mohan Lal think that the work will suffer? I think he must not. It [power] is coming out from the smaller channel, now like the small electric wheel in the power house. It is no doubt only in the stage of infancy. Let it grow as time passes; and the result will be there in fully developed form, vivid to the eyes of the general public. Lord Krishna was successful really after after His lifetime : everybody was a foe to Him, while He lived, of-course with exception of a few friends. The example mentioned by Madan Mohan Lal of Sishu Pal hurling abuses while Lord Krishna waited, is quit fit in the present stage of your life. Our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chnadra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] waited for thirteen years for this very reason. When you [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur UP] were born, their energies were quite exhausted. [born means when Shri Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur UP started being manifested as successor representative by Guru Maharaj Laalaa Ji Sahib about the end of April or beginning of may 1944 : noted by Madan Mohan Lal in the manuscript diary.]"

[The reference of Shishupal pertains to an anecdote in the epic - 'Maha Bharat'. When Lord Krishna was mentioned as deserving of highest honour by the Sages present at a huge sacrificial congregation Raja Suya Yajna, organized by Pandavas - the most unanimous  proposal was opposed by an envious king Shishupal, who started hurling unseemly abuses at Lord Krishna. The Lord waited patiently up to one hundred abuses being uttered, where after Shishupal was warned and then beheaded on uttering one more abuse to cross the limit prescribed for the Lord's patience and forgiveness - Editor.]

The dictation of Swami Vivekananda Ji continued : "Quite strange! How all of you are going down [in spirits] when you have got a greater responsibility and the best Guru and Guide! I was always roaming like a lion during my life time. The reason of course was that I had no wife an children, and so that had no responsibility of the household. You, as householder, have sundry jobs to do in family life. Doing all that, if you go ahead devoting efficiently to the cause of spirituality, you will earn praise etc. better than myself. Take the example of Lord Rama. He was al-around with His enemies throughout His life time. He remain as King of Ayodhya, weeping sometime for His wife in His last days. He was born in the highest Rajput [warriors] clan. His ancestors were always held in the highest esteem and veneration. That was the only thing in the yes of the general public to worship Him as their head. His life, of-course, is a tale of duties. He performed during His life time towards His father, brothers, cousins and even enemies and the subjects etc. Hero worship is the problem in India, liked by all. He became the hero of His time. Not only that. He was given the status of an incarnation of Deity rightfully, as He was really bestowed with the kind of power which an incarnation must have. This is a gist; now I come to the point : a great regard was paid to Him during and after His life time, no doubt, but he got the proper place amongst the incarnations long after He had gone from this world. Why so much dictation! That is just to emphasize that when a new thing comes in to being, time is needed for it to be completed. Nature's work is slow unless something extraordinary happens. That push comes when you create a whirl for the power to rush in. Have you created that whirl? I think it is not so, beyond completing that 'we have no power'. Is it the proper way? No. How can you create a whirl when there is a leakage in your brain, so to say? These things are annoying to me and everyone. Make use of your power : I say this to all of you. Power is not a stone or a sword to be given in one's hand. It is something lying dormant; and works as such. Remember these things; and waste no time. I have found a good number of persons in your society always complaining about something or the other. Really, they have have no regard for and faith in their Master [Mahatma Ram Chnadra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]. It also shows that their Masters are weak. When such is the case, how can they develop in to one really suited to them. If I say the truth, none has got the capacity of keeping what had been given to them. The thing easily achieved has no value to them. I quote the example of my Master : what I had got from Him was not gained so easily as you people are getting. I had to go through a great deal of sacrifice. The world was nothing to me but a drop of snow sand. Who [amongst your herd] has made any sacrifice except your Master [Mahatma Ram Chnadra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] who was really deserving! When such evils are prevailing among you? service like that of your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] is lacking. He never got the idea of greatness enter in His brain, which is really a sign of greatness. How many of you are doing that? Spirituality is being spoiled [and defamed] in the name of the great Master, and everybody has the idea of greatness in some form or the other. That is so poisonous."

हज़रत क़िब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़ उ0 प्र0 : "इस लोच को कोई पहुँचा ही नहीं और न इसका कोई मतलब समझा।"
Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : Nobody arrived at this softness [flexibility] nor anybody comprehended its meaning."

Swami Vivekananda Ji's dictation continued : "If greatness be taken off from ones' mind, I mean from the minds of those or spiritually developed, duty remains. [Pause] I tell you the method whereby one can judge whether one is proceeding towards liberation. Do you know what is God? He is not sitting on the throne [in heaven]. He has no ears and eyes, like you. He has no hands and feet; but work is still going on alright in the simplest way. You have got all these things mentioned above. How, then can you go to the place reserved for everybody in the end? Just be like Him [God], I mean as I have described Him above. So, having your hands and feet, eyes and ears etc., you go in to that state which surrounding you in the simplest form. If one acquires this in one's life time, he/she is going to liberate himself / herself. If you find this state anywhere in a human being in lifetime, take it that such person has liberated himself/herself altogether. People have gone through penances for thousand years only to achieve this. How difficult it was, and is even today! I think you are cutting jokes if you talk of liberation! Liberation in body [physical existence] is most difficult ; and that is the advent of big liberation if one seeks to acquire it in the biddy. Heaviness should be washed away; activities should be made dull; life should lived in simple way; attachment, I mean the wrong one, should get stopped. Copy it out from your Guru [Mahatma Ram Chnadra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]. Weigh the persons now and see who are going to liberate themselves. A few you will find."

हज़रत क़िब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़ उ0 प्र0 : "मदन मोहन लाल, हमारे यहाँ यह मसला बड़ा आसान बना दिया गया। बस गुरु आखिर में गुरु धक्का लगा देंगे। बड़ा पार लग जाएगा। इसलिए बस गुरु कर लेना ही काफ़ी है। गरज़ उनकी है कि वो आज़ाद करायें। न कि मेरी। अगर तुम्हारी बिरादरी बहुत बढ़ जाए, खुदा न करे यह ख़याल जांघुज़ी हो, तो मैं समझता हूँ, यह ही हाल हो जाय जैसा कि मुसलामानों में है कि हज़रत मोहम्मद साहिब [सल्लेवसल्लम] सब की सिफारिश कर देंगे। बस कलमा पढ़ लेना काफी है। भाई जान ! यह बात आसान नहीं। आसान ही हो जाती तो फिर क्या था। क्यों लोग गद्दी को लात मार कर सेहरानवदी करते। और ऐशोइशरत को खैरबाद कहते। हाँ इस लिहाज़ से अगर ख्याल रक्खा जाए कि गुरु की अज़मत और बुज़ुर्ग़ी मंशा हो तो हर्ज़ नहीं। मैंने जो ज़िंदगी में न किया अब कर रहा हूँ। इसको करना ही समझो। कुछ राज़ खोल कर रख दिए और रख दूँगा। कोई नहीं समझता यह नयी बात है। यह क्यों ?हुक्म ऐसा ही है। आवाम के दिमाग़ इसके समझने के क़ाबिल नहीं रहे। कहने और करने में बड़ा फ़र्क़ है। यह एक हालत है जो वाक़ई तौर पर बहुत आखिर में पुख्ता होती है। ऐतक़ाद, बता दूँ, वाक़ई क्या है ?यह है कि अज़खद रफ्ता हो कर अपना सम्बन्ध कुलियतन ज़ात से पैदा कर ले। ऐसा कि हट न सके। ऐसी हालत अगर वाक़ई हो गयी है तो नज़ात ज़रूरी और लाबूदी है। इसके नीचे जितनी कमी है, उतना ही काम फायदा।"  
Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Dear Madan Mohan Lal, this subject [viz. liberation] has been turned very easy in our fold : simply will administer a push at the end, and the fleet shall find the shore! So the only thing needed is just to have a Guru! Then, [they think] it is to be the Gurus' self interest to get me [the disciple] liberated and not mine [of disciples]! If your brotherhood grows large, and got forbid, this idea takes root, I think it is to come to pass like the unenlightened Muslim and Christian folds that Hazarat Mohamed Sahib or Lord Christ shall make the recommendation for pardon and liberation etc., and only reciting the Kalmma or Baptism was sufficient [on the liberation's part]! Dear brother, this thing is not that easy, why would people kick away Kingdoms and roam about in the forest bidding goodbye to pleasures and luxuries. No doubt, however, that there is no harm if only the greatness and superiority of the Guru be intended to be established thereby. What I did not do during lifetime, I am doing now : take it just my work that I have revealed the secrets threadbare; and shall do this further more. Nobody could understand. This is something novel : order is just like that. The minds of people in general have not remained capable for comprehending this. There is a vast difference between claiming and actually doing something. This is a condition that ripens very much later [at least] in the real way. Let me tell you what faith in the real sense happens to be : it consists in getting totally lost to oneself and get attached to the Ultimate Being [Zaat] in such a way as it may never get snapped. If this condition has got established in the real sense, liberation is essential and inevitable. Below this condition, there is less benefit to the extent of the shortcoming." 

Wednesday the 09th January 1946 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "The discourses delivered last night and morning must be retained in memory. I found our Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] work suffering very much on account of you people, who are responsible heads."

"The present form of your 'Satsang' is a sorrowful tale for the great Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP]. Unless a [large] part of it ['Satsang'] is destroyed, the work of Nature will not run smoothly; and I repeatedly said that such time will not come again in future. I assure you, dear Ram Chandra [of Shahjahanpur], that you are free from all things that people call piety and sin. What you do is Nature's demand! Nature is leading you towards the destruction to be made sooner. The world as you see today is not to remain so in future. World's organization is your duty. You have responsibility ahead. We can only help you in this matter, but the work is entrusted thoroughly in to your hands. You can not imagine the work above it! It is also thoroughly in your hands. You have not yet started the work waiting for you in other worlds, as you see here in this world. I mean the epidemics are there in other worlds also, but the kind there is different."

"The sages of the other worlds are daily in prayer to Almighty to have a man [in their midst] to create in them the power of refined spirituality. Who will do this work? Nobody but you! Nature has brought you up for the same purpose. Everybody here is looking at you and expecting the same benefit from you. Be alert and go on!"

Continued dictation dictation at 07.00 PM : "You are on the eve of your programme. I remind you to get up at dawn. One of us will wake you up."

Thursday the 10th January 1946 :

हज़रत क़िब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़ उ0 प्र0] : "आदमी को जब खुदा ने नफ़्स दिया तो वो ज़िम्मेदार क्यों रक्खा गया। अक़्ल भी साथ साथ दी है। और इसी से स्वतन्त्र कहा गया है। बारीक़ बात क्या हुयी? पवित्र बुद्धि किसे कहते हैं? कितनी मुश्किल बात है। अगर सलूशन दूँ तो गुमराह हो जाय और मश्क़ करे तो बेवक़ूफ़ हो जाय। मुशाहिदा करो और जबाब लो।"

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "When God bestowed sensuality/animating force on man, why has he to be held responsible [for his actions]? Intelligence too has been bestowed [to man]; and just because of that he is set to be free [independent]. What happens to be the subtle point? What called pious intelligence? What a difficult topic! If I offer a solution, one may be misguided; and if one takes it up for practice, one may grow up to be a fool. Make observation and have the answer!"

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "This stage is not something common. [Pause] Our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] has talked of something else [very subtle, indeed]! Who enters it? One who is lost! There is nothing above it; and nothing beyond! Why do people weep, knowing [well] that one comes [here in the world] to die? Adverse wisdom! Why so? Too much attachment towards worldly affairs!"

"The stage of happiness is foolishness. Without that there can be no good! Foolishness is the real stage : wisdom! Does anybody claim to enter the staginess of foolishness? Who likes to be so? Is there any example in your 'Satsang' [Spiritual assembly]?"

Madan Mohan Lal quipped : "Was any body asked to become so? Sir!"

Answer : "I tell you to become so!"

Swami Vivekananda Ji Continued : "Mental fatigue is the highest copy of the Nature! Drawback is weakness. Riches are gold."

"Leave the riches! Sleep carries the whole thing! Dream recovers it! Recovery is wasteful! Awakening is the real dream! What then? Nothing! Zero! Globe!"

"Old age : end! Childhood : love! Think yourself in the stage of childhood love, when love begins. When you are mature : end of life [is there]! Immense wealth : young age! Bishop loser; Pope great man; Death sorrow! Kindness [of God] : Death! Birth : reception! What reception connection towards God! Folly wisdom; wisdom folly : both negative!"

Friday the 11th January 1946 :

हज़रत क़िब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़ उ0 प्र0] : "अच्छा बताओ, सज़्ज़ादानशीन की ज़रूरत क्यों है? क्या क़ुदरत मौजूद नहीं है?"
Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] Post a question : "Alright, tell me why there is need for successor representative? Does Nature cease to exist?"

Saturday the 12th January 1946 :

हज़रत क़िब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महाराज - फतेहगढ़ उ0 प्र0] : "नमी गोयम कि अज़ दुनियाँ जुदा बाश। ब हर कारे कि बाशी बा खुदा बाश। ।"
[अर्थात : मैं नहीं कहता कि तू दुनियाँ से अलग रह बल्कि वो हर काम जो तू करता है, उसमें खुदा को साथ रख।] अगर किसी शख्स ने ऐसी हालत पैदा कर ली है तो इसका मतलब यह है कि वो प्रार्थना की ही हालत है। हर वक़्त रुज़ू रहने की मंशा यह है कि उसने अपने मालिक को मालिक, और अपने आप को बन्दा समझ लिया है। रिश्ता बन्दग़ी क़ायम हो चुका है। खुदा को खुदा समझ चुका है और बन्दग़ी के असल उसूल पर आ चूका है। क्या यह हालत हर शख्स की हो सकती है ? हाँ, मगर, काफी मज़ावलत के बाद। जिसकी यह हालत हो चुकी है वो प्रार्थना के दायरे में है। उसको इख़्तियार है कि अपने मालिक के सामने नम्रता के साथ जो चाहे सो रख दे। हर शख्स को प्रार्थना के वक़्त इस शक्ल में आना पड़ता है। तभी दुआ मुस्तजाब होती है। यह रिश्ताए-मोहब्बत है जो अपनी हद में क़ायम कर के मालिक की हद तक पहुँचाया गया है। यह वोह तार है जो टूटने से नहीं टूटता, एक दफ़ा जुड़ चुका है। मंज़िल बहुत दूर है, यह सब जानते हैं। मगर ख़याल ऐसी चीज़ है कि उसको आसान कर देता है। प्रीतम की याद प्रेमी को उस से क़रीबतर कर देती है। इस रिश्ते की हद में जितनी मोहब्बत और प्रेम पैदा किया जावे, उतनी ही उस तरफ़ तरक़्क़ी होती है। यह रिश्ता हम अपने साथ लाये हैं। इसका डेवलप करना हमारा फ़र्ज़ है। हम को यहाँ तक इसको डेवलप या तरक्की देना चाहिए कि अपने आप हमेशा उसके क़रीबतर पावें। यह प्रार्थना की हालत भक्तों की होती है और प्रेम और भक्ति से ही इसमें मज़बूती आती है। यह वोह सीढ़ी है जो ज़ात तक पहुँचा देती है। यह ही सीढ़ियाँ जाने कितनी जुड़ जुड़ कर उस हद तक पहुँचाने में मददग़ार होतीं हैं। सब मंज़िलें [मदारिज़ यानि दरज़ात तक की रूहानियत] इसी के अन्दर हैं। प्रार्थना के लिए कोई ख़ास वक़्त मुक़र्रर नहीं है। जब तबीयत ऐसी बन जावे जैसा कि ऊपर कहा गया है, प्रार्थना शुरू कर दें और अगर न बने तो बना लेवें। प्रार्थना हमेशा उस मालिक की करनी चाहिए कि जो वाक़ई मालिक है और मालिक कहलाने के क़ाबिल है। अपने बड़े हाक़िम से बजुज़ खास सूरत के, प्रार्थना दुनियाँदारी के मामले में करना जहल और नादानी है।"

"प्रार्थना अलबत्ता उस बात के लिए करना मालिक से जायज़ है जिस के लिए उसका हुक्म हो चुका है या हो। यह बात कमाले इन्सानी शराफ़त के अन्दर आती है और इस बात की दलील है कि हम उस को दिल से अपना मालिक समझ रहे हैं। और अपने आप को उसके आधार पर छोड़ दिया है।"

"अब सवाल यह है कि प्रार्थना का ढँग दूसरों के फायदे के लिए कैसे इख़्तियार करना चाहिए। जवाब यह है कि उनको उसी हालत पर ले आवें जो प्रार्थना करते वक़्त अपनी बनायी गयी है। यह कैसे हो ? उनको मन्कूश करा दिया जावे कि हम एक आजिज़ बन्दे हैं और अदना भिखारी।"

"यह हालत तस्लीम व रज़ा की है। जो दरगाहेआली में अपनी हैसियत यानि दीनता से रुज़ू हो रहा है। और उसको चाहिए कि जो कुछ भी हो अपने मालिक के सामने सब रख दे और मालिक की मौज के ताबे हो जाय, यानी सब कुछ अपना मालिक के सुपुर्द कर दे। और अपनी ख़ालिस सूरत इख़्तियार कर ले। सब तरफ़ से सिमट-सिमटा कर उस तरफ़ हो जावे। इस तरह पर कि दुनियाँ तीरो-तार मालुम होने लगे। सब की याद उस एक याद में शामिल हो जाय और हर ज़ुबान [यानि - रोम रोम, ज़र्रा ज़र्रा] से यद् ही याद बाक़ी रह जाय। इसी को फ़नाये-मुतलक़ कहते हैं। अगर यह हालत इन्सान अपने पैदा कर ले तो समझता हूँ कि सरापा उस को प्रार्थना समझना चाहिए। और उसका हर ख़याल वोह ही होगा जो मौज मालिक की है।"

दोहा : "जो कुछ होगा मोज से होगा, मोज का लिहो सहारा।"

वो कभी ऐसी तरफ रुजू नहीं होगा जो खिलाफ मंशा-ए-इज़दी हो। वो वही चाहेगा जो मालिक का हुक्म होगा।"

"ऐसी प्रार्थना करने के लिए लोग बनाये जावें। अगर किसी शख़्स ने इस को पूरा कर लिया या इस हालत में बैठ गया तो बताओ तो सही कि उसको फिर क्या करने को बाक़ी रह जाता है। सिवाय उसकी याद के, और फ़िर याद भी कैसी, जो कभी न आवे।"

"बड़े बड़े लोग इस हालत को तरसते चले गए मगर इसका किनारा न मिला। आरज़ू ही रह गयी।"

"क्या रामेश्वर प्रसाद, तुम समझते हो कि यह बात ऐसी मामूली है, जैसी कि पूँछी गयी। वहाँ क्या है, अगर बताऊँ तो अश अश करने लगोगे। अच्छा तुम्ही बताओ। वहाँ पर बेइख़्तियार सादग़ी है जिसमें लहर की सूरत होते हुए भी नहीँ कही जा सकती। तेज़ी और उठान तो दरकिनार। उजाला कह लो, मगर क्या यह सही है। उजाला न सही, अन्धेरा कहो तो क्या सही हो जाएगा। हरगिज़ नहीं। अब क्या है, वोह हालत जो आंअज़ीज़ को पसन्द नहीं आती है और राम चन्द्र [शाहजहाँपुर वाले] घुट कर रह जाता है।"

"वो क्या है ? जहाँ पर हर चीज़ का खात्मा होता है और उस जगह पर पहुँचता है जो सबका मब्दा और अस्ल है। भाई, अस्ल तो यह ही है जो मैंने कहा। यहीं पर जुमला स्टेजेस ख़त्म होते हैं। इस के आगे मैं क्या कहूँ। ख़ुदा वोह वक़्त लावे कि तुम सब पर रोशन हो जावे। आमीन! अब क्या बात बाक़ी रह जाती है। उनसे पूछो तो फिर लिखवाऊं। गुलामों से प्रार्थना करना मैं जायज़ नहीं समझता यानि उन शक्तियों से जो इन्सान के मातहत कहीं गयी हैं। और उसी से उनको ताक़त मिलती है। ज़माने के असरात ने उनको भी मदकूक कर दिया है।"

"एक सवाल उनका [रामेश्वर प्रसाद का] कर्म फिलॉसफी पर भी है। इसमें बहुत सी बेहूदगियाँ भी शामिल हो गयीं है। और  उनका असर जुदागाना हो रहा है। लिहाज़ा हर बेहूदगी का जो इन्सान की तरफ़ से है, जबाब नहीं दिया जा सकता। इस लिए कि आज आप बेहतरीन ख्याल में हैं और कल को उसके बरअक्स। कोई ख्याल बाँधने लगे और बान्धते बान्धते उसको पुख्ता कर ले तो उसकी ज़िम्मेदारी उस शख्स पर रहेगी जिसने ऐसे ख्याल बाँधा है। और ऐसा ही हिस्सा उसको मिलेगा। मोटे उसूल ज़रूर बताये जा सकते हैं जो महज़ कानूनेक़ुदरत पर मुब्नी हैं, और मुमकिन है कि मैंने कहीं कहा भी हो। मुलाहिज़ा कर लेवें। फिर जो समझ में न आवे मुझ से समझ लें।"

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "I do not ask you to be away from the world, but only to live with God, in what ever job you have to remain. [Famous Persian couplet]. If somebody has brought up such state in oneself, it means that he/she is [permanently residing] in the very state of prayer. The intent of remaining oriented all the time is that one has taken one's Master as Master and oneself as His personal [slave]. Thus the relation of personal-ship [slavery] has got established. The person has comprehended God as God and arrived at the real maxim personal-ship [slavery]. Can this state be arrived at by everybody? Yes, but after a lot of habituation, one who has attained to this state, is in the sphere of prayer. He/she has the right to submit anything humbly to his/her Master. Everybody has to come in this very form [garb/posture] at the time of prayer : only then prayer gets accepted [granted]. This is the relationship of love which has been brought to the boundary of the Master, after having got tooted [firmly] with in one's own bounds. This is the thread that after getting linked up once is not to be [easily] snapped through any effort to break [dis-link] it. The destination is far off : this everybody knows; but remembrance [thought] is the thing to make it easy. Remembrance of the beloved brings the lover closer to him. The advancement in that direction remains proportional to the love brought up within the bounds of this relationship. We have brought this relationship with us. To develop just this remains our duty. You may say, this has to be developed to the extent that we always find ourselves nearer to Him [beloved]. This happens to be state of prayer belonging to the devotees; and it gains strength only through love and devotion. This is the ladder reaching up to the Ultimate Being [Zaat]. Just these ladders, who knows how many have to get linked up to be helpful in bringing us to that [Ultimate] limit! All destinations [stages of spiritual progress] are just within this alone! No particular time is fixed for prayer. When ever this is inclination [orientation] like that described, prayer is to be started; and if inclination does not come up [automatically] it is to be brought up [created]. Prayer is to be offered always to that Master, who is really the Master and worthy of being designated Master. Praying to one's Supreme Master with regard to worldly matter, except in some special circumstances, is foolishness and lack of mature knowledge. However, prayer to the Master for that which is or may be ordered [by him] is legitimate [alright]. This falls under extreme human civility and indicates that we are accepted Him as our Master form the [core of] heart and have surrendered ourselves at His support."

"Now the question arises as to what method of prayer should be adopted for the benefit of others. The answer is that those to be benefited be brought to that same state which has been created in oneself at the time of praying. How this is to be achieved? It be impressed on them [i.e. the beneficiaries] that we are all humble personal [slaves] and petty beggars, who are getting oriented in our own status of humility at the bar of Supreme Authority [presence]. He would surrender everything own before his Master and became servant to the wave [of Master's will] or in other words submit all that is his own to Master, and adopt his essential from and get contracted from all sides to be oriented to that [Master's] side alone in such a way as to find the whole world dark and dilapidated, the remembrance of all be included in that one remembrance and on all counts [i.e. every hair root and every particle of his existence] only the remembrance alone remains. Just this is called Perfect Merging [FANA-E-MUTLAQ]; if a human being creates that state in him/her, I understand that person is to be taken as PRAYER from head to foot [top to toe]; and every thought of such a person shall be exactly what is to be the waive of Master's will : 'what ever is to be shall happen through the waive [of Master's will], hence be deponent on what waive' [Hindi couplet]."

"Such a person shall never get oriented to anything against the intent of Divine Authority. He will desire just what to be Master's command. People are to be prepared for offering prayer like this. If someone has perfected this or got established in this state, then just tell me what may still remain [for him] to do except his remembrance [of the Lord]. And what sort of remembrance? Just that remembrance sheikh never is to occur. Bigger than the big people went just pining for [hankering after] this, but could not get to the shore : only pining remained!"

"Rameshwar Prasad asked for the elaboration of this state. Revered Master's [of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP], dictation continued [addressing Rameshwar Prasad] : "Do you, Rameshwar Prasad consider this matter so commonplace that questions like the one [asked by you] are raised? If I tell you what is there [in the state of FANA-E-MUTLQ], you will get bewitched with wonder. Alright, you yourself tell. There is limitless simplicity, wherein vibration, though formally existing, cannot be asserted as to be there. What to talk of [leave aside] sharpness [brilliance] and rise up [tiding up], you may sim light [per-down visibility]. But will that be correct? Alright, give up [reference to] light, and call it darkness : will that be right, then? Not at all!"

"Now what remains : the state which my dear one [Rameshwar Prasad] does not like; and dear Rameshwar is left stifled with himself [due to remaining unable to share it with you, Rameshwar Prasad]! What is that? Whereat everything ends; and THAT is arrived at, what i the source and essence of all [and everything]! Reality is just this that I have mentioned. Every stage comes to a close [end] here. What shall I say about still beyond [further]. May God bring that time when is revealed to all of you! Amen [be it so]! [Pause] Now what does still remain? Ask them [Rameshwar Prasad etc.] so that I may continue the diction further! [Pause] To offer prayers to slaves [and servants], I do not consider it legitimate, I mean the powers which have been sent to be subordinate to human-being, and [who] derive power just there from [i.e. from human being]. The influences of times have weakened them [slavish power of Gods] also!"

"He [Rameshwar Prasad] has a question concerning philosophy of 'Karma' [action] as well. Many absurdities to have got included therein; and these are producing their own effect [separately]! Hence there can be no answer to every absurdity issuing forth from human side. The reason there of happens to be that you are in best thought today but tomorrow you may start entertaining then thought contrary to that [of today] and go on strengthening it to make it ripe. In such a circumstance, the responsibility for this shall lie on the same person who has entertained [and strengthened] that [contrary] thought; and that person will get the share accordingly [added to his/her lot/fortune]. Gross [rough] principles, no doubt, can be told, which are based/dependent on law of Nature alone. Just possible, I may have mentioned also [about this] some where : you may observe [and study]; and then make inquiry from me about what may lie beyond understanding [comprehension]."

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] has totally said a lot about 'Prarthana' [Prayer]. When such thing has been laid bare before you, I want to you follow it. I speak much of Rameshwar Prasad, who was curious enough about it. I allot this duty to him as much as you. Remember, however, that people arriving at the State of simplicity [Saral-awastha] will be quite rare. How to introduce it is a question. First follow it [yourself] and then make others follow it. This is the basic principle concerning success in spiritual sphere. If the training be started in this way viz. beginning with 'prayer' [prarthana], it will be very useful in advancement. The prayer for beginners be prescribed in this way [in these words] :

"O Master, ye are the real goal of human life,
We are yet but a slave of wishes putting bar to our advancement.
Ye are the only God and power.
To bring me up to that stage."

"This should be recited daily by everybody. Translation [in other languages] may be made in good form. This is the simple prayer [saral-prarthana] to be recited by beginners as well as by all of you. Those who have come to the stage of spirituality so as to live in it permanently, can be exempted. I mean, the last stage, your Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] has related through you this morning. I had given a direction on your way to Sikar [in Rajaputana state]. Relating to that, I would say, the point you had discovered recently is the higher one. Much of [the science of] spirituality is to be revealed through you. I have said enough on about this point. These are the secrets of Nature. Nature is such a simple thing - the simplest in its own form. The simplest [one alone] can achieve [harmony with] it. One who remains behind the curtain use it as a traveller or wonderer; one who enters its sphere fees himself beyond his own limitations. After that, nothing."

"Nothing and nothing! When that stage is passed off, he [one] feels what remains beyond words to tell. The stages are after and after and continually there beyond and yet beyond till who can say what happens. I want that all of you reach at least."

Monday the 14th January 1946 :

Swami Vivekananda Ji : "Before the creation came in to being, nothing but the state of calmness, and calmness alone, prevailed all over! When the world was brought to the present form, it [calmness] took the inner most point, rooted deep in the hearts of the persons, so descended. The point which thus came as part of the big thing, necessitated all else [others] to get it up in its own place. We do the same in 'Prarthana' [Prayer]. We try to be in its centre. How can this be possible? By making ourselves like that. For such making we [have to] try our utmost through certain practices. I mean to bring it up on the level of Almighty [Ultimate Being or Zaat]!"

Question by Madan Mohan Lal : "How to bring it to His level?

Answer : "Be the Nature's will - simple and calm! The thing seems difficult, but it is not really so for the one who really wants to go in it [Pause]. If one succeeds in promoting it, that means he/she is in the stat of 'Prarthana' [Prayer]. The state comes to every one, who really goes towards it. If somebody creates that state for a moment, that person's prayers [at that moment] are heard favourably. To be in that state requires regular practice [daily]. [Pause] I have given a logical description [narration] of [the state of] 'Prarthana' [Prayer] and its beginning. If I undertake to describe it any more, that will be nothing but repetition of the words, our Lord [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] in His turn."

हज़रत क़िब्ला [महात्मा राम चन्द्र जी महराज - फतेहगढ़ उ0 प्र0] : "भाई जान, तुम जो कुछ कर रहे हो यह सब प्रार्थना ही तो है। अब इसकी जिला देने के लिए जैसी सूरत चाहो इख़्तियार कर लो। मतलब से मतलब है। दक़ीक़ बात किताबी शक्ल में नहीं आ सकती तावक़्ते कि उसका किस्सा कहानी से बयान न किया जावे और मिसालें पेश न की जावें। इसके लिए दिमाग़ चाहिए कि मतलब से भी न हटें और बात पूरी खुल जाए जो सही हो।"

Revered Master [Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh UP] : "Dear brother [Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur UP], what you are doing - all that is just 'Pr