Naqshmumra Stream of Sufism

NaqshMuMRa, an abbreviation used for Naqshbandiya Mujaddadia Mazahariya Ramchandriya; is the Holy-seat, of H H Mahatma Ramchandra(1873-1931), affectionately known as Laalaaji Maharaj, of Fatehgarh(UP),

established by his son, the spiritual and de jure heir, Mahatma Jagmohan Narain(1901-1944).



When a child is born, it is tuned with nature, later on, the parents and society influence the child, and try to change him as per their wishes. Thus, from the beginning, education and the deeds have influenced man in such a way that he is extremely far from his original nature or character. Hence to regain the same original Divinity, we have to struggle, we have to go to schools and institutions to become stable. First we need the help of books, then the practice, followed by associations and Satsang with Saints. -Faqir Ramchandra

"Faquir” is the title chosen by H. H. Mahatma Ramchandra Ji (Laalaaji) Maharaj for his own self. It has been noticed to be translated by the ignorant people as “beggar”. In the Sifi-Tasawwuf, a “Faquir” is a person who has subsistence for self and family for sometime”. A “Faquir” is one who has lost his self. An Apostolic hadith says:-“I take pride in faquiri and faquiri is from me”. Another hadith says:-“Fuqr is the blackening of the face in two worlds”. When the face is blackened, it disappears. Hence a “Faquir” is self annihilated, even this case. ‪Naqsh MuMRa‬

Hazrat Maulana Fazl Ahemad Khan Saheb affectionately called as Hujur Maharaj (peace be upon Him) was the 34th Sufi Master of this string the Holy Shizra Sharif. Laalaaji was 35th, but also the 01st non Muslim. Mahatma Jagmohan Narain (1901-1944), son of Laalaaji, took its spiritual sequel in the intiatique string.

It is his own son, Shri Dinesh Kumar Saxena (Dinesh Chaachaa Ji),

who is the representative of the spiritual teachings of this hierarchy, he being the current spiritual and de jure heir of H. H. MAHATMA RAM CHANDRA JI [LAALAAJI] SAHIB of FATEHGARH [UP] 20961.


Dinesh Kumar Saxena.

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